Ashanti Proves Why She's The Lady Of Soul With A Medley Of Her Greatest Hits | Soul Train Awards '21

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The 2021 Lady of Soul, Ashanti shut down the Soul Train Awards stage with performances of her greatest hits including "Baby," "Happy," "Always On Time," "The Way That I Love You," and so many others.

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27 Kas 2021




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BETNetworks Aylar önce
Ashanti hits the Soul Train Stage with Ja Rule in 2002 for “Always On Time” trvid.com/video/video-sBl3rhJd0jc.html
Sharon Hardin
Sharon Hardin 29 gün önce
@Shawn Nemo you
Triple T
Triple T Aylar önce
Love that song
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta Aylar önce
Ashanti is the secret daughter of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge. It all makes sense. Her strong resemblance to Janet Jackson and Christina DeBarge, her singing ability and style, her song Unfoolish with the DeBarge’s “Stay With Me” as background music, and her uncle El also performing that night (“Rhythm of the Night”). The woman who raised her adopted her. Mystery solved! 😆😂
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta Aylar önce
One of the most lit ST performances I’ve ever seen.
Novalee Law
Novalee Law Aylar önce
I think i have a good taste. 👍👍🤟🏻 Ashanti
Jzon Azari
Jzon Azari Aylar önce
People forget that Ashanti use to run the charts. Glad she is getting the recognition and to still give today's artists a run for their money makes moments like this even more enjoyable.
Noelle Williams
Noelle Williams 6 gün önce
Nope it’s because she sold her soul!! Get real
Ernest Mines
Ernest Mines 17 gün önce
@Raymari Chadwick OK 👌👍
Ernest Mines
Ernest Mines 17 gün önce
Abbie C.
Abbie C. 18 gün önce
Yeah, ok 😂
The grinch Cardi who stole Christmas
She sold her soul
nlaguins Aylar önce
I seriously hope she does re-record her earlier hits. Her voice has matured so beautifully 😍
a morse
a morse 6 gün önce
I agree about her voice maturing. She sounds pretty good.
Senea Moody
Senea Moody 6 gün önce
You summed that up perfectly because though I've always loved her hits, I didn't quite believe her live vocals were all that great. Now however they have definitely matured!
Justyn Hilarious
Justyn Hilarious 13 gün önce
@woke1 It's a little deeper but it's mostly the same
Itz Fillos
Itz Fillos 13 gün önce
@The grinch Cardi who stole Christmas Please shut up, what does that even mean
The grinch Cardi who stole Christmas
She’s queen of the dammed. Sold her soul
Tiffany A
Tiffany A Aylar önce
I see plenty of self-care and internal self work. Her confidence is on a million! She looks and sounds amazing! A great vibe.
Emmanuel King
Emmanuel King 18 gün önce
Yes! Exactly! I see that in her too 😌🙏🌹
Young Nina Simone
Young Nina Simone Aylar önce
She is def a product of taking good care of yourself and good genetics. Her mother always looked so youthful and beautiful.
Kathy Flourscent
Kathy Flourscent Aylar önce
kika Tis
kika Tis Aylar önce
So true ♥️
Cynthia M
Cynthia M Aylar önce
@Kayla Jennings me too!
CosmicPhenomenal Aylar önce
Ashanti was THAT ERA!! When the crowd is singing word for word of all your hits, she’s iconic!! Hope she knows that!! 🤍
Concamon 18 gün önce
@Raheem Williams Ashanti held her own for several years. She was mainstream between 2000 - 2005 (she had some popular collabs floating around before her debut album) Don't know why you're bringing up other artists. We can celebrate Ashanti without pitting her against other women. She's a quintessential RnB act of the 2000s decade and defines the landscape of that genre before crunk & electropop took over.
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 24 gün önce
What ERA was this 2002 was her only year every year after that she was out done by Beyoncé , Alicia Keys especially or one of the others
Mia Jackson
Mia Jackson Aylar önce
Everyone knew all the words. She is absolutely iconic without a doubt 👏🏽
Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis Aylar önce
She sounds even better than she did when she made these songs and she looks stunning!
ThaGemini Goddess
ThaGemini Goddess 21 gün önce
I want her to drop some new stuff!!! 🥰🥰🥰
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young Aylar önce
Yes. She look real nice. We got to give credit when credit is due. 💜🌻💛
Naptural85 Aylar önce
The nostalgia I didn’t know I needed! 😭🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ashley Hadfield
Ashley Hadfield 15 gün önce
Yesssss girl!!!!💝🤣🤣
Oak Aylar önce
Saturnbabex_ Aylar önce
Tee Hee
Tee Hee Aylar önce
Was the background there for deco or were they live?
Dulce Vita
Dulce Vita Aylar önce
Omg right?! She killlllled that! Loved it so much!
Niggle W
Niggle W Aylar önce
She gives off such a warm, peaceful, positive energy!
Trust Valentino
Trust Valentino 6 gün önce
What you described...Its called being feminine
The grinch Cardi who stole Christmas
@Niggle W same with Rihanna I’m Queen of America with Storm powers, lightning rain. I am god the all knowing.
Niggle W
Niggle W 18 gün önce
@The grinch Cardi who stole Christmas ...you're weird.
The grinch Cardi who stole Christmas
She sings rain on me like the devil cuz in future she will live in misery
Emmanuel King
Emmanuel King 18 gün önce
Right! 😌🙏🌹
Bella Dream
Bella Dream Aylar önce
I’m glad she got to receive her flowers…and when Ja came out and the audience stood up! Gave me chills! I loved the energy 🔥
France Late
France Late 6 gün önce
When she said "JULY JULY JULY" I knew it was real 😂
candice dawson
candice dawson 21 gün önce
It was wonderful seeing them together again!
Queen BBeaute
Queen BBeaute 25 gün önce
Ja really fw her loved there energy together 🤞🏽
I'm Rick James, BIIIIITCHHH!!
David Boyd
David Boyd Aylar önce
they looked like they had so much fun! I love it!!!!
Ruth Chelimo
Ruth Chelimo Aylar önce
You know you've left your mark when people passionately sing along to your more than decade-old songs. Everyone in that arena is taken back to a time when things were different. The nostalgia really hits with this magical performance. She influenced an entire generation. You deserve that crown, Ashanti.
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta Aylar önce
It’s been essentially TWO decades!
Amber M
Amber M Aylar önce
Baby, Ashanti had those girls in a choke hold. She was an ERA and she deserves her respect and props. I had every single cd and would listen to them on my CD player.
Illuminate The brain
Illuminate The brain 5 saatler önce
@Ramone DeCurta not you leaving out Aaliyahl
Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter
@Concamon yup
Concamon 16 gün önce
@Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter Your name is cracking me up 🥴 You forgot that one of her middle names is "Grammy" And yes, the Beyonce slander was unnecessary, but when you're the standard that happens 🤭
Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter
@Ramone DeCurta not the beyoncé slander… so immature
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta Aylar önce
Janet Mariah Mary J. Bilge Erykah Badu Ashante Coco (SWV) Tamia Deborah Cox Faith Evans Toni Braxton Monica Brandy Those were the badass chicks in the 1990’s! Beyoncé? Overrated, glorified skrippa. Ciara came along in the 2000’s. Amerie? Came along in the 2000’s. Mya? Too late (1998, too few hit songs) Whitney? R.I.P. (can’t categorize) The restadem chicks? They don’t matter!
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Ashanti is a very talented singer and songwriter
Armelle S
Armelle S Aylar önce
@Free dom she was credited as far as I know I used to have JLo remixes album and her name was mentioned just like Christina Millian's.
Black Beauty
Black Beauty Aylar önce
I think her voice has gotten better over the years. She might not be a powerhouse singer but she is great at what she does.
Elise St. George
Elise St. George Aylar önce
@Tomun King Neither is Taylor Swift but ppl love her. Ashanti voice isn't a blowout J Hud/Mariah Carey voice so she gets overlooked, BUT her voice is still rich in tone....that's why she was better than Keyshia Cole in that lil VERZUZ. Her singing still sounds like Ashanti 20 years ago....that's a good thing... She sings like she actually writes songs lol
Tomun King
Tomun King Aylar önce
@Elise St. George I'm aware of her contributions to the culture and urban music and I'd never minimize that but we're talking vocal ability. We might like Ashanti's music but it doesn't mean she's a good vocalist
Elise St. George
Elise St. George Aylar önce
@DANIELLE THOMPSON Right....like Melissa Etheridge wasn't looking at Taylor crazy when they performed live together lol. Ashanti has a Dolly Parton type of voice...it doesn't have Jennifer Hudson/Aretha power, but she can sing and sounds good everytime. I learned in this lil Chaka Khan/Stephanie Mills VERZUZ that a powerful voice can only get you so far if you don't have tone...and when you miss the notes...it's a big miss...
AutumnStardust Aylar önce
Maaann!!! This era of music was EVERYTHING! I got goosebumps and felt like a little girl again. This was awesome!
mellys910 Aylar önce
Yes!!! I literally had goosebumps watching this. So much good memories from this era.
Xavier Aylar önce
They don’t make music like this anymore. When the bassist hits that note at 6:22 & Ja Rule enters.. goosebumps. The chemistry between musicians, the harmonies & Ashanti’s vocals. Loved all of it. Positive vibes.
Jenny Jay
Jenny Jay Aylar önce
@ttyeap333 that is ja
phyllis garrison
phyllis garrison Aylar önce
@ttyeap333 That is Ja. He's 45 years old now.
Hammerton32 Aylar önce
ASHANTI was/is a moment! The crowd is lit!
ttyeap333 Aylar önce
Omg it's Ja
ttyeap333 Aylar önce
That's not Ja..
AAB Aylar önce
She’s so damn beautiful and her voice is magical. And yeah, she don’t age abit. Love love love
Natalie Walters
Natalie Walters 13 gün önce
She is only 41! Lol yay and black don’t cracked unless you do it! Lol
phyllis garrison
phyllis garrison Aylar önce
@Carlton Bost I like that!
Carlton Bost
Carlton Bost Aylar önce
Yeah, Beige Don’t Age!!!
LEENUH , Aylar önce
She still got it. Back then I would literally buy her album and listen to her songs all the time on repeat. Her voice is so sweet and magical. People really missed out if they never listen to her in the early 2000s.
LinzToMySoul Aylar önce
Everything. The hair, the dress, her presence. She Killed it.
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young Aylar önce
Yes. It was nice. It would have been really good to be there in person. But I enjoyed this as well.
Chinemerem Udoh
Chinemerem Udoh Aylar önce
Her crew really channelled her essence into this presentation.
Tara10 Aylar önce
Just gorgeousness!
Charlotte Roach
Charlotte Roach Aylar önce
She looks absolutely beautiful!!! Serve them Ashanti!!! Just beautiful! 🥰😍
Leslie D
Leslie D Aylar önce
Yeap she was great
Javoris 23 gün önce
Ashanti is the Princess of R&B/Hip-Hop. Her stage presence. Her confidence. Her honey-dipped, sultry, clean, baby doll tone. Subtle runs. Sex appeal. Consistent hits and comprehension of HER audience defines her artistry. I’m so glad BET/Soul Train gave her her just do flowers.
draephoenix 11 gün önce
@Natalie Walters Ashanti was always crowned the Princess of Hip Hop & R&B. I believe Aaliyah was crowned either the Princess or Queen of Urban R&B.
Natalie Walters
Natalie Walters 13 gün önce
Actually Aaliyah was. Ashanti is close though .
Ranii 14 gün önce
I thought Aaliyah was the princess of r&b lol
Shawn Whitsell
Shawn Whitsell Aylar önce
Even with all her success back in the day, Ashanti was heavily criticized for her vocals, stage presence and looks (side burns). So, to see her 20 years later looking, sounding and performing this good and getting her flowers 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 She deserves it!
kirnaxo 2 gün önce
Sick, i have always love side burns even in women, i find them sexy.
‘Skillz' DC
‘Skillz' DC Aylar önce
I’m beyond proud of Ashanti. This is a epic performance and vocal. May her chart return be huge!!
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 24 gün önce
Wow lackluster performance
Awkward Sanchez
Awkward Sanchez Aylar önce
Ashanti had so many hits. She’s a music royalty. Timeless and has gotten better with experience!!!
Siwapat Aylar önce
I miss u so much. I'm glad to see u perform again and I love the reaction of the audiences so much.
In the Beauty of Holiness
She's always been classy, fun loving and around the way girl. Glad she didn't sell her soul but stayed true to herself and is receiving her propers!
Sterling Joseph
Sterling Joseph 14 gün önce
They all sell their souls! Every single one!
Dennis Ferrer
Dennis Ferrer Aylar önce
The best crowd in any awards show this year! Ashanti you deserve this spotlight 🔥
aftertaste05 Aylar önce
The blessings pour down when you’re a good person. Ashanti was well deserving of this. Hollywood Walk of Fame, redoing her first album under own label and owning the masters. And fabulous vacations. And she killed this performance. No stopping her!
freespirit Aylar önce
This was a perfect performance!! Like everyone else is saying, Ashanti's vocals have matured so well and she sounds even better!
Lesley K
Lesley K Aylar önce
Jana Siratranont
Jana Siratranont Aylar önce
I was gonna say this!!! I think she actually got better with time!!! ❤️
diva doll
diva doll Aylar önce
I always thought of Ashanti as a HipHop Princess. I love the way the ladies in the audience was singing the lyrics with all the attitude, so enjoyable. Bravo Ashanti.
Angela Williams
Angela Williams Aylar önce
Why do people feel in order to know how to sing you have to belch and scream and holler.. she is a great singer, with a soft Sultry sound and most of all hit after hit . Those who really know music understands she is a true artist with catchy lyrics who continues to improved her craft .
Christopher McQueen
The fact that she can sing live is Iconic to me
Misha Spann
Misha Spann 29 gün önce
They were all so happy to be on stage together. You can see the excitement and happiness. I miss this group. They were on top and killed it!!! I wish them all success.
Vannie Eats
Vannie Eats Aylar önce
Ashanti is a QUEEN 👑
Isabel Ramírez Carrillo
@kanserfun gaming ashanti herself has other women sing as harmonizers noteceably throughout her own first three albums, you gonna cancel her too?
Melanie Young
Melanie Young Aylar önce
Yo stop with hate @truth hurts God she a good dance and singer period END OF STORY no one can tell me otherwise so F your comment 🙄😎💅👑
Grace P.
Grace P. Aylar önce
@truth hurts yes she can…you’re under every comment with bs
castawayonthemoon Aylar önce
Vanni I love that you’re everywhere 💕
kanserfun gaming
kanserfun gaming Aylar önce
@truth hurts she's just a dancer period .
Dj Shoals jr
Dj Shoals jr Aylar önce
She had tears in her eyes at the end there. Your days aren’t gone Ashanti…your just getting started baby girl! 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 Hope to meet you before I die! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Tee Aylar önce
The energy shift when Ja comes out 🥰 I love when they’re on stage together
Clau Punzalan
Clau Punzalan Aylar önce
The early 2000s music are something. And she's still that iconic voice that I love 💕
collegejus Aylar önce
I'm ready for the Ashanti 2.0 era!!! 💕 This was an amazingly satisfying performance/medley of hits I know every single word... every single run and instrumental cord changes. 10/10. Ashanti is obviously still in her prime! Congratulations boo on an well deserved career accolade! You have my support for anything in 2022 and beyond!! 💕
Pierre Crawford
Pierre Crawford Aylar önce
Shows how good music transcends…every lady in the audience knew the lyrics…Ashanti’s voice is still amazing!
C Major88
C Major88 Aylar önce
@tanja kun Yes. That reminds me of how Mary won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards a few years back and men in the audience were singing along to all her songs. Ashanti has that same Hip-Hop Appeal.
Alexandra Norwood
Alexandra Norwood Aylar önce
Pierre Crawford
Pierre Crawford Aylar önce
@Eurkol true that
Pierre Crawford
Pierre Crawford Aylar önce
@tanja kun true that
Eurkol Aylar önce
Not just lady’s tho
O pvt
O pvt Aylar önce
Arguably the most underrated RnB singer is her era🙌🏼🔥
Illuminate The brain
Illuminate The brain 5 saatler önce
that is amerie
O pvt
O pvt Aylar önce
@Maame no one ever had her in their to ten
MetalHead Aylar önce
Aaron Halliwel
Aaron Halliwel Aylar önce
I literally felt the chills and whole performance from here (it's like l was in the Audience) ❤️..... singing every word 😅... nostalgia!!! She's definitely an ICON,,THE QUEEN
Jose Antonio
Jose Antonio Aylar önce
She had the whole crowd rocking men nd woman 😎 I will always love Ashanti
Charlie Fatturini B
sorryy guys but she is one of the big queens of RndB soul. damn she never get old. hers songs are pure masterpiece
Me and my 2cents
Me and my 2cents Aylar önce
She’s having a blast and the audience is rocking with her! Luv it. She looks and sounds fantastic!!!
D C Aylar önce
@Eddy6159 Beyoncé is just a word. Don’t all words live in our minds rent free?🙄
Claudina Stewart
Claudina Stewart Aylar önce
Well thank YOU grown folks recognize i come from the era of Stephanie mills Chaka Khan 60s baby u know 😆 real singer's
truth hurts
truth hurts Aylar önce
She can't sing
Rosie Dotz
Rosie Dotz Aylar önce
@Claudina Stewart Agree🙄 even Ciara has more talent on her pinky than Beyondce😴😐
Krystal Bowen
Krystal Bowen Aylar önce
@Kenisha Thompson yes
Big Theo
Big Theo Aylar önce
She's always kept it super classy...Queen moves...
Jevon Sheckles
Jevon Sheckles Aylar önce
I just love her vibe and missed her very much on the big stage, she’s so talented just wait til this next album 👏🏾👏🏾
Raystoric Aylar önce
I miss Ashanti she is the queen of this soul. Wish we could go back to this kind of music. Back when things were a lot more simple.
Brandis D.
Brandis D. Aylar önce
I know say that. Everything is so chaotic now. It’s very heart breaking😞
Claudia Bezares
Claudia Bezares Aylar önce
And classy!
K. D.
K. D. Aylar önce
My whole teeny bopper years wrapped up in this performance 😭😭😭😭 she did amazing, I’m getting emotional 🥴😂
DayaT W
DayaT W Aylar önce
Love to see more of the confidence we didn’t see from her back in the day. Congrats Ashanti. Keep rising
Dabz D
Dabz D 19 gün önce
I think there’s another level of confidence that comes with age and more inner work. Great gal.
Desidoes Aylar önce
Um she was definitely confident back in the day do your research booboo
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith Aylar önce
Her vocals are soooo strong and her breath work is amazinggg, she’s still an amazing performer 🤩
bryan valadez
bryan valadez Aylar önce
The collective “AYYEEE” once What’s Luv started playing😂 a forever banger
kor3 Aylar önce
This is such a treat! She is a soulful singer and still has the vibes. Never knew I still know the lyrics to her song until now. Thank you for this!
Jacarrius Nailer
Jacarrius Nailer Aylar önce
Ashanti still sounds so good and just really snapped on this performance.
Jake Miles
Jake Miles Aylar önce
@Eliana Yisra’el You think so low of yourself that you have to live through a mediocre vocalist like Ashanti, get your own life she has hers. You celebrity worshipers are so pathetic.
Eliana Yisra’el
Eliana Yisra’el Aylar önce
@Jake Miles you’re so invested with your long books…I mean comments. Get over yourself. 😂
Jake Miles
Jake Miles Aylar önce
@Eliana Yisra’el So stating facts is putting someone down? Again it's idiotic to tell someone they need a record in order to know that a singer is off key. Musical critics don't have record deals and many of them can't sing. See celebrity worshipers like you are the problem with society. You have no life of your own and you feel inadequate so you worship celebrities and live vicariously through them. This is quite pathetic, in your quest to see these celebrities as infallible you have to live in a constant state of denial. My advice is for you to get a life and stop living through people who don't care about you. So pathetic. Ashanti's track records speaks for itself, horrible performance after horrible performance. That's her fault not mine. We really do live in an anti-fact society these days.
Eliana Yisra’el
Eliana Yisra’el Aylar önce
@Jake Miles you among many others aren’t happy unless you’re putting someone else down. Again, when you can hold a note long enough to get a record deal, let everyone know. 🤡
Jake Miles
Jake Miles Aylar önce
@Eliana Yisra’el Such an unintelligent response. So one needs a record and and an album to know if someone has a good/bad performance? So do i need to be a certified mechanic to know when a car is out of gas? Smh It's not my fault that Ashanti has a reputation of sounding horrible live.
Sapphire Bleu
Sapphire Bleu Aylar önce
I love Ashanti for what she gave us back in the day and what she gives here. She is and has always been gorgeous. And I'm proud of her cuz I definitely hear better vocals which means she been working on them.
Phresh Ideas + Designs
So many hits from the early 2000s. I love that she still has her voice.
Paola Reyes
Paola Reyes Aylar önce
I remember I saw her in Miami in 2002. She hasn’t aged one bit! Her first album was 🔥🔥🔥
Sean R
Sean R Aylar önce
😳 2002? How old was she? 8?
Aria Mendez
Aria Mendez Aylar önce
I absolutely love this. Glad these hits getting some recognition again, still be bumping them on a reg. But also, this is black don’t crack on a stage - they all look and sound amazing
Eyks.vu Aylar önce
She was literally THAT girl in the early 2000’s never a bad song
VIVIANA 13 gün önce
Still is
Darnell Turner TURNER
She still can get it lol
Torey Townsend
Torey Townsend Aylar önce
@AFCompany Southside w/Lloyd
T-Dogg Aylar önce
Dont 4get she played in good movies
AFCompany Aylar önce
And she still had so many more hits she didn’t sing. Rock with U Only U Mesmerized Don’t leave me alone Still on it The women you love Breakup 2 Makeup Good Good
Krissy B
Krissy B Aylar önce
Ja Rule got her so hyped when he came out I got goosebumps the giggles and teary all at once lol.. This music takes me back in time to some of my best memories in life 🥰❤️
Brenniqua Hill
Brenniqua Hill Aylar önce
This is how you age when you mind your business, and live a relatively drama free life. She was that chick back in the early 2000s. She is still humble until this day.
Brianna Marie
Brianna Marie Aylar önce
This is the music I grew up with. What an amazing performance all around and she absolutely KILLED it!!!
Lynn Hardaway
Lynn Hardaway Aylar önce
She is so gorgeous.....and her voice is still perfection!
Lepe1 Aylar önce
The fact that they all sound like they do on the record shows how back then you needed talent. Amazing performance
christopher chatman
@kkpuffs16 that and she got ownership of her masters
A. Spearman &Co.
A. Spearman &Co. Aylar önce
Plenty of talented folks singing currently. Who are these auto tune singers you’re referring to? I can share some real singers with U
who doedis
who doedis Aylar önce
@kkpuffs16 yep her voice matured.
kkpuffs16 Aylar önce
@Sirquincy Washi gton she got some vocal training over her years that’s why she wants to re record she knows she can do better now
Portia Phiri
Portia Phiri Aylar önce
Unlike today's lipsync worriors and autotuners 🤗
HISPRINCESS31 Aylar önce
She was having fun.., especially when Ja came out. Loved this.
Varns Aylar önce
Pretty sure she has written half the songs these singers bring out anyway haha. She is crazy talented!
LATOVEN Aylar önce
Ashanti just servin her strongest vocals ever and goddess vibes! 👑
TheJustinlan Aylar önce
“Happy” will always be a bop 🤍🔥but I got chills when what’s luv came on… took me right back to my room burning cds 💿 lol 😂 miss those days 🤍
Symmetra Mei
Symmetra Mei Aylar önce
Imma need Ashanti to come back and slay the charts with her music
LadyShii Aylar önce
Her voice is just magic, gets better with age
Manda Theestallion
Manda Theestallion Aylar önce
She still sounds the same, she’s so talented not to mention the other songs she sang for those who shall not be named😭
Tita Cha Bow
Tita Cha Bow Aylar önce
Ashantis voice is so angelic.
Platinum Beauty
Platinum Beauty Aylar önce
Hearing the crowd sing EVERY song word for word had to be the best feeling to her! I’m so happy she’s getting her credit now! We have to keep doing this! Celebrate legends why they’re still here!
Meka Sims
Meka Sims Aylar önce
@Jhéani yesssss hunty🥰
Jhéani Aylar önce
Made me so happy!! 🥰
Meka Sims
Meka Sims Aylar önce
Ej Jones
Ej Jones Aylar önce
E D Aylar önce
mexilicious Aylar önce
I absolutely loved her whole performance! She sounds & looks AMAZING!
Crystal Cadalzo
Crystal Cadalzo Aylar önce
I have watched this at least 30s since it was posted!!! I luv her!!! Her voice is simply beautiful!!!!
Keila Medina Miller
R&B Queen for real!!! Like everybody hit up and knew the songs!! All her songs were true and relatable in everything that a woman goes through!! Spoke life!! She walked a lot of us through it through song!💝
Candace Richardson
Candace Richardson Aylar önce
I love their energy. Was so fun to see them perform happily together
Fred Kapula Chiwale
Her voice has matured so well, her stage presence is on point
C Major88
C Major88 Aylar önce
@SpoiledCurlyGurl I agree. Her stage presence has improved as well.
SpoiledCurlyGurl Aylar önce
Thinking the same thing. People used to say she couldn't sing. She has improved a LOT.
Dawn Wilson
Dawn Wilson Aylar önce
I agree, I was like “WHAT!?!? Her voice is more polished and refined! She DID THAT!
Ashley Bennae
Ashley Bennae Aylar önce
I saw her last month at the millenial tour and she was absolutely stunning. Her voice sounds better now than ever and she is still a beauty and hasn't aged a day.
Sir M
Sir M Aylar önce
I agree
Missysjohn40 Aylar önce
I loved 🥰 her performance. It was so nostalgic. She's always been that girl!
Valerie martinez
Valerie martinez Aylar önce
I’ve watched this like 5 times this was our music growing up ..brings back sooo many memories can’t believe it’s been 20 years! She looks gorgeous and still has the moves with an amazing voice! I’ve always loved how humble she is ! you deserve all the love! Blessings to you Ashanti! 😍🥰😎🙏🏽
Eros TyDerin
Eros TyDerin Aylar önce
She was outstanding!✨🎙 & love the natural chreo / attitude that emphasises the singing and the essence of the performer She’s a Diamond 💎
Tiffany D. Caesar
Tiffany D. Caesar Aylar önce
Ashanti did a great job! She is so inspiring...Shine queen!
Desiree Santana
Desiree Santana Aylar önce
All I gotta say is Period. She is truly a princess of R&B. Grew up listening to ashanti and 20 years later she is still killing it.
Mzmadame23 Mzmadame23
@jodei Redd excuse Ashanti is the prince of r&b in her own right
Edits XD
Edits XD Aylar önce
@jodei Redd they said "a" not "the" it can multiple princesses just like it's multiple queens of rnb
jodei Redd
jodei Redd Aylar önce
@Antisocial Boobe exactly because that title belongs to Aaliyah no disrespect to Ashanti
Antisocial Boobe
Antisocial Boobe Aylar önce
🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all don’t know what R%B is if you think she the princess of R&B
Krystle Everett
Krystle Everett Aylar önce
She understood the assignment!
Kieran Hamilton
Kieran Hamilton Aylar önce
She’s just consistently a talent. Great writer, producer and entertainer. Always a treat to watch her kill it. Werk 💅
Christopher Rosales
Christopher Rosales 18 gün önce
0:00 Happy 1:14 Rain On Me 2:24 The Way That I Love You 4:04 Baby 4:43 What’s Luv? 6:13 Always On Time 7:55 Foolish
Bel Aylar önce
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Really enjoyed seeing Ashanti again, matured like a fine wine! Beautiful 😍
JamaicanEmerald Queen
JA came out and the crowd went litty!!😍😍😍😍😍
eigow ou
eigow ou Aylar önce
Everything. The hair, the dress, her presence. She Killed it.
Nujoie Roberts
Nujoie Roberts Aylar önce
It took her YEARS and YEARS but she have ARRIVED!!! She can TRULY say she in her PRIME rn!!
Kiki Aylar önce
@eigow ou Yes Ashanti has plenty of HITS. ASHANTI And JaRule could pull a concert with just the 2 of them.....
Quatie C
Quatie C Aylar önce
I love the audience's reactions. Bout time Ashanti got some respect!
ChiLove Aylar önce
She sounds amazing!!! Her voice has grown beautifully 🥰🔥🔥
kevin maglasang
kevin maglasang Aylar önce
This performance and her presence really reminded us of how great this era of music back then. 😭💕
shanice sparks
shanice sparks Aylar önce
I remember getting her concrete rose album for Christmas when I was 10 years old. BEST ALBUM EVERRRR!!! Ashanti will NEVER get old to me her music is amazing 😍
Holmes 206
Holmes 206 Aylar önce
She may not be dominating the billboards today, but she dropped some straight classics that people look back on and know every lyric. Most artists can only dream of that. She’s had a incredibly successful career, give Ashanti her flowers.
Young Nina Simone
Young Nina Simone Aylar önce
She left her mark. I’d be very happy if I were her.
Iris 08
Iris 08 Aylar önce
@Wunderlustgirl what Guinness record did she make?
Wunderlustgirl Aylar önce
Ashanti made the Guinness Book of World Records. I remember that since she was on heavy radio play and her tracks were played at a lot of parties back in the day when I used to go out
no Aylar önce
@We Just Talkin. even Michael Jackson and madonna were not selling how they use to in their prime. People just get tired🤷‍♂️
We Just Talkin.
We Just Talkin. Aylar önce
@Iris 08 you right but artist like Michael Jackson, Madonna etc rode them shits for over 20 years . So yes you can continue to dominate but like somebody said Ashanti is a mediocre singer and sex sells her main hits are remakes not just a sample but total remakes of somebody else songs. But she deserves her credit for being a writer and doing hooks.
Sunn T
Sunn T Aylar önce
She killed this!! Love her spirit she seems so sweet and dedicated to her craft. And baby can write some music ok!? 💪🏾💕
Tamara Mc
Tamara Mc Aylar önce
About time artist like her get some good recognition. Still gorgeous and still have that lady like flavor. This music is from my time. Yes girl you nailed it in everyway!!!
simone mays
simone mays 27 gün önce
Yess she rocked that set! Go Shanti!❤️She’s wrote so many people songs! Iconic!
SouthKisses870 Aylar önce
she is just absolutely flawless!! she has such a positive aura always 🥰😍😍😍
cammy minott
cammy minott Aylar önce
That. Was. Literally. Hits. After. Hits. . That was so nostalgic. Ashanti defined my early -mid teens
SimplyJay0 Aylar önce
Her hits was all I heard in elementary 😂 what a legend 🐐
Paprika London
Paprika London Aylar önce
Nosotros Aylar önce
And she's got more hits there wasn't enough time for! Star!
Shay-Shay Aylar önce
Ahhhhh, how I miss the 90's 😥. My 20's were lit!!
cammy minott
cammy minott Aylar önce
@jjmusiclover3 😄😄 Foolish always hits the spot.
TJ 27 gün önce
I am so happy for Ashanti. She "EARNED It"...Late nights solo drives to recording studio with her baseball bat in the passenger seat for protection. Much RESPECT and LOVE !!
Octagon9 26 gün önce
Aurora Selene
Aurora Selene Aylar önce
This was such a legendary performance, incredible!!! I grew up to Ashanti and this performance was a dream come true for me, wish I could've been there! Much love to Queen Ashanti!
xo Nara
xo Nara Aylar önce
Her best performance , vocally !! She did amazing and looked so beautiful !!
Gleice Valadares
Gleice Valadares Aylar önce
Ashanti, Ja Ruel & Fat Joe😍❤ Ícones da minha adolescência! Fizeram muuuuito sucesso aqui no Brasil!
Fael Zolanski
Fael Zolanski Aylar önce
Dr. 100 PurrScent
Dr. 100 PurrScent Aylar önce
Ashanti deserves this accolade, her growth is undeniable. This is Grown Woman ENERGY ✊🏾💗
truth hurts
truth hurts Aylar önce
She can't sing
Miss Love
Miss Love Aylar önce
Ma T
Ma T Aylar önce
'Bout damn time!! Pure talent!!!!
Cashout Steve
Cashout Steve Aylar önce
🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 A - S - H - A - N - T - I 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Ashley Pulley
Ashley Pulley Aylar önce
The fact that she did not even include this songs that she sung for Jennifer Lopez..... amazing
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