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24 Nov 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Nel Qui
Nel Qui Gün önce
Khaled is always ready to go, soon he will be well know in this business. The next Devon, Why not.
Vodolazzz Ihtiandr
Larry Wheels Please do Russian subtitles when you have Russians or Kiril, please.
Adnan 3 gün önce
ısınmadan girdin ondan oldu
Weekendshow 5 gün önce
Once uppon I saw how Khaled has fighted with Schoolboy. And there is was almost draw, equal.
Петр Иванов
I am hrom Russia and i am sorry for mistakes! i just must tell to all of you my friends that Kirill is liar. He trains armrestlers exercises for ages. He just wanted to seemed stronger than he is. He is (i don't know how can I say it) some rotten person. But i respect to Larry. Very positive and strong man. Good luck!
Mindaugas 10 gün önce
Random fact. That saudi guy with white clothes is super rich.
Victor Sky
Victor Sky 13 gün önce
Ничего так крепыша нашли!)) Даже Сарычев ему сдался..((
levinovod 13 gün önce
Invite Levan Saginashvili !
levinovod 13 gün önce
Kirill is a monster. If he trains he will be another champ
John Hisatake
John Hisatake 16 gün önce
Insane match 💪💪
New Infor wild
New Infor wild 19 gün önce
Larry is boss
New Infor wild
New Infor wild 19 gün önce
Khaled such a nice guy !
Андрей п
Андрей п 20 gün önce
When Kirill says that he never training in armwrestling, i remember his story that he tells, that in university he little training. And he knows Denis Cyplenkov and training for 1 day with him on his chanel. Sorry, Kirill, i just can't resist and tell everybody 😅
Пластмассовый мир
Well, we all understand, what he is saing. Its like to watch Rokky and do box sometimes in university and then go to the ring with Tyson. In that situation you can say, you had never trained
Alex Jam
Alex Jam 22 gün önce
Khaled is really strong. It should be interesting to see his armfight with top 10 armwrestlers
Alex Bond
Alex Bond 23 gün önce
Где рашн комменты???
Jaiden Khalil
Jaiden Khalil 23 gün önce
Larry please arm wrestle Eddie hall
Parker Zweber
Parker Zweber 24 gün önce
Kirill would beat Khaled if he trained arm wrestling let’s be real lol
عراقي وافتخر
Like for khalid
Charles Benoit
Charles Benoit 25 gün önce
Khaled is a beast and seems super humble. Shouts to Larry putting him on
丂卄卂爪ㄖ Aylar önce
it's unbelievable how humble larry is, i would be so pissed :X
diego armando
diego armando Aylar önce
diego armando
diego armando Aylar önce
Шмидт Михаил
Кирилл Сарычев не ожидал увидеть.
ZOTIC Aylar önce
Larry: Dwayne Johnson Khaled: Kanye West Edit: of course I mean the perspnality
Cradiak Drumz
Cradiak Drumz Aylar önce
I have a feeling that these guys (who weigh more than 98kg) can dead hang one armed from a 1" bar, so what makes the dumbell so much harder?
Ace nyc baby! di angelo
Khaled has brute strength. Just all around raw power & strength. Genetics + mechanic work= BEAST
Kamishininoyari Aylar önce
9:50 he cant handle losing lol
Beena John
Beena John Aylar önce
Larry wheels sounds like The Rock
smashu2 Aylar önce
Kirill need some vigorous and very painfull massaging kongfu style on is tendon and muscle he got knots all over the place.
"патриот" вся руси ваш кирюша 🤣
Martin Dobrev
Martin Dobrev Aylar önce
10:03 Larry is thinking: So akward, should i laugh? 2 sec later: Ok whatever
This guy arm wrestling the devil
Maria Madalena Lima
Awa vs Sarah Backman!!!!
Maria Madalena Lima
Maria Madalena Lima 28 gün önce
@TheJancharles Just for entertainment
TheJancharles 28 gün önce
I'm not a fan of Khaled, but she has no chance. She has the tehnique, but she lost at a WAL underground event against a normal guy that wasn't a real armwrestler, and that guy didn't look that strong.
Konrad G
Konrad G Aylar önce
I hope somebody pin khaled soo hard that he get a bit humble. When a guy ask for light sparing he understand the word light not try f... up somebodys health... I dont like this ego dude.
Tommy Holm
Tommy Holm Aylar önce
Didn't know where to write this comment, just heard about opportunity Todd coming to train you, at the same time Todd saying he thought you guys got were in amazing shape in the dubai gym. So he saw it as an opportunity to get stronger Got an idea for you: Get Larratt on board , they train you, you train them and an epic finale..You would be the king that made it happen
207 cm
207 cm Aylar önce
TinyTempahNL Aylar önce
Looks like a son from Michael Clarke Duncan that acts as John Coffey in The Green Mile.
vladimir curkoski
vladimir curkoski Aylar önce
Khaled IQ is oposite of his streinght
Paul Kersey
Paul Kersey Aylar önce
I remember when he sparred Denis and he couldn’t even move em and Denis didn’t even have a expression on his face...
Malik Shahzaib
Malik Shahzaib Aylar önce
Tenzin Lhundup
Tenzin Lhundup Aylar önce
That rebook guy is too much of exaggerating
Ananse Qweku
Ananse Qweku Aylar önce
I will love to see how Khaled performs against Richard Lupkes
Ananse Qweku
Ananse Qweku 28 gün önce
@TheJancharles I guess we get to find out 1s dey get at it
TheJancharles 28 gün önce
He would lose. Lupked is a strong man and an armwrestler
ARIEF MD NOR Aylar önce
16:39 why your laugh sound like........emmmm i don't know how to describe
marsss100 Aylar önce
Как то Цыпленков сказал что если Сарычев включиться, через годик будет в топе
Tom zxzu
Tom zxzu Aylar önce
4:09 bad place to stand Nicole...get out of the shot especially while gobbing like a mule
cam bone
cam bone Aylar önce
make a vid with khali muscle
Wayne Rowley
Wayne Rowley Aylar önce
We "NEED, AND WANT" to see really how strong he is, not just grip strength, I mean hes strong, "BUT" becouse hes got big hands he can lift things that people stronger cant with smaller hands, as if you got smaller hands and you cant get you hand around the dumbbell to lift it, even if your 50% stronger then him, you will not lift it, cos your hand is to small to hold it. He could not lever the 16pound or 20pound sledge, ??? "ANYWAY", when is Larry going to see how really strong he is on all his muscles, we need, strict curl and strict reverse curl, bench press, overhead press, dumbbell pullover, and squats ??? Wayne
Алмаз Кушпенов
На счет 100 дениса напиздел,,
Behrad_Radmanesh Aylar önce
this khaled guy super humble brah
balrog musclez
balrog musclez Aylar önce
Khaled is all about wrist and grip
Mark Platz
Mark Platz Aylar önce
Russia guy is not gonna compete , just whine ..
HandelandJ Aylar önce
11:32 PERFECT way to describe armwrestling pain 😂😁😁
Beef Wellington
Beef Wellington Aylar önce
Wow, Kirill's english is pretty good. Last time I saw him in a video a year or two ago he just said 'no english'.
Kevin Madriles
Kevin Madriles Aylar önce
12:15 in other words “i don’t use steroids”
DragnairےAMV -
DragnairےAMV - Aylar önce
Жду Дениса Цыпленкова!)) Waiting for Denis Tsyplenkov!))
Oscar Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez Aylar önce
Khaled really said “ don’t fall asleep”😂😂
Federico Ospina
Federico Ospina Aylar önce
WTF!! 15:55
Steve Whitt
Steve Whitt Aylar önce
Who is the guy in the robe? Is he someone in the strength world, or is he just the owner of all the grip tools? (serious question)
TheJancharles 28 gün önce
His name on TRvid is gripashwad or something. He has a background in powerlifting, mostly grip and all of that. He is also the owner of the gym.
Andre Thomas
Andre Thomas Aylar önce
Need to do Khaled vs Spoto!
Alecsandr RUNKVD
Alecsandr RUNKVD Aylar önce
Эта дама в очках все время сыкает когда а зал приходят Русские ))))
русских нет в природе давно, одни Татаро-Монголы 400 лет любили славянок, а сейчас весь мир любят наташек, а потом появляются такие как ты "русские" 🤣
Orbit The Galaxy
Orbit The Galaxy Aylar önce
Imagine a match between a prime denis vs a trained prime Khaled ! 🧐😳
Zayden Blu
Zayden Blu Aylar önce
I want to see Khaled Vs Denis and or Levan
Marito Reyes J.
Marito Reyes J. Aylar önce
Dream Bodybuilders and Arm Wrestlers!. - Larry - Kirill - Khaled. My God.
harry zed
harry zed Aylar önce
Lol Kirill talks English totally fine but then his translator gotta translate random easy words wtf
The Enlightened One
30:47 what cute big baby he is 💪🏼
The Enlightened One
26:07 weight lifter's yoyo
The Enlightened One
15:56 MashAllah 💪🏼 *Khalid* is like a child in bicycle race with his friends
Winston Brown
Winston Brown Aylar önce
Also.., keep pressing @17.59. That's just fuckin weird!
Winston Brown
Winston Brown Aylar önce
@17.44 is as annoyed as Larry gets.., with his new teacher. Khaled, please, please, just a tad more humility! Keep the aggression, but add a little more humility to your friends. There's a decade plus of learning and hard work to go.
Keilan O'driscoll
Keilan O'driscoll Aylar önce
I don’t get why this don is arm wrestling and just complaining the whole time. Just stop arm wrestling. Mad annoying to watch
Charlesbjtown Aylar önce
It's crazy seeing Larry get sonned like this.
alk 357
alk 357 Aylar önce
That guy is broken', why then decided to fight, ?
Δημητρης Ιωαννου
With Khaleed time stands still. Schoolboy will forever be Schoolboy and Khaleed will forever be "have been training only for a few months".
DNSFNS_16v Aylar önce
safety first.good decision
Chris Lim
Chris Lim Aylar önce
Khaled is not a bad guy lol. Its his facial expression because he's always a bit more reserved so it comes out as aggression on the table. Even Kirill likes him
Momo Camara
Momo Camara Aylar önce
True tool some time for us to get use to him haha he's cool though
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Aylar önce
Larry’s bicep looks like it’s going to pop 😂
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Aylar önce
Растям Зарипов
Жесткий парнишка.
chozen0018 Aylar önce
Better be smart over getting injuried. Still a good video
marvin_101 Aylar önce
LucyOnyx- Aylar önce
I see Khaled i click
Константин Онищенко
Кирилл тут смешной, пора идти в армреслинг
Nikolai Dinero
Nikolai Dinero Aylar önce
Larry you need to order some new set of muscle
ML Aylar önce
Kirill, you are very promising! please join to this sport but choose a real armwresling master
Roman B.
Roman B. Aylar önce
“Pain threshold” not “level of pain”
David Garcia
David Garcia Aylar önce
That white dude cries a lot!!!
Jag Heter
Jag Heter Aylar önce
What is Kirill even doing there if he needs to rest? Go see Dubai and what it has to offer other than training!
Denis Kavaler
Denis Kavaler Aylar önce
Кирил как нытик в этом видосе
Edward slone
Edward slone Aylar önce
larry wheels use your hand more. That's your steering wheel.
BS Fitness
BS Fitness Aylar önce
It’s how Larry’s observing his face at 9:54 like yes! Avenged!!
Reego Rise
Reego Rise Aylar önce
He is no match with khaled , khaled hand is way stronger way way too strong
Brady Mitchell
Brady Mitchell Aylar önce
Can we get a Khaled and Devon rematch?
Leonidakis Kotvicakis
Сарычеву Цыпленков как показал ,как бороться верхом, так тот и пытается постоянно верхом да в натяжку. Хотя с его кистью нужно заходить в крюк, выбивать противнику пронатор и уже потом можно пробовать в бок или в натяжку. А он все вверх тащит, хотя свой пронатор слабоват.
Talz Mataio
Talz Mataio Aylar önce
It's not about the weight you lift it's about the weight you can hold 👍
Talz Mataio
Talz Mataio Aylar önce
Russian dude was soft 😆
bastion15 Aylar önce
Russian or not, all he did was whine like a little bitch lol. xD
Michael aminyo
Michael aminyo Aylar önce
Wew nonsence
Vishaal M
Vishaal M Aylar önce
This Khaled guy getting famous coz of Larry May b he hv potential hv to c him at professional championship as these guys ll reveal their true potential at the tournament.
Честный Человек
Что они там пиздят я ни хуя не понял но до смотрел до конца...
Денис Обрубов
Клоун сарычев, хотел зарубу нормальную посмотреть, а он заднию дал.
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