Ashanti Proves Why She's The Lady Of Soul With A Medley Of Her Greatest Hits | Soul Train Awards '21

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The 2021 Lady of Soul, Ashanti shut down the Soul Train Awards stage with performances of her greatest hits including "Baby," "Happy," "Always On Time," "The Way That I Love You," and so many others.

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27 Kas 2021




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BETNetworks 8 aylar önce
Ashanti hits the Soul Train Stage with Ja Rule in 2002 for “Always On Time” trvid.com/video/video-sBl3rhJd0jc.html
Mark Phillip
Mark Phillip Aylar önce
I disagree,dont get it twisted,i love some of solo songs but but A was the queen in the 90s to her death
Constance Lyde
Constance Lyde Aylar önce
Clarissa Westbrook
Clarissa Westbrook 5 aylar önce
I can't believe it's been 20 years!!!!
Naptural85 8 aylar önce
The nostalgia I didn’t know I needed! 😭🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
denis petroni
denis petroni Aylar önce
Nostálgic from músic Ashanti love omg
denis petroni
denis petroni Aylar önce
Love Ashanti love forever and jarule
Fine Natural Hair ROCKS
Danita Hosecloth
Danita Hosecloth Aylar önce
FACTS!!! Ikr?!?!
Herbs & Light
Herbs & Light 6 aylar önce
Not enough people are talking about how amazing she looks😍The hair, the makeup, the body, the fit 10/10🙌🏽 This woman is aging like fine wine
mandy renshaw
mandy renshaw 18 gün önce
Becks - Time to Glow Up
She looks phenomenal!
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Aylar önce
Pour me a glass fo sho!
Happy2bfree Aylar önce
Yesss!!! That part!
Maxineramz 2 aylar önce
@Lieann Laverne love it! That wet hair lool does for me
Adriane Glover
Adriane Glover 6 aylar önce
When the whole crowd men and women are singing your song you know you had an impact on an era!!!!!!!!!!
J D Aylar önce
V C 3 aylar önce
This the comment!!!
Bajj Ajjj
Bajj Ajjj 4 aylar önce
She really was everywhere back in the day. Hit after hit
Mr Kilo-G
Mr Kilo-G 3 gün önce
Until 2004
charles onikosi
charles onikosi 2 aylar önce
Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson 3 aylar önce
She still is
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much 2 aylar önce
Her vocals gave me chills 😳 She literally sounds like the radio in 2000😍😍😍😍😍 oh my Godd she understood the assignment!!!!!!!
LinzToMySoul 8 aylar önce
Everything. The hair, the dress, her presence. She Killed it.
Tyeda Jones
Tyeda Jones 3 aylar önce
Absolutely 💯 💯
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young 8 aylar önce
Yes. It was nice. It would have been really good to be there in person. But I enjoyed this as well.
Chinemerem Udoh
Chinemerem Udoh 8 aylar önce
Her crew really channelled her essence into this presentation.
Tara10 8 aylar önce
Just gorgeousness!
Charlotte Roach
Charlotte Roach 8 aylar önce
She looks absolutely beautiful!!! Serve them Ashanti!!! Just beautiful! 🥰😍
Moneek Odunze
Moneek Odunze Aylar önce
I’m glad Ashanti kept her cool all these years. People really tried her. I’ve loved her from day one…a true queen!!!! This is a day 16 year old me appreciates life! So much nostalgia!!!!
orbes tv j
orbes tv j Gün önce
@F. A ahh ha!,yes i remember a little now about him. Shame ,she should try to return. Such a talanted women. I watched a bit of a video of her talking about him,bullying her etc Thankyou for refreshing me!! 🙂🙏🏽
F. A
F. A Gün önce
@orbes tv j her boss Irv gotti was in love with her while married so he blocked her from lots of projects to control her and out of jealousy among other issues
orbes tv j
orbes tv j 6 gün önce
What happend???,is this why she stopped singing??????? She is still fabulous!!
CJ12 5 aylar önce
The fact that she sounds the same live as the track says it all.
Noelia Vasquez
Noelia Vasquez 4 gün önce
@Kayla💕💕 that part!
Jamie M
Jamie M 7 gün önce
She has drastically improved over the years tho. She looks stunning and sounds great. Love Ashanti! Such an impact on our era
sup_ monica
sup_ monica Aylar önce
Kayla💕💕 Aylar önce
@Sirquincy Washi gton she sang well enough for JLO to steal her vocals and use as her own
Sirquincy Washi gton
THats what people get for saying she can't sing
FuzzyBear 7 aylar önce
What I love about Ashanti is that she always graciously moved through all the industry beef that people threw at her. She decided she only wanted to entertain her audience with her singing. Empress energy.
Ruth Marcano
Ruth Marcano Aylar önce
Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson 3 aylar önce
Jessy Ross
Jessy Ross 6 aylar önce
It makes me happy to see how much fun she’s having on stage. You can feel the passion.
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much 2 aylar önce
You can def tell she's having fun with it!
rudolph mcneill
rudolph mcneill 2 aylar önce
charles onikosi
charles onikosi 2 aylar önce
Eyks.vu 8 aylar önce
She was literally THAT girl in the early 2000’s never a bad song
creativmindplay Gün önce
They're all the same
Timo 2 gün önce
@Bria Carter thats why she performs hit you genius
MultiCrystalizer 3 gün önce
True I loved her, until Rihanna took over the spot and single-handedly destroyed her career...
Tamesa Gamble-Adiamo
She ages like fine wine still my girl only better n better her songs are classics
theBeatsbyj 4 aylar önce
Her voice shows no signs of aging just like herself!!! Effin amazing!!
charles onikosi
charles onikosi 2 aylar önce
Yolanda Warren
Yolanda Warren 7 gün önce
I'm proud of Ashanti's vocals during this performance. She sounds really good live!
life lessons want be no fool no more
Ashanti still got it the fact that she still sounds good and on Acapella she can really sing she deserves more credit than what she get as well
901 SWiFTiE
901 SWiFTiE 5 aylar önce
the first female artist to occupy the top two positions on the hot 100 chart simultaneously with "foolish" and "what’s luv?" and the first solo artist to have their first three chart entries in the top 10.
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much 2 aylar önce
Fn incredible!
freespirit 8 aylar önce
This was a perfect performance!! Like everyone else is saying, Ashanti's vocals have matured so well and she sounds even better!
Cynthia gipson
Cynthia gipson 16 gün önce
Ashanti will slay brandy in monica vocally
Demetria Murray
Demetria Murray 6 aylar önce
Yeah but she still doesn’t have the best voice. It still needs work.
Lesley K
Lesley K 7 aylar önce
Jana Siratranont
Jana Siratranont 8 aylar önce
I was gonna say this!!! I think she actually got better with time!!! ❤️
Jake Logan
Jake Logan 6 aylar önce
The smile this put on my face… wish they made music like this again 🥺
Got2bjustin 28 gün önce
There’s still some good female artists like ari lennox and muni long
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much 2 aylar önce
Chile they could never! OUR ERA TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!!
Morgan Barfield
Morgan Barfield 4 aylar önce
I love how EVERY SINGLE PERSON was singing. These are the most iconic songs of the late 90s early 2000s and Ashanti either sings them or she’s featured lmao I love that for her! 🖤
*Kai Brix*
*Kai Brix* 6 aylar önce
Outstanding performance! I enjoyed this medley. She looks great & Ja Rule still has so much energy.
jeyneil joaquin
jeyneil joaquin Aylar önce
He hasn't aged either
BeBe Management
BeBe Management 2 aylar önce
Honestly, she doesn’t to make anything new. Her vocals and control has grown and hearing her sing her songs in this stage of her life with so much life is giving me life
Jzon Azari
Jzon Azari 8 aylar önce
People forget that Ashanti use to run the charts. Glad she is getting the recognition and to still give today's artists a run for their money makes moments like this even more enjoyable.
HereComesAWoman Aylar önce
She sure did. She is one very talented and underrated artist.
Trina Hatchett
Trina Hatchett Aylar önce
I didn't 🥰❤️💐
Petee Pablo
Petee Pablo 2 aylar önce
She use to run the charts!!!!! She has no new music to back her talent up!!! Fat Joe needs to sleep 😴
Emmanuel Frimpong
Emmanuel Frimpong 3 aylar önce
Lol nobody forgot
Layla 3 aylar önce
There is not one song in this medley that is not undeniably recognizable by all. Ashanti really had a chokehold on the 2000s for sure, despite her short reign. It was just tough competition back then. If her label didn't fall through and embroiled in the mess, she would have gotten her flowers early and people would not be so quick to question or forget.
Sarah Lillie
Sarah Lillie Aylar önce
What an excellent performance! She absolutely killed it no completely deserves her flowers.
Nikki Seenoi
Nikki Seenoi 4 aylar önce
This made me emotional, ashanti tells a story with all her songs 😍
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much 2 aylar önce
I'm all in the gym tearing up 🤦🏾‍♀️🥴🙌🏾
Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson 3 aylar önce
Morgan Barfield
Morgan Barfield 4 aylar önce
RIGHT? Ashanti was IT. She was everywhere, running the charts up for years. And she is still gorgeous with a gorgeous as voice. I’ve loved everything she sang, god I’ve loved her for like 20 years or more. The second and third song she sang was a favorite for me, still is.
Stacy Scotland
Stacy Scotland 3 aylar önce
She’s the most gorgeous!!! Still has everything and more!!! We need her back now!!! Right now!!!!
Tai-ru 8 aylar önce
This is the best version of Ashanti: Looks, singing, stage presence, charisma ect. So many yrs after her debut. WOW!!
YT allows kids 2 see Depravity but not the truth
I LOVE how the crowd turned up when Ja showed up.
Sunna Luna
Sunna Luna 8 aylar önce
@truth hurts she can sing pretty damn good, her voice is soft and isn't as strong as other's, but that doesn't mean nothing.
Jayk Wonderful
Jayk Wonderful Aylar önce
This is GREAT! 💗 Her medley of hits are literally like the ultimate singalong! All hail Queen Ashanti! 🙌👸🏾
Andrea Vee
Andrea Vee 6 aylar önce
Ashanti was so consistently good and super underrated. She had some big personalities out during her time and I think she was just overshadowed but she is definitely an icon.
Taylor Bulley
Taylor Bulley Aylar önce
Oh my lord!!!! How was I able to forget how much I love Ashanti???!!!!! Total vibes. Love love love her. She hasn’t aged at all.
Cece Xo
Cece Xo Aylar önce
The stage presence and chemistry with Ashanti n Ja had me 🥹 The crowd was upppp!
Stephanie T. Brown
Stephanie T. Brown 8 aylar önce
She’s singing with a lot more confidence than she did back in the day and still looks so beautiful 🤩
Saints09 10 gün önce
@Jay Smith it doesn’t matter who has more bread? Name another artist that’s been relavant since the 90’s in hip hop? That her husband, so what does riding her coattails mean?
Nehemiah Gary
Nehemiah Gary 2 aylar önce
@Bea K Yeah but now you have to work really hard to get to where you want to be today the music industry is shady sometimes samething back then when Beyoncé came out nobody expected her to make it though but turns out she was already becoming a star rated vocalist but it’s okay though Ashanti will get her flowers she’s very talented💙💙💙.
Nehemiah Gary
Nehemiah Gary 2 aylar önce
@Mich It’s true though I may not have been born in 2001 but I was born in 2007 and as I got older I started doing a lot of research on artist and after Aaliyah died, ashanti was put first and call a princess of r&b when it was Aaliyah who earned that nickname samething with destiny’s child when everybody was saying that after Beyoncé became a star Kelly Rowland was put in Beyoncé’s shadow and Kelly Rowland wasn’t really selling out stadiums or anything either it was Beyoncé who was selling out stadiums but there all talented and are very different artists so they should never be compared.
NoName 2 aylar önce
@fashionprincess4u her voice is light like Aaliyah
Meka Sims
Meka Sims 8 aylar önce
@Carolyn Bratton okkkkkk
SOULfLOWERR 2 aylar önce
🌹🌸🌺🌷🌻🌼💐 HERE’S ALL YOUR FLOWERS!!!! 🌻🌸🌹🪷🌷🪷🌺🌼 I will forever LOVE the energy Ashanti & Ja brings to the stage!!!! SALUTE 🫡
222 mav
222 mav 6 aylar önce
You go Ashanti!! Wow! I cried! Why a great performance! She sings so great live and looks awesome! 😎😇😊
Sufina Ali
Sufina Ali 28 gün önce
The intro to all the classics 👏💕👌 Ashanti still has it! And at 41yrs Ashanti stil looks cute! 👏
GummyBeans 2 aylar önce
My favorite thing is how much fun she’s having up there, especially during What’s Luv. Her songs are timeless.
Me and my 2cents
Me and my 2cents 8 aylar önce
She’s having a blast and the audience is rocking with her! Luv it. She looks and sounds fantastic!!!
Antoine Moorman
Antoine Moorman Aylar önce
@Rosie Dotz lmao tell us you do HARD drugs without SAYING you do hard drugs 😂😂😂
charles onikosi
charles onikosi 2 aylar önce
D C 8 aylar önce
@Eddy6159 Beyoncé is just a word. Don’t all words live in our minds rent free?🙄
Claudina Stewart
Claudina Stewart 8 aylar önce
Well thank YOU grown folks recognize i come from the era of Stephanie mills Chaka Khan 60s baby u know 😆 real singer's
BP Dynasty
BP Dynasty 3 aylar önce
This whole performance just took me right back to high school! I'm pretty sure that my Ashanti album is scratched because I listened to it everyday, every hour FOR MONTHS!!! Her debut album was really a masterpiece, given the success of Whats Luv and Always On Time - that debut album was just a work of art. Like many have said, she's been so so underrated for her talents...so it's really lovely to see her getting recognized because she was definitely a game changer!
Becky Goody
Becky Goody 5 aylar önce
Three months later and I’m singing along like I’m live there watching this! Ashanti had this era on a chokehold 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Christina Morris
Christina Morris 2 aylar önce
This woman is still so flipping beautiful and sounding great 20 years later.
Gabriel Aderre
Gabriel Aderre 5 aylar önce
This woman's music is my youth! Or was a good part of it! I remember dancing to this music, for my husband, who was just my fiance back then! Damned near 20 years later, the music is still amazing! The love is still incredible! And Im happy to see that Ashanti has still got it! It being all that talent and beauty!!!!
Holmes 206
Holmes 206 8 aylar önce
She may not be dominating the billboards today, but she dropped some straight classics that people look back on and know every lyric. Most artists can only dream of that. She’s had a incredibly successful career, give Ashanti her flowers.
Michael McQuay
Michael McQuay 3 aylar önce
@Iris 08 selling the most albums in the first week for a new female artist
Mahogony Love Jones
Mahogony Love Jones 8 aylar önce
She left her mark. I’d be very happy if I were her.
Iris 08
Iris 08 8 aylar önce
@Wunderlustgirl what Guinness record did she make?
Wunderlustgirl 8 aylar önce
Ashanti made the Guinness Book of World Records. I remember that since she was on heavy radio play and her tracks were played at a lot of parties back in the day when I used to go out
We Just Talkin.
We Just Talkin. 8 aylar önce
@Iris 08 you right but artist like Michael Jackson, Madonna etc rode them shits for over 20 years . So yes you can continue to dominate but like somebody said Ashanti is a mediocre singer and sex sells her main hits are remakes not just a sample but total remakes of somebody else songs. But she deserves her credit for being a writer and doing hooks.
SheenaGodschosen 6 aylar önce
Love how she is enjoying every second.... Laughing smiling and hype!! Love the vibe love the voice! Love the beauty💋
Frost Fanatik
Frost Fanatik 4 aylar önce
The hottest part about her career is she wrote pretty much all of her material. Even when her own producer doubted her. She shut them up. The label wanted to put Jarule on Foolish and she was like nah, I got something … gotta love Ashanti ❤️
Suz C
Suz C 2 aylar önce
Wow this takes me back, she sounds just as good as I remember just like back in the day her voice is spot on and the bond she has with Ja and Joe is amazing, Classic artist and will always be
faith njoki
faith njoki 2 aylar önce
She definitely graced the industry with some of the best hits. Love from Kenya 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪
CosmicPhenomenal 8 aylar önce
Ashanti was THAT ERA!! When the crowd is singing word for word of all your hits, she’s iconic!! Hope she knows that!! 🤍
vondonstrut218 5 aylar önce
@Raheem Williams I mean Beyonce was tough competition for basically everyone lol. But Ashanti definitely held her own
bunyi 6 aylar önce
@Raheem Williams Lol what? Absolutely NOT. Ashanti was straight bops during early 2000's.
Concamon 7 aylar önce
@Raheem Williams Ashanti held her own for several years. She was mainstream between 2000 - 2005 (she had some popular collabs floating around before her debut album) Don't know why you're bringing up other artists. We can celebrate Ashanti without pitting her against other women. She's a quintessential RnB act of the 2000s decade and defines the landscape of that genre before crunk & electropop took over.
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 7 aylar önce
What ERA was this 2002 was her only year every year after that she was out done by Beyoncé , Alicia Keys especially or one of the others
Mia Jackson
Mia Jackson 8 aylar önce
Everyone knew all the words. She is absolutely iconic without a doubt 👏🏽
Shaybear Xo
Shaybear Xo 2 aylar önce
Her voice is just impeccable.. like she sounds so beautiful live! It’s giving every ounce. 🔥
Melissa S
Melissa S Gün önce
Yep-she still got it! Loved her 20 years ago and still do!! Her music got me through so much!
BeatsByTiendo 6 aylar önce
To hear these songs with a live band is really something else 🙌🏾
warren mckenzie
warren mckenzie Gün önce
I C O N I C she sounds amazing. Music that influenced a whole era. Ashanti is still that girl.
Guinea pigs have taken over my life
love her music and the energy in the room with everyone singing along
Brian Hines
Brian Hines Aylar önce
I watched the 2021 Soul Train Awards TWICE just to see Ashanti's sexy performance again. She doesn't even look like it's been 20 years since she released her debut Album! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
GK 3 aylar önce
I love seeing Ashanti and Ja’Rule together still to this day lol
CM80 5 aylar önce
I will never let these social media and innanets make me forget these artists bc we live in a "what have u done lately" era. These are the legends of 2000. Redefined Hip Hop and RnB with commercial hits but still true to the genre. Very difficult. Mist importantly, the music aged like fine wine and they will forever be able to perform these classics. Ty to VERZUZ and Soul Train
Pierre Crawford
Pierre Crawford 8 aylar önce
Shows how good music transcends…every lady in the audience knew the lyrics…Ashanti’s voice is still amazing!
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner 5 aylar önce
@tanja kun lmao I said out loud..df, we know it too
C Major88
C Major88 8 aylar önce
@tanja kun Yes. That reminds me of how Mary won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards a few years back and men in the audience were singing along to all her songs. Ashanti has that same Hip-Hop Appeal.
Alexandra Norwood
Alexandra Norwood 8 aylar önce
Pierre Crawford
Pierre Crawford 8 aylar önce
@Eurk0ls-w0rld true that
Pierre Crawford
Pierre Crawford 8 aylar önce
@tanja kun true that
Priscilla Bleiler
Priscilla Bleiler 3 aylar önce
Everything … vocals stage presence wardrobe hair makeup 10’s across the board! Better than ever! 🙏🏾🌹
AdrienneDenise 6 aylar önce
Man I miss those days, her music was light to my soul. She looks amazing 😍
aziria rose
aziria rose Aylar önce
Gives me goosebumps everytime I watch this! Old school still rules
Silver Lex
Silver Lex 2 gün önce
her voice clear and crisp so angelic. This woman can really sing her flowers are will be deserved. Performance 10/10
Tiffany A
Tiffany A 8 aylar önce
I see plenty of self-care and internal self work. Her confidence is on a million! She looks and sounds amazing! A great vibe.
Ernest Mines
Ernest Mines 6 aylar önce
Betty Khuboni
Betty Khuboni 6 aylar önce
Dammit, how can u be so accurate!! Love this comment ❤ 👏
Emmanuel King
Emmanuel King 7 aylar önce
Yes! Exactly! I see that in her too 😌🙏🌹
Mahogony Love Jones
Mahogony Love Jones 8 aylar önce
She is def a product of taking good care of yourself and good genetics. Her mother always looked so youthful and beautiful.
Kathy Flourscent
Kathy Flourscent 8 aylar önce
Rafael Aylar önce
She is one of my favorite of all time!!.This woman is an icon on RNB❣️🙏love/respect 4you ASHANTI ❤️
Matthew Gillispie
Matthew Gillispie 5 aylar önce
Seeing the respect all the artists give and how much love they show for her shows you exactly how big of an influence she still is.
Nonhlanhla Mahlangu
Nonhlanhla Mahlangu 8 gün önce
She sounds amazing, looks amazing, SHE DID THAT!
Franck 6 aylar önce
She is still beautifull !! And her voice is still here with a little more maturity 🔥🔥❤️
cammy minott
cammy minott 8 aylar önce
That. Was. Literally. Hits. After. Hits. . That was so nostalgic. Ashanti defined my early -mid teens
SimplyJay0 8 aylar önce
Her hits was all I heard in elementary 😂 what a legend 🐐
Paprika London
Paprika London 8 aylar önce
Nosotros 8 aylar önce
And she's got more hits there wasn't enough time for! Star!
Shay-Shay 8 aylar önce
Ahhhhh, how I miss the 90's 😥. My 20's were lit!!
cammy minott
cammy minott 8 aylar önce
@jjmusiclover3 😄😄 Foolish always hits the spot.
Kam 2 aylar önce
7:46-7:50 you know they rehearsed and had fun too. Look @ the synchronism! Still love Ja & Ash! Never a bad song when they collabed
Rolie Rolie
Rolie Rolie 6 aylar önce
What a great performance! What a voice 🙌🏻
ASMR lover Rhi
ASMR lover Rhi 4 aylar önce
There's no denying she had hit after hit. One of my fav artist growing up! Watching this video was hard in the beginning. She seemed like she was trying. But once her boys came out it was natural and fun n u could hear her hitting them notes
Phumza Latha
Phumza Latha 6 aylar önce
I love how happy she is performing
MrRightNow 8 aylar önce
People be forgetting that unlike Most artists Ashanti writes too. She deserves to be celebrated ‼️
Tamar Braxton's edges
Tamar Braxton's edges 2 aylar önce
She was JLo’s singing voice for a minute. We sleep on her.
Sunmi 3 aylar önce
g. pearson
g. pearson 8 aylar önce
Well said mr right She’s a whole package That should got more recognition I hope she owns all her masters
Justice100 Wil
Justice100 Wil 8 aylar önce
@drtash21 That's what I say, she's such a humble woman. I've always loved Ashanti💘...
Justice100 Wil
Justice100 Wil 8 aylar önce
You got that right👍, I love Ashanti so much💖🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈
Fatima Herbawi
Fatima Herbawi Aylar önce
She knows how to get the audience singing along 😍✨
Miss Mariu
Miss Mariu 5 aylar önce
She sounds soooooo good, looks even better and that whoooooole set was 🔥 loved that EVERYONE stood up by the end 😍
byaliciaden 6 aylar önce
She looks like she’s having so much fun & I love that
Cheyenne Swiski
Cheyenne Swiski 3 aylar önce
That’s my girl right here I have been completely obsessed with her since the first time I heard her eye related to so much of her music so beautiful inside and out she truly is that girl!
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez 8 aylar önce
Isabel Ramírez Carrillo
@Ms. Voicer j. lo sang lead while ashanti sang background vocals (with jennifer.) second of all, ja rule wrote "i'm real" with gotti. "i'm real was specifically created for jenn & ja rule. ashanti just demoed the song.
No 7 aylar önce
@Charity S Brown Christina Millian, Jennifer Lopez etc etc. Can look up the rest, I don't quite remember.
Ms. Voicer
Ms. Voicer 7 aylar önce
@BMW Jourdan Dunn Goddess! omg I didn’t know that. what a shame.
Tales toTell
Tales toTell 8 aylar önce
@Sherri Solomon sooooo idk what being black has to do with it. People say she can't sing because if she could she wouldn't sound completely different on a dozen of her most popular tracks because she steals people's vocals. If she could sing she'd had a recognizable voice that you hear on every track! Christina Aguilera can sing, Ariana Gande can sing, Jessie J can sing, Britney Spears can sing. J Lo can't sing. Period. In the words of Michael Jackson "it doesn't matter if you're black or white (or Puerto Rican or whatever)"
Tamira Bracey
Tamira Bracey 8 aylar önce
@truth hurts agree she just has nice music
orbes tv j
orbes tv j 6 gün önce
Why and where did she go??? She has such a voice!,she was incredible back in the day!!(2000s) Comeback Ashanti!! She looks fab here!!
Malie B
Malie B 5 aylar önce
She did a great job 👏🏽
Jojo brown
Jojo brown 4 aylar önce
I grew up on Ashanti. The first artist I ever “stan”.
Shauni B.
Shauni B. 6 aylar önce
This made the little girl in me sing my heart out ☺️♥️
Michaela Scott
Michaela Scott 8 aylar önce
I’m glad she’s finally receiving her flowers. Ashanti is a very talented singer and songwriter. I love Ja Rule and Ashanti together. Best Duo to ever do it. ❤️
CharlieX 7 aylar önce
@truth hurts Ehhhh... don't be fooled by Ja Rule's pop records, he is absolutely a great MC.
truth hurts
truth hurts 8 aylar önce
@Concamon 1990s R&B singers and 1990s Rappers are the best
truth hurts
truth hurts 8 aylar önce
@MACE Harris JaRule and Ashanti are not on their levels. The other music artists you mentioned are way more talented.. JaRule is a rapper who is not even top 50 amongst rappers....
MACE Harris
MACE Harris 8 aylar önce
Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrel. Legendary. Ashford and Simpson. Legendary. And now Ja Rule and Ashanti...the living legends. This is destiny fulfilled.
Concamon 8 aylar önce
@Deron Reed If they're so talentless to you ... then why have you been running rampant for days under numerous comments and videos about them trying to drag them? That is very strange to me. You will literally *never* catch me under a Teyana Taylor video putting her down just because she's an irrelevant flop. But I digress ...
GodisLove 6 aylar önce
I'm loving these fresh sounds to her classics, if the re-record album sounds anything like this it will be 🔥
Mi Fasol
Mi Fasol 6 aylar önce
The most loved RNB of 2000s we love her, Ashanti is sooo talented. Great vocals ...👏👏👏❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Addicted 2 Love
Addicted 2 Love 6 aylar önce
This just remined me of how much i loved her music and what a great talent she is!
Melissa Ann
Melissa Ann 6 aylar önce
I really needed some joy in my day and this did it! thank you so much! Love this ❤
Haha Herby
Haha Herby 8 aylar önce
I’m so glad she’s being praised for her talent! People act like Ashanti didn’t have hits lol
Cambrozé 5 aylar önce
@David Cubito lol they year of 2003 was all about BEYONCÉ the same Beyoncé that we know today was the same Beyoncé back in 2003! Ashanti was NEVER on the level of BEYONCÉ!! Y’all gotta stop being delusional! If you look up anything about pop culture, music, female singers, the IT GIRL Beyoncé is number 1 in all of that!!! She literally had two number 1 singles a number 1 album, and then perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl, won 5 Grammys and much more in the next year, Ashanti wasn’t doing none of that! Lol What not clicking???
TVwriter23 5 aylar önce
@Smiley Cakes Now, but it wasn't just NY times as I said and another person pointed out too.
TVwriter23 5 aylar önce
@David Cubito She also didn't have to deal with mess like Ashanti and other artists with Murda Incs label did.
TVwriter23 5 aylar önce
@Cambrozé No they did that because Bey wasn't well liked after the mess with LaTavia and LeToya.
Fact Preacher
Fact Preacher 8 aylar önce
@Adrian King Lol Beyonce hits plus her vocals >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ashantiiiiiiiiiiiii
Michal 5 aylar önce
that was iconic, she is an icon, this performance brought so much joy to me
Angel H
Angel H 4 aylar önce
She also wrote a lot of music for other artist she's DOPE..
Terence Julius
Terence Julius 3 aylar önce
Like who
Tameka Williams
Tameka Williams 4 aylar önce
Name a song without Google..Please
W L Gün önce
This is one of only 2 songs I like from her She kills it on baby"
horty myty
horty myty 6 aylar önce
Her voice matured in such an amazing beautiful way
The Blond Don
The Blond Don 5 aylar önce
This was everything! I love this for her! Get your flowers baby 💐💐💐💐
Lhyn 6 aylar önce
Love this girl !! Sweet soultry voice !!!
Sunshine Marilyn
Sunshine Marilyn 3 aylar önce
Ashanti doesn’t age. Beautiful 😻 and very beautiful performance!!!!!!!!!
miya 5 aylar önce
I feel like ive been waiting for this performance for ETERNITY! Ugh she looks SOOOOO good!! All of them looked like they were having so much fun
Phillip Bruan
Phillip Bruan 8 aylar önce
Ashanti ATE this!!!!!!! People forget she was THAT girl but her live vocals alone here cement her superstar status
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 7 aylar önce
Red Zoom
Red Zoom 8 aylar önce
She did that
Asia Delilah
Asia Delilah 8 aylar önce
Big facts
Reagan Olila
Reagan Olila 8 aylar önce
Mann with a big spoon!,,,,,darzling good
Nanimo 5 aylar önce
BET award shows always have THE MOST LIT audiences! It’s more a sing-along than a passive viewing experience.
tomoyo k
tomoyo k 6 aylar önce
It is almost never happened to make me smile all the time like this, Ashanti! Love you always!
earl 4 aylar önce
Everyone was in the crowd was going off this was a great performance ✨💯
Clarissa Westbrook
Clarissa Westbrook 5 aylar önce
Ashanti looks amazing and this performance was stellar! My favorite song of hers is Happy. This takes me back to my childhood in the 2000's. She definitely deserves this honor I'm glad she is getting her flowers.
nlaguins 8 aylar önce
I seriously hope she does re-record her earlier hits. Her voice has matured so beautifully 😍
TC 6 aylar önce
Her voice has matured but once was enough.
a morse
a morse 7 aylar önce
I agree about her voice maturing. She sounds pretty good.
Senea Moody
Senea Moody 7 aylar önce
You summed that up perfectly because though I've always loved her hits, I didn't quite believe her live vocals were all that great. Now however they have definitely matured!
Justyn Hilarious
Justyn Hilarious 7 aylar önce
@woke1 It's a little deeper but it's mostly the same
Ashanti - Foolish (Official Music Video)
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