ANNABELLE COMES HOME (2019) Ending + New Spirits Explained

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Everyone's favorite evil doll Annabelle Comes Home in the latest entry in the Conjuring series. This time she's set her sights on the Warrens artifact room, unleashing all of the spirits within. Learn all about the new spirits, how it connects to the Conjuring timeline, and explaining the ending.
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16 Jul 2019




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melanie Gün önce
I honestly think that they should have replaced the first movie with the real story with the nurses. That story is actually terrifying and would have been a better storyline that made more sense. Unless thats going to be the 4th movie - even though it should have been the 1st movie. The nurses were mentioned in the conjuring, yet they didnt include them when they decided to make Annabelle. Its a shame, really.
MGamer E
MGamer E 3 gün önce
Can’t wait for the sequel: Annabelle leaves home
Dayday Chyna
Dayday Chyna 2 gün önce
Annabelle thee Explorer
Alex Vergara
Alex Vergara 4 gün önce
How is the t.v. bad
Ays Perez
Ays Perez 4 gün önce
Well maybe they didn’t want to put any details about the artifacts of files because they have something planned for them
Loureal Terblaans
Loureal Terblaans 5 gün önce
Cody James
Cody James 8 gün önce
I'm so glad I found this channel so I don't have to watch a lot of these movies. You're a gift and I hope you know that.
Little Willow
Little Willow 11 gün önce
BRO what kinda kids are at The little girls school!? If someone at my school was the child of demon hunters I'd be their best fucking friend, That sounds fucking amazing
NewJerseyNets11 11 gün önce
Daniela is the best thing about this movie. Sure this was all her fault but once you realize why she did what she did, you can understand her grieve. P.S. she is a cutie
Ruination Games
Ruination Games 12 gün önce
That chicken had it coming dint you know? It was a very foul.....fowl. 😎😎
iStolenAgeraXp 13 gün önce
A man da werewolf wallpaper from 2014 1080p got me like 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖐 oh no please stop me from laughin so I literally can’t breathe oh...my...sweet....baby....jesuaaaaaaaa! 10:42
Korean Cowboy42
Korean Cowboy42 14 gün önce
O namae wa, Oni (Japanese demon) desu.
Elaris 15 gün önce
love your work you put into your videoes but....google trans;ate exists. La Llorona sounds like La Yo-Ro-na. Cmon dude. latin horror titles (and othe countries for that matter) need pronounciation love, cmon dude :-/
vic law
vic law 15 gün önce
can you do a ending explain on "Don't be afraid of the dark"
Tarush Singh
Tarush Singh 15 gün önce
This movie would've been a lot cooler if only at the end of it Nick Fury came into the house.
Alex Horn
Alex Horn 16 gün önce
Oh my god the intro is soooo good!!! ‘Give me back my tacos you bastard’ was just delivered so well 😂😂😂
Logan Shiraga
Logan Shiraga 20 gün önce
If I was the babysitter and then I saw that the child I was babysitting who had no friends and then had Annabelle in her bed I'd be like no wonder you have no friends.
Itching Burning
Itching Burning 20 gün önce
darn my taco
Moira C
Moira C 20 gün önce
Hes so angry about the chicken being the only death, its hilarious😂
Jay Moose
Jay Moose 21 gün önce
I love this channel because instead of wasting money on shitty movies I can just come here
sebs likes anime
sebs likes anime 21 gün önce
You should have said frankadelltaco
my videos brown
my videos brown 21 gün önce
this movie was more of a 3 and a half star to me and it was not even close to being scary
mathew berger
mathew berger 22 gün önce
Do you think you would be able to do an explanation of the new film Ad Astrada. That would be amazing if you could. Love your vids man keep up the good work
TeleTubbie 22 gün önce
Annabelle creation is my favorite horor movie so far, out of all I've seen (not hundreds but quite a few at least). For like almost a week I was having some trouble falling asleep idk it was pretty good. Annabelle comes home on the other hand was a huge let down to be completely honest. Apart from a few jumpscares it was pretty bad and not even frightening sadly especially that warewolf scene left me like "Oh cool, they got that CGI doggo and shit, cool, was that supposed to scare me or something?" Idk, not even close to the previous 2 movies.
Yoke103HD 24 gün önce
Is he from Texas? Saw taco cabana
Isaac Craft
Isaac Craft 26 gün önce
I found it so annoying how most of the characters had no relevance or connection to the main series and the characters that did return played little role in the movie and the new spirits had little back story plus the “pastor ghost” in the movie had little back story or explanation at all it was just really bland and didn’t explain a whole lot at all
OhOhYeahYeahJosh 26 gün önce
I honestly though this movie was about other spirits had different artifacts and had to return them to there right spirits who that make a better movie...
BlyatMeister 27 gün önce
PulZe _
PulZe _ 27 gün önce
Ok, you have to be honest, the trailers were good because they made people scared of the one place children feel safe when they see a “monster”. Like, when she appears under the covers.
Krinh 27 gün önce
on the werewolf pic.... do you know of deviant art?
ZoeBlacktail 28 gün önce
FoundFlix: Where is the crocked man!? Me: I agree. The crocked man of the Conjuring movie series need his own back story too.
Åy DÇUØ 28 gün önce
Movie wasn't even scary at all. Shit was assss😭
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Aylar önce
The movie scared the hell out of me
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin Aylar önce
Bro when that stupid doll eats your shit
Stef C
Stef C Aylar önce
I thought they were going to tie the end of Annabel comes home to the conjuring because of the scene in the conjuring that the Warnens come home to Annabel on a chair and trapping they’re daughter in the room where her dad had to save her
CM Þór
CM Þór Aylar önce
Annabelle: Far from home (2021)
MeanJoeGrizzly 71
MeanJoeGrizzly 71 Aylar önce
I think you’re being a little too harsh.. most paranormal movies have a low body count.. and the case in point two of the biggest paranormal/possession movies of all time poltergeist and the exorcist both have little to no body count... they use the same scares for the most part... just have fun dude... this was the bed time since Conjuring 2
MeanJoeGrizzly 71
MeanJoeGrizzly 71 Aylar önce
Bev Kenny
Bev Kenny Aylar önce
Ad - ‘watch instantly on TRvid’.... £21.99. Me - Hmmmm... Watches the FoundFlix version.
Robert Poole
Robert Poole Aylar önce
You should totally write The Crooked Man movie!! A true horror fan should be the one to write the movie. Bring the franchise back to its true horror spirit and roots
Adriana  Le Andre
Adriana Le Andre Aylar önce
So glad I didn't waste my time to go see this🙄
Tazermex Aylar önce
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'Annabelle Comes Home' Trailer
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