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We brought NFL Linebacker Sam Barrington and World Champion powerlifters Blaine Sumner and Layne Norton to battle in the Amberjack Fishing Challenge. Last year the amberjacks defeated us, but this year we got some of the strongest men on earth to fight against the giant amberjacks in the deep ocean. Who will win?

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9 May 2017




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Who gets excited for Tuesdays because of BlacktipH uploads?
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does anyone really think that this due benched almost double the world record when he Is in the nfl
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Kill the poor fish first .
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These videos are so addicting lmao
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What oz jig are those
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I want to know where this guy's monster Alaskan Halibut video is? Hey BlacktipH, come up to Alaska and Ill take you to the spot! Ryan w/ Alaska Small Craft Adventures
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How many motors do you need on one boat ,geez
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I though they were actually pulling up the wreck😂
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my man's fishing in Jordan's
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I loved Sam's face when he lost his first fish LOL 6:27
Deez Nuttz
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So I got to go that fast 🤣
Deez Nuttz
Deez Nuttz 2 aylar önce
Man those poles are insane
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God the production
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Hudson the bass assassin
Josh: “Small one wimp” fish: “what did he say?”
Milan Das
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That guy's bench must be with a shirt on cuz the record without is 782 lb
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I'll take up that challenge Sam Barrington.
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Normal que rompan la línea ciempre no estais pescando deportivamente...... estais remolcando peces .....
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0:51 My dad did 1000
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Guys the only fish they catch is a small amberjack near the end and bait fish from the bait box thing
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Josh, calls fish a wimp Fish,”are you challenging me?”
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When I was 22 years .I was vacationing in Florida ,went out on charter and locked into a 52 inch 43 pound AJ. At the time I didn't even know what a AJ was. The crew was PO bad because I had the thing fillet and no-one spoke to me at the dock. now 50 years later I understand why they were mad.
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Good bro
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Guys I caught an 80lb amberjack and I’m 13 lol it’s hard I’ll give u guys props
Shawn Adams
Shawn Adams 9 aylar önce
This is 110% what its like to fish in Ensenada 🔥 but with sea lions. Cant wait to see a blacktip video in Ensenada
poles rolando
poles rolando 10 aylar önce
What type of fish are those in the live bait box ?
Ninfa Arana
Ninfa Arana 10 aylar önce
have you ever been to miami fishing
Ninfa Arana
Ninfa Arana 10 aylar önce
Carter Grinstead
Carter Grinstead 10 aylar önce
eric garner
eric garner 11 aylar önce
BlacktipH, the Dude Perfect of fishing.
Nek Minnit
Nek Minnit 11 aylar önce
The watched this and just realized that music when they are going out is sick
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E . Yıl önce
The reason why they are called amberjack because they are the color of amber but they get jacked from sharks
Reel Hard Fishing!
If I could afford the flight I would. I've caught them 60lb
JG_Fishing Yıl önce
I love that boat! and i love the window in the bait cooler
Elias Yıl önce
1:40 guy that says is 5'9 looks taller than the guy that says is 5'10,6'1 and 6'2 respectivly.
Elias 11 aylar önce
@AnDrEw K*L*N Yeah its tough living with that.Thanks god I dont have brain cancer,like some kids these days.
AnDrEw K*L*N
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How tf does a man squat 1000 pounds
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AnDrEw K*L*N 11 aylar önce
He eats mangoes
Kallen Decker
Kallen Decker Yıl önce
I caught a 35 pound amberjack and I’m 11
Pond fishing with dylan
World record power lifters vs......... blue gill
Mr-rain3-MoDz Yıl önce
Am i the only one who saw the broken rod in the background around 11:35
Trevor Munn
Trevor Munn Yıl önce
Who’s watching quaritine
Azuqah Yıl önce
U gotta do a vid with Brian Shaw catching goliaths
John Doe
John Doe Yıl önce
Blaine is an equipped lifter smhhh
David Ronson
David Ronson Yıl önce
Warning to potential girlfriends , these guys are 10 seconds affair
Scott Gaspard
Scott Gaspard Yıl önce
Adam Sargent
Adam Sargent Yıl önce
them are big!!!
Pelican74 Yıl önce
It's not always sharked. Your pulling to hard and to fast.
megan Berry
megan Berry Yıl önce
My Uncle Steven when he was younger he could lift 1000 pounds my dad’s brother with a bench press
Joshua Humbeck
Joshua Humbeck Yıl önce
Rhys Polcari
Rhys Polcari Yıl önce
Damn my dads boat only has one motor
Ghastly Anarchy
Ghastly Anarchy Yıl önce
Just a bunch of guys being dudes.
Jandon Llego
Jandon Llego Yıl önce
Sam Barrington still up for the challenge?
Elcuratodo Yıl önce
I’m a fan
Elcuratodo Yıl önce
Elcuratodo Yıl önce
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Love when they resorted to the 130w 😂
WILDMAN Forsure Yıl önce
I caught a 52 pound and they ain’t no joke but I was 12
ryan laurent
ryan laurent Yıl önce
I was just jamming to the tunes after he announced the rules of the challenge
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Tanya Gill Yıl önce
Whenever I'm interested in a video I'll put it in full screen This video I put it in full screen automatically cause it's BlackTipH but I then tried to put it in full screen 2 more times
Yolo Cholo
Yolo Cholo Yıl önce
David Hoch
David Hoch Yıl önce
I caught a 70 pound amberjack a few years ago in the Keys - whoever says they're a joke is crazy... I had to take a 20 minute break after reeling that thing in lmao
gerrit dutcher
gerrit dutcher Yıl önce
why doesn’t there boat have 4 motors
Ricardo Molina
Ricardo Molina Yıl önce
How come you don't have any 90 pound wire
Eli Lafaso
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Thanks for the entertainment
trebz ,travelers
trebz ,travelers Yıl önce
I wanted to experience like that big...
Incredible incredible fun to watch
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What was that noise at 8:33
Enxrity _YT
Enxrity _YT Yıl önce
He doesn’t bench 904 wtf
Carter Larson
Carter Larson Yıl önce
When I see their stats: ...try not to break the reel BlacktipH: you wont break the rod Me: oh really, that one guy can only deadlift 1100lbs.
Dmonsear Yıl önce
that face shield looked more like a choker
Dylan qld
Dylan qld Yıl önce
Wouldn't wanna roll up to your spot with the people on board
Random fam 2.0
Random fam 2.0 Yıl önce
I’m 12 and my biggest bench was 92lb and deadlift 305lb
Raffaele Del Regno
Haha I would’ve took sams offer to fly out & battle those jacks!!! Looks intense & I’ve never got to catch my first saltwater fish
Haider Khan
Haider Khan Yıl önce
Good job like you sir
Jorge Trujillo
Jorge Trujillo Yıl önce
Dude this NOT how you reel jacks. If the jack bit already let him go once you feel the jack lay off slightly that is when you start reeling do that several times until the jack gets tired it will come right up.
Wild Daily Life Cambo
Monster Fishing with Logan Paul what content?
Ручная ковка.
Вываживание рыбы у ребят не особо получается...
Shrim Uyopa
Shrim Uyopa Yıl önce
Going out to a wreck makes it a little more difficult. When you head a 100 miles off the coast in 300 feet and catch them it's not as difficult but a lot more reeling. And yes I have pulled in bigger Amber Jack than these dudes 😂.
Nico Zuniga
Nico Zuniga Yıl önce
Lmao the big guy wasnt even reeling the rod haha
Gav0 Yıl önce
Last September I caught a 90+ pound greater AJ off the Gulf of Mexico. Solid fifteen twenty minute long fight but it was worth it for the pictures
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