Arcane is Incredible. No, Really.

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Who knew I'd wake up in a world where League of Legends was my Anime of the year.

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29 Kas 2021




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Pedro Palma
Pedro Palma Aylar önce
Riot developed a game for more than 10 years just to advertise this series. Absolute genius
FritzPunks Kuris Kuris
FritzPunks Kuris Kuris 10 saatler önce
@thestatusjoe but is is derivative. What's idiotic is dismissing another person's opinion. Of Course, every one with an excuse for a brain would know that nothing in this world is original. But it is not an excuse to directly copy almost everything on another character.
thestatusjoe 12 saatler önce
@FritzPunks Kuris Kuris I don’t think Jinx is a derivative of Harley Quinn, I think they are both examples of a much larger cultural archetype. And I think that dismissing a work because it’s derivative is quite frankly idiotic, because every single fucking work in our entire popular culture is derivative. That’s art, taking things other people have done and improving on them and giving them your own twist. There’s literally zero completely unique and original works that exist today
FritzPunks Kuris Kuris
@thestatusjoe how is it disrespectful when we can all see it clear as day that some if not most of it is a derivative of other media. It is not a question of how good it was done, of course it would somehow come out good given the years it took to make, how great of an allowance they have, but it is a rather a fact, that they were in fact inspired, if not bluntly stolen from a few developed and already proven tropes. Just because this Jinx character was given a bit more thought doesn't take away the fact that it is a derivative of Harley Quinn.
thestatusjoe 3 gün önce
Forgot to add a few things. First, Jinx destroying the council at the end of the third act, immediately after they vote for peace, is an echo of how she accidentally destroyed her family right when they were about to escape, and I quite like narrative circularity like that. Second, the way that power warps Viktor and Jayce away from their original goal in two distinct and separate ways, with Viktor being lost to the personal benefits that hextech can bring him and Jayce lost to the political power he has been granted, with both slipping away from their ideals of creating technology to help people, is done quite well. That’s it, thanks for coming to my Ted talk
thestatusjoe 3 gün önce
@FritzPunks Kuris Kuris I will agree that there a flaws in this show, but I think there are flaws in every show. This has the best animation to come out of the west in 20 years (alongside Into the Spiderverse, which has a very similar style and equally good animation). It’s characters and themes can be a little tropy, but they did a fantastic job taking these two dimensional video game characters that nominally existed just to look cool and have fun powers, and gave them actual depth and characterization. I think they also did a good job portraying how power can fuck with you, be it with Victor, Jace, or Powder/Jinx, how those in power can be unintentionally blinded to the struggles of those weaker than them with Caitlin and Heimerdinger, how revolutionary fervor and a desire for positive change can be twisted into greed and resentment with Silco, and how familial bonds (and their destruction) can completely change how someone thinks with Jinx and Councilor Medarda. Yes, all of these have been done before, but to say that it’s taken straight from other media is reductive and disrespectful. Jinx is a far better “crazy” character than Harley Quinn, who’s just crazy for fun. She has internalized an incredible amount of guilt from killing her adoptive father and siblings, she is constantly manipulated by her father figure into the only person she can trust, and she obviously has a ton of very bad childhood trauma, all compounded. Is it a perfect depiction of someone who is mentally unstable? No, of course not, but it’s far better than Harley Quinn. The two main themes of the show, abandonment/betrayal and ignorance/oppression, are done very well in my opinion. Jinx feeling abandoned by everyone warping her into a paranoid and insecure person who’s unwilling to trust the sincerity in anybody around her, is done very naturally. Silco becoming bitter and uncaring because he’s been betrayed by his comrade is done very well. And both of these personal themes tie into the larger theme of the undercity being proverbially abandoned by Piltover and the council. The other main theme of ignorance in power leading to oppression is also done very well. Although they are greedy and self absorbed people, the council isn’t deliberately evil in the way most tyrants are portrayed. They are just ignorant of the plight of the undercity, and so they don’t care. Heimerdinger in particular is a good example. His experiences in the past have led him to hold strong convictions about science, magic, and the utilization of technology, and these firmly held beliefs have blinded him to the suffering that’s happening today. Jayce kicking Heimerdinger out of the council because of this is great, because there is a powerful irony in the fact that Jayce himself has fallen down the same path, letting his convictions cloud his judgement of reality. Even Vander is affected by this, letting his obsession with peace and the safety of his children blind him to the fact that the undercity is boiling over and change is needed. The final act is also great in my opinion. Silco having an emotional turnaround and choosing Jinx over Zaun the way Vander did in the past is great, and it’s made more unique by the fact that he relishes in her insanity and mania, choosing to end his life by affirming her twisted mind as perfect instead of trying to help her. It’s a well done depiction of real but incredibly warped love. Vi’s desperate belief in Powder conflicted with her desire for Jinx to not go down the wrong path further convinces Jinx that her sister doesn’t really care about her anymore in a believable way. The ending of the council being (probably) destroyed right after voting for peace and independence is poetic, albeit admittedly somehwat cliche. Okay, this turned into a bit of a rant, but overall I’m very satisfied with the way Arcane handled its characters and themes. They are tropes in and of themselves, but it is the way in which they are depicted that makes them unique and original, and, to me at least, incredibly compelling. BTW, I’m not a League of Legends fan so I went into this completely blind. For league of legends fans, you might’ve been affected by your expectations of certain characters turning out certain ways, which is understandable, but I think this show deserves to be watched on its own merits, not just as a tie in to a video game.
RichieW Aylar önce
I'm actually glad I knew nothing about League when I watched this. Jinx's story hit way more hard because I really had no idea what was coming. Incredible stuff.
Osman Siddiqi
Osman Siddiqi Gün önce
Ferni 2 gün önce
same here, i did not expect powder to become jinx and im sooo grateful because it blew my mind
eireannClover 10 gün önce
same here
The DANG game
The DANG game 10 gün önce
Well, 96,69% of LoL players doesn't know what would come as well, we dont give shiet about the lore.
iWatchWithNoAds 10 gün önce
@Angelo No. I knew the fate of Vi and Jinx. Story would have been even more hard hitting if I didn't
SoundingTheSkies Aylar önce
Silco is insanely misunderstood, and had me absolutely sobbing in the end. This show is is, sincerely, a masterpiece.
scablaz 5 gün önce
Ya know when he first met powder I think he was gonna kill her but, when she hugged him because she needed someone anyone. He took that to heart and decided to raise her and treat her like his own daughter. He wanted to love a child of his own.
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey 8 gün önce
You could say he’s perfect.
Aki Kimberly
Aki Kimberly 8 gün önce
I've seen a lot of people comment similar things and while I respected Silco's level of commitment to achieving a nation of Zaun and to Jinx, he still isn't a good person. He remarked to one of his own people (granted she was trying to betray him) that he would've killed her son had he not been accidentally murdered already by Jayce. He was willing to do anything to achieve his goal, even to other Zaunites, whether it was murder, torture, etc. He had CHILDREN working for him. I personally preferred Vander more since it seems he was genuinely trying to live a more altruistic life after doing so many wrongs, and knowing what lays in store for him makes it even more tragic. The man can't even catch a break after death. But I also get that people prefer more morally complicated characters.
broadwaybroad 12 gün önce
Please explain how he is misunderstood.
Breadifies 13 gün önce
What this all culminates into is that everyone is human. You can't label anyone as truly evil or truly good. It's incredible how Arcane encapsulates the intricacies of all these characters' psyches
One thing I don't like too much is that Riot seems to be getting all of the credit, while Studio Fortiche is being the true MVP with their amazing animation. Yes Riot put the characters and story and all that in, but Studio Fortiche has been doing a lot of their animations in the past as well, and I kinda doubt that without this insane artistic craftsmanship this would have been that popular, after all, the story does have some very clichéd story lines, technically not too much about the main plot is really original. Still hella good show, credit where credit is due
Eat Toast
Eat Toast 4 gün önce
@olimpiacookiethrower Good writing has never been characterized by originality. Execution defines a work. Invention is and always will be secondary in any critical analysis.
Eat Toast
Eat Toast 4 gün önce
@MikeDoge nobody thinks that.
Kayla Thomas
Kayla Thomas 4 gün önce
@Eat Toast no. What I said had the same meaning just stated differently
Eat Toast
Eat Toast 5 gün önce
@Kayla Thomas i think you mean "archetypes"
MikeDoge 9 gün önce
Personally I think what most people say and is wrong is that they know nothing about Arcane and see "Netflix series" with the logo....they instantly think its Netflix who came up with all of it...even tho Netflix is JUST and ONLY the streaming platform....all the writing and who put money into it was Riot and who did all the incredible animation was Fortiche....soo yea...be sure to tell that to people, because Netflix adaptations on their own are (usually) so bad :D
Thejoke120 Aylar önce
The fact that nobody is talking about is that everybody whould live in a universe like that in the series. The steampunk style, the truth behind the stories. Everything is perfectly made. Well done riot
Chaotic 05
Chaotic 05 2 gün önce
@Fam Livingroom Shadow Isles is dead to me. They pushed Yorick who is an important character into the side lines.
Fam Livingroom
Fam Livingroom 15 gün önce
It's only steampunk style because the story revolves within Piltover and Zaun. Arcane have so much potential and I love it! Imagine if an arc revolves around Demacia or Freljord or Shadow Isles
Lucien Haulotte
Lucien Haulotte Aylar önce
Well it was not fully made by riot the animation was made by fortiche studio who aslo did kda ,jinked,the 2014 and 2018 tournament intro
RANDOMstuff animation
I can now say I'm a league of legends fan without being a league of legends fan
A Bunny
A Bunny 8 gün önce
All the way until someone asks you about anyone who wasn't in arcane
Scottie Currie
Scottie Currie 10 gün önce
Perfect description. As an ex-League fan, I am still hyped as hell to see all my favorite champions show up in future shows
Maddie .-.
Maddie .-. 21 gün önce
Same lets gooo
Predator ASAP
Predator ASAP 22 gün önce
Me after watching arcane: Man that was awesome one of the best shows I've ever seen My friend: So wanna play some lol ? Me : HOW dare you speak the name of that garbage in my household???
Edoardo Cinti
Edoardo Cinti 24 gün önce
Just don't play the game
xblackdog Aylar önce
My Father, who generally doesn't watch or generally like anime liked Arcane. It's a straight up great show, that I don't think could be achieved with live action.
Cosmic Flower
Cosmic Flower 4 saatler önce
@Neo's danger based
Neo's danger
Neo's danger 21 saatler önce
@Saret GNasoh Okay
Saret GNasoh
Saret GNasoh Gün önce
@Neo's danger Stop nagging like a crybaby 👶👶 What are you, the legendary edgeclown? 🤡🤡
Neo's danger
Neo's danger Gün önce
@Saret GNasoh Who better to use the clown emoji then the clown himself
Saret GNasoh
Saret GNasoh Gün önce
@Neo's danger wow so edgy. Hail the edgelord 👶👶 AOT absolutely not boring, it just you have a very low comprehension ability skill 🤡🤡
Evgenia Brusnitskaya
Agree with everything but have to say that even before this series, League lore has always been phenomenal! Arcane just showcased that and the potential their world has.
nikolay zdravkov
nikolay zdravkov 13 gün önce
@ShiRokku 3 I love everything based on league, but I hate the game with a burning passion
ShiRokku 3
ShiRokku 3 Aylar önce
Yup, always loved Runeterra, its characters and stories, no matter how much I dislike the game itself.
Arunjyoti Chatterjee
Even though all the characters in the series were really well written and developed the character which I most loved was definitely silco at first it felt like he was a generic coldhearted villain who will do anything to achieve his goal but as story progressed you can see his human sides especially his love and affection towards powder/jinx at first time I thought he was just acting to care about her so he can use her but you can see as the story went on,that he genuinely loves her to that extent that even he will rather sacrifice his dream than lose jinx it was genuinely heart-wrenching and beautiful,man I was genuinely crying at the end when he said he will never exchange her for anything
Jonathon Polk
Jonathon Polk 18 gün önce
@TNTspaz well I wouldn't say I sided with him at the end. He was trying to kill Vi, and only because she was exposing his lies and manipulations to Jinx. But I certainly could relate to him and I grieved when he died. The fact that he basically became Vander at the end and violated his life principle (power comes to those willing to take it at any cost) in order to save his daughter was just beautiful.
TNTspaz 28 gün önce
@ShiRokku 3 Personally think is the best and most satisfying character moment in the show. So much emotion and buildup. Not to mention how much the scene sits with you. It's almost too good because your thoughts are lingering on it long after the scene ends. It's the moment that truely soldifys everything Silco has done and how he truely feels about Jinx and Vander. To the point you are even siding with him in the final scene
Dan Stuart
Dan Stuart Aylar önce
@Luiz300 I thought this was an absolutely genius way to resolve Silco's arc. He's so easy to sympathise with by the end. He was beaten by the same 'weakness' he fought against his whole life.
ShiRokku 3
ShiRokku 3 Aylar önce
​@Arunjyoti Chatterjee "Is there anything so undoing as a daughter?" That entire scene at Vander's statue made it hard for me to dislike Silco afterwards.
Arunjyoti Chatterjee
@Luiz300 yes
Iza San
Iza San Aylar önce
To be honest, I thought that Arcane would be a below average because its a animated after a game, but when I watched it, I was actually loving it. If your going to watch it, at-least watch till the 3rd episode.
J C 29 gün önce
Thats the old school view. There was a “curse” (or more accurately a lack of care) between movies and video games a while back, but after people realized how big gaming was, they started to take the mediums of both seriously
Dog Star57
Dog Star57 Aylar önce
Netflix Castlevania is good
SunnySplosion Aylar önce
if you told me 5 years ago, "someday gigguk will make a video on how amazing the league of legends show is" I would have laughed so hard id burst a lung
J C 29 gün önce
The irony is unbearable at this point
UwU Aylar önce
Hello epic gamer
Levinus Primus
Levinus Primus Aylar önce
I'm here to tell you your content is awesome Mom.
Toph Beifong
Toph Beifong Aylar önce
Tbh I was really scared because even good games have had extremely bad parodies. I couldn't even imagine what a bad game having a parody was like. I refused to watch it, got recommended a scene, decided to watch it so I could criticise it in every way possible. It was ofc the "you're hot cupcake" scene, and I was like "ok... It's not too bad". I watched Arcane, and here I am, still obsessed, hungry for more and still finding the right words to describe how good the show is.
Thomas C
Thomas C Aylar önce
Yo Sunny, you should react to it on your channel, unless you've already watched it I guess
Saxen Art
Saxen Art Aylar önce
Arcane was so refreshing to watch after watching so many anime with the same kind of characters and same kind of stories, girls with big boobs and the main character as this innocent guy who wants to protect all his friends. Arcane is just so unique and good, i love it
finn 14 saatler önce
@Jawa With A Gun Yeah 2021 was a good year for cartoons can't wait to see what 2022 has to offer
E. Nicholas Relevo
E. Nicholas Relevo 6 gün önce
@Jawa With A Gun That's what happens when you stagnate the industry with the same story everytime. How many isekais with the same narrative structure has been released within the past 6-7 years?
April Mist
April Mist 6 gün önce
Yeah specially with AoT ending. What's the next big show? Demon Slayer?
Jawa With A Gun
Jawa With A Gun 19 gün önce
Cartoons are starting to seriously overshadow anime recently
Leah Wyzykowski
Leah Wyzykowski 24 gün önce
"anyone with a nut allergy within a three mile radius was in danger of going into anaphylactic shock." What a fucking line. Well done.
Asunaris Aylar önce
As someone who knows next to nothing about League, I can say that arcane is so good that it left me absolutely speechless at the end. It is gorgeous and i want more! (but i dont want to play league, since it seems to be more toxic than cyanide)
That_Random_Artist Aylar önce
Okay, may I say something from an artist's perspective? I absolutely ADORE the way they showed the contrast between Piltover and Zuan by just giving you a couple looks into the scenery. Piltover is tall, and progressive, with clear skies, and a color palette of blues, gold, bronze, creams, and a few shades of warm brown. It shows you that Piltover is very well-off, and clearly a lovely place to live, and with the sky-ships, it lets you as the viewers SEE that Piltover is a city of fortune and progress. And only a few minutes later, we see Zuan for the first time. Immediately everything is darker, smokier. A color palette of neon green, purples, copper, and iron, everything is slightly browned and burnt looking, and we see how much more crowded and compact Zuan is, seeming to be covered in perpetual smoke and dust, compared to the open skies and whimsical nature of Piltover. Claggor, Mylo, Vi, and Powder look out-of-place in piltover, with their grungy clothes and dirty skin. Like they've been put in the wrong place by the author. But the second we enter Zuan they look RIGHT, even though it's technically the same city, they feel completely different.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
I know people who absolutely despise League and rated this show as a masterpiece. That means a lot. Arcane’s storytelling, animation, music, everything about it is simply top tier.
Raul Sauceda
Raul Sauceda 27 gün önce
@A.R.Shahan Yeah that's the issue with League. League of Legends and their lore universe are 2 entirely different entities. The *only* connection that League of Legends the video game has to it's own lore is tiny bits of storytelling/characterization in voice lines and even then it's just there as nods to the REAL stories which are found on their universe page.
BeThomsen Aylar önce
@Woodsy. they didnt try cause its a completly other and different thing. Clone wars is known for being bashed for its look
SleepyNite :D
SleepyNite :D Aylar önce
Toph Beifong
Toph Beifong Aylar önce
@Woodsy. the animation is actually pretty unique in its own ways. I could've agreed with you on this, but when you look at how much detail and think about how much money riot had made with league, in each episode, they had more than enough of the budget to completely replicate clone wars. I say that the animation is similar to Spiderverse in comparison to clone wars, but it is still very unique and detailed in all of its own ways. I respect your opinion, but it is unpopular because so many art critiques and big youtubers said that the animation is wonderful and unique, and at least some of them have seen clone wars before, so it says a lot.
Woodsy. Aylar önce
@Toph Beifong it is objectively bad. They tried to copy a great animation style like the clone wars and failed miserably.
Lou Stellabotte
Lou Stellabotte Aylar önce
I watched all 9 episodes twice. Can't get enough of Arcane, Can't wait to see Season 2.
climax050 Aylar önce
Never played league, am actually a dota player. After arcane i would consider myself somewhat of a lore expert for league, thats how good the show was. Im usually pretty conservative when it comes to ranking things, but Arcane is easily one of the greatest shows i've ever seen, for me its the greatest of all time. And this is coming from someone who watched all of most major animes, game of thrones, star wars, all the marvel movies, tons of comics, breaking bad, the walking dead etc etc, Arcane is just a masterpiece. It really shows how "easy" it is to make good characters and the implications of making even the villains sympathetic, like Silco is a bad dude but i damn near cried when he died with his final words, and that for me makes the line "don't cry... you're perfect" one of the single best lines ever delivered. The characters were 10/10, i can easily say i cared about all of them, even the "bad" guys, and it shows that the best stories are where you don't really know who to root for, and when you can look at a villain and see all the things that could be different. Jinx in particular is to me the greatest single character of all time, to me i don't think its close. You just root for her, and the way she acts and carries herself she just steals every single scene shes in. And then she gets injected and you just sit back like oh no..... and in the span of like 10 minutes, she goes from a loveable if crazy girl that can easily be saved and just needs a hug to the main villain of the story who inspires genuine fear and terror in every single movement she makes in every single scene. The best bit of that i realized a couple days after the finale... is that we the audience now see Jinx like Vi does. No matter how the story goes, we will always have the fond memories of crazy but loveable Jinx, when she was doing bad things sure, but they weren't that bad right? You know she just needs a hug or something and shes a little crazy but we still love her. But now.... well now shes different and she might not be like that anymore, so we the audience have to try and rectify the jinx we will have going forward, to the jinx we learned to love. Which is exactly what Vi will have to do going forward. The most destressing part is... perhaps Jinx can't be saved, or worse yet, doesn't want to be.... and that is the most chilling and heart-breaking thought of it all.
Servant of Nugget
ׁ Aylar önce
Lore expert lmao we call it Lorewalker welcome to the club
crispyein Aylar önce
As someone who is constantly on the lookout for incredible animation to be inspired by, this show blew me away. It gave me the same feeling I had while watching Into the Spiderverse for the first time. Like, it should _not_ be allowed to look this good.
Malcolm Alden
Malcolm Alden Aylar önce
I don't think it only redefines video game adaptations. I think Arcane redefines animations and animated action scenes in general. It's the most beautifully shot animation I've ever seen, with a fantastic story and characters to boot.
Sarcastic Chorus
Sarcastic Chorus Aylar önce
You know a show is good when the Isekai guy reviews it!
andrew valentine
andrew valentine 11 gün önce
You know a show is good when Glass Reflection, the anime snob likes it.
Eddie the Head
Eddie the Head Aylar önce
@Shy Guy It's like watching the fantasy version of telephone. They took this form Warcraft witch took that form Warhammer who in turn where copying D and D, who just changed some names form Lord of the rings. In a way it's fascinating to watch just to see what survives and changes, but I wouldn't call it a great show.
Setzuko Aylar önce
Definitely hahah
Alan Chen
Alan Chen Aylar önce
The domestic na kanojo guy
powna Aylar önce
Soo..the name's official🙂👍?
Maria Worthington
Maria Worthington Aylar önce
I love League and I can say that I had high expectations for Arcane when I heard about it. But they blew me out of the water. Arcane had so much detail, from the animation to the storyline. And the hidden details are *chefs kiss*. I cant wait for season 2!
Whereabouts Unknown
Same. All of the League cinematics had always been top quality, so I had high hopes and expectations. The art and music team at Riot is god-tier. They have some of the best artists there. Still, I had no idea that it would be THIS GOOD. HOLY CRAP.
Charlie 10 gün önce
As someone who knows absolutely nothing about League of Legends, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER. I AM NOT KIDDING.
hokagaming 21 gün önce
Gigguk: "there are only a few times when I finish a show and it leaves me speechless" 13:10 also Gigguk: *proceeds to make a **14:49** long speech about said show*
Aksmith6768 Aylar önce
As someone who’s never played League of Legends simply because it never interested me. I have stumbled upon some of their cinematically here and there when scrolling through TRvid. Thought they were cool and that was that. Then when Arcane came out I had been debating on watching it. So I waited until my friend had finished it to hear his opinion and when he told me it was outrageously good and beautiful to look at I finally watched it and boy did it not let me down. I binged it until midnight because I couldn’t simply turn my phone off and sleep when I wanted to see more and more. Now, as someone is a fan of this Tv series I’m so excited to hear a second season is in the making because they CANNOT leave us with that cliffhanger. 😂
AnimatedDisc Aylar önce
10:21 is so well edited and i love the music
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris 12 gün önce
I've been looking all over for the music and can't find it. Do you know what it's called? Besides Darude: Sandstorm EDIT: Found it... it's "Turbo Killer" by Carpenter Brut
Roberto Nome
Roberto Nome 11 gün önce
I really hope that some more american-ish cartoons take a hint or two from Arcane pretty much THE ultimate example on how to make something EXTREMELY mainstream while still maintaining its artistic merits pretty much intact yeah yeah, there were some compromises here and there, especially on the music department (eg.: using lots of dancey electronic music instead of synthwave and/or orchestral steampunk-ish instrumentals, where it would clearly be a better fit). But regardless, they still managed to make it sound great through flawless execution and absolutely insane amounts of polishment
Crippling Depression CD
Knowing a lot of the lore of leagues characters, this show pulled at my heart strings pretty damn well.
Tricks&Follies Aylar önce
Everything about the show was amazing. The voice acting, the visuals, the characters, the writing, EVERYTHING! I can't wait to see Caitlyn and Vi interact more in season 2. I loved their interactions on screen so much!
FlyntofRWBY Aylar önce
I'm glad I watched this video, cause it got me to binge all of season 1 last night. WOW that was amazing, even as somebody who doesn't play LoL.
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
That's literally exactly what I just did
Noise Tank
Noise Tank Aylar önce
I remember you dude I’d listen to the Rwby soundtrack from your channel
Fading Dust
Fading Dust Aylar önce
rule one of league of legends DONT PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS
Swingtity Aylar önce
@Ib2106 It's a very unhealthy mix of addiction and depression. Also a missplacement of value. It's very sad, don't think about it too much
dayneplaylogic Aylar önce
@Ib2106 man I tried a game against bots way back. Shit was trash. But this. This makes me smile.
Propelled Gaming
Propelled Gaming 6 gün önce
This show completely blew me away, I played league a few years ago and went into this show kind of uninterested but just curious and wow, I have not gotten so invested and intrigued by a story and world like this for some time. This feels like it could of and should have probably been a quick cash grab but I'm so glad that it turned out to be so much more. Best show of the year.
paige lads
paige lads Aylar önce
arcane is so cinematically amazing, the fight scenes, especially jinx and ekkos was so creatively interesting
Jeffrey Carey
Jeffrey Carey Aylar önce
The Turbo Killer needle drop at 10:22 was so fire that it makes me want to see Carpenter Brut on Season 2's soundtrack. Probably won't happen but a man can dream...
wesley adams
wesley adams 26 gün önce
God thank you. that song has been an earworm in my head for days now. Title just in the tip of my tongue but not quite.
Ethan Ellappa
Ethan Ellappa 29 gün önce
Thanks for the song name! Awesome track and edit in the video...
sarmatiko Aylar önce
If you watched anime for a long time (like since 80s, or you just love old classics) you definitely noticed how animation and character design styles changed over time. There were distinct milestones in animation and after watching Arcane I think it's just another important milestone. Quality of CG animation went to completely new level with this show - after this it would be inexcusable to release a new Star Wars animated show (for example) with the CG like in Star Wars Resistance, or new Avatar show, or anything from decent IP whatsoever.
finn 15 saatler önce
Cartoons are becoming really diverse in everything while animes tend to be lazy using the same tropes and art style
 ShortHax Aylar önce
“One small step for League, one giant leap for gaming”
BioVenom Aylar önce
A step for league is not a step worth taking
Sham Aylar önce
i like arcane, not league
Nathan's Stuff
Nathan's Stuff Aylar önce
Oh look the bought account that copies and pastes others comments, all while getting more likes than the original comment.
Fernando Zavaleta Bustos
So if you liked Arcane, here are some games you can try instead of League of Legends: - The Ruined King (developed by the creators of Darksiders Genesis and Battle Chasers) - Legends of Runeterra (card game with a chill community and lots of fun) - Hextech Mayeh (Geometry Dash but with Ziggs as the main character) - Or wait until the release of Proyect L developed by the Cannon Brothers (co-creators of Rollback Netcode and some of the founders of EVO Championship series).
r jacks
r jacks Aylar önce
have you not heard of the cluster fuck that is blizzard? this is a huge step forward for riot games not gaming in general cause nothing is gonna save shit like what blizzard is doing or even EA is doing.
Space Ginger
Space Ginger Aylar önce
Arcane was just superb in every way. From the environment design, to the storytelling, animation, the soundtrack and voiceacting... It is such an amazing example of creative craftsmanship.
Dank Budew
Dank Budew Aylar önce
I was so engrossed with the show I didn’t even realize it was only 9 episodes. I need more!!!!!!😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰
Sazam Aylar önce
Same. I reached that last frame with the reflection of Jinx's rocket on the broken window, and then the credits started and i was like "Where is the rest of it ? I WANT MOAR !!" I first wanted to watch it slowly, ended up binging it in two evenings.
Hijiri Aylar önce
This anime actually made me want to play league and I downloaded and it was actually better than I thought Mainly because I was playing with all my friends and we where all having fun
Smallgremlin Gremlin
Yeah, it looks like a game where you could shoot the shit (colloquially speaking) with your friends. No way in hell should anyone even touch competitive stuff on there imo
Shiro -chan
Shiro -chan 12 gün önce
Arcane is a Masterpiece and we need more of it! Thanks for bringing it to the attention it deserves
bego bogo
bego bogo Aylar önce
One thing you didn't mention is 'Fortiche' , the studio that did the animation. They deserve massive credit for the incredible work they did.
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey 8 gün önce
@CorruptioN And when you compare Get Jinxed to their work in Arcane now, you can tell they’ve really sharpened their craft.
adanibo Aylar önce
@Pyrrha Nikos Get Jinxed, Warriors, RISE, K/DA and Arcane
A M Aylar önce
@Levinus Primus I’ll check that one out
Levinus Primus
Levinus Primus Aylar önce
@A M my first french animation show that I am aware of is the movie called "the Red Turtle" my ghibli list made me exposed to the Frenchmen's work out there, so nice.
Hans-Jörg Öftening
@Les films de la chouette riot and Fortiche work together for years now, and Riot helped building up Fortiche from its 30 employees to the over 200 it has now. So there is a lot of trust between them, which is why they chose them for this project. Story, characters and dialogue was mostly the field of Riot, but Fortiche will have played a role there as well, especially when it comes to storyboarding, visual storytelling, the individual scenes, how to represent character emotions etc. On the other hand, Riot has most likely also had a hand in developing the artistic direction. The complete work is an amalgamation of the strengths of both and the result of great teamwork. There were some interviews with one of the showrunners (Christian Linke, or praeco) who explained it like that. Riot wants very extensive control of their IP and the stories they tell, they wouldn't just outsource it like that. There is a lot you can fault them for, but it's usually not lack of commitment or motivation.
JEONSA Aylar önce
The Animation and SOUND DESIGN in this show was so *Satisfying* props to everyone working on this show
LEPrecon 4 gün önce
The funny thing about Arcane is that it honestly feels like the _game_ is a spinoff based on it, not the other way around.
Jessco 21 gün önce
That Ecko vs jinx scene was absolutely AMAZING and probably the best animation scene of the year.
Evan Search
Evan Search 2 gün önce
I watched Arcane yesterday after having absolutely nothing to do, so I figured I might as well watch the League show. Anyway, after not sleeping and binging the entire show, it’s a solid 13/10 and I genuinely already want to watch it again.
Evan Search
Evan Search 2 gün önce
The only downside to Arcane being a goddamn masterpiece is that it’s genuinely got me curious as to whether League is really actually that bad. Like, one of my friends has been addicted for years, they’d play it with me, I wouldn’t have to go in alone...should I take the plunge?
Taylor Maughan
Taylor Maughan 21 gün önce
having voktor being jayces friend was actually my favorite pat of the whole show. having viktor in the show at all was such a twist like DAMN
Paulius Sipavičius
Paulius Sipavičius 11 gün önce
He is first of many.
SkullKing Gaming
SkullKing Gaming Aylar önce
This show has a setup for greatness and made me feel great being a league fan I hope it keeps going and we get to see more from characters like Viktor and Ekko as well as getting to see Pyke and Tahm Kench come to the show and get more development on their stories
Sofia Vermeulen
Sofia Vermeulen Aylar önce
I'm now watching arcane a second time and introduced it to my parents, and to my surprise, they LOVE it
The Otaku Dudes
The Otaku Dudes 25 gün önce
This show reminds me of all the really good things of Legend of Korra a really mixed show to many people, but one from my childhood. The world building in Arcane reminds me a lot of that.
TJ Toons
TJ Toons Aylar önce
I’ve already watched arcane but your video made me wanna watch it again
Levinus Primus
Levinus Primus Aylar önce
@Fett Mane III Trigger-happy post from a troll? Or a pure, bona-fide critique amidst a see of praising comments threads and discussions....? You should've written this elsewhere, if it is the latter.
The North-Fox Master
Nice to know that you watch Arcane to
Happymonday Aylar önce
@Fett Mane III Are you kidding, I'm on my 3rd watch and still love it to bits.
SirToty Aylar önce
@Fett Mane III nice bait
Helge Holme
Helge Holme Aylar önce
Noone's stopping you. It's worth it
Mamuragon Editing
Mamuragon Editing Aylar önce
I have never once played League of legends in my life and yet Arcane is one of my favorite shows of all time.
Don Mayo
Don Mayo Aylar önce
For those that wanna know more about the lore of league without playing league, they released a rpg game called The Ruined King, which is really good and centers around 6 or so playable characters while showing other champions for story purposes. And ofcourse you can check out the lore youtubers called Necrit, Tenebrix and TB Skyen.
Nick Shaffer
Nick Shaffer 21 gün önce
Me seeing Jinx in 2013: She’s so crazy i love her Me seeing Powder in 2021: Please gib her some hugs
Enzo Callaert
Enzo Callaert 27 gün önce
I think the genius of this serie was that the main objective was for it to be good rather than to engage profit directly.
smitten kitten
smitten kitten Aylar önce
As the only Korean male in existence who has never played LoL, can confirm this was one of the best shows I've seen.
cocogoat 23 gün önce
As the only bulgarian man in existence who has never played LoL i can relate
haechi21 24 gün önce
I'm part of that rarity. But I can understand you how this series was a masterpiece~
Krab Aylar önce
I support this statement.
David Chang
David Chang Aylar önce
Nah I'm with you lol
Hawk Aylar önce
dont worry im with you too brother the temptation is strong after watching it
Grayson Kimmel
Grayson Kimmel Gün önce
League of Legends feels like its never been about the game but the experience. That sounds like cringe but if you look at the timeline LoL has existed as a platform for multiple mediums to converge. Writing, design, animation, music, performers(esports kinda fits this too), and even machine learning! Arcane feels like a culmination but also continuation of it. Its genius
SAM SHAPIRA 28 gün önce
The usage of Sachio's theme in this video is so fitting. Makes me proud that people are giving some respect to Megalobox's soundtrack.
Casey Wilson
Casey Wilson 8 gün önce
Only show I've ever watched the entire thing more than once. Truly a call back to when creators didn't insult their audience. A true love letter to anyone who enjoys good media.
Gelengplays Aylar önce
I never played league of legends i've never liked league of legends and after whatching arcane i still dont care about it. But i am absolutelly amazed by arcane. I love it for its charachters and cant wait to see how the story goes on. I hope they wont change the location or the people in it because i am just in love with current ones.
CHEFPK Aylar önce
Arcane is a masterclass in how to make a show that anyone can watch, fans of the games or not. Even my wife, who has never played LOL, loved it.
BelieveInKarma Aylar önce
@RK You think you can deny the division away that will always be there just by being different. You are controlled by your own narcisitic delusions.
RK Aylar önce
@BelieveInKarma You yourself say that the powerful seek to divide us, yet your solution is to give them exactly what they want and lean into that division. Who is the slave? The world you dream of will never happen. If you keep down this path, you are doomed to die bitter.
BelieveInKarma Aylar önce
@RK A Slave pities a free thinker then. :]
RK Aylar önce
@BelieveInKarma I pity you. How small and sad your world must be.
LT Phantomknight
LT Phantomknight Aylar önce
I never imagined you'd be here chef! Can you make the Food from the Undercity?
BeDopSkePop 19 gün önce
This show made me actually want to play LoL. I’ll still never touch the games because yknow… but this series could be watched by litteraly anyone, it’s definitely a masterpiece and it’s methods should be taught in classes learning about story crafting
Life A Mood
Life A Mood 21 saatler önce
Everything about the show was good can’t wait for season 2
Bald Zeus
Bald Zeus 29 gün önce
I love to immerse myself in the lore of the games I play, and I remember back when playing league that I really would've liked to see more of the lore that existed behind the game. They really built a great foundation with it. The show was insanely good and I honestly wouldn't mind if Riot tried to make some story focused games based in the Lol universe. Think Jedi fallen order type of game but maybe following one of the champions with a fitting backstory
4343ize Aylar önce
Me and my friends are dota players and we absolutely love arcane. It's just really good.
Lord Spink
Lord Spink Aylar önce
Thier are moments in our lives that you have to stop and just appreciate being alive at this point in time to have witnessed something so incredible....Arcane was one of those moments for me!
Destiny Bowers
Destiny Bowers Aylar önce
@Xenom Drac oh it’s not necessarily that i give a crap, just curious :3
Xenom Drac
Xenom Drac Aylar önce
@Destiny Bowers They are just trolls, bots or finally we found the outliners who dislike the show. Either way, i would advice you to give no crap about this comment's replies
Destiny Bowers
Destiny Bowers Aylar önce
@Fett Mane III what’s your all time fav shows? i’m just curious for what you’re comparing it to lol
Daniel Filipe
Daniel Filipe Aylar önce
Yes! That's how I felt, especially because I lost a friend to Covid this year. He used to play League with me and only picked Warwick. This is a character that will be in the second season of Arcane and he would be so happy to watch the first and second season, with his favorite character. I'm glad most people enjoyed Arcane as much as I did. 9.3 IMDB Score with 79k Reviews says it all.
Fett Mane III
Fett Mane III Aylar önce
this show was literally a maximum of 6/10. some scenes 4 out of 10.
KP Delaney
KP Delaney Aylar önce
Man I laughed out loud at this video multiple times, and the editing was great (especially here 10:20). I just finished Arcane season 1 and I'm blown away by how good it was. I don't know anything about LoL except that everyone likes to hate on the game, but this show deserves all the praise it's getting. It's truly in a league of its own visually and story wise.
lBorn2Diel Aylar önce
A "league" of its own. I see what you did there
Sayaka 4 gün önce
this show is incredible and my heart still hurts thinking about the ending, i cant wait!!!! for season 2
Toma Aylar önce
This show was so good it made me want to play League. That is a feat by itself
NapstaMeme 29 gün önce
5:13 i love the sound track that you included in the back. it perfectly illustrates the complete contrast and difference between two different places in the same world.
Alex Moukala Music
Alex Moukala Music Aylar önce
Love all the song choices in this video man! Literally all of 'em, haha. Also, watching Arcane blew my mind but seeing it dissected by you made me realize even more how legendary this was. (Speaking from the perspective of someone who never played League).
Lanka 17 gün önce
@Yves Mad my man, youre a godsent
Yves Mad
Yves Mad 17 gün önce
​@Lanka ​I remebered this night where in the game exactly I heard the song. Was easy to find now: It's from Nier Replicant, song name is Hills of Radiant Winds. It's the background music from the first area Area in the north.
S•A•I 17 gün önce
@Lanka I played nier automata , I don't thing I've heard this one , but it sounds so close to something out of nier automata , I'd say , either automata or replicant
Lanka 17 gün önce
@Yves Mad well im not too familiar with nier so...we'll have to narrow it down a little
Yves Mad
Yves Mad 17 gün önce
@Lanka It's definitely from the nier games ost.
Limkawa Aylar önce
The Music production in this Series is also a masterpiece itself and I Love it How Human All The Character felt like, it made me Root for everyone when I got to know their Characters and ambitions Like wtf Silco Looked like an Asshole who wants to ruin everything, and then BOOM!! Silco became one of the most respected Characters for me Ma Man was just Like Vander, a Simple Fatherly Figure that wants to defend His people, and in the End choosed his Daughter over everything talking about an Iconic Character here
Nienormalny 4 gün önce
I never played any LoL games. This show is a MASTERPIECE!
Kenneth See
Kenneth See 29 gün önce
I’ve not played LoL. I was immersed from episode one. AMAZING SHOW. I’ve not been so satisfied with a show in so so long. Anime or otherwise. I’m gobsmacked.
Owen Aylar önce
another amazing thing about arcane is how much emotion they put into every single scene and how they made the characters so expressional. their portrayal of mental illness and instability especially in jinx/powder was incredible, no terrible stereotypes just pure, real, relatable, and compelling layers to characters and how they react. i could go on for hours on how amazing and how many layers there are in so many different scenes because of how they incorporated so many tiny details and elements into them
moogleydoot Aylar önce
when the credits rolled in the last episode i was like "IT JUST ENDS THERE???" Just the fact that so much attention to detail went into an animated series makes me so happy as an artist and aspiring animator. Each episode is 40 MINUTES LONG and every second is amazing. You usually only see this kind of quality in big studios like disney, pixar and all that. It's so nice to see stuff like spiderverse and arcane bringing something new to a mainstream audience. Can't wait for season 2.
Joe McConnell
Joe McConnell Aylar önce
i lowkey thought ep. 3 was the last episode cause the quality n story was so outta this world i didnt think theyd make 9 due to budget... cant wait for season 2
Shmevan Riceballz
Shmevan Riceballz Aylar önce
Not disney or pixar this quality was >>>>>
Elmaur Aylar önce
When I seen the poster, my original asumption was this was another budget heavy 3d anime. I was wrong. Everything feels deliberate, and they didn't cut frames. It felt so buttery smooth. I kinda feel weird to compare this, but kinda reminded me of Akira to be honest. Corners don't feel cut, which I can still see in those studios. League or not, I want to see what this animation company will push out next.
Parsa Rathernotsay
Parsa Rathernotsay Aylar önce
You're sleeping on French animation bro. US, Japan, France are the world leaders in animation.
Duc Pham
Duc Pham Aylar önce
you need league players to buy more skins to fund season 2
BottledDucky Aylar önce
I've never really played any riot game, though I've always loved the hand-painted look they had going, so seeing them do an animated show with that art style is awesome!
Zen6614 Gaming
Zen6614 Gaming 4 gün önce
As someone who tried playing League once and never tried again, I knew nothing about the world or characters and I love this show
Grayson Kimmel
Grayson Kimmel Gün önce
A lot of times I’ve seen game to video adaptions execute payoff without build up AT ALL. That final scene with Jinx and the rocket was something that didn’t require prior LoL to drop your jaw to. And for those that did, it was a callback to one of the first of LoL’s non game stuff, a music video of Jinx, even going so far as to use that same 8 year old song IN THE SHOW
Aki Kimberly
Aki Kimberly 8 gün önce
I was never into the game itself, but the beautiful, attention-gripping trailers got me into the lore. I actually cared about the LoL lore XD Still not a fan of league, but I adore Arcane as an artist, anime fan, cinema fan, aspiring screenwriter and writer in general, and entertainment enjoyer. I sincerely hope that this level of world-building, character creation, and attention to detail will compel other animation studios and hollywood to up their game to create something unique and meaningful that will be felt by viewers and stay with them as opposed to mindless consumer garbage.
MrFlamingJester Aylar önce
The first thing I noticed was the literal weight of everything, when they’re jumping across rooftops you feel the weight difference between each of them. You really feel the power or lack thereof behind everything and that’s just an incredible credit to the animation.
Matilo Aylar önce
YES. During the first parkour scene. You see how their steps break parts of the roof. You hear how the different bodies make different sounds according to their weight. So cool environment+sound design.
Ken M
Ken M Aylar önce
@tyler helmick such as?
Delaissez Antoine
Delaissez Antoine Aylar önce
@tyler helmick lol no
Yor Es
Yor Es Aylar önce
@tyler helmickgive me an example lmao
tyler helmick
tyler helmick Aylar önce
@Yor Es most modern animated shows have those same details lol
4BLD Aylar önce
I never like Moba/League gameplay. but i always loved the unique characters of the game. This seems really exciting to watch. I hope they continue to do stuff like this and create even more things because it seems much better than the game itself. :)
Astranoth 17 gün önce
I really hope they do good work with their upcoming MMORPG. League has such a huge and interesting world, which could be incredible in an MMORPG.
majesticbitvh Aylar önce
i literally had chills every 5 minutes of watching arcane. it's so good and the cliffhanger at the end almost killed me.
Sam Harold
Sam Harold 16 gün önce
As someone who mained Singed back in the days that I played, I was uncharacteristically pleased to see that they put the one character I was fond of into this series. It’s was even better that they actually developed him with interesting elements with the little screen time he had.
Tim Park
Tim Park Aylar önce
I feel like many people misunderstand the scene in episode 9 where Silco talks to the statue of Vander. Silco has finally understood. He's finally understood why Vander chose to leave the Revolution. He understands how caring for a daughter changes you that much.
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
I love Silco as a character, incredible arch and not at all the cartoonish bad guy I was expecting him to be cast as... actually got a bit choked up when... well y'know.
Levinus Primus
Levinus Primus Aylar önce
@cpt Kamina the wonders of how many people out there are still quiet illiterate to visual storytelling, never mind the techniques that are spoken, "audiolized".
Choong Chee Wai
Choong Chee Wai Aylar önce
@nexustom yeah I think he was just trying to understand why he doesn't immediately accept? She causes nothing but trouble and giving her up would get him everything he wants, except he is hesitant. He says that daughters are undoing because his love for jinx prevents him from exchanging her and achieving all he had ever wanted.
TopHatWolf Aylar önce
Afterall... is there anything as undoing as a daughter...
Orapac 4142
Orapac 4142 Aylar önce
@cpt Kamina I mean there were some people that think Cait and Vi arent gay as fuck for each other, so them not understanding that scene doesnt surprise me lol
Dan Stuart
Dan Stuart Aylar önce
Great video. I'll be honest, I'm really nervous about expanding Arcane in to series 2 and beyond. I'm really hoping that, as you say, they will expand in to new territories and with new characters. Vi and Jinx's story has largely been told, and while the events of series 1 will ripple outwards in to the future of Piltover, I just hope they have the sense to give new characters the same incredible development that our main protagonists have had so far. The worst thing that could happen is for Arcane to become another 'villain of the week' YA series, with every character just stuck in their status quo as unkillable League heroes. But so far, the show has been incredible and always surprising - I have high hopes that this will continue to be the case.
AggressiveBarbeQ 26 gün önce
OMG this was so good. I loved Arcane, and it deserves its place here. It is very Anime inspired, and I loved the palette they have created. I want another season ASAP. It seems Riot should have stuck to cinematics after all.
Joel Rudey
Joel Rudey 29 gün önce
I loved the dialogue and writing in this series. One of my favorite lines was "in trying to do great, we failed to do good". I can see that in real life with idealists who think they can make the world a utopia overnight, but in doing so, they're causing more harm.
E G 3 gün önce
Everyone agrees bro...this show is AMAZING and they better keep going
Uh Oh
Uh Oh Aylar önce
I can imagine this show reaching MCU levels of popularity. They dont even have to do much at this point either. Like you mentioned the League world is gigantic. All they have to do is slowly grow the cast of character and bring us to different parts of the world. Eventually we will be in this larger than life world with characters who at one point were human but now are legendary. hah see what i did there
Reginald Forthright
I can imagine it one day becoming as popular as monk, maybe even psych.
akinacrid Aylar önce
It could, if Netflix actually promoted it 😭
Robert Dingle
Robert Dingle Aylar önce
@Weird bro I think don't think Runeterra compares in Quantity or even Quality of the best of Marvel/DC's stories. However, unlike Marvel or DC, Runeterra has been retcon/rewritten and molded to be ready for adaption unlike comicbooks which have to struggle to decades of stories into only 2 hour length films. League has the benefit of being a Moba and a Game that people have given up on a consistent lore for. That sounds like a weakness, but then again so have Comicbook fans given up on a consistent timeline, a fluid story can be innovated on and reworked until it's perfected. Comicbooks have realized that the most important parts of a story is not what it is about, but WHO it is about. Characters we care about could sit down and eat a meal and it'll be infinitely more interesting than randoms saving the world in the next comic. League of Legends has characters that are designed to be beloved, this is what franchises are built on. Beloved Characters, Quality/Relatable Work, and the ability to move those Characters into any type of Story and it will still work.
ShiRokku 3
ShiRokku 3 Aylar önce
@Hamza Trabelsi They did not compare Runeterra to the MCU in terms of lore, stories or world building. They specifically compared them in popularity. The MCU is massively popular across the globe. They are saying that they can imagine Arcane reaching those same levels of popularity.
Hamza Trabelsi
Hamza Trabelsi Aylar önce
@Weird bro MCU Started just with Iron Man , before him there was no MCU it was just individual heroes stories.
DaowlOrpheus 4 gün önce
the clip-showcase from 10:28 is acutally insanely awesome. As if that could have been a real quick trailer to show a bit before the show launched. Great work there.
Any How
Any How 6 gün önce
If there's one thing that's Riot is good at doing, it's definitely creating a story where there are no villains, no heroes, no good sides, no bad sides, just characters that has their own circumstances, and their own goals.
InfiniteKarma Aylar önce
I watched this without ever watching or playing League of Legends and I enjoyed every minute of it. Funnily enough, I didn’t even know there was more than one champion in the show. I only slightly recognized Jinx towards the end
Manda Rue
Manda Rue Aylar önce
I really hope to see this series win some awards!
Lolowy Aylar önce
I VERY relate to saying "IT'S THE THING" when Jayce started shooting
ckpn 25 gün önce
Stormzo 28 gün önce
@AlphaMorion 😂 man that's amazing
Stormzo 28 gün önce
When the swing said boom in ep 4, I screamed and said "no fucking way", when vi put the gauntlets on I screamed again, and then jayce did the thing and my mind melted.
Suldee Suldbold
Suldee Suldbold 29 gün önce
Saw Vander's gloves at the first episode and really went ''ITS THE THING''
cragnog Aylar önce
I don't even play league and when that moment happened I felt the "it's the thing!" vibe I'm not even kidding hahaha
AMV BLITZ Aylar önce
We need more animations in this style and great story
Jeremy Caufield
Jeremy Caufield Gün önce
Don’t know anything about League of Legends, but Arcane is one of the best things I’ve seen.
Vaibhav Sokhi
Vaibhav Sokhi Aylar önce
Major props to BakaShift, that edit at 10:21 fucking slaps. Could I get 10 more minutes of that please?
kev goldfish
kev goldfish Aylar önce
Went into watching Arcane expected a 7/10, turns out its 30/10, it is so whole-heartedly well done i don't even know where to start.
Edwin Alberty
Edwin Alberty Aylar önce
As someone who's never played League; I was shocked at how good Arcane was. The animation, writing, characters, and dialog are just incredible and I expect the show to get multiple Emmy nominations. Arcane is the new standard for video game adaptations and animated stories in general.
Levinus Primus
Levinus Primus Aylar önce
I love how you stated out your expectations for the show, such a genuine show of appraisal! May these painted worlds that Fortiche and Riot have shown be a source of a many inspirations for the young and the old artists.
Levinus Primus
Levinus Primus Aylar önce
@Elan Morin Tedronai a decent Tuesday, amongst a sea of turbulent Tuesdays that has come up after Mondays... *sighs*
Sui Saotomi
Sui Saotomi Aylar önce
its not made by league per se. but sure bud
Chilly Sam
Chilly Sam Aylar önce
@China I mean, money talks. some studios still shit the bed even with a good budget I'm guessing. i really hope it becomes the standard. capitalism lend us your support then u can fuck off lol.
ashuri Aylar önce
@China It will be a new standard in terms of **Video Game adaptation. **
Leora For Funsies
Leora For Funsies Aylar önce
I just finished all 9 episodes based on this video. You're right, the last scene of the last episode is a real goosebump moment.
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