ASMR Chiropractor Exam and Re-adjustment

Goodnight Moon
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Thank you Helix for sponsoring! Visit helixsleep.com/moon/ to get up to $200 off your Helix mattress, plus two free pillows.
Thanks for watching! Inspecting and massaging comprises a lot of this video, so if you’re mainly here for the cracks, here's an edit of just the crackly parts for you trvid.com/video/video-M3-3xCdQCnU.html

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14 Eyl 2021




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Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon 2 aylar önce
Thank you Helix for sponsoring! Visit helixsleep.com/moon to get up to $200 off your Helix mattress, plus two free pillows. Thanks for watching! Inspecting and massaging comprises a lot of this video, so if you’re mainly here for the cracks, there's an edit of just the crackly parts linked in the description.
kirdot2011 Aylar önce
@RA Martin the sound is clearly edited on top of this video, what she made the sound with is not even important
kirdot2011 Aylar önce
here for the cracks?1nononono Im here only for you!
Abdulaziz Mahamd
Abdulaziz Mahamd 2 aylar önce
uhavemooface 2 aylar önce
Do you know who the actress is Lea Thomson who played in back to the future? You look like her a young version of course. I mean I am probably the only one who thinks this though. Sorry if it offended you. If it did I am sorry. New subscriber here.
tuckerArchive 2 aylar önce
LionMaps 23 saatler önce
Her: Just warming up the mussels Me: Nah, you’re doing something straight out of ‘Kung Fu Panda’
Attila Dancsok
Attila Dancsok Gün önce
I love youre hair color :)
Christina Roffey
Christina Roffey Gün önce
I love LOVE your last chiropractor video! i'm so excited for this one!
Buoy Gün önce
This perfectly describes this new generation that cant get a job at mcdonalds.
Big S
Big S 2 gün önce
General Douglas MacArthur
Atticus Mazerac
Atticus Mazerac 4 gün önce
I love your content Erin💗
okupant880 5 gün önce
ASMR add is best add.
Jaffery Jay
Jaffery Jay 5 gün önce
ATLHooligan 5 gün önce
This creeps me the hell out
KAISU 7 gün önce
ur real pretty u know that xD
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper 8 gün önce
I adore this video, I’ve been watching it every night for weeks
86paul80 10 gün önce
Those shirt sounds 👌🏼🙌🏼
Nugget 11 gün önce
HOW IS THIS WOMAN SO PERFECT? Her hair is just 🤌🤌 I’m going to need the recipe
Zan Kumo
Zan Kumo 14 gün önce
I would love a video like this, but with more of the soft voice instead of the whisper. You use it some here, but always go back into the whisper it seems. Either way, this is the best chiropractic cracking RP I've heard so far. Instant fan
Coco V
Coco V 14 gün önce
you should watch dr mondragon’s chiropractic videos for different cracking ideas 😊💜
Petelgeuse Romanée-conti
I'm afraid of moons
Chris 17 gün önce
You are a lot nicer than my current chiropractor
Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis 17 gün önce
Out... like... a...light 😴 💤!!!
Gianluca RKC Carboni
Gianluca RKC Carboni 18 gün önce
nice video!!!! good job!
Abstract Asmratists
Abstract Asmratists 21 gün önce
I love you
You're Right
You're Right 21 gün önce
Ww wWwwwwwwwaW AAaaaaaawwww I a
Heidi Marie M
Heidi Marie M 21 gün önce
Your other one like this was my FAVE!! I’m about to make a play list of these repeating all night. Thank you!
Lizzie and Mocha
Lizzie and Mocha 22 gün önce
I love listening to these while I'm playing games. I'll be in a boss fight or something and just "Rubbing your neck now...relax..." *crack*
Wec 23 gün önce
Truly the only way to make this video more relaxing would be to end it by saying "your visit is all covered by your insurance".
Derek James
Derek James 23 gün önce
In no way am I hating or throwing shade…but wtf did I just come across?! 😂 ur voice is crazy soothing, just wasn’t ready for the imaginary adjustment 😅😂
Gabriel Rognon
Gabriel Rognon 12 gün önce
welcome to the great and weird world of ASMR ^^
aimee 25 gün önce
my life mission is to find out how erin is making those cracky sounds. LIKE WHAT IS IT??
Jackson 25 gün önce
The most relaxing ASMR video I have ever experienced, 😴😴😴
carol 26 gün önce
Veda Carlson
Veda Carlson 27 gün önce
I love your vids they are so creative
Lincoln ACN
Lincoln ACN 27 gün önce
"I like your shirt." Me not wearing one: ( ͡👁️ ͜ʖ ͡👁️)
Muaaz Awan
Muaaz Awan 28 gün önce
Bruh right when i got elbow pain 💀💀
Nater K
Nater K Aylar önce
30:34 "Definitely got some great cracks in there." Thanks. My proctologist tells me the same thing.
OfficialDrValenstein 15 gün önce
bugzdotorg Aylar önce
My back needs ro be cracked like a glow stick
tutorial: brush him
16:03 timestamping my favorite part, so relaxing
우차엄마 Aylar önce
1:59 asmr start
MultiJamesman Aylar önce
This is a new favourite for me, thank you.
John Lesich
John Lesich Aylar önce
Who realized that the electromagnetic spectrum could make me mess myself? You did, that's correct! I know better than to risk dating redheads anymore, yet, you're weakening my resistance. EVE!!! For just one beautiful turquoise trinket you could be mine and I would live to regret it!!! I can resist you. I'm strong! You're not going to seduce me into trying to seduce you.
Carmel Ellis
Carmel Ellis Aylar önce
Erin, your hair is unreal it is so beautiful x
ASMR AvaConda
ASMR AvaConda Aylar önce
Feel like your videos haven’t popped up for me in forever!
Ides07 Aylar önce
4:42 "And before we do the crack..." *what*
demir652 burhan ali
What are you doing
CC L Aylar önce
I love these!!! One of my favorites lol
Decayau Aylar önce
Video starts at 2:00 (end of sponsor)
TheBlueLynx Aylar önce
The amount of cracks this patient had was unbelievable. I wish I had this many cracks in me lol.
Michael Wapner
Michael Wapner Aylar önce
Nahvs Aylar önce
Nice video. Now my back hurts and i slept like a king. Thx❤
Sierra Beyer
Sierra Beyer Aylar önce
I bet the thundering noise in the background is Eddie.
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Aylar önce
Video starts at 1:58 You're very welcome.
Abdelrahman Fawe
Abdelrahman Fawe Aylar önce
I think i just got a new favorite asmr artist
cameronsjunction Aylar önce
i like that not all the pops sound the same, thank you for your attention to detail!
Eric Mason
Eric Mason Aylar önce
I have a Truly Crunchy skeleton and the fact that these lovely pops'n'cracks are not actually coming from my bones Right This Moment is making me very sad.
Shelley Kurt
Shelley Kurt Aylar önce
I love when I can hear your smile in your voice! 💗
Peter XYZ
Peter XYZ Aylar önce
anderson Aylar önce
chad only
Emre Yılmaz
Emre Yılmaz Aylar önce
11:17 I know I have more hair than most of the people but god you really have to do it to me like that :(
thundermaker313 Aylar önce
You know who sucks? Moon's upstairs neighbors.
This is an alterate account ,True story
I’m sorry but you’re beauty is astonishing
Michael Wapner
Michael Wapner Aylar önce
Michael Wapner
Michael Wapner Aylar önce
Michael Wapner
Michael Wapner Aylar önce
FlyinSquirrel Aylar önce
There are 733,848 views on this video at the time of writing this comment. I'm pretty sure I'm 30,000 of them.
Hannah Aylar önce
18:50 - 19:55 omg, this is a dream
Kellie Vann
Kellie Vann Aylar önce
I’ve been listening to this video on repeat all night every night for a few weeks and it’s completely transformed my sleeping. This is easily my favorite ASMR video and gives me tingles every single time. My chiropractor is literally my best friend and his office is such a safe space for me, so this video brings me so much comfort :,) if you see your Spotify listens rising dramatically, it’s just me 😅
Gracie Kinsey
Gracie Kinsey Aylar önce
roses are red goodnight moon is divine this video starts at 1:59 😌✨
Nina Banez
Nina Banez Aylar önce
700th comment
Mereel Skirata
Mereel Skirata Aylar önce
HUNK Neckbreaker Tutorial.
Foreskin Whispers ASMR
Maybe do a video on BPATOL for once. 👎🏻
InkTheRetard Aylar önce
Is. It a good time to listen to this at 4 am
Bennyboo Aylar önce
I like to sleep to your videos because your voice is very calming and the white noise in the background ☺️✨ And I love how you switch between quiet talking and breathy whispering.
Marco Ghilardi
Marco Ghilardi Aylar önce
wow, this works for real! ✨
Tyler Look
Tyler Look Aylar önce
I whsh you wouldn't whisper so much.
Miguel Marin
Miguel Marin Aylar önce
This is the best video ever! idk why I do like this ASMR so much, but my inner child is happy
Matty B
Matty B Aylar önce
I think I’ve watched this same video about 25 times over the last 4 days
Lonnie Hawkins
Lonnie Hawkins Aylar önce
Not sure if you will see this, but this video has helped me fall asleep in a really difficult time. Thanks so much.
Farlie Solomons
Farlie Solomons Aylar önce
This was so relaxing! Thanks for posting 😊😊
CandiLand music
CandiLand music Aylar önce
You're ASMR is great because I can listen to it on a speaker and still hear it I noticed with most ASMartists I can't listen to it on a speaker without being able to hear it you have just the right balance of being loud enough to where I can hear it and get tingles but it's not so loud that it's not relaxing it's like the perfect mix oh and my favorite ASMR you did was that train one in the 1920s that mixology part put me to sleep really quickly you should do a mixology ASMR video where you're like a bartender or something and you're just mixing drinks that would be really relaxing I feel like
AJ Rae
AJ Rae Aylar önce
peggy carter role play!!!!
Jean Guy Dominique dba Club Worth
You are the perfect ASMRtist!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Aylar önce
I love your eyebrows soo much Can u pls upload an grwm 😍 omg and a asmr video while you straighten your hair 😍😍
usernaames Aylar önce
I've been watching ASMR for 7 years, you have 855k subscribers and yet I've never seen you before. How is that even possible?
You​ know​ Good​ night​ my​ so​ beutiful​ and​ so​ cute​.. I​ love​ and​ miss​ you​ all.. really... take​ care..
Mr. B
Mr. B Aylar önce
She needs to do one of these videos for a prostate exam....
PapaBull Aylar önce
I'm one of those who struggles with getting to sleep. I listen to asmr videos to help with that, and Moon here is one of the very few that I subscribed to. 👍
zoe89169 Aylar önce
Am I the only one who gets anxiety when starting an ASMR video that is hypothetically in a public setting because there's not a mask? Like something feels wrong until I tell myself it's a video and it's okay.
Del Aylar önce
Are you Jessica Rabbit and Ariel blended together?
Del Aylar önce
I need this for my frozen shoulder. Or a sledge hammer. Both would work.
ayslinn bradley
ayslinn bradley Aylar önce
paris hilton
paris hilton Aylar önce
the comments were in 666 I had to comment something
Josh Aylar önce
6:13 POV: you’re Loki
Colin nixon
Colin nixon Aylar önce
The nak
TRalph Aylar önce
These Chiropractor videos are amazing ! You are such a great Asmrist.
yo_MSBB Aylar önce
i didnt know i could crack that much
Lilly gregan
Lilly gregan 2 aylar önce
Is it just me or does she look like April kepner from greys anatomy 🤔
Savanna Paige
Savanna Paige 2 aylar önce
Omg a sequel to my favorite asmr video 😍😍😍😍😍
Robert Anderton
Robert Anderton 2 aylar önce
Goose 2 aylar önce
I got a ad for a Disney channel show, that was a nugget of nostalgia
oDecoy 2 aylar önce
24:45 wow this perspective is very good! more please
# Proximity
# Proximity 2 aylar önce
Mary jane!?!
skyphlox 2 aylar önce
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