American Horror Stories is The Worst Thing I've Ever Watched

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it honestly doesn't get much worse than this lmao

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13 Eyl 2021




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Dragoon Lance
Dragoon Lance 3 saatler önce
Honestly i like ahs for it's aesthetic and themes but i never watched a full season. Also sex and nudity is ironically a turn off for me in horror media and there's tons of it here
Clickbaitrater 5 saatler önce
It's interesting to see that Hollywood actually believes a single, middle aged mother could make a HD FPS game for console, on a topic they don't even know about, single handedly, without experience in the industry. Bitter people much?
James Harper
James Harper 8 saatler önce
Didn't look like Steve Harvey racist fuck
max williams
max williams 10 saatler önce
honestly when you look through season 1 till 5 its VASTLY diffrent from 6 and onward cuz the older season had structure and better dialouge than the newer seasons , im sure when people wanted aliens they legit meant the aliens from season 2 cuz there still shrouded in mystery
Bran’s Bites
Bran’s Bites Gün önce
Geez, I thought the acting in American Horror Story was a little deadpan and hokey already. But this just takes the cake. How do you even say “yep, that’s a good take” when these are the performances given? The difference between this garbage and AHS is at least the main series has genuinely interesting storylines and mysteries to unfold. Who thought that it would be a good idea to compress a whole season’s worth of 40 minute long episodes into a single miniature segment? There’s no way this would be approved to be a fully funded show if they didn’t have the AHS name attached to it.
Hannah Harleen
Hannah Harleen Gün önce
hahahahaha oh my god.
Ungegurkt Gün önce
its peak cringe and every writer who take part in this should stop working as one
ZidaneKayos 2 gün önce
Having now watched all of the "vampire" part of double feature, I can tell you with certainty that it is one of the dumber storylines I've seen, and bad vampire fiction is one of my guilty pleasures. I think at this point Sarah Paulson is the only reason I keep coming back.
big stinky
big stinky 3 gün önce
Anybody else that also would hate seeing a dead family member once per year?😂 I feel like once they're gone they're gone . You know
doopsmastaplus 3 gün önce
Wait, people didn't like Apocalypse? Who doesn't like watching Evan Peters and Billy Eichner doing a bowl full of cocaine while programming hand job robots?
sebastian hansen
sebastian hansen 3 gün önce
I thought the first couple episodes of American horror stories were decent, and then everything was pretty much dogs hit except the feral episode
Byrd Games
Byrd Games 3 gün önce
I really wanted to chime in on this even though I'm a little late. So, I thought that a few of the episodes were ok. But most of them weren't good... at all. I feel like they did a horrible job casting. A lot of the cast choices just didn't make sense to me.
Dylan Fernando
Dylan Fernando 4 gün önce
AHS Season 10: ** *hold my beer* **
X Y 4 gün önce
I can't believe this is from the same director that directed episode 1-4? what happened Ryan are u ok
Passo 4 gün önce
Man I’ll tell ya I didn’t get past the first episode it was so bad
Kane Williams
Kane Williams 4 gün önce
This show is so foul but that one girl is so hot. The one who plays the nun. Lilly Rabe.
Dee Lem
Dee Lem 4 gün önce
Why tf did they make this? Disney didn't learn from star wars episode 7, 8 and 9. 🤬
Magic Toaster
Magic Toaster 5 gün önce
it's a simulation, inside a simulation...... INSIDE A SIMULATION!
Arthur Goonie
Arthur Goonie 5 gün önce
Why you got that school shooter in your video
Lord Parbr
Lord Parbr 7 gün önce
The horny chicks thing doesn’t really surprise me considering the marketing for Double Feature is just a vampire and an alien tonguing each other. These guys are just really horny
Lucrative Sequel
Lucrative Sequel 7 gün önce
I had such high hopes for AHS(s?? what abbreviation are we using) because I love short form horror and had a silly idea that I could rope friends into AHS by watching Stories to see if they liked the tone of it. And then they blew it with Murder House 3.0 and the episodes just got worse and worse. Red Tide was basic but an improvement but I am not enjoying anything about Death Valley. At this point I'm not sure why I'm even still watching this show.
Narry Kins
Narry Kins 8 gün önce
1984 is one of my favorite seasons because of how hard it leans into 80s horror tropes and music. It's comfort food. Roanoke Nightmare is also one of my faves because of how it flips the usual mid-season "reveal" for the show and just keeps diving into horror territory.
Raccoon lover
Raccoon lover 8 gün önce
I heard that the series was bad so I didn’t plan on watching it but I only watched one episode because of Cody Fern, the episode was okay. It wasn’t super terrible but it wasn’t good either
Sir Richard the Easily Startled
That the ghosts can leave the Murder House on Halloween already sounds like a better episode than "it's all a game", or indeed, the last few seasons.
tristen amerson
tristen amerson 9 gün önce
loved the simpson's hit and run music at about 4 mins good touch
WTF Is This
WTF Is This 9 gün önce
American Horror Story was bad series already, so this is even more impressive.
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 7 gün önce
American Horror Story is the greatest show ever made.
Narry Kins
Narry Kins 10 gün önce
I had an idea years ago for a new season of AHS called Lakebound, where a cult lives by the shores of this enormous lake, abducting tourists and sacrificing them to the sunken god that stirs beneath.
Razier 10 gün önce
Rubber woman were the only two episodes I liked amd even then they have some pretty big flaws
VincentOroscoe 11 gün önce
Hey Elvis, it sounds like you'd enjoy Channel Zero, by your issues with AHS. I'd highly recommend watching it, given how short each season is. The fact that Shudder bought the rights to it, and even has the iconic Tooth Fairy prominently displayed on their ads, yet didn't continue it after the 4th season, is a crime. Really great extremely unnerving stuff that also deals with some serious topics.
r lynn
r lynn 11 gün önce
Elvis give 1984 another go! The first couple eps are boring but then it gets mega bonkers, I promise
Zach Boardman
Zach Boardman 12 gün önce
I liked all the AHS seasons but this spin off I could only get through 2 episodes before giving up.
Rajul Thomas
Rajul Thomas 13 gün önce
The gta “roasted “ 😂😂😂
Jimmy Changas
Jimmy Changas 13 gün önce
Tommy Wiseau makes better movies
Fishiplayz 13 gün önce
Boys, I think we’ve found the epicenter of stupid. Wish me luck.
murilo 13 gün önce
i feel like this show was made as a inside joke
mhc706 13 gün önce
Woah the story about the mom making the bad video is like a documentary about shamaland making that live action airbender movie for his kids! The levels of Meta don’t stop
Deathray Gonzo
Deathray Gonzo 13 gün önce
Hits blunt: "What if a ghost made a video game about making a video game..."
Songbird 14 gün önce
I hate the idea so much of the murder house being this tourist trap and people knowing about it, I liked the mysterious ness of it all like we dont actually know what happened to it. I hate the idea of a game, it just makes it cheap. AHS hasnt been good in ages, I stopped watching after Ronanoke. It's just not scary or fun to watch anymore.
Corey Smith
Corey Smith 14 gün önce
Its absolutely awful! Season 10 is pretty good tho
riot girl
riot girl 14 gün önce
it was horrible lmao i agree the last episode was absolutely terrible
MICKIE GEE 15 gün önce
not watching the spinoff. but i love AHS despite its many issues. the actors KNOW exactly how campy some of the horror is, and are completely self-aware about how satirical the show is on certain topics. you think leslie grossman or billie lourd aren’t being completely ironic in their humor? (when i say you i’m generalizing btw, hope that was obvious) or that evan peters doesn’t realize how ridiculous some of his characters are? sarah paulson just puts her all into everything no matter how insane or absurd which is why i love her. i’m rambling now but i think the whole purpose of AHS went from dark labyrinthine americana to a larger satire of modern america by using horror aesthetics/plots. they purposely exaggerate the premise and the actors are amazing at making their characters’ unlikable qualities seem so utterly genuine 😅 i dunno, maybe people hate it now or some always did, i still love every second, other than the milking of certain things. and of course i wish it stayed as thoroughly scary as the first two seasons, but for them realizing they have to go just as hard in the satire as they do in the horror, i think they’ve done well… it would be nothing withou the actors though. AND ONE THING that cannot be denied please,, is the beauty of the theme music. don’t tell me that shit ain’t a scary BOP. but fuck american horror storIES. i won’t let it anywhere near ruining the show for me.
Sydni Taylor
Sydni Taylor 15 gün önce
The first 2 episodes were decent but afterwards each episode was crap.
speciesofpositive 15 gün önce
It’s like that black mirror episode but bad
speciesofpositive 15 gün önce
Gamer mom
FabulousJekster 16 gün önce
Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it
cyberfennek 16 gün önce
I fell asleep watching this
DCLUVSPIE 16 gün önce
How dare you use footage from Kermit's Suicide he has a family for god's sake!!
artemissandapolloo 17 gün önce
Oh, boy, REALLY glad that I couldn't even get past the first episode of the first season of this series,once the dad started crying while masturbating over a lamp, I was OUT, lmao..
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 7 gün önce
Your funeral. American Horror Story is the greatest show ever made.
CJ TV 17 gün önce
I liked the forrest episode
Flannel Boi
Flannel Boi 18 gün önce
The background music is from hit and run 😂
Crystal Morse
Crystal Morse 18 gün önce
Glad I didn’t watch it.
Juliano Rego Monteiro
Juliano Rego Monteiro 18 gün önce
Once a guy created a video game to connect to his daughters. His name was Will Crowther and he created "the colossal cave".
Carmen Alexis
Carmen Alexis 18 gün önce
Noah Cyrus is 😍🥰💯
Kelsey 18 gün önce
I thought the one with the demon and the baby was pretty good, I like the "take that" twist at the end
gelingeling 18 gün önce
How does all of this fit in one single episode? I don't understand.
Dhdhensmsm 18 gün önce
0:53 the way you said it killed me
Gaesorn the cold.
Gaesorn the cold. 18 gün önce
I’m happy that people don’t praise AHS for everything.
Tyler L
Tyler L 19 gün önce
American horror stories: Sex with a side of "horror"
basic zachh
basic zachh 19 gün önce
Mariah Anna
Mariah Anna 19 gün önce
All im gonna say is. I dont mind the evan peters role play.
Edbrad 19 gün önce
Game over was literally the worst writing in a tv show I’ve ever seen. It made zero narrative sense whatsoever. People are like “it’s super meta”, I think is an insult to actual meta this just made no sense.it’s like a terrible fan fic written by a 12 year old on some obscure place on the Internet
Katie 20 gün önce
So I haven’t seen this part of American Horror Story.. by choice.. because it’s been that bad since after the second season. Spiraled from there in my opinion. This video needs a spoiler alert for the ones who are still super tuned in. BUT the lameness summarized, doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for not wasting my time 👍
KOSVENDETTA 21 gün önce
Women game devs having no knowledge or respect of the ip that came before them is pretty standard
Rubby 21 gün önce
Omg it's like the ledgend of Korra but for American horror story.
MultiTurdz 21 gün önce
lmao... i love the discount christopher walken
MissTracyJ Anacion
MissTracyJ Anacion 21 gün önce
Please review the gunpowder milkshake and Kate there are both in Netflix!!!! Please
Ebk 2100
Ebk 2100 21 gün önce
I just finished watching this terrible season
CarloisBuriedAlive 21 gün önce
I can’t stand Ryan Murphy productions’ entire aesthetic and tone and the kind of characters they have and the sassy “meme-creating” dialogue they’re given. He was able to keep a lid on it for the first two seasons and harness it for proper use in the third season and everything else has been various degrees of bad for the most part.
Tiffany Adkins
Tiffany Adkins 22 gün önce
Stay Alive. I own that movie.
Lizzy Troy
Lizzy Troy 22 gün önce
This whole thing has fanfiction energy and I hate it
Barbiana 22 gün önce
why u lying
Andreas Whyatt Andresen
Cant wait for you to review double feature, its somehow worse
Andreas Whyatt Andresen
@AHS Admirer red tide was doing pretty good, and the 5th episode was my favorite, giving me a similar vibe to murderhouse and asylum, the finale absolutely ruined with the dumbest, most rushed and poorly executed finale. Death valley is only one episode in and i am already loosing hope since the writing and producion has the same cheap feel as ah stories Where did you see people saying double feature is on par with seasons like asylum? All ive seen is people laughing their ass off at how terrible the finale to red tide was
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 20 gün önce
@Andreas Whyatt Andresen I have been a fan of AHS since Murder House. So what? Also, Double Feature really is one of the best seasons, most people actually find it as good as seasons like Murder House, Asylum, Coven, etc. Ps: You really think a bot would write this?
Andreas Whyatt Andresen
@AHS Admirer your name and the way you defend the lamest seasons made me think that, yes
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 21 gün önce
@Andreas Whyatt Andresen Hahaha you think I am a bot?
Andreas Whyatt Andresen
@AHS Admirer thanks for your input, totally human and 100% not a bot friend
Death 22 gün önce
[insert popular digital entertainment video] is The Worst Thing I've Ever Watched [CLOUT Joined The Party!]
Scarf Guy
Scarf Guy 22 gün önce
Ngl a videogame for ahs would be cool, but preferably it'd have it's own storyline
UlvenAspiration 23 gün önce
"you have to know something about the show to be this far into the game" that didn't stop ernest cline from writing ready player two.
*Manic Pixie Fangirl *
A mother and teenage son bonding by watching AHS together? Um, that sounds twisted enough to just be a part of the show anyway. Would ANYONE actually WANT to watch this with their mother!?
Hailey T
Hailey T 19 gün önce
When I used to watch it (I watched some seasons- the last being Roanoke) I would have to pause the show any time my mother came in as I looked at her like she caught me watching porn or something equally as brutal and messed up. Eventually she watched 2 seasons and was like ‘Ah, I understand now. That’s such an upsetting, screwed up show to watch.’
фaвы 20 gün önce
Ikr wtf 😭
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller 24 gün önce
I’m sure you seen worse.
DarkHaven 24 gün önce
Season 1-3 are amazing, season 4 was trash and season 5 is great. Just started season 6
Bruce Coleman
Bruce Coleman 24 gün önce
Ryan Murphy is an overrated HACK! Horrible.
Erin Mackenzie
Erin Mackenzie 24 gün önce
The two girls had like no chemistry to me so having to watch them kiss in like every scene was starting to hurt my gay ass feelings
Kirsten Campbell
Kirsten Campbell 24 gün önce
Double feature lost me at the dad sucking the blood from wife"s birth blood. I am done with the whole show.
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 21 gün önce
Why? That episode was one of the best ones AHS has ever had
Jeremy Thain
Jeremy Thain 24 gün önce
But its always been weird its ryan murphy writing scenes of girls throwing themselves at men in the most misogynistic way but hes gay. And hes constantly killing off gay men in awful ways too in horribly violent ways like, go to therapy?
chase 25 gün önce
The Flash and then this, i hate to see my favorite shows become literal garbage to the point where i give up even watching them. i didn’t mind 1984 but i’m biased cus slashers are my thing even the bad ones. but i have no faith in season 10, it’s bland so far the vampire stuff is so lame and the pill that makes u famous? jesus im not looking forward to see what they do with aliens in part 2 and that’s something i’ve wanted to see since asylum teased it but surely they will ruin it.
chase 21 gün önce
@AHS Admirer asylum happens to be my favorite season but i think horror stories was the death of the series for me. it’s entered new levels of cringe i just can’t process. season 10 isn’t too bad so far but i doubt i will finish. horror stories was awful too no idea why they wasted their time making it
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 21 gün önce
@chase Why? What is wrong with it? I swear, I am sure that if this would've been in Asylum in 2012, everyone would have loved it and would've still screamed that Asylum is the best season
chase 21 gün önce
@AHS Admirer wholeheartedly i disagree but but seeing your username i am happy you are still admiring the show. but for me, it’s kind of stinky and bad. but to each their own.
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 21 gün önce
Your funeral. AHS is still amazing
Ollie No
Ollie No 25 gün önce
When she saw the dad ghost wouldn’t she think he was the actor from American horror story??
Frankie Platou
Frankie Platou 25 gün önce
I guess maybe he’s right about the second half of season 10 being shit
Frankie Platou
Frankie Platou 21 gün önce
@AHS Admirer to be honest I liked the first half of episode 7 then they just fast forward to like present day and it just became a cringy drama… i haven’t seen episode 8 or 9 so I can’t really say it’s bad until I’ve seen the rest
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 21 gün önce
@Frankie Platou What is wrong with it? It almost looks like as if you people are watching the show with your keyboard under your fingers, desperately waiting to point out things that are "bad" in the show
Frankie Platou
Frankie Platou 21 gün önce
@AHS Admirer nah
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 21 gün önce
chase 26 gün önce
i literally did fanfic for the mtv scream show and it was miles better than this trash. season 10 was decent but this spinoff is such a waste of time jesus i couldn’t even finish i wanted to kill myself after the christmas episode. not only was it cringe it was boring asf
pray for forgiveness
pray for forgiveness 26 gün önce
Gets worse every episode
Sammy 26 gün önce
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 21 gün önce
Not true at all
Feyfolken 26 gün önce
The Modryn Oreyn painting.... OMG My heart! 😍 best painting ever
Shane Abens
Shane Abens 26 gün önce
Wow it actually pisses me off that ppl will literally waste ur time with garbage like this calm down and tell a story not a freaking acid trip
Josh Nunya
Josh Nunya 27 gün önce
I actually like the mom is trapped in a haunted house idea because that implies he can just visit her whenever Like if my mom died in the house, then I could see her whenever I wanted until she wanted the house burnt down so she could die
Paitonk Monk
Paitonk Monk 27 gün önce
It wouldve been better if they zoomed out after the game and they were p!aying in the murder house
Immolator772 27 gün önce
This show looks more like a parody to the original, even the actor from the first season of the original show is acting out of place. Also wouldn't you want to kill someone you like to keep them in the house for eternity, why would you want to kill someone you dislike and live for eternity with them!?
pon gunz
pon gunz 27 gün önce
First episode was good and the joint about the national park was solid as well every other episode was terrible af
Dezilicious 27 gün önce
It’s two weeks later and....you weren’t wrong.
Nathan R
Nathan R 27 gün önce
I wasn't aware people still watched AHS.
AHS Admirer
AHS Admirer 21 gün önce
Why wouldn't we?
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 28 gün önce
Ryan Murphy and the rest of the writing team clearly wrote "Stories" when they were out of the black Muse pills.
horror gasm
horror gasm 28 gün önce
WoRsT tHiNg I eVeR wAtChEd! Except look at the shit you watch and do videos on. We both know you’ve seen a thousand much, much worse things. This is just lazy clickbait for babies.
bloodrunsclear 28 gün önce
AHS: there is no bottom
Wash_Your_Fruits 28 gün önce
Most unbelievable thing here is that the Murder House was only 100,000$
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