Answer This Question to Get Into Harvard

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14 Eki 2021




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Jaymic Saatler önce
Somehow this is a perfect loop
Suhanika Dutt
Suhanika Dutt Gün önce
I hate math but this is basic algebra I mean everybody knows how to solve these type of questions In India 5th graders are taught how to solve this !! lol xD
toiyeutudo 4 gün önce
No need algebra
angie444 4 gün önce
This is basic algebra plsssss-
Gigi love
Gigi love 4 gün önce
My guess is $35 dollars as of 2021 but in 1876 that would be about $810 dollars a price
Khanak Vanjani
Khanak Vanjani 5 gün önce
I can answer this as a 8th graders lmao. Though Havard back then only accepted young rich white boys who went to the most prestigious prep-schools.
Velo 7 gün önce
As a student who HASN’T LEARNED THIS YET, I could still figure the chain’s price out, and was pretty close to figuring out the other two just hy using logic to say “oh, the watch has to be the most expensive, the chain in the middle, and the lock is the cheapest.”
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 8 gün önce
That's basically algebra. Shows how curriculum has gone up over the years. Even my parents have said that things they learned in HS is being taught in younger grade levels now
sleepy a
sleepy a 8 gün önce
When you used to do these in 3rd grade...
Bro im in 6 grade lmao and i did this in 2 minutes 😂
Timi Faniyi
Timi Faniyi 8 gün önce
I would have been a Harvard valedictorian Nope, nvm I would have been a slave.
i play minecraft
i play minecraft 9 gün önce
and now this is the question my school's 7th grade math program uses to see if you pass the first semester
VARS 2004
VARS 2004 10 gün önce
It was easy.
Library of knowledge
Library of knowledge 10 gün önce
Child's play?
Thuliumify 12 gün önce
This question is easy and all until they say that no calculator is allowed
Artzy4077 12 gün önce
me, a 9th grader: *casually solves it without a calculator or the hint in under 3 minutes* ... school is harder now pwq
Hadeel Abdulla
Hadeel Abdulla 13 gün önce
i got it correct
Nikhil Agarwal
Nikhil Agarwal 13 gün önce
I am a 7nth grader i saw this and it is easy it took me 49 seconds due to the method i developed, i never used a calculator or a formula
Tyler 13 gün önce
Systems of equations. Learned this in algebra 7th grade and they had it at garvard
Low Budget Advice
Low Budget Advice 14 gün önce
No matter what time period I live in, I will never have had a chance to get into Harvard and I'm honestly okay with that.
Stof 14 gün önce
Stof 14 gün önce
jawad alam
jawad alam 15 gün önce
i did this kind of problem in 6th grade once
Cone head livie
Cone head livie 15 gün önce
It’s thanksgiving break. I’m not doing this
Tintisa Malhotra
Tintisa Malhotra 16 gün önce
I got it correct and I am 9
KiLemonPi 17 gün önce
It's really simple. It's just a system of equations.
a dean
a dean 17 gün önce
This is litteraly a question I awnsered at 12 years old
Stella and Azazel
Stella and Azazel 17 gün önce
This question looks like that one question in my math test in 6th grade😂
Awful Anna
Awful Anna 17 gün önce
I seriously can't do this. Someone help me...
arsany samir
arsany samir 17 gün önce
I got it right 😊
temporary name
temporary name 17 gün önce
I’m in 6th grade and this was easy
Lara Branbo
Lara Branbo 17 gün önce
Imagine getting into Harvard just because of some random algebra you learned on a random day in middle school
Bluez Larcus #1
Bluez Larcus #1 18 gün önce
I did it no cap in 4 min. its not that hard. I have just started high school and I could solve this.
Sina Rajabi
Sina Rajabi 18 gün önce
I dont get whats hard at all im an 11th grader
JASON L.R 18 gün önce
Watch 144 Lock 18 Chain 54 I have done it in 8th grade in 4 mins in a test, and dad tells me that old people was smarter.
Pieyawat P.
Pieyawat P. 19 gün önce
I messed up on my calculations LOL my method were all correct btw I’m a 5th grade try hard so plz don’t bully me
Tyler The Noob
Tyler The Noob 19 gün önce
Me. A ten year old watching this be like: what is going on..
Honk Shire
Honk Shire 19 gün önce
Getting into harvard lol wth 6th grade algebra
Anarxh 19 gün önce
This reminds me of one of those "Iron + Diamond + Gold" question thingys on the Community Tab
Official Tea Of Life
Official Tea Of Life 19 gün önce
this sounds like something i did in 6th grade
Dávid Horváth
Dávid Horváth 20 gün önce
Lol too easy
Soyatra 20 gün önce
I know that if I tried I could do it and Rn I’m just feelin lazy but just doing simple algebra to get into Harvard wow. But I don’t think they ask it anymore lol 😂
TehBucketMaster 21 gün önce
me: answers question people from 1869: 💀🪦 me: dang it im too late
Yboys06 21 gün önce
i learned this when i was in 4th grade easy
Tanny Zhu
Tanny Zhu 21 gün önce
RAN on the ASX. Good investment?
Livie Simpsonin
Livie Simpsonin 22 gün önce
I personally think the answer was “It costs money.” But then again, I forgot how to do math as soon as I graduated, so I’m not qualified.
GamerPlayZzz 22 gün önce
As a 6th Grader, I could probably answer this.
Mibella Espinoza
Mibella Espinoza 22 gün önce
Ima 5th grader and easy peasy
Anshik Kumar Tiwari
Anshik Kumar Tiwari 22 gün önce
Everyone's mathematician untill I ask them this question
VeeryBoyLol 23 gün önce
is it weird that im in 8th grade and couldn't do this-
Randomesque 23 gün önce
W+C+L=216 W+L=3C L+C=.5W
Abbas Naqvi
Abbas Naqvi 23 gün önce
This has got to be the most pretentious comment section I've ever seen.
Mr Orange - Roblox
Mr Orange - Roblox 23 gün önce
Now.. how do I do this..?
yxchill 24 gün önce
I legit got this question in 5th grade one time
JEREMY BARCEMO 24 gün önce
Good thing I know algebra
Lie_Little_Lion 24 gün önce
We- we did this in 7th grade algebra XD
Bookwyrm 24 gün önce
well step one of getting into Harvard in 1869 is being male.
Alessandra Page
Alessandra Page 25 gün önce
My 7th grade brother solved this problem :) guess he’s going to Harvard 😃
ezpz noob
ezpz noob 25 gün önce
I mean this was in 1869 lets remember this was rare for the time
Ambika Ramroop
Ambika Ramroop 25 gün önce
I got it correct🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉but I used a calculater😐
HK 25 gün önce
So Harvard doesn't teach Students Smart Smart Students study Harvard
Anna VG
Anna VG 25 gün önce
Rashmi Bala
Rashmi Bala 25 gün önce
I paused the vid in mid and it took me 6 min to get it right
Puppygirl 25 gün önce
Before finishing the video, I got the answer w=144 c=54 and l=18 My equations were as follows: W+c+l=216 w+l=3C l+c=0.5w Edit after watching: I got the right answer, but why did his paper for the system have one of the equations be l+c=w12 ??
Coal Phoenix
Coal Phoenix 23 gün önce
@Puppygirl dw i thought it was w12 for a sec as well lol.
Puppygirl 23 gün önce
@Coal Phoenix Oh. **face palm** Well now I feel dumb
Coal Phoenix
Coal Phoenix 24 gün önce
it was w/2.
MrPuzzle 26 gün önce
Wth this is 6th class algebra at most in romania
Alive 26 gün önce
You know what I hate, I could do this when I was 9 but now I can't
KhasKid YT
KhasKid YT 26 gün önce
Wow the stuff taught in school in the 1800s was so much easier were taught this at the start of 9th grade In most countries now
Lim88 Brawl Stars and Minecraft
This is so easy, I did it within 30 seconds without calculator. Btw, I'm 13
Ege Taslicay
Ege Taslicay 26 gün önce
I think anybody who passed grade 10-11 math should be able to do this 🤨
Meme Nigga
Meme Nigga 27 gün önce
Baltazar Górzny
Baltazar Górzny 27 gün önce
8th grade
O.K 27 gün önce
I'll tell you how it works. You make all three equations, then you use maths.
Shaayan Anwar
Shaayan Anwar 27 gün önce
I am currently learning that in middle school
Kavya Sinha
Kavya Sinha 27 gün önce
In India we do these questions in 7th grade
qj 27 gün önce
this is a question for 10 yrs old kids in Singapore
Your gaming lab
Your gaming lab 27 gün önce
Its a lock not locket
Brady Farrants
Brady Farrants 27 gün önce
I scroll down to see everyone bragging how easy it is, I wont leave this desk until I can join you so I don't look like a melon
landofmomo 26 gün önce
don't mind them, they're mostly 13 year olds who are taking algebra right now so of course it would be easy for them. the majority of people haven't even looked at algebra in decades, plus the only people commenting are those who want to brag and i'm sure there's a much greater proportion of people who weren't sure what to do
CreeperBoy7984 YTMCgaming
That question is ez man, I feel like a genius for having got the answer right.
CreeperBoy7984 YTMCgaming
The watch costs $144, the chain $54 and the locket $18. I got it right lol.
AadyisLive 28 gün önce
Watch 144 Lock 18 Chain 54
Joel Jacob
Joel Jacob 29 gün önce
guys if you pass algebra you are immediately accepted into harvard!
_darovun 29 gün önce
Easy and i am only in seventh grade Watch 108$ Chain 54$ Lock 54$
_darovun 29 gün önce
The watch is 108 The chain 54 The lock 54
Sam de los Reyes
Sam de los Reyes 29 gün önce
The people that think they are geniuses because they can figure this out are idiots for not realizing that this test was in 1869 when not only were humans not as knowledgeable as we are now, but colleges were also way less prestigious and were more acceptable of applicants
GamingwBear2 29 gün önce
yeah, as a 14 year old Canadian student I solved this in my head, took me a moment but it’s likely more easy now compared to back then
Nayclan 29 gün önce
I'm still in 7th grade and I was able to solve this. I'm going to Harvard mom!
Pegasus 29 gün önce
After knowing how easy it was I’m not surprised that they used this in 1869 and not in 2021 because then i would have been in Harvard for sure
thunder playz
thunder playz 29 gün önce
I am a middle school student so I didn't understand 😅😅
Zork Killer
Zork Killer 29 gün önce
Bruh u just have to use a simeltaneous equation
NigelGaming 29 gün önce
I'm 13 and this is so easy I didnt use a calculator. Just use algebra!
GayGengar 29 gün önce
this was honestly pretty easy. feels like a standard middle school word problem
RomeNunt 29 gün önce
It's so ez. U sure this is the question?
TraceurFox 29 gün önce
Daliessae Aylar önce
That’s like a math question from my 2nd grade high school.
AR Games
AR Games Aylar önce
With time. Yes I can.
Alex YT
Alex YT Aylar önce
My dumbass brain in 7th grade just looking at a chain a watch and a lock
starwarsjoey Aylar önce
super ezy, no way this is a real question
Doctor Squatch
Doctor Squatch Aylar önce
That was really easy
F4th0m0r9 Aylar önce
Let the price of the watch, the locket, and the chain be x, y, and z respectively. x + y + z = 216 x + y = 3z y + z = 0.5x Substitute x + y for 3z: 3z + z = 4z = 216 z = 54 Substitute y + z for 0.5x: x + 0.5x = 1.5x = 216 x = 144 Plug in x = 144 and z = 54 into the first equation: 144 + y + 54 = 216 y = 18 Check your other equations: 144 + 18 = 162 = 54 * 3 18 + 54 = 72 = 0.5 * 144 I have a minor in mathematics, but this problem really only requires basic substitution. In the modern U.S. public education system, you're expected to know how to do this before you enter high school.
Isabella Tai
Isabella Tai Aylar önce
This was a lot easier than I expected. It's like 5th grade level for Asian kids.
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