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Hey guys today we are talking And Just Like That the new Sex and The City Reboot. And Just Like That... (marketed as And Just Like That… - A New Chapter of Sex and the City) is an upcoming American comedy-drama television series. It is a 10-episode revival of Sex and the City and is set to premiere on HBO Max on December 9, 2021.

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Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw
Kristin Davis as Charlotte York Goldenblatt
Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes
Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley
Sarita Choudhury as Seema Patel
Karen Pittman as Dr. Nya Wallace
Sara Ramirez as Che Diaz
Isaac Cole Powell as George
Brenda Vaccaro as Gloria Marquette
Ivan Hernandez as Franklyn
Christopher Jackson as Herbert Wexley
LeRoy McClain as Andre Rashad Wallace
Julie Halston as Bitsy von Muffling




15 Ara 2021




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You all are amazing I LOVE reading the comments thank you sincerely ❤️ I will continue to recap the series so even if you don’t watch the show or have HBO come back here and watch the recaps! Also let me know if there is another show you want recapped! Thank you all.
Julie Fizpatrick
Julie Fizpatrick 3 aylar önce
@Jody Carrithers wouldn’t surprise me! It would fall right into line with the rest of this insane story they have been putting out. I’m done with it.
Julie Fizpatrick
Julie Fizpatrick 3 aylar önce
@Scrags P Agree totally!
Alexandra Ruiz
Alexandra Ruiz 4 aylar önce
It would've been great if Big had never changed his will and Natasha inherited EVERYTHING and kept ALL OF IT forcing Carrie back to being poor. Now that would've been interesting! This shit show is just cringy. Your review is spot on.
SleeperInTravel 4 aylar önce
I'm so happy I found your channel, been binging through this and can't wait to get to your RHONY stuff, omg, it's like I found soul-sister! :)
SJ47668 4 aylar önce
I’m 55 and I lost my husband from a heart attack this year - so I should be able to relate to what Carrie is going through. I can’t. The situations are unrealistic, the emotions are obviously fake, and the acting is awful. It’s like the writers have never met, and can’t imagine, what it’s like to be a 55-yr old widow. Missing your husband so much, missing the future you thought you would have, missing the person who was the center of your world - missing their touch, a look, a word. Waking in the night from a nightmare and no one to tell it to to make you feel better. The aimlessness, no motivation, days without showering, eating toast because no point cooking a meal for one, and even if you do, sitting at a table alone. And then there is the guilt and regret. Especially given how she didn’t do anything to try to save him - I did cpr on my husband for 15-minutes until help arrived, and I still feel guilt - I go over and over his last night - did I miss signs. Where is that? She is chasing around town, having lunch with her friends, going to comedy clubs ffs - I’m just not able to relate.
La Dreamer
La Dreamer Aylar önce
Sorry for you lost. Thanks for sharing.
Kayla 3 aylar önce
So sorry for your loss, especially so sudden 😓 Your comment alone has more realism to the specific tragedy of losing your life partner than this reboot has. Stay well knowing he'll be loving you from afar until you're next to him again 💞
ELLA 3 aylar önce
Virtual hugs to you ladies
SJ47668 3 aylar önce
I watched until episode three then gave up. I read a synopsis of the last episode and am glad I gave up on it. I’m three weeks shy of the first year anniversary of my husbands passing - a most horrible year - each day seemed endless, but now it’s almost a year, it seems as if it went so fast - the time-space continuum. We had a hard two years before my husband died - I was a full time carer for my MIL who had Alzheimer’s - she came to live with us as her condition worsened. She died 10-weeks before my husband. So I went from caring for two to caring for none in 10-weeks. I miss them both. I had given up work to care for my mil, and am starting to feel ready to return to full time employment. I have been volunteering with meals on wheels for 6-months now, but that doesn’t take up enough time. I am finding it hard, after three years out of the workforce, to get any response to job applications. I’m (now) 56, not 96, but I guess employers don’t like gaps in employment, no matter how good your reason. Thank you all for you kind words and commiserations, and sharing your stories. Perhaps the writers of sitcoms (?) should speak/read what real people experience before writing such glib storylines.
grwoobie 3 aylar önce
Just checking back in and so sorry for everyone. And as a sidenote, I haven't watched another episode. Not my kind.
Alexandra From Brazil
Alexandra From Brazil 5 aylar önce
And just like that, Kim Cattrall was right all along
vanessa waddell
vanessa waddell 3 aylar önce
I say a pic of Kim Cattrall recently and she hasn't aged a bit.
ASMR CITY 4 aylar önce
She was so right. The movies were terrible and this seems worse.
Clinton Rusthoven
Clinton Rusthoven 4 aylar önce
@Yaffa PG absolutely
Lilo compean
Lilo compean 4 aylar önce
O m g lol
Scarlet Oh Arabia
Scarlet Oh Arabia 5 aylar önce
@The Boy James anything woke turns to shit! Used to love that series. Kim certainly came out on top without having to do a thing. I had to stop watching it I was cringing in parts and had second hand embarrassment. 😧
K Cowgirl
K Cowgirl 5 aylar önce
Most women in their 50s really come into their own. Not caring unnecessarily about what others think about them, open and accepting of others, more relaxed, honest, courageous and good humored and it keeps getting better (I'm 73). What a missed opportunity here. I watched the first one, and had no interest beyond it, but may follow more recaps just for fun. I have no idea why this thread showed up for me, but I decided to comment. Oh well.
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr 3 gün önce
@ChrissyTheWickedHippie IKR! Carrie "won" - she has all of Big's money (minus 1 million, but then she gets the insurance!) Plus he can never ever cheat on her - he's DEAD. Yeah, it's tough to lose your husband, but if she loved him at all she would have damned well dialled 911 when she found him collapsed in the shower!
JonSnowRadio 3 aylar önce
It can definitely be a time we tap more into our inner Samantha if we haven't before, or revive her if she got lost in the day to day bustle of careers, kids, etc. I hope I still feel that way at 73!
KL 4 aylar önce
@Stephanie Beaver Great comment! Live your life, girl. I’m not sure of the age, it’s different for everyone, but typically, by the time you hit your 50s, you just don’t give a crap. It’s fun. Like with everything, there’s an exception. If you’re consumed with aging, you won’t be happy. Embrace it all. 26- wonderful age. 🙂
Cherry 5 aylar önce
Exactly. Miranda busted her ass going to law school, passing the bar, working long hours as a single mother for awhile and she’s being talked down to by a couple of 17yo punks. People in their 20s and 30s don’t run shit in the real world.
Deborah Hoffman
Deborah Hoffman 5 aylar önce
They all act like has-beens. Like their lives are over. They should be thriving and vital. Boring.
Connie Atkinson
Connie Atkinson 5 aylar önce
Here is how empowered and matured women would have been in the REAL reboot: 1. Carrie would be at the top of her writing game. She would be a best-selling author. She would have started her own publishing company for maverick authors who can’t get publishing deals in the big companies. She could have had Samantha (off-camera) helping her promote them. She could have introduced woke authors. The show should show the differences of opinions on these topics. That’s REAL drama and real life. Miranda would be a partner in a law firm and a noted prosecutor. She would be running for DA. She would be at dealing with the new normal in NYC of no bail and riots. Steve’s business would be struggling because of the pandemic. His business might have been looted during the riots. The girls could be raising funds to help him rebuild it. Miranda would be helping him get his business running again and it would help them rekindle their marriage and bring back the sex better than ever. Brady would be having a nervous breakdown from the stress of trying to be like his parents and compete to get into Harvard. They could show the cost of that. Charlotte and Harry would be running a charitable foundation that nurtures new ventures in the arts and helps support them after everything closed down in 2020. Her eldest daughter might have anorexia. She might be struggling to get into the performing arts in NYC and all the difficulties in that. Rose could have friends that are already experimenting with sex and drugs and have parents more interested in their own upscale NYC lives than their children’s lives. Finally, Big would have cheated on his third wife as he did with with his first two. For comic relief, the ladies would sit around and fantasise about how to bump him off. Coincidentally, he would die by getting pushed into a subway train in Penn Station. Carrie would feel guilty for wishing him dead. The girls would comfort her in their sarcastic way. He would appear in Carrie’s dreams and beg forgiveness but she is over it. She gets a psychic reading and tells Big to bugger off forever. She meets a new author she is publishing who is much younger and he is finally a great match for her. Neil Patrick King needs to stop making this show about him and his agenda. His writers need to stop mentioning age every five seconds unless it’s about hot flashes. There’s plenty to say about career women in their fifties plus deal with the culture wars without all the contrivances.
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr 3 gün önce
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr Aylar önce
@Sky Walker if Will Truman could do it in the reboot of Will & Grace...🤷🏻‍♀️
Bonnie Howell
Bonnie Howell 2 aylar önce
I wish you were a writer for this show. Your ideas seem WAY more interesting and realistic based on their characters.
sakurA 4seinen
sakurA 4seinen 4 aylar önce
I would so watch this!!
Elly Klein
Elly Klein 4 aylar önce
You have some fantastic ideas here! But I just gotta say… it’s Michael Patrick King (MPK) - not Neil Patrick King. You’re thinking of the actor, Neil Patrick Harris.
KeithK28 5 aylar önce
Did you notice when Carrie went to use the bathroom, even the bathroom had a Gender Neutral sign - like it’s forced wokeness is almost like a satire.
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr 3 gün önce
Well, in fairness, when it's the one toilet in a place, it usually will have the "for everyone" sign. In the public library in my part of Dublin, they had two toilets, one female, one male. I once saw this little girl dancing outside them - she needed to go, but didn't date go into the men's. (It was a single toilet, like a handicapped one) I had to give her "permission" to use the "boy's one" 😄
Jackie Anderson
Jackie Anderson 3 aylar önce
@Ant A they have always been with us. In my circles they are freer to explore and or come out. Of course they aren’t going to be open in those places you mention. They would be shunned, killed, arrested etc. Representation is important. It’s too bad they did such a shitty job with the writing in all the areas.
Ant A
Ant A 3 aylar önce
@Jackie Anderson in LA which is a huge metropolitan city and state in the USA. Not in the world, it is your personal experience of a few people, I'd guess between 5-10. I'm in the UK and it is probably way less that even 0.05% of children . Think globally. How many non binary people live in Saudi Arabia? Israel? Sri Lanka? this show is based in NY and not LA. I'm sure it depends on the circles of people you know and associate with. Something tells me that in a Jewish family in NY it is less likely. There is something about pushing the Liberal agenda that even makes liberals annoyed. I'm liberal but I think SATC are taking the piss.
Jackie Anderson
Jackie Anderson 3 aylar önce
@Ant A I live in LA and know quite a few non-binary and a few trans kids. It’s not so rare.
Joy Duncan
Joy Duncan 5 aylar önce
Kim Cattrell was smart to say NO to this hot mess.
Shan Kristofferson
Shan Kristofferson 4 aylar önce
@Bryan Robinson she couldn’t look worse than catfish faced charlotte
Bryan Robinson
Bryan Robinson 4 aylar önce
@Juan Martín Silva Rodríguez because the hardcore “mature” viewers don’t watch that Duffy the vampire slayer stuff. Or whatever it’s called. Sex in the city is a legacy series w clout.
Megan Napier
Megan Napier 4 aylar önce
@Bryan Robinson she's starring as the older version of the lead in the How I Met Your Father series. So... She does have a show.
Juan Martín Silva Rodríguez
@Bryan Robinson if she doesn’t want public see how she looks now, why she will be playing an older version of Hilary Duff in her new serie?
Beth Snyder
Beth Snyder 5 aylar önce
It's like these ladies were in prison for 20 years and they got out and plunked into society and this new world that they have no clue how to navigate. Wokism, Ageism, Sexism, Racism, Alcoholism, they tried to include everything except humorism.
Felicia B
Felicia B 4 aylar önce
Me 5 aylar önce
The Natasha plot was awful - basically Carrie saying ‘I’m going to harass you until you convince me you meant nothing to your ex-husband’. Classic Carrie… 🤯😂
Sophia Kon
Sophia Kon 13 gün önce
At least they sticked to her character
Me 3 aylar önce
@Dee Derry she really was. It seemed in the old series, and the latest one too, that there’s a message of Carrie being able to treat people like cr*p, but it’s all part of ‘her journey’ so it’s fine…whereas in reality, she was just a tiny hoofed bully with narcissism issues
Maireadcdf 3 aylar önce
@Beverlyann Gilbert why did they all act as if Carrie was the best friend ever and they couldn't live their lives without her? She has always been the worst...
Beverlyann Gilbert
Beverlyann Gilbert 4 aylar önce
Never liked Carrie's character. I don't understand what they wanted to bring us with the new show. Sometimes you just have to let a good thing stay in the past. Haven't seen it and never had an interest to see it and by the way SJP looks to be at least 65 years old. She didn't age well.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 5 aylar önce
And just like that is a perfect example of when show producers want to demonstrate change, but are too disconnected with reality to know how to do so in a way that is organic and relatable to viewers.
HAW 5 aylar önce
The Boy James
The Boy James 5 aylar önce
Spot on! 👌🏼
Cindy bardwell
Cindy bardwell 5 aylar önce
“Forced woke” thank you for applying a term for that! I agree totally with your stance on it so far in this series.
Jackie Anderson
Jackie Anderson 3 aylar önce
@DonorFan I’m with you. The show is the opposite of whatever “woke” is. For characters in NYC, it’s embarrassing how backwards and clunky they are acting. I’m realizing the fans are probably for the most part very conservative and nothing like SATC characters. We cringe watch.
Mad Mir
Mad Mir 4 aylar önce
Yes, totally agree!! It's to much. Also I'm sorry but it's not the same without Kim. She added a certain "spark" to the show. It's like you can feel and see something missing. It's kinda painful to watch.
EmmDear 4 aylar önce
Man this comment section is weird.
NOLA GIRL 4 aylar önce
I know!!! It’s ridiculous the entire show is actually
Claudia Cervantes
Claudia Cervantes 4 aylar önce
@DonorFan I don’t think it’s distain until it’s shoved down our throats. You want to be gay, bisexual, non binary or Trans… go ahead. But don’t expect people to react positive to it when it’s shoved down their throats. Accept that not everyone agrees with this as you may not agree with someone else’s life style. I think people are just tired of it being brought up all the time. Can’t a show just be for entertainment? Why do politics, religion or sexual orientation need to be discussed to the point where it’s no longer enjoyable to watch a show? I use to love this show. This rendition of it is awful! The show use to just be light hearted and fun. Took your mind off the reality of the world. Cause trust me, it was just as messed up in the 90’s as it is now. It’s just more obvious and in your face. But at least you had an hour to disengage from the world and enjoy the show and laugh. Now it’s all serious. No laughs and reminder of how messed up this world is. Who needs that show? No one. They should have left well alone and never brought back the show.
wendyw 5 aylar önce
I’m in my 50’s, live in NYC, and you’re right- the age references are ridiculous. Nobody thinks or acts like this in their 50’s. I still live and feel very young, and so do my friends. They’re acting 80 on this show!
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr 3 gün önce
@Carole Slone the writers must be millennials. Have you ever noticed that they ALWAYS tell you their age/what year they were born? And usually apropos of nothing...
Deer Heart
Deer Heart 4 aylar önce
It’s sooooo weird
wendyw 4 aylar önce
Oh NO. This week’s previews show Carrie getting hip surgery??? WTF? We’ve already established they’re taking the age thing way too far, but this is waaay over. The writers must be very young and not realize this shit is wrong for the age bracket they’re portraying. (My grandpa had hip surgery at 88!) 😩
Darcy MusicPy
Darcy MusicPy 4 aylar önce
Exactly! not even Grace and Frankie are acting this way
Christina Armani
Christina Armani 5 aylar önce
“I’m fifty fucking two and I’ll rock this dress” I miss Samantha 😭
Eric Molnar
Eric Molnar 4 aylar önce
@Christina Armani well the writers and producers did but she could have fought them she’s just a sieve it seems
Christina Armani
Christina Armani 4 aylar önce
@Eric Molnar sjp killed the real Carrie herself 😞
Christina Armani
Christina Armani 4 aylar önce
@Eric Molnar I heard it on a podcast. Not 100% sure if it’s true but she is running things along with Michael Patrick King so it does make sense.
Eric Molnar
Eric Molnar 4 aylar önce
From what iv seen she’s playing the old woman of chaliot
OcarinaSapph1r3 -24
OcarinaSapph1r3 -24 5 aylar önce
How is it that a show from the 80’s (the Golden Girls) made exploring the lives of older women *sooo* much better...?
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr 3 gün önce
You know, you made me look up who were the writers for GG. Surprisingly, mostly men...(only 2 women, Susan Harris and Kathy Speer) 🤷🏻‍♀️
Theresa Wilson
Theresa Wilson 3 aylar önce
The Golden Girls had actresses that were comedy by themselves and together. The writers also loved working on the show. One of the best shows ever created on tv. There's even a funny Robot Chicken sketch where its the Golden Girls doing a parody of Sex in The City. Still better than Carrie and the other characters.
Liz Kelly
Liz Kelly 3 aylar önce
Because it was natural and funny
Yuki James
Yuki James 4 aylar önce
@Equatorial Journey nah it’s just a bad show. Not everything has a larger context. Just an example of greedy executives, aging actors, and bad writing
Iunn Brynveig
Iunn Brynveig 4 aylar önce
@Equatorial Journey I agree, the backlash just perpetuates all the ideal standards women are constantly expected to live up to. These characters had their problems then, and they have some other/or the same now. I never liked Carrie's behaviour, but she is an interesting raw characters.We could learn a lot about ourselves just by wondering why we react to certain characters' flaws the way we do.
Leonarda Scorpius
Leonarda Scorpius 5 aylar önce
Will the series ever mention the dreaded "M" word--menopause which may be causing all of the ladies to over-react/over-drink/over-explain things/have sexual dysfunction? Not shaming it, just being real here, having to go through all of the weird changes myself this past year. I remember Samantha going through it openly in the second movie in Dubai. And she did it with glamour and humor! Still praying this show will improve. Seriously, the fashion is AWFUL for everyone!! WTF. It's NYC!! Do better there, at least. 🤪
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr Aylar önce
@Lynn Smithers Hubbard puh lease, it was not "men doctors". I had to report a female gynaecologist who tried to put me down for a hysterectomy for non-bleeding fibroids.
Lynn Smithers Hubbard
Lynn Smithers Hubbard 4 aylar önce
@Vivian Unger so are periods...women don't talk about it because noone talked to them about it--bc men doctors gave them hysterectomies, so people didn;t go through the natural process
Hula Hickey
Hula Hickey 4 aylar önce
Yes menopause should be featured because all 3 women are now in their fifties. They could all acknowledge what Sam went though and how they really didn't understand it until they are going through it themselves. It would be a nice way to incorporate Sam into the series.
Cherry 5 aylar önce
@Vivian Unger Why? No more periods. It’s great.
4Ever Young
4Ever Young 5 aylar önce
@Leonarda Scorpius Well said and good points for all women; menopause doesn’t have to be awful.
Mille Gar
Mille Gar 5 aylar önce
1. SATC without Samanta is ridiculous.. Samanta was the sex.. And now it's just a lame city. 2. The plot twists are so uncreative and boring. There were at least 50 cooler versions they could have made. 3. Killing Big and making Carry single again after everything that she went through is cinic for me. 4. This LGBT new character is a little too modern for this type of show. They should have had more diversity from the beginning of the movies rather than compensating for it on steroids now. Every normal mother would get mad if she sees her son getting high by a stranger in front of her. 5. All of the characters developments seem unlikely. This is not the way they should have been. 6. Everything looks so desperate. The show has lost its good fun vibe. They made single ladies in their 30s and 40s cool and vibrant. They should have presented the 50s in the same way. Sad.
Zingara's Song
Zingara's Song 4 aylar önce
Excellent review, agree completely 👍
Kim7 🌻
Kim7 🌻 5 aylar önce
@Millie Gar I agree completely!
Tanya B
Tanya B 5 aylar önce
@Brandie Janiece good point about Samantha! I have no idea how they’d even fit a character like her into this show. They probably would’ve made her into a completely different person (similar to how I feel they’re doing with Miranda).
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 5 aylar önce
Oh yes. I hate that "Che" character. She just doesn't fit into the kind of show SATC was about. She actually played a lesbian on Grey's anatomy and didn't act like that. Maybe, that's why it's weird too. Btw, funny I just used the same "steroids" term to describe the overly wokeness of the show in another comment, lol.
Lina 0438
Lina 0438 5 aylar önce
@Brandie Janiece Well, if they wanted to create sth completely different then maybe they should've changed the names of all characters. Instead they decided to make a continuation of the original series. And they made a truly terrible job at it.
lateral history museum
This show is so awful. Like you say, it's clear the writers have no idea how 55 year old women actually think, outside of the Hollywood bubble where youth and fashion is everything. They can't even imagine that women might be comfortable in themselves and have bigger things to worry about than "omg I'm so old / we're so old / my husband is so old". There's also this pandering to the 20-something viewpoint on things that just doesn't feel organic at all. Forced wokeness is probably the best term for it. It feels like these characters are having the reaction a Gen Z-er would have to events they would almost certainly have a different perspective on. I know Hollywood is a bubble, so the actresses probably share these opinions themselves. But out in the real world? A lawyer? A stay-at-home mom who converted to Judaism for her husband? I just don't buy that these women would think the way the show depicts them thinking. Carrie, MAYBE, I can see trying to cling to the zeitgeist in this way. But the rest of them? I'm sorry, but Miranda would not be this clueless about race. And she's a lawyer. She's conditioned to look at things critically, and she was always the character who reached for the truth, even when that truth was ugly. Miranda would not look at a woman like Che and see this super cool comedian who makes her tongue tied. She would see a woman who has internalized misogyny and homophobia to such an extent that she thinks her choice of fashion and attraction to other women literally makes her less of a woman somehow. Miranda (and most 55 year old women) would not be impressed by this. If anything, the two characters would butt heads, as Miranda would challenge her on this BS and Che would not have any real comeback to being put on the spot about it. The kind of pseudoacademic waffle that fools kids on the internet is not going to fly with a cut-throat lawyer like Miranda. This is a case where Cynthia Nixon's values and beliefs are being mapped onto her character, and it just doesn't feel right. I'm open to the idea of Miranda exploring her sexuality and finding out that maybe her tastes aren't what she always thought. Maybe she is attracted to women too. Late in life coming out is real, particularly for women, and it could be a great storyline. But it has to be done in a way that respects the character, and respects her relationship with Steve as something that was clearly shown to us to be real. If this is the direction they wanted to go in, I don't know why they didn't just break up the couple off screen and show us them co-parenting post divorce. Throwing Steve's character under the bus like this is not the way to do it. Especially as he is one of the few working class characters the show even has. And I'm sorry, but if Miranda falls in love with a woman, it has to be someone I could imagine her character respecting. Which Che just isn't. Che is like an overgrown kid, with her juvenile comedy and willingness to smoke pot with a seventeen year old. At a FUNERAL. This is a person Miranda would be scornful of, not go gooey-eyed over. (By the way, "smoking blowbacks as a lesbian awakening" is a trope quite literally borrowed from a teen drama. It was in British drama Skins ten years ago. Which really illustrates the point. Whoever is supposed to have written these scripts, there's no way they weren't actually written by someone in, at the latest, their early 30s. There is a total, frustrating lack of imagination for what lesbian sexual awakening might actually look like for 55 year old Miranda Hobbs. No attempt whatsoever to make it organic to her character.) I feel the same about Charlotte. It's clear the writers see her as some kind of "middle aged annoying privileged white lady who doesn't get it". Like they're projecting their own mommy issues onto the character. And it's true Charlotte is a a born WASP, it's true she likes things just so and can be a romantic. But she's not self-absorbed. She wouldn't make Big's death all about her. And while it's true she would probably be attached to the idea of dressing her daughter up like a mini me, I don't think she would be so obsessed with it that she would risk her daughter's happiness over her choice in clothes. Especially not when she has another daughter happy to play along, and has Harry to keep her grounded if she starts getting too bound up in the fantasy of her daughter over the reality of who she is. Charlotte would get over it and let Rose be more of a tomboy. Even though her definition of a tomboy would probably still be very dapper and well put together. Charlotte grew up in the 80s, a pretty gender fluid time. Even if it's not her own preferred aesthetic, she wouldn't be unaware of the idea that androgynous fashion exists, and doesn't necessarily "mean" anything about her child. This honestly feels like another instance of Cynthia Nixon's private life being projected onto the characters in the show. Nixon had a child she supported in transition, so none of the SATC ladies are going to ask the tough questions or criticize child transition. Even though this is a hot button issue. (Sorry, but Anthony was right. Kids are impressionable and go through phases, especially as teeangers. The duty of care of a parent is to guide them through that with patience. Not go along uncritically with every idea they have.) For me, Charlotte believing her daughter has some kind of gendered soul and turning her into a life-long medical patient - destroying her physical health on the flimsy pretext that this is "the only way" to save her mental health - would be her failing really horrifically as a parent. I'm angry beyond words that this is being presented to us as some kind of life lesson for Charlotte, or as a story with a happy ending for Rose. And I think the silent majority of parents will feel the same watching it. The writers are making a mistake if they think the loud voices of Gen Z and Millennials on Twitter are reflective of the views of their actual audience. Which is women in their fifties. You know, the hated "Karens"? The kind of women who not only DON'T think JK Rowling is some kind of evil bigoted witch, but are really uncomfortable with the witch hunt against her. That's the average audience for AJLT. Most of these women won't dare speak up online about why they hate these aspects of the show. But they will criticize other things instead and / or quietly turn off the show. And Gen Z aren't going to step in to fill the viewership void, because ageism, and because this show isn't supposed to be "for" them anyway. If this trainwreck proves anything, it's that we need the voices of more older women, outside of the Hollywood nepotism / old money bubble, in writers rooms. Because this perspective on mid fifties women is just embarrassing. They try so hard to tell us the women are out of touch, but what I see most of all are writers who are painfully out of touch with their audience.
Clare F
Clare F 4 aylar önce
I LOVE this post!! Thank you for speaking so much sense!! To add to what you said, there is a bit where, when asked how college is going, Miranda answers “well now that I know everyone’s pronouns, pretty good” In real life, this would have been said with an eye roll and a laugh!! As you said, women who have lived a bit of life, see this whole “wokeness” as the nonsense that it is!!
Zingara's Song
Zingara's Song 4 aylar önce
Brava!!! someone needs to publish this in the New Yorker . This is an INCREDIBLE piece, it's a GIFT to the show writers, if they read it. Thank you
reter wetr
reter wetr 4 aylar önce
Lol this comment is everything..thanks for that!
Cherry 5 aylar önce
This is perfect. The writers need to hire you as a consultant.
TravelNurseAdventures 5 aylar önce
Insulting to older people. They turned these characters into sad unwise clowns-glad I passed. Interesting review-thanks from saving the rest of us from not watching this series.
K.S 4 aylar önce
Not watching
TravelNurseAdventures 4 aylar önce
@SleeperInTravel lol so true!
SleeperInTravel 4 aylar önce
They shoulda took some notes from Golden Girls! Those ladies were sassy and fierce, I never saw them as "old" except for their unfortunate 80s hairdos! lol
Mary Daniels
Mary Daniels 4 aylar önce
Yes, it is insulting and unrealistic. The writers need to do their homework. What a mess!
Sonia Rivera
Sonia Rivera 5 aylar önce
Carrie disregard for Charlotte being worried about Miranda’s drinking problem. Arghh, can Carrie’s character be more unbearable?
The Keystone Channel
The Keystone Channel 4 aylar önce
well at least they ket that trend
Jennifer Mackey
Jennifer Mackey 4 aylar önce
Toxic friend
Natalie 4 aylar önce
Carrie has always been my least favorite character. She is self centered. And funny enough Samantha was my favorite. So Carrie being this way is normal...Samantha ghosting the group is NOT. She would NEVER have done that. She was a great friend to them...especially Carrie.
Allison Rae
Allison Rae 5 aylar önce
Do you babysit your grown adults friends habits? If they're being out of control, it might be a problem. Those in thier 50s, are in set in thier ways.
shiva pejman
shiva pejman 5 aylar önce
@Sky Walker she was always that obnoxious.
fanofdesign 5 aylar önce
So Steve turns 55 and suddenly goes deaf?!? And to make sure we know, they give him the old fashioned ones that are huge and go behind the ear. I think they have enough money to afford the "in the ear canal" model. They are really overdoing the "Hey, we're older than we used to be, and we're going to beat you to the punch so you can't make fun of us for being old!" SOOOOOO contrived. Kim Cattrall; you are one smart cookie!
JollyBigChick 4 aylar önce
My husband is 59. I’m 42. He is f-ing deaf but won’t admit it. He turns the tv up so load I can’t think
Betony Miller
Betony Miller 4 aylar önce
@BlueBoxFive does he have Menieres? I have Menieres, same symptoms and I lost the hearing in one ear because of it in my 30s. I find the hearing loss jokes super trashy, and it's crazy they are so woke yet still mocking hearing loss
Shan Kristofferson
Shan Kristofferson 4 aylar önce
A guy i knew went from perfectly fine hearing at 40 to having super hard time hearing me at 48…. Kind of a shock to me being 8yrs younger. Another guy i know had perfect vision (as opposed to my super bad coke bottle glasses vision) was a sharpshooter in marines and training to be helicopter pilot at 46 started doing that hold menu at arms length cant see print thing and it was both funny and kind of “oh shit is this where we are now?” Moment
Jessica S
Jessica S 4 aylar önce
I was watching a podcast that said in real life he was losing his hearing so they wrote it in. 💁
Laura Rhodes
Laura Rhodes 5 aylar önce
I just find the show to be depressing. After all these years, Carrie is still displaying the same insecurities….searching through her husband’s belongings, needing to hunt down Natasha. I agree with just about everything you said. They all seem a little over the top. The podcast is awful and not a fan of how they’ve developed the characters. Stanford was lovable in SITC… but not so much now. The age comments are ridiculous….I feel like they are talking about 100 year olds. The comment made by Miranda to Carrie about being the only 55 yr old on the steps…who says that!?! It’s so focused on getting old, it’s like the “good parts” of life are over. This is a mind set that people adopt but not people who choose to live their life, and choose to be happy and enjoy each moment.
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr 3 gün önce
Most of us feel relief with age - we don't have to go through all the stress and insecurity anymore. We've figured out no one's watching us (or we just don't care anymore), so we do what makes us feel comfortable. Yes, there can be unexpected trauma...but most of us have accepted that the world does not revolve around us.
Zingara's Song
Zingara's Song 4 aylar önce
Especially clueless about 55 yr old on steps. As a professor for many years I can tell you the classes are full of middle aged people going back to school to be teachers, or another change of career as that's the age you realize you've been an employed zombie most of your life and you now need meaning and purpose. You need to pursue what's truly important to you, having lived long enough now to figure it out. It's SO incredibly clueless of the writers to not be in touch with what's happening in universities. I had students as old as 82 working toward degrees. Unbelievable.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 5 aylar önce
Right. Most older women in their forties and fifties don't have insecurities likes that unless that have mental problems, lol. I I also don't get the podcast thing. Especially, when Carrie had enough recognition to have her own successful podcast in her own home.
Laura Rhodes
Laura Rhodes 5 aylar önce
@Chanthana it’s unfortunate…they really missed the boat on this one…it could have been so great
Chanthana 5 aylar önce
@Laura Rhodes I agree! I'm 50 and I've never felt so good and confidence about my self until now. This show is depressing.
Lezlie Wade
Lezlie Wade 5 aylar önce
Couldn't agree more with this synopsis. It's painful watching how bad this show is. I also agree with a previous comment that Cynthia Nixon is actually a good actress, (her performance in WIT at the Manhattan Theatre Club a few years back was wonderful) but come on? She's a lawyer. She had a black boyfriend in previous episodes, but now she doesn't know how to talk to anyone who is diverse? Not only doesn't know how to talk, but acts like an embarrassed 15 year-old. It's totally unbelievable. The worst part is that the writers actually think we are so stupid, we would buy this? Clearly from the number of comments, I am not alone when I say that this show jumped the shark at episode one.
HAW 5 aylar önce
OMG!!!! She has braids!!!! Like WTF?!??
Carole Slone
Carole Slone 5 aylar önce
I agree about Miranda, she was a high powered attorney in a diverse city and now she is totally clueless! Really??? Also, bring back some sexy clothes, geez, 55 is not that damn old, I'm 59 and don't feel that old or act that old!
Maria Spotsville
Maria Spotsville 5 aylar önce
You just said everything that I have been thinking
teresa in illinois
teresa in illinois 5 aylar önce
I've read many explanations for why they killed Big but none of them work for me. After 6 seasons of really wanting and hoping for a happy ending to Carrie and Big (and then 2 more in movies), I'm realizing that I just wanted to see them happy together as a couple facing normal relationship stuff after menopause and retirement. I have zero desire to watch Carrie, or ANY of them, back out in the dating scene. We got to know the ladies through their single lives. I wish we could have gotten to know them again in their married lives.
JonSnowRadio 3 aylar önce
TV writers think no one finds married life interesting. Maybe they're right, I doubt I would watch them. But this was horrible.
Elise Rachel
Elise Rachel 4 aylar önce
A note about the puffy-sleeved shirts: I'm not saying this is the case but Charlotte's stylists could be choosing shirts that look like this to hide any upper-arm fat? For some reason it seems like the writers are making it a point to make sure that we the audience know that EVERYONE IS OLDER now, but then don't want us to SEE that they're older now. Like Miranda's grey hair, they make it a point to TELL US that she has grey hair now but it looks like it's been colored enough that it looks like a stylish choice and not just a "I don't feel like dyeing my hair so I'm not going to." Her hair literally looks like it has highlights. Maybe Cynthia is just blessed though. But I really do think the fashion this season is to hide the fact that the actors have all aged. They don't want us to see that they've aged otherwise it somehow ruins the vibe that "We can be fabulous at any age because this is Sex and the City." This really makes me wonder how they would've handled Samantha's character because even though in the original show they made it a point to let us know that Samantha was aging (grey pubic hair, menopause) they still had her present herself in a way that was true to her character. I just can't see Samantha in a show like this. Plus, if they're so woke now maybe they should normalize what aging looks like rather than trying to hide it from us or glamorize it or make it into some funny moment. But maybe I'm being insensitive and all of the wardrobe and hair options are upon request of the actresses' preferences.
Leslie Wilson Miranda
Leslie Wilson Miranda 5 aylar önce
I AGREE ON ALL POINTS. The Golden Girls didnt talk about aging as much as these characters do. And how "Carrie" of Carrie to blow off Charlotte's mention of finding 3 Tito's bottles in Miranda's bag. That's a big ole red flag to me and Carrie in true Carrie form, ignores it to move the moment back to her. Love your reviews, keep em coming!
Lisa Chauvin
Lisa Chauvin 5 aylar önce
The Golden Girls is so much better than this abomination
Olu Bukonla
Olu Bukonla 5 aylar önce
@M L .
M L 5 aylar önce
I have literally started watching The Golden Girls in place of SATC now...its so much better !
Martha V
Martha V 5 aylar önce
Soooo self absorbed!!!
Daily 5 aylar önce
Charlotte is a good friend. She has this gift of foreseeing something bad or preventable is about to happen, getting worrying, and expressing her feelings. In this case, is with Miranda and her possible drinking problem but Carrie again said it's nothing. Last time, in movie two, when Charlotte told Carrie that she would play with fire if she went out with Aidan; Carrie didn't listen and it happened, Carrie and Aidan kissed. The other time is with the money lending issue. Carrie should trust more in Charlotte's judgment.
HintofPink 4 aylar önce
Yes! I hate that they’re blowing her off as being the emotional wreck. It really bothered me that Carrie didn’t invite her to her place with Stanford and Miranda because she couldn’t handle her… this girl was one of your ride or dies! It’s so weird this series went from being friendship over everything to avoid them whenever you can help it
Sarah M
Sarah M 5 aylar önce
4Ever Young
4Ever Young 5 aylar önce
I’m a diehard fan of SATC but now I’m more into your scathingly funny reviews than the uncomfortable reboot. And just like that the fans disappeared……
4Ever Young
4Ever Young 5 aylar önce
@Real Housewives Recaps No - Thank YOU!!! Never stop, it’s perfect and 😍 I Love it 🥰
Jill Schaefer
Jill Schaefer 5 aylar önce
😂...but seriously, yes
Garry Wallace
Garry Wallace 5 aylar önce
Me too- watch this religiously, wont bother with the show!
Real Housewives Recaps
This is my favorite comment thank you ❤️
Lacey Ann
Lacey Ann 5 aylar önce
I am a huge fan of the old series and even the movies. I think Miranda had a fun, didn't take any crap sense of humour & now she's gone full woke and just plain stupid. That could have something to do with her personal life and her political career? I am really sad about Steve he was such a good character & so sweet and you're right now they're acting like he's 80!! Kristen Davis was stunning and we all age but she has done it all wrong. Imagine how beautiful she would look without the fillers 🤷🏻‍♀️I CANT STAND Che oh my gosh talking about shoving it in your face I have to fast forward the scenes. I think Bigs password will be the dogs name 😆I wonder if one of Natasha's sons is Big's?!?! The whole thing is forced, fake a woke!!
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 5 aylar önce
Haha yeah and I can't imagine the old Miranda being okay with her son's situation. Steve is really a weakling now.
Jan Jan
Jan Jan 5 aylar önce
Oh shoot! But if they had a son big would’ve put him in the will.
Linda Butt
Linda Butt 5 aylar önce
OMG I think you might be right about the password 🤣🤣🤣
Kim Runyan
Kim Runyan 5 aylar önce
It is TRULY horrible...it's every woke cliche imaginable come to life. It amazes me SJP wants anything to do with it.
Ben Belzer
Ben Belzer 5 aylar önce
Another big thing missing besides Big😆, Kim and the voiceovers is one of my FAVORITE aspects of the original series is there is no filler music during scenes. They used to play that jazzy saxophone piano bar music, it added A LOT of character.
Linda Delgado
Linda Delgado 5 aylar önce
Totally agree 👍
sbs5903 5 aylar önce
Am I the only one who wishes they kept all of the couples together? I think it would have been interesting to explore long term relationships and marriage through other facets rather than death and whatever they're doing with Miranda 🙄 I get that they need conflict but the writers don't seem to understand this can be done without breaking everybody up. Ugh I'm just so disappointed with what they've done.
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr Aylar önce
Look around you...how many couples stay together long-term? What's the divorce rate where you live? No way would a serial philanderer like Big (who cheated on both his wives) NOT step out on Carrie (who was no angel herself!) They never would have ended up together in the first place...
Genny Olson
Genny Olson 4 aylar önce
@Annie P I believe you are right
Jane Callan
Jane Callan 5 aylar önce
I must say THANK YOU! Thank you for sparing me having to watch ep 3!! They have ruined our show! The "wokeness" is ad nauseum. The age business is just crap! I've watched the show since the beginning... We've all aged! I'm 48 now and my husband 52 and and my best friend 59.. we are no where near elderly like they make us sound! It's ridiculous and cringy and painful to watch. I'm just sad they have done this. But I LOVE your reviews and couldn't agree more so thank you! You have a new subscriber ❤
Katie West
Katie West 5 aylar önce
Hell, I'm 72 and not nearly obsessed with age as these characters. I dress better,too.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 5 aylar önce
Actually, forties and fifties is considered middle age. Not old age, lol.
Jane Callan
Jane Callan 5 aylar önce
@Vanessa Zannis you're so right! It's sad really.
Vanessa Zannis
Vanessa Zannis 5 aylar önce
It’s not how we feel about aging in the real world it’s how Hollywood feels about aging…especially women.
Jane Callan
Jane Callan 5 aylar önce
@Real Housewives Recaps hahaha! Well I think we're doing pretty good for 107 and 114 😂🤣😂. The writers are ridiculous!
Missy Presley
Missy Presley 5 aylar önce
Kristen thinks people are criticizing her looking old when in fact, they are criticizing her surgery which gave her a weird mouth! It’s altering, not aging. And I’m sorry but it’s too noticeable to miss. Don’t want criticism, don’t get on TV. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Missy Presley
Missy Presley 2 aylar önce
@Bonnie Howell exactly. I’m not against it. However, people will notice and comment when it’s not good work. You would think she would be used to the attention after so many years in this industry.
Bonnie Howell
Bonnie Howell 2 aylar önce
Same. My intial thought was ..."why?!". She is a beautiful lady who didn't need such extensive work. Granted, I have no problem with wanting surgery/fillers amd have considered it myself....but it seems that she is another actress that went overboard with it.
Dee Derry
Dee Derry 5 aylar önce
@Nora Chavarria I hate to lol...But i honestly felt the same...Its soo distracting
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 5 aylar önce
True you can't help but notice all those fillers in her cheeks. Miranda looks okay. However, Carrie looks kinda bad now. It could be mostly the make up she's wearing. Idk.
Nora Chavarria
Nora Chavarria 5 aylar önce
I didn’t notice the surgery, it was her speech. I thought she forgot how to do the voice or she was wearing dentures or had a stroke.
Robin Mitchell
Robin Mitchell 5 aylar önce
The writers have run this into the ground! Carrie mourned Big more in the first movie than in this show. Steve is a wonderful character that deserved more respect than what has been given. Miranda character has been ruined. Her story line has been done before by Samantha. This show is unrelatable and unrealistic! I will continue to watch SATC but will pass on any more of this nonsense !
Stephanie Avital
Stephanie Avital 5 aylar önce
The weirdest things in this episode : Carrie doesn’t recognize their home phone number ( is she dumb? Confused?) and Charlotte’s daughter issue with deodorant !!!!
Emma 4 aylar önce
I thought that was really stupid too. They could have had it be a number for like dry cleaning or something.
Jennifer Mackey
Jennifer Mackey 4 aylar önce
They're trying to imply Carrie has dementia. It will be a story line.
Elise Rachel
Elise Rachel 4 aylar önce
@Marc sa Carrie didn't grow up with a cell though. Plus, she made it a point to be old school in the second movie by only wanting flip-phones and not wanting to use/know how to use Samantha's smartphone. Carrie should know her home phone number lol.
El Sands
El Sands 4 aylar önce
@Marc sa , I don’t lmao….
El Sands
El Sands 4 aylar önce
I have NO clue what my land line number is. I never call the number/give it out lol…
sandy 5 aylar önce
One of the nice things about getting older is feeling comfortable in my own skin. You know who you are and gladly swap that for being worried about your looks. I wish someone told the writers.
Hula Hickey
Hula Hickey 4 aylar önce
As someone in their 50's you worry about family friends and work life. Plus throw in retirement and how to take care of elderly family members. There are so may ways this show could have acknowledged so many aspects of these concerns. Heck it would have been funny to have all of the characters "ma'am'd" for the first time. I'll never forget the first time I was called maam.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 5 aylar önce
Right, it makes no sense and very unrealistic. I guess the writers feel they can get anything over with the fans.
Chanthana 5 aylar önce
@Apartment Group I still do care about my look but I no longer need to worry and spend so much time doing hair or make up or put anything unnatural on me just so that I can disguise my age. I only put make up (my lazy version, press powder, lipstick and maybe a little eye shadow depending on how imbitious I am) when I'm in the mood but it's rare now with the Covid fashion 😷. Now I could just get up and go in public with hair pin up in my sweat and not have worry how I look because I know I'm clean and took care of my self. I am more happy with my self now where as in my younger year I was so insecure and would never leave the house looking like that.
Bryan Robinson
Bryan Robinson 5 aylar önce
@Darlene Gattus be careful that your current phase isn’t called “the given up” phase.
Griselda Dominguez
Griselda Dominguez 5 aylar önce
To me it didn't seemed like Big had secrets, just that they didn't know each other, and yes, i'm really sad for Steve and Miranda, in the series end they had grown and Miranda was such a competent lawyer, but now she's a neurotic who's terrified of saying the wrong thing, and it's like she just got of the bus from corn town USA not like some one who has lived in Manhattan for over 30 years; and this is just my opinion i didn't find Che's special or the podcast funny at all
Tiffany Sullivan
Tiffany Sullivan 5 aylar önce
Cynthia Nixon was excellent when she played the stroke victim on ER, and she's done great stage work as well, so she's not a bad actress. They're just writing Miranda horribly. This is all an ego boost for SJP, let's face it. The way they treated the legacy of Samantha's character is just disgusting. Won't be watching. The 1st episode was enough for me to say no thank you. 🤮🤮
Andrea lee
Andrea lee 4 aylar önce
@Toi Dean Kristin is directing a episode
Toi Dean
Toi Dean 4 aylar önce
@Andrea lee yep! So is Kristen Davis.
Toi Dean
Toi Dean 4 aylar önce
@Tiffany Sullivan it really is a slap in the face for those of us who are true fans of SATC!
Janet G
Janet G 4 aylar önce
It's always an ego boost for sjp,,,,she always thought she was the bomb diggity! She couldn't hold a candle to Kim Catrall! Wise move on Kim's part for saying no! This show SUCKS!!!!
Tiffany Sullivan
Tiffany Sullivan 4 aylar önce
@Toi Dean very unfortunate. Look to her recent comments. It really sucks for me because I watched SATC when it was originally aired on HBO, and this is just a slap in the face.
Junior LSD
Junior LSD 5 aylar önce
At least with Samantha dating a woman wasn't shocking but, making Miranda do it now when it was clear from the og series she tried and couldn't and now suddenly she is (just because Cynthia is gay) is so forced.
Obelieoly 5 aylar önce
@Cherry Thanks for the laugh.
Cherry 5 aylar önce
@Obelieoly Since Bobby Fine died, Stanny could realize he likes women and go after Bitsy von muffling.
Obelieoly 5 aylar önce
@M Z Do you advocate conversion therapy? Gay men you don't have to be gay just date butch looking women, lesbians just find a feminine man. Hey look a lavender marriage. Sexual orientations don't flip like a light switch vast majority of people are heterosexual or homosexual not bi/pan/flexible. It's fine to be any of those things, Miranda was established as straight. Women aren't stereotypes of dress and manner it's unbelievably sexist to imply such.
Alisha 5 aylar önce
I agree. She even said I think the third episode that she wasn’t. Some have commented elsewhere that someone can not know and get it wrong. Many know by a younger age if they are or aren’t. That wouldn’t just change.
Obelieoly 5 aylar önce
Yeah, they would never pull this sort of shit with a gay character. Can you imagine the backlash: after six seasons, a marriage, and 2 movies, Stanford suddenly realizes he is really bisexual as he has a straight awakening in his fifties falling for a woman his character would have hated in the original series?
Paula Montalvo
Paula Montalvo 5 aylar önce
The woke BS, is killing the show. If Miranda suddenly discovers she’s gay and dumps Steve I will be even more disgusted. Apparently NO ONE can ever be happy.
Priya Popea
Priya Popea Aylar önce
@Cinna Sharon yep…lol typical
Cinna Sharon
Cinna Sharon Aylar önce
That's exactly what happened.
Leah Lail
Leah Lail 3 aylar önce
This part I respect it, but aging and stupidity are not always parallel especially they are just 50es
Priya Popea
Priya Popea 3 aylar önce
@JJ exactly, and it’s not doing gay people any justice either. They deserve well written characters who’s sexuality isn’t just cheap pandering for shock value.
JJ 3 aylar önce
And all anyone can say is 'you just don't like gay people' and 'the world is changing, keep up'. Like, no, I am not against people coming out later in life it just doesn't fit with Miranda who said herself that she was straight back in the original show.
vaskylark 5 aylar önce
Nobody and I mean nobody is going to say, "You're the only 55 year old sitting on the college steps." Ridiculous writing with the whole ageism crap. Can't they just BE women in their fifties and let that show the life of a woman in her fifties? Why do they have to tell us their age every five seconds? Show don't tell, first rule of writing.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 5 aylar önce
True and actually, many adults in their forties and fifties (or beyond) still take college courses, lol.
Jasmine Mack
Jasmine Mack 5 aylar önce
The way they wrote out Samantha... Unforgivable. She was the richest one and now she's mad over money 💰 🤑 🤮. They big mad that she didn't come back. Lol
Bonnie Howell
Bonnie Howell 2 aylar önce
The way they wrote out Willie Garson's character who passed away after his battle with cancer was also unforgivable. They didn't even give his character a proper send off and instead he ran off to Japan and divorced his husband. Horrible.
KL 4 aylar önce
@LC Kendel And neither can I, but you remembered it and recited I it like a boss lady. 👏🏽 Sam damn sure did say that. SJP is Executive Producer, I find it hard to believe that she didn’t have any say so in how they wrote out a major character. They have been pissed for years because Kim did not want to do a 3rd movie. Kim was very clear about this.
LC Kendel
LC Kendel 5 aylar önce
That’s a good point! When Carrie was a broke writer, Samantha was always helping her out. When she became Carrie’s publicist, Carrie actually said “I can’t afford you” and Samantha said “It will cost you two martinis and a lunch”. It’s like the writers have amnesia. And also I can’t believe I remember that, but I do.
Kimberly Gauthier
Kimberly Gauthier 5 aylar önce
I'm curious how brands feel about their product placement: Peloton=heart attack and death Tito's Vodka=alcoholism It's interesting how the husbands seem inconsequential given how hard they worked to get those husbands. I gather Miranda will be exploring her sexuality.
Rai Raikaren
Rai Raikaren 4 aylar önce
Peloton means "Fearless" in finnish 😅
Y Bowens
Y Bowens 4 aylar önce
And then Larry claimed to have injured his private area on the bike the next week on Curb Your Enthusiasm.Not a good week for HBO and Peloton.
Christina Kimbler
Christina Kimbler 4 aylar önce
Peloton took a stock hit after the show aired, it didn’t put their product in the best light. However after the SA investigation of Chris Noth became public they completely ended the ad campaign. It is a disaster for Peloton.
CS 5 aylar önce
of course....Cynthia would like that im sure
Veronica Miller Meet Me in the Kitchen
I totally dislike the Steve character this season. He's a milk toast. I'm no prude but Why he and Miranda think it's ok for their 17 year old son to blatantly have sex in their home is beyond me. The fact that Charlitte is so understanding about Rose is not believable to her character. They should make this a bit more interesting. I agree, the wardrobes are bad.
Veronica Miller Meet Me in the Kitchen
@Donnie Hagy you are probably correct. But they didn't have to make him appear like he is 75. Lol.
Misty Freeze
Misty Freeze 5 aylar önce
As much as I loved and still love the original SATC, after watching every episode for the hundreth time, I finally realized what a self absorbed, needy, whiny asshole Carrie really was! That said, the dynamic just worked between the 4 friends. Now the writers have managed to make these characters so uninteresting and while I appreciate being "woke" they are trying way too hard to introduce too many cliches at once, non binary, transgender, black friends, the thing is, they should have had those characters all along anyway.
M Stewart
M Stewart 5 aylar önce
“They’ve aged Steve about 100,000 years.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
K Mac
K Mac 4 aylar önce
Ehh? What was that? I can’t hear you, I’m a 50 year old deaf guy....
Amy Shelden
Amy Shelden 5 aylar önce
I get what you are saying about the acting of Miranda's character, but honestly this is the writers' fault. They did the same shit in that God awful second movie. They made her this ridiculous caricature of who Miranda was in the series - just yelling and cheering on her friends, so cringe, very much like this. I don't blame this on Cynthia Nixon; she is a good actress. Look at her body of work. I place this shit on the writers. They are obliterating her character and it's tragic. Alcoholic? Going to have an affair with this non-binary character after all that she and Steve have been through? Fuck you writers of AJLT LOL! I get some might not have liked the character of Miranda in the series - she was the less glamorous one, but she was the Harvard grad, well accomplished lawyer, witty and very loyal to her friends. However, she really grew through the series in her relationship with Steve, Brady and especially Steve's Mom. I hate what they have done to her since.
Toi Dean
Toi Dean 5 aylar önce
Cynthia and Kristen wrote some of the episodes. At least one that I'm sure of.
Tanya B
Tanya B 5 aylar önce
This parody of Miranda is honestly what I hate the most about this show. Miranda was my favorite character in the series, and what they’ve done to her character is just rough to sit through and watch. The forced woke moments are awful, but at least if the characters felt more true to themselves it would be tolerable for me.
Barbara Vyse
Barbara Vyse 5 aylar önce
@Apartment Group they are all listed as executive producers so they might have more control than you think
Amy Shelden
Amy Shelden 5 aylar önce
@Dan San Guess I hadn't realized she was a producer in this series. Yes, it seems she is very much putting herself into Miranda. Nixon is a lesbian, so I guess this is why we are having Miranda have an affair with Sara Ramirez's non-binary character? Massive eye roll lol. There is nothing wrong with having a storyline like that. I LOVE Sara Ramirez (they are one my long time favorites from Grey's Anatomy), BUT this is not who Miranda is for crying out loud LOL
Amy Shelden
Amy Shelden 5 aylar önce
@Србомбоница 🇷🇸 That makes sense.
Regina Ward- Regina The Energizer!
I just came across this by chance and you have me cracking up!! I agree with everything you said! I think this show is absolutely horrible! They should have left it at the original series! I loved the review- thanks so much! I look forward to next time!
zoeleene 5 aylar önce
The way Che performs their podcast is a condensed form of the writing in the entire show; overcorrecting. Every "potentially problematic" sentence is followed by "oh but actually this is problematic in case you couldn't tell, I wasn't ACTUALLY being serious while making this joke, please don't be offended". Che is absolutely the worst new character in the show. As for the rest, in an age of influencers and rich teenagers off TikTok and Instagram, Sex and the City has no place at all. We're going through a pandemic and we want to eat the rich more than ever. It's not fun to fetishize glamorous lifestyles anymore.
Garry Wallace
Garry Wallace 5 aylar önce
What is strange about a man (or a woman) leaving a small part of their estate to their ex-partner? There was great love once, and it is just a parting gift. I know 1 million sounds a lot, but Big was obviously worth 10s of millions. Carrie has to make a drama over everything.
Batsheva Nivy Lerner
Batsheva Nivy Lerner 5 aylar önce
exactly. There was love once and he wronged her in a big way (no pun intended).
K MV 5 aylar önce
Perhaps one (or both) of Natasha's sons are Bigs? Doubt it but that could happen in this trainwreck of a reboot. Carrie seems to think these things happen to her while indeed she brings much of this on herself. She's unaware and selfish.
Alberto Cesar
Alberto Cesar 5 aylar önce
That confused me why she cared being that Big was a millionaire(?) Why did Natasha give it up so easily too? Should’ve told Carrie to take her to court if she cared so much
Maricar Tinio
Maricar Tinio 5 aylar önce
Agreed. I also thought "it's his money. He can distribute it however he wants!"
Mary Oliver
Mary Oliver 5 aylar önce
I couldn’t figure out why the clothes were so bad. Why would they even do the show without the old stylist? I don’t care if she had another commitment.😂 Great synopsis.
Olu Bukonla
Olu Bukonla 5 aylar önce
For the right monetary offer I am sure she could have made herself available
Trish Heinrich
Trish Heinrich 5 aylar önce
Okay, IF Kristen Davis was actually allowing herself to age naturally, I would have ZERO complaints. But what she did to herself, probably because of a demand from producers, etc is just HORRIBLE. Actresses need to STOP this! They will never stop being pressured to do this if they don't start standing up and saying "NO, I'm not going to make myself look like some kind of bloated space alien!" And OMFG this show!! What is the point of any of this show? It just feels like there's absolutely no point to any of this. Dear God! Thank you for taking one for the team and watching this drek for all of us.
Susan gilmartin
Susan gilmartin 5 aylar önce
Yep actors should be able to move their faces to show emotions. Some really good actors get criticized when they have too much botox and look stiff. But when some "not so good" actors do this, it's because they have to stay young for Hollywood and let's not age shame them lol.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 5 aylar önce
You literally can't tell when she is smiling or not smiling.
Missy Presley
Missy Presley 5 aylar önce
GiftSparks 4 aylar önce
The scene with Natasha looking out the window was just so high school. Carrie is just so self absorbed.
Taryn 5 aylar önce
I'm watching your reaction to this episode just to see if I can bear watching it. It's too soon for me, Carrie isn't going through normal grieving but jumps right out to a "comedy" club with the girls really puts me off more. (I get it It's Che's night but Carrie's character should've stayed that one out, when people die It's hard enough to eat). I'm dreading the forced wokeness, predictable plot with Miranda and Aidan coming back to be a Big bandaid. I can just hear the writers, "part of the audience always wanted Carrie with Aidan, let's just do that they'll forget Big" ugh I wish they'd scraped this. And seeing the preview of Carrie giving up their apartment standing in the closet when the lady says "it's all got to go" at 55 with all her money and whatever Big would leave, plus life insurance our Carrie would still have a dream closet she could afford her old apartment and whatever else she wanted to move into that has the room a 55 yr old woman needs. I read an article that pointed out her apartment didn't have a couch, there wasn't even room for one. Nice to keep the apartment, not looking forward to seeing her move from luxury to her 20 to 30 something apartment full time. Another non 50s move, bad enough they want everyone acting like they're late 60s and trying to be woke, the reasons not to like this never end. I can't believe they killed the show but this painful.
Laura D
Laura D 5 aylar önce
Wait! Aidan is coming back?!?
lisa tonzi
lisa tonzi 5 aylar önce
It is just awful. I'm a devout SATC fan. I've seen every episode more times than I can count, but this is an insufferable insult to the series and its fans. The Che character is over the top obnoxious.
Dorian Danger
Dorian Danger 5 aylar önce
Ugh when she told Charlotte to stop noticing things. How dare Charlotte be worried about her friend! She's only allowed to be worried about the men in Carrie's life! This coming from a character who insists that her friends are on constant watch and support of her paranoia after all these years.
D Peppers
D Peppers 5 aylar önce
One thing I noticed about the acting is that everyone seems tired, like they're just going through the motions, and it just isnt believable. There's no excitement or energy in the characters at all. Both Miranda and Charlotte's characters are more caricatures of who they were in the original series. Yeah, I get it, they are older. We know, because we are reminded of it numerous times in every episode!!
theEarthChildx 5 aylar önce
It’s so awkward to see the black women being used to “woken” up the show I hate when movies and shows do that lol
theEarthChildx 4 aylar önce
@אליסה very well said. Agreed!
אליסה 4 aylar önce
@theEarthChildx I just want every character to be more than their skin colour or sexual orientation. I just watched Yellowjackets and they did it perfectly with one of their lead character, who happens to be a person of colour, as well as gay. No awkward cringe, like the scene with Miranda and the professor, no one fixates on race. The characters actually have depth and are not defined by their gender, race or sexuality.
Daniel Nickel
Daniel Nickel 4 aylar önce
Charlotte's friend is the only one that kinda makes sense IMO, the others aren't even given enough room for character development, they're just there to counterpart the main characters and make them look like these dumb, old white women. I had thought that maybe the professor would have a freaky sex life and would offer comedic relief but no, another downer, she's struggling with infertility. And Che is just a caricature.
manuelm80 5 aylar önce
I wanted so badly for this reboot to be good. It's not. I force myself to watch every episode and each one is worse than the previous one. Every critique in this video is spot on. It's "Woke & The City." Everything that was special about this show is gone.
Vivian Unger
Vivian Unger 5 aylar önce
I was a huge fan back in the day, but this is a serious fail. You cannot bring back the same characters, 20 years later, into the same setting and storyline and expect the same sexual fun and energy . I can't bring myself to watch it because they're a joke to me, and I feel embarrassed for them...... They look like desperate actors, wait that's what they are !~
Lucy Vanpelt
Lucy Vanpelt 5 aylar önce
Completely agree with you . Why couldn’t they just leave it alone ? Can’t stomach all of the ridiculousness. Not happy with any thing about this “reboot “. Kim Cattral made a good decision distancing herself from this mess
🎀 Black Opinionated Woman (B.O.W) 🎀
The issue I had with the first 3 episodes is the toxic wokeness and this weird reminder of age. I think there was a real missed opportunity to address what the pandemic affect has been on the wealthy and their ability to earn income. This would have been an interesting way of writing about Samantha's possible money problems. Perhaps it could have been a message to the audience that rich people may be perpetrating a front as well. I think I was mostly disturbed about the toxic wokeness on so many levels. I think instead of Miranda fumbling like an idiot in front of her professor, they could have leaned in with her giving "karen" vibes at first. This story line could have been finessed much better. Then you can show her character development by having her learn what allyship really means... this would have come across better. Instead, the series is trying to throw every possible social issue at us all at once. Gender Identity, gender pronouns, ageism, health concerns, podcasting, diversity, inclusion, etc... it was all at once. I feel like they are bullying the audience all at once instead of finessing the storylines... I think the one they they did that I liked was when they killed of BIG, they ensure he still had a little douchbaggery about hm which is more on brand. He became more tolerable but at least he left with questions... Sigh... so much to say but I will leave it here.
Vickie White
Vickie White 5 aylar önce
I keep thinking that Kim Cantrell has got to be thanking her lucky stars she’s not a part of this wreck of a show. It’s bad, bad, bad in every way. Your funny, insightful and candid comments are the only thing I’m participating in from now on. Honestly, I can’t even watch any original episodes now. Digging up a body to try to restore it to life never works. Pay attention, HBOMax.
ALOHALILA 5 aylar önce
After the utterly juvenile sex quips they gave her in the last movie, I’m proud of her for passing!! The one that comes to mind first is her observance of the soccer players ….”did theyy bring their balls??” So, a fifth grader wrote her lines? And as a woman now firmly in menopause…..clearly whoever wrote that storyline was NOT a woman in menopause. Tacky, childish, stupid…..couldn’t have paid me enough, were I her!!
Rebecca Austin
Rebecca Austin 5 aylar önce
Carrie still acts like a spoiled brat, but that has been her character all along, imo. Charlotte is basically the same. Miranda, though, has always been my favorite character to watch grow. She became a very likeable, believable character. The writers of SATC 2 made her character goofy. And her character now just isn't "Miranda" 😢 Samantha's antics were a HUGE asset throughout the whole series and movies. She's the only one that stayed true to her self. And last but not least, Big😭. I really liked him. He's really been consistent in his character as well. Seeing him die like that was awful😰
shortstackshelly7 5 aylar önce
So glad I found your channel! I recently started getting into satc, and this reboot is a complete mess! What angered me the most about this episode is how entitled Carrie feels regarding Natasha’s time. Natasha doesn’t owe anything to Carrie. Miranda and Charlotte were immaturely supporting Carrie’s stocker behavior. Natasha dealt with all this with so much class, which was the only redeeming factor of all of this.
Ruby Jeanne
Ruby Jeanne 5 aylar önce
I hope they bring Natasha back otherwise her cameo was a waste of time. I cannot imagine what she can add to the story but anything can happen at this point.
Sarah J
Sarah J 5 aylar önce
Carrie was even worse when she stalked her immediately after the affair. She’s so entitled, as if she deserves a face-to-face.
Kathleen Young
Kathleen Young 5 aylar önce
They have run this show straight into the ground. Thank goodness your recaps are amazing!
Real Housewives Recaps
I can’t thank you enough for that ❤️
M S 4 aylar önce
Wokeness is killing comedy, TV, and movies....basically entertainment in general.
Madame Problèmes
Madame Problèmes 4 aylar önce
Exactly ! Everything is just so phony... I'm glad we still have South Park
Sharstar G
Sharstar G 4 aylar önce
Exactly because it isn’t sincere! It’s all for satire😒
Lauren 5 aylar önce
I agree with your review 100% and I’m glad so many others agree too. The forced wokeness is gagworthy, and this show is nothing without Samantha. I didn’t realize how she was like the centerpiece of the show and they did her dirty. Shame!! Also- I don’t understand why Natasha is still so salty with Carrie after all these years. They weren’t even married that long. Trust me I get how it feels first-hand!! My ex-husband cheated on me for months with a girl he worked with and lied through his teeth when I confronted him…but honestly, if I ever saw her again I would say THANK YOU! And this was only 5 years ago. Divorcing him was the best thing I ever did, lol. I think maybe one of Natasha’s sons is big’s??? HMM!
Judy Pleasant
Judy Pleasant 5 aylar önce
I’m loving your commentary on this show! I feel exactly the same way about the acting and clothes! It’s awful! But as a 57 yr old, yeah sometimes my girlfriends and I talk a lot about aging!!! It’s because we still think young but our bodies are telling us we’re not! Seriously, you’ll get there and say WTF is happening?! And sadly, sex does stop! Even if you are still madly in love with your spouse of 30yrs! So, yeah they’re not old old, but they’re definitely crossing over and it sucks and it’s what we talk about 😞
Sarah J
Sarah J 5 aylar önce
@Maricar Tinio my mom 😂 that woman lives in heels. And she’s 61. Not me though!
Maricar Tinio
Maricar Tinio 5 aylar önce
I would also like to add that many women in their late 40s and 50s are not wearing high heels all the time. Who walks around NYC in high heels? Almost nobody that I know!
Sarah J
Sarah J 5 aylar önce
Agreed, but I think the complaint is about age always being the punchline. They reference it too much. Not to mention the characters are acting much older than they are. Steve… 🤦🏻‍♀️
M A 5 aylar önce
Tbh it makes sense that Natasha got that money for Big cuz He hurt her a lot and she didn't deserve it....he just felt regret for the damage caused
Vanessa C
Vanessa C 5 aylar önce
Yeah, I thought it was classy. Carrie was a complete lunatic about it.
Shantal Johnson
Shantal Johnson 4 aylar önce
I actually liked the part when Stanford confronted charlotte about not being included in the group bc in the og series Stanford wanted to hangout with them but charlotte shut him down and said no it’s just the girls, so I can see why they decided to address it in that moment
chaybteves 4 aylar önce
Totally agree with you! I finally found someone who shares my thoughts exactly on the show! As a big SATC fan, this is SUCH A LETDOWN! The clothes, the girls…Miranda is supposed to be the smart one, but she appears stupid…and the age consciousness… HELLO! Stop proclaiming you’re 55!! I miss the Carrie voice overs… I just feel they’re all insecure… the costumes are awful… trying VERY HARD… they’re supposed to be CHIC and ageing gracefully…not looking like desperate old hags! I loved Bridget Moynihan (Natasha), she looks classy, natural and effortless… I miss the old Carrie…and just like that looks so sad and depressing… missing Samantha too… thank you Real Housewives, I love you already!❤️❤️❤️
Mark Langston
Mark Langston 5 aylar önce
Another great synopsis and analysis! I agree that the "comedy" show felt more like a pep rally and frankly I'm not sure why Netflix would agree to have their name mentioned as it suggests that they'll let anyone have a comedy special even if that person has the comedic acumen of a moldy loaf of bread. If that were a real Netflix special she'd be lucky to get more than a couple hundred streams and there's no way it gets repeat viewings. Lately my girlfriend and I have been rewatching the original show and oh man does it show just how far this new show has strayed from what made it great. As you mentioned, a lot of the scenes feel oddly pace and placed and without Carrie's narration it doesn't have that same feeling of progression. There's just no flow to the show. Truth is I'm not sure I wanna stay on this train as I'm having a much better time with the original.
Teri Shulman
Teri Shulman 5 aylar önce
Totally agree with everything you have said, the wokeness is absolutely unnecessary and forced is a great word, you can get older but you don't need to become a completely different person. The death of Mr. Big ruined the whole thing for me, after all the years of will they or won't they and then they get the mostly happily ever after he's dead. Such a flop and without Samantha the real sense of what made the show so great is gone.
TJ 5 aylar önce
Wow I love your episode recaps. I don't have hbo anymore so it's great to get a feel for what's happening. I think you are amazing and enjoy your thoughts and opinions. Others on here have stated this much more eloquently than I'm going to but I will simply say, I knew it. I knew they would forcefeed the whole woke sandwich down our throats like we are all children who need a lesson. Again I have not seen it but I get a pretty good idea from your recaps. I get it, change is good but they have ruined a good thing. Some may not agree but some of this reminds me of the acting in the second movie. A lot of manic behavior. I loved the original show and never missed it. I think the so called writers on this show missed a great oppty to create a great reboot. You know what sums up the whole thing for me? That Che character. Nothing to with who he/she is or beliefs or anything, it's just so forced and pushed it makes you feel like cringing. Seems like after every show we are all supposed to feel educated and woke. What happen to just entertainment and fun. Is it not allowed anymore? Just my 2 cents but again thank you for the videos.
Brendon McMorrow
Brendon McMorrow 5 aylar önce
That was really good fun and you made me laugh a lot. I have yet to watch AJLT and am sad that it seems to be so flawed. Great to see Natasha again but I’m saddened by what they’ve done to Steve. He and Aidan were the best of the boyfriends by a country mile.
april abramyan
april abramyan 5 aylar önce
I was so looking forward to this...and it just fell soooooo flat. It's simply awful. If I hadn't watched the MPK interview myself, I would think he had no part in the writing. What happened? My youngest, who is transgender, watched this with me and said THIS is part of the reason there is so much confusion and hatred toward the trans community. You don't wake up one day and think "Today I want to be a boy"..Poof! Change.. The next day "Today I want to be bi" ...Poof! Change! I was ready to turn it off when Miranda had her first class. It's ridiculous! This could have been so very much better.
Valkyrie Sardo
Valkyrie Sardo 5 aylar önce
Having watched some of Nixon's political campaign, I had every expectation that she'd push woke in the reboot. It was obvious producers would need to rework the premise of the original series and woke would be the obvious new direction. These women led trivial self-indulgent lives in their middle age. It can be no surprise they reap such a meager harvest as they approach their golden years. Carrie never knew her husband if she's this shook over how he spent his money. I am glad Cattrall and Noth had the sense to stay clear of this. Big was alpha and there's no room for alpha males in this kind of show.
K MV 5 aylar önce
"reap such a meager harvest" I love it and I'm stealing it. Thank you. 😀
Diana Eiler
Diana Eiler 3 aylar önce
OMG I just LOVE hearing someone younger than me also say they hate the "we're so old!" every second. My 73-year-old mom acts younger (and sometimes LOOKS younger!) than these characters. The writers really had a chance to confront how invisible middle age is, and instead went right to 55-is-ancient. I may have sprained something eye-rolling every time they age drop. Keep these recaps coming, you're great!
Margie Penn
Margie Penn 4 aylar önce
I bet Samantha is not acting old, wherever she is. She is having fun and living her best life.
E U 4 aylar önce
She’s doesn’t need catty drama, she’s fabulous
Valness 5 aylar önce
I really hate the Miranda leaving Steve storyline. I feel like it leans heavy on his hearing disability and implies that you should leave someone who is struggling with that barrier. I hate this concept, I think it comes across a bit like ableism. If she discovers her sexuality or she leaves him due to being genuinely unhappy I'll understand - but maybe lay off the hearing concerns MPK - it's painful to watch.
myvids718 4 aylar önce
I agree it is ableism. For a show that’s supposed to be so woke you’d think they would be more sensitive.
Pamela Mills-Senn
Pamela Mills-Senn 5 aylar önce
I am almost 70 and I don't focus on age like these writers do. It's annoying
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr Aylar önce
It's a millennial thing. Those people are forever bringing up their age/birth year. I don't know how many times I've had to type "what does your being 36/born in 1986 have to do with the shirt the senator is wearing" on social media. They're like those women who have to preface every statement with "as a mother" - e.g , as a mother, I don't approve of the temporary traffic lights downtown 🙄
Alberto Cesar
Alberto Cesar 5 aylar önce
Don’t go sitting on any public steps now
1977TA 4 aylar önce
This show is obsessed with reminding you that the characters are dealing with midlife crisis problems. It's like the actresses want to make it clear they are aware they are old and are not trying to pretend they are who they used to be. This is not even close to being as cool as The Golden Girls. What was HBO thinking?
Truth B Told
Truth B Told 4 aylar önce
"55 is not that old" this is true for the majority of people but not for all. People age differently, I'm in my thirties but I've had relatives who couldn't walk at 50. Everyone ages differently and that becomes more apparent with age. This show I think is attempting to show that but they could do better. To be honest, I enjoy the show for what it is.
Clarity 29
Clarity 29 4 aylar önce
@Carmel Mulroy crap happens to people so some can't walk like stroke. My niece was in her 20s and had a stroke.
suzzette1980 5 aylar önce
The more I rewatch the show...the more I think Samantha (the succesful strong indepemd single woman who ends up deciding about sacrificing slowing dowm part of her career for a chance to settle down in love) was supposed to have the love story with Big and Carrie (the ambitious liberal hippie, messy, lost and confussed writter stuggling to live by herself in a big city and exploring her sexuality while she writtes about it in a blog) was supposed to do all the sex scenes and the sexual driven woman having fun at sex for her blog, not Samantha
Jana Hutchins
Jana Hutchins 4 aylar önce
I almost didn't watch this series due to some of the warranted reviews. I did watch it our of morbid curiosity and was pleasantly surprised that I actually laughed out loud on a few occasions. Stanford's and Anthony's relationship is a scream. I like how they tied up Natasha's story and there was some closure. Samantha's flowers at the funeral was genius and well done. I agree the clothes are deplorable and the person who insisted on those atrocities should be beaten with an ugly stick. Did Charlotte call Seinfield and ask for all his puffy shirts? SJP's obsession with having that "good girl" persona is bleeding over with all the gut wrenching woke dialogue. The lesbian pod cast character is absolutely sickening. I don't tolerate men who come on so inappropriate and strong, so I don't think it's appropriate in a pronouned person either. It's just nasty no matter what pronoun a person is. The character of Steve at this point is like an annoying skin tag. My take away is that some of the spark remains, but lose ALL the diverse friendship lines, send Steve to an old farts's school where they can disable his climax killing baby talk, send Brady to permanently live as a monk on a hilltop somewhere, get new writers and costume designer.
Adora B
Adora B 5 aylar önce
This was one of my absolute favorite shows in my 20s. I found the stories and the ladies so relatable. This show just isn’t how I would imagine any of them to be. I don’t mind big dying because. That happens. It’s shocking and sudden. But Miranda is awful. Charlotte who I used to love makes it all about her. Who are these people??
Jo Katie
Jo Katie Aylar önce
Hi Jen, I saw this episode last night on “E” channel as I don’t have HBO max. This was my first full AJULT episode. Thank goodness for you Jen! You are the Coles notes to this dumpster fire. Compared to SATC, it was so dry and the ladies are egotistical and insufferable. 🙄
ALOHALILA 5 aylar önce
100 years ago I made SATC theme my only ringtone, barely figured out how to do it then, and never changed it. Rarely goes off on public, since we all just text now, but when it does someone will sometimes perk up and say , ‘Wow, SATC, you must be a die hard fan!” After watching the first episode I SPRINTED to grab my phone and delete that!!! With this incarnation, I NEVER want anyone to think I’m a ‘fan’. I usually don’t overreact but this was horrendous on every level for me. I think the whole thing was just……insulting to my intelligence somehow. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️. Great way to destroy a loved series, writers! Guess we are all just living in too vastly different worlds and mindsets now. 😡🤬
Alberto Cesar
Alberto Cesar 5 aylar önce
Now that’s some funny writing! They should hire you to write for this show.
NikiinTampa 5 aylar önce
Awww. Keep your ringtone. Other than the faint 5 second blip we heard at the beginning of the first episode of AJLT, it hasn't really been connected to the new series. The original series was amazing and we should continue to celebrate what a great show it was. Be proud that you are a die hard fan of the original series and turn up the volume of your ringer!
S B 5 aylar önce
I was a die hard SATC fan back when the show was on the air. As someone who lost her husband last year watching the first episode was beyond upsetting(I found my husband’s body) that I had to shut the show off. Thinking there was a possibility it would turn around I put the show back on and watched both episode 1 and 2. The reality of finding someone who died and the nightmare of making the arrangements and going to the funeral are so far removed from how it was portrayed on the show. I was so outraged by the way the show handled Big’s death that I refuse to continue watching the program. The point I would like to make is this.. we watched SATC as a form of entertainment, a fantasy of clothes and shoes most average working women can’t afford and story lines that were fun, funny and exciting to watch. The writers are so off target with this one. No wants to watch SATC as a reality show and if you are going to put it out as a reality show then check your facts and come down to what reality is.. don’t do it half way. I refuse to watch the show again to see Carrie running around NY playing at Merry Widow in an outfit that costs more than a normal persons wages for a month with a Cosmo in one hand and bemoaning her extremely privileged life.
Ringwe 5 aylar önce
Those three were never exceptional actresses, just average, in my opinion. Back in the original series Samantha was the only character I found believable and Kim Catrall disappeared from my mind when I was watching the show, but for the other three I was always aware that there were three actresses playing a part. Overall I didn't have high expectations for the revival but OMG this is a snoozefest of forced politically correctness education. And about the age thing, I have the same feeling I had when I was watching SATC, the writers develop characters full of cliches. Hell, if you watch the "Golden Girls" you'll be astonished by the levels of energy, especially by 80-something Sophia Petrillo, and may I add, Dorothy Zbornack discovered she had a hearing loss in one episode and that didn't stop her from being as active as a 20 year old!
Alberto Cesar
Alberto Cesar 5 aylar önce
Samantha was the coolest but I found her storylines tedious and her personality gross.
Anastacia Zara
Anastacia Zara 5 aylar önce
20 years later, and the only lines I still quote from SATC are Samantha's. That says it all, Imho.
minzy green
minzy green 5 aylar önce
@aaron bush yes. in the sexual way she was. but if u look back at the old episodes she was a great friend, totally non judgemental, funny, and never put her boyfriend above her friends like Carrie did for instance. and to my mind the most beautifull looking of them all. when dealing with getting older she was funny, sad and vulnerable at the same time. so although she was typecast as this man eating older woman she was a lot more than that. a true friend.
Ringwe 5 aylar önce
@aaron bush The character was written as a cartoon, but did you notice the character or the actress?
Sloane DeRothschild
Sloane DeRothschild 5 aylar önce
Thank you for explaining the bad fashion! Its almost like they are trying to be inclusive and woke with the fashion too. I think the only fabulous thing I saw was that Chanel graffiti backpack Lily had by her on the first episode.
Sheila Anne
Sheila Anne 5 aylar önce
All horrible. Miranda's outfits off the charts bad.
caroline a
caroline a 3 aylar önce
I feel like Carrie acted more devastated when Big left her alone at the wedding then when Big passed away …
ZsaZsa Fabian
ZsaZsa Fabian 5 aylar önce
Your dead on! You just described all the things I was feeling while watching. Good grief the aging thing really?? And they did treat the audience like we are morons. It’s a relief to know I wasn’t experiencing this alone while watching so many things wrong here.
Arline Jernigan
Arline Jernigan 5 aylar önce
We have to remember that this is a new show and it is going to be different in a lot of ways, than SATC was. I believe Carries voice overs were musings for her writings.. It seems like the writers listen to the fans, but they also want to challenge us, and to see this series in a different light. Lets see how things unfold. Im crushed abut Big and I don't see why he had to die, but hearing the writers ideas, I am curious and hopeful that the series will both challenge and give us things to consider, and will give us more reasons to love them. Lets just wait and see.
Helen Paul-Smith
Helen Paul-Smith 5 aylar önce
All I could think was call 911,OMG what r u doing? Emergency help this man there’s still time to save him.
Danelle Covey
Danelle Covey 5 aylar önce
Right? The age thing pisses me off. I turned 50 in April and I’m freaking rocking my life. Not to mention: the BIG statement: When Samantha turned 50, she freaking ROCKED it and was definitely more believable. This show is really weak. All around. I can’t believe they made these amazing characters into freaking morons.
NouveauRiche Wigs
NouveauRiche Wigs 5 aylar önce
Lip fillers are so fake looking. So unnatural. Charlotte is beautiful (naturally) and I love her clothes. She has to stop with the plastic surgery. She is giving major clown 🤡 vibes.
Danielle Fender
Danielle Fender 5 aylar önce
When I first saw a picture of Kristin Davis after they started filming, my 1st thought was wtf happenes to her lip? Yikes.
Richard Gonzales
Richard Gonzales 5 aylar önce
I'm glad they didn't have Carrie discover anything unsettling about Big. I was fearing that the writers were going to tarnish his legacy to make it more reasonable for them to throw Carrie back into the dating pool. Although I feel it's going down that path anyways. They keep focusing on thst gray haired producer who laughs at everything Carrie says during the podcast. I may be wrong but that's my prediction of what they might do...
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr Aylar önce
What can be more horrible than a serial philanderer cheating on his much younger wife? Oh right, they already did that storyline. And Big was faithful to Carrie? Puh lease 🙄
Felicia Waker
Felicia Waker 5 aylar önce
I caught that too. I was like Carrie's new love interest
Linda Delgado
Linda Delgado 5 aylar önce
I would love to see characters of strong, successful women, who have reached an age where they have succeeded in their work, together with their families and never lost their femininity and gained more self-esteem. I would like to see women who have reached that age and accept themselves as they are, love themselves and that their peers also grew up with them. I would like it not to be encouraged to use drugs and speak in a grotesque way.
aquila altaire
aquila altaire 5 aylar önce
The fashion for this show really became muted. Partially it's because they changed the costume designer, but a huge part of it is because they're trying to be financially conscious when presenting themselves. The luxury lifestyle and ostentatious wealth portrayed in the original sex and the city was an ode to its time. Flaunting money and wealth like that during covid, a time where unemployment is at an all-time-high and celebrity-worship is at an all-time-low, is going to be received poorly. So, they chose a bunch of clothes that look like they've been plucked from vintage thrift stores. They still name-drop a brand here and there, and Carrie isn't Carrie without her closet, but they toned it way down for the show this time around.
aquila altaire
aquila altaire 5 aylar önce
@Alberto Cesar But they appear to be financially feasible, which is a very "old money" thing to do. They don't look like they cost much, but they do.
Alberto Cesar
Alberto Cesar 5 aylar önce
I followed an Instagram detailing all the clothes they are wearing. they are outrageously expensively dressed in top designer clothing even if they don’t look like it. Nothing financially conscious abt it.
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