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8 Oct 2019




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Salmon-ella 50 dakika önce
god this is such a pathetic attempt to reclaim your dignity. you can be masculine, thats fine, just dont try to use that to edge your way into communities you have no place in.
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Don’t act like Pam act like paul
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Show a man face
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
But yet u go as Pamela Anderson yet u want to be a man call ur rev the shrink isn’t helping
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Try talking to ur rev
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Make no sense
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Male with make up and u show make up hair
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Blessed Balloons
Blessed Balloons Saatler önce
Trisha, I want to support you but I don’t think I can. You are the only one who knows you so if you do think you might be genderqueer, that’s totally okay. I support you in that but some of the things you said in that video were very misinformed and offensive. I’m a non-binary person myself, and was genuinely offended by what you said. While I cannot go back to supporting you and your channel because I personally was offended, I do want to tell you that you can be both. You can be a woman and a man at the same time. That’s how I identify. I hope things get better for you.
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
What does ur father say???
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
U need to clock in a shrink for a while
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
U look like a woman there nuts u look straight up god didn’t want u to change or he would of made u that way
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Go hang with straight people
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
U like make up u dress up u like that u love ur hair ur not suppose to be a man
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Y are u still talking??? If u want to be a male do something do u pray???
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Y can’t u be ur self????
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Ok she is a woman so she wants to be bi or a man????
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
Help me understand
Lea ann Schaum
Lea ann Schaum Saatler önce
I’m knew I’d Trisha boy or girl?
top pot
top pot 2 saatler önce
Stop lying, you got all those surgeries to look more feminine now you are saying you are trans. Well this happens to be another money making video
leda the psychic
leda the psychic 4 saatler önce
I dont think she's full on lying or anything. Like think about the amount of people who thought they wanted to transition or even just use pronouns to test stuff out and see if it's for them. A lot of those smae people never stuck with that identity and go back to identifying as cis, BUT they might not be able to see that until theyve actually tried to find what they feel comfy with
Jenny Boyle
Jenny Boyle 5 saatler önce
You got hate cause ur a absolute prick
Stan The Man
Stan The Man 6 saatler önce
She's in denial and having a crisis. Being masc doesnt mean you're ftm. If you where really ftm she would have figured that out and done something about that years ago. But no. She glamorizes having big tits, and has never talked about this before. All she wants to do is fetishize gay/effeminate men and in turn fetishize ftm like rcd art. If you are trans, that's well and good, but golly honey.
c. gth
c. gth 9 saatler önce
There's so much hate in the comments, and I understand that ppl feel hurt because the whole discourse affects ppl in a really personal place, but there's no need to be mean and evil to a person who is probably confused and sad and unhappy. We all struggle, finding our identity and some of us understand the complex field of gender and sexuality and everything around that, more easily than others. Still we have to respect the feelings even of someone who is not sharp enough to figure it out on themselves. We have to respect that every human being has a perception of themselves that is different than anyone else's. Of course it's problematic because she, as someone with a wide sharing range can create confusion about the whole discussion, still we can't hurt someone just because they're making themselves vulnerable in an unhealthy context. Please look after eachother, be patient and open and try not to discriminate back just because we've been repressed for so much time. We should work on our society to make sure it goes in a direction where it allows everyone of us to be as they like.
Teresa Benson
Teresa Benson 9 saatler önce
I just want to say every transgender person has a starting point. That starting point is rolling out who you are. This is T’s starting point. With every transgender I’ve met and seen interviews, all say it starts from within. It’s something inside you that no one can understand. Also I’m really sad with what the LGBTQIA community has turned into. This is not who our community is. We out of all people should understand. We get beaten up, loose jobs, not welcomed (religion), and treated unfairly just because of who we are.
rossi milanova
rossi milanova 9 saatler önce
no one: no one at all: TRvidrs every month: *apology*
Tia Edmonds
Tia Edmonds 13 saatler önce
the only way she's gonna stop doing this shit is if people stop paying attention to her. it is always something. every week we got a grown ass woman crying on camera over her own actions. its truly tired at this point
Jaimee Lynn
Jaimee Lynn 13 saatler önce
You made an apology video just to tell everyone that they should feel bad for telling you that this sounds like entire bullshit after everything you’ve done? And how you present yourself now? We don’t feel bad. You made a mockery of trans people, have made a mockery of other LGBT+ people and this just sounds like you wanting US to apologize to YOU for getting rightfully upset about it.
Oliver Blair
Oliver Blair 14 saatler önce
Had to get that ad money on this video tho
Amber Hanson
Amber Hanson 14 saatler önce
Just my feels on this. She might be trans, i dont believe it but im not her so I cant say for sure, but I feel shes more having an entire identity crisis and shes melting down. Im happy shes seeing a therapist for all of this and I'm hoping she is doing some research on this stuff cuz she may be apart of the community but just doesnt know what part yet.
Some Days
Some Days 15 saatler önce
U need dysphoria to be transgender and I don't think u have dysphoria, questioning ur gender is a thing and you dont havd to put ur self in to a group. But ur just not a trans guy sorry
kiele kassidy
kiele kassidy 16 saatler önce
I just want to give you a hug
rachel wilper
rachel wilper 16 saatler önce
i seriously think she has mental health issues. she can keep doing youtube but she needs to seek help.
Chloe Stall
Chloe Stall 18 saatler önce
Is she crying..AGAIN-
Ashley Panda
Ashley Panda 18 saatler önce
Shoot - I remember when you identified as a chicken nugget . you just keep making that money booboo !
mcr 56567
mcr 56567 19 saatler önce
how can u say that you struggle with this if u obviously dont experience dysphoria. ive met trans men who would rather DIE than wear clothes that present them as female. theres a difference between wanting to dress masculine and NEEDING to present male in order to calm the dysphoria. it eats at them and youre here invalidating them. its disgusting.
Sarah Saltiel
Sarah Saltiel 19 saatler önce
Your camera is not your therapist. TRvid isn’t your therapist. I felt like this entire video was you talking to a therapist...go pay someone, hun. Educate yourself, work through your shit, and come out with a better apology video instead of trying to make this “therapy time”
HuneyBeeXD 19 saatler önce
EVERYONE STOP HATING She spills her guts out on the internet and all she gets is hate Let her be! AND LET HER BE HERSELF
LevoGames 21 saatler önce
so fake you should leave youtube for a while and learn some things
Snicker Doodle
Snicker Doodle 21 saatler önce
Trisha needs a real friend in her life where she can just be herself and stop caring.
Emily Stow
Emily Stow 21 saatler önce
I think the hatred comes from your standpoint of privlege right now. You know, like there's people like me out there that had to wear female clothing because there were no men's clothing at the shelter I was in, and I tried to kill myself and change when I couldn't take T anymore. There's people born into gangs who can't be out of the closet; so much repressed anger that they have and you don't deserve to be lashed out at. You sound really emotionally distressed, and my heart hurts for you. In the LGBTQ+, and in the trans* community especially you have to earn your stars to not get bothered by questioned by anyone. I was out as bisexual since grade 7 (25 now), and started transitioning in 12th grade. I never got questioned, but had some who told me I was too pretty, or didn't want me to. It's the whole wave of Tumblr gays, and trans* people that are making the community upset, because some of them are previous bullies. I think you need to read some feminist literature regarding gender, and explore what it means to be a woman to you. I don't want you to feel like you have to try to join our community because you feel vulnerable, alone, and dealing with misogynist men. It's so hard to be a strong woman in today's society and I hope you find yourself.
fanny Blackaller
fanny Blackaller 22 saatler önce
Sweety i think you have symptoms of borderline personality disorder. Please go see your psychiatrist
Tsubaki 22 saatler önce
What a sincere apology video. 🤡🤢💀 Well organized, and clear! trvid.com/video/video-XoYt_6s5QfE.html
Jade Mercier
Jade Mercier 23 saatler önce
You sound like you are pansexual and gender fluid my love...please research the terms
Mollie Fizzy
Mollie Fizzy Gün önce
Do yall ever notice she makes controversial videos right before a drop of a music video trish is clever but it honestly gets so tiring seeing her repeat all the same cycles
IDKHow Rat
IDKHow Rat Gün önce
Every damn time
hypocritical homosexual
What you are doing is making the Trans community look bad. If u want to support us watch trans TRvidrs. Get educated. Stop doing publicity stunts for attention
Megan Fox
Megan Fox Gün önce
And they say Aaron Carter is a Trainwreck... just saying
Megan Fox
Megan Fox Gün önce
Stop talking about transgender. You're making it seem like a whim for people who have died because they were born like that. This is atrocious, you need a new therapist. How low can you go? Honestly
Jade Has Sum Squirt
“LBGTK+” hun u good?
Jodie Edwards
Jodie Edwards Gün önce
What confuses me is how the lgbt community preaches acceptance and how you can be anyone you want to be and when this person decides they want to be someone else they get shit for it. Wether it doesn’t fit into your box of what it means to be trans or non binary or what ever this is how this person feels and dare you be horrible just because it isn’t your typical gender identity crisis
park tsuri
park tsuri Gün önce
we can't even know if they're trolling or not this is so sad
park tsuri
park tsuri Gün önce
stan loona
r.i.0me Gün önce
Is she mentally ill or on drugs?
Jake Gün önce
I can't.... I just can't like ummmm what?
PeachScoutzy Gün önce
Wtf guys leave trish alone she's trying to find out who she is as a person. She's going through an identity crisis and yall just making her feel stupid, saying that she's crazy and wrong for feeling a certain way. This is disgusting.
Dara Sunn
Dara Sunn Gün önce
i support you honey. im so sorry you have to deal with all this shit. lets get through this together. im so sorry, i love you, your feelings are valid
Lisa Doyle
Lisa Doyle Gün önce
I only see things getting worse from here with Trisha. It's really sad that her mental illness is on display for the world to see. True friends and family, in her life, should really convince her to get OFF TRvid.
Va1_3rie Gün önce
It is 10000% okay to struggle with your gender identity. Just say you're confused and you feel different and talk about how you feel. For someone who allegedly doesn't like labels you're really quick to adopt them and prance around with them splashed on your shirt to fit in. Stop with the "i have boobs so I cannot be trans" that's not why you cannot be trans. You are confused and unsure. Figure it out or don't and just be YOU. Be yourself. You can be Non-Binary, you can be bi, you can be woman attracted to a feminine man who treats women right. But I sure am happy to hear you're going to a therapist. because that is 1000% where you need to be right now. The issue is you labeling yourself, not how you feel. do not make it into something it's not.
Bum Yoon
Bum Yoon Gün önce
smh, stop.
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