An appropriately unhinged recap of Glee (part 1)

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And that's what you missed on....Glee!
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00:00 Intro & background
7:45 Characters
18:18 Season 1
1:03:58 Season 2
1:32:15 Season 3




25 Mar 2023




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Noah Cordoba
Noah Cordoba 11 aylar önce
you’ve done it again, constantly raising the bar for all of us, and doing it flawlessly
Clayton Harder
Clayton Harder 11 aylar önce
I'd say I'm suprised but I know who you are
Samantha Castille
Samantha Castille 11 aylar önce
Charlie Blim
Charlie Blim 11 aylar önce
Omg Noah you really did make it top comment. Love this for you babe
methmi !!
methmi !! 11 aylar önce
emphasis on the FLAWLESSLY
R L 7 aylar önce
1:07:50 During that "she's a mother" scene, you forgot the iconic deadpan yet emotional line by Brittany: "Stop the violence."
H 24 gün önce
himbo vibes
PrincessYaura 7 aylar önce
Britney: 🧍‍♀️
Kirstin C
Kirstin C 9 aylar önce
“Emma Pilsbury who is introduced as having severe OCD as well as a severe crush on one Will Schuster” missed opportunity to say these are both debilitating illnesses
Christa Maria Magcalas
@Alden Domino p
Christa Maria Magcalas
@Caleigh Gildenzoph p
Christa Maria Magcalas
@Caleigh Gildenzoph p
Christa Maria Magcalas
@Caleigh Gildenzoph the
Christa Maria Magcalas
@Alden Domino the
Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose 6 aylar önce
You clearly put a ton of effort into your videos and your personality really shines through without you yelling. You're funny and entertaining!
corneliastreet 4 aylar önce
Hey! That’s 25% of the shipping cost of the whiteboard 😂
natalie 9 aylar önce
cannot BELIEVE that you didn't bring up grilled cheesus, the RAW EMOTION of kurt singing i want to hold your hand while burt is in the hospital, and the absolute queen shit mercedes pulled during the rocky horror episode when she sang sweet transvestite. glee season 2 was so so good
Ann Snelgrove
Ann Snelgrove Aylar önce
Kurt and Burt are the best characters and have the best story
overthemoonwithme 2 aylar önce
no but it's also so funny to me that everyone freaked out about them doing rocky but cell block tango number and THAT toxic number at 17 and 18 is considered perfectly fine lmao
sociietay 3 aylar önce
corneliastreet 4 aylar önce
Ok but the toucha toucha touch me was soooooooooooooooo harrowing 😭 maximum will creep vibes
Missy Barbour
Missy Barbour 5 aylar önce
@Amanda W-spoon FAM I watched that episode for the first time on the one year anniversary of my dad's death having NO idea what I was in store for
RandoPerson 6 aylar önce
“Quinn’s Car Crash. Her Qar Qrash” made me do a double take like omgs. The hand to the mouth immediately afterwards was gold
Miss_M Aylar önce
UseFlamethrower 3 aylar önce
I laugh randomly because of Quar Quash at least once a day. Iconic.
ThornheartCat 11 aylar önce
"I do think that the fact he kind of sucks is a good thing. Just because he's in a wheelchair doesn't mean he doesn't have personality flaws." Honestly my main takeaway from this whole show was that it doesn't matter if you're black or white, gay or straight, abled or disabled, cis or trans: whatever your identity, you can be an incredibly annoying, terrible person.❤
Nįkė Mārajé
Nįkė Mārajé 3 aylar önce
Awww 💖
Gen 3 aylar önce
everyone sucks 😍😍😍
corneliastreet 4 aylar önce
@Pretty Pearl Mike’s a good kid!
ioana ciosu
ioana ciosu 6 aylar önce
@I Dislike Miis huh
Ali M.
Ali M. 6 aylar önce
@Yohane Descends fr she's such a good supportive friend to EVERYONE in that glee club
Yuke 7 aylar önce
I will never understand how Rachel got into Nyada with a redo audition and Kurt didnt get in with the most killer performance of Boy Next Door ever in the history of that song. Like? All coming back to me now was amazing and I would also admit Rachel on that, but they should have also admitted Kurt.
Madeleine Curley
Madeleine Curley 4 aylar önce
@Josh O'Brien I respect this level of passion for a slight against a non-existent person by another non-existent person.
Olivia Blumke
Olivia Blumke 7 aylar önce
in my opinion kurt’s initial audition performance wasn’t good enough to get into NYADA
asheheartthrob 7 aylar önce
Anyways to an American viewer of glee, the class system makes sense, so Brittney, Tina, and Mercedes being classmates in Home Ec is possible. Home Ec is an optional class that you only take for 1 or 2 of your years, so there would probably be students of all 4 years in the class Artie crashed, whereas English, Math, Science, and Social Studies are (generally) always separated by year. Arts, Languages, and other electives like that aren't exclusively sorted by year, but by how many years you've taken the class :)
tsuki 3 aylar önce
same here in canada.
Nyasha Chingono
Nyasha Chingono 5 aylar önce
also britney failed, thats why she stayed back
Elijah-James mac
Elijah-James mac 7 aylar önce
“You’re all minorities, you’re in glee club” should be an automatic 3 red flags lol
Kierah Forsyth
Kierah Forsyth 7 aylar önce
How you managed to make all of the parts fit together PERFECTLY onto the whiteboard is *chefs kiss* ICONIC
SeptaSeven Aylar önce
It's that mechanical engineering masters degree shining through
Theo Levine
Theo Levine 8 aylar önce
Santana getting positive points for fighting and starting a mono breakout is so funny lol o love it
Alexandra Watkinson
Alexandra Watkinson 11 aylar önce
the lack of acknowledgement of grilled cheesus as a thing that happened on this show is a crime to me personally
Aisubun Aylar önce
My sister played that episode completely out of context in the living room and my dad (conservative christian) was so upset by it he left the room
mileys reputation
mileys reputation 2 aylar önce
Flowerboy Archivist
Flowerboy Archivist 2 aylar önce
@Emma Herzigi just lost the game..
Dariel Zahid Palacios
Dariel Zahid Palacios 4 aylar önce
Ian 5 aylar önce
orchidspond 9 aylar önce
The dumbest continuity error that will always annoy me is literally in the series first episode we see a picture of Rachel’s dads. They were NOT initially who they are played by and for some petty reason it bugs the hell out of me lmao
Ada Aylar önce
ya- i would i have been fine if they recasted them similarly (like i get that they often recast after pilots, but like originally one of her dads was black and then he got replaced and im like damn the erasure of an interracial gay couple smhhh...)
Ali M.
Ali M. Aylar önce
@manband20 exactlyyy, all this
Jerica Griffin
Jerica Griffin 3 aylar önce
@lithiumkid it feels less of a continuity error though when it’s purposefully baked into Rachel’s introduction. Like the fact that she joins the Jewish student group and the Black student group for yearbook photos but also technically has the authority to be there because you know she argued her right to be there by waving that picture of her dads around 🤣
lithiumkid 3 aylar önce
a pilot casting choice changing barely counts as a continuity error, that happens in pilot episodes extremely frequently. often the pilot is filmed ages before the rest of the show and thus some things might have to change by the time the show is picked up.
Jerica Griffin
Jerica Griffin 6 aylar önce
Literally would not care who was cast as her parents as long as they kept the one white dad/one black dad precedent. It was a solid joke that they basically retconned from the first episode, and it’s frustrating that they not only ignored their own show lore, but just couldn’t cast a single black man for this brief role?
Phil Buttler
Phil Buttler 9 aylar önce
Chris Colfer wasn't given enough solos that really fit his voice imo after rewatching the first three seasons. He kills every showtune he's given imo like some of Rachel's solos should have been Kurt's.
tsuki 3 aylar önce
Mae Spain
Mae Spain 6 aylar önce
honestly ONE of his best songs he sang was with adam lambert “i believe in a thing called love”
Ashley Brubaker
Ashley Brubaker 8 aylar önce
Do you understand how badly I want to see Chris Colfer on Broadway? He would slay
Erin Edwards
Erin Edwards 8 aylar önce
Thank you for acknowledging that Glee not featuring a Taylor Swift episode is a STRAIGHT TO JAIL move
corneliastreet 26 gün önce
@Hannah Nicole can I ask why?
Hannah Nicole
Hannah Nicole 26 gün önce
@corneliastreet can confirm, I am in fact a deaf Taylor stan
Jacqueline Banks
Jacqueline Banks Aylar önce
dianna wouldn’t be able to handle it
corneliastreet Aylar önce
@Altarium honestly deaf girls being Taylor Swift stans checks out because 1. Beats are strong 2. Lyrics are iconic
Altarium 3 aylar önce
@Liam Ross My theory is that Ryan hates Taylor and didn’t want to feature her songs 😭 just look at how he literally made fun of her multiple times on Scream Queens (making the deaf girl a Taylor stan, the whole Chanel-o-ween video…)
Chloe Brown
Chloe Brown 9 aylar önce
I won’t get over the fact that you didn’t mention Brittany’s “Fondue for Two” podcast thing.
Pamela Lansbury
Pamela Lansbury 3 aylar önce
I’m pretty hurt by this as well
vanillabear228 7 aylar önce
the intro song is just stuck in my head forever
Audrey Lockhart
Audrey Lockhart 7 aylar önce
Lord Tubbington Forever
mag 7 aylar önce
simsamsammie 7 aylar önce
"why did artie have to wheel himself into the pool" almost made me shoot whiskey through my nose and die
Mia Young
Mia Young 11 aylar önce
1) bestie I love your outfit and thank you for this public service 2) there will never be a plot line as iconically unhinged as Terri faking her pregnancy and planning to literally steal her husband's student's baby and pretend it was his, shows today could NEVER
daniel mace
daniel mace 2 aylar önce
@Pamela Lansbury NO bc i think that scene is probably one of the best acted scenes in glee it’s just SO incredible i almost literally cannot stand it
Nįkė Mārajé
Nįkė Mārajé 3 aylar önce
​@Pamela Lansbury he should have
Nįkė Mārajé
Nįkė Mārajé 3 aylar önce
​@Ethan Brown byeee
Michelle Tapia
Michelle Tapia 4 aylar önce
Terri was so iconic
Yuke 7 aylar önce
Mercedes and Santana were just as good as Rachel all having strengths in different style's. I would have loved a Santana spinoff show. One of the most iconic characters from Glee beside Sue. Bless Naya, RIP.
al jones
al jones 3 aylar önce
the fact that trouty mouth wasnt even mentioned is a tragedy
Indigo Wilson-Schmidt
Indigo Wilson-Schmidt 13 gün önce
THANK YOU!!!! Long live trouty mouth, we won't forget you
not another theatre trash channel
Britney/Brittany was absolutely one of my gay awakenings. Heather Morris dancing I’m a Slave and Me Against the Music?! ICONIC
Latisha Shuff
Latisha Shuff 7 aylar önce
I would agree 1000% that Artie is a good representation of how disabled people can be flawed ✨if✨ disabled people got any sort of accurate rep in the first place. I’ll forever hate that character bc it’s beyond gross to cast an abled person as a disabled character…so many talented disabled actors could have done that role and brought their own nuance to it. Sigh, what could have been
tsuki 3 aylar önce
i feel like a lot of ppl in these comments forget that there are like thousands of actors who want to be in hollywood so bad, who are incredibly talented like kevin mchale and are disabled. we just don't see any of them on screen and think they don't exist because hollywood relies on nepotism and connections that these people don't have. so many talented actors out there who can't even get rejected because they don't have the right people in their contacts to get an audition. this bs is the reason why we have the same 3 actors play minority roles like peter dinklage (who is an amazing actor, but it's awful how he's the only representation little people get on screen).
corneliastreet 3 aylar önce
@Twiklexic did you miss the episode where they thought it was “progressive” to have EVERYONE cosplay as disabled people 😂
Twiklexic 3 aylar önce
my jaw dropped to the FLOOR when he stood up for the first time like I cannot fucking believe he was cosplaying as a disabled person
lithiumkid 3 aylar önce
@Caitlin Brown its one thing to look and just not find a good fit and *then* resort to casting an able-bodied actor, its another to not even bother based on an assumption that people like that can’t possibly exist or are too rare for you to find one. it’s not like no physically disabled people are capable of singing and acting, those are both skills that a ton of people learn and thus just like anyone else, there are definitely disabled people can do both.
lithiumkid 3 aylar önce
@consent club right? like, i don’t understand how the idea of putting a bunch of able-bodied people in wheelchairs for an episode didn’t set off any alarm bells in the writers’ heads. that alone is honestly an offense.
RaeAnna 7 aylar önce
I love how I started watching this immediately after finishing the PLL recap. For reference, I have never seen an episode of Glee but the energy in the PLL recap was unmatched and I had to watch more
Yazz 2 aylar önce
I have seen neither, but I am of the opinion that watching all these shows through Mike is better anyways.
Alex v
Alex v 10 aylar önce
Will is a Menace (Insult) whereas Sue is a Menace (Compliment)
H 24 gün önce
@Pip Squeaks "Sue was a slayer" How about that
Zoe Betts
Zoe Betts Aylar önce
This is a peak moment in English
Aisubun Aylar önce
it's giving flirting vs harassment
Ali M.
Ali M. Aylar önce
Well said my friend
chase donaldson
chase donaldson Aylar önce
So accurate.
cosmium 8 aylar önce
kens in love with emma, who’s in love with will, who’s in love with terri, who’s in love with being the worst
henninggirl 7 aylar önce
I theorize Ryan Murphy just assumed Matthew Morrison's charm would carry the day, but he just made this man's job impossible with thankless writing. Poor Matthew Morrison.
Edgar Allen Hoe
Edgar Allen Hoe 2 aylar önce
The contrast between Mike's "I bought a $400 whiteboard for this video" Mic and Quinton "My grandfather gave me this corkboard, he found it in a dumpster" Reviews. Both fashion icons btw.
Hey Anna
Hey Anna 7 aylar önce
I can NOT even fathom how much work was put in this video, also Mike you are insanely witty and so enjoyable to listen to. Yes this is also my obligatory comment since I made it past the 1:53:10 mark, but I wholeheartedly agree that at this point you should have as many comments as views on this video. Thank you and keep on slaying ✨✨✨
Skinwclker 5 aylar önce
I love the way you took a lot of things that I personally hated about glee and sort of made them into something genuinely likable. Like Tina’s whole personality change, the idea of it being a “oh she’s versatile” makes the whole thing a little easier to swallow
xokayox 11 aylar önce
The fact that Mike had a solid storyline about parental pressure and expectations, followed by Tina being accused of being a vampire by the school principal truly shows how chaotically iconic this show was in the best of times
Mamba Liraz
Mamba Liraz 9 aylar önce
Nefeli Kazaki
Nefeli Kazaki 9 aylar önce
i can't believe you didn't mention quinn and santana singing "take my breath away" at prom and then QUINN STANDING AS IF SHE WASN'T JUST SITTING IN A WHEELCHAIR other than that i absolutely loved this video, i appreciate every single moment you put in this organisation and execution and i can't WAIT to devour part 2
lithiumkid 3 aylar önce
irl some people who use wheelchairs are able to stand briefly, so it’s not that weird
consent club
consent club 6 aylar önce
A lot of wheelchair users don't appreciate the "walking out of a wheelchair" trope" because a majority of wheelchair users have the ability to use their legs. Only a small minority of wheelchair users have paralysis so everyone who's had an experience with disability finds this trope very cringe and outdated
loa 8 aylar önce
I think my favorite character arc was quinn. Hers was very similar to Caroline Forbes from TVD. They start off as the token “blonde popular shallow cheerleaders” that you kind of roll your eyes at but quickly become someone you really like and root for
Natalie 9 aylar önce
i watched glee as a kid and stopped watching in the middle of season 5. my boyfriend and i decided to trek through it all and we've skipped at least 3 whole episodes so far in the last 2 seasons for being so intolerable. praying for u cause part 2 of this video must be the most difficult challenge you never thought you would have to suffer. the way this show was seen as so diverse and progressive and has some of the most non-confronted racism, homophobia, transphobia, and fatphobia i've ever watched is wild
Joyce Wible
Joyce Wible 3 aylar önce
This is one of the best pieces of media I've ever consumed. I can't put into words how much of an icon you are
Cayl 11 aylar önce
Between pretty little liars and glee, you've officially covered the two shows that had a grasp on lesbians in the 2010s so we thank you for that
Rose 2 aylar önce
You didn't need to call me out but okay
The Lexicon
The Lexicon 2 aylar önce
@Ollie No Mood, oh my god. The only reason I stuck with the L word all the way through and kept convincing myself that it was good was because of all the lesbian rep.
wowjennawow 3 aylar önce
way to call me out 😭😭
Patricia G
Patricia G 11 aylar önce
I had a lesbian pop culture themed tumblr from 2010-2014 and it was basically all about PLL and Glee so I 100% endorse this comment.
Ollie No
Ollie No 11 aylar önce
YESSS LMAO. Literally the only reason I watched PLL as a kid was I heard there was a lesbian character in it
Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy 9 aylar önce
Can't express how many times I've now watched this in anticipation for part 2
juli828 8 aylar önce
same, i'm on my like 7th rewatch and have also restarted the actual show in anticipation 💀
Kambria Clark
Kambria Clark 7 aylar önce
the boy next door as performed by kurt legitimately lives in my head rent free, such a good performance. also this video is good
insanityizgood 21 gün önce
Commenting so I'm not embarrassed 😂 But fr, thank you Mike for doing this. I could only get through two seasons before I had to tap out because I just couldn't deal with the drama anymore, so kudos for getting through all of it.
loa 8 aylar önce
I watched this series when it first came out and I absolutely shouldn’t have been. I was like 10-13 years old LOL. But i rewatched it again when lockdown first happened and I didn’t realize how fucking out of pocket it was. I like the humour that comes literally out of nowhere and is not acknowledged, like the quips come out of nowhere and do so much damage but the dialogue never loses pace
Tyla Richards
Tyla Richards 3 aylar önce
I laughed harder at the "Quinn's Car Crash. Her Quar Quash" *covers mouth* joke than I'd like to admit🤡 You just gained a new subscriber
xokayox 11 aylar önce
It’s been 84 years since this video was announced and every one of them has been worth it
Logan Miller
Logan Miller 8 aylar önce
It's been another 84 years since part 2 was announced so hopefully those years are worth it too
Marni M
Marni M 11 aylar önce
@solé Neptune you it tyyour my
Marni M
Marni M 11 aylar önce
rriitiriiuyr@solé Neptune y fry
Marni M
Marni M 11 aylar önce
@jerry syyy itttt ydiotry
Marni M
Marni M 11 aylar önce
@jerry dyou just sent suy ur
loa 8 aylar önce
There’s not a lot of people who can genuinely make me laugh for minutes and have to pause the video. But that random frozen song cameo was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on here lately. You’re giving me so much adhd energy, I don’t know if you have it but your discourse is literally how I sound when I talk to myself, which I do like 95% of the time lmao
Jackie 7 aylar önce
“What the fuck was that?” 😂💀 I also relate too much
winniebroxo 5 aylar önce
the fact that a 2 hour video has over 3 million views shows how truly iconic Mikes mic is
Hey Jackie G
Hey Jackie G 7 aylar önce
here is my Gleek story time. I was in 10th grade when I got into Glee. I was so inspired by Rachel's performance of Don't rain on my Parade that I watched Barbara's version religiously. One summer my family and I went to an Arizona tourist spot called "Old Oatman" it was a mining town, we've been going there since I was a kid. We walked into a leather shop that had a karaoke man in the corner, I flipped through the book and what do you know? Behold was Don't rain on my Parade... I had confidence so I sang the damn thing!!! I knew I wouldn't see those people again! haha be yourself always!
Ali M.
Ali M. Aylar önce
That's such an awesome story dude, I wanna do something cool like that :)
arf319 29 gün önce
Mike omg you slayed. Listening to this is like talking to my bestie who was also obsessed with Glee. P.S. I felt so heard and validated when you brought up the many non-sensical and absurd aspects of the plot.
Higgy078 8 aylar önce
These recap videos are super fun! It shows how much hard work goes into them. You watch the show, discuss the plot and characters, AND have a cool thematic presentation? Hope you get to that 1M subs!
Ava Marie
Ava Marie 11 aylar önce
"I've lost many social skills, but I've gained the entirety of glee." I commend you for your noble sacrifice. Much like Jesus died for our sins, your social skills died so we didn't need to suffer through the absolute menace that is Glee.
Ashley Brubaker
Ashley Brubaker 8 aylar önce
Imagine thinking Glee is a menace to suffer through rather than acknowledging it as the cultural icon it is...couldn't be me 💅
Sarah 10 aylar önce
That is blasphemy the script of glee is the literal bible true story
María Nicole Zanoria Baldelovar
Perfect time for Easter
trash ketchup
trash ketchup 11 aylar önce
Ya know I’m pretty sure that Mike is my Jesus soooo
Dubu and Mochi
Dubu and Mochi 11 aylar önce
Grilled cheesus
ilona h
ilona h 8 aylar önce
your joke about accidentally twinning with mr Schuster caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud
Maeve M
Maeve M 8 aylar önce
My only exposure to Glee so far in my life has been the full set of five Glee holiday music CDs my family has owned since my childhood. These were our only holiday music CDs, so I have most of the songs memorized. Very excited to find out literally *anything* about the show they're supposed to be from
ida 8 aylar önce
when i was in performance choir in the 8th grade, my choir director (who sucked) made us do a cover of the glee cover of keep holding on complete with choreography inspired by the choreo on the show, and then made us perform it in front of the entire school. that was my villain origin story.
Lora K.
Lora K. 8 aylar önce
Fun fact, in American high schools it's totally normal to have elective classes (like home ec, choir, etc.) with people of all different grades, so it's actually not that weird for them to have classes together even if some are seniors and others are juniors.
Inferior Inferno
Inferior Inferno 7 aylar önce
Also, one more thing, if there had been a K-POP centric episode I feel like we should have Mike doing 'MOVE' by Taemin. Imagine the power! I also feel like Quinn could definitely have had a solo in a K-POP episode because she definitely has a sweet singing voice that would fit well with many K-POP concepts. Fuck, I just thought of her covering IU's Lilac. Trying to imagine Quinn singing, "love me only till spring" already gives me an eargasm. And, for a crack-type of situation, Sam doing Catallena by Orange Caramel (he has the balls).
Sophie 11 aylar önce
I will say one of my biggest gripes with season 3 is that they didn’t follow through with rachel blowing her audition for NYADA. she gets in like 2 episodes later. I think it would’ve been so much more interesting to see kurt go to NYADA and rachel have to come up with some kind of back-up plan for the first time in her life. she literally never had any real consequences to any of her actions on the show and it got really annoying.
Benee Sodeinde
Benee Sodeinde 5 aylar önce
YES! And I’m so sorry but as talented as Rachel and Kurt were, as a person who was considering drama school and was in the arts from like 3 they aren’t THAT talented! And if NYADA is as presitiogus as they say? The fact that the two of them got in with such little preparation and only deciding they wanted to go to NYADA like 2 weeks before the applied??? Madnesssss!!! Uni is a lot harder than that and especially a uni in the arte??? Like so many crazy talented people far more talented than either of them, don’t make anything of themselves because the arts is so demanding!! And not accessible! It’s all about connections and neither of them had any nor had they worked hard enough in my opinion to be able to realistically overcome the difficulty that is being accepted in the arts!
Katie Brumskill
Katie Brumskill 11 aylar önce
I don’t think I could of taken Rachel failing her voice is too good 😭
Brittney Samphon
Brittney Samphon 11 aylar önce
@- I know, it’s kinda evil bc I know all of the cast were close and they talk about her being the sweetest and she didn’t get to film any important moments with them
- 11 aylar önce
@Brittney Samphon it's wild that she wasn't there for finn's death episode or the brittana wedding
Brittney Samphon
Brittney Samphon 11 aylar önce
@daisy allen I think its bc Ryan Murphy and Diana agron had beef that was so bad he essentially wrote her out of the show
Lamina Poll
Lamina Poll 9 aylar önce
The fact that I just watched this whole video and didn't bored once just shows that you absolutely slayed this video
Kathrina Avery
Kathrina Avery 9 aylar önce
As someone who thoughoughly enjoys Emma singing "Touch A Touch," I unfortunately have to point out that the frightening screenshot of Shue is from that scene, not "The Thong Song." Terrible as the concept of Will making the musical Rocky Horror is, I rewatch that episode almost purely for "Hot Patootie" and "Touch a Touch"
Captain D00d
Captain D00d 20 gün önce
this is completely flawless, I'm amazed at the dedication!!!!!!
Alyssa Lee
Alyssa Lee 8 aylar önce
I found Glee too painful to watch but this video was delightful and a masterclass in long-form recaps/retrospectives
Ylees 20 gün önce
Chris Colfer’s cover of As If We Never Said Goodbye still gives me chills. Okay bye!
Sierra Schultzzie
Sierra Schultzzie 11 aylar önce
I just rewatched the entirety of glee during my pregnancy so I am SO ready for this omg
manband20 6 aylar önce
Congrats on your child and did you name it Jackie Daniels or are you not a real fan?
İdil Karaali
İdil Karaali 6 aylar önce
now why would you do that to your unborn child
RabbidKong 9 aylar önce
You just need the club to get together to sing bohemian rhapsody while you give birth
Gina O
Gina O 11 aylar önce
@Ruby Bonilla how rude!
Ruby Bonilla
Ruby Bonilla 11 aylar önce
WHERE did you watch it. They took it off of Netflix when I was mid season 5 🥲
DeVaughn Taylor
DeVaughn Taylor 7 aylar önce
1. You and your jumpsuit are adorable 2. Love the presentation all around. Fun, tactile, not so polished like most YT videos these days 3. I’m surprised Blaine wasn’t discussed more as he goes from the ultimate scene stealer to low-key annoying and bad 4. Season 2 has less flaws and might be better, but Season 3 is a wild hot mess and kinda encapsulates the energy of the show (even if it’s not the best season)
Andréa Vieira
Andréa Vieira 8 aylar önce
The unhingediest thing happening during the watch of this video is the fact that i remembered way to much of this show. And started to be upset bc you left out the cover of somewhere only we know and shake it up (in the DV episode) Thank you for your work i'm obsessed with this board !!
Pamela Lansbury
Pamela Lansbury 3 aylar önce
They had both leads from Wicked on the show but never together. April Rhodes definitely needed a scene with Shelby. What a missed opportunity.
b 7 aylar önce
this show is so ungodly feral and i LOVE it. it’s the definition of camp. and santana is my beloved ♥️
Betina Höher Canto
at this point I just believe that everything that happened on Glee was a fever dream that Ryan Murphy had and wrote out on his computer and put it on national and international televison for literal millions of people to watch lol
Saoirse Wadding-Hayes
Saoirse Wadding-Hayes 11 aylar önce
As someone who was an original Glee stan (it's not my fault, I'm mentally ill), it is so cathartic to see someone else suffering how I did. Honestly, you're dead right that the show was at its best when it was unashamedly a comedy. When it tried to deal with serious topics (don't get me started on the crime against humanity that is 4.18), or lean too hard into fanservice as it did more and more in the last three seasons, it became the unbearable mess that it's remembered as. This is personally how I feel about the show: Season 1-2: fun campy nonsense that causes severe psychic damage (complimentary) Season 3: bullshit (mostly complimentary) Season 4-6: bullshit (derogatory)
lithiumkid 8 aylar önce
@Shayan i remember people being annoyed that the whole thing was literally never mentioned again in the rest of the show, even tho obviously if that happened irl, people would probably talk about it & be affected by it for a while
lizzy mc
lizzy mc 11 aylar önce
LITERALLY i followed it from the beginning and stopped watching during season 4… it was so so ass
D. L.
D. L. 11 aylar önce
Season 3 was so overrated. Only good things from it were the Troubletones and them winning Nationals. . .yea, that's it.
jasmin k
jasmin k 11 aylar önce
Seasons 2 and 3 had the best performances though
hello I'll
hello I'll 11 aylar önce
@Shayan it was an accident, so it's not like an actual school shooting. Becky accidently fired a gun or something.
Crenna Stark
Crenna Stark 3 aylar önce
Seriously like imagine having your best friend that you’ve known for most of your life choose like a 17-year-old to be his best man other than you
Simone Parker
Simone Parker 15 gün önce
I like it when Mike says he’s gonna give out of context quotes and then provides the context for the quotes
The Bookworm Ninja
The Bookworm Ninja 8 aylar önce
never watched glee and will never watch glee but this video is so soothing and relaxing while i'm doing hw. i love your voice mike, keep on the mic slay
Katie Allen
Katie Allen 3 saatler önce
The fact that it’s been a year and Mike hasn’t gotten his 1 million subscribers yet is… criminal behavior from the entire world honestly. Like how does he not have 1 million. This is a crime.
Reuben Leonard
Reuben Leonard 11 aylar önce
One of the worst parts of Glee is how they constantly brought up how talented Mercedes was and how she was under appreciated but never did anything about it???? Like the show writers put it in the dialogue, it was a plot point in like every other episode but nothing substantial was ever done about it
Charlotte 9 aylar önce
@AJ mercedes voice was more fit for being a recording artist whereas rachel would have had much less success with that due to the broadway style singing that she does. you can carry on pretending rachel doesn’t have the best female broadway voice on that show but it’s simply just true. nowhere near one of my personal favourite singers on the show but objectively she just is the best in that particular field.
AJ 9 aylar önce
@Charlotte when it comes to choice and broadway, Rachel does not have the best voice. Unless you believe Mercedes’ voice doesn’t fit broadway/Choir, in why in case, why doesn’t it?
D 10 aylar önce
Right? When I saw Glee Live, my family were STUNNED at Amber Riley’s voice and thought she was by far the best, and they were right. She carried that tour on her back and proved that Mercedes deserved to be far more of a main character.
Charlotte 11 aylar önce
its because rachel is literally the main character of the show. objectively mercedes has the best voice but when it comes to show choir and broadway, rachel has the edge.
Call Me Meep Me If You Wanna Reach Me
The Rumor Has It/Someone Like You mashup with Mercedes and Santana is like top 3 songs in the entire show for me. Glad she got that chance to shine.
Majo Cardona
Majo Cardona 9 aylar önce
you did such a good job trying to put all this together i don't imagen how did you even organize yourself to do it. Thanks for the content♥
Laura Lanier
Laura Lanier 7 aylar önce
Such a fun video! The Britney/Brittany episode was truly iconic. And Heather Morris was actually a Britney Spears backup dancer before being on the show. Such slayage.
Marta Delnero
Marta Delnero 7 aylar önce
I will never be embarrased to admit that I discovered so much music and artists through the Glee renditions and will always be somewhat greateful for what Glee helped little old teenage me explore and discover
Maya Hernandez
Maya Hernandez 9 aylar önce
iconic but just some of my personal fav moments (which will just keep extending the more i watch this video) 44:07 - Will being amazed by the hairography 1:09:41 - Me Against the Music was literally my bi/pansexual awakening 1:11:37 - “River Deep, Mountain High,” with Mike running around 1:15:23 - Tots Revolt 1:12:23 - Rocky Horror and why McKinnley students shouldn’t do it 1:18:29 - Mike Explaining Everyone’s Relationship Statuses 1:20:56 - Puck attempting to Impress Lauren
simplysandy 8 aylar önce
Dianna Agron was actually really close friends with Taylor Swift circa 2011/2012 (they had photos together on instagram and everything). They stopped being friends a few years later, kinda out of nowhere. Some people that are on the gaylor train (the Taylor Swift is gay theory) believe that Dianna and Taylor dated and broke up during this time, and that some of Taylor's tracks off 1989 are about Dianna (wonderland, I wish you would, and the new vault track 'The Very First Night' from Red TV). Anyway, that's probably why there was never a Taylor Swift episode (even though they did sing 'mean' and 'mine' but Dianna wasn't part of either if I remember correctly).
Danicia Smith-Ashmore
Danicia Smith-Ashmore 11 aylar önce
I went to a performing arts high school when glee was in its prime, and was auditioning for acting school in NYC, the absolute CHOKEHOLD this show had on us all is insane
Edgar Allen Hoe
Edgar Allen Hoe 10 aylar önce
@TaylorQ are you from Indy?
TaylorQ 11 aylar önce
I was the lead in my high school musicals and dated a football player who was also the lead in our shows. Our theater/choir program was severely underfunded despite having a crazy amount of talented kids. Our rival high school had a crazy budget and a beautiful theater in comparison to us. And they were literally called Carmel. I ended to to NYU for theater and some of my fellow classmates ended up moving here to pursue theater as well. I really did live the Rachel Berry lifestyle. People also used to tell me I looked like Lea.
Ivy Alexandra
Ivy Alexandra 11 aylar önce
Me too lmaoooo I was at an arts school for drama in high school and this show had a chokehold fr
Danicia Smith-Ashmore
Danicia Smith-Ashmore 11 aylar önce
Also I distinctly remember being FURIOUS about the cell block tango episode because my friends and I were performing cell block tango for our schools talent show and that episode aired three days before our performance so everyone thought we copied glee 🙃🙃🙃
Danicia Smith-Ashmore
Danicia Smith-Ashmore 11 aylar önce
It was even more toxic cause all of the performing arts students had their performance classes in one hallway, and on the other side of the hallway we had some national sport academy students, they really put all the jocks right there with us haha. I was def on my Rachel berry pipeline, I got into the school in NYC but couldn’t afford it lmao wish Jeff goldblum was my dad 😂
Lizziefg 8 aylar önce
Gotta love Mike's musical outbursts throughout the video
Thomas Degroat
Thomas Degroat 2 aylar önce
Quinn's songs are sooo good and so underrated. Some of the best songs of the show are hers. Say a Little Prayer, Keep Me Hanging On, Never Can Say Goodbye
Lizzie 7 aylar önce
You definitely should release cat merch, would love to see a tee picturing a sassy cartoon cat wearing a tiara or bejeweled crown with “CAT: Competitive. Ambitious. Talented” spelled out above it. Also, the show could’ve easily used the excuse Finn himself gave to Puck in the pilot when he said that he joined glee club because he’d get enough extra credit to pass Spanish. The show’s writers could’ve given Will a much less problematic storyline for how to convince Finn to join and sure passing a student only if they join your club is clearly flawed but it’s waaay less problematic than planting drugs on a student and then blackmailing them into joining and I feel like it would make tons of sense to have Will discover that Finn is about to fail Spanish since it’s shown throughout the show that academics are definitely not Finn’s thing so Will wouldn’t have even had to make an excuse up.
Madison Hoard
Madison Hoard 9 aylar önce
I watched this video like five times, and it never gets old
Ann Snelgrove
Ann Snelgrove Aylar önce
I'm on my 4th watch through of Glee right now and I just love to love it and love to hate it. This is such a great recap.
Amelia's Pond
Amelia's Pond 11 aylar önce
The lack of I Feel Pretty/Unpretty as a hit on Quinn's list is legally, statistically, and emotionally a crime.
Magical Miss Mikki
Magical Miss Mikki 11 aylar önce
I to this day literally can’t sing either of these songs without slipping into a self duet to sing the other part of the mashup 😮‍💨 that’s iconic
grace elena
grace elena 11 aylar önce
Khadijah Green
Khadijah Green 11 aylar önce
One of the best mashups on the show tbh
Engaging Athena
Engaging Athena 11 aylar önce
that was so iconic
jdiaz 11 aylar önce
starpunchsoup 7 aylar önce
you said to turn my adblock off and i literally did. thank you for being as unhinged about this show as i am, i thank you for your service
Savannah Horton
Savannah Horton 8 aylar önce
This video is literally so entertaining, I loved every moment of it. I'm going to rewatch Glee now because of you.
Kylie Christine
Kylie Christine Aylar önce
The way you didn’t give fin a sim for outing Quinn’s pregnancy in the stupidest way possible, it’s double evil
Sienna Prieto
Sienna Prieto 5 aylar önce
Loved every part of this !! You also unlocked too many glee memories that should not be still there
Annie Oddo
Annie Oddo 7 aylar önce
I have long since put this show behind me like the toxic, manipulative ex that it is to me, but damn, I'm still sort of living for this recap. I forgot about some of those zingers that used to make 18 year-old me do literal spit takes.
Claire V
Claire V 11 aylar önce
rachael 11 aylar önce
and so did Mike Chang when he worked on his singing!
Guardian of the Galaxy
Guardian of the Galaxy 11 aylar önce
Mike literally pick his ass up and get to work, just like Kim Kardashian’s advice.
Lucila Rodriguez
Lucila Rodriguez 11 aylar önce
I thought you were talking about mike chang 😅😂
s 11 aylar önce
idk why i thought this comment was about mike chang 😭
Chloe Oneill
Chloe Oneill 7 aylar önce
You have helped me smile and laugh through panic attacks. Thank you 🥰
season0fthewitch Aylar önce
I will never get over the fact that santana and blaine despite both being gay had better chemistry in the one smooth criminal performance than any of the other characters ever did combined
lynnea engemoen
lynnea engemoen 2 aylar önce
I find it to be a criminal offence that you didn't mention Blaine singing cough syrup overlaid with scenes of Karofsky deciding to commit s word. That whole performance was absolutely beautiful
georgene lawson
georgene lawson 2 aylar önce
You always do such great work doing these. The definition of comprehensive lol
K P 7 aylar önce
"the follow up to 'versace on the floor', 'illuminati on the ceiling" had me cackling lmao
Jackie 7 aylar önce
“That’s not even funny” it was HILARIOUS!
beanie and their crocs
beanie and their crocs 11 aylar önce
fun fact: the "mr schue is that your son" line was improved by Heather herself, no one knew it was coming, and when it happened, the reactions you see are the real reactions the cast had. it also started brit's road to being a full on character in the series
beanie and their crocs
beanie and their crocs 11 aylar önce
@kaz za hahah im glad! yeah, originally, heather morris was only brought in as a backup in the cheerios and to help with the Single Ladies choreography due to her skills as a dancer, only after Heather's one liner streak they started adding brit as a real character. thus brittney s. pierce was created
kaz za
kaz za 11 aylar önce
Had to go back and rewatch because of this comment
rachael 11 aylar önce
omg I'm so glad I know this
Vienna Ainsworth
Vienna Ainsworth 8 aylar önce
I just want to say how personally hurt I am that part 2 isn't out yet 😭
ebisawkward 7 aylar önce
The Hate On Me performance is definitive proof that Rachel is not even close to being the most talented member of the Glee Club
Vic G
Vic G 7 aylar önce
This video made me realize that everything that doesn’t suck about Glee happened in the first season. For some reason, I thought it was more spread out.
Alba Smaranch
Alba Smaranch 7 aylar önce
Love the dedication you gave to this video, and there's a part 2!!
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