ASMR 1Hour Relaxing Wood Triggers 독보적! 섬세한 나무소리 장인🌳 1시간!

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Thank you for visiting.
I hope you have a relaxing time : )

0:00 - Preview
1:06 - Tapping on cutting board
1:53 Blocks & cutting board
9:08 - Cork board & Blocks
12:42 - Tree slab
15:13 - Wooden sticks & cutting board
19:51 - Wood sticks+Block+cutting board
24:20 - Wood Blocks & tiny tree slab
25:53 - Giant cork
27:27 - Walnuts
31:45 - Walnuts & spoons
34:12 - Peanuts on tree slab
39:07 - Peanuts & Herb crusher
44:32 - The insides of the peanuts
46:57 - Peanuts
53:44 - Blocks+peanuts+tree slab+walnuts
54:09 - Blocks+peanuts+walnuts
54:39 - Peanuts & walnuts
55:13 - Peanuts
55:48 - Peanuts & cutting board
55:81 - Peanuts+walnuts on cork board on cutting board
56:58 - Peanuts
57:15 - Peanuts & spoons
57:27 - Peanuts+walnuts+tree slab:
58:28 - end of video

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30 May 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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LinnyLumms Yıl önce
I never thought id say my favorite sound is a walnut wiggling in a spoon
Let Cas
I swear I was ASMR immune, never ever felt anything ... and then here I am, in front of my pc falling asleep and getting tingles (finally!!) ...Thank you so much for this video !! I think the low frequencies of these sounds work for me and the way you perfectly recorded them while being so gentle, wow. Subscribed immediately! Thank you so much !
i love this video, doesn't matter how many times I replay it, I always get tingles !! thank you💖
Shyaniel Kirstine Kish
can we appreciate the man for not putting any ads in an hour long video
reatard. Yıl önce
1 HOUR? Is this real life or is this just fantasy?
I've only just found this video and all I can say it gave me mad tingles 😍
kang daniel's front teeth
I keep coming back to this video because your asmr is on another level. seriously no one does it like you. the way you slowly move and your rhythmic tap/scratch are so relaxing and satisfying ♥️
sungdeuk jo
sungdeuk jo Yıl önce
뭔가 포근하면서도 원목 특유의 따스한 소리가 들려서 좋아요. ASMR 영상에 별로 관심이 없었는데 덕분에 새로운 매력을 알게된 것 같습니다 :)
Kankana Kayal
Never in my entire life I thought I would like the sounds of wood this much. Now this has become my everyday routine before sleeping lol
Sweaty Spaghetti
Sweaty Spaghetti Yıl önce
You should be one of the asmrists on Spotify
Miss Mussy
From your new fan in Alaska - this is by far one of my most favorite ASMR videos! I’m very happy to have come across this video!! Beautiful work! Thank you!
OnO !
OnO ! Yıl önce
That was so tingly! This is the best ASMR
James Dillon
James Dillon Yıl önce
Can we give him some respect that he gave us an extra 1 second of enjoying these sounds♥️
부웅 Yıl önce
저번부터 느낀건데...asmr들으면 소리에 좀 예민한 편이라 말소리나 사소하게 거슬려도 바로 영상 돌리는데 듣다가 잠든 건 진짜 처음입니단 ㅜㅜ진짜 대박🤭 최고👍👍👍👍 오늘도 덕분에 전 꿀잠잡니다☺️
Rifky Yıl önce
Eu tenho aflição de arrastar coisas na madeira, mas o asmr tá ótimo 😘
Simplemente me relaja demasiado, me dan ganas de dormir. 💤
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