Apex Legends Season 11 is Going to be BIG!

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Apex Legends season 11 is right around the corner and it's got a lot of things in store... This is sizing up to be one of the biggest seasons we've ever had and it could potentially be the best one! Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video.

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19 Eki 2021




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staycation Aylar önce
TRvid notifications have been funky spunky lately so I’d appreciate it if y’all double checked if ya got em on 💛 Thank you for the support and enjoy the video 🥰
John S
John S Aylar önce
Could this be the last season? The creator of Apex left and the game went downhill after that.
Kyle The God
Kyle The God Aylar önce
Hey stay tomorrow’s my birthday if you could wish me a happy birthday that would mean a lot to me.
John Johnson
John Johnson Aylar önce
Now can you and all the other creators NOT buy all the skins and heirloom for ash? Like for fuck's sake show some restraint and ethics in not being respawn shills. Whether or not your videos are promoted or not, you're part of the problem of you don't demand better and keep handing money over.
R3D Aylar önce
"I'm gonna be that guy I need a break from city" I felt that 🤣
toobigwild Aylar önce
would love some titanfall
CH1MOU3 Aylar önce
go look for the gameplay in the new map, it's already on youtube
Jordi Gumball
Jordi Gumball Aylar önce
You need to make a rank series next season or maybe the season after I love to watch you play in sweaty comp
lurkq Aylar önce
1:00 🤨 what you mean by dat
AMCKEEL1 Aylar önce
I hate peoples opinions that if everyone goes take it out? Like no. Make the rest of the map as interesting
Daniplays Aylar önce
I feel like season started a few weeks ago
Ricedup7 Aylar önce
GO TO TITANFALL 2! PLEASE! Love Apex but TF2, imo, is the best game.
Kyng Alexander
Kyng Alexander Aylar önce
So did anyone see the grenade??
XxLosBanditosxX Aylar önce
We also get new server issues and glitches! Can't wait!
No Username
No Username Aylar önce
Ronin’s “passive” in tf2 is that he melees with a sword at all times. So maybe that will be ash’s passive (Ronin is ash’s titan)
No Username
No Username Aylar önce
@Cuzofpoopoo official so what? Valkyrie had like 10 passives. Why couldn’t ash also?
Cuzofpoopoo official
Nah, there’s lots of leaked videos and code and gameplay of ash her passive is when somebody dies their death box appears on her mini map.
UrSexiLuv829 Aylar önce
Can we stop saying that each season is gonna be big. Been here since season 0 cheers to the next season is all
ExecutiveDJ Aylar önce
I'm not being cocky but I'm just saying apex won't die anytime soon bc the game is so balanced and a lot of games can't master that, just ignore the servers
Reef Rudolph
Reef Rudolph Aylar önce
Could you send me a friend request I'm a huge fan please my name is kruptonalova plz
The rampage in the thumbs of someone with decent aim is op but I always get teammates who shoot 400 rounds through it and at the end of the game they have 300 damage I personally don't really use lmg's hardly
Darren George
Darren George Aylar önce
Your the SypherPK of apex
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith Aylar önce
Imagine : Pathi boy with sunglasses,Hawaii shorts and Hawaiian flower necklace 😄❤
lelouch lambsauce
lelouch lambsauce Aylar önce
he wants a loba swimsuit skin... his girlfriend will bonk him
Joshua Cordle
Joshua Cordle Aylar önce
Stay’s on that baby blue water vibe again 😂
3ho Aylar önce
season1 is just like yesterday.
Finley Weeks
Finley Weeks Aylar önce
Mans simping for loba
Janluis Valentin
Janluis Valentin Aylar önce
His facial expressions at 3:13
Dylan Mahmud
Dylan Mahmud Aylar önce
It will only be big if they fix the f****** servers
Salvadorian Aylar önce
Swimsuits in a first person shooter. Yes, exactly.
ITzzJ0SHY on Xbox
ITzzJ0SHY on Xbox Aylar önce
Wanna know what else is big
TheDonBarracuda Aylar önce
6:23 I've been having so many games like this recently, my purple shield taking damage more like white shield. Maybe Ash was one of the first and then they improved the process with Revenant, he only has fragments of who he was, he doesn't have much of if any of his original memories. I hope we get boats to travel between islands. I'm still holding out on Octane getting to ride those dragons from season 2. Respawn don't turn this into Dead or Alive X lol
jagrat rao
jagrat rao Aylar önce
1:02 SIMP i totally agree with u btw
chevelle0107 Aylar önce
"everyone will have their fair share of server issues" been having server issues for the past 7 seasons.
簡士哲 Aylar önce
bobbypesojr247 Aylar önce
No recoil whatsoever 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
General Li Shin
General Li Shin Aylar önce
Lol we say this every season and it's crashes cause of the same core issues
Andre van Iterson
Andre van Iterson Aylar önce
Excited for the new season for sure, but I'm hoping they're going to fix the audio (team coming up behind you without any indicatio) and make the game more compatible with PS5. Ever since I've bought it, constant lag en freeze-frames. When I switch to PS4, it runs smoothly.
Ryan Goliath
Ryan Goliath Aylar önce
Wouldn't be surprised if Ash's sword is an heirloom or possibly a passive melee buff
Wee Rose 7274
Wee Rose 7274 Aylar önce
I think ps4 TITANFALL 2 is still working
Wee Rose 7274
Wee Rose 7274 Aylar önce
Bro I remember the ps4 days watching get used to m and k was inspiring and u inspired me to get used to m and k you have came so far stay
[ll] noob gaming
[ll] noob gaming Aylar önce
The c,a,r is an amazing SMG
Liam Harwood
Liam Harwood Aylar önce
Revenent and ash might have some lore between each other as they are both simulacrums
Wergraphy Aylar önce
5:44 well the abilities are already leaked.
Xx-Prufo8-xX Aylar önce
If u go to arenas then in the starting room theres the ash holo but u can see it change
Mr_Slayer 1205
Mr_Slayer 1205 Aylar önce
I always wanted revenants ultimate to be like 2 daggers that has the orange effect his tactical has and than he gets like a 15 20% speed boost with 35 or 40 damage per hit
Saeif Kira
Saeif Kira Aylar önce
why you don't play ranking 🤔
[NL] Ghoxt xxx
[NL] Ghoxt xxx Aylar önce
Well late to the party but I am happy ash is finally making her way into the game great content again stay love ya keep em coming
Casey Alexander
Casey Alexander Aylar önce
New map, New legend, same old shitty servers and game crashes.
Zoltan Varga
Zoltan Varga Aylar önce
Apex and smoothness? Comeon bro...
Pancake Aylar önce
loba with a bikini? oh no
freakerbear 1000
freakerbear 1000 Aylar önce
I can’t stop thinking about ash
Akecheta Aylar önce
4:14 - Is it just me that never carry more than 240 bullets ..!?
freakerbear 1000
freakerbear 1000 Aylar önce
Plz Titan fall2 car game play it’s so good (we need Titan fall3)
sebastian 999
sebastian 999 Aylar önce
he said, “Ash Kash!” 😭😭😭
sadow_ostepops gg
sadow_ostepops gg Aylar önce
Loba Got a bikini🤨🤨🥴🥴😮‍💨😮‍💨
Zomorion Aylar önce
Staycation: "I don't mind the servers THAT much" Also staycation: "Are my bullets going through people?" (Mind you, something that NEVER happened ALL these seasons, just the season with awful servers. I wonder why....)
lost_cat _X
lost_cat _X Aylar önce
What if we get a boat next season ? Map looks like it got alot of water
Eveready C
Eveready C Aylar önce
No I think that rampage should take more damage off but it doesn’t I don’t use it anymore.
Julius Magwood
Julius Magwood Aylar önce
My man's said swimming Bro people will just sit on the beach set up Wattson fences and rampart walls and just camp and kill you in the water yeah no... let's not forget about the Gibby ult too
MKG_Joint Aylar önce
"Is going to be big" they said the same thing about season 9,10 and 11
Kamahao Cavaco
Kamahao Cavaco Aylar önce
did he do a nacho libre "the best" at 11:57 hahaha I love it
Ej Campos
Ej Campos Aylar önce
Her ult is a dash that can possibly go thru walls and leave a portal
Faceless One
Faceless One Aylar önce
The car is one of the most busted guns in Titanfall for its high time to kill and versatility
Antony Ramirez
Antony Ramirez Aylar önce
Where did that intro clip of pathfinder on the beach come from tho??
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Aylar önce
I agree ... go check out the car please !!!
Blue Balu
Blue Balu Aylar önce
When we gonna see a stay ft stormen vid
Bavid Rows
Bavid Rows Aylar önce
Let’s see this car in titan fall
Lmao “if gibby got some swim trunks and if loba got a bikini”
Fluffyboi Fox
Fluffyboi Fox Aylar önce
The reason why you can’t get into the game is cuz the servers have slowed down cuz of how old it is and because ya know less players
Drippynexdor Aylar önce
ya u should play titanfall again
CrookeDskating Aylar önce
I feel like this is the game I don’t even have to question if something goes wrong at a season drop or collection event you just know and hope it won’t
bliip Aylar önce
I'd be willing to bet the new gun will be a heavy smg, right now it's just the prowler...but I never played Titanfall so idk y'all folks that played TF might actually know more than the average person
Josh Klein
Josh Klein Aylar önce
yeah I wouldn't mind a loba bikini skin🙄
Ritika Sachdev
Ritika Sachdev Aylar önce
The evil side is her ablity like bloodhound's ablity
M TWIST94 Aylar önce
This is only gunna take a couple shots… *Gets knocked* Well that didn’t go as planned.. 🤣😂
Joey Green
Joey Green Aylar önce
I argree destroy cap city 💥💥💥
kyler Yarborough
kyler Yarborough Aylar önce
tf2 is down because of ddosers
T G Aylar önce
Can't wait for another season launch that doesn't work for a month
Carson Mceachron
Carson Mceachron Aylar önce
you could have boats it would be nice change without changing too much it could just be a new vehicle to get around the map cause water
Umar Iqbal
Umar Iqbal Aylar önce
Why didn’t you grab bats or anything from your black market bro u literally just placed it and got light ammo that’s it . Lol some how it makes me mad lol
I Am Seclude
I Am Seclude Aylar önce
Bro, I’m still having issues with the servers. I’m still having the servers where is freezes showing the banner frames. I absolutely love and adore apex but man it’s been so hard to stick with lately die to the server issues. Some servers I have no issues, wish I could get that A LOT more often
Vi Carneiro
Vi Carneiro Aylar önce
Not the CASH 😭
Watty Aylar önce
Season 11 staycation content is gonna be elite
Spencer Seber
Spencer Seber Aylar önce
Is it me or is apex legends starting to become boring I felt like season 4 was the last actual good season then season 5 came out and the boring trend came to my head I started playing apex legends season 3 I’m level 400 and I felt like they changed too much and it just changed the game completely for me I started playing September 29 2019 start of season 3 on PS4 slim.
Apex Fan
Apex Fan Aylar önce
LOBA SWIMSUIT AND STAY ???? That’s kinda sussy
Duke Hype
Duke Hype Aylar önce
everyone wants loba swim suit but what about caustic swim suit
JamYams Aylar önce
I've been able to get in games on Titanfall 2 Stay, just make sure all the modes are enabled to get a faster match.
Dany Febles
Dany Febles Aylar önce
Lol that first lobby, and the comment I dont care about server suspicious
JJDAWG37 Aylar önce
What I'm curious about is who "they" is she was talking about
kennedy ty
kennedy ty Aylar önce
Lt_Payton Aylar önce
play Titanfall 2 and try the CAR SMG "Early" like you did with the Volt SMG
samuel owusu
samuel owusu Aylar önce
Also it’s no ones fault people play pubs like an Algs and also, people just want to get 20 bombs an 4ks. So don’t blame the map bc of people’s intentions
Jet Black Storm
Jet Black Storm Aylar önce
It’ll be hype for the first month and thats it. Ash is just another legend coming out its not like they’ll be introducing an all new game mode
Richard Kennedy
Richard Kennedy Aylar önce
Shut up lol😆
alpha lion trey
alpha lion trey Aylar önce
Thanks TRvid for unsubbing me
samuel owusu
samuel owusu Aylar önce
I mean stay nothing is wrong with capital at all, if they remove it, more people would stop playing apex they did that to kings canyon an now no one likes it, same with Olympus it doesn’t have a lot of POIs
Nico911 Aylar önce
1:03 Didn't know he was a man of culture!
Jamal Saleh
Jamal Saleh Aylar önce
I’m Excited for apex to be crashing
Fake Account
Fake Account Aylar önce
Remember the C.A.R in Titanfall is also known as the "zero recoil gun"
Run Lani
Run Lani Aylar önce
Am I the only one that's noticed that ash in arenas has been glitching out
Dariyush Karanjia
Dariyush Karanjia Aylar önce
This is going to be Apex Legends make or break season.
samuel owusu
samuel owusu Aylar önce
I think there gonna break tho bc I see no changes an there are still bugs since season 1
Jamito Palabra
Jamito Palabra Aylar önce
Catch me on Halo Infinite because the servers are trash.
MT Raven
MT Raven Aylar önce
Stay wants to see loba in a swim suit
Camden James
Camden James Aylar önce
just a heads up, before you try it, the car is actually insane and is good at all ranges
Wyatt Griffis
Wyatt Griffis Aylar önce
Please check out the new weapon
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Aylar önce
Yo a loba swimsuit skin LMAO
ChiefKief Aylar önce
Stay honestly brother big hype but I have low expectations I play on console and this season has literally been unplayable just a nightmare I love everything coming just worried about all the other issues that never stop
samuel owusu
samuel owusu Aylar önce
Rainbow Mode is Weird
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