Anna Wintour Breaks Down 13 Met Gala Looks From 1974 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

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Anna Wintour talks about some of the greatest looks from previous years at The Met. Anna discusses everything from her favorite Met outfits and guests to the best afterparties (including one deejayed by Oprah).

Director: Robert Semmer
DP: Steven Mastorelli
Editor: Camille Getz
Director, Creative Development: Anna Page Nadin
Supervising Producer: Jordin Rocchi
AC: Sean Rogovin
Gaffer: Omar Nasr
Audio: Gabe Quiroga
Associate Producers: Michelle Wong
VP, Digital Video Programming and Development: Robert Semmer
Director of Content: Tara Homeri
Production Manager: Emily Yates
Post-Production Manager: Marco Glinbizzi

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Anna Wintour Breaks Down 13 Met Gala Looks From 1974 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

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10 Eyl 2021




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lushiousification 12 saatler önce
anyone else get the feeling that she's not a big fan of Beyonce? lol
Marilee Stetson
Marilee Stetson 18 saatler önce
Sorry. The sunglasses are too distracting. Wearing them here is inappropriate.
Veronica Kemperle
Veronica Kemperle 18 saatler önce
Seriously? What’s with the sunglasses indoors… Fashion ??
Meredith Anderson
Meredith Anderson 18 saatler önce
What is up with the sunglasses?
Retroglamamour Gün önce
Chadwick Boseman’s iconic look 🖤
Sarah B.
Sarah B. 2 gün önce
She uses these phrases like "the world stopped to look at this dress." I think she's forgetting that the majority of the world does not have the luxury of time to analyze these dresses like she does.
Olena Nikolenko
Olena Nikolenko 2 gün önce
Starbucks promo lol
Warren Murphy
Warren Murphy 2 gün önce
wow those arms are scary.... mouisterise everyone
Avocado Jones
Avocado Jones 2 gün önce
Nothing will compare to Heavenly Bodies EVER! Except Alexander McQueen’s Horn of plenty.
Ryan Prebys
Ryan Prebys 2 gün önce
The sunglasses indoors really help convey her passion and sincerity for the topic.
abra xas
abra xas 3 gün önce
get rid of that old woman
Why can’t she take off ha glasses
Dianna430 M
Dianna430 M 3 gün önce
Yes Gaga
King Lui
King Lui 3 gün önce
Camp could have been so much better .
Sam Hot
Sam Hot 4 gün önce
Anna, these glasses are really not friendly and not stylish...
BeadMeCreative 4 gün önce
The sunglasses in a room is weird sorry fashun ppl 😐
Paul Altman
Paul Altman 5 gün önce
Take off those silly glasses. You only think that you are chic.
BRANDY D 7 gün önce
Not to many know who Halston is, was.....sadly. A phenomenal designer & many "celebs" sought out his designs
Cindy Cisneros
Cindy Cisneros 7 gün önce
What’s with the glasses.
bobbydo7777 8 gün önce
I’m not crying at all! 🤥🤥🤥
Matt Mayo
Matt Mayo 8 gün önce
F C 8 gün önce
I don't believe Wintour drinks Starbucks. Sponsorship I'm sure
charbel 8 gün önce
Selena Gomez ???
Ursula Staempfli
Ursula Staempfli 8 gün önce
tacky rags
chantonaki 9 gün önce
sun glasses indoors 🙈👎🙄
Jovanna Flor
Jovanna Flor 9 gün önce
This past year was a garbage presentation by the guests!!! Horrible lack of participation by the stylists & designers.
bipbip 10 gün önce
I'm glad no Kardashian or Jenner were considered as memorable for this.
MsCafecito 10 gün önce
Silly sunglasses
Tamagoyaki 10 gün önce
ok.. that's either curtain, carpet, or wallpaper.
Justmejayokay 11 gün önce
It’s not a met without Rihanna
Cassandra Rudolph
Cassandra Rudolph 11 gün önce
Her shirt is friggin ugly ! Sorry Js
fag theory
fag theory 12 gün önce
She talked about Beyoncé like she is scared of her 💀💀💀
Ayen Arborilla
Ayen Arborilla 12 gün önce
This fits are bomb they really put effort onto it
Emmie Rivera
Emmie Rivera 13 gün önce
Is it just me or does she remind me of Edna Mode.
Rhianna JD
Rhianna JD 13 gün önce
I hope one year they do a horror theme. I would love to see peoples takes on classic horror like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman.
Oversized Mocha Latte
Although we love to share our inputs in ideas, all of the themes are based on exhibits within the museum. So all of the yearly themes are predetermined already
putryz 14 gün önce
Sometimes i feel like anna look like old blind Lady while she wore sunglasses
Thomas Beeton
Thomas Beeton 15 gün önce
I feel ‘ one could say ‘ that Anna should mention her position wouldn’t exit without Diana Vreeland who took the most risks of anyone at The Costume Institute and was a part of many early pictures reviewed here. It’s sad that Anna can’t mention Mrs. Vreeland at this time as it was her idea that erupted into this mass merchandising moment. Tom Beeton , Los Angeles
Peter Masterton
Peter Masterton 16 gün önce
squid game:)
Appp Toner
Appp Toner 16 gün önce
I wasn't invited
elmrrr 16 gün önce
The Devil indeed...
skarlett ribbonz
skarlett ribbonz 17 gün önce
Has anyone ever told Anna Wintour that she needs to get rid of her awful hairstyle???
Alice InChromatica
Alice InChromatica 17 gün önce
2019's is called the Met Gaga and will forever be called that lol
Shivam 17 gün önce
Fun Fact: Ladygaga's Met Gala entrance is the most watched red carpet vid!
Debra Hanam
Debra Hanam 18 gün önce
You look ridiculous wearing dark sun glasses. Get over yourself. Thumbs down.
Angel Arbizu
Angel Arbizu 20 gün önce
Omg Hablo de Lady Gaga, y dice que para ella es lo mas grande y destacado
DETOX MUSCLE 20 gün önce
No Madonna?! WTF!
Eddie Sherwood
Eddie Sherwood 22 gün önce
When someone mentions the met gala I automatically think of Blake Lively’s heavenly bodies amazing dress, I had never heard of the met until I saw a picture of her in that dress
Darwin Contreras
Darwin Contreras 24 gün önce
Bianca Jagger, Nicaraguan beauty 💕🇳🇮
Annie Nony
Annie Nony 24 gün önce
She is not impressed with over hyped and masculine Beyoncé and instead loves Rhiyana.
D. 25 gün önce
Rihanna and Lady Gaga 😍
Mica Sabanal
Mica Sabanal 25 gün önce
Yass Lady Gaga ❤️👑 Queen 🍷🍾
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad 25 gün önce
I would LOVE to sat down and have a private conversation, she is so interesting and intriguing to me, she is a role model for women and men too
Felix Stenson
Felix Stenson 26 gün önce
Solange not being in this is wild to me
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye 27 gün önce
How did they miss Bella Hadid and Naomi Campbell?!!!!!!
Sebastian Robbins
Sebastian Robbins 27 gün önce
I always thought she was playing a character
Gail Davies
Gail Davies 27 gün önce
Sunglasses totally ridiculous. could be a puppet - need to see eyes Anna
Kit Khat xo
Kit Khat xo 27 gün önce
i didn’t even know anna was british😭
Kaye Fouxe
Kaye Fouxe 27 gün önce
Met gala is where the demons play 😂🌝
T 28 gün önce
not a single mention of Madonna lol
nalgasrojas5her Aylar önce
The ad for this for for Botox
Sighkler Aylar önce
Oh and two words….. Long sleeves.
Sighkler Aylar önce
Lose the dark glasses.. If you aren’t channeling Helen Keller… You just ridiculous.
Gabriela Santos
Gabriela Santos Aylar önce
Why do you use sunglasses indoors??
San Francisco
San Francisco Aylar önce
That will be all Madam tiger winter 😂
Wisco9er Aylar önce
Anyone else notice how hard she dissed Michael Kors? 🤣🤣
lipstickprincess1 Aylar önce
Joe Castillo
Joe Castillo Aylar önce
What about Madonna at the 1997 Met Gala? Such an iconic and memorable look!
Angel Gilreath
Angel Gilreath Aylar önce
No Cardi B??
Amber Cherise
Amber Cherise Aylar önce
I love that she pronounces Beyoncé’s name with a French accent. 😊
heidi smith
heidi smith Aylar önce
RaZoRWrAiTh Aylar önce
trvid.com/group/PLzAUj5DNHXSkV2jxoRVVlyohxphQK-S9R >trvid.com/group/PLzAUj5DNHXSlhjwzn3utvcw6XKujKjb0C
Юлія Матвієнко
Giving interviews in solid black glasses is so rude and disrespectful though. Wasn’t able to watch it till the end, no humanity r
Lauren Connie
Lauren Connie Aylar önce
Ms Wintour meant to add Rihanna's yellow dress was also 'The Dress of the Memes'
Dimitris Kollias
Dimitris Kollias Aylar önce
Ania Aylar önce
I think Heavenly Bodies was the only memorable Met Gala theme really ever...
megastar çilek
megastar çilek Aylar önce
what's that Starbucks cup for exactly?
Sara Diaz
Sara Diaz Aylar önce
North America *, America is a continent. Please learn geography
Enkan Amsa
Enkan Amsa Aylar önce
I just dont understand Natalie bryant dress
give me Chocolate
give me Chocolate Aylar önce
The influence of the Roman Catholic Church on fashion? ? Jesus told us not to be concerned with clothes
F P Aylar önce
Gaga shut em all down. They all now try to top it.
Celia Blanco
Celia Blanco 2 aylar önce
Absolutely respect the fact that she did not mention a single one of the kartrashians
Kevin Prudente
Kevin Prudente 2 aylar önce
Gigi Hadid for london store posh market
Kevin Prudente
Kevin Prudente 2 aylar önce
Kevin Prudente
Kevin Prudente 2 aylar önce
focusing on clothing menswear & womenswear studied in fidm
Kevin Prudente
Kevin Prudente 2 aylar önce
midnight sunglasses for anna
Kevin Prudente
Kevin Prudente 2 aylar önce
online store los angeles new york miami las vegas rome venice milan paris japan costa mesa manila mexico city london
Tommy Squarzo
Tommy Squarzo 2 aylar önce
K. Simmons
K. Simmons 2 aylar önce
What’s funny is many of my own personal favorites that stand out to me, stood out for Anna.
Lolo Future
Lolo Future 2 aylar önce
Sunglasses indoors- a choice
Pixie Winks
Pixie Winks 2 aylar önce
Gaga 👑
Tatiana2011ify 2 aylar önce
Anna, learn some manners, take the sunglasses off when speaking to public.
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad 2 aylar önce
I could listen Anna Winter speak all day errday
A Mac
A Mac 2 aylar önce
The best theme was the Catholic one
CPS 2 aylar önce
Ill uu mii naaa ti. Animal crueltu
Sarah Yasser
Sarah Yasser 2 aylar önce
Anna, is there any chance you like Berries & Cream?
Leejen Taylor
Leejen Taylor 2 aylar önce
not fashion anymore just costumes...hideous ones at that - time to retire wintour you are done...
Scuffii 2 aylar önce
Rihanna Chinese theme will always be my favorite! 😍
Grayson Nolen
Grayson Nolen 2 aylar önce
No mention of Blake Lively at Heavenly Bodies?!
Vicky Bagley
Vicky Bagley 2 aylar önce
Besides “because she wants too”, because she is Anna and really can, but anyone know why she’s wearing shades?
Kalea Pottle
Kalea Pottle 2 aylar önce
So she can "avoid people knowing what you're thinking about"
mary d
mary d 2 aylar önce
Why is she ALWAYS wearing glasses? That's rude at some point.
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let's talk about the met gala looks
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