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17 Eki 2021




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Luis Lara
Luis Lara 3 aylar önce
ACEU’s strategy to farm damage: Level up every shield to red and leave them across the map AMAZING….
CAPTAIN KHAOS 2 aylar önce
@Jordan Spitz r/swooooosh
Lemin 2 aylar önce
@Cole Slayz ratio
aakash shrivastava
aakash shrivastava 2 aylar önce
@Jordan Spitz me too its just too annoying
Smaze 3 aylar önce
I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a good day ;)
jim dunk
jim dunk 3 aylar önce
@Jordan Spitz people probably avoid making jokes near you 😂
Tracejp 3 aylar önce
Another day of aceu reminding me that I’ll never be this good
Arif Rahman
Arif Rahman Aylar önce
it's okay, it's just a video game, you can be super good at things other than video game right?
ghost- carnage
ghost- carnage 2 aylar önce
Need more fps.
The DemonicDeity
The DemonicDeity 3 aylar önce
Hey I used to struggle to but even 300 damage a game now I can easily hit 1200 have damage badge on all characters
Smaze 3 aylar önce
I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a good day ;)
Muckle Dragger
Muckle Dragger 3 aylar önce
Ameer Dowdell
Ameer Dowdell 3 aylar önce
Aceu: gets purple sheild and flatline off spawn Me: gets a nickel and a bag of chips
leeroyclarkson Aylar önce
I mean. He doesn’t upload videos of finding dirt and punching people until he dies…
Metin X
Metin X 2 aylar önce
@Smaze new sub they hella funny
Smaze 3 aylar önce
I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a good day ;)
Chris Dinsdale
Chris Dinsdale 3 aylar önce
Hxpnotiic 3 aylar önce
2 paperclips and a piece of lint
Gamerzz Boyz
Gamerzz Boyz 3 aylar önce
Aceu: why does he keep resing... him playing a team based game as a solo
Smaze 3 aylar önce
@DemonGuysaysHi lmao that has me dead
DemonGuysaysHi 3 aylar önce
@Smaze This wins the award for least irritating self promo I've ever seen.
Smaze 3 aylar önce
I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a good day ;)
DemonGuysaysHi 3 aylar önce
@Arisha Berly I don't even need to click on that link to know that it's a virus
NowayPlaysGames 3 aylar önce
Ace had reds in the first like 10 seconds the absolute mad lad
Smaze 3 aylar önce
I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a good day ;)
Ash 3 aylar önce
He landed on a purple
42hrs 3 aylar önce
Well he got a purple tho
don't work
don't work 3 aylar önce
*trvid.com/video/video-KlfacqQ_Cr4.html❤️* *Not.RickRoll 😄👆* *Actually* .
Matt K
Matt K 3 aylar önce
When Aceu doesn’t start on a zipline, I question if I’m even watching the right video.
Smaze 3 aylar önce
I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a good day ;)
alvareo92 3 aylar önce
Good, tired of streamer building
Shane 3 aylar önce
1:54 Octane so fast he gets a third arm
Rinor589 3 aylar önce
I just want to thank you aceu because from watching this video i got the motivation of playing solo squads and by doing that I got my first 4k badge
zakariyya raheel
zakariyya raheel 3 aylar önce
Me to myself:Practice and you’ll get better. Also me after watching 30secs of this:Yeah never mind
Lutaic 2 aylar önce
He lands on a purple shield and a flatline and faces the worst enemies I've ever seen. I seriously don't get it
Shyvana :ME:
Shyvana :ME: 3 aylar önce
I love Aceu`s face after hearing "WHOLE SQUAD ATE MY DUST" for the 315135316427453546 in the same game
Smaze 3 aylar önce
I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a good day ;)
F1nn 3 aylar önce
@MARIA me to
Fqtl 3 aylar önce
@MARIA same
Alex Tejeda
Alex Tejeda 3 aylar önce
Man the title made me think they finally brought back solos
rocky rivera
rocky rivera 3 aylar önce
i want that mode back so bad
Chimba Mutale
Chimba Mutale 3 aylar önce
I like how he wanted the red armor but he was going to level up the other one too . 🐐
Crab Rangoon
Crab Rangoon 3 aylar önce
when you find a random red shield in a room full of boxes ...... beware, aceu could be near
Roger Castro
Roger Castro 3 aylar önce
good video man, more apex to come :D
pavier 3 aylar önce
that was....amazing !! let's do that again !! (octane voicelines truly are the best)
Little boy Timmy
Little boy Timmy 3 aylar önce
I've been playing solos in world edge cause of you
Little boy Timmy
Little boy Timmy 3 aylar önce
@Michael Fisher dang all we can do is report
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher 3 aylar önce
@Little boy Timmy they're everywhere TRvid isn't doing shit about the hundreds of millions of bot accounts on their platform cause they use those statistics for ad rev. I see under every video now it's sad and it sucks
Little boy Timmy
Little boy Timmy 3 aylar önce
@Michael Fisher they follow me around I didn't do anything
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher 3 aylar önce
@Little boy Timmy I just constantly report thos accounts for sexual content lol
Little boy Timmy
Little boy Timmy 3 aylar önce
@MARIA leave me alone
FEARElias 3 aylar önce
I like how he just get straight into the action
Anxyis 3 aylar önce
Such a destroyer , just how he always is.
Edwin Ramirez
Edwin Ramirez 3 aylar önce
5:40 best transition 👌 😂
Noary 3 aylar önce
Crazy as always . #aceu you are the best ))
RaamLR 3 aylar önce
Aceu playing solo Apex? This so weird that I most to see it!!
coder_san 3 aylar önce
2:06 “He’s just T-Bagging the pain away” 🤣
Tsenohebot 3 aylar önce
4:58 I'm dead XD, The look on the pathfinders face as he is falling, "he took the Kraber down with him"
Bpup31 3 aylar önce
I do almost half this good and I’m really proud of myself for how far I’ve come with Apex thanks to watching Aceu 👍
Bpup31 3 aylar önce
@SneakCr 314 ok bro cause you’ve seen me play lol I’m not comparing I’m saying I use this as a training guide. You trying to play and find out?
SneakCr 314
SneakCr 314 3 aylar önce
No, you dont.There are preds who dont do half as good.
NICE 3 aylar önce
I hit one of my coolest kills ever in the history of my existence and I felt as good as aceu but shortly after I died lol
Owl _
Owl _ 2 aylar önce
when i started playing apex i saw aceu clips and i was like: How does he do any of that? now that im masters player and over 500+ hours in apex i still think to myself HOW DOES HE KEEP DOING ANY OF THAT
Zarator 3 aylar önce
I dont think aceu’s vods will ever get old
MustardMeat 3 aylar önce
5:53 Lmao octane looking at u like he can't un-see what you just did lol
Milkki 3 aylar önce
0:18 he: ''we need a vibe'' apex: ''oh yeah sure thing here's a grenade''
Oliver Sutis
Oliver Sutis 2 aylar önce
Imagine having a bruiser on an R99 and still hitting every shot
IAm Him
IAm Him 3 aylar önce
Ever felt like the mastiff wasn’t hitting hard enough… like “how many more shots”
Jorge Ruz
Jorge Ruz 3 aylar önce
Apex Solo: Just like every-single game with my dear "teamates"
Daniel Solis
Daniel Solis 3 aylar önce
I wonder how he’ll do in solo duos
J_JHIJ_J 3 aylar önce
Imagine they added a genuine solo mode with 60 players on their own it would probably just be octanes and wraiths dashing around the map lol
Isaac DaGreat
Isaac DaGreat 2 aylar önce
They did that.
Alex De Lira
Alex De Lira 3 aylar önce
1:47 Whole lobby: *Starts sweating*
DaMeatTray 3 aylar önce
Man litteraly gave half the map a red shield
O'Neal ML
O'Neal ML 3 aylar önce
2:10 "He's just t-bagging the pain away" 😂
CookFood Panda
CookFood Panda 3 aylar önce
Day 23 , good guy Aceu donating red armors to the server.
CAPTAIN KHAOS 2 aylar önce
@Smaze how bout no self promo, that turns a lot of people off instantly…
Smaze 3 aylar önce
I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a good day ;)
Juanjo Cano
Juanjo Cano 3 aylar önce
You are the best, greatings from Argentina
برايان تيغيروس XD
Este man juego super bien toda la partida pa al final morir de una manera bien pendeja
SG_DUBS yt 3 aylar önce
He just make me wanna play apex
Grady O'Malley
Grady O'Malley 3 aylar önce
wait, aceu's going SOLO? it'll be a lot harder to get red Evo two minutes into ring 1
Marius Nedea
Marius Nedea 15 gün önce
devs told us that they wont introduce solo bc its inpacting negatively the new player retention , how about a lv 50 cap ,or 100 ,or 200 i mean what works for them ,what are your thoughts?
Omar Raslan
Omar Raslan 3 aylar önce
He's just teabagging the pain away :D 2:10
LeeOne 2000
LeeOne 2000 3 aylar önce
4:57 hahah that guy did NOT wanna give that kraber away so he just jumped to his death.
Wergraphy 3 aylar önce
"Apex, but solo" Like it would be something new for Aceu.
OR3L 3 aylar önce
You're just playing solo, aren't you? Actually, you make it amazing :0
Arunnejiro 3 aylar önce
"he just t-bagging the pain away" relatable
meowhowel 3 aylar önce
Timmy is the type of dude too shield swap red for gray and by the time he re heals with the red he dropped he has a new red
itzThraxx 3 aylar önce
wrong asian bro
yellowsaurus 3 aylar önce
Marco England
Marco England 3 aylar önce
*ace uploading solo trio vids everyday* ace: apex, but solo :0
93Zay 3 aylar önce
I love you you get so many likes for your videos in such a short amount of time. Proves how great your content is.
Team 7 Productions
Team 7 Productions 3 aylar önce
Slapping that brakence, noice 🔥🤘🏾
Robben OG
Robben OG 3 aylar önce
That havoc to volt SMG swap was so ridicolous
Meysam 3 aylar önce
Apex : we got ads too Aceu: what is ads?
TicTacManiac 2 aylar önce
yo, you're attracting all the bots, you're the bot king
don't work
don't work 3 aylar önce
*trvid.com/video/video-KlfacqQ_Cr4.html❤️* *Not.RickRoll 😄👆* *Actually* .
ULTIMATE 7 3 aylar önce
Who needs movement when you can just have godly aim and never miss
Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal 3 aylar önce
People keep forgetting movement is good no doubt but if you meet a decent player with godly tracking you're fucked
Dani Dani
Dani Dani 2 aylar önce
Aceu hace que le salgan 3 manos al octane jajajaja
Jeremy McCommons
Jeremy McCommons 3 aylar önce
It's going to be so much less fun to watch this game without tap staying It's going to be so much more fun to play this game without tap strafing Console player btw
Joshua Cass
Joshua Cass 3 aylar önce
My hero ❤️
stuntedmonk 3 aylar önce
Som really good moves on this vid!
Johnny Wang
Johnny Wang 3 aylar önce
1:36 when most try to escape A. Get killed B. chased to the fucking edge of the world C. Run into third party. Either his luck is insane, or he is that good that he dodged bullets like he is in the matrix and vanish from sight like he was never there to begin with
Gxo 3 aylar önce
I miss solo ranked :(
Zeepon 3 aylar önce
His damage represents his iq
jj_2707 3 aylar önce
Love that you killed the kill leader Mcfly while using the Mcfly skin 0:15
Mantis 3 aylar önce
Mcfly skin?
Vigorous Pringle
Vigorous Pringle 3 aylar önce
Hear me out got a crazy idea Apex, but solo
Jeremy Huffine
Jeremy Huffine 3 aylar önce
If I see aceu on a zipline I'm quitting
J_JHIJ_J 3 aylar önce
Love the 2x shotgun near the start of the video
Madd Ambler
Madd Ambler 3 aylar önce
I just wanna see a Timmy Aceu 1v1.
Narciso Lopez
Narciso Lopez 2 aylar önce
Can a guy not do a finisher in peace. 😂
sam777 2 aylar önce
great game bruuu
colrobilndblidn 3 aylar önce
aceu just owns every house in estates at this point
typingbacon 2 aylar önce
wow this guy's pretty good in casual mode
jin sakai
jin sakai 2 aylar önce
Yeah dude while I can't even get out of bronze 4
L4UGH 3 aylar önce
But you do solos every time 😂
Yekros 3 aylar önce
Ah solo, something new
kekeberg plays
kekeberg plays 3 aylar önce
nice editing pog!! aceu could start a armor shield store after 2min landing
amberwawa 3 aylar önce
I just realized I don’t think I’ve seen him play another map? 😳
natsu dragneel
natsu dragneel 2 aylar önce
I just got the red version of the volt skin from the battle pass I like how the leg things move when you get a kill and they move for the whole game unless you drop the gun
Nick Woyurka
Nick Woyurka 3 aylar önce
Imagine being that guy / gal that took his red armor…
sunoiv 3 aylar önce
I don’t even play apex but watching him kill player is so satisfying
4riq4h 39
4riq4h 39 3 aylar önce
I dont think there is such think as Trios for him. 👀
Arsin Armada
Arsin Armada 3 aylar önce
Big daddy ace gonna have me acting up posting at this hour of the night 😫
John Dunn
John Dunn 3 aylar önce
too slow1y
too slow1y 3 aylar önce
nice game play
Clyde Christian Grafe
Clyde Christian Grafe 3 aylar önce
Aceu getting eaten by his own legend. lol
Kyzxor 3 aylar önce
aceu is the main protaganist, while we die for the plot
linkxp notfromhyrule
linkxp notfromhyrule 3 aylar önce
This is my first guy watching this guy but y do the graphics look extra good?
Hikaru Sai
Hikaru Sai 3 aylar önce
My blood boils when I fight a squad and all they do is keep ressing over and over and over again. LIKE FIGHT MEEEEEEE
Dirtmesumshii 3 aylar önce
Looks like the R301 is nutty this season
Michael Treacy
Michael Treacy 3 aylar önce
Highkey wish he stayed with that Lstar for the memes Lolol.... lowkey wish he would play competitive based on those last knocks from range 😍
Ray Theknight
Ray Theknight 3 aylar önce
NRG aceu was a former apex legends and CS:GO pro player, now he is a popular apex legends and valorant streamer, and he always finds purple armor at the start
Tyler Clouse
Tyler Clouse 3 aylar önce
Just dropped 17/50 on my moral philosophy midterm
VEGAN PRODIGY 3 aylar önce
I feel bad for half of the comments for not knowing Taxi2g hes really a monster
Cloudy 3 aylar önce
next title is "apex, but im still solo"
Jesus Petit
Jesus Petit 3 aylar önce
everytime I see a new video of Aceu he's fcking the whole lobby
SambriT Play
SambriT Play 3 aylar önce
Поиграл бы он с нашим инетом))остался бы на старте с фиолом и без лица))
Jing Soye
Jing Soye 3 aylar önce
oh man,it's 5 am,i am watching your video every morning these day
Kenny Chen
Kenny Chen 3 aylar önce
The bloodhound at the start is cryin
14kkrwn 3 aylar önce
10:32 that's a cinematicxd
Nathan Byrnside
Nathan Byrnside 3 aylar önce
certified goat
TTV Faze
TTV Faze 3 aylar önce
I feel that bloodhound.. This shit happens with me too lol drop and get no gun.. Even if you drop first cuz then you realize you have a shitty pc xD
7000 damage in solo vs trios
görünümler 2 700 000
what could have been
görünümler 680 000
this wraith skin makes the game easier
disrespecting multiple squads
görünümler 1 000 000
the building where it all began
görünümler 512 000
these guns suck
görünümler 774 000
destroying an entire lobby solo
görünümler 717 000
pleasure doing business with ya
görünümler 999 000
4k for the boys back home
görünümler 664 000
minecraft AMA özel kalplerim var!