Apple Music users when Spotify Wrapped drops

Trevor Wallace
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bad day to be an apple music listener smh




30 Kas 2021




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TimeBucks Aylar önce
love when he does more than word association jokes
verychill 10 gün önce
love it when you do more than scams
Sheik S
Sheik S Aylar önce
Justin Perez
Justin Perez Aylar önce
@jadedjimmy basically puns but not the typical dad jokes we usually tie to the word pun. Puns with heightening I would say.
jadedjimmy Aylar önce
@milanyela mogollon cool
jadedjimmy Aylar önce
Whats a word association joke, dude?
Cock Sucker
Cock Sucker Aylar önce
I’m offended by this as an Apple Music listener I’ve never paid taxes in my life
DoggoGods 6 gün önce
*The IRS would like to know your location* ✅Accept ❎Decline
Blithering Idiot
Blithering Idiot 7 gün önce
panic! at la biblioteca
youtube is dying
youtube is dying 23 gün önce
so IRS this guy right here
averixx 23 gün önce
@Exotic-Myst Did you reply to the wrong person??
Maci Aylar önce
I DIED WITH THE U2 ALBUMS, literally reminded me of something I never think about but literally affects my everyday life.
Belinda Hope
Belinda Hope 7 gün önce
jofuffer 20 gün önce
@Tyler Burton but it was for a good cause
jofuffer 20 gün önce
@Ryne4S its was pretty good ngl
MysticEdge 4
MysticEdge 4 21 gün önce
@Tyler Burton ACHTUNG BABY
MysticEdge 4
MysticEdge 4 21 gün önce
@Ryne4S yes
moth butt
moth butt Aylar önce
In the beginning, our protagonist questions the antagonist about his Spotify wrapped, acting confused when he becomes agitated, but it is later revealed that the ensuing tirade is a yearly occurrence, thus insinuating the protagonist had prior knowledge to the antagonist's preference for Apple music. This seems like a textbook case of provocation to me, plain and simple. Maybe we should all question whether or not the protagonist is really as innocent as he's presented to us as.
Keith 23 gün önce
Being provoked doesn't remove personal responsibility.
Yes Its Me
Yes Its Me 23 gün önce
A* in English language right here
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez Aylar önce
Perhaps the perceived offender had hoped his compatriot had seen the errors of his ways and finally converted that year. There are too many unknowns, we must dig deeper
Karen J Frazier
Karen J Frazier Aylar önce
Critical thinking skills. I see you moth butt
kaimiz Aylar önce
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Aylar önce
I like how no one has forgotten the U2 album reference still 😂 and that was like 10 years ago at this point
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 7 gün önce
@BelowAverageLuke wtf lol
BelowAverageLuke 7 gün önce
Leandro Peixoto de Melo
@Zainab Al zangana Apple Music has added a new U2 album to every user's library as a marketing strategy
cosmophire 21 gün önce
i’m only just getting it ahah, how’s it been so long since?
Zainab Al zangana
Zainab Al zangana 23 gün önce
I don’t get it 🤚💀
JP Mackintosh
JP Mackintosh Aylar önce
As an Apple Music user, I can confirm that this is hilarious and does accurate portray a lot of people with Apple Music which has me rolling right now. I’ve gotten used to it because all my friends have it so I was kinda forced into using it every now and then.
Karma Spiessens
Karma Spiessens 24 gün önce
And in the furture when Apple eventually adds the wrapped feature to their platform they will be praising them to high heavens for coming up with such a unique and cool idea
BelowAverageLuke 7 gün önce
Bo4 Elite
Bo4 Elite 21 gün önce
If apple you apple hater save 1% the time for spreading hate towards apple online to work half of world problem gonna go away in like 3 seconds! Your life is about stupid memes! #SadAf
HSK 23 gün önce
it exists. its called replay. i use it every year when my friends share their wrapped
PKMN Trainer Devention
I use TRvid music, because I have YT premium, and every year I get jealous of all my friends' wrappeds. It's literally the only reason I've ever thought about getting Spotify premium.
Kitulous Gamedev Channel
yep, Wrapped and Blend are pretty cool
cosmophire 21 gün önce
u wouldn’t need to have it premium but yeah
Matt Reynolds
Matt Reynolds 23 gün önce
YT Music > Account > 2021 Recap. :)
brizzle711 23 gün önce
No one will beat Spotify. Spotify the king.
Keldon Johnson
Keldon Johnson 25 gün önce
@TheMaddenBucket last fm a W
Thomas Ream
Thomas Ream Aylar önce
Trevor's apple fanboy is his best character. ❤️
Jonathan Sailer
Jonathan Sailer Aylar önce
Have you seen how slim his arms are though? They're really just character wrist sticks.
Nico Aylar önce
🆔ⓈⒺⓍⓈⒽⓄⓅ🔞↷ᶜˡⁱᶜᵏˡⁱⁿᵏ👇 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔞 👉 sexo.centre.baby ❤ TRvid: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" TRvid: Be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков Интересно забавно девушка смешная 垃圾
Lando Griffin
Lando Griffin Aylar önce
I think you meant femboy
v Aylar önce
the zumiez kid was the og and will always be the best trevor character. forgot what he was called tho. Brian?
MoliminousTheater 6 gün önce
Oh wow U2 put a free album on my phone! *How do I get a free album off my phone*
HashtagMoniz 23 gün önce
Honestly I used to use Apple Music. It’s really nice. Love that it had the lyrics feature waayyyyy before Spotify started rolling that out (not even in my region yet). I also loved how seamless it is with the rest of the Apple ecosystem. But I can’t get over the limited music library compared to Spotify, which will host even the most up-and-coming, brand new indie artists, or people who made one song for a meme, or otherwise really niche content
Heydar Alfarraz
Heydar Alfarraz Aylar önce
"it smelled like menthol, oatmilk, and neglect" HAD ME DYING HAHAHAHAHA
dutchess 24 gün önce
As an Apple Music user, my spit smells like menthol, oat milk, and neglect LMAO 😭💀
ElephantWaffle Aylar önce
To be fair, if this happens every year, and he still asks him about his Spotify wrapped, it’s kinda on him
ElephantWaffle Aylar önce
@A N clearly both of them need to grow a brain then
A N Aylar önce
He probably assumes the other guy grew a brain in that time
matthew chen
matthew chen Aylar önce
spotify wrapped makes my whole year every year
tastycardboard 25 gün önce
@Antelope i spent 1303 minutes listening
lettuce sandwich
lettuce sandwich Aylar önce
@CallMeInfested sorry, minutes 😭
@Antelope I forgot my hours but I was in the 98th percentile of listening hours for my favorite artist, and spent over a month listening to podcasts. I thought it was odd this pod I first listened to in October/September was my No.1 pod, but it checks out. Lotta multi-episode stories.
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano Aylar önce
@Psychedelic Payroll Bauhaus is underrated
-jax- Aylar önce
@Suppressed VIII great job man :)
Corbu Vesma
Corbu Vesma Aylar önce
I like Apple Music, and personally use it. But Spotify wrapped was a great idea
music addict
music addict Aylar önce
I didn't even know that was a thing until this year, now it makes me wanna use Spotify.
Rose Aylar önce
I told my coworker about how I was surprised at some of the music in my Spotify wrapped and she straight interrupted me and half yelled “APPLE MUSIC HAS IT TOO!!”
a X e L
a X e L Aylar önce
I’ve had Pandora for quite a few years and I just switch to Spotify the other day and that wrapped thing is pretty cool I was always jealous when my friends got that shit
Gentles and Ladymen
As a person who uses Apple Music, I actually really wanna know what my wrapped would be 😂
Zzzquil Lord V2
Zzzquil Lord V2 Aylar önce
Same dude.
FabTBC Aylar önce
As an Apple Music user I love this 😂 ps Apple please just copy Spotify wrapped!
Eastside Aylar önce
Tbh wrapped seems cool but having lossless outweighs it by so much to me. Like just having the audio quality itself higher is much more important to me, but to each their own.
All Prophit
All Prophit Aylar önce
When Trevor wants to throw hands on his own apple fanboy character. You created a monster sir 🤣
Justin Clark
Justin Clark Aylar önce
i was listening to pandora in a work truck a few years ago, when a co worker got in looked at me disgusted and asked if i also murdered children. I've had Spotify ever since.
Platinum Hustle
Platinum Hustle 24 gün önce
@Claire Magnuson they want you to pay for that monthly service, then everything gets better lol 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️🥲
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson 24 gün önce
My issue with Pandora was that I didn’t like any of their playlists or “other music like this” mixes. So it just forced me to listen to a bunch of bad music and ads. The interface also didn’t have anything attractive about it. However, this was a long time ago. Pandora could be good now, who knows? But they used to be shitty enough that I tried out other platforms. Surprisingly, people do still use Pandora - for example, I just went to a bar that was playing the manager’s Pandora playlists.
Uncomfortable Shirt
Uncomfortable Shirt 24 gün önce
@Amanda Alexandre because you’re poor
Chris L
Chris L 24 gün önce
Hell yeah no one's gon know you murder children now fam
Platinum Hustle
Platinum Hustle 27 gün önce
@scrums Lmfaooo
Bárbara Bechelli Keidel
I’ve never felt more offended, this guy was PERFECT
Steel Beam
Steel Beam Aylar önce
I’ve never seen a single Apple Music user act this way
Vibes Reverb
Vibes Reverb Aylar önce
I love when he does more than word association jokes
ScariestTwo 23
ScariestTwo 23 Aylar önce
The only thing Apple Music had was good lyrics but now Spotify got that too! 😂😂
Laugh Boys
Laugh Boys Aylar önce
Denial,, bargaining, depression and acceptance - the five stages of grief and also of being an Apple Music listener seeing their friends’ Spotify Wrapped.
Adomical Aylar önce
Found it
Adomical Aylar önce
@Luke Hill how do you find that?
Luke Hill
Luke Hill Aylar önce
@Adomical Apple Music replay
Adomical Aylar önce
@Luke Hill what is it?
Luke Hill
Luke Hill Aylar önce
Apple Music does have a version of wrapped
That_Demon_Halo 24 gün önce
Honestly as someone who uses Apple Music I'm kinda sad we don't have something like Spotify wrapped :/
Stephen Creates
Stephen Creates Aylar önce
I love how apple used to be the "artist" choice and it slowly became the stuck up 5K dollar douche computer, that doesn't let you color outside the lines.
tjreed141 Aylar önce
apple music has the same thing as spotify wrapped just unfortunately less cinematic
Ryan Molstad
Ryan Molstad Aylar önce
as a apple music user, you are 100%, factually, couldn't be more...right about most of AM's population
Phyla Zen
Phyla Zen Aylar önce
this is me, every year around this time. i hate spotify so much but i always feel so left out lmao
Adog311 Aylar önce
i use apple music on my phone and spotify free on playstation so my spotify wrapped was basically my playlist of songs i looped for hours while playing games
Lil Slippery
Lil Slippery Aylar önce
Bruh I have Apple Music and still spend most of my time on SoundCloud😂
The Zipper
The Zipper Aylar önce
honestly tho, I kinda find it super annoying how there’s always that one day of the year where everyone posts their wrap. Every one has that artists where they’re in the top 1% and they’re all like “Y’all are fake fans 😩” Idk dude that shit just pisses me off. Congrats, you listen to music. How crazy
Zee H
Zee H 25 gün önce
The freaking U2 albums play as soon as I connect to a speaker, even when I try to use Spotify
fitae /fiefsos
fitae /fiefsos Aylar önce
It told me this would play in a movie scene where you tell someone you love them and played the pizza delivery music from spiderman😭
Mindi Aylar önce
I used to switch between apple music and spotify because they would always give me free trials or good offers by turns. Saved a lot of money but the wrapped thing wasn’t accurate💀😢
lil pupper
lil pupper 24 gün önce
As an Apple Music user, can confirm we need therapy- and help- serious help 🙂
Diedrich Films
Diedrich Films Aylar önce
I’d probably use Spotify if they didn’t recommend pop music in my metal playlist 🤷🏼‍♂️
Lee 20 gün önce
As an Apple Music user, I wish I had Spotify wrapped. :(
Lucas Nelson
Lucas Nelson Aylar önce
*MORE U2 ALBUMS NO ONE ASKED FOR* Friking love it 🤣🤣
Your Dad
Your Dad Aylar önce
I use apple and i’m secretly pondering what my spotify wrapped would look like
Ana-Brit Asplen
Ana-Brit Asplen Aylar önce
The struggle when your music apps are Amazon Music (not unlimited, just what comes with Prime) and the stuff you have downloaded to your phone via iTunes
Daruki Neo
Daruki Neo Aylar önce
@wii8 HEY! don't be rude man, censor the bad words! It's Bri*is*
SpaceGhost WestCoast
Jesus who hurt you
instant_ramen420 Aylar önce
@Flamthrowr free spotify is literally the worst thing ever
kpe Lmao
kpe Lmao Aylar önce
British detected
Yuri tarded
Yuri tarded Aylar önce
I got unlimited and it's great
Ross Ashland
Ross Ashland Aylar önce
"A real tax paying adult's, music streaming platform" Couldn't be farther from the truth 🤣🤣
MelonyIsHereOfficial 23 gün önce
Now everyone knows SoundCloud is the superior music streaming app 😌
davis1082 Aylar önce
It was the "menthols, oatmilk, and neglect" line for me 🤣🤣🤣
Norb 23 gün önce
"Oh does it also teach to color in the lines?" I lost it 😂
Arim 1385
Arim 1385 Aylar önce
Honestly i love Apple Music more than spotify
Galacticboy2009 Aylar önce
What's funny is that Apple products walk you through literally everything and hide advanced settings like you're a little baby
Yaunie13 Aylar önce
The whole holding hand thing would be really funny coming from an apple user lmao
eesr Aylar önce
“You ever thought about therapy?” LMAO
beef using premium
beef using premium Aylar önce
All true, but Apple Music pays artists more fairly, and I don’t really feel comfortable supporting Spotify. Spotify is such a predatory platform for artists.
Joseph Oakley
Joseph Oakley 7 gün önce
@Kid_Amnesiak I didn’t know about tidal! I might switch over to them in that case
Kid_Amnesiak 7 gün önce
Tidal pays artists more than Apple Music (about twice as much per stream), so is that actually a primary reason you use Apple or is that how you justify it? Lol. I personally have a subscription to Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music Unlimited (which also pays more than Apple). I've used Apple Music too. In my experience Spotify and Tidal are the best music streaming services. It's great to want to support artists more than just what streaming payouts a service gives them, but in the end the best way to support an artists is to buy their merch, music, concert tickets etc... Not just streaming songs. And I'm going to go with the platforms that give the best experience. I do understand though if you have an iPhone that its probably more convenient to use Apple's own service, because they design it to be that way and keep you stuck.
Joseph Oakley
Joseph Oakley 19 gün önce
That’s why I pay for it instead of Spotify
redneck walrus
redneck walrus Aylar önce
this is my internal dialogue right now as an apple music user. I'm in it for the free apple tv+
Blake Sking
Blake Sking Aylar önce
Just switched from Apple Music to Spotify yesterday cause i couldn’t take it. 5 years of loyalty out the window
Tytus Majewski
Tytus Majewski Aylar önce
as an apple music user i can relate
Wilson Simons
Wilson Simons Aylar önce
I’ve had Apple Music but when I see the Spotify wrapped is the only point that I actually want spotify
Molbo6 Aylar önce
as someone who uses apple music, i apologize on their behalf, go enjoy what you personality like
tropicalprincess16 Aylar önce
As someone who has Apple Music and hasn’t used Spotify in years I really enjoyed this lol
Gage Adkins
Gage Adkins Aylar önce
I feel bad now. I’ve literally made most of the same points that he has.
Kevin Mullins
Kevin Mullins Aylar önce
I wish Apple Music would do something similar to Spotify Wrapped because Replay isn’t the same on there 😂
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper Aylar önce
I don’t stream music, I download it directly from the internet and put it on my iPod because I want to relive the glory days of limewire.
Maclunkey 24 gün önce
As an apple music listener I can confirm we do look down on everyone else
Origin Aylar önce
Cmon, we all know Amazon Music is the REAL superior music streaming platform
Gianna Alston
Gianna Alston Aylar önce
Spotify wrapped is the reason I switched to Spotify over Apple Music 😬
Garry's YouTube
Garry's YouTube Aylar önce
iTunes comes in like royalty “hah imagine not owning your music!”
寿司sushi Aylar önce
I mean… Spotify wrapped is just a meme at this point. I DON’T NEED IT I HAVE APPLE MUSIC :’)
Pascal Konzack
Pascal Konzack Aylar önce
Just wait till he hears that apple music is capped at 256kbit/s whilst spotify does 320kbit/s.(though spotifys audio quality still is pretty bad)
vapecuck Aylar önce
All my Spotify friends make fun of me for having Apple Music... to me this video should be the other way around
I was here
I was here 19 gün önce
"Spits on peasants" had me choking 😂😂
eben Aylar önce
His “yet” really dovetailed into that harmonica line…
Zonies Coasters
Zonies Coasters Aylar önce
When I'm in someone else's car and trying to play them a song I think they might like but they have apple music so it's just straight up not there.
Walleby Damned
Walleby Damned Aylar önce
Apple isn't telling me I was in the top .001% of Chumbawamba listeners so I'll stick to Spotify.
WrongTool Willie
WrongTool Willie 7 gün önce
I love how he makes fun of both but they light cost the same
IHazShort Aylar önce
I don't use Apple Music, but to be fair, it was a good U2 album👌
MetallicAGirl 1403
MetallicAGirl 1403 Aylar önce
I’ve never had Spotify Wrapped before. I got Spotify in 2020 but barely used it. I had to use it a lot for my music lessons this year, (lockdowns and all that). I saw people taking about it so decided to check it out. Looking at all the facts they gave you like “Your top 4 songs” or “Your top genre’s” or “You’re a top % listener of your favourite artist” whilst some of the other songs you listened to played in the background, really made me smile and makes me want to listen to Spotify every day to prepare for wrapped 2022. If you haven’t checked out your Spotify wrapped yet, I would highly recommend it.
grilledsushi Aylar önce
I think we all need a “wears airpods 3 once”
JELLY✨ the crazed ranboo stan ✨
I have Apple Music, and I am SO jealous of people talking about their Spotify wraps.
Nicole Aylar önce
That U2 album was indeed a good album
Nathan Davies
Nathan Davies Aylar önce
Not having a wrapped is a small price to pay for a good UI and better ways to find new artists to love. Use Apple Music, tried Spotify and it was fine but I found Apple Music much more user friendly.
Shalom Aylar önce
For me surfing TRvid at 3am is what has helped me discover the bulk of the new artists I listen to and spotify has helped me find similar artists. I personally like how spotify is set up so I guess it's just a matter of preference.
Philip Tiddies
Philip Tiddies 9 gün önce
As someone in the top .5% of spotify listeners I take offense to Apple music just on principle
Cooper Morrell
Cooper Morrell Aylar önce
This guy could play the Teacher from The Incredibles.
SnappyHat2007 Aylar önce
I use Spotify because id rather have ads instead of having to pay monthly just to use apple music
Levi Rosenlieb
Levi Rosenlieb 24 gün önce
A real music lover uses TRvid to find obscure and misplaced music 😤😤
Pale King with a gun
I use TRvid music so I just love seeing the drama between the other two music streaming services.
i’m an apple user and i loved my spotify wrapped
Fabulous Aylar önce
When that U2 fiasco happened, I actually left apple until they gave us a way to remove it
jadedjimmy Aylar önce
I’m an Apple Music user and I’m well aware that Spotify is just better in so many ways, I’m just too lazy to switch at this point lmao
Amanda Alexandre
Amanda Alexandre Aylar önce
Stick to what's better for you
Warmed Tadpole
Warmed Tadpole Aylar önce
Nah but he has a point. Do you really need an app to tell you who your favorite artist is?
Verania Amaton
Verania Amaton Aylar önce
Am I the only Apple Music user that just uses it for the aesthetics lol
STR Seraph
STR Seraph 24 gün önce
Apple music actually does have something similar to Spotify wrapped lmao. But really funny skit
Aeris Orange
Aeris Orange 27 gün önce
as a real musician, i have all four. spotify, apple, youtube and neglect premium
Ideocratic Seminar
Ideocratic Seminar 25 gün önce
bruh the u2 thing is way too relatable as a spotify premium listener with an apple device that’s always trying to shove random stuff down your throat
Jupiter Love
Jupiter Love 29 gün önce
As an Apple Music user, yes we do need hugs
Axelotlee Aylar önce
Proud to be an apple music listener and yes I do need a hug.
One Brain Cell Army
One Brain Cell Army 23 gün önce
As someone who has Apple Music, there’s a lot of songs it doesn’t have or won’t let you listen to due to country restrictions. And anime songs, for example, are only in their live action version. There’s nothing to brag about using Apple Music. TRvid Music is more convenient.
Paulaxed Aylar önce
Honetstly, I want Apple to release something new, just for another Trevor Wallace video. Apple fan boy is my favorite.
Noah Sherwood
Noah Sherwood Aylar önce
That U2 line had me rolling
Katzzen Aylar önce
We’re only a few days in and I’m already annoyed to no end with all the people who post their Spotify wrapped like LITERALLY ANYONE cares.
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