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Elysiqn 3 aylar önce
I feel like latte should do a role play about being a school librarian, like helping us find books, putting stuff away, explaining different types of books, advice for better reading, helping us study. I just feel like that would be really nice to watch and really calming and I also feel like it would have such a nice aesthetic to it. Hopefully she will do something similar to this but either way I still love every thing she does 🤍
Elysiqn Aylar önce
@The Style, The Girl and The Wardrobe yesss😫
The Style, The Girl and The Wardrobe
Don’t forget checking out the books after omg the tinglessss
Lisa Aylar önce
Yess do this latte🤍
Elysiqn Aylar önce
@Mila Belén Aw tyy
Mila Belén
Mila Belén Aylar önce
I truly hope she reads this!!
Lisa B
Lisa B Aylar önce
I didn't have a loving childhood, and this angel makes me feel so happy
Miss Mel
Miss Mel 9 gün önce
I swear that's it for me too. Some people that I know don't understand my fascination with ASMR, but this is the best example. This feels safe & nurturing, unlike my childhood.
Jage 26 gün önce
The fact that your user is Lisa b I could just say Lisa b like
Polina Lo
Polina Lo Aylar önce
Oh how great you can find a loving person in this type of caring ASMR ❤❤
Savannah Weldon
Savannah Weldon Aylar önce
@Lisa B so sorry :( i hope you're doing ok now ❤
Wendi Reyes
Wendi Reyes Aylar önce
Awww 🥺😢sending you many hugs
Reemas K
Reemas K Aylar önce
I’ve been watching latte for so long now , and seeing that her community and comments are so beautiful just makes me very happy because she truly deserves the best for always giving us amazing quality videos. Thank u so much latte!! I always just love ur videos and I always wish u the best :)
Rachel R
Rachel R 25 gün önce
Rachel R
Rachel R 25 gün önce
Okay 👍🏽
Rachel R
Rachel R 25 gün önce
I’m I’m I’m 😅
Rachel R
Rachel R 25 gün önce
I’m I’m I’m 😅
Rachel R
Rachel R 25 gün önce
I’m so 😅
R. R
R. R Aylar önce
Isn't Latte our sister we all want to have? With everything what is going on in this world, latte is here with us to tell us that everything is going to be allright. She is so soft and peaceful and she makes us feel that nothing and nobody can hurt us. She is our protecting sister! We are blessed with her presence no matter where we are in the world!
Maren 3 aylar önce
My favorite thing about this video is it looks like she had fun filming it. You can always tell when she's smiling while doing something a little silly in a fantasy video, like we're all playing pretend together 💖
Sarah Ford
Sarah Ford Aylar önce
Honestly that part heals my inner child
christinalyn3 2 aylar önce
I thought the exact same
Maren 3 aylar önce
@Decadence13666 Yes! Reminds of the toys in that one video where she takes care of you while you're sick in bed, one of my all time faves
Decadence13666 3 aylar önce
It gives off the vibes of being a little kid and playing with toy makeup and hairstyling tools with a friend. Super calming.
FlawlessKevin 3 aylar önce
Captain Caspian
Captain Caspian 3 aylar önce
kuromi 3 aylar önce
Well didn't expect to see you here but hi
ismii rae
ismii rae 3 aylar önce
I'm always absolutely flabbergasted by Latte's layered sounds. No one else does it like her
Polina Lo
Polina Lo Aylar önce
Yeah they are very precise !! I was impressed with the mascara sounds on the lashes, that’s rare
deergreentea 2 aylar önce
@XYZ ???? I said ONE of the first at least. can u read? also the way you act like you know me. i’ve been watching ASMR since the very beginning and have yet to find someone who took the time to add different layered sounds to everything like Latte did and not overuse the same sounds. after she started to do that, i’ve noticed it became wayyy more popular and people started to do the same. you gotta relax….
Sue DeMarco
Sue DeMarco 2 aylar önce
XYZ 2 aylar önce
@deergreentea dude she was absolutely _not_ the one who “started” with layered sounds. People have been doing layered sounds (aka soundscapes) since the beginning of ASMR, long before Latte came into the picture. Latte is great, but people like you are so cringe. It’s like proclaiming that One Direction invented the guitar or something.
Nicholle Miller
Nicholle Miller 2 aylar önce
ASMR Sense is Gentle Whispering’s sister and she’s recently been doing learning and doing layered sounds in her video and I love them! She has a feel of a mix between Latte and Maria
SproutygamerReads Aylar önce
This is one of my favorite ASMR videos. I would love another one but like a goth/emo version.
jadedNoir98 Aylar önce
Saaaaame! That'd be amazing.
Felix Lee
Felix Lee Aylar önce
kampua4life 3 aylar önce
I want to let this off my chest: 1. I hide my ASMR from people as if it’s some kind of addiction 2. I rarely get to know how most Latte’s videos end 😅 3. I love this community
erica bluth
erica bluth 11 gün önce
me too i don’t want anyone to see me watching i don’t know what they would think i was watching but i don’t think they would guess asmr😂
Alenis Fuentes
Alenis Fuentes Aylar önce
Same,until I rewatch it many times and eventually I get to the end😭
Victoria Yoder
Victoria Yoder Aylar önce
same for all three especially 2 bc i always fall asleep before they end lol
Peachxglass Aylar önce
@Guybrush Threepwood why are you here 🤨
Sarah Neufeld
Sarah Neufeld Aylar önce
@Guybrush Threepwood Part of that is because ASMR doesn't really work for four out of five people; "normal people" *can't* use ASMR for any of those things. I think if they could, lots of them probably would; tons and tons of anxiety and depression going around these days. Even if you could get addicted to ASMR, it would be about the safest addiction there is. (Also the cheapest, tbh.)
dimmu1017 Aylar önce
PLEASE start making the citrine tea again!!! I love the sounds when you make it!!!!
Cadence King
Cadence King 23 gün önce
Yes omg it's my favorite
K 3 aylar önce
Latte has been with me for such a long time. I started watching her videos back in 2016 and I still fall asleep to her every night. I even bought TRvid Premium so I could listen to her videos with my screen off. She's the one Patreon subscription I will never cancel if I have any money to spare because she deserves it for carrying my sleep schedule on her back for six years
K 2 aylar önce
​@Agnieszka Lu Replying to trolls is about the most boring thing out there so it's the perfect way to spend time while waiting for sleep while listening to ASMR
Agnieszka Lu
Agnieszka Lu 2 aylar önce
@K To me it's funny that you actually cared enough to reply to a random stalker on yt 😅 It didn't deserve your time and energy.
Yunuen C
Yunuen C 3 aylar önce
@BTS PAVED THE WAY really? Do you know any other things about her ? Please ❤
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 3 aylar önce
@Shannon ❤️❤️
Shannon 3 aylar önce
@Draco Malfoy I sobbed like a baby when I moved out on my own last year, I went to bed the night before and cried and cried. I still go and stay with my parents all the time with my little girl now but that’s not my home anymore, my home is with my little girl. Damn I’m getting emotional even thinking about it!!! We have every right to be emotional. I’m with you and your feelings ❤
LunaCore 3 aylar önce
This almost feels like being a kid and playing princesses with your friends, it has such calm vibes💗
Sarah Neufeld
Sarah Neufeld Aylar önce
It does. Even the aesthetic by itself just plain makes me happy. 🥰
Amanda B
Amanda B Aylar önce
I think Latte might be my favorite person in the world……
dubucita Aylar önce
me too shes so lovely
Cipriano Campos
Cipriano Campos Aylar önce
Eres una mujer preciosa no me canso de mirarte la pena es que no te entiendo
ella 🧸
ella 🧸 3 aylar önce
i know we won’t be getting fantasy asmr like those from 4-5 years ago anymore simply because she outgrew herself so i always get extremely excited when she does magical themes. it’s my absolute favourite and seeing how much she grew as a person and youtuber always makes me happy
Kristy Allman
Kristy Allman 20 gün önce
Those are my favorites too.
chase m
chase m 3 aylar önce
I love her video of her as a witch finding you in the woods it’s my favorite video, she’s so funny. I wish it would come back too but like you said, i’m sure she feels a bit too old for those types of videos but I would loooove it
Max Liechty
Max Liechty 3 aylar önce
some of those fantasy ones are her best in my opinion, just because ones like the hibernation clinic are so good and tingly that i never make it all the way through without falling asleep, her fantasy videos are just unmatched
t m
t m 3 aylar önce
細かい所までこだわりたくさんで、 丁寧に創られているラテちゃんのasmrは本当に素敵🥲だいすきです🥲♡
immaprocrastinator 3 aylar önce
the skin sounds aligning with her hand movements are absolutely insane, truly a foley MASTERMIND
MetalGma Aylar önce
My new favorite ❤️
Carrie RavenStem
Carrie RavenStem 3 aylar önce
The video is phenomenal as always, but can we comment on how gorgeous her own makeup is?! Really flattering and just accentuates her natural radiance!
Jr Smiles
Jr Smiles 3 aylar önce
I wish she would do a makeup tutorial
cracByte 3 aylar önce
you're right, a perfect nude-look! But I bet 50% of the viewers think she has no make-up on at all🤭
aspyn 3 aylar önce
I love how safe latte and her community feels like, the comments on every single one of her videos are always filled with people sharing their appreciations and thoughts on latte and how hard she works for her videos, it feels so comforting to be apart of this
me 3 aylar önce
the detail Latte puts into her videos is so unique. not only does she edit in sounds, but the sounds *match up with her movements.* if the stroke of the brush changes it’s pattern, the sounds she adds in sound like how the brush would ACTUALLY SOUND. (sound sound sound-) most asmrtists just put the same looping noises in every video. but not Miss Latte. i just love how realistic it sounds. …i love everything lol
S Rutter
S Rutter 3 aylar önce
This is the most ethereal, gentle, considerate, and beautiful ASMR. I hope she knows how much the world needs her good dreams rn 💕
Ruxandra Bucos
Ruxandra Bucos 3 aylar önce
The layered sounds are synced perfectly with the visuals. It’s so satisfying ❤🥰 Must have been a LOT of editing work to achieve that
Rach ASMR 3 aylar önce
Since finding your channel there hasn’t been a video of yours that I haven’t loved. Usually I watch certain ASMR Creators for certain videos I prefer of theirs, but I watch all of yours. And love each and every one of them. You’re just naturally gifted at relaxing others. It never seems forced. Just relaxation at its finest.
Стася 3 aylar önce
Я не могу передать словами на сколько вы меня успокаиваете! Больше года смотрю, слушаю, засыпаю. Чувствую тепло и заботу, счастье. Вы самая прекрасная и ваша работа невообразимо важна! Огромное спасибо вам!🥰🥰🥰🥰
Grayson Walker
Grayson Walker 3 aylar önce
I cannot believe Latte is HOMEPAGE TRENDING!!!! You go girl!
Jessika Graley
Jessika Graley 2 aylar önce
This is my favorite video. I keep coming back to rewatch. Perfect sounds
MONA MONA Aylar önce
This is the best video - it is so nice
kayleekakes999 3 aylar önce
hands down my favorite asmrtist!! the time and care latte puts into these videos is unmatched!! im sending everyone who reads this a nice and peaceful sleep
Laura Fowler-Nichols
Laura Fowler-Nichols 3 aylar önce
My asmr is triggered by visuals, not sounds but NO ONE does audio like Latte. Seriously, it’s flawless. The skin sound/foundation application matchup is absolutely incredible
This has to be one of the best uses of the "childrens toys as props" trend in asmr lately. It's just so good!
Taylor 3 aylar önce
I love when Latte does these fairytale/fantasy concepts, like the Christmas village, and the hibernation clinic 😭
rf 2 aylar önce
@Pringle Prangle not everyone has the opportunity to get paid for making random sounds on TRvid. Most people lose their 'kid' imagination because they have to survive in the real world. Which mostly requires being practical to succeed. Latte financially depends on coming up with imaginative ideas. You're basically praising someone for doing her job. You might as well praise anyone you see doing their job.
Saja 3 aylar önce
The christmas village series is one of my absolute favourites!
Laura Haas
Laura Haas 3 aylar önce
Don’t care for the constant 1/4” from the camera vids
everysamthing 3 aylar önce
The yeti hair doing and Christmas hotel are def some I go back to
Power 🫶
Power 🫶 3 aylar önce
I love Hibernation clinic!! I never finish it since I knock out in the 1st 20 minutes lol
Ann B
Ann B 3 aylar önce
One of the things I appreciate about Latte is that most of the sets and backgrounds she creates are real. This shows how much thought and meticulous preparation she puts into each ASMR video. She does this because she cares about us and strives to make sure that we have the best ASMR experience possible. Thank you Latte for all you do for us 🌷💕💖🌸 💞.
Lee Roux
Lee Roux 3 aylar önce
Lattes videos are so uniquely orchestrated. As if they are specifically made for you and you alone. Her content is out of this world. Definitely an angel
elliot gale
elliot gale 3 aylar önce
best layered sound
mcmxcix 3 aylar önce
I love the positive, kind words for Latte. She really deserves it 🥰
Just Me
Just Me 3 aylar önce
Yes she does! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
mitsukii! 3 aylar önce
timestamp for my personal use ! 0:00 - 1:02 beautiful preview ♡ 1:02 - 1:50 welcoming you ➹ 1:50 - 2:56 serving you sleep land tea ➷ 2:56 - 3:57 putting your front hair back ✚ 3:57 - 4:28 analyzing your face ✙ 4:28 - 7:24 applying foundation ♣︎ (using beauty blender at 6:24) 7:24 - 9:52 applying and brushing bronzer ♧ 9:52 - 10:57 using pressed powder ◆ 10:57 - 11:46 applying blush ◇ 11:46 - 12:38 drawing eyebrows ♠︎ 12:38 - 15:08 applying eyeshadow ♤ 15:08 - 15:46 blending the eyeshadow ■ 15:46 - 17:15 applying mascara □ 17:15 - 18:20 clumping your lashes ★ 18:20 - 19:52 applying lipstick ☆ 19:52 - 20:22 applying lip balm ❖ 20:22 - 21:16 applying eyeliner ✥ 21:16 - 21:52 spraying makeup fixer on you ✾ 21:52 - 22:26 some friendly talk with latte ✤ 22:26 - 24:32 brushing your hair ※ 24:32 - 27:28 brushing while using hair dryer ❁ 27:28 - 32:07 curling your hair ✿ 32:07 - 34:48 doing your nails ❀ 34:48 - 35:57 special water ❃ 35:57 - 36:27 wiping using towel ◗ 36:27 - 37:33 taking an overal look at you ◖ 37:33 - 38:18 hairpin to decorate your hair ◕ 38:18 - 38:54 applying hair essence ◔ 38:54 - 41:48 putting the jewelry set on you ◑ 41:48 - 42:58 spraying selene perfume on you ◐ 42:58 - 43:20 some guided breathing to make you sleepy ◎ 43:20 - 44:30 using magical wand to make you fall asleep ▨ 44:30 - 45:26 beautiful cloud scenery, slowly falling asleep ~ good night
Nyako Zhovur
Nyako Zhovur 2 aylar önce
Thank you!
Mimi 3 aylar önce
Thank you ❤
Ava-Grace 3 aylar önce
This is amazing !! ❤❤
🖤LeahTheDevil💜 3 aylar önce
Thank you😄❤️
tu sabe ♡^
tu sabe ♡^ 3 aylar önce
*:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
This was the sweetest video! Everything from the tea time, to the makeup toys, to the dreamy decor, and Latte's calming kindness! ☁️🫖☕💄🎂☁️
Temple Nightcores
Temple Nightcores 3 aylar önce
I found Latte’s Channel at the start of the Pandemic, it’s been a great 2 years watching her! Hope to see more killer ASMR videos in the future😊
🪱silly goose🪱
🪱silly goose🪱 28 gün önce
Latte i just want to say thank you for everything you've done for us! And i'm wishing you a happy and healthy new year! XO ❤️
VaswatiDeb 2 aylar önce
Just listening to her and doing my manicure 💅🏻 at home.. Peace ☮️… love u Latte 💗
Elainer Marmolejos
Elainer Marmolejos 2 aylar önce
my daughter watches her to fall asleep.
Jessika Graley
Jessika Graley Aylar önce
Here I am again. My fav video❤
Jessica Bills
Jessica Bills 3 aylar önce
I love how calm, warm, and purposeful the presentation always is in Latte's videos. These are great for sleep, after a long day, or to listen to during work. She is so relaxing!
OMG thank you for this new masterpiece! With this pink decor, all the little accessories, the pretty face and the sweet voice of Latte, I feel like an 8 years old princess, and it's great 😂😍
Spencer 3 aylar önce
Latte’s intros are the best. This seems like a return to the amazing ones she has done before!
Just Me
Just Me 3 aylar önce
@kampua4life That was the first one I saw which introduced me to her. My favorite too!
Mint Fluffy Sweater
Mint Fluffy Sweater 3 aylar önce
Remember the Christmas party intro?
Kirsten Algie
Kirsten Algie 3 aylar önce
I agree. Glad to see an original Latte introduction.
pascal72ify 3 aylar önce
Imagine how much preparation went into her Cozy Xmas Party Celebration video from 2019...
R Lo
R Lo 3 aylar önce
'Backstage Makeup & Hair Styling' intro reigns supreme 😍
oliv 𔘓
oliv 𔘓 2 aylar önce
41:24 the way you were looking at the camera, your smile and your words just made me cry like a baby, thank you so much for the comfort you make me feel with each of your videos. you're an unique person and I'll always be grateful for meeting you
Naune Ofyub Isnas
Naune Ofyub Isnas 3 aylar önce
Latte is one of those artists where not only is it so easy to appreciate and love her work, but you also trust the experience on a deeper level because you know every single detail has been perfectly constructed.
りんごジュース 3 aylar önce
🤭  いつ 聞いても 優しい囁きに 癒やされます! 大好き!!
Sara 3 aylar önce
I will be forever grateful about how much effort she puts into her content. Latte does so much for my sleep schedule 🥹 I’ve watched her for so many years and she never lets me down 🤧❤️‍🩹
rhea 3 aylar önce
detailed timestamps for anyone who needs it :) 🌸 *start* 00:01 cinematic intro (rustling sounds, water sounds, crystal sounds) 01:11 welcome to latte's dream makeup salon :) (occasional face touching) 02:00 tea time (water sounds) 💄 *make up* 02:42 face touching 03:15 hair clips (face and hair touching) 03:55 face touching 04:30 liquid foundation (water sounds) 04:43 applying foundation (hand sounds, face touching) 06:30 beauty blender 07:33 bronzer (lid sounds) 07:44 applying bronzer (dot dot, cream sounds) 08:35 blending the bronzer (brush sounds) 09:55 applying compact powder (puff sounds) 11:07 applying blusher (puff sounds) 11:50 doing your eyebrows (pencil sounds) 12:46 showing the eyeshadow 13:10 applying eyeshadow #1 (hand sounds) 13:47 applying eyeshadow #2 (brush sounds) 14:35 applying eyeshadow #3 (shadow applicator sounds) 15:15 blending the eyeshadows (brush sounds) 15:55 taking out mascara (slight face touching, lid sounds) 16:15 applying mascara (mascara sounds) 17:15 clumping the lashes together (tweezers sounds) 18:41 taking out lipstick (lid sounds) 18:50 applying lipstick (lipstick sounds, kinda creamy) 19:20 blending the edge of your lips (brush sounds) 20:07 applying glossy lip balm (creamy sounds) 20:35 highlighter (brush sounds) 21:16 makeup fixer (lid sounds, spray sounds) 21:47 face touching 22:05 here's a mirror so you can see how pretty you are :3 22:25 face touching, hand movements 22:45 removing the hair clips (hair sounds) 23:05 brushing your hair (hair brush sounds) 💇🏽‍♀️ *hair styling* 24:42 volumizing the upper part of your hair (hair brush sounds, hair dryer sounds, occasional face touching) 26:58 latte having a look at it (hair brush sounds) 27:35 curling up the lower part of your hair (hair sounds, curling iron sounds, occasional soft blowing sounds) 30:51 latte having a look at it (face touching) 31:09 doing your bangs (combing sounds) 32:00 face touching 💅🏽 *manicure* 32:30 choosing nail polish 32:47 checking your nails 33:05 lid sounds 33:10 applying nail polish (brush sounds?, occasional lid sounds) 34:37 looking at your hands 34:50 a bowl of cold water (glass sounds, crystal sounds) 36:00 looking at your hands again 36:09 wiping them off (towel sounds) 36:26 hand sounds 😌 *checking* 36:37 having an overall look at you (face touching) 37:37 putting on hair pins (hair touching, hair sounds) 38:15 face touching 38:31 applying hair essence (hand sounds, creamy sounds) 💎 *jewelries* 39:00 jewelry box (soft tapping sounds, stroking sounds) 39:40 putting on earrings (earrings sounds) 40:18 pink necklace (beads sounds) 40:45 pretty little ring 🥺 ngl i kinda want it 41:03 the ✨ fancy tiara ✨ 41:25 face touching, hand sounds 😴 *sleep preparations* 41:54 you're almost ready to go to the dream party! 42:20 let's put on the sleep perfume first (slight tapping sounds, spray sounds) 42:53 hand movements, soft blowing sounds 43:23 now you're gonna fall asleep (magic wand, slight blowing sounds, countdown) have a good day/night, everyone! and sleep well
Aesthetic K-pop Rxses
Aesthetic K-pop Rxses 2 aylar önce
sk2ll 3 aylar önce
Tysmmm but also u saw the end😳
yes 3 aylar önce
TYSM FOR THIS I LOVE U (⁠●⁠♡⁠∀⁠♡⁠)
Ruby 3 aylar önce
This is the best timestamp post I've ever seen
Mimi 3 aylar önce
Thank you 💕
Samantha Lotze
Samantha Lotze 3 aylar önce
"Just like that...." I always feel in good hands, and especially love how you reassure people and make them feel safe ❤️ You are incredible Latte
Mary Mullen
Mary Mullen 3 aylar önce
Love this video! I almost fall asleep when my hair stylist blow dries and curls my hair so this video puts me right to sleep! Thank you Latté❤
McDandy 3 aylar önce
This video is gold!!! From the teeny tiny teapot and cup to the pink make up, brushes, mirror in the background, little hairbrush, hand mirror, tiny hairdryer and then the necklace, ring earrings and tiara!!! I feel like I'm in a 4yr olds dream world 😍😍. Love this so much
Gabriel R. Gomes
Gabriel R. Gomes 3 aylar önce
Latte's videos are always so artistically beautiful. It's not everything about tingles. What you see on the screen and what you hear, how she speaks, what she speaks, it's all perfectly crafted to invoke the feeling that we are safe and that she will do everything to make us feel comfortable and relaxed, and I dare to say: loved in the maternal sense.
Raquel Aliyah
Raquel Aliyah 3 aylar önce
I appreciate her videos so much. There's something about her asmr that is different than the others. Her personal attention is unmatched. The first video of Lattes that I watched was years ago. It was a toothbrushing video. She's come such a long way with her video production, audio quality, her English, her backgrounds and props.
Out Of The Ordinary
Out Of The Ordinary 3 aylar önce
Latte has truly outdone herself! The sound layering is next level: tingly AND extremely accurate 💕
M 3 aylar önce
THE INTROS ARE BACK!!!!😍 I love you Latte and we appreciate you so much!!!
Diamond Goddess
Diamond Goddess 3 aylar önce
I would love a Latte Does Her Own Makeup ASMR! 💄 Always looks great. The layered sounds are excellent and I just received that mermaid brush set! 👄
David Delaney
David Delaney 3 aylar önce
I’m a dude. Of course like everyone, I love latte’s content. But recently instead of getting relaxed, I find myself getting emotional when watching her content. Because of the quality and effort she still puts into her art. Being a TRvidr of her caliber can’t be easy and the fact that she leads the community in terms of quality regardless of upload times or what “the algorithm” wants is really admirable. We do not deserve a creator like her, but here we are anyway. We love you Latte. Thank you for your incredible art.
Cass 3 aylar önce
I think I know what you mean. There have definitely been times I've gotten emotional and teary during a latte video, I think because of the caring/nurturing nature. It really is an artform, and art on this level takes love. Lately, I've really been missing/craving a sense of being loved/nurtured, so when this stranger online takes the time out of her day to make something like this - even though I know she's not making it for *me* specifically - just the fact that she did, and she put that effort and love into the world for all us strangers...it hits me hard. In a good way, but definitely in an emotional way. It's kinda hard to explain to others why I'm sobbing because the nice girl on youtube got me all prettied up for a dream party and called me lovely ^^; but sometimes it hits like that.
David Delaney
David Delaney 3 aylar önce
@Rh thanks man!
Rh 3 aylar önce
>I'm a dude here's that attention you ordered
Jennifer Goossen
Jennifer Goossen 3 aylar önce
I completely understand and agree. ♥️
ARTGLUE 3 aylar önce
Oh latte, you made me feel like a little girl again. I felt so much at peace with you. Thank you 💕
Siriphong Iamsai
Siriphong Iamsai 3 aylar önce
Next video could be an Afternoon-tea at night with Latte. I meant she literally got everything to create any kind of party. We really appreciated your hard work Latte, The Mood, the details of your movements and The creativity you ALWAYS try to give us. Thank you 😊
sanchez salinas belen
sanchez salinas belen 3 aylar önce
i love this community, we are so positive. Thanks so much latte for this videos
Blue Girl
Blue Girl 3 aylar önce
At 36:40 I was surprised by how tingly your soft spoken voice was compared to your whisper voice. Would love more soft spoken videos please!! Love you Latte - thank you!!! 💕💕
YoMateo 3 aylar önce
Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
Not_Raya 16 gün önce
Amen ❤🙏🏼💕
Snakenotsnack 18 gün önce
Thank you, you too❤
Sarah 22 gün önce
thank you
Aurora Delong
Aurora Delong Aylar önce
Thank you and amen😊🙌💕✨
Sage Aylar önce
Amen thank you 😊
Carmel Ellis
Carmel Ellis 3 aylar önce
I love the close ups and the close up sounds to go with it...Nobody else does it quite like Latte. This vid feels like a make-believe kid's tea party at the beginning with the little teacups and tea pot...Latte's subtle, innovative almost ethereal approach to ASMR always keeps me coming back...
Forest Flower
Forest Flower 3 aylar önce
I found your channel 3 years ago this month when I became ill. You have been with me since then and continue to be a huge pool of comfort for me during my worst days. Thank you Latte 💖You are so treasured💛
Ashley Varner
Ashley Varner 3 aylar önce
The concept of getting ready for a party I’m going to dream about is such a sweet thought. I’m excited to get ready for this party with Latte!
Tal'Ki 3 aylar önce
This was Soooooooo wonderful. I love the"make believe" ones, they're always so fun. The Yeti is still my favorite, but today I'm Princess Mocha, of to my dream party💓💕💖💗
Carla Solis
Carla Solis 3 aylar önce
Gracias Latte preciosa, siempre me haces dormir. Saludos desde Perú🇵🇪♥️
Bree 3 aylar önce
I love how surprised and a full smile latte had when she did that first curl.Keep up the great video's.
milkte 3 aylar önce
i love the themes of dreaming, fantasy and childhood she brings into videos :> the kids toys and tiny teacups and teapots, the tiara and the cute pink theme of the room 🫶 attention to detail is off the charts as always
Kaylee Giles
Kaylee Giles 3 aylar önce
your sound layering, set design, and overall commitment and presence are always unmatched! your imagination is wonderful. i love you latte
Mark Aumann
Mark Aumann 3 aylar önce
How does she not laugh out loud when putting a necklace around a camera tripod? She stays in character so well. Sleepy time!
Pippys Playtime!
Pippys Playtime! 3 aylar önce
Money can make that all feel worth it I’m sure
Ultimate Sports Medicine
Because she is a pro at this
yoongs 3 aylar önce
In her video before this I saw her laugh a little. Like she wanted to laugh but had to stop herself haha. I forgot what time stamp though :(
Pitty Pat
Pitty Pat 3 aylar önce
@Evans Excsv Exactly! 😂
Evans Excsv
Evans Excsv 3 aylar önce
tripod? what tripod, thats my neck lol
char builds
char builds 3 aylar önce
hellooo latte! I love the colourful vibes in this video, and the cute designs! 💕 hope you are well, thank u for uploading once again a lovely video for us all! ☺️
ZdreamerZ 14
ZdreamerZ 14 3 aylar önce
It’s funny I had a dream last night after falling asleep to this, and I did go to a party! Thank you for making me pretty. I have been watching since your first video. Your amazing! I love your channel!
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne 3 aylar önce
This was delightful! Latte, you did such a fantastic job. So much attention to detail. It brought me back to my childhood. Thank you!
*:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
Every single video from Latte is a thing of beauty. A feast for the senses.
kenady krause
kenady krause 3 aylar önce
i love how latte progressed from "hi, welcome to our ____" to "hi, welcome to MY _____" because queen does all the work herself. we love to see it.
starryfish 2 aylar önce
'our' can be used instead of 'my' in korean! She wasn't with somebody else, it was just a little mistake koreans frequently make
PageNotFound 404
PageNotFound 404 3 aylar önce
@Dawn who was she with?
Dawn 3 aylar önce
@PageNotFound 404 it hasnt, older videos used to be our
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PageNotFound 404 3 aylar önce
It's always been welcome to my Asmr... Right?
PageNotFound 404
PageNotFound 404 3 aylar önce
I never remember her saying welcome to our Asmr.
Laura van der Hulst
Laura van der Hulst 3 aylar önce
I Just love her ASMR bc its calming me when i cant sleep thank you so much
*:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
The little tea set!!! This video takes me back to my childhood, it's all so cute and innocent 🥺 She puts so much effort into the theming of her props 💕
Takeo VA
Takeo VA 3 aylar önce
Same!! I remember having tiny tea sets as a kid!! This vid feels so nostalgic!!
Gail Love
Gail Love 9 gün önce
What an absolute, wonderfully adorable and whimsical theme, for this video. All your props are so sweet and cute. I love that I’m going to have a party in my dream. That’s so dreamy. ❤
*:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
alejandro 3 aylar önce
"tonight there will be party in your dream, and you wanna look beautiful and fancy, I can make you look special. Relax, get comfortable and trust me" - gosh latte's ideas are the best! this one is so whimsical and cozy, the idea is really cute, I feel pampered and pretty and looking forward to go to that dream.
milktea ;
milktea ; 3 aylar önce
whimsical is the best way to describe it i love how everything’s like pretend too it adds so much to the dream aspect 🤭🤭
ReN Ro
ReN Ro 3 aylar önce
Agree! The concept was really smart 😃✨👌🏼
Nina Radulović
Nina Radulović 3 aylar önce
You are so beautiful, talented and caring! Thank you for every video you put out ❤️
Jed 3 aylar önce
All of Latte’s video have an amazing amount of effort put into them and never fail to put me to sleep. 😊
Han Wirtz
Han Wirtz 3 aylar önce
5 seconds in and I just want to say, my daughter will love ❤️ absolutely love ❤️ this. Thank you 😘
cheyenne boinais
cheyenne boinais 3 aylar önce
Lattes intros always just get me ready for sleep so calming
Kedo 3 aylar önce
Latte’s intros are the best. This seems like a return to the amazing ones she has done before!
irene92 3 aylar önce
I just love Latte's makeup videos. They never fail to make me feel relaxed.
Randy C French
Randy C French 3 aylar önce
Latte is awesome and such a blessing to everyone.
Elaine 22 gün önce
Lovely video..your voice and movements are so calming and relaxing! Thank you for your attention to detail regarding the beautiful setting you have developed! It really adds to the experience! I have been a fan for years! ❤
Olive 3 aylar önce
The second this video started a sense of nostalgia from my childhood hit me just seeing some of the props and the background… Latte has one of the best asmr channels out there
no :)
no :) 3 aylar önce
Amazing video, very relaxing, 10/10 would watch again. This video is very reminiscent to one of Accidentally Graceful's video, the one where she's wearing the blue dress with black dots, and she's doing a characters voice.
Sambatastic 3 aylar önce
Inventive as always Latte. This was dreamy. I’m wondering what you do with all the props you use when the video is done ?
HoneyDx TheMisfit
HoneyDx TheMisfit 3 aylar önce
I've been wondering the same for years 😄 maybe she just rents them
Marie-Eva Marina TwerkZone
I love that I can relate to every other comment here … yes,it’s 4 years already that she helps me sleep; yes ,she somehow downloads when it’s needed most ; etc.. Don’t stop,Latte,take breaks if needed , but please don’t stop . Your content is healing us 🫶🏻
Kristie and Jeff
Kristie and Jeff 3 aylar önce
The attention to detail is absolutely mind blowing, Latte is literally the Queen of ASMR 🥰👑
5um0fMe 3 aylar önce
This vid is so stinkin cute! With the play tea set, tiny brush and toy hairstyling tools. The whole concept is adorable! Latte executes it so well too, being serious even though it’s pretend is just perfect. She’s a true artist!
Yue Wan
Yue Wan 3 aylar önce
The greatest greatest thing about Latte is that she really makes me feel like she is doing those things to my face!! The positions of nose, hair,cheeks, mouth, are exactly where she pointed and powdered
*:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
This was the sweetest video! Everything from the tea time, to the makeup toys, to the dreamy decor, and Latte's calming kindness! ☁️🫖☕💄🎂☁️
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