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Director - Brook Linder
Creative Director - Ben Chappell
Commissioner - Jonny Bradshaw
Executive Producer - Ben Schneider
Executive Producer - Jodie Brooks
Producer - Ali Khalil
Production Assist - Ozzi Sanderson
DOP - Frank Mobilio
1st Camera Assitant/Focus Puller - Mark Bull
Clapper/Loader - Charlotte Croft
Gaffer - Danny Hayward
1st AD - Billie Hallows
Spark - Jeff Cilas
Spark - Johnjoe Besagni
Spark Trainee - Eddie cook
Desk Op - Ben Hinton
Rigger - Paul Howes
Rigger - George Berry
Art Director - James Soldan
Art Assist - Kingsley Giles
Art Assist - Adrian Powell
Art Assist - Rosie Hope Hill
Construction - Oscar Druid
Construction - Charlie Druid
Construction - Luke Brennan
Construction - Matt England
Ronin 2 Specialist Operator - Dan Lobo-Pires
Prescison Driver - Jake Young
2nd Unit DOP - Natasha Duursma
Camera Trainee - Oscar Ferguson
2nd Unit Gaffer - Joe Sherno
2nd Unit Spark - Danny Gould
2nd Unit Desk Op - Jack Ryan
Grade - Kaitlyn at Ethos
VFX - Matt Lathrom
Online - Nick McGregor
Location - Versa Studios
2nd Unit Location - London Film Studios
Catering - Young Kitchen




28 Eyl 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Arthur Fortunato
Arthur Fortunato 2 aylar önce
I love when artists don't care what people will think and do exactly what they want
Life's tapestry
Life's tapestry 12 gün önce
That's when the best music is made, when no corporates are present
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps 13 gün önce
It's brilliant it's what they've been doing for the last 4 years with TBHC and this
Alex CSL
Alex CSL 20 gün önce
well said
QueenMadison 27
QueenMadison 27 23 gün önce
Ybn nahmir made soul train with that belief and it is one of the worst songs this earth will ever hear
Domingo Herrera
Domingo Herrera 24 gün önce
Morrissey be like:
Adriano Macedo
Adriano Macedo Aylar önce
Are we just gonna ignore the line "Do your time traveling through the tanning booth So you don't let the sun catch you crying" This is extraordinary poetry
gene 5 gün önce
yeah an extraordinary poetry line from gerry and the pacemakers
Jon Housami
Jon Housami 6 gün önce
@Philip Ford And with an obnoxious falsetto to top it off.
Wayne Wright
Wayne Wright 10 gün önce
The guy who wrote it is a genius
I AM Uriel
I AM Uriel 13 gün önce
What if he is Bowie.
Stacey M
Stacey M 22 gün önce
That instantly made me tear up
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Aylar önce
They're not the "crazy" teenagers that released the previous stuff. They're older now. And with their experience they give us even better stuff. Love it.
leonardo h
leonardo h 26 gün önce
Different stuff, not necessarily better (or worse) but still good.
Unknown Aylar önce
It's called time. Well done 👏
Bird Man
Bird Man Aylar önce
I inspired the dam thing it's weird
Karla Silva
Karla Silva Aylar önce
@Dan Morris i hate the first album and love this one lol
wildmercuryfilms Aylar önce
@Dan Morris I agree with you. But::::Look at Bob Dylan:::::Who could ever top Bringing It All Back Home & Highway 61 Revisited & Blonde On Blonde ::::::: so he had to make John Wesley Harding and Nashville Skyline, which were COUNTRY ALBUMS that were “derivatives” of Classic Country Artists like Hank Williams Sr and Johnny Cash, just like what Alex is doing here with Bowie & The Beatles. He’s putting his own spin on Hunky Dory like Dylan was doing his own spin on Folsom Prison --- which was “All Along The Watchtower” --- which turned out pretty good for Dylan & Hendrix & Cash. Cash ended up playing on the next album for Dylan after John Wesley Harding.
Renzo Jiménez
Renzo Jiménez Aylar önce
most of us have been listening to this band since 2006. It's been at least 16 years. I was around that age when I got to know that the Arctic Monkeys were going to be my favourite band for a long time. We're not teenagers anymore. We've all aged. This new album proves it, they've evolved, and so have we. I love to feel we're growing old as a generation and this sound is a proof of that fact. Cheers to all of us.
hunyodaisynueve 28 gün önce
What a beautiful sentiment :)
Adlonso Lion
Adlonso Lion Aylar önce
Well said, I’m fortunate to only be going through my crazy teenage years now, when AM came out i was only 8 so always a childhood album for me 🙌🏼
Ai Ohto
Ai Ohto Aylar önce
Emilio Hernandez
Emilio Hernandez Aylar önce
actually, I'm a teenager
bobin rasterds
bobin rasterds Aylar önce
​@susana slayed What do you mean without Matt Helders? The drumming on the past 2 albums has been incredible intricate, especially on The Car. He's even said he enjoys creating these kind of drum tracks.
Fed1999 Aylar önce
Arctic Monkeys has this incredible talent of making you fall in love slowly with a song I feel. It never truly hits you on first listen, but when you listen to it more you're absolutely hooked on the layered beauty behind it. This composition reminds me a lot of The Beatles, the non-linearity of it and the separate sections of melody that somehow still maintains this new album vibe. That middle drop of orchestra section is such a Penny Lane/A Day in the Life throwback!
iris beatriz
iris beatriz 10 gün önce
omg yes!!!!!
Charlotte Banks
Charlotte Banks 22 gün önce
Literally just laid back with headphones on and felt the same. At first I wasnt into this sound at all but so dynamic. I cant get enough now.
Richard Kelly
Richard Kelly 24 gün önce
Omg i heads the beatles vibe like!
Ian Warren
Ian Warren 29 gün önce
100 %" It wont be long" is a line from Blue Jay way and "don't let the sun catch you crying" is a jerry and the pacemakers line, the guitar outro is also similar to the final sections on Abbey Road. Thankfully the AMs are giving us something different, not standing still and all whilst paying homage to past artists in a very clever way. Body Paint is as great as anything they have ever done...
kd Aylar önce
Has a very Abbey Road vibe, especially from 3.07 mins and the guitar from 3.40 mins is very George. The fade out is very side 2 of Abbey Rd.
batul 2 aylar önce
The cinematography is phenomenal. The song is incredible. Alex's voice is magical
clive ramsbotty
clive ramsbotty Aylar önce
marvin scorswayze is a great movie directors
chris jones
chris jones Aylar önce
@Scott Alleman Really? There's no range to it, sounds more like a rap.
Liz Steele
Liz Steele Aylar önce
Agree with all.👌🏻💖
Hendra Lele
Hendra Lele Aylar önce
Uhmm like Bowie 👍☕
stoopid79 Aylar önce
@Rawdio1 been driving round listening to the…🤟
Andrésuki Aylar önce
LYRICS: For a master of deception and subterfuge You've made yourself quite the bed, to lie in Do your time traveling through the tanning booth So you don't let the sun catch you crying So predictable, I know what you're thinking My teeth are beating and my knees are weak It's as if there's something up with the wiring You can poke your head behind the mountain peak It don't have to mean that you've gone into hiding So predictable, I know what you're thinking I'm watching your every move I feel the tears are coming on It won't be long It won't be long Straight from the cover shoot There's still a trace of body paint On your legs and on your arms and on your face And I'm keeping on my costume And calling it a writing tool And if you're thinking of me I'm probably thinking of you There's still a trace of body paint On your legs and on your arms and on your face There's still a trace of body paint On your legs and on your arms and on your face There's still a trace of body paint On your legs and on your arms and on your face There's still a trace of body paint On your legs and on your arms and on your face So predictable, I know what you're thinking Ooh, hah, yeah
Marcelo Mateus Teixeira
Nicolás Aburto
Nicolás Aburto 10 gün önce
Al comienzo no me convencía este disco. Pero los escuché en vivo y me di cuenta que era una obra maestra. Gracias Monkeys!!
lucille ø
lucille ø 9 gün önce
Marcelo Salvatierra
The Arctic Monkeys are a great example of a band that has aged really well. Not all the bands are capable of this, some tend to go pop, which is ok. But the intention of being original, to propose something different, is just an act of bravery.
Alex 12 gün önce
Escuchar esta canción en vivo fue lo máximo, gracias por estos temas Artic Monkeys.
Pablo Mar
Pablo Mar 11 gün önce
Como hacen los violines?
Dhruv Goyal
Dhruv Goyal 2 aylar önce
As a fan, I don't even care if arctic monkeys don't get the appreciation they deserve. And neither do they care about it. They are doing what they love and feel like doing which as a fan I totally respect. I always listen to their music not with the expectation of what I want, but with the curiosity of knowing about what artistic world the monkeys have webbed for us. Even if I am the last person who appreciates the legends from Sheffield who turned the music industry, it would still be worth every second that I have listened to their music. AM forever🖤
Ed Aylar önce
They have won, and continue to win prestigious awards for their music. Their shows sell out in minutes. They are beloved worldwide by millions. How are they unappreciated? Radio airplay? I think they're probably ok with not being wedged in between Taylor Swift and Post fucking Malone.
BigH6699 Aylar önce
This video has a million views in a day, they're well appreciated already
Dhruv Goyal
Dhruv Goyal 2 aylar önce
@broom Many of their fans have a cry every now and then that why are they not making the same music which they used to make earlier, with heavy Riffs and all. So when I say not appreciated, it's because they are trolled for taking this next step in making music. That's all really.
broom 2 aylar önce
@Caden Teesateskie fr like have they not been around for the past 2 decades? they were one of the most popular bands in the uk and they have still managed to make music people like to this day and they are “not appreciated” 🤨
Caden Teesateskie
Caden Teesateskie 2 aylar önce
half a mil views in 7 hours seems pretty appreciated to me
Hellen Aylar önce
Un honor coincidir con Arctic Monkeys, ¡Viva la verdadera música! 🤟❤️‍🔥
Juliana Dias
Juliana Dias 22 gün önce
Nem acredito que tive a oportunidade de ouvir ao vivo. O álbum de estúdio é belíssimo, mas ao vivo tá maravilhoso. Os caras não estão de brincadeira, magnífico!
Maria Eduarda Xavier da Silva
achei ao vivo melhor que no estúdio kkkkkkkkk
h 18 gün önce
Que inveja cara! Babei em todos os vídeos que a galera filmou no show, a vibe de estar lá deve ser muito boa
Peter Kimani
Peter Kimani Aylar önce
I can’t describe the way I feel when I listen to this, it’s incredible. If these 2 singles are any representation of the album, I truly believe it will be a masterpiece.
Yoeli Monserrat Ramírez Martínez
The live of this song is a masterpice. My gosh I can't explain how perfect it is. I feel so sorry for those who says that this is a bad album. ARCTIC MONKEYS, I LOVE YOU GUYS. I wake up everyday just to listen your beautiful music
Zac Campbell
Zac Campbell Aylar önce
Their style may change, but the quality of the music will forever be amazing
empty sock
empty sock 25 gün önce
i don’t want to be another comment saying how good that they discovering new genres for themselves. i just want to say how much i love this one particular song, whole album is amazing i can’t stop listening to it. this feels so perfect listening to this while walking alone on the street of european city im currently in. releasing it in autumn seems just natural to me. so, yeah, im, basically, obsessed, album is perfect and this song is even more perfect im not even talking about music video. i really am happy for discovering this music band, hope most of the viewers feel the same way.
Allan Menezes
Allan Menezes Aylar önce
This song could easily be like 7 minutes long or something, I really wish they enter into longer songs. Absolutly loved it
Chava Mendez
Chava Mendez 13 gün önce
Tremenda rolota, me para los pelos de los huevos de lo buena que está
Kaelin Joël
Kaelin Joël Aylar önce
The boys are getting older. And it breaks my heart. And makes me smile. Thanks Arctic Monkeys.
Inframaterialist Aylar önce
ah! the late capitalism era, where 36 years old men are seeing as old, they are not even in their 40's so you don't need to break anything
myta05 Aylar önce
@misbone9 totally agree
misbone9 Aylar önce
OMG stop with this silly "geting older" shit, they are 36 not 86 FFS
muhammad thariq alamsyah
sia si nadzira?
Kane O'neill
Kane O'neill Aylar önce
On a mission and it gets better every time
Lucía Ferraro
Lucía Ferraro Aylar önce
Habiendo salido tres canciones ya de la era The Car, ésta por lejos es mi single favorito, desde la letra hasta el video, simplemente es una Obra de Arte 🖤🛐 No puedo esperar a escucharla en vivo en el Primavera Sound!
ƒιвι ୨୧
ƒιвι ୨୧ Aylar önce
honestly, to place my personal opinion about the arctic monkeys now is that, the fact that they are getting older - their music is changing by time - their beats and rhythm is slower compared to their songs before when they were younger, it shows how much they are changing not as a band but as individuals and with this, it makes me smile, the fact that you can recognize their music slowly change along with them as they are getting older. i will always cherish their old songs as they still relate to me as i am still young myself but i will continue to listen to their latest songs to get a new taste, an older taste of the arctic monkeys. thank you arctic monkeys for your amazing music back in the 2000s and thank you for bringing such good music even now, no matter how older you guys get, you'll always be my top 1. favorite band ! :-) thank you for reading this !
catielol Aylar önce
3:03 by far the best bit of this song, honestly love their music so much
Babz M.
Babz M. Aylar önce
I can confidently say that this is one of the greatest music videos of all time, or at least one of my favorites. Straight magic, boys.
Shoumik Islam
Shoumik Islam 2 aylar önce
Alex turner's voice never fails to calm me down ❤️
muhammad thariq alamsyah
sarua jiga sora aing
nichii Aylar önce
I just melted the time I played it
May Raniah
May Raniah Aylar önce
JeanAlain Aylar önce
@Nadia Seli i😅😅 😅😅😅😅😅 😅😅j😅erk😊😊😊tj😊😊k
The Dude Mk II
The Dude Mk II 2 aylar önce
Well unlike you it gets me very excited
Barraca do Akira
Barraca do Akira Aylar önce
I didn't think they would do Tranquility Base 2, thought something like that could only be done once. But they're freaking doing it again and I couldn't be happier. The fact that they didn't just replicate AM for the success it made just proves how genius of a band the Arctic Monkeys are.
DragonFang Aylar önce
They're not the "crazy" teenagers that released the previous stuff. They're older now. And with their experience they give us even better stuff. Love it.
Lawrence Road loonie
Better my arse
Ian W.
Ian W. Aylar önce
This has really grown on me. Wasn't that impressed first listen, now loving it and playing it for the 15th time.
Paulino Revuelta Hernández
I love every album they released sounds completely different, love how they explore what ever is in their minds and make it pure art. I feel so grateful to be part of their era, be a listener of their feelings, their songs, and their writes.
Khawla Fazzani
Khawla Fazzani Aylar önce
the fact that music like this is still being made in 2022 is what keeps me going
nora 28 gün önce
This comment phrases perfectly what I feel
Rikkii T
Rikkii T Aylar önce
@Djohle seems to me ur abit anal about some one commenting on ur favorite band 😭
Rikkii T
Rikkii T Aylar önce
@Djohle i like arctic monkeys but when its a toss album with 2 decent songs at best. You can have it. 🤣
Djohle Aylar önce
@Rikkii T cry more
Rikkii T
Rikkii T Aylar önce
@TheOnlyJoe_ sorry forgot song i commented on lol this is an average song for me not great tho in my opinion.
Oi Rijal
Oi Rijal Aylar önce
I'm a father of two now, still listen to Arctic Monkeys since i was 16. Listen to their new music makes me want to relax from stressful work life.
Bunnyhop :D
Bunnyhop :D Aylar önce
Huge fan of the cinematography in this, really well done
Kevin Luna
Kevin Luna 6 gün önce
Preciosidad de canción, escucharla en vivo está en otro nivel 🔥
Dafne yoel Ramírez Herrera
AMO ESTA CANCIÓN!! Desde la letra hasta el vídeo 😭👌
martinaaaaa 2 aylar önce
the name “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” is still getting mileage every time they produce a gorgeous new album full of sound they’ve never quite explored before, i love seeing what they do next everytime 🥰
Mia 26 gün önce
@ImpulseKi you’re acting like they’ll make music like this forever. AM has always switched up their sound so maybe they will next album, who knows
Miles Gaston
Miles Gaston Aylar önce
@ImpulseKi ultracheese always reminded of a certain romance a bit
Lemar Tin
Lemar Tin Aylar önce
Would Arthur Seaton like their new stuff though?
ImpulseKi Aylar önce
Still kinda wish they made songs similar to mardy bum and a certain romance though tbh 😔
Teinauri Heiva
Teinauri Heiva Aylar önce
What people say AM (for Arctic Monkeys), that's what AM not
lizzy Aylar önce
é incrível como eles não erram nunca, eu estou apaixonada nessa.
AddeSKILLZ01 Aylar önce
These new tracks are so cool. They're basically challenging their inner Jazz, David Bowie and Beatles feel in a way
Alex Lascano
Alex Lascano 17 gün önce
Gran influencia de The Beatles, John Lennon está muy caracterizado en la voz
Marcos Dal Castel
Marcos Dal Castel 6 gün önce
Esse não é o tipo de música que pega você de primeira; mas aos poucos você vai aprendendo a gostar dela.
MrDalekJD 2 aylar önce
I can't get over how incredible this song AND video is. Everything is just PERFECT. 😍
Diogo Monteiro
Diogo Monteiro Aylar önce
yoooo 🧟
Maurice821 Aylar önce
"That man just yawned!"
GGabriel Aylar önce
This was unexpected
Plasticky Bag
Plasticky Bag Aylar önce
Wasn’t expecting
MzPuff 25 gün önce
Best song in the disc by far. Most original, creative and amazing videoclip I've seen in a very long time. Truly, this is a joy to the senses.
Kristy F
Kristy F Aylar önce
The strings, the guitars, Alex's heavenly voice. This is some Beatles/Bowie level music making.
María fatima Celedon
Hermosa!!! Por fin música después de tanto tiempo algo que merece la pena escuchar todo el álbum esta increíble y al que no le guste, puede seguir escuchando cualquier cosa.
Andrea Gómez
Andrea Gómez Aylar önce
Así es
chris williams
chris williams Aylar önce
As much as i wanted to dislike this album, just last like their last one i can't stop listening to it. i actually think this is better. Nothing that has ever been produced that is of a high standard can ever be appreciated first time
Nathan Croucher
Nathan Croucher Aylar önce
What an absolute Sheffield songwriting treasure Alex Turner is. Alex gives us a real sense of place through his lyrics whilst the band constantly surprise us musically. Domino Recording Company have allowed the Arctic Monkeys so much creative freedom over the years when any other label would have pressured the band to repeat themselves instead of evolving.
nora 28 gün önce
@Jim Lahey you sound like you’re advertising a new cult
National Sock
National Sock Aylar önce
@Jim Lahey Shut up Lahey
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey Aylar önce
@Pascual Lopez sorry i dont like espaniol
Pascual Lopez
Pascual Lopez Aylar önce
@Jim Lahey tú viejo adónde vas no eres muy mayor para estas chicas
Emperor II The Penguin
@Jim Lahey You mean roomates right?
Steel Racing
Steel Racing Aylar önce
To me, this one grants one of the best positions in their entire discography. It's absolutely fantastic!
Adore AM
Adore AM Aylar önce
I love what they evolved into, I don't want to hear "fans" crying about their old sound. I am an Arctic Monkeys fan, I am here for each and every masterpiece they serve up on platinum platters. I try to listen with my entire being and I do my best to figure out the meaning- your sound is unquestionably unique. That is why I am here, the senseless rambling of radio music is tiring but , THIS, I can bask in the beauty of.
CPMCOMICS 13 gün önce
i love all the songs on the new album, but this one is beautiful. the cinematography of the music video, the lyrics, the sound of it... i'm in love
Dean Aylar önce
they came back with everything, this is just pure Art. i love it so much i love the song i love the video i love EVERYTHING about it.
Bianca Mortier
Bianca Mortier 2 aylar önce
The way they NEVER fail to set an aesthetic blows my mind. Absolute masterpiece.
t 2 aylar önce
Aardra S
Aardra S 2 aylar önce
Jimmy1982*Playlists 2 aylar önce
🎯💯🙏🏼 Exactly... they build worlds with each album!
miss rattie
miss rattie Aylar önce
I'm so glad they're going for the Tranquility Base vibe again, even though that album received a lot of backlash. They don't need to prove anything to anyone, they're just making art and I love it 🖤
Johnston Balan
Johnston Balan Aylar önce
The evolution of Arctic Monkeys from being Rock/Pop Indie to Retrospective Indie genre. Brilliant and well-composed music ever since Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, only for those who understand their concept, entails a vibe and story to a certain age of time.
Kyla Dean
Kyla Dean Aylar önce
this song is so good I already know it’s going be in my top 5 of the new album.
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Aylar önce
AMO ESTA CANCIÓN!! Desde la letra hasta el vídeo
sofía. 2 aylar önce
they're literally the best band of our generation
Ben L
Ben L Aylar önce
100% the best band of the 21st century. They will go down as one of the all time greats
Ava 2 aylar önce
@Abhishek Basnyat the verve too
Abhishek Basnyat
Abhishek Basnyat 2 aylar önce
Them, The Strokes and Kings Of Leon.
Julia A
Julia A 29 gün önce
I’ve never listened to Arctic Monkeys before but since randomly hearing this song on the radio I’ve fallen in love with it … and this music video is absolutely beautiful, I can’t even describe it.
Berta Aylar önce
El ritmo increíble y la voz de alex espectacular el mjr grupo
Lucas Costa
Lucas Costa Aylar önce
Melhor banda!!! Este álbum está maravilhoso de lindo, parabéns aos envolvidos.
Caitlin Wolfe
Caitlin Wolfe Aylar önce
This song still gives me so many feelings even after I’ve listened to it a bunch. Just wanna get up and dance. Can instantly put me in a good mood.
Running on Empty
Running on Empty 2 aylar önce
This new album probably won't be super popular, but this is exactly the sound and style that rock music needs right now. It harkens back to rock's golden days in the 70s without simply rehashing the past, and uses grainy 70s visuals in a way that feels new and original. Thank you guys for not resting on your laurels.
Lawrence Road loonie
Doesn't sound the 70s at all
toby anderson
toby anderson Aylar önce
@Eneas Cáceres "doesn't sound like arctic monkeys" 🤣. It's them alright.
NOYCE Aylar önce
W comment. I see no lies here.
tina 💋
tina 💋 Aylar önce
@Eneas Cáceres all the songs sound the same now? The whole AM album has pretty much the same music behind. Just stop saying all these things and if you don't have something good to say don't say it at all. You are one of those fans the monkeys are trying to get rid of. I don't even know if youre considered a fan. You probably listened to do i wanna know and i wanna be yours and call yourself a fan. Just stop
@cuenta trucha bruh it was in the description already and l forgot to check there but ty so much.
alea jacta est
alea jacta est Aylar önce
Nunca decepcionam, lendas.
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Aylar önce
Esse álbum é uma carta de amor ao rock 🇧🇷
vithorblazer Aylar önce
Tá de brincadeira só pode
Ana Enrici
Ana Enrici 15 gün önce
In a few hours I’m going to see them live for the second time in my life I’m so lucky
Alan Arath Carmona
Alan Arath Carmona Aylar önce
Agradecido de estar vivo y escuchar semejante obra de arte
Punky&Pudgy Aylar önce
Alex has been and always will be my first love musically from my late teens. I feel he’s been there in my life milestones and can’t thank him enough for the music he and the boys still make. ❤ 🥹
Yelena526 22 gün önce
E incrível como as músicas deles sempre são boas já estou viciada nessa música
Lani Aylar önce
I absolutely love this song, it's like a mix of David Bowie and The Beatles ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hey lol
Hey lol Aylar önce
i have listened to arctic monkeys my whole life. i remember the first album i heard (whatever people say i am that’s what i’m not) and the growth in the music is absolutely incredible. They have helped me through so much and i don’t think there will ever be a day were i don’t love their music with my whole heart. thanks arctic monkeys :)
Jennifer Cruz
Jennifer Cruz 2 aylar önce
rtzqwe 2 aylar önce
@chillipowder01 this comment is redundant.
Jake Barry
Jake Barry 2 aylar önce
@Louis Williams ratio
dar 2 aylar önce
@Louis Williams if you want to listen to the old ones, listen to the old ones. I see so many ppl complain abt how they are not making music like they used to, like yeah obviously they arnt, their first album came out in 2006, they have grown as a band.
K C 2 aylar önce
@Louis Williams Strong disagree there. Although I love their old music too. I've been listening since before their debut even released! And they've consistently made great music
🤠 2 aylar önce
​@Louis Williams idk my fav so far is tbh&c
Bella Luna
Bella Luna Aylar önce
True artists. They can do no wrong.
Xcaret_.Zoë 26 gün önce
Maritess Burgos
Maritess Burgos Aylar önce
So grateful to be on this musical journey and experience with Arctic Monkeys.
♡︎Musical queen♡︎
John Alex Hernández
John Alex Hernández 2 aylar önce
Arctic Monkeys está en otro nivel musical y Artística. Están haciendo música que actualmente nadie escucharía y eso me alegra. saben? Están arriesgando a hacer música de calidad, nada de lo que hemos escuchado en años. me encanta esta nueva faceta. Yo no me bajo del Barco, al contrario, los seguiré apoyando en cada Arte que hagan Vivan los Arctic Monkeys!!!!
Sharef Aylar önce
@yu mira Bro te resumo todo, dejaron de ser Arctic Monkeys para volverse Alex Turner, adiós a las hermosas líneas de bajo, adiós a la batería, adiós a las guitarras, en general, adiós Arctic Monkeys, no innovaron pues lleva intentando que escuchen sus mamadas desde Submarine y en The Last Shadow puppets pero como nadie le presta atención ahí, tuvo que recurrir a su único proyecto realmente exitoso AM, es como The strokes con el comedown machine, fue una mierda, el fandom sabe que es una mierda y ya está, no pasa nada, solo queda esperar a que deje su etapa de mamador (esperando que suceda)
yu Aylar önce
@Nilo Rodriguez q aburrido
Nilo Rodriguez
Nilo Rodriguez Aylar önce
@yu tu no diste ningún argumento distinto a "son innovadores porque yo digo que son innovadores". Cómo va a ser una banda joven con más de 15 años de carrera y 6 discos en su catálogo. Yo soy el que está dando puntos de porque no es ni medianamente cercana la palabra "innovador" para describirlos ahorita mismo. Bandas jóvenes: Shame, Black Midi, Squid, Black Country New Road, Wolf Alice, etc. No los que llevan desde hace más de 15 años tocando y los últimos 4 discos siendo la misma basura solo que con distintos instrumentos y estilos de producción para impresionar a los más lentos de pensamiento que se llaman fans como tú.
yu Aylar önce
@UCEPXEkIqeXthGzRpIgFmHsA hermano no me da ni ganas de contestarte, porque todo lo decis como si fuera una verdad absoluta, cuando AM ES UNA BANDA JOVEN, si, son populares pero accedieron a otro mercado con su disco omonimo. Igual no se hablar con una persona tan cerrada lo unico q genera es un loop donde uno es más agresivo y arrogante, cusndo el otro explica con argumentos. Asi que habla solo nomas amigo, muy triste charlar con alguien asi
Nilo Rodriguez
Nilo Rodriguez Aylar önce
@yu >Una banda tan joven, explorando esos sonidos cuando accedio al mercado mainstream con su ultimo album tus datos son erróneos, no son ni una banda joven (llevan desde el 2006, probablemente llevan más años tocando que tú viviendo), ni accedieron al mercado mainstream con su último disco (aparte tu hablas del AM cuando su último disco fue el Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, EN EL QUE HICIERON EXACTAMENTE LO MISMO, UN ART ROCK CON TINTES JAZZ MEDIOCRES), ellos son populares desde el 2006 con su primer disco, no por nada tienen (o tenían, desconozco si alguien más lo supero que seguramente si) el récord de más ventas para un álbum debut. Tampoco tomaron ninguna decisión "arriesgada" ya que su fandom consume su basura saquen lo que saquen, patrón que se ha repetido desde que su discografía se fue a la basura (Suck it and See) Su Magnum Opus fue el predecesor a este, el Humbug, el verdadero disco "arriesgado" de ellos. De ahí no han hecho nada decente. Puro escuincle que siente que escucha música alternativa es su más grande consumidor. Quieres bandas que de verdad han tomado decisiones arriesgadas? Escucha Animal Collective, o MGMT (estos, en una medida mucho menor)
Ícaro Corrêa
Ícaro Corrêa Aylar önce
This album is incredible.
Finlay Macdougall
Finlay Macdougall Aylar önce
Refreshing to know that we still have a band capable of brilliance, in the current music scene! 😄👍
Ishita Mandal
Ishita Mandal Aylar önce
Many years from now, in the future people will understand and appreciate this piece of art. Call me a fool but I believe Arctic Monkeys will surpass Beatles in their popularity and significance.
Erec von Aue
Erec von Aue Aylar önce
I've been listening to arctic monkeys since day one. As a young man I loved their bold and wild music. Now they have matured and I love it! It sounds so round and so good. The base has a beautiful line and everything fits. Great music!
chillipowder01 2 aylar önce
They've changed their style with every new album they've released. And every album they've released has been a magnum opus in its own right. Their journey from old-school guitar rock to gorgeous, graceful ballads like this song and Mirrorball is truly something to behold. They're one of the greatest bands out there today (second only to Alvvays). Brilliant stuff.
Victor Galvão
Victor Galvão Aylar önce
@sui but he said that they lost their magic, which isn't true, they just chose a different path, and it will never please everyone
Julia B
Julia B Aylar önce
LOL this made me giggle. Alvvays is a great band!
sui 2 aylar önce
@Victor Galvão you can choose to play a different style but it doesn't mean it's gonna be good
Kutay Arslan
Kutay Arslan 2 aylar önce
Cheeky advertisement tho
Victor Galvão
Victor Galvão 2 aylar önce
@Archons no? the chose it
killmesoftly 8 gün önce
i stand by this being one of the best songs on the album, it's going to age so fucking well
Monica Spector
Monica Spector Aylar önce
What a gorgeous tune. Thanks guys, absolutely brilliant!⭐⭐⭐
Ольга Сафина
Can't stop listening. Just wow ❤
Eleni Aylar önce
LOVE that every AM album has it's own completely unique vibe!!! It's what I love the most about this band ❤️ And the fact that they don't even have ONE bad song. I LOVE the Beatles vibes, I'm so here for it aaaaaaa
dar 2 aylar önce
I love how every one of their albums seems to be something they really love, care about, and put time into, rather than just a cash grab.
Awee156 Aylar önce
@Tjutd7 I don't feel rewarded listening to it I guess is what I'm trying to say. I will admit I like Knee Socks, R U Mine, and Do I Wanna Know.
Tjutd7 Aylar önce
@Awee156 an album full of great songs that many people enjoy, doesn’t have to be read into that deeply
Awee156 Aylar önce
@Tjutd7 I didnt exactly say that. Doesn't matter if it's popular or not I just dont believe the lyrics or melodies are something to go bonkers about. It doesnt exactly have a theme to it. WPSIA is all about his fast and sunny teenage years, FWN gives kind of a darker fall vibe, Humbug is mysterious and is recognizable by the wierd sounding guitars and the mix, Suck it and See is all about the heartfelt poetic lyrics and the distinctive sounding summer guitars, and TBH&C is laid back and sounds like you're literally in a hotel on the moon. The song Star Treatment encapsulates that perfectly. What is AM?
Tjutd7 Aylar önce
@Awee156 AM is popular for a reason and that’s because it’s full of good songs, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s a sellout
Muddy Spring
Muddy Spring 2 aylar önce
@Awee156 nice interpol pfp
nabicitos Aylar önce
the cinematography is beautiful, this is my favorite video, i love you guys!
локатока Aylar önce
I loved the song so much when I first heard it, I adore this vintage vibe they've gone for lately, and now the video which is sooo satisfying to watch 😩🤌🏻 looking forward for more!
Zajifox Aylar önce
I just want to say that, every time you all surprise me more. I definitely love all this... so even though I can't go to some of those concerts that you’ll will give on the tour, I want you to know that I love you all, and I love everything in your style as an artistic and personal proposal. You all are in my heart, and I know that if I write this I will not feel empty, since I have already left a sample of what you mean for me. Thank you. ✨🌻 PS: i definitely love body paint. The video is Amazing !!!💎
KillaMind Enslavement
Man this song gives me "A day in the life" vibes, by the Beatles.
BadiKumpel 2 aylar önce
Arctic Monkeys are aging like a fine wine - this music is evolving to something trurly poetical, I love it!
MuseTheReaper Aylar önce
@BadiKumpel yea just realised the way I called it more mature sounded a bit wanky lol.
BadiKumpel Aylar önce
@MuseTheReaper +1
Cleveland C.
Cleveland C. 2 aylar önce
⚠️⚫⚪⚫⚪⚠️SIGUEME⚠️⚪⚫⚪⚫⚠️ trvid.com/u-shortsFbYUD9lILsg?feature=share
Laura mcgrath
Laura mcgrath 2 aylar önce
@Bleed Blue It’s exactly like the way bowie changed through the years, keeps it exciting for everyone and they get to evolve as they get older, I personally love it!
MuseTheReaper 2 aylar önce
I prefer the newer stuff. In fact their earliest work hasn’t aged well in comparison. I prefer the more mature approach.
Camila Lopes
Camila Lopes 21 gün önce
Vocês são maravilhosos em tudo que fazem... Que álbum! Que momento! ♥️
p.m. Aylar önce
Todo está bien de esta canción, pero no dejaré de repetirlo. La voz de Alex es superior, no sé, tiene algo en la forma de cantar, en el timbre de voz o algo, pero es 🛐🛐
Ingrid Rocha
Ingrid Rocha Aylar önce
Esse novo álbum é de uma vibe surreal ❤
P0GFLIPPER Aylar önce
I've heard this song twice well three times now... and I woke up today with the lyrics going around my head. I really like it ❤️
Alejandra G
Alejandra G 2 aylar önce
Sergio R
Sergio R 2 aylar önce
@Vanessa Leilani Sanabria Garcia yo vi la notificación cuando solo tenia 4 likes y 1 comentario, y desde la intro supe q esto es arte.
whiteghost 2 aylar önce
@Alexiis Axtral Wey, seguro eres de los que solo les gusta el I wanna be yours y 505, deja de mamar.
Andrés 🌵
Andrés 🌵 2 aylar önce
@Alexiis Axtral esta mejor q el anterior, ese si zzz
Alexiis Axtral
Alexiis Axtral 2 aylar önce
y lo peor esque esta bien aburrido Zzzz jajajajjajaa
Stephano Morán
Stephano Morán 2 aylar önce
Eli Andrea
Eli Andrea Aylar önce
No suelo comentar a mis cantantes/grupos favoritos y que me gustan, pero bueno, ésta canción me ha encantado 💜
Seezy C
Seezy C 7 gün önce
Oasis always screamed their claim to the mantle of The Beatles. Arctic Monkeys whispered it to us all through growth and constant reinvention. Visceral poetry.
Anna Soares
Anna Soares 20 gün önce
Que música magnífica ,álbum the car perfeito 😍
gobsmacker Aylar önce
I absolutely love their new era IDC that some basic fans dislike it these are definitely some of my favourite arctic monkeys songs
emma manfre
emma manfre Aylar önce
the reason why i love arctic monkeys is that every album is different from the other and they are all amazing. This song is just incredibile.
emma manfre
emma manfre Aylar önce
@Tommy McCullough I think it’s a bit different, like the first two albums they made, they are similar but something changed
Tommy McCullough
Tommy McCullough Aylar önce
I agree that this song is amazing, but that's because like others have stated, it sounds like it is from Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino which was a great record
Julian Daniel
Julian Daniel Aylar önce
this album is TBHC
Gürsu Aksu
Gürsu Aksu Aylar önce
This album is promising TBHC sound tho.
Nina Paiz
Nina Paiz 2 gün önce
Been listening to this since the day they dropped this jewel and i still can’t get over it 🫶🏻
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