Army veteran beaten outside San Francisco home concerned suspect could get release 

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Army veteran viscously beaten outside of San Francisco home in disbelief that man he says is behind attack could be released in a diversion program. The victim suffered traumatic brain injuries that have derailed his life.
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21 Şub 2024




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People need to start suing the city. This is an extremely terrifying incident.
@rhuttrho88 Yıl önce
Might work, but corrupt democrats that run San Francisco will throw out the cases!🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🙏🏿👌🏿👍🏿✌🏿🫡
@la381 Yıl önce
Absolutely sue the city
@frank6250 Yıl önce
yes the cure for all, suing for money.
@Blox117 Yıl önce
they will collect your lawsuit back in taxes
@astrosales386 Yıl önce
Did the city attack and crack his skull? Idiot statement.
Get your army buddies together, find him and show him some army love.
@justinjay9501 Yıl önce
No, they will will put them in solitary confinement likejan6 and throw away the key
@yusefkhan1752 Yıl önce
Abu ghraib that homeless person and get that laughing woman on board.
He has no army buddies from the dining room..
@phillyfreeze Yıl önce
Do it mafioso style. Best friends, back turned, bingo.
@Marco-717 Yıl önce
I'm down
@assmonkey2759 Yıl önce
Bruh that attempted murder. And he stabbed someone before too, come on
@rl7616 Yıl önce
attempted murder, repeat offender, danger to society, out on the streets, no media attention. spray a homeless person with water even though you tried to get them help, ALL OVER THE NEWS
@cgall4444 Yıl önce
Thank You dem's&YourBoychinaJoeThePEDO!
@Blox117 Yıl önce
and what do you know, its the typical suspect
And theirs people defending this fk .. death by firing squad
His mother said is not really a bad boy. Oh I forgot that's before he beats up his mother..
@iLLWiLL510 Yıl önce
But if someone beats the shit out of crazy dude to death, they go to jail right?
@goaboy99 Yıl önce
that’s the sad part, if you or me attacks a homeless person our life will be ruined by the justice system, but if a guy like this attacks us they’ll just be back on the streets Scott free
@SuperDPJR Yıl önce
@@goaboy99 Of course they will, those people are broke and have nothing to take. The Just Us system goes after normal people with jobs, money , assets etc so they can profit from it...
@goaboy99 Yıl önce
@@SuperDPJR it’s messed up
@cgall4444 Yıl önce
@lemonadelexus Yıl önce
He's not mentally ill when he hurts others. Let a pit loose on him. That's the lawlessness of it all he hiding under a fake mental sickness. Ppl are so busy they can't make time for neighborhood watch. The police kill ppl for nothing but won't address true violent ppl.
@shellyg8617 Yıl önce
Unbelievable. He already has a LONG criminal history. There should be a "habitual criminal" law that puts these people in confinement permanently if they refuse to live a responsible life. Let alone when they're violent.
@missf4681 Yıl önce
Isn't there a 3 strike law
@rhuttrho88 Yıl önce
😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Democrats are hilarious! Corrupt! But definitely hilarious!🤦🏿‍♂️😅😅😅😅🤣🤣😂😂🫨😁👍🏿👌🏿✌🏿🫡
@evanriley74 Yıl önce
@@missf4681 yea but the prisoners need money for the prisons too
@missf4681 Yıl önce
@@evanriley74 what do you mean
@evanriley74 Yıl önce
@@missf4681 I mean that through commissary and trustiees the prison industry is worth alot. But what use is a violent mentally ill 35 year old wino to any one
After the city has been warned people should be able to sue. California needs to build a facility for the homeless and mentally ill in the desert and provide these people some peace.
@Ap_twsh Yıl önce
@RoofedAsian89 Yıl önce
Only way this stop is street justice
@Freeway5mobbin Yıl önce
These monkeys will never stop they wanna rob people cause they can’t handle a job I was in sf and someone tried robbing me outside a liquor store I pulled out my G27 and he ran like a b****
Nah just wait for the demise of the system to collapse under its own weight lol
@@rememberberries4277 people who watch, people who do something, people who just complain. All we have is each other be kind but take no shit.
We used to enforce vagrancy we used to lock up the insane and drug addicts We used to enforce immigration Libs changed all that Libs ruined this country by inclusion at any cost Thats why we have TSA searches Covid and BLM riots So rather than going back and enforcing laws again youd rather we just start shooting up the street Gee no way you might shoot the wring person
@@maryellengriffey5819 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah and keep thinking diversity is a strength Homeless not harmless guns not the only weapon Diversity not a strength and Why tee is not the problem
@Dosesofbliss Yıl önce
Oh no! I was born and raised in San Francisco. This sounds like a typical day . Which is why after 30 years I'm leaving this city. It is not safe and the city officials do not care. I've been chased by multiple crazy homeless people and followed. My friend child was kidnaped while she was taking her kid for a walk and the police let the suspect go didn't even arrest him because he was homeless. A co worker of mine was attacked with a machete. Living in the Bay Area feels like I'm in a third world country it's scary.
I live 30 my minutes away from SF, it's not like that here. But SF-- yes. New York. Dallas. Seattle. Miami. It's nuts
@dondada2959 Yıl önce
For real be safe and godbless
@missf4681 Yıl önce
@@cheesewithxbread if you think it won't spread to your little hamlet you are mistaken. Give it time
@erikh9991 Yıl önce
I have family there but have not been back since 2017. It's the way people vote and that's why I don't live there!
@deltasource56 Yıl önce
oh they care if you defend yourself
@morales1961 Yıl önce
These corrupt politicians, Prosecutors and judges need to be held accountable.
@Pokka676 Yıl önce
Only if the victim is related to the city officials that is only the time they make arrest.
@Ap_twsh Yıl önce
Yes but keep voting for identity politics instead of logic. SMH
@morales1961 Yıl önce
@A p It's not even identity politics anymore, it's a two party system that works together to enslave us all. Get rid of two party system
@VVV953 Yıl önce
Need to be held accountable? Haha They will never be held accountable
@morales1961 Yıl önce
@V 1000 - sure they will, it's not over until the fat biatchhh sings and I haven't heard a note from Rosie O'Donnell
@Noturningbacl Yıl önce
Maybe the lawyer should be held accountable for getting people like this freed!!
@Ap_twsh Yıl önce
@fanman12 Yıl önce
Public defenders have qualified immunity
@deedle6073 Yıl önce
Obviously the suspect is well known to the locals and police, yet they barely show a clear mugshot of the suspect to help others to avoid. Wonder why......
enjoy diversity
@williamryan9195 Yıl önce
Good question. He's a guy Law Enforcement should be putting pressure on.. Daily.
@Pehwr Yıl önce
@@williamryan9195 They should keep him locked up
@anti-social6368 Yıl önce
Remember that equity, equality, and diversity is all that group wants. Outside a pair of Jordans and possibly your life.😂
@williamryan9195 Yıl önce
@@Pehwr That would be the smart thing given the lawless nature in the City. If they are going to put heavy restrictions on law abiding citizens from defending their lives then they have to put in place a heavy handed police force or remove dangerous persons from the public. He is an extreme danger. The proof has been shown.
@AresWing314 Yıl önce
"He who does not punish Evil, commands it to be done" ~ Leonardo Da Vinci
It’s all part of tha plan. Ur selected officials hate u and want u dead.
He who court diversity ruins his country Common sense
@AresWing314 Yıl önce
​@@silentmajority8365 silentmajority8365, He who does not care for diversity, can go back to Europe. Africa, Asia, nor Indigenous America never invited European Colonist to stay. European Colonists has imported their fear & hate into these lands.
@stevens1041 Yıl önce
Remember when diversion was for first time, non-violent offenders? It was never meant for killers.
@KB-nt7eg Yıl önce
You mean writing letters to corrupt officials doesn't work? Wow. I would have never guessed that. That's crazy.
@RaceEqualityHub Yıl önce
what a shock, just look at him
The black version of the Idaho murderer
An angry white guy harassing the homeless. What’s new.
@aleung2555hk Yıl önce
I live in San Francisco for about 12 years, was talking to my neighbor who is an Asian older lady in her 80’s and she was telling me she avoids going out as much as possible in fear of getting rob or worse getting attacked. The owner of a nearby by store told me he has to close his business before dark and send his employees home before sunset, afraid they of being robbed or attacked. Very sad a once beautiful city has become like this.
@Ap_twsh Yıl önce
You got to get the politicians out.
@shmikezones2620 Yıl önce
Lol I hope everybody who’s so scared moves out then
@jinhh1 Yıl önce
A total monster looks like human is harassing and injuring decent people's lives and the city ignores it. How tragic!
@AnTiCs53 Yıl önce
You must be new here.
Certain peoples are immune to prosecution. White upper middle class progressive leftists guilt dominates all aspects of modern life in San Francisco.
@rl7616 Yıl önce
but you hose a homeless person with water and it makes headlines
@Blox117 Yıl önce
if you move the guy in front of the politicians' homes they will do something about him
Thank God this man lived and hope justice is served 🙏🏾✝️
@renegadepyro726 Yıl önce
From the sound of it, it sounds like he’s going to be left off the hook once again because apparently he has done this multiple times and still gets away with it. Welcome to the justice system
@mrsleep0000 Yıl önce
Public Defender is a misnomer when it comes to San Francisco.
@curateipsum8311 Yıl önce
I wonder if the public defender actually believes the bs she's saying. There is nothing in the world that could justify what he did. Even in a hypothetical where he is attacked by someone else first; to drag and beat and almost kill somebody who is already unconscious is evil
You clearly don't know SF. Those folks are entitled antagonists gone rogue. But they use their social status (government job titles, money, race) to cover up how they SYSTEMICALLY are harassing, bullying & displacing folks .
@nisagomez4366 Yıl önce
I haven't seen the video she mentioned so I will withhold my judgment until I do. Of course nothing justifies what he did. The video may determine how severe the punishment is.
@wendyturner21 Yıl önce
My God this man had many angels with him. Totally amazing he survived this savage attack. God bless him he's okay and not brain damaged. That's truly a miracle. Hope his attacker rots in jail forever. Definitely doesn't deserve to live with decent people. Please post the outcome, praying for justice. 🌷.
Aww I’m so sorry.. pray there is justice for the man. God be with you ❤
@justinwahip Yıl önce
who ever releases this guy should be held liable financially speaking when this guy does his next crime
Why isn't he being charged with a hate crime?
@rl7616 Yıl önce
mental gymnastics
This homeless is not crazy! He knows he can get away! So he is going around whatever he wants!!!!
God bless him. He's fortunate to be alive and functioning after that attack.
@RF-zy5nw Yıl önce
didn't even have to see the perp....already knew. ✊🏿
Yeahh, hope that PLOT TWIST has you reflecting on your racism. 😂😂 [he was harassed & clapped back at an entitled jerk]
Even if the veteran told off the homeless guy, that’s not excuse to slam his head into a light post. I think there’s just a point where you just have to lock them up. I live in the Bay Area; I E seen those types of people…
@AdamMWise Yıl önce
I think at this point the suspect should be executed. He has obviously proven time and time again that he is willing to harm innocence unprovoked. At a certain point enough is enough. You never ever actually get away with anything in life, ever. I believe it is time this man pays his tab.
@heatherlynn2695 Yıl önce
i was on a business trip and got mobbed by transients pretty hostile, demanding money and cigarettes when i walked out of a convenience store. i will never go back there . complete insanity
Thank the presecutors thank the judges for this. I'm shocked they release the lic of the suspect considering news don't even give us a description or race of the criminal so we can watch out anymore
Liberals dont care
Libs run the courts Woke fruit hold office Homeless not harmless guns not the only weapon Diversity not a strength and Why tee is not the problem
@Stillhovering Yıl önce
You mean descriptions
@fashiondiva6972 Yıl önce
Proofreading is your friend. And clearly so is racism and stupidity.
@rhuttrho88 Yıl önce
You mean democrat prosecutors and judges!
Prayers for a complete recovery. In Jesus Mighty Name Amen I survived such an attack 4 years ago.
@dominicr9068 Yıl önce
If they let him out, they r dumber than I thought! Disgusting. Do not let him out!
It’s all part of tha plan. Ur selected officials hate u and want u dead.
@dominicr9068 Yıl önce
@@criminalfactorymachine3961 this man served our country to b beaten nearly to death by some whack job that obvious by his record has a few screws loose and can't control his anger. He shouldn't b out considering he's already got 3 strikes
@blueone187 Yıl önce
That's why I believe in vigilante justice
Bring back the firing squad 😤😤
@blueone187 Yıl önce
@@Eastsideoftheriver FK that ,the point of vigilanteism people taking care of and for themselves, when the police can't.
@@blueone18790% of the people are scared you can clearly tell cus they keep gettin victimized… no one ever steps up no “vigilante” this ain’t deathwish and these dudes out here ain’t Bronson
@blueone187 Yıl önce
@@Eastsideoftheriver remember the 10% and I'm certain if someone was beating up criminals he wouldn't be STUPID enough to record it.
@crowgrl13 Yıl önce
I don't believe that this guy, who has a record of violent offenses, is the victim here.
He's a protected person his rights outweigh everyone else's rights unless you're transgender.
@alexsandra6316 Yıl önce
True, but we ARE talking about SF homeless people with mental illness. Even if women and girls were to defend themselves, it would be a crime against the mentally ill. "Go figure "🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
@jeffkeenan1539 Yıl önce
He's been involved with law too many times he's had a lot of chances to change he won't stop until he murder somebody and then they may put him in jail
@JM-pf8gu Yıl önce
Judges and DA should be arrested for aiding and abeding crime
@epicone2449 Yıl önce
Next time someone may not be so lucky to survive his attacks
@Lora-G Yıl önce
Street Justice is all we have left if that's what the enforcement of LAW can't do
And this is why Sf is going to hell
Sf was already dead done over forever period
@phoman770 Yıl önce
Great Job Newsom I applaud 👏🏼 you have these beneficial laws for everyone 👍🏼 thumbs up bud...
@Renvega77 Yıl önce
Wow his ass needs to stay locked up
@williamryan9195 Yıl önce
@seanfulgham8070 Yıl önce
That dude tried to take you out the game, for real!
I love that man, Mr OJai Ojay he's amazing thank you for your multiple services and his outlook is so honorable and upstanding
@Tavosmother Yıl önce
They should send this person to live at his attorneys neighborhood and see how she feels maybe she will change her mind about the person being a victim. He attacked people no one attack him
Since the politicians & policy’s I voted for when I lived in the Bay Area weren’t in alignment with the majority of other voters, I left. Good to see those who remain are getting the society they voted for.
This is unconscionable
@AresWing314 Yıl önce
"He who spares the Wicked, harms the Good" ~ Lucius Seneca (Roman Philosopher)
It’s all part of tha plan. Ur selected officials hate u and want u dead.
Those that deny Pluto probe Uranus
No blacks are innocent
@terrorbulyfe Yıl önce
The public defender’s cares more of transient POS than for the victims themselves.
@weronite Yıl önce
What happened to the California 3 strikes law?
@JB-hc9ox Yıl önce
Non homeless are hurting the homeless, and the homeless are hurting the non homeless. What is happening? Glad he’s alive.
@la381 Yıl önce
Convicted for a Violent crime? They should be sent to a deserted island.
@y.r.9401 Yıl önce
Always be prepared to protect yourself!
@bigislander72 Yıl önce
I remember when 3 strikes was implemented in the 90s and there was the story of the guy facing life because he swiped a piece of pizza from a kid. Apparently 2 strikers we're dealt with harshly too. I remember thinking the pizza guys fate was too harsh but now it's gone full circle.
@FedorTsyganov Yıl önce
Guy with criminal history and mental health issues will go unpunished, instead we will focus all of our forces on that business owner that spreyed homeless with water the other day. This criminal system doesn't make any sense to me.
@FedorTsyganov Yıl önce
@@dontaskquestions. so you imply that conservatives can't be confused? That's some broken logic. Instead of painting everyone in the same color, ask questions. FYI, I'm not supporting woke politicians/policies and my vote represents that.
@Skoora Yıl önce
That statement from the public defender was something else. I don’t remember in the law where defending yourself from being yelled at or even pushed (if that happened) includes knocking someone unconscious and then continuing to beat them severely to almost the point of death. Don’t remember that one in the law library. People who live in these neighborhoods need to take care of this themselves. Don’t call the Police and watch your identifiers. Assume you’re on camera.
This is why the crazy homeless come and stay in SF. No consequences.
@henryc1000 Yıl önce
It seems like 0J should be able to sue the city for his injuries due to incompetence.
@dianaprince9311 Yıl önce
Praying for him. This is beyond horrible! The person responsible will attack others or possible toe tag them. He’s a threat to public safety. It shouldn’t take someone losing their life for them to lock him up for life. That evil person needs to tendon locked up.
@joysun5016 Yıl önce
Horrific 😭 I'm so sad this happened to him
@Hbrown1770 Yıl önce
Release this homeless man into Gavin Newsoms custody, because he is responsable for this .# useless Governor.
@WarDogLRS Yıl önce
Some Satire As a career criminal, this is the best time to be alive! I was arrested again earlier this week, but the revolving door put me back on the street. Soon your gun rights will just be a memory, but I'll still have my armory.The law only applies to you, not me, I do whatever whenever, you see? Rape and murder are illegal too, but that won't stop me from victimizing you. So get up early, go to work and obey your master's, I'll be on my couch, chillin' and relaxin' But when the sun goes down the streets are mine, hell, the streets are mine all the time. While I'm smashing windows and kicking in doors, always remember, my life matters more than yours!!!
@jerrymylove1754 Yıl önce
Don’t forget to pay them taxes people of San Francisco!! Also do it with a smile and never ask questions of where it’s going or complain about lack of services. You are not the priority and they will get paid no matter what.
Bingo! 💯
It's no wonder that California is losing 100's of thousands of people who are sick of the liberal mental illness. Democrats please remember, if you move to a red state, vote RED ! If you want to vote blue, stay in Commiefornia !!!!!!
@ladydeerheart1 Yıl önce
That's NOT simple assault and battery! Who came up with those charges? I'd sue him. That's attempted murder without question!
@markallen2984 Yıl önce
Sutton has two felony strikes and what could easily amount to an attempted murder charge and they want to give him diversion?
@Lila22.11 Yıl önce
Let the people not taking some action on a crime where someone is violently attacked, take the attacker to their homes and see if they keep defending him.
But let's keep supporting and housing the scum of the earth in this city. Absolutely disgusting to basically give them a city for them to do as they please. Us as upstanding members of the community fall victim to these tragedies.
@Handle...This. Yıl önce
He needs to sue the city. If they won't help the situation, then he should get paid.
If a dog bites someone, the owner can be held responsible but this city leaves the homeless out on the streets to do this.
Our system just continues to disappoint
@stinkstank5177 Yıl önce
That criminal would not be tolerated in AZ, people go missing in the desert all the time, it’s a harsh environment!
@1motomanic Yıl önce
Gotta love these progressive policies.
Same as it was in SF when Newsom and Harris were in office. A man and two of his sons were killed and a third teen was in the car after comin g home from a Giants game. Guy, gang member from across a border, who did it had been let out several times from trouble and also sent to school to rehabilitate before he attacked family as they pulled onto their street
@rl7616 Yıl önce
they can only be the victims!
@jethro1260 Yıl önce
You all keep voting 🗳 for this, I feel really bad for the veteran but I guarantee you that he knew how dangerous his city is. I remember when people would do anything to vacation in California but now people will do anything to escape California.
@allegra9967 Yıl önce
The usual suspect
Always 24/7
@monakat8517 Yıl önce
I was almost murdered by strangulation in front of cops, they saved me, but were going to let perp go if I didn't press charges, I was still dizzy from the atrack
I had a buddy who went there and got his brains beat out with a chain he died do you think anyone did anything in san Francisco smh.
@AstonishingRed Yıl önce
It sounds like he was trying to get the homeless guy away from his business before the attack happened. Instead of calling the police to do it, he tried to do it himself and got curb stomped in the process. He should have just called the police.
@renaissance18 Yıl önce
what is wrong with people these days, have they gone crazy
Dude’s a Republican
Democrats run California and they're all bat sh!t crazy !
Evey big city in Commiefornia is a cesspool !
25% of America's homeless population resides in Commiefornia.
Democrats subsidize failure and punish success.
Victims have no laws that protect them or society from beatings or murders . The aggressive felons have all the rights .
@jrambo7495 Yıl önce
@fongyang1616 Yıl önce
This is so evil and ugly of suspect who beaten army veteran. That suspect is not a mental health, he is definitely an cruel and ugliest monstrous suspect. He will be punished and prosecuted in hell. He will get karma for bad luck and bad life. I’ve been watching and look forward to be more careful for those badly and evil criminals nowadays anywhere in the world.
This is the work of alameda county and San Francisco County DISTRICT ATTORNEY letting the People of bay area who commit crimes out Vote for better DA's
@LeoChiu229 Yıl önce
That's INSANE, sooo SENSELESS & sooo LAWLESS! It's just NOT FAIR!😠😡😾 I would definitely SUE the city. ☹😠😡😾😿
@XxLukeNukemxX Yıl önce
3 felonie strikes on record and he still walks the streets damn.
@jacksontong2333 Yıl önce
Can we send some gifts to Nadia the PD to express our thanks for standing up for the poor folks, who only wanted to scare, assault and injure innocent people?
That's classist as hell dude. It's not too late to delete this comment.
@rebeccas9155 Yıl önce
I'm so sorry this happened to you.
NOT UNPROVOKED. Thank YOUUU. I didn't even need to watch to the end of the clip to KNOW this wasn't an unprovoked incident. I'm happy at least Fox was fair enough to mention videoed proof the "aggressor" was actually the targeted victim. They set people up so bad in SF, it's not funny. Buzzwords for me.. "Ex-Military", "The entire neighborhood complained about him", "Unprovoked"... 🛑 THESE PEOPLE ARE BULLIES. They get on their stupid tracker apps, hassle "targets" all day long then film them when the person finally breaks down. IT'S CALLED REACTIVE ABUSE...then they rally together for.a witch burn. These folks are sick. I've seen it. A lot of discrimination & racial profiling...they hassle whoever they feel doesn't deserve to be there...LOOKING FOR EXCUSES TO ENACT CITIZENS ARRESTS & OTHER BULL CRAP.
@nahawi1479 Yıl önce
Every time someone do some stupid things,they called that Mental health issues instead of taking them to prison.
These violent people should get a housing from the area the politicians live - I'm convinced that would change how these evil reckless people are released to commit their crimes.
Prayers, and hopefully he gets Latin meds
I hope they release him and the streets handle this lunatic.
@weewee9464 Yıl önce
I’m glad you’re alive
@moy2010 Yıl önce
He's an army veteran, he should openly carry and defend himself
No, No he shouldn't. He coulda minded his business instead of disturbing someone out their sleep. That's not his role. He has no right . That's his badd.
@D1900fas Yıl önce
Nadia Iqbal, his public defendant, is another example of our perverted justice system 👏
@justinwahip Yıl önce
city and gov does nothing. business owner hoses someone and everyone acts like the owner is evil
@323hernandez Yıl önce
The public defender only cares about the money over people’s safety
@williamryan9195 Yıl önce
Soros and Michael Bloomberg money.
@Texas_ice Yıl önce
This is extremely said. But we all know with our weak, corrupt, useless criminal justice system, that monster will definitely be released.
@bubbagasm1 Yıl önce
Well we don’t wanna be racist now do we?
@Texas_ice Yıl önce
@@bubbagasm1 you need to re-read my comment. I said nothing about race.
@Pehwr Yıl önce
@Bubba crime statistics don't lie
@Ap_twsh Yıl önce
eh this criminals will go out and attack the next victim.
@ciaraoh9102 Yıl önce
Did you or did you not agree with those who said that the "disproportionate number of AA's in our prisons is PROOF that our justice system is racist"? Did you or did you not SUPPORT those who vowed to DECREASE the disproportionate number in order to make our justice system more equitable? Are you now upset that those that you supported are bending over backwards to do the very thing they said they were going to do?
Oh shut up 😂. If you're racist, just say that!
Wow, so sorry this happened to you hang in there.
@Jerahmeelli415 Yıl önce
We need mental health care care and housing for the unhoused. Also happy the survivor is alive.it’s take to take care of all of our people. Things like this happen when you leave folks out in the cold with no real options …
@noquarter5.56 Yıl önce
No, things like this happen when people don't take accountability. Victim culture level 1,000
This is the best comment I've seen on this thread. People need to come together. If he's disturbing someone while asleep & feels entitled to do so because he sees the person as less than... well, we see the outcome.
@Jerahmeelli415 Yıl önce
@@noquarter5.56 so you don’t think there are any legitimate victims in the world? You sound like a narcissist that has no pity for people with real problems. Shame 🔔
@noquarter5.56 Yıl önce
@@Jerahmeelli415 dude, of course there are real victims in this world but your reply is a prime example of victim CULTURE...I look at things in a case by case scenario...thats accountability. To not make THIS attacker accountable for his violent actions isn't fair to the rest of society.
@Jerahmeelli415 Yıl önce
@@noquarter5.56 yea what ever dude you just sound like you like to pick and choose who deserves to be helped
@whisper2284 Yıl önce
This is tragic. When will America wake up? Poor communities are being terrorized by these same types of guys and the rest of us accept the poor being violated because those people don't look like us. Well, maybe it is time to care about what happens in the poor neighborhood become their crap is harming us. The violence is coming to the burbs and the wealthier neighborhoods. Fix the issue in the 'hood and we will all feel safer walking down the street.
The Burbs have literally moved into these poor neighborhoods & are crying victim. This is what happens when folks get displaced.