Apex Legends Season 11's Final Secret...

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The final season 11 teaser is here and we now know the name of the new map! This was the final secret before we head to Storm Point Gaea and I couldn't be more excited. Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video. Sponsored by EA x.ea.com/62490

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22 Eki 2021




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staycation Aylar önce
cant wait for season 54
DA DEmon
DA DEmon Aylar önce
Yassssss queen
Wyatt Silfies
Wyatt Silfies Aylar önce
Apex is long dead by season 30 unless they bring jack cooper into Apex then it back
BlazerTheGod23 Aylar önce
Nani season 54
Revenant Aylar önce
Probably gonna get the leaks for that season soon tbh
Melanie M
Melanie M Aylar önce
If there around that long lol
Valentin Kolev
Valentin Kolev Aylar önce
I realy want to see your sens😭😭😭
roy beaumont
roy beaumont Aylar önce
dizzypog Aylar önce
Yo Staycation. i have been watching u alot and for a long time. i dont know if im right but, it feels like u have started to editing ur videos a bit different but i like it! for example: u cut the video on swear words wich is sometimes hilarous, that kinda stuff. keep up with it. i believe that one day ur channel will grow big and get millions of subs. in 4-6 months i think ur channel will be around 1.5-2m subs. much love and respect.
the unkown mr.
the unkown mr. Aylar önce
Please don't tell me you haven't seen the game play leaks of Ash and her abilities. I think you're just being naive about it because you don't want to bring light to the leakers. I know you know what her abilities are. I know you're just appeasing EA. I'd do the same thing in your position.
DnknDonutts Aylar önce
Harry Buckley
Harry Buckley Aylar önce
can you please play as revenant as he is my faivorite but no one makes videos on him anymore :(
Justin The Dragon
Justin The Dragon Aylar önce
hello guys, how can i get those bangalore trackers??
Jakobey Aylar önce
Don’t forget G7 scout!! Literally hasn’t changed imo and still my my go to😆 Can’t wait for season 11!!😆😆
jpsdxrcy Aylar önce
it’s going into the care package unfortunately
Isiah Robinson
Isiah Robinson Aylar önce
That intro omg 😂😭 “what’s up José” you’re actually so funny 🤣
kareem Aylar önce
Ash should be good in sz 11 but its gonna take lots of convincing to change from wraith🗣
Adam V
Adam V Aylar önce
You should make a video with janks and itemp plays
miyu Aylar önce
ibrahim amin
ibrahim amin Aylar önce
I think the tracker pic is part of which she took with her brother
Ky Aylar önce
It's crazy stay went from just playing to checking teasers to showing lore that us normal players can't find to playing games like titan fall to test the guns early stay your a real legend
Titangamerhd Aylar önce
ive been playing Titanfall since the first one, i already know the deal with the car smg its DESTROYS,
NowakP Aylar önce
Best intro ever. Of all time.
Jaden Maxwell
Jaden Maxwell Aylar önce
But step Ash is the host of the Rena's she should change her ability to control the other contenders
Xayy Aylar önce
‼️if it works like titan fall i’d call the c CAR smg an all around weapon at all ranges 😈considering it’s little to none recoil and in apex it’s ability to consume heavy or light ammo🤷🏽‍♂️. The car smg would be a pea shooter at range but would be controllable and would be more of a laser up close but would lack fire rate compared to a gun like the R 9. 👎🏽so it’s a gun that u would generally have to be decent at the game to use considering no matter what range u are , there’s always guns that excel better in that range.
woah izzy
woah izzy Aylar önce
Ash is coming so is the new map just that ship that crash landed on the new map I think that could be Jackson’s ship because just think
Jay Staxkzzz
Jay Staxkzzz Aylar önce
Nah the CAR is gonna be way better than the r99 but I doubt it'll be better than the Volt since its the all around smg so I believe the CAR is gonna be strong but won't need a nerf so lets hope the pro's don't B*TCH
JoggingLegend Aylar önce
In lower rank at least 1 person in every team uses the bow. No cap
Echoz Aylar önce
I played titanfall 2 yesterday the servers were fine and I got into a game fast
Silbae 000
Silbae 000 Aylar önce
Thank you for showing all these teasers and in game content. I haven't had internet for half a year now so it's nice to get to see the shtuff
tension revival
tension revival Aylar önce
This is my favorite stay video
Abhi Chikara
Abhi Chikara Aylar önce
This man needs to turn on subs idk what's wrong with him.
Soul Aylar önce
Can't wait for season 69
Cedric Woodland
Cedric Woodland Aylar önce
@Stay your vid are always enjoyable..you probably the only content creator video i’ll comment on
CYC Dark0 60 hz
CYC Dark0 60 hz Aylar önce
You have inhuman aim. I have inhuman aim that no human can do worse than me
Will Hanna
Will Hanna Aylar önce
What if the new map name is geae cause Caustic mentions one he is talking about his heirloom giant spiders who have a thing when they’re destroyed that affects a legends respiratory system that forces them to not breathe and the new island has all these spiders that Knox talks about and they’ve teased the island multiple times throughout the last seasons when he went to the island with crypto and talked about his mom
Eclpse22Gaming Aylar önce
apex be coming to jamaica ...Rocking to some Bob Marley
Apredox Someting
Apredox Someting Aylar önce
the intro I laughed my ass off dude ur content is gold stay
Isacco Tanghetti
Isacco Tanghetti Aylar önce
Im ready for Loba to rub it in... Epic
H_H Aylar önce
00:01 🙄🙄😐
Zaid Alshammari
Zaid Alshammari Aylar önce
The way he said only 29 wins like it's not a lot
Eddy Cedeno
Eddy Cedeno Aylar önce
I want play a match with you
kingdevolos Aylar önce
I miss stay on controller
UnboundPowerUnit Aylar önce
Steam like a wonton
Kkeanec Aylar önce
ult be like is like the ronin titan that slash then phase
UnboundPowerUnit Aylar önce
Stay thank you for making me smile
bliip Aylar önce
Got a feeling the new smg will be a heavy weapon...giving the prowler some competition. Actually, I'd go further to say that the CAR will take the place of the selectfire prowler since I don't think we'll be seeing the select fire attachment come back anytime soon (smh)
bliip Aylar önce
@MOD KING I caught that after commenting, thanks to the leaks smh
MOD KING Aylar önce
you can switch between light and heavy ammo types. its "Flexible"
Justice Beller
Justice Beller Aylar önce
i loved the “SHEESH” after the distress call💀
簡士哲 Aylar önce
簡士哲 Aylar önce
簡士哲 Aylar önce
簡士哲 Aylar önce
The NativeZebra
The NativeZebra Aylar önce
your content keeps me playing.
The NativeZebra
The NativeZebra Aylar önce
keep it real 💯 👌
not homo
not homo Aylar önce
stay we already saw gameplay on the new map
shisui uchiha
shisui uchiha Aylar önce
People are just gonna complain about ash and the car so they gonna be nerfed like everything else that came in the game i cant even be to excited about the new stuff cuz i already know how this ends
Then enjoy them before that happens, seems like you the one crying here and want overpowered legends to stay the same
brad lui
brad lui Aylar önce
Or forges death could of have had been a faked death. Forge new he woudn't stand a chance against the apex champions so he planned his death out OR since he apparently has a twin, his twin could of have had set up his death because of jealousy
vehmex Aylar önce
Ashes heirloom could be her sword🧠
J Sports Updates
J Sports Updates Aylar önce
If it’s anything else I’ll be disappointed
Benny B
Benny B Aylar önce
my favorite youtuber
Christian Martell
Christian Martell Aylar önce
All I want is that bang heirloom 🙏😭😭 but great vid btw 🔥
ChuckTee92 Aylar önce
4:33 “we got literally everybody and their mother pulling up to the edge of the map here” ahaha 😂💀😂💀
BWGam3z Aylar önce
I've been holding my eyes out on this teaser waiting for you to make a video on it so I could experience it in all its glory with a bit of seasoning.
Jeffrey Darlington
Jeffrey Darlington Aylar önce
His reaction in the start is so good
INikeAir Aylar önce
Stay ima let you know, this is THE BEST video you have ever made. The editing, you were freaking HILARIOUS and you talking just flowed like water. Looks like you truly enjoyed this recording. Yeah yeah yeah, let’s geddiiiiit
MagnetikKnawlede Aylar önce
Hahah bro I been saying this for time like season 14 legend gonna be forge still alive. I already see it too. Never thought of him as the rat though
Tommie Williams
Tommie Williams Aylar önce
I have a Detention
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Aylar önce
The 301 and the peacekeeper both just don't feel good to me this season like they don't feel like they pack the same punch
same bro Since rank split the R301 hit different for me it just different so i switched to R99 and glad i did.
N3KST Aylar önce
Do you use those guns often?
Patrik Praprotnik
Patrik Praprotnik Aylar önce
"Actually we still got the halloween event coming at some point"... who's gonna tell him XD
Griddz Aylar önce
13 is what the best season will be hands down “BLISK”
Gabriel Deelio
Gabriel Deelio Aylar önce
@Balor The Dreamer B)
Balor The Dreamer
Balor The Dreamer Aylar önce
Imma show my support incase you're right. In fact: CLAIM YOUR "SEASON 13 BLISK" BADGE HERE Y'ALL
lxquidStxtics Aylar önce
Dude it’s season 827282 not 11 ugh
Lewis Adams
Lewis Adams Aylar önce
I heard there’s a forge museum poi on the new map (might be another map, can’t remember)
Yahya Alghamdi
Yahya Alghamdi Aylar önce
I love your vids you are like my favorite TRvidr on apex
scooper21 Aylar önce
Mahlia Aberdein
Mahlia Aberdein Aylar önce
Lol season 54😂
kahdeem02 Aylar önce
Background music is hittin diff today 4:34
Dark Delta
Dark Delta Aylar önce
I love you’re channel dude! Keep up the great content!
Aidan Thomas
Aidan Thomas Aylar önce
good video LOVE THE HAIR ♥
Merch Boi
Merch Boi Aylar önce
Rev doesn't work for Hammond anymore. He killed Forge out of spit fir the company creating him and lying to him for over 300 years. I don't think they would be able to make Forge into a rat and Ashe doesn't belong to Hammond. Just like in Titanfall 2 she works under Vinson Robotics, but now Kinda Blisk since she runs a branch off the Apex Games. Good theory though keep think them up, Stay.
Saucerz Aylar önce
Fuse in the intro 😩✋
Harrison Walker
Harrison Walker Aylar önce
Ayo big man stay your literally a more fun staycation then anything my family come up with
Howard Amosa
Howard Amosa Aylar önce
Cool and all but can we get a dub 😐
Francisco Espinoza
Francisco Espinoza Aylar önce
Caustic didn’t move because she threw the knife in his neck probably not becuase it had like poison or something
Merch Boi
Merch Boi Aylar önce
He is referring the the Tactical that electrocuted him. The dart see threw into him is a Data Knife which may be her passive. Its said she will scan death boxes and it will track the surviving enemy. We do need a poison legend though. That would be sick.
Brandon Nelson
Brandon Nelson Aylar önce
Always love seeing your reactions man, should look into acting bro ✌🏼🔥
Yarraka Waterton
Yarraka Waterton Aylar önce
That's Bangalore's brother on the thacks
uvu alex ^ ^
uvu alex ^ ^ Aylar önce
Nice vid stay keep up the work
BoiRay Aylar önce
Nice vid bro
Your content is too good man. It's just so enjoyable to watch your videos. When I see a new upload I immediately get excited
shimon458 Aylar önce
how can i get this trackers for bangalore?
Merch Boi
Merch Boi Aylar önce
Do what he did in the vid. Scan that map thingy and it should work. Maybe do all the teasers.
Sythe Aylar önce
it looks sick tbh im hyped for this
Ozzy 1102
Ozzy 1102 Aylar önce
Hey Stay if you see this I just wanna say great videos and keep up the good work 😊
The Crusher6497
The Crusher6497 Aylar önce
He sayed the seasons always start of with a bang and he’s playing as bangalore
Dorian Welton
Dorian Welton Aylar önce
Ezequiel Garcia
Ezequiel Garcia Aylar önce
Stay, you're a freaking legend. If you had a passive, it would be making my day.
OYU LO-MAY Aylar önce
Totally balanced statement devs please don’t fix
Aylar önce
@Gabriel Deelio 💀lmao
Gabriel Deelio
Gabriel Deelio Aylar önce
@ㅉ *cradles by sub urban plays*
Aylar önce
Gabriel Deelio
Gabriel Deelio Aylar önce
Deathbringer Aylar önce
Hey stay thank you so much for uploading so often I really appreciate that your content is so interesting and fun to watch so thanks for that keep up the good work!
Japanese food
Japanese food Aylar önce
CocisGamer Aylar önce
Jesuloba Olaoye
Jesuloba Olaoye Aylar önce
Me when stay posts "less goooo" That intro was 5 star netflix quality👌🏿💥💯
Razzy Emmett
Razzy Emmett Aylar önce
Let's go
King Williams
King Williams Aylar önce
Keep up the gr8 work!
Carlos Espinoza
Carlos Espinoza Aylar önce
Im so excited
Dhrupan Deepu
Dhrupan Deepu Aylar önce
KamaikaMa Aylar önce
Hello staycation 🤗
ProSkillz! Aylar önce
I was here in 12 seconds after u posted❤️
Francisco Espinoza
Francisco Espinoza Aylar önce
AMNEST Aylar önce
@Francisco Espinoza Ok
Francisco Espinoza
Francisco Espinoza Aylar önce
Sorry the comments just loaded in my bad
AMNEST Aylar önce
Dominic S.
Dominic S. Aylar önce
Instant click. Good shit stay!
Just Jack
Just Jack Aylar önce
Cezar BORTA Aylar önce
I can't wait
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