Anna Wintour, Margaret Qualley, and Sofia Coppola on the Future of Chanel | Vogue

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Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles are joined by Sofia Coppola, Margaret Qualley, Inez Van Lamsweerde, and Vinoodh Matadin in this episode of Good Morning Vogue to discuss all things Chanel, from house-codes and the iconic brands' transformative impact on the fashion world in the 1920’s, to the legendary Karl Lagerfeld era and the new regime of Virginie Viard.

*Correction: Director: Nikki Petersen*

Featuring: Anna Wintour, Virginie Viard, Hamish Bowles, Inez, Vinoodh, Sofia Coppola
Director: Nikki Petersen
Producer: Amanda Messenger
Associate Producer: Kevin Mohun
Director of Photography: Etienne Baussan
B Camera Operator: Franck Onouviet
Sound Mixer: David Amsalem Albertini
Associate Producer: Kevin Mohun
Production Assistant: Zakariya Boujana
Edited by: Henry Busby, Ann Lupo
Associate Director, Post Production: Nicole Berg
Assistant Editor: Andy Morell, Billy Ward
Sound Mixer: Bobb Barito
VP, Digital Video Programming & Development: Robert Semmer
Creative Editorial Director: Mark Guiducci
Post Production Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
Line Producer: Jessica Shier
Production Manager: Edith Pauccar
Special Thanks: Chanel, The Ritz Paris, La Reserve Paris

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Anna Wintour, Margaret Qualley, and Sofia Coppola on the Future of Chanel | Vogue



8 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Mark Eddowes
Mark Eddowes 16 saatler önce
Bof…..à voir
francisco cilloniz
流浪漢パリ 2 gün önce
4:51 🙏💋💄👠👛💜💖🎩🧳🧵🌂🦋
Zoe Tsolaki
Zoe Tsolaki 2 gün önce
Where's the Advent Calendar?
Bella 1991
Bella 1991 3 gün önce
Ridiculous woman. Wearing sun glasses infront of the camera. Sence when insanity is considered fashionable. She probably has the biggest insecurities. Take off your sun glasses win nut
JANET COREY 3 gün önce
What boots to step into!
Tasha A
Tasha A 4 gün önce
Karl was lovely. He is missed. Virginie has been with Chanel for a century. She knows what she is doing.
Nadine Bentel
Nadine Bentel 7 gün önce
Take your glasses off Anna. What are you hiding? Your age? You look ridiculous
shockalockabocka 9 gün önce
Ok, bc u know fashion doesn’t mean u know hair color. Hamish looks like a Just for Men box. His colorist should BE FIRED. He’s a natural level 6, and they’ve colored him to a 4 level, and he looks like Gomez Adams. There’s options that could make him look more natural.
Karabo Khanyile
Karabo Khanyile 12 gün önce
Didn't expect to see Daisy Edgar-Jones here
Lechenaultia 12 gün önce
The 'fashions' are just plain silly. Vocal fry is painful to listen to. Adults wearing dark glasses and gloves to conceal the fact that - shock horror! - they are getting older is just plain silly
Empress Of The Sun
Empress Of The Sun 16 gün önce
I liked Karl better
T Jones
T Jones 17 gün önce
for how many articles of items she must own, it's nice to see that she wore the same necklace in her interview, as the one in 4:55
Elissa Mcgaw
Elissa Mcgaw 18 gün önce
Looking at Tippi Hedron The Birds. Eva Marie Saint North By North West. zimmermann latest collection
Stuart Lee
Stuart Lee 23 gün önce
She's nice, but so untalented. Get rid of her!
Alonso Castillo
Alonso Castillo 26 gün önce
I am completely inspired after watching this video; my favorite moment was Anna talking about her relationship ship with Karl
Eva 26 gün önce
9:03 the way sofia shoots
YNINNY Aylar önce
Can anyone tell name of the songs in this video?
O V H Aylar önce
I love how Anna Wintour is still viewed as a relevant voice in fashion. The sept issue keeps losing ad pages by the hundreds. She opened a youtube chanel 20 years after all other fashion influencers. She is not a leader.
Dan Bowman
Dan Bowman 29 gün önce
@O V H Technology means very little without creative minds.
O V H 29 gün önce
@Dan Bowman to be a fashion leader now means to be a techie. You can't ignore technology if you want to be a leader. Magazines as you said are no longer relevant. It is like you saying that horse drawn carriages are still leaders in transportation in a world of cars.
Dan Bowman
Dan Bowman 29 gün önce
Magazines in general are sinking like the Titanic. That's not a reflection of Wintour's relevancy. She's a fashion leader, not a techie.
Leafs Forever
Leafs Forever Aylar önce
Sofia please stick to doing things like this - cause you’re acting and directing are horrible !
Suneel Kumar Kinthali
Nice Clothing ✨✨✨
moreover123 Aylar önce
It feels like Anna’s a little frosty with Virginie. Mourning the direction of Karl being morphed into something that’s less to her expectation for the house of ChAnel. A little like “I don’t really like the direction that this house is going…”
Bonnie Chandler
Bonnie Chandler Aylar önce
Anna, hate to say it but you’re finally looking older 🤷‍♀️. Happens to the best of us.
Ellen Williams
Ellen Williams Aylar önce
Stop with the poser sun glasses. It’s pompous and tacky. You’re better and more fabulous than that.
Brian Brown
Brian Brown Aylar önce
Phillip Nevins
Phillip Nevins Aylar önce
Why is Kenny Ortega directing the Chanel fashion show?!
Phillip Nevins
Phillip Nevins Aylar önce
how much did chanel pay for this? only 350K views after 3 weeks... #shifttovideo
Jeremiah Sanadion
Jeremiah Sanadion Aylar önce
This was so hard to watch in a beautiful sadness kind of way.But I celebrate Virginie Viard. That hat on the Bride was such a gorgeous look I will never get over.
Joey David
Joey David Aylar önce
Usually people who always wear sunglasses indoors and out are druggies.
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson Aylar önce
Andre Leon Talley should have had commentary in this video.
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce Aylar önce
I LOVE Anna Wintour 🥺😍
Λεωνιδας Περιξ
The essence of pop culture.
Dark Star
Dark Star Aylar önce
It’s amazing how ugly those on the top truly r
TOM PIPPS Aylar önce
anita ranchhod
anita ranchhod Aylar önce
Does she have a problem looking at another human being?
So Boujee
So Boujee Aylar önce
Karlitou ❤️
Jodi Madonia
Jodi Madonia Aylar önce
BARRiO bikini shop
BARRiO bikini shop Aylar önce
Ckskr Karl ruined chanel
BARRiO bikini shop
BARRiO bikini shop Aylar önce
Gabriella is chanel
BARRiO bikini shop
BARRiO bikini shop Aylar önce
Karl is not chanel
BARRiO bikini shop
BARRiO bikini shop Aylar önce
Retire ur washed up
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Well done. Bravo.
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Amen sisters🙏😎🤘👠🎁🌍🌞
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Playful is good.
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Very nice. Simple
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Easy. And hard. Well that's life.
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Sharp dressed man.
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
In Spirit Sir. I always watched your fashion trends.🙏😇💛💋💄👠😎🔮🎁🎆🌍🦋
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
K his perfume bottle.
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Me to
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
Look how they were treated
Shelley Harris
Shelley Harris Aylar önce
The pony tail and glasses. My first taste of fashion was I was about 13. Thank you. Amen.😇🌞🙏👐✌💪💛😎
João Baptista Pinto Netto
Saman Siddiquie
Saman Siddiquie Aylar önce
Really wanna know the music at 11:10
💮 Aylar önce
[Sound mixer:David Amsalem Albertini Sound mixer:Bobb Barito...]
YNINNY Aylar önce
7:54 name of the song?
程. Aylar önce
cynthiastephie Aylar önce
Margaret 🥰
mary d
mary d Aylar önce
Don't like her. Promoting fashion as something like science and fooling those fashion clients for money and low ethical practices. She's not that important as she's promoted to be. What's her contribution to women anyway?
Tom Cooling
Tom Cooling Aylar önce
Superb quality!
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 Aylar önce
3:22 “let’s go for a walk and we would see what people were wearing” umm that’s like theft or something. ideas 💡
Felipe Aylar önce
three withe women
Sakk Sarkissian
Sakk Sarkissian Aylar önce
yeah exactly its so simple for an ICONIC house like Chanel, I dont really think its modern, She really took the brand clothing wise backward theres no innovation.
Bade uz zaman
Bade uz zaman Aylar önce
Saman Siddiquie
Saman Siddiquie Aylar önce
What’s the music at the end ??
Abraham Nasiri
Abraham Nasiri Aylar önce
Please stop lying
Abraham Nasiri
Abraham Nasiri Aylar önce
Yeah cuz karl, raf and john made clothes for aliens. History will only remember the greats
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Aylar önce
Ridiculous Anna does this interview in sunglasses.
Gigi Louis
Gigi Louis Aylar önce
KL was an extraordinary designer. He will be missed!
Louise Eady
Louise Eady Aylar önce
Take the sunnies off. They look pretentious. When she goes to fashion shows and other events she doesn't wear them inside. It tells me that she doesn't want to engage with her audience.
Actual Rat
Actual Rat Aylar önce
6:20 she looks exactly like rihanna
Michael Aylar önce
At this rate, Chanel won't have much of a future if Virginie is at the helm.
Michael Aylar önce
@Dan Bowman I think the last show was quite fun mostly for the ‘90s-style runway.
Dan Bowman
Dan Bowman Aylar önce
It's taken some time for me to warm up to her style, but she is starting to show some beautiful things.
Winter Storm
Winter Storm Aylar önce
Take your sun glasses off and what’s w the fake accent Anna you are so affected hard to relate to. Karl was a weirdo pervert as was Bill Blass the woman’s style much better. Anna your irrelevant time to retire
gary robertson
gary robertson Aylar önce
anna in those opague glasses is so tired.
Henry Long
Henry Long Aylar önce
the future of fashion and by implication chanel ... is one where anna wintour and other millionaires no longer constrain the dictums upon which the whole farce of the fashion industry is built
MACK SMITH Aylar önce
Love to see it!
Matt Phillp
Matt Phillp Aylar önce
Chanel = fun family atmosphere. Indeed.
Lo L
Lo L Aylar önce
Burcu Gunan
Burcu Gunan Aylar önce
I'm so sorry to say that but Chanel urgently needs someone equal to Karl's talent.
Duane Aylar önce
The absolute best use of TRvid ever! Gorgeous!
밀라노 마늘맘_Nuora siciliana
This video is a good chance to know better about Virginie.
Bongeka Gracia Tsekiso
This makes me so emotional. The spirit of excellence and honesty in both Virginie's aura and the pieces is just... ahhhh. Plus de pouvoir pour toi, Virginie! xx
Carol Lepage
Carol Lepage Aylar önce
Yvonne Biggs
Yvonne Biggs Aylar önce
Which 1960s show was featured where the models are wearing strong graphic eyeliner?
Dan Bowman
Dan Bowman Aylar önce
Looks like the late 60s to me, but it's hard to tell.
Anika vandermeer
Anika vandermeer Aylar önce
The ultimate class act !! Love you Anna !!
Vanessa Mason
Vanessa Mason Aylar önce
The delightful onion paradoxically help because botany collectively trust absent a berserk chronometer. divergent, high-pitched harp
Ardell Tarra
Ardell Tarra Aylar önce
The enormous latex analogically switch because ukrainian congruently fold regarding a shiny lycra. luxuriant, legal ping
Ronnie Talitha
Ronnie Talitha Aylar önce
The hysterical bracket culturally bounce because art topically fit in a womanly condor. easy, freezing slip
Vaishnavi Chaudhary
I like chanel
princepeterwolf Aylar önce
She is incredible! All the outfits were breathtakingly beautiful
rari boom
rari boom Aylar önce
Lol « if c est Moche.. » why are they doing this PR campaign?? And frankly AW style is moche!!! This is just BS they still talk about Gabrielle C who has nothing to do with this
appartement2046 Aylar önce
I do miss those over the top sets that Karl did
1218Lindy Aylar önce
Love Chanel, pure perfection 💯
jenn bi
jenn bi Aylar önce
Karl!!! Miss him
Jade Arizona
Jade Arizona Aylar önce
Very insightful video 👏🏾💚
Bruno Car
Bruno Car Aylar önce
Creepy glasses. What is she hidding?
A Quick Story
A Quick Story Aylar önce
what happens to the unused clothes..........
MrWells3000 Aylar önce
Anyone know the songs/artists featured in this video? I tried to Shazam them, and it misidentified over half the songs.
Rajasekhar Kinthali
getnasty08 Aylar önce
If I was uber rich Chanel is the fashion house that would get 90% of my money. It has remained classy while Gucci, LV, Versace, Balmain etc are all tacky AF in my opinion.
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone Aylar önce
Wow, what a spin. Virginie doesn’t have an iota of Karl’s talent and vision. Sorry to say that as I would love for her to succeed. Her collections have been clunky at best.
Dan Bowman
Dan Bowman Aylar önce
You are right, but I think she's improving. It takes a while.
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