ANT-MAN And THE WASP Quantumania Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained, Hidden Details & Review

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ANT-MAN And THE WASP Quantumania Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained, Hidden Details, Kang's Plan, Plot Leaks, Reaction And Review. We break down the Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania Trailer. As the first movie of Phase 5 we discuss the effect that this movie will have on future releases, Including Jonathan Majors as Kang and his various guises, Cassie Lang as Stinger, MODOK and what it means leading into the Avengers double header as part of Phase 6.

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Ok so the new trailer for Ant-Man And The Wasp Qunatumania is out now out and in this video we're gonna be doing a big breakdown to discuss all the hidden details, easter eggs and things you missed. I also wanna talk about some plot leaks and this will explain why Janet fears the quantum realm her relationship with Kang. I won't however spoil the ending of the movie and as always these leaks might not even be accurate so take em with a pinch of salt.

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If you enjoy the video though smash that like button and make sure you subscribe for videos like this every day. With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let's get into Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania!


Now the trailer opens with a shot of San Francisco. This is of course the location where the last two Ant-Man Movies have taken place at and it's also a location of Shang-Chi which we'll talk about further on in the video. There's lots of links to the Eternals, Nega Bands and the Ten Rings possibly linking all these movies together for the next phase in the MCU. Kang says that Scott is an interesting man and his narration dominates the entire trailer really giving the idea that he is a major force to be reckoned with in this movie.

From here we see Scott and Hope on the Red carpet showing how they've gone from being on the run in Civil War to now being widely admired by the people of the MCU.

Now the MCU has been litered with clues that Scott has cashed in on the fame that came with him helping to save the world in Avengers Endgame. Humanity was at it's lowest point after the snap and for five years the world wallowed in depression over the ones they lost and the anxiety of how fragile their lives were. We know from Hayward in Wandavision that times were dark and even the best heroes like Hawkeye became cruel vigilantes that murdered people en mass.

Scott returned from the Quantum Realm and it was his return that ushered in the time travel plot that helped to save the universe.

So man's a big name now and Ms Marvel opened with a nod to his podcast Big Me Little Me.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
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Jay Patrol
Jay Patrol Aylar önce
Their was no easter egg about who modak was, they showed that in the movie who it was in a flash back lol
SK4M® 2 aylar önce
This looks really dark for Ant-Man, i don't reckon this is gonna be as jokey or as fun as the other two but after Thor L n T we need a more serious MCU now especially with Kang as the big bad. I think me might even say goodbye to Scott Lang for good.😫
Ghost Sauce
Ghost Sauce 2 aylar önce
Yeah this should be good endings lil predictable, I thought he the movie was going to have something tied with cpt marvel but owell. 👍🏾
Goblin goblineus
Goblin goblineus 2 aylar önce
Thyme not time.
Keith Woodcrest
Keith Woodcrest 2 aylar önce
Keep in mind, it's not just the 5 years of the blip that Scott missed out on - he was also in prison for the majority of Cassie's life as well
Keith Woodcrest
Keith Woodcrest 2 aylar önce
@Schwifty Same here - but that's why I commented this in the first place, because initially people like New Rockstars and other outlets were so confused as to why time was such an issue with Scott, they were forgetting he'd been in prison before the snap and only remembered him being stick in the Quantum Realm
Schwifty 2 aylar önce
@Keith Woodcrest fr? That’s weird I feel like it’s common sense to understand that
mikeohawk95 2 aylar önce
@Siboniso Ndlovu & the blip was no different to a 4 year prison sentence, of couse scott woudl have to make another tough discision in the film later on "we just both have to lose"
g unot
g unot 2 aylar önce
Keith Woodcrest
Keith Woodcrest 2 aylar önce
@Schwifty And yet so many people who talk about it professionally keep missing that fact - they only remember he was stuck in the Quantum Realm for 5 years 🤷‍♂️
Reel Rejects
Reel Rejects 2 aylar önce
Homey stayed up till like 4am to cover this trailer. Make sure to leave a Like on this vid!
batchagaloopyTV 2 aylar önce
why did he have work in the morning -was he late to the time clock punch in? 🙄🙄🙄
Eider Cruz
Eider Cruz 2 aylar önce
@Ethan Linn lmao give them a break they’re just happy nerds 😂, and by the looks of it so are we, watching this video and all 💀
Eider Cruz
Eider Cruz 2 aylar önce
@Bastard see what you did there 😂
Bosh Miah
Bosh Miah 2 aylar önce
Klumsy Ninja
Klumsy Ninja 2 aylar önce
@C W ...nah. this is the internet. I'm not here to be mature
domblue 2 aylar önce
" I don't have to win, we both just have to lose" That line right there says it all, a hero who's willingly to sacrifice everything for the greater good. A true avenger!
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 2 aylar önce
Oh my God Another killing off the male superhero to replace him with a female one Where have we seen that before ? PS : i have a Peter Parker variant in this comment section
One More Cast
One More Cast 2 aylar önce
Could be a variant of Scott?
Mukul bhati
Mukul bhati 2 aylar önce
@Peter Parker 🤣🤣🤣so u r from? 🤣
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 2 aylar önce
@Mukul bhati my friend did this once in the 70's....he said lsd is wild!!! used to have a ton of out of body experiences too where he was watching himself from the other side of the room :P
Ursa Warrior
Ursa Warrior 2 aylar önce
In a scene where Scott is in an area where he multiplies and sees variants of himself, I think its part of the reason why Kang wants Scott to do this specific task for him. Kang doesn't want to meet other variants of himself that are as powerful as he is and mess his plans up.
Dirt Sanchez
Dirt Sanchez 2 aylar önce
Kangs ego doesnt like the idea of any other Kang ruling his multiverse. I thought that was gonna be the good Kang we see in the trailer, but he's turning into his comic version villain type. Thanos is a boy throwing a hissy fit compared to Kangs type of measured villainy that makes him a true super villain. Thanos may have really just been trying to avoid the eventual coming of the herald, the world eater Galactus. I thing Kang eventually connects to Dr Doom and Galactus at some point. Villain team-ups make the Avenger's dream work! 2023 MCU is back! Covid really threw a wrench in a lot of cool plans Marvel had.
nimkeejosh productions
@Samo Agreed, The trilogy is coming full circle. From Scott first working with the ants to build himself up and becoming Ant-Man; to Scott becoming his own colony of ‘ant-men’ to achieve something even greater than himself.
Samo 2 aylar önce
@nimkeejosh productions exactly shown how they are stacking
nimkeejosh productions
@VictorAngelica That’s a brilliant observation. It adds a deeper meaning to Ant-Man becoming Ant-Men and all working together as a hive mind and mirroring ants themselves 🐜
VictorAngelica 2 aylar önce
@Zeno Knightwing Maybe thats the special thing about Scott, all his variants want to achieve the same goal.
Blakberi 2 aylar önce
I think the line that is the most significant in this trailer is that Kang can "rewrite existence". This opens the door for things like the Fantastic 4 suddenly 'always being there' or the X-Men and mutants. I think this will be a pivotal film for the MCU
D 2 aylar önce
If they do this I would hope they don’t introduce them outside of their own movie… I would like that to be a reveal or post credit ending in an actual F4 movie
Crimsondovah kiin
Crimsondovah kiin 2 aylar önce
“I don’t have to win, we both just have to lose” is the most badass line Scott lang has ever said
incredibleflameboy 2 aylar önce
@test aws or he gets killed and replaced with a variant who wants this version of his life and has to keep it secret.
test aws
test aws 2 aylar önce
So I guess the plot is Scott Lang dies in this movie passing on the mantle of the Antman to the next hero. Or probably he ends up killing himself along with killing this variant of Kang in the Quantum Realm and saving his family (Wasp, Janet, Dr Pym and Cassie)
Wildernesswolff 2 aylar önce
Super awesome when they give away a great line in the trailer for the movie...
ilham hadi
ilham hadi 2 aylar önce
Ane the most saddest of sacrifice thing ever Scott said
Primordial_Sage 2 aylar önce
I love how Ant-Man was a major influence at the end of the Infinity Saga and he's the one to start Phase 5.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 2 aylar önce
Surprising that he was COMPLETELY missing from phase 4
Dirt Sanchez
Dirt Sanchez 2 aylar önce
I think it was supposed to be more than Scott. Dr Strange and Black Panther supposed to be anchoring hero's then Boseman passed. I have been waiting since Phase 1 when BP rumors were flying around. I had hoped I would see BP vs Namor one day on the big screen,this hero and anti-hero are some of the biggest firepower on Avengers and Illuminati.
Chuck-El 2 aylar önce
@AL Lusive his face in his employee of the month photo is awesome 😂
Mr Bingleman
Mr Bingleman 2 aylar önce
@Ajjosan fr
Geekly Goods
Geekly Goods 2 aylar önce
Yeeeeppp passing it to a character with a big presence!
domblue 2 aylar önce
Kang’s final line in LOKI is so much more haunting now… “See you soon”
domblue 2 aylar önce
Love the shot of M.O.D.O.K without his mask thingy. So glad they're making a more serious Ant-Man movie.
mush blacky
mush blacky 2 aylar önce
Aden Mohamed Ant-Man 2 serious? wtf bro
Serge 2 aylar önce
@cybrid37 sorry you didn't have a good time, bro. I loved it
cybrid37 2 aylar önce
@Xavierlord187 ...bruh, you gotta be joking if you genuinely enjoyed Ant Man 2 from start to finish. It was pretty bland, Ghost was a bland, the fights were ehh, and the jokes were...kinda ok-ish, I guess. Ant Man 1 was just so much better. imo Ant Man 2 killed the momentum for Ant Man solo movies. Before this trailer dropped, I dont think people were that hyped to watch Quantumania.
Xavierlord187 2 aylar önce
@cybrid37well speak for yourself 👏
Talent Caldwell
Talent Caldwell 2 aylar önce
Aden Mohamed It had a giant ant playing the drums.
Pause 2 aylar önce
I recall Kang saying in LOKI “Not every version of me was so pure of heart” 😳
TY Bowry
TY Bowry 2 aylar önce
@Bedlam if you are being technical the original spider woman was black so no nothing wrong with it they are just paying homage to the original one which everyone forgets about.
Bedlam 2 aylar önce
@TY Bowry is spiderwoman being black wrong?
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson 2 aylar önce
@Bedlam not at all just replying because someone complains about a black kang ? I just brought up namor bc he’s the most recent… just crazy how people complain about black characters more than others. I’m black as you can tell. Lol
TY Bowry
TY Bowry 2 aylar önce
@Bedlam I didn't say he was but his look is comic accurate other than it being a black actor which there's nothing wrong with that as long as the part is still done well.
Bedlam 2 aylar önce
@TY Bowry kang was never black in the comics
Chaden 2 aylar önce
I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that M.O.D.O.K was Darren Cross. I feel like a ton of people missed it.
Chuck-El 2 aylar önce
@Just BioWulf he's an extremely important character not only in the Kang Dynasty comic, he also created AIM which was hinted at in iron man and Ant-Man films
charles stokes
charles stokes 2 aylar önce
Excellent tie in on why he transforms to MODOK
Chaden 2 aylar önce
@Iron King I’m assuming it’s just a faceplate
Chaden 2 aylar önce
@Bradley Dahlgren yes
Bradley Dahlgren
Bradley Dahlgren 2 aylar önce
Are you saying Modok is the guy who was the villian in Antman 1?
King Rabla
King Rabla 2 aylar önce
I love that I can always count on a breakdown from you RIGHT after a drop. I really admire the dedication!
Kingsta2000 2 aylar önce
Not going to lie. This looks amazing. After Wakanda Forever came in solid, hoping Phase 5 carries that momentum and at least silences some of the "Endgame was it for me" talk. Jonathan Majors is killing it, with his portray of Kang the Conqueror as well.
Chris From SouthAus
Chris From SouthAus 2 aylar önce
I think Scott splitting in two is in line with the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, with him splitting every time he makes a choice, with each copy being a version that made the alternate choice.
NK G 2 aylar önce
My go-to every time a trailer releases Appreciate your dedication brother!
Primordial_Sage 2 aylar önce
@Heavy Spoilers fr tho I always watched New Rockstars but I find your breakdowns more interesting. Keep up the good work
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Thank you
Ronald Pollock
Ronald Pollock 2 aylar önce
This looks waaaay better than I would have thought. Jonathan Major displayed so much range; bringing so much more character depth than Kang ever had. I loved how Kang was depicted in the trailer as the futuristic Mephisto (Whom Heavy Spoilers will never see). 😉 Scott Lang is about to learn, the road to hell is paved with Good Intentions. 😬
JP 2 aylar önce
Also Paul. You may know I’m not sure. I think what Kang needs is something called the emerald crystal. It can do basically the same stuff as terrigen mist when it comes to giving people powers or mind manipulation. Also how to power objects or machines. I think he wants Scott to find and get it. The comics go deep into this and so does the Future Avengers show on Disney +
Pitch King
Pitch King 2 aylar önce
@JP Oh Thanks! Yea I’m still a newb when it comes to certain comic book lore. As a kid, I received a Marvel and DC encyclopedia and read it front to back several times lol. That’s cool you Mod for Reel Rejects. I love their vids and in depth analysis. Coy is a comic brainiac and seems super chill which is rare amongst us sweaty nerds lol.
incredibleflameboy 2 aylar önce
I figured the siege perilous. It can open gates to universes and has links to the X men. Having man-thing appear in werewolf by night brings in another nexus so it feels like there's going to be a lot of ways to travel universes even if casual viewers don't realise that that's what the objects can do.
JP 2 aylar önce
@Pitch King I just subscribed to you because you have the comic knowledge I do and that’s rare. I’m actually the mod for reel rejects and do web editing for them too. So I love talking with people like you, them, and Coy.
JP 2 aylar önce
@CAUTION yes sir!! You know your shit too! 👏
JP 2 aylar önce
@Pitch King yep! Exactly! Thank you for breaking it down! I have the knowledge but I’m not great at putting it on paper so thanks! Doesn’t that make sense though. I can see it for sure.
Nandan Jena
Nandan Jena 2 aylar önce
Man I love the way they are representing Kang here. The way he beats the shit out of Ant Man shows how ferocious he is than He who remains. Really Excited to see how they are pulling this villain off
Camilo Cuba
Camilo Cuba 2 aylar önce
The Heart of Forever was an object Kang had that allowed someone to rewrite existence and destroy timelines without creating new branches. Immortus (or He Who Remains) got his hands on it so he could destroy timelines and keep humans from expanding into space. I’m wondering if we’re already seeing Kang vs. Immortus.
Luk Ahmad
Luk Ahmad 2 aylar önce
To see Kang pissed off is so scary, amazing performance by Jonathan Majors in this trailer lol even in this trailer alone he made an amazing performance. Can't wait for Phase 5
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 2 aylar önce
I saw that punchline coming from a mile away, a Kang Bang. 😂😂 Excellent braeakdown as usual, Paul. I’m so looking forward to watching this when it comes out. It’s looking like it’s going to be a great year for Marvel.
Buster Cheeks
Buster Cheeks 2 aylar önce
His name potentially being Nathaniel (Richards) isn't much of a spoiler. It's canon in the comics and that is definitely Corey Stoll's eye. Put up a side by side. It matches. Makes sense that the new Modok has a mask. You gotta protect the biggest and most important part of yourself/target, that big ass head lol
test aws
test aws 2 aylar önce
'He who remains' says to Loki and Sylvie: “If you think I’m evil ... wait until you meet my variants” now makes perfect sense.
Dom510 2 aylar önce
I love both Ant-Man movies and this definitely looks like it will be the best of the trilogy. Kang looks ruthless
Normog Gaming
Normog Gaming 2 aylar önce
I love Scott's line... I Don't have to win, We both just have to loose.
domblue 2 aylar önce
OMG Paul are you serious?! This movie looks amazing!! Your breakdown is amazing as usual!! That line " I don't have to win, we just both have to lose." WOW!! The sacrifice line from Scott Lang!! I can not wait!!
Ethan Ngai
Ethan Ngai 2 aylar önce
Anyone else think the big swirly blob of rings/energy looks eerily similar to Shang Chi's 10 rings when he does the kamehameha? I'm also thinking Kang wants Antman to shrink it, cuz in those trailer scenes, it looks like Scott's pointing his shrinker at it (unless they spliced different scenes together)
William Lusk
William Lusk 2 aylar önce
SO SUPER STOKED for this to get here! So glad to see this waiting for me RIGHT after seeing this new trailer... chills, Paul, CHILLS, my man! Keep the work up, love the channel, will ABSOLUTELY get a Theory Time shirt once I can!
Katrin Kroning
Katrin Kroning 2 aylar önce
This trailer finally got me envied with the movie and my need for returning in the MCU is becoming greater and greater…thank you for posting so early. Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹
HitchensImmortal 2 aylar önce
Cool we're finally getting some Kang. I was a big fan of Loki so I've been waiting a hot minute to see where we go with him.
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick 2 aylar önce
Love the breakdown , Paul appreciated all your hard work ,and dedication brother!👍🏽
Your_Klips 2 aylar önce
The hype for this movie reminds me of Thor love and thunder. We are craving kang like we wanted Gorr, I hope they give us a vision or a taste of why kang is kang. The tech, the smarts and the parts of kang that make us think everyone is doomed
incredibleflameboy 2 aylar önce
The glowing thing is probably the siege perilous. It makes sense to introduce it now that mutants are a thing. Edit: I haven't noticed anyone mention it but the song played is goodbye yellow brick road which is about someone seeking fame, getting it but deciding they want the old life back. It probably has a dual meaning in wanting to go back to before the blip and that our Scott will have a change of heart. The lyrics also have the line "I didn't sign up with you" maybe suggesting that there's more than 1 Kang shown here and Darren Criss might be an alternate Kang all of his own. Kang has famously been multiple characters in the past including Tony stark and Dr. Doom.
TaT420X 2 aylar önce
Hang was always my favorite villain from all the avengers animated shows. Can’t wait to see what he does in phase 4
BlazinNSoul 2 aylar önce
I just wish they would bring in the XMen now. You pushing it here with Kang as almost need to bring back Selene or Blink now. However Mantis could also play a more central role now. Given her connection with the Kree & the Priests of Parma. She already has a history with Kang if they go that direction here. :)
Cha0ss 2 aylar önce
I personally thought that the different ant man and wasps weren't variants but products of quantum superposition(this is a movie called quantumania after all.) which in this case would be explaining how multiple of the same antman can exist at once. During the scene where one antman splits off the other this was def the most clear since I wouldn't think that would be an entirely different realities antman, or maybe the two ideas are connected idk.
CallMeV 2 aylar önce
16:19, from what’s being shown, it seems less as though Scott will be encountering other versions of himself so much as his presence in the distorted reality of the environment he’s in will produce other versions of him, essentially making him an object in multiple points in space at the same time (a Schrodinger’s cat-type phenomenon, which is a prominent idea in quantum mechanics) or more simply, the film using the idea of variants to make disposable clones (wouldn’t be surprised if they were called quantum clones with how many times these characters put “quantum” in front of everything) of Scott (and apparently also Hope, as she appears to duplicate in these scenes in a similar environment) that share his mission to protect Casey and his friends using the Quantum Realm’s instability. This would not only simplify the plot to not add other versions of this specific Kang to potentially muddle the story (especially, as one commenter suggests, due to his tendency to compete with other versions of himself for supremacy, meaning they wouldn’t work together to each their goal unlike Scott’s variants) , but also tracks with how variants, wether they be beings, objects, or even structures, can sometimes be mostly identical to each other in every detail other than their location and other individual circumstances, essentially making them sort of clones.
Floevs 2 aylar önce
Imagine how dark for the MCU if they have a scene just like Westworld. Where Scott is probably imprisoned by Kang and tried to escape just to see that various other Scott’s have tried and failed and this is just a minor inconvenience for Kang.
tseantan 2 aylar önce
Apparently one of the rebel leaders in the movie is named Jentorra, who is a relative of Jarella (a love interest of Hulk when he was in the Microverse in the comics). It wouldn’t surprise me if the MCU version of the Microverse, the Quantum Realm, has its own natives.
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick 2 aylar önce
Phase 5 is Marvel's redemption, and I'm here for it. Very excited for Kang, and what MCU has planned the Fate of ant-man😁👍🏽🔥.
Fahim Al Faisal
Fahim Al Faisal 2 aylar önce
@Ryan it is as good as the phase 1 !So no !
Ryan 2 aylar önce
Someone made a great point about the lacking Phase 4 and that its because its all setup. Its definitely not as good as the original setup for the Avengers but I guess its 1 step back 2 steps forward. Im excited!
Lewis Porter
Lewis Porter 2 aylar önce
Back on top for with a good old trailer and plot breakdowns 🔥🔥
Nebulous 2 aylar önce
We appreciate all the work you put into these videos, so grateful for all you do for us!
Jeeva Shan
Jeeva Shan 2 aylar önce
Finally a well deserved movie for Paul Rudd! Packed with Amazing story and emotional rollercoasters all over...!
RocLobster 2 aylar önce
The scars on Kangs face light up just like his eyes do when is shooting blue energy from his hands. Well more so than just his blue face shield, they light up considerably more
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 2 aylar önce
I'm getting worried that we're not seeing more of Hank in the trailers.
Patrick Gamboa
Patrick Gamboa 2 aylar önce
My goodness, the trailer launches almost an hour ago and you got all of this video edit covered so fast 👏🏻
Edward Kowalczyk
Edward Kowalczyk 2 aylar önce
Man, I still get excited for the upcoming MCU Movies. I used to look forward to Spring and the warmer weather every year. Now I look forward to the warmer weather and the next MCU movie lol. Great Channels and creators like this really do a fantastic job in taking a look at the upcoming movies and help a someone like me, who was not really into comic books, understand more about each character and have me looking forward to the movies!!! Fantastic Channel!!!
Edward Kowalczyk
Edward Kowalczyk 2 aylar önce
I still wonder if "He Who Remains" will end up being back in charge of his timeline when all is said and done. His "see you soon" and "I have lived a thousand lifetimes" lines combined with all events having been pre-recorded by, more than likely him, suggests that He Who Remains will eventually be the winner of the "Kang Battle Royal". I could see him popping up to aid the Avengers in their battle against the more ruthless versions of himself. This may have been set up by R. Renslayer as she left to find "Free Will". In the end I expect her to be getting the necessary information to the younger "He Who Remains" Kang that allows he to gain control over Alioth and use the timeline eating dragon to win and become the remaining Kang. How it proceeds from there though I have no idea. In the Loki series, everything he did seemed to influence the mental state of Sylvie to kill him - but not before he set things in motion to allow his future self to again win and set the TVA up. He Who Remains said he was "tired". If I am correct with his plan, he will be right back in the same chair with all his notes to give him his memories back, similar to White Vision, and get him a much younger, not so tired body, to again stay in charge of the TVA. I am excited to see how this all plays out....is He Who Remains "stacking the deck" to make sure he wins from across time?
gavsterdb 2 aylar önce
I feel like Scott is going to learn how to copy himself and trick Kang with one of the doubles, who will sacrifice himself to let the other live
5028Dame 2 aylar önce
At the 6:24 mark. Had anybody noticed that Cassie and Hank as actual made it back from the quantum while she stands there seems to be waiting for Scott. Cassie had her suit on and Hank had the same clothes on while in the quantum. It look like the same orange portal in the sky while in the quantum realm. This movie is gonna be crazy
Brandon Woods-Viviano
Brandon Woods-Viviano 2 aylar önce
Thank you for all that you do bro! Your breakdown was the most i formative. I’m so pumped for this dang movie.
Stahl MacIntyre
Stahl MacIntyre 2 aylar önce
Love your breakdowns Paul - you're the only show of this kind that I watch! Keep on keepin' on...
Kevin d
Kevin d 2 aylar önce
5:00 The reason why she probably knew he was in the quantum realm is because she was told. Scott talks, especially his friends who also knew kinda what he was doing. While getting the needed stuff to even make it’s not that hard eather. She had a full lab and needed equipment already. Pyms gone so for 5 years his mansion was just empty. Maby a few shield or sword agents to keep it from being robbed but nothing that would have restricted her from going in and using the stuff. So really what it comes down to is her understanding the science. It took her 5 years to learn pym tech
Krlos 2 aylar önce
I can’t wait to see this movie, but in the same time make me feel sad just to think someone’s going to die in this movie
Carl Junior
Carl Junior 2 aylar önce
Hoping we see different universes/realities that we all hoped too see in MoM.
Riley Ribble
Riley Ribble 2 aylar önce
Fahim Al Faisal THANK YOU. So many people seem to miss the deeper meaning of the universes we DID see in MoM. They were universes that provided personal stakes and reflections for our main characters, since they were the lead characters
Fahim Al Faisal
Fahim Al Faisal 2 aylar önce
MOM had different universes in relation to Strange and Wanda because it was their movie ,Secret Wars will have plenty of other universes !LOL
Breakdown Recaps
Breakdown Recaps 2 aylar önce
"I don't respect time travel. If antman and the wasp can do it I'm not interested" He really predicted all of this.
isaac lopez
isaac lopez 2 aylar önce
Thank you for losing sleep just to break down the trailer for us. We really appreciate the lack of sleep to give us fans a better understanding of what could be hidden in this trailer.
SithCareBear 2 aylar önce
Totally worth being up at 4 am for bro! I am so excited for the film I can’t stand myself. The MCU is about to come back together in a very big way and the future couldn’t be brighter. Kang is such a huge character and I’ve been eager to see him in action since Loki. Thank you for staying up and giving us another amazing breakdown, mate. Cheers!!
SithCareBear 2 aylar önce
Also… Kang Bang!!😂😂😂😂
thaUnWavering 2 aylar önce
So his daughter getting into trouble just deepens the idea that Scott Lang needed to be around in her childhood to put her on the right path. Sets him up to be enticed by Kang's offer.
AllyGunzz 2 aylar önce
my biggest question is besides KANG are we going to get an iron lad variant? Rama Tut? i really wanna see how they explore all of his variants
Tyler Warman
Tyler Warman 2 aylar önce
I’m so excited for this movie! This trailer gives me chills!
Artoria Pendragon
Artoria Pendragon 2 aylar önce
For the first time, I'm worried about Scott Lang's life.. like wow, this trailer gave me goosebumps
Golden Blue89
Golden Blue89 2 aylar önce
If they kill Scott off I will honestly be really upset. I know it is just a movie but that character brings me a lot of joy, I heard Paul may do more Marvel movies but I have no clue. All I know is I still plan on seeing this movie even if I end up leaving the theater in tears
Spoder 2 aylar önce
I think its hard to adapt modok to live action without it being goofy so I'll accept anything tbh, anyone with a giant head would be goofy in live action
ြğňအ412ř 2 aylar önce
In Endgame, scott and bruce had invested a biological immortality (going again in that time travel van and coming back as younger version) I wish they should have used that plot somewhere.
Y 2 aylar önce
i think that would cause more trouble with the sacred timeline
donghwi 2 aylar önce
6:18 u missed this line actually, there's a twist in this Kang's line. he said "you'll bring me what I need 'OR' everything u call a life will end". the 'OR' right here is not OR as 'instead', but literally OR as 'equal to', which basically trapped Scott in a NO NO situation.
Vitaminpoison 2 aylar önce
Really excited for this movie, a breakdown the same night that the trailer drops is a win
Joshua Lewin
Joshua Lewin 2 aylar önce
My guy always coming through swift and quick with the breakdowns💯
Y 2 aylar önce
I like how the Ant-Men looked like real ants when they were stacking with each other
Joseph Rosa
Joseph Rosa 2 aylar önce
If time moves differently in the quantum realm I wonder how much time will have passed when they come out
Vaughn Rouse
Vaughn Rouse 2 aylar önce
Thank you Paul for the quickest big breakdown post!! I’m so hyped for this phase ‼️💪🏽
Maria de-flower me now
Shot for the late grind to bring us the breakdown, much appreciated king 🤙🤙
Jordon Lebrun
Jordon Lebrun 2 aylar önce
One thing I caught that no one brought up yet is that Janet says, "IT" can re-write existence and shatter timelines, not "HE", so I'm guessing she is referring to the object that Kang wants Ant-Man to retrieve. My prediction is Ant-Man will find it and give it to Kang, which clearly leads into Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.
King Haku589
King Haku589 2 aylar önce
I just remembered from Scott's perspective it was 5 minutes compared to 5 years so I can imagine how long they're going to be in the quantum realm compared to the outside world with them being in there for a movies length of time I can imagine whenever they leave the outside MCU is going to have a drastic time skip just my thoughts
Hovering Menacingly
Hovering Menacingly 2 aylar önce
Very good observation
P Snitkin
P Snitkin 2 aylar önce
I think Scott's temptation by Kang about getting "more time" with young Cassie is a misdirect. Scott and Cassie got lucky compared to a lot of other people during the blip, and everyone lost time with their loved ones - not just them. It would be very selfish of Scott to risk trusting someone Janet is warning him about for a few years with a daughter he is now reunited with and is catching up with.
BrandwithAllyn 2 aylar önce
Honestly I haven't seen an MCU trailer this good since the fanmade Gangsta's Paradise Infinity War trailer. That ish gives me chills to this day 😬😬😬
E Z A R O T H 2 aylar önce
The irony of Ant-man ending the Thanos arc but started the Kang arc.
Shift4g 2 aylar önce
You never really fix anything, you just change how it looks.
Tito Ramirez
Tito Ramirez 2 aylar önce
I think its the girl from Loki. Renslayer was made the leader of the TVA and we still don't know if she knew about KAng or not. Miss Minutes sent her on a mission and have a feeling It has something to do with Kang's plan
MarvelBoi34 2 aylar önce
I think in my opinion Avengers: Secret War would probably be about Dr Doom since that's where the comic is heavily based on. What do you think?
Sibulele Maliti
Sibulele Maliti 2 aylar önce
Love your thorough breakdowns man and of course the dad jokes🤣 Keep up
mini swoosh
mini swoosh 2 aylar önce
Ant Man is a type of Robin Hood who gives the people what was taken from them. This is more than about him, he’s doing this everyone who lost something that the snap never brought back.
The Extremely Average Gamers
Awesome analysis!!! Is there a chance for Loki to also appear?
H 2 aylar önce
Glad someone is working late to make these breakdowns. Much appreciated!!
thetruebatman 2 aylar önce
I’m not exhausted of Ant-Man the way I am with most of the other “seasoned” MCU heroes. Maybe it’s Rudd’s charm, idk. But clearly Feige has no problem at the moment of moving these older characters right off the path of this new story line so it does feel very possible that Scott doesn’t make it out of this movie.
catfdljws 2 aylar önce
12:30 I get the Acroyear reference...but I don't think so. If you get a close (4K) look at Kang's army, they're all the same creature type (the Pitheons), only with blue heads instead of yellow. The same basic cylinder shape of a head, just different glowing color. So my guess is that this is one that broke free of its programming that tied it to Kang's will. Similar tropes have appeared throughout sci-fantasy, including I Robot. The OOD in Doctor Who also share this trope.
David Moore
David Moore 2 aylar önce
Loved the breakdown, Paul. Thanks for taking one for all us sinners.
martin adams
martin adams 2 aylar önce
Hi Paul, to your knowledge or in your opinion, is the multiverse separate from alternate timelines? in other words, the multiverse existed even when there was only one timeline. Or, does the creation of alternate timelines cause the creation of multiverses? Just wondered if you had any thoughts on this (and i cant be bothered to watch loki again). Enjoy your videos. Thanks.
B Huevo
B Huevo 2 aylar önce
9:26 is the BEST Kang ability! Can't wait til he uses it
Penguinwastaken 2 aylar önce
I wasn’t expecting Modok to show up in the trailer
Josh Hopkins
Josh Hopkins 2 aylar önce
How come Kang doesn’t age? He’s doing so much. Even Jannette aged? He’s still human so should age? Even he who remains doesn’t look like he’s aged a day when compared to Kang?! Although he can time travel, time still passes for him but doesn’t seem to ever age
jonjon 2 aylar önce
Wonder what part of the multiverse Kang will come out of
DrKeps 2 aylar önce
Yess, this is the breakdown I've been waiting for!
eddie terrell
eddie terrell 2 aylar önce
Kang will need more than a ship, he’ll need pym particles to grow also
JussKitten 2 aylar önce
So Scott accidentally saved the universe just to later accidentally doom the multiverse😅
Jay Herbo
Jay Herbo 2 aylar önce
Yep! Lol
javman524 2 aylar önce
The floating orange orb Ant-man is reaching for is the ten rings, right? And modok is Darren Cross! That's nut Loving the writing on this one already
Serv00x 2 aylar önce
I think M.O.D.O.K will be Kangs assistant helping him with tech and researching about escape possibility’s
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