Answering Questions About Adoption! 

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We feel very ready and excited to start this next step.
If you have anymore questions leave them in the comments below!
We are overwhelmed with all the support :)
We love you all so much!
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29 Mar 2023




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As an adopted child im so happy to see this content. I was adopted at the age of seven months and its the best feeling ever to know that you’re „tummy parent“ love you so much, that they choose to give u a better life. Selflessness! And when I see people like you who are ready to give someone like me a better life, it truly makes me believe in the good of people :) Can’t wait to see the video titled „ Our Baby is here“! Much love :)
I really appreciated your comment about not being “colorblind” if your baby ends up being a different race than you. I’ve heard so many sad stories about interracial adoptions and I’m sure this mindset would have prevented a lot of those stories. Congratulations!!
Hi Bella! I'm a lactation consultant and it is pretty awesome y'all are adopting a newborn, I just want you to tell you that you can nurse your baby thru a lactation induction, you won't have colostrum but your body can produce mature milk! You can look into it, it takes time but it all depends on the mom
As a birth mother, hearing how respectful you’ve been talking about your own future birth mother brings tears to my eyes. Giving up my baby girl was the #1 hardest most traumatic experience I have ever experienced. I can’t speak for all birth mothers but I’ve always felt that my job as her mother was to keep her safe and healthy, and I knew the only way I was going to be able to do that was to find her parents who would be able to care for her in all the ways I couldn’t. Any birth mother would be so blessed to have you guys care and love on their baby with the same intensity as them. I’m following along on the edge of my seat!
My parents adopted my youngest sister. I’ll never forget they had a special ringtone (it was a baby crying) for the birth mother. One day we were all sitting watching tv together, the phone rang, and since it was such a a distinct ringtone we all immediately started crying because we KNEW it was time!! So excited for you both to get “the call!”
As an adoptive parent - just wanted to share some things I’ve learned regarding language 😌 the more person centered name for the birth mother at THIS stage would be “expectant mom” as she is still in the process of making the decision to place her child.
Bella talking about how she’s open to all races and how beautiful she thinks all races are made me tear up a little. as a black person, it’s not often you hear ppl outside your race speak positive about other races, in a world full of hate, & racism. y’all are literally gonna be the best parents ever and i can’t wait to see you with your baby❤️
I’m an adoptive Mama and I can attest that the moment you set eyes on your baby...your heart grows so full. Adoption was how God planned to expand our family and I can’t imagine life without our daughter. I know you will feel that way too!
I highly recommend reading the book “The Primal Wound” so that you are completely prepared for what the experience is like for your baby. You will be amazing parents, I am sure. This will just help you to be even better. An adopted child has some special things you want to be aware of and prepared to work through.
I just wanna say I’m adopted with my twin sister from Russia & my parents went back 4 years later to adopt a boy who was from another Russian family. I now live in Florida and have been raised by them since I was 18 months. I’m 24 now & I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve known my entire life that I was adopted, and my mom journaled through the entire process and I still have it to this day. Watching your process and your story has made me appreciate my family more than I ever did. Thank you so much for being so vulnerable and willing to bring a loved baby into your home. It’s such a good feeling to be “chosen” and wanted so badly. ❤️
I'm not being shady to other TRvid young families, but, you guys seem the most mature and taking parenthood seriously is just beautiful to watch.
That baby is gonna be so lucky to have such amazing and loving parents🥰🥰❤
I love when Bella said “things I would have taken for granted if I didn’t go through this journey.” We experienced 2+ years of infertility. And now I have a miracle 5 month old. Whenever he throws up on me or wakes me at 2 am or cries in the car, I just feel this overwhelming sense of “this is what I longed for.” It makes the worst days as a mom still feel like the best day ever. So happy for you guys! ♥️
A mantra that I absolutely love is: “Biology doesn’t make you family. Love does” That is the beauty of adoption ❤ 😘
As a child that was in foster care and then adopted I can’t express how excited I am for you both and your new child . Good luck to you because it won’t always be easy . You both seem like genuinely good people and soon to be parents . ❤️
First off, I'm generally a silent viewer but I couldn't help but respond to this video. I have been watching y'all since C19 hit and I've stuck around through all of the content you posted. from pranks to the devastating news of infertility to finding out about your adoption. I have stayed around because you guys are soo inspirational!! you guys handled every high and low with hope and thankfulness. you guys deserve the world and every inch of happiness that this baby will bring you!! Next, I'm so excited for you guys!! I was adopted and as an adoptee I know personally that it will mean the world to your baby when he or she grows up to know that you documented your whole journey!! My parents documented my adoption and we have a tradition that every year on the day I was adopted we watch the videos so that they can relive that precious moment and so I can see what I don"t remember. You guys will be amazing parents and examples to the little baby that you will get bless!! and remember that everything is in God's Plan!
I can honestly say Bella has looked physically more happy, healthy, and honestly calm. I thought it was because they stopped ivf and was relieved of that stress. But now I see it’s because they started the adoption process. So happy for you guys to become parents! This kid will receive so much love! 💕
I love to hear your story! I was adopted and my mom was in the room when my birth mom was in labor with me. It’s such a huge part of my story but also not at the same time. My family, my parents are the ones that raise me and I’ve known all my life. But I’m very open about my adoption story and even wrote a paper on it in college. I just love watching this and your videos, congratulations! ❤