Apex Legends is so Much Easier Like This...

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Bad loot makes for bad games... So, instead of struggling, I decided to pull out the loot master Loba and my games instantly improved in Apex. Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video.

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3 Eyl 2021




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Charles J
Loba is low key a beast. She rips off the drop for loot, being able to see shields through walls, and then dropping black market in end game for bonus shields and ammo. I’ve played her a lot!
Loba is so underrated. As soon as you master her Bracelet you can get out of almost anything
Loba is honestly my comfort character. If you’re having a bad day playing loba or gibby can make things easier
Kundai Mazarura
The music, the tension in your gameplay.. well done stay
Hazed Visions
That was a crazy game bro, they should do a man hunt type mode where you’re on the run from a team at night. Halloween LTD should be crazy!
Pat B
Badass game. Those arc stars you made a point to grab could have eased some of that stress with how close some of those teams were holding hands behind cover lol
Still waiting for loba to be able to pick up banners with her ult
The RedneXican
Bugs me when he doesn't get banners. Like bro you ran past it like 5 times.
Your Majesty Nox
Stay, the rampage can be powered up with thermites
Dude, i've watched since 2019, and you have improved like crazy. Running circles on players 3 v 1... just wow...
This is a really good showing of Loba. I recently switched to her and I love it. She is really underrated.
Yassin Wahsh
That loba tac transition was cleannn
Senor Green
I like how stay went back to controller mid game when he realized he could get a Banger vid Lmao!!! Troller gang gang baby
Andrew Romero
I’ve mained Loba for a few seasons I’m over 3700 kills with her and I agree with stat she’s the first legend I had my 2k badge with.
Sire McPherson
Shout out to the boys for not leaving and cheering you on
Dalt City
Charge rifle hits different on Loba too imo. I recommend it
U had me on the edge of my seat 🤣🤣 I celebrated when u won haha
vanguard gaming
Anybody else feel like we should be able to put a standard stock on an eva 8 cause it just feels right having a stock on it
I frickin love the background music choice stay has, the video just gets so much more immersive in my opinion
I Miss the G7 Scout...
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