Android vs iPhone - Which is ACTUALLY Better? (ft MKBHD) 

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Android vs iPhone in 2022 - Who's doing it better? Obviously a controversial topic, but hope you find this useful! Hats off to @mkbhd for jumping in at close to midnight after an already massive day! 🙏
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26 Eyl 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Mrwhosetheboss Yıl önce
Controversial Topic I know, what's your take? 😂 To check out my Best Phones of 2022: trvid.com/video/video-0i4z5tqRzPg.html
Soban Yıl önce
Never gonna give you up
Gandy Setiawan
Gandy Setiawan Yıl önce
Never gonna let you down
deraanih10 Yıl önce
Don't you just love when a new notification comes up saying "Mrwhosetheboss has posted a new video" it just makes me so happy.
cunny Yıl önce
Hiiii jiiiii
Darwin Yıl önce
Hi me
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis Yıl önce
I think usb-c is another huge win for Android. being able to charge everything from laptop to phone to speaker with the same cable is game changing
VibesDeluxe Yıl önce
who doesnt have a usbc around
Ronak Yıl önce
@VibesDeluxe an iPhone user
Michael Chidera
Michael Chidera Yıl önce
@Ronak 😂😂
ben west
ben west Yıl önce
I legit won't buy an iPhone again until they adopt usb-c
مجذوب - Majthoub
@Ronak i'm pretty sure iphone 15 will charge with Type-C
Andre Baroni
Andre Baroni 9 aylar önce
I think it is funny that MKBHD chooses IOS over Android in almost every topic but has a S21 Plus as a personal phone 😂
Robert Martinborough
Robert Martinborough 9 aylar önce
Ultra #
Andre Baroni
Andre Baroni 9 aylar önce
@Robert Martinborough yeah, sorry
Irtiza 42
Irtiza 42 9 aylar önce
Its because most of it are facts you cant ignore the advantages of ios
ShaneStanley109 9 aylar önce
Because hes capping real hard he is sponsored by Apple u can see it from a mile away
DemeGod313 7 aylar önce
@ShaneStanley109 fact, both of these guys has Apple everything, ain't shit android except them showing it in this video lol Like you really expect me to believe these guys like android when they're some of the top phone reviews on TRvid over 5mill subs & they gonna act like iPhone wasn't their choice base off battery life & BRAND
ResidentCoder2 8 aylar önce
The issue I've always had with android vs apple is you can't compare them. One is a single phone, another is a wide selection of phones. Apple has a new phone released every year, and that's the one people talk about. Android has so many creators, let alone phone models released, it just isn't fair to either side. Comparing companies to Apple, though, that's way more fair.
Christopher Crawford
Christopher Crawford 6 aylar önce
Agreed, iPhone vs Samsung would be a more fair comparison. Android is too broad and includes a lot of niche players and a lot of cheap junk.
MGS JR 6 aylar önce
Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein 4 aylar önce
Agreed, iPhone vs Pixel would be a more fair comparison.
Max '
Max ' 4 aylar önce
karma to apple for not letting other companies use their system ?
Tom Dobo
Tom Dobo 6 aylar önce
Well I’ve recently moved back to iOS with the 14 Pro Max and so far I’m loving the new fresh experience considering my last iPhone was a 5s. That said I was an android user for many years and I still use android on my tablet but at this point neither are better than the other anymore. Both offer extremely fast processors, amazing cameras, amazing screens and top performance. Android offers more customisation and iOS offers a more simplistic approach but with optimisation in mind. I will say however, when I was using android it never felt smooth all the time and had moments where it chugged. This iPhone has yet to cause any slowdown and is extremely smooth. Either way enjoy whatever you enjoy and I’m sure I’ll be bouncing between iOS and Android for years to come.
Al Marcel
Al Marcel 4 aylar önce
No back button 😭😭😭
Tom Dobo
Tom Dobo 4 aylar önce
@Al Marcel that’s true lol. Some apps do allow you to swipe from the left but some apps are inconsistent. I’m still enjoying being an iOS user at least for the time being.
Kid Dynamite
Kid Dynamite 3 aylar önce
I just got the 14 Pro Max as well. That will be my 1st iPhone
KLA82 Aylar önce
I'm the same. Always bouncing back and forth between both operating systems.
Mosh 9 aylar önce
As someone who has owned iPhones only for the past 10+ years, including the 14 Pro this year, I don't think that was a very critical comparison. I obviously think iPhones fit MY needs better, but the gap between iOS and Android phones isn't that drastic. Just different strokes... The actual objective difference is marginal and definitely not a "7.5 : 2.5" gap.
AadU 9 aylar önce
Well said. The choice between iOS and Android depends on the user preferences. What's absolutely true is that neither iOS nor Android could have become this good if there was no competition.
Abu Amin
Abu Amin 9 aylar önce
Absolutely.. right
Thomas Clark-Phelps
Thomas Clark-Phelps 9 aylar önce
The numbers don’t really mean anything because they aren’t weighted to each persons interests/needs; everything is just one point. If people want to know what is better, they should watch the video and see what they actually say about each category, and weight each category depending on what they care about.
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris 9 aylar önce
Fr man I feel like there were a lot of biases in that review
Zachary Dalton
Zachary Dalton 9 aylar önce
Cordo DaArtist
Cordo DaArtist 6 aylar önce
Apple has a strong community. Android covers every topic in the options department. iPhone seems superior but in this modern day age it’s really not a bad smart phone any more. Everyone is basically tweaking already established features. So I’m using the iPhone 13 Pro. Love it but I am looking into getting back into the Samsung community.
MrUnknown Yıl önce
“The most boring team to watch is often the best one” ~ Mkbhd 2022
Christopher Holden
Don't Read My Profile Photo ok
Michael Billig
Michael Billig Yıl önce
The Colorado Avalanche disagree
Balaji Shankar
Balaji Shankar Yıl önce
fits f1 so well when mercedes dominated
mr Yıl önce
Real madrid 😂
Jesse Jonathan
Jesse Jonathan Yıl önce
Houssem Nouira
Houssem Nouira 8 aylar önce
As an Android user, I really think that apps are more stable on iPhone. This is due to the fact that there are only several iPhone models that function the same way, have the same architecture, the same format etc... And on the other hand, there are hundreds of Android phones running on a different variant of Android, have different architectures... Therefore, when a company is developing their app for Android, they have to take into consideration all of the hundreds of models, so they start tweaking the app to make it work on all of them, and this breaks stuff. For instance, the Messenger app (and eventually the Facebook app) has been so buggy lately on Android phones. None of the bugs I noticed exist on my friend's iPhone. But they all exist on all my friends Android phones. As a software engineer, this problem is very well known, and it doesn't have a fully working solution, sadly. Thus, iPhone is the go-to.
Ffi_Millo6232 Aylar önce
as someone who has experience with both i totally agree. this is especially worst with tablets as the android tablets come in all sizes which often makes the format for a certain app wrong or unsupported
Lloyd Jones
Lloyd Jones 9 aylar önce
I use to alternate between Android and iPhones every few years. I ended up sticking with iPhone because the os stayed a lot more stable on the earlier models. Androids os would give me all kinds of performance issues after a few years of use, regardless the model. Just ran into a big on the iPhones in which the phone was completely dead on the charger the next morning. After some research this issue pops up a bit with the newer iPhones. After trying multiple resets it finally came back to life. I hope they get this fixed.
Classic Telly
Classic Telly 5 aylar önce
Me too!
Melkor Stormcrown
Melkor Stormcrown 4 aylar önce
Heres a bit of advice from someone who has been using android from almost 10 years now: NEVER update your android phone if you wish to retain the performance. I ak surprised more people do not know this
Mihir Ojha
Mihir Ojha 4 aylar önce
​@Melkor Stormcrown thats not a universal statement though. I'm using a S20 FE and the phone just got its last major update to Android 13 and One UI 5.1. Its become a lot better than the dumpster fire Android 12 was.
Chessopedia Academy
Chessopedia Academy 2 aylar önce
​@Mihir Ojha I agree with even my pixel 6a feels much better than previous when I updated to Android 13 much more smooth no bugs
Someone 7 aylar önce
I just have a suggestion. Why don'tot Apple add a ‘Clear App Data & Documents’ option for all apps (Device Apps & Third-party Apps) for iOS? Deleting app then reinstalling it wouldn't work when you don't have WiFi because you can't reinstall the app, and not all apps have that option built-in. Adding it for all apps would be a great idea, and would make the iOS device perfect, and if we can do it right from the home screen as well will be even perfect. Who agrees?
Leepu_ 2 aylar önce
Actually usefull feature to have
Sawyer Seth
Sawyer Seth 5 aylar önce
I enjoyed this video but I think that the comparison had a couple problems. I am an android fanboy so take this with a grain of salt. I felt that they needed more parameters in picking android comparisons. Because there's such a broad spectrum of android phones comparing by average isn't totally fair, because it gives the user the opportunity to buy based on preferences. And get the best experience in the category they care about. The user doesn't experience the average of android experiences but the specific one delivered by their specific android. I think it would have been more fair to compare iPhone to the best of android in each scenario. For example android should have won the sustainability category because of the fairphone and nokia. I still enjoyed the video and they did touch a lot of nuanced points but I think the final score should have been different.
Pranay Saraf
Pranay Saraf Yıl önce
The fun part is, apple was given a 3/10 for repairablity and the forces it’s users to pay 60% of the cost of the product to repair basic parts that could have been easily fixed for fraction of the cost. The only reason it won the that category was because of its insane ability to market itself out of all its problems
Radu Yıl önce
i dont see anything fun here
NeSuNe Yıl önce
Bruh every company charges u more if you go and fix the phone on their stores, a lot of ppl complain about this, then just go to a 3rd party service its that simple, where i live we dont have apple stores and go to 3rd parties for repairs, i never have problems + half the price duh.
sarthak jain
sarthak jain Yıl önce
Apple marketing is literally insane
celhpwns Yıl önce
IPhone is crap. The only people who find iPhone better are the ones who don't know how to get the most of their hardware rigs. IPhone just restricts everything and for doing so, it's better for simple people. If you like not fully utake advantage of your money, buy an iPhone. If you want to take full advantage of the hardware, utility, customs, etc. Android phones are hands down the beast.
Mrwhosetheboss Shorts
Where was Apple given 3/10?
NewFormofSilence 10 aylar önce
For starters, Android has many more options. You can get the phone that's right for you. Then there's the ecosystem. I very much value the option of sideloading apps. Finally, Android is highly customizable when it comes to the GUI. The iPhone isn't bad but it requires you to buy into Apple's vision rather than getting exactly what you want.
Code Of Tee
Code Of Tee 10 aylar önce
Another plus for android is you can connect your android phone to any pc and access your files instantly. Also in this video it sucks that points for android doesn't count because "not alot of people are using the feature"
Harry He
Harry He 10 aylar önce
Apple's ability to control their environment really gives them control over first party software. But the fact that it exists only between Apple devices is not a huge plus in my opinion. It's great that FaceTime and iMessage is good, but when someone tries to contact me, they can't use them because I use android. These features seem to only be good for people who surround themselves with others that also only use apple products which it's hard to call it a definitive win.
ed 10 aylar önce
Yes. Not a wise argument.
SomeGuy97 10 aylar önce
Of course it’s a valid argument If not a-lot of people are using said feature, it isn’t a good feature. Otherwise everyone would be using it. Which is why everyone uses FaceTime and iMessage
Revash Singh
Revash Singh 10 aylar önce
@SomeGuy97 usage of a feature cannot determine if a feature is good or not...... if I alone am using a feature and it's working well and making life a little easier, it's a good feature. If others don't know or use that feature, maybe because it's for a smaller demographic, doesn't result in the feature being bad.
Shivom Garg
Shivom Garg 10 aylar önce
Exactly, and they counted eco friendly because they know apple is doing it, but what about wireless charging in android NFC and brilliant sesors in android
Богдан Писко
70% of the photos I take are low-light just because I feel like low-light situations have better vibe to them, and I recently bought an iPhone 13 mini after having Pixel 3XL for about 2 years. I was surprised how superior Pixel camera was in low-light conditions - because of how it shows true colors in photos like street lantern, very dark clouds, almost extinguished fireplace and so on. And that's a phone from 2018 that I bought for 100+ dollars (a bit used). As for iPhone though, I shoud say I really liked its wide-angle camera and cutting objects out of photos feature.
Anilu 3 aylar önce
That’s too bad about the low light shots. I had a 12 Pro Max that shot amazing low light and it’s only gotten better with my 14 Pro Max. Maybe it’s the extra camera or LIDAR?
Tennille Walker
Tennille Walker 9 aylar önce
I really enjoyed watching this video and learning about phones I never heard of as well as the comparisons.. to me, I love being able to customize y phone with themes as well as using the app Zedge to customize backgrounds, message notifications as well as ring tones for people, I'm a HUGE wrestling fan, so using Zedge is a MUST for me! My daughter has an Iphone and I've thought about switching to Apple BUT knowing there are things I can't do on Iphone that's no issue with Samsung, I may just stick with what is best for me, also my son tried an Iphone and hated it because he's used to Samsung as I am and doesn't like change..
Master Ace
Master Ace 9 aylar önce
Nice a fellow Zedge user
rstein926 8 aylar önce
I have both an iPhone 13 pro and an Android phone namely Motorola G31. I loved my iPhone for the first several months but I missed Android and went back and haven't looked back. I personally prefer my Motorola phone because for a budget phone it has an amoled display like Samsung and my personal favourite the headphone jack. What I loved about my iPhone was the telephoto camera and software updates and how compact it was with a 6.1 inch screen. But while Android may be poor at software updates except Pixel and to an extent Samsung, Android is far better when it comes to customisation, supporting things like headphone jacks and SD cards and there being a phone for everyone compared to iPhone where you simply pick up a model that does the same stuff as other iPhones. However I wouldn't go back to Samsung. Samsung is popular but one thing I don't like is the bloatware installed and in my opinion Samsung is a huge mess with it's os. I love Motorola because it has a clean Android software similar to Pixel and their os is almost very like Stock Android. The only con is the emojis which look cartoonish or kiddish but you can't have everything.
Giftedhat74 3
Giftedhat74 3 8 aylar önce
I traded my 13 pro for a Samsung s20 fe love it so much better
Chance White
Chance White Yıl önce
I've had Androids most of my adult life, so a few months ago I decided to take the IPhone 13 Pro Max for a spin, and I have two good things to say about it - the battery life was phenomenal, and I loved the solid build, but that was all I liked. I lasted a week, but returned it in favor of my S22 Ultra. I just need to be able to customize my phone and I rely on its ease of use features like single gesture closing of multiple open apps. Apple does what they do very well, and their devices are well built, but if you want greater control of your device, IPhone isn't a good choice.
John Jose
John Jose Yıl önce
You said it.
Ahmad Shakur Malik
My man
Ahmad Shakur Malik
This is what makes android truly better
TEJ Yıl önce
Funny how they made customisation a draw
Junior Yıl önce
Facts. Apple treats you like a customer. Android treats you like an administrator.
Dave Fawning
Dave Fawning 10 aylar önce
Consistency between apps in iOS was something I always missed on Android.
Oneplus 11
Oneplus 11 7 aylar önce
Vedant joshi
Vedant joshi 7 aylar önce
groribas 6 aylar önce
Yes, apple has consistent system ui on apps , whereas on android some apps use older versions dialog boxes or menus
Theviru Ekanayake
Theviru Ekanayake 6 aylar önce
yeah some budget android phones just sucks when we compare it to SE even it's screen is small
Joshua Arteta González
Like what?
Dad_Life 11 aylar önce
Switching to iOS and MacOS in 2021 after a decade of using android and windows is such a hard transition. I feel locked at first few months but then I realized I don’t need much after all. It’s less complicated and the integration between each apple devices is superb. It’s easier to explain these things to non-techy people like my wife, it’s simplier and apps are more stable. The security and privacy features is what I want for my family in this digital age of ours
Spicydramarama 10 aylar önce
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:16 and 17
Satoshi Amano
Satoshi Amano 10 aylar önce
if security and privacy features are main, you should use linux.
luky 10 aylar önce
@Satoshi Amano there is always that linux guy hahaha
Satoshi Amano
Satoshi Amano 10 aylar önce
@luky yeah. why should you believe apple.
sidd98110 8 aylar önce
I really like the AI integration on my pixel 6a from recents app in the app drawer to the Google assistant voice typing. That's another point for Android it is getting really smart. AI is pretty balls on my iPad.
Spencer M Schulman
Spencer M Schulman 9 aylar önce
Nicely done, freewheeling thought processing with an excellent end result. Thanks to you both and a very happy & healthy new year!
American Soldier 777
American Soldier 777 9 aylar önce
I own both the Z-fold three, and the iPhone 13 promax. One thing that you all did not mention were android would blow the doors off of iPhone is the fact that android is not locked down and you have more freedom in regards to storing pretty much just anything on the phone without having to go through Apple approval.
IICarPlaying 9 aylar önce
An average user never really customises their phones beyond the ringtone and wallpaper also iPhones are more reliable and what do you mean by apple approval?
xShinobiXx 9 aylar önce
Agree with icarplaying. Most people don't customize much. Not even android users do it much after the first week of a new phone that stuff slow down big time
I want to record phone calls
Kapiti 7 aylar önce
@NEELESH SINGATHIA I do it all the time ... have for many many years ... on my Samsung S20 FE :)
MultiTacs 6 aylar önce
Yes and for that iPhone advantage you have the play store full of papas full of virus and malware. There’s always a price to pay.
Erdie5 7 aylar önce
Galaxy S2, Avant, iPhone 4S, S7, S10e, now iPhone 13. I'm in neither camp really, I've greatly enjoyed both. I prefer the added controls of Android, but I prefer the software/security update support length of the iPhones far, far more. It's literally why I replaced my S7 and my S10e, the phones were both 100% fine. But once they stop getting security updates, it just isn't a great idea to continue using them. Apple supports theirs drastically longer, which is appreciated. Oh, and iMessage...Google/Samsung need to establish a universal app like iMessage. Like, 15 years ago.
Classic Telly
Classic Telly 5 aylar önce
Mine are Sony Ericsson, Samsung Mini, S4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung A20
Furia Hispanica
Furia Hispanica 3 aylar önce
My Samsung Galaxy S10e still gets security updates. After this year it might stop. But since it came out in 2019 It would be 4 years of updates, Good phone however I want a bigger screen at least 6.8"
April Yıl önce
If you use Android regularly then split screen is definitely a huge help. It made handling tasks easier.
Bel Bites
Bel Bites Yıl önce
yess lifesaver.
Taylor Koprulu
Taylor Koprulu Yıl önce
i use it like daily no joke.
Juan 0808
Juan 0808 Yıl önce
I only use it if watching TRvid and want my wyze app open to look at my camera live stream. Very helpful for only so far for me.
RedEyeLazer Yıl önce
Your bias
Valve VAC-systemchecker
Honestly, I only used it in fringe cases was more of a gimmick then a feature and I would consider myself fairly tech savvy
Zach Tornow
Zach Tornow 10 aylar önce
Regardless of how these score against each other, the difference is not that substantial. There are a lot of great phones to choose from today. I’m an Apple guy and I know why I personally prefer it but I’ll never say it’s the best out there. I recently encouraged a friend to switch to Android because of the value he could get in that phone over his old iPhone. Pick the phone that works for you 👍
Gautam Das
Gautam Das 10 aylar önce
This man is a chad W
SomeGuy97 10 aylar önce
Apple has class leading cameras, battery life and a simple OS There’s a reason why apple are the market leaders. Most people just want a phone that makes calls and messages people, has a great camera, great battery, great display, software support for years, that’s all the consumer wants. They don’t want all of these complicated and in-depth features
Hyunmin Park
Hyunmin Park 9 aylar önce
It might sound like a cop-out, but whenever someone asks me whether I think iPhones or Android phones are better, I always tell them it depends on what they're looking for. I've switched from iOS to Android since 2017 because of one major issue: with iPhones, I feel like Apple decides what's better for my phone for me. From an ease of use perspective, that's great. But I like to tinker and fiddle with my phones, in which case it ends up feeling restrictive. I always felt iPhones were reliable. Just great to use out of the box without any hassles. But if you like to tinker or to experiment, I feel like Androids offer a greater deal of control or freedom. And considering in the current smartphone markets where most flagships perform so well (so well that an average consumer won't notice the difference in most cases) that it's less about performance, and more about user experience.
Paul-Stelian Olaru
Paul-Stelian Olaru 9 aylar önce
alera kang Except for some the experience of "use out of the box" really DOES happen (there's a quick transfer thing when you're upgrading the iPhone -- just bring them close together, confirm the transfer and it will transfer the data AND the eSIMs (if any) to the new phone, and really the only stuff that needs fixing is some things will ask for passwords again (e.g. bank app) Reliable? The software is reliable. Yes, there's a big cost to fixing it (if you don't have extra coverage to ensure you _don't_ have to pay a lot, which I do get for my more expensive Apple products actually). If you do get the coverage the cost is much lower to zero. That said the coverage might not be Apple Care itself unless you buy directly from Apple (which is impossible in my country unless ordering). Ease of use? Well most things do _not_ require that much jumping through hoops. I have found that it's similarly easy or hard between my previous Samsung and my current iPhone, it really depends on specific use cases. Some highlight the iPhone as much better, some highlight Samsung as the winner, so it's debatable.
Zebiano 9 aylar önce
Have you ever considered jailbreaking? Or did you do that? And if so, did it satsify your need of customisation and tinkering around?
David 9 aylar önce
alera kang bruh the only valid argument in all of that was repair cost and apple addressed that in the new iphones. Also what do you have to do on your phone that ios wont let you, get a gba emulator ? I get that having the option to do such stuff as well as a bunch of android specific features and gimmicks are nice but in the end i never fucking used them on my android phones. Maybe like 10 times.
Vidd. 9 aylar önce
That’s the thing tho It sounds like a cop out but it’s true. Like in the early days of smartphones the difference was huge, but a lot of the memes and stereotypes of both OS haven’t really been applicable for years now. Smartphones have matured enough that it really doesn’t matter what you pick anymore
Paul-Stelian Olaru
Paul-Stelian Olaru 9 aylar önce
@Vidd. I mean it does matter but for pettier reasons (a certain game is only for Android, for example)
Iftekhar Ahmed
Iftekhar Ahmed 7 aylar önce
So interesting that despite MKB scoring iPhone much higher, his daily driver was the Samsung S21. Correct me if I'm wrong but both gents use Android phobes. It really comes down to personal use cases, what's available and affordable and fun. It's great to have good choices
Brandon Dorsey
Brandon Dorsey 3 aylar önce
It makes sense that they would both prefer using Android while rating IOS higher. They are in the category of power users who would frequently use the fringe use cases and benefits that they kept referencing as not being important to the masses but are absolutely critical for small subsets of people. iPhones are likely best for the average consumer and they fairly reflected that. Saying all of that I have only had Android phones and can't even imagine what it would be like to not have one, but I do regularly buy iPads.
yk Aylar önce
MKB has 2 daily drivers. He said that it helps him stay familiar with both android and IOS, so that he can recognise differences when a new version of android or IOS releases.
TDR REVENGE 9 aylar önce
One important question wasn't asked, right to repair, yes it might seem like an android bias but its quite a significant point, i know a lot may disagree but even though apple has slightly given in its still a major hassle to repair an iphone in comparison to android, then there is the ability to root android to update what the manufactures don't, lastly if im not mistaken but the google pixel 6/7 has 5 years of updates, either way it still doesn't change the outcome apple still wins just not by as much.
Donovan Davis
Donovan Davis 9 aylar önce
That’s another topic
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson 8 aylar önce
That’s a huge oversight in this
Syrukai 8 aylar önce
Apple still requires display reprogramming, can brick easily usable phones, is very newbie hostile, battery I can't say much, they do use some shit adhesive but Samsung also uses a lot. iPhone has gotten better, but it's still extremely hostile and expensive to anyone trying to get into the hobby or carrer
blackbriarwolf 4 aylar önce
Or just take care of your phone.
Mihir Ojha
Mihir Ojha 4 aylar önce
​@blackbriarwolf that is a very dumb argument. Sooner or later most people need to get their phones repaired, could be because of any reason. They're, after all, machines. And machines get wear and tear on them with use.
Suneet Amrute
Suneet Amrute 8 aylar önce
Upgrade cycles are getting shorter I think, so android being budget friendly matters more in the long run I think
Hyp3r Yıl önce
Great colab and I really liked the video! However there is one thing I gotta say. During the eco conscious category one thing you skipped over was repairability. That is arguably the most important part of an eco phone and android is a clear winner there with apple doing things like software locking parts etc.
TheHodograph Yıl önce
My big thing with the eco conscious was that they compared companies as a whole. Like Samsung, Sony, etc do a lot more than just phones that will affect them getting to carbon neutral whereas Apple's biggest thing is the iPhone. Not sure exactly how to convey this, more so just that carbon neutral company wide isn't an apples to apples comparison when comparing android to ios
brochard Yıl önce
This needs to be pinned, I don't know how they could "forget" that from the most anti right to repair company
Harrcoolz Yıl önce
Funniest part is that many independent repairers report the the iphones are actually easier and less costly to repair
flyINGpigOOO Yıl önce
@brochard Well, for apple there is now a self repair program which makes it easier to repair phones, even though if you rent the tools from apple it would be so costly but ya, now software locking is no longer a problem
Hyp3r Yıl önce
@flyINGpigOOO their repair program is basically useless. It's a complete pr stunt and for basically all the parts they sell getting it done at apple costs like 10-20$ more. And independent shops can't use them because the cost of the part is so much if they want to make a profit they have to charge more then apple would be a lot.
Máté Kuna
Máté Kuna 10 aylar önce
13 pro is my first iphone... Im amazed by the battery, I still cant believe how long it lasts. Yesterday I was using phone as internet hotspot(lte+bluetooth) for 3.5 hours on the bus, while I also used screen (not whole time, but most of the time), and only 40% dropped.. on my S9 when I only listened to music on internet (no screen, no bluetooth), it already dropped like 60%... iOs also has some small annoying things, so no system is perfect: - You mentioned that you trust iPhone camera, because you had problems with android, that the picture was never saved. Funny, but since the last few udpate on my 13 pro I press camera button and nothing happens.. or it takes the photo 2-3 sec later, when I already dont focus the subject.. Very annoying, and it happens quite often, not only 1-2 times... this is the biggest down currently for me - no shurtcut for GPS in the control centre - copying files to windows laptop is a nightmare. It gives error, but in the background it still copied files... then you realise HEIC extension doesnt work on windows, I purchased a 1$ app from store to make it work. Its not about the money, its about that I tried Itunes, native copying, 3rd party app, nothing worked... and noone mentions this, but YOU HAVE TO ENABLE A SETTING IN IPHONE, that when you copy files to Mac or PC, you have to keep the originals (until you dont enable this, some conversion is the default, and the copying starts, but stucks every time after like 10 mins...). Otherwise the process I wrote first also doesnt work. I know I cloud and things, but hey...
J Dwayne
J Dwayne 9 aylar önce
The two top guys in phone reviews talking about the differences was an eye opener. While I have used both it is great to see their perspective. They can purchase both and compare honestly. I'm sure there are some considerations they have to make because of the freebies they get but to hear their honest opinion is eye opening.
DemeGod313 7 aylar önce
But their both an iPhone user, they just tried to make it seem fair in comparison That's like me & sombody else being a lions fan tryna compare the lions vs Browns history lol 😆
Pixel Gaming
Pixel Gaming 4 aylar önce
I would actually give the Eco Conscious category a draw because Apple use proprietary chargers, and since they don't come in the box, there's more cost to the consumer and more packaging.
Aditya Das
Aditya Das 3 gün önce
But so do android flagships and even mid-range flagships now no?
Nolan R.
Nolan R. 11 aylar önce
It would be nice to see the Google Pixel 6/7 Pro considered in this comparison
Karatekid 7 aylar önce
I actually use and like split screen and some other stuff so i would give Android that point. Also i would give a point to Android for options for its open source and free for all instead of apple market dominance leading to monopolistic policies especially like right to repair related issue. I don't think i would ever buy an Apple product coz it just feels too shady to me.
321みにい Yıl önce
time stamp for anyone interested 0:26 display 2:11 performance 3:43 battery 5:38 camera(photography) 8:28 camera(video) 8:51 eco conciousness 9:55 software reliabilty 12:17 software features 16:41 software support 17:52 pricing hope it helps
321みにい Yıl önce
Ye definitely thx
Ninja 04 寂しい
Thank you so much bro🙂 .very helpful comment
hamza ali
hamza ali Yıl önce
God bless you
Sciura Squirrel
Sciura Squirrel Yıl önce
Thank you! This should be pinned
Ghita Brasoveanu
Ghita Brasoveanu Yıl önce
No one talked about social status. iPhone should get at least two points for that
02REESE 9 aylar önce
I miss LG. They were really cutting edge. First use of multiple cameras, that thing they did with the G8 screen where the glass is the speaker, guest unlock codes etc.
Danny765 9 aylar önce
They didn't market their phones enough or Samsung overshadowed them, even though they actually made excellent phones and electronics and appliances. Still do, just not phones anymore. There is a positive and negative when the market is oversaturated, some brands or products will not be noticed.
Omega Drake
Omega Drake 9 aylar önce
@Danny765 yes I agree
LGGRIM 8 aylar önce
LG phones were innovative but the execution and durability weren't the best. Thir marketing was terrible too. I remember I when the LG G4 came out it was the same size as the Iphone 6 but the actual screen size was the same as the much larger 6 Plus. I remember seeing the face of the apple fanbois bragging about their giant phone and XL screen. I would hold my G4 up to it and they would all of a sudden quit talking about their "big" phone. If LG would have done some marketing showing this I think they would have been much more successful.
Chris Pollard
Chris Pollard 8 aylar önce
@LGGRIM I had the G4. Really liked it for the first 6 months or so before it went defective, like SO MANY of them did. Even after I sent it back and had the motherboard replaced (like so many of them did because of LG's multi-generational soldering issues) the problems came back. I swore them off for a while, but decided to give them one more chance with the G7 (because I had really good experiences with their earlier phones) and wasn't really let down by it, but was never really wowed with it either. It was good. Hardware was solid. Cameras were good. But it almost never got updates - OS or security. That left it feeling abandoned by LG before they even released the G8. At the very least, I wanted security updates regularly. It's sad the way LG went down, but they also did it to themselves with multiple generations with the same QC issues leading to premature failing.
Radical Lighting
Radical Lighting 7 aylar önce
Don’t laugh, but I miss HTC M series. Look very chic and professional, and the interface and menu. Sad to say it’s mostly down to a handful of choices
wr3ckloose 10 aylar önce
i carry both iPhone and Android daily. (fold 4 and 14 pro max specifically) i honestly thought this conversation was going to be allot better than it was. i use each phone for specific things but if i had to get rid of one, that iphone is gone! but i like having them both. and if you can do it, its the best option.
LewdBar 10 aylar önce
You're in the same camp as me I found this comparison very flawed
Tommy E8
Tommy E8 7 aylar önce
Ha! Flawed by the 2 most popular tech TRvidrs who review every single phone that comes out? You’re crazy. Android fanboys are not liking reviews that reveal truth.
sabss. Aylar önce
​@Tommy E8they skipped a lot of parts where android destroys iphones, plus, they didn't give a point to android in some parts due to absurd reasons like "not many users use this feature"
SingularityZ3ro 18 gün önce
User of both worlds here: One thing regarding the Eco part, in my view, is, that a plus for the iPhone is that it seems to keep its value and operability for quite some time. Most of my Android phones become unusable after ~3 years. But a big minus that counteracts all the positive things regarding the eco part is Apple's hostile behavior in actively sabotaging every attempt to repair devices, blocking 3rd party repair-services, and making the devices unmaintainable overall - or if possible, making the official, proprietary repairs more expensive than new devices (hint to the Louis Rossman YT Channel). Plus, I often get the feeling that you pay the most by far for their devices, but they act like you do not really own them. Which is especially mind-blowing given the price.
Christian Allen
Christian Allen 10 aylar önce
Thanks for this video! It helps a lot with figuring out how to move to the next great device. The conversation and setup was a journey BTW. Very nice!
Michał Godlewski
Michał Godlewski 6 aylar önce
For me, the advantage of the iPhone is long support and good components. Although even if I had a supported iPhone X, I would still sigh for 14, 13. The high price is a big loss, but since the phone is bought for years, the price can be somehow accepted.
Hayden Ascot
Hayden Ascot Yıl önce
The dual-app feature on Android is something I personally use all the time, and would immediately miss if I were to switch to iPhone (too few Android users know about it and use it imo). Floating windows is something I also use a lot, where you can have an app window that is essentially floating on top of everything else and can be minimised (you can open up a lot more than just 2 windows as well) it's actually a very cool feature you've probably never seen before, look it up even if you're an iPhone user, it's quite interesting lol. Such "power features" and things like file system access, is why I prefer Android. So in the end it's always up to the specific user and their needs, which is what determines which platform is "better".
Zoltán Skultéty
Same for me, and in my country, a very small amount of people use facetime/iMessage/airDrop. But I agree with the guys that the iPhone is a much better phone for an average user.
Wanderer Yıl önce
I use floating window a lot It lets me watch TRvid while playing games
Shashwazz Yıl önce
@Wanderer my go to... That shit is good... But I think apple is bringin somethin like that too...
Sheriff Abubakar
Sheriff Abubakar Yıl önce
I use split screen a loooooooot. I am surprised they don't use it
Euan Smith
Euan Smith Yıl önce
iPad had this, don’t need it on a phone
Mystic Seven
Mystic Seven 10 aylar önce
I only found both of these creators yesterday, and I really only have this single video to go off of. The scoring here feels off to me. Verbally, they seemed to be giving both platforms a fair review, but the iPhone kept getting a full point in close categories whereas the Android was given a draw. I'm an iPhone (well, iPad) user myself, and it seemed odd even to me. It's making me question if I can treat both of these guys as reliable review sources. Not sure just yet.
Naz 94
Naz 94 2 aylar önce
I love watching Aruns other tech videos but I do feel he's highly biased towards iPhone
flodan14 9 aylar önce
I feel like Marques was really biased here and android should have got more points (Arun also looked surprised a few times but then let ios get the point), at the end there is not one system being way better than the other, it depends on personal preference
Noah Hunter
Noah Hunter 9 aylar önce
I think Marques forgot that most people use an iPhone that is much worse than the one he's using, at any given time. Wouldn't say he's biased tho, he's been doing a good job at addressing Apple recently
Jonathan Chhum
Jonathan Chhum 9 aylar önce
His daily driver and main phone is the Samsung he states that in other videos. So can’t really be biased when his main phone is android / Samsung.
MrANONYMOUS 9 aylar önce
I second you
Searles Hernandez
Searles Hernandez 9 aylar önce
Arun seems to like a lot of the Android features, however, he's allowing Marques to make the choices.
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris 9 aylar önce
For real man like there was way to much bias in the review and to top it off he wasn't even basing it off of the newest Samsung
Syamal Mistry
Syamal Mistry 6 aylar önce
love this! really wanted to see something like this. As a android user since the my whole life im definitely curious to switch to the iPhone just to experience it.
Lisa Jenkins
Lisa Jenkins 11 aylar önce
I love collaboration. Very informative and helpful.
Axel 2 aylar önce
The software features part is kinda relative tho. I live in a country where most people use Android phones, and therefore, no iOS functions are standard for us. iOS users here aren't particularly attached to facetime or iDrop because the situations in which they would come handy are very limited.
Alex0225 Yıl önce
Apple claims to be more eco-friendly, but reparability is a real factor there. You can repair most Andriod phones more easily and cheaper than any IOS device. The longer update support and recycled materials are also an important factor though. Would have been good to see reparability as a separate topic perhaps, just to emphasize that you can actually fix your phones and don't need to toss them as soon as a single component breaks down (or pay someone else to repair it).
Aubrey Jean The Fujoshi
That's actually true. Because an apple gadget repair/replacement costs a new device same unit or latest model. While the android, battery replacement or screen repairs are a whole lot cheaper. As much I do love apple, I enjoy using android due to its easy to repair than apple.
Shaggy Tewsak
Shaggy Tewsak Yıl önce
@Aubrey Jean The Fujoshi ur actually dead wrong just stop taking ur device to apple to have it repaired, u can get screen replacement for like 80$ at any mom and pop shop
Pratyush Agarwal
Pratyush Agarwal Yıl önce
An android user
April Yıl önce
Also about eco-friendliness: buying a used iPhone is way better than buying a used Android because of how fast Androids lose support/get discontinued/stop getting updates, and because of how fast they become slow compared to the newest ones
Imanol Vega Parra
iPhones rarely break my mom is still rocking an iphone 4, on my side, never had an android phone with that kind of durability
Sonic9395 11 aylar önce
You guys absolutely nailed it. Hope to see more videos of this duo, not just related to phones, but pretty much anything related to tech! Great video guys. Loved it!
Faisal Ahmad Noori
Faisal Ahmad Noori 9 aylar önce
They mentioned a lot of good minor things about android, but didn't count it. Idk why! For me the most true and important thing about Iphone they mentioned was The camera and Software update. But I really like Android and specially I am using Samsung (Top Samsung fan). Like most people Iphine drives me crazy and it has a closed UI, which they should've mentioned. Anyways good info👍
john davis
john davis 9 aylar önce
Same shit I was was wondering down votes video for that
Faisal Ahmad Noori
Faisal Ahmad Noori 9 aylar önce
@Tomas Gogashvily Thank you very much for such manner of talking that you've showed in here for yourself. The video is comparative and they forgot some things. So I decided to say something about it. And of course I mentioned what I preferred. It's guys like you that don't have anything else to do but waste time on trying to start a fight via comments.
Dre _
Dre _ 6 aylar önce
When it comes to the widget customizing android has been doing it for ever. It's pretty much endless about what u can do and create. Yes it does take some learning but at the end android is king when it comes to that. And actually it's really not that hard to learn and with thousands of Kwgt and klwp the setups are just endless and unique
Ankit Shai
Ankit Shai 10 aylar önce
Doing the comparison now, now that Pixel 7 Pro is out, would inevitably change the scoreboard quite a bit
dylanfoster photography
This review was pure Apple. Even though there was bad things about Apple and more good to Samsung it'd be a point to Apple. Both have flaws I prefer Samsung because there is so much more "freedom" it doesn't feel restricted like being on an Apple phone.. plus when it comes to IOS updates they stop after so many years on a certain device to basically make you buy a new device. Samsung,Android it's updates I have an S21 ultra had it since the release date I have a iPad mini that's roughly 7 years old can't do an update nor download any apps it's something to play songs on just a paperweight. But I do have another Android that is around the same age and I can still do alot with that one. In my opinion Apple forces you Samsung does not
John Wick
John Wick Yıl önce
I think the reason that Android lost a fair few categories is that it is not about one single manufacturer. Some features are defining ones for some manufacturers like Motorola's Chop Chop for flashlight and Samsung's Dex and even Xiaomi's ridiculous community support. This is the beauty and weakness of Android. That fact that Android is little imperfect, it encourages you to make your own contribution towards it without caring about getting sued or anything. Android has a more playful aesthetic and is built for nerds like me but iOS has a few constraints. I love the fact that rooting is so easy on Android and you can use apps like GCam Port.
Obvious Greyman
Obvious Greyman Yıl önce
Having many manufacturers should be an advantage in this case. They should be able to take the best of android and beat iPhone but even with all these manufacturers they don’t outright beat apple.
Jessica Hammond
Jessica Hammond Yıl önce
my boyfriends Motorola has this thing where he shakes it to turn on the flashlight. When I saw that I almost bought a new phone. That's the beauty of android, you can get the best phone that works for you as an individual.
Xavier Chua
Xavier Chua Yıl önce
@Obvious Greyman sadly having many manufacturers is also Android's biggest weakness. Every company has their direction, some just wants to push out value for money phones, with terrible software support or many corners cut, which makes people think Android is unpolished, some companies want to polish their hardware and software but charge a lot more, people think that they are overpriced and terrible value for money. That's why they don't outright beat Apple. But I think the best thing about Android imo, is that you pick a phone that you like, but is imperfect, then add small touches here and there to make it yours
Jon Root
Jon Root Yıl önce
@Xavier Chua The counter argument is that Apple doesn't innovate anymore, they just cherry pick the most popular features that other manufacturers were willing to take a risk on. Yes it's good to perfect existing technology but it's kind of garbage that they sit back and sell stale tech at a premium because they maintain a close source environment.
The king of Noobs
If they were comparing just to Samsung, Samsung would dominate
boiga126 8 aylar önce
It’s quite a tough choice, because the ram, and with budget users, Cameras are great in android, but performance and things are great on iPhones. Apple and android are practically tied on things. The 2018 android I had took stunning photos, but the 2021 iPhone is good, but not the best in my opinion.
Éowyn of Rohan
Éowyn of Rohan 9 aylar önce
A really important fact for me (which is rarely mentioned in any video) is, how these phones are doing long term, and Im speaking of years, not just months. If there is such thing that Iphones are longer living than androids or the other way around, or if it completely depends on your luck with every phone. That would be one serious reason to choose one before the other, since I can not afford a high end flagship every 2 years. Has someone experiences?
C 7
C 7 9 aylar önce
Iphones last way longer
VNKDaBaz 9 aylar önce
@C 7 its the opposite. Iphone uses a special kind of lithium battery which ios software updates yearly makes the battery much worse. Battery wise iphone doesn’t last long
Darth Modred
Darth Modred 9 aylar önce
dont believe bs about bad android, i used android for 6y and was forced to buy new one bc it accidentally crushed it, and i was cheaper to buy new one, oh and exchanged battery once
toothring 6 aylar önce
The big reason I just went back to Android is because every video app that I use on iOS for school and work performed poorly, heats up, and drains the battery faster. I have been carrying the OnePlus 5t with me for years even though I use the iPhone just so I can use all my productivity apps.
larry 11 aylar önce
I’m using both s 22 ultra now running android 13 one ui 5.0 and iPhone 14 pro max iOS 16.1 I’m juggling between both I like iOS a bit better but have done digging in the new android 13 yet just updated it. It’s a close deal here. But the battery life is better on iPhone 14 pro max so far
Timmy Chen
Timmy Chen 4 aylar önce
Have to agree with everything MKBHD said, but I hope android phones can be better competitions for iPhones especially in those small things like camera app open speed, virus concern, system lag, etc. I have both android and iPhones. I mainly use iPhone but I wish I could have same quality choices for android phones.
ADécamètre Yıl önce
I think Android should have got more than 2.5 points, but most of these categories are very close and subjective and depend on how you see it. iOS is more reliable, Android is more customizable. But both are constantly improving and copying each other. At the end of the day, it's all about preference.
Nikhil Paleti
Nikhil Paleti Yıl önce
Nah, it was basically clear idiocy there, no offense. iPhone isn;t the best at photos, but I'll choose iPhone. iPhone literally uses the least recyclable materials and packaging, and is the most anti-repais, but because they market their Eco-Friendliness, it wins. iPhone sucks at features and is basically a few generations behind, lets call it a draw. iPhones have no options, and cost quite high, Android clearly has more options that can get better value, let's call it a draw... oh wait cut cut.
DJ_Spillane Yıl önce
Only thing I hate about android it's to fragmented hence the camera app problem maybe If they worked more towards one universal system for all android phones would help?
Jon Root
Jon Root Yıl önce
@Nikhil Paleti They also created a comparison environment where it's easy to default to iPhone by drawing in a garbage Android phone as comparison. Such a clickbait video.
@Nikhil Paleti That's the truth I was searching about
Tayo Yıl önce
Exactly...you'd simply know they were in favour of the iPhone. What a biased argument...
Jenny 9 aylar önce
The same thing goes with the analysis for photos. The average user is not going to make their decision on which system is best based on one or two niche ability in the camera app.
Cebu Life
Cebu Life 10 aylar önce
I love the fast charging. I never have to worry about battery even if I have to go out and forgot to charge, I know the few minutes I take to prepare is enough for a useable charge.
Krane 5 aylar önce
The reliability in the iPhone goes hand in hand with their closed system. I liken it to Toyota cars. They're prefect for the masses that spend all their time in straight and level fight. They're extremely reliable from A to B but with zero performance and excitement in between. Similarly, Apple takes all the things people like to do the most often, then they perfect them. The limitation is, you typically cannot put on toe out from that paradigm. If you do, it all turns into a major disaster. I have a refurbished N20U, btw. Its old, but it does everything I need a phone to do.
Uroš 4 aylar önce
I switched to IOS recently and it wins for me, but Android is still a great pick. Sometimes i really miss Androids freedom with all of the features.
Yavor Yanakiev
Yavor Yanakiev Yıl önce
I use split screen feature a lot as well on my S21 Ultra. And I found out that I actually really enjoy using the pen from my Remarkable tablet (which turns out to work just like an S-pen). It's really useful for drawing instructions on screenshots and for fine-tuning video editing on the phone. And the USB-C is what I feel all phones should switch to. But most of all I'm used to my Android phone - I loved LG while they existed and bought only their phones before. Switched to Samsung now and I'm also very happy. No reason for me to go over to iOS for the time being. And I grew up and don't care if the other person is an iOS user. We can transfer files now between phones, after all :))
Mitesh Singhvi
Mitesh Singhvi Yıl önce
Same. Its just so so so freaking useful!
Metehan Yıl önce
Same for me, started with LG G2 now on Samsung A series.
mallikarjun patil
I too love LG sending it from a LG G8X
Mako Yıl önce
Them 2 are not power users...they test phones but they are not power users. They use spotify, power user use FLAC. Also when earthquake happens and you stuck without internet for couple of days it's no use of cloud etc. 😁
Franklin Okeke
Franklin Okeke Yıl önce
You missed they point they try to make. Power users are a neash group of people like 10% of smartphone users. More than 70% don't even know what split screen multitasking is, and the 20% who know barely use it.
Not my name
Not my name 11 aylar önce
I was a hardcore samsung note user but they are soooo expensive that I started to consider iphone. I switched because : - i have a mac so it makes everything easier - being able to use imessage and ft really helps with networking in new york - security features like icloud relay, hide my email and tracker blocking make me feel secure and in control of my data and browsing
diana magritte
diana magritte 11 aylar önce
Just switched from an Android mid-to-low range phone (moto g9 play, released in 2020) to an iPhone X, a phone from 5 years ago. It was easier than expected for me to transition from one to another. Both phones are amazing and to be fair this is only my first iPhone (bought secondhand), as I wanted to give it a try. I believe I'll be staying in iOS because while it doesn't have the biggest specs (my moto had bigger ram capacity and higher megapixel count, to give two examples), the phone overall is so optimized I actually don't feel that I care. Plus I'll have more updates for a longer timeframe so it's better for my pocket too, as I'm on a budget, and it lasts for longer after reaching its final update: I have an iPad 4th gen that I can use with no issue, I don't have much apps on it but I only needed it for Procreate and Google Drive and it still works with older versions of the apps.
Yusuf Jones
Yusuf Jones 10 aylar önce
Thats not mid to low, thats low low low. Going from a $300 android to a $1000 iphone will be a nice jump. Thats what most people do, and then think Android is trash because the only one they've ever had was a trash one. And your updates are already done with
kc 3 aylar önce
To me, I think it all depends on the phone itself. I’ve had the android phone for years and although There are a lot of things I love about The android My experience with the iPhone has just been a lot better. Call quality, texting, and the internet for me it’s so much faster with iPhone than the android. But then, again, I love the freedom of being able to store all of my information in my android Without the limitation of permission. But to each it’s own, I love my iPhone.
Paul B
Paul B 10 aylar önce
I think you may have missed a huge category: how easy it would be to change from one to the other. I've never used Android, but I can't imagine going through the hassle of abandoning stuff on my iPhone or converting it to Android. I have no idea of course, about the reverse procedure. Without this ranking, we can't calculate the weight of the other ten categories from the point of view of whether supposed differences in ranking make it worth while to change.
Satoshi Amano
Satoshi Amano 10 aylar önce
bruh. it's apple. they don't allow to share files with products of other companies.
Sean Dee
Sean Dee 5 aylar önce
I don't use multi windows much on my Samsung phone. But it does come in handy when I need it. Like those email confirmation codes, or on amazon and I wanna check a TRvid review on an item I wanna buy
Brett Grey
Brett Grey Yıl önce
I was an avid iPhone user for years, and was very happy for the most part. I gave Android a chance when Samsung released a new phone a few years back, and never realized what I was missing out on. One topic that was not really discussed here, that is very important to me now, is the how much better Android plays with 3rd party hardware. Watches, Smart TV's, Speakers, etc... There is a world of great technology out there that Apple just doesn't want you to be able to take full advantage of. And, this is always a hot topic as well... But, Android Auto with Google assistant is just unmatched in my opinion. I'm not a fanboy of either platform by any means, and am actually making this comment from an Apple computer. However, these small things are very important to me, especially my smart watch. Great comparison otherwise though. Cheers.
Meow Yıl önce
Android is okish but for me only really Samsung would be an option and being in Europe, I won't let them scam me with their sub-par Exyshit processors. So as long as this is a thing, I will buy Apple (where Europeans are not treated like 2nd class customers). Maybe if there is a day where we get the real processors for the same price (without import and stuff), I may consider giving Samsung another shot.
yia01 Yıl önce
@Meow i dont think it samsung fault that europe got teh crappy cup, i think maybe its teh EU regulation
Meow Yıl önce
@yia01 nope it is Samsung. The Exynos is cheaper because it is their own. One of the reasons they use Snapdragon for the US is because they dont have the patents (or rights) for the modem or something, so they cant use Exynos…
Dragon Skinner
Dragon Skinner Yıl önce
@Meow Well as another European Android is already a couple times better because there's alot of different brands out there and their entire business model doesn't revolve around you spending your entire life savings.
Richard Kranitz
Richard Kranitz 9 aylar önce
I’ve used android my whole life. And I used iPhone 2 years once it was the 11pro and now the 11pro max. I will be switching back to android. The level of customization/personalization is far better on android phones, multitasking is way more efficient on android. It’s nearly non existent on iPhones. And android phones have by far the coolest features to play around with. And from personal experience I think my s21 ultra was a better camera phone compared to my 13pro max that I use now. Also reverse wireless charging is greatly missed … and having to carry around an iPhone cable when I already have everything else in the house using a usb c is annoying
Patrik Kostka
Patrik Kostka 9 aylar önce
I went to Android ( s22 Ultra) after long painful years with iphone .my last was 13 pro max.. s22 ultra feels far more smoother, way faster and offers things and features that i just dreamed of.. basically its 5years ahead..
Gwadamit 10 aylar önce
Even with that landslide victory for iphone I would still go with an android. Ig the biggest factor for me is the freedom it gives me. It allows me to adapt the os the way I like and the overall custom phones there are.
King. 3 aylar önce
There was some favortism in my opinion also like bc from what it seems you guys use apple more so there is a preference. You should do this again with the s23 and 14 or wait till the 15 and s24. and you should have added repairability bc fixing your phone can be critical for the screen and price affordance
L C 9 aylar önce
It's unfortunate when Huawei got taken out of the equation at its peak of already overtaking Apple and then Samsung in global categories, the Android community also took a huge hit. Since then, no Android company filled the shoes in stepping up as a challenge to Apple. Hmm, guess the US government played its best card.
Deogratius Gitarda
Deogratius Gitarda 9 aylar önce
Yeah, am still using my Huawei Honor 8x since 2018 and it still runs perfectly with an exception of a slight loss in battery power. It was a beast back then but now it's a relic.
Irtiza 42
Irtiza 42 9 aylar önce
xiaomi is now the new huawei
Danztan 2 aylar önce
I used to be an Android user who hated iPhone, and I still use Android, but Apple’s minimalistic design is tempting me to buy one. I’m nervous about switching to iOS though. 😬
Jason Yıl önce
Android to me just offers so many more options and customization. Also love that I can stick my sd card in and instantly quadruple my phones storage.
Simp Skywalker
Simp Skywalker Yıl önce
Sadly most companies are removing that feature
Jx Yıl önce
That’s not longer the case with popular high end android phones
Miricious Vespyre
Can't do that on a S22 or S21
J Heads
J Heads Yıl önce
@Miricious Vespyre still you do have the option with Samsung A series phone. Compared to iPhone which never had expandable storage in the first place.
Akor7 Yıl önce
This option has a big drawback which is if you acces your stuff saved on SD card it will be slower expirience, besides no flagships include sd card support at this point
Mary 10 aylar önce
I've always been an android user, apart from a year or so when I had the iphone 4S (which I did not like), but apart from that I've always been an android user and specifically a loyal Samsung user since I got my first smartphone (I believe it was the Samsung Galaxy S2). Samsung has never let me down yet
J. P.
J. P. 10 aylar önce
switced to 14 pro iPhone from years of samsung flagships this year - never going back to Androids again. Not that they're particularly bad or anything, it's mainly just the enjoyment factor. I am enjoying the performance of the iPhone and I can really appreciate the thought that goes behind nearly everything that happens on the phone. It's just better. The camera is astounding on the 14 Pro too. Animations are super slick, design is unmatched, the phone just looks and feels perfect in every way to me. I used to hate having to go through iTunes to transfer anything from a windows PC, especially music but with spotify or other streaming services - I don't really care about that anymore. I mostly email myself things or put them on my google drive anyway.
Nuzzky 10 aylar önce
Or you can use 3U tools .. I use it most of the times to transfer video and photos.
Ahmad Rezaie
Ahmad Rezaie Aylar önce
I'd give something else to iPhone. It's the fact that you can just simply move from a way older phone to the newest. I'll use the iPhone 8 and iPhone 13 Pro, obviously the specs will always be better in the new phone, but it's the fact that the UI and software will always stay the same. Some people say it's the same but for average iPhone users its a great jump because they'll still be able to navigate through everything like usual.
Miguel Charlson
Miguel Charlson 11 aylar önce
The only things I found on iOS phones that I think that's better than on Android are the software update support length and the lidar sensor
DarthHeretic 10 aylar önce
Software support becomes a moot point when you bring in Pixel phones.
Icicles Bunchaladas
Icicles Bunchaladas 8 gün önce
my favourite thing with gaming on android is that you can do emulation. emulation lets you run so many more games that are really high quality than iphone mobile apps. i also love shooting RAW on android with other camera apps like footej camera 2, because as a photographer it is just better to shoot RAW.
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma Yıl önce
This was great, please continue making more collaborative videos. These are fun to watch and packed with information & different POVs on the same point. Btw guys, thanks for providing great quality content. You guys rock and add a lot of value to the tech community. You guys inspire many of us.
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma Yıl önce
@Instabruh User 🍑
ChaLee ⁷
ChaLee ⁷ 10 aylar önce
I'm using both, I like how iphones are so smooth and almost lag free. And I love how Android are so customizable when it regards to themes.
Y. Behri
Y. Behri 10 aylar önce
Buy an android phone that costs 1000+ usd then talk about lagging. That's an old misleading song that ppl are still singing
Sara Soroor
Sara Soroor Aylar önce
@Y. Behri you mean the lagging stops for new samsung phones?? I really want to get a new samsung but everyone keep telling me it wont live long and it will start lagging soon so idk tbh what do you think??
NIF Aylar önce
@Y. Behribought one.. an S21.. had lag.. was broken by pool water.. when its waterpoof.. it sucked.
Johnny Caps
Johnny Caps 10 aylar önce
I have been an android user since the galaxy nexus phone and coming from a blackberry I was blown away by every thing that I could do... Whenever I tried using an iPhone I felt very confined... Barely any customization, lack of expandable memory, ect... It didn't feel right. The one thing I have to give props to apple, is their marketing! They are able to get people to spend more money for a very basic product. Samsung isn't the only android company, from Google to Sony, Motorola to Huawei, Nokia to Asus and everything in between, you will find your perfect phone! Android allows almost seamless connectivity between other phones, laptops, desktops, basically anything with a chip and Bluetooth/wifi can connect to an android without needing extra apps. Talking about apps, there are so many apps for literally anything you want to do! If on the slight chance you don't find one, you can even create your own! Phone build quality varies from brand to brand but the flagship models offer the most reliable phones. You even have Android phones that are built for active military conditions and will literally work in any environment without a case! I've owned a wide variety of android phones from about 13 different brands and I can go on and on about every specific characteristic of each brand. None of them made me wanna pull my hair out because of lack of features or disinterest... The iPhone stresses me out to the point of being sick because I could name 20 android phones that can do everything I want or need for half the price! Why would I pay more money to be restricted? If you want a smartphone to be like everyone else and just use it for TRvid, browsing, taking generic pictures and you want to spend money every year because Apple will worsen your phone to force you to update, get an iPhone! If you want a phone that reflects your personality, gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to and will be easier on the wallet, consider getting an android!
Marvel Sydney
Marvel Sydney 8 aylar önce
Cool video. Hmmm, I wonder how android didn't win the display section, and there are lots of comparison bais... Well, it is all down to choice like you guys stated.
ItsQazikame 9 aylar önce
I think it shows that both are great options when yall both use samsung phones when you ranked iPhone better here. I love my Samsung s22 way more than any iPhone but I just prefer it after using adroid for so long. Not to mention the zoom is so good that I can take clear photos of the moon eith my PHONE!!! How many people can go x30 for a moon photo? Samsung and iPhone are just two very simular devices up to the person buying to decide!
Greta Gjura
Greta Gjura 6 aylar önce
Seeing these two together feels like a crossover episode
airtempo Yıl önce
You can tell Arun is a big fan of MKBHD but I think that's what made this video kinda biased because you could see how Arun had different opinions on a few things but that would result in a tie, so every time that he might've disagreed it would be a tie. I agree with other comments, that you guys should have each had your score and then come up with a final rating or just leave those out for people to decide.
ADHD Yıl önce
I 100% agree
Carl Coleman
Carl Coleman Yıl önce
You peep that 2 bro
BleachEnjoyer Yıl önce
Raksh Bhandari
Raksh Bhandari Yıl önce
Arun is super biased and can turn discussions in iphone's favour. That's why even his positive remarks about Samsung 22Ultra were more of sarcasm. His argument never makes sense. Unlike MKBHD... he is neutral and explains the background and experience well before taking a call.
Puluto Chishi
Puluto Chishi Yıl önce
This is apple sponsored spin
Reggie Vanness
Reggie Vanness 11 aylar önce
I've been a android user always Samsung LG Motorola all high end devices i do like IPhone the battery life is really nice especially on the 13 pro max the funny thing is battery life really matters a lot to me i have the Samsung galaxy S22+ on the way to my mailbox! Great review guys thanks!
Murt Khafoor
Murt Khafoor 11 aylar önce
This is actually pretty accurate, I love my S10 but Samsung really dropped the ball after it. Though the foldable is still going great ( hopefully with cheaper versions to drop next year).
MaiKai Makena
MaiKai Makena 2 aylar önce
Can you guys please do this when iOS 17 and the latest version of Android drops would be really cool to revisit this comparison 🤙🤙🤙❤️
jamie marshall
jamie marshall 11 aylar önce
2.5 Vs 7.5 final score..... I feel like Android missed so many points it deserved. The fact that you can easily change your OS to a lighter weight OS (like you can install Linux, not recommending it but you can) or a new skin of Android on most androids can add to its longevity which should help out it's eco score cause if you can keep your phone for longer and still use it, you're actually gonna contribute less to E-Waste. If you are just going off of the figure that Apple says about 20% of each iPhone is recycled. I understand why you would put it down to that baseline as it's an easy figure but it's not just something that can be easily measured overall and should have been a bit more in depth on. Not to mention the features. It's all about perspective sure but is iMessage or all of those iPhone apps a necessity? Like Android has so many different little features that Apple just doesn't. I personally hate having a notch on my phone, especially because I like watching videos on my phone and feel like it gets in the way, and I don't really take selfies that often so my camera pops out of my phone. Not to mention there are probably android versions of iMessage that although not as good get the job done. So I don't see how android lost the features round either.
Johnimations 4 aylar önce
I've always had funny debates with my friends about if android or ios is better. I will say iPhone has WAAAY better cameras and you get more proformance for the buck. But for me personally, I multitask a lot and I really like Android being open source so you can literally do whatever you want, while iPhone doesn't have that perk. I also don't get how people deal with that annoying white bard at the bottom of your screen instead of just having three buttons that do everything for you and it doesn't mess with your screen. So for someone who likes a lot of customization and multitasking (like me), Android is far superior, but for someone that just needs a good, simple, stable battery phone with a good camera, iPhone definitely takes the stage.
King Koyo
King Koyo Yıl önce
I feel like I'm probably in the minority on this one, but this collab feels more like an interview. Both of you are very talented creators, but this video is driven very heavily by opinion. That said, all the decisions seem to defer very heavily to Marques's opinion. Marques is making very valid observations, but those same observations are very heavily based in circumstance.
Namish Baranwal
Namish Baranwal Yıl önce
It IS an interview, because Arun didn't present his opinions completely mostly. Arun would have awarded more to Android
Semi-Cloudy LifeEndurance
@Namish Baranwal nah arun like apple too i think. but arun would probably give android more score than just 1.5.
Ojaswi Rai
Ojaswi Rai Yıl önce
I feel that too while watching the video because the disappointment on Arun 's face was obvious with the biased opinions of Marques
Salih Saleh
Salih Saleh Yıl önce
Totally agree with you on that one
Festive_phish Yıl önce
i agree
Tømbii 10 aylar önce
Totally blew off Oppo for overall end results in photos and camera quality. I still have my Find X2 Pro and that phone takes the best photos of any camera phone I’ve ever experienced
Strikeh0und 9 aylar önce
I personally will always support company's that DON'T self-sabotage their own product just to fix the product 6 models later in a very wierd way that is only slightly better than the original. Apple has that reliability, but Samsung and the such try to go for better products, not ones that are holding back. I understand that it's a long term strategy, but they should at least not pretend that they are on the "creative side" like they did when the E.U. forced them to use USB C. You are not creative when you make your product worse. Other than that, I like Apple, like how they only release something when they've mastered it.
HARDMAN हर्दमान
In the display department I think MKBHD has somewhat cheated as curved displays are more above in technologies rather than flat displays and if you took sony in consideration no one gives 4k display on a smartphone and 21:9 ratio is just superb for anything and for iPhone every of them has a notch whereas xiaomi mi mix alpha has 360 degree screen aal rounded so sophisticated as futuristic!(Never ending topic) but this poin should obviously go to android!
metsys Aylar önce
if an android phone is best at one category it lacks in other categories but iphone is great in all categories
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