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This is one of my favorite scenes from Amadeus. It is rare for a film to have two actors be nominated for the same award. Thomas Hulce eventually lost to F. Murray Abraham at the Oscars, but there is no denying that both gave outstanding performances.

It was said that the real Mozart had a very childlike laugh which Hulce does his best imaginative version of. The laugh is so jarring and out of the blue that it catches the Emperor off guard twice.

Mozart is either arrogant or socially unaware because he insults Salieri multiple times. As Mozart plays Salieri's little march and notes "the rest is just the same, isn't it?" you can see how maligned Salieri felt. Then to top it off Mozart declares "that doesn't quite work, now does it?" and then proceeds to take Salieri's tune and add embellishments and improvisation such that Salieri can only look on in jealousy mixed with resentment.

Salieri's jealousy and contempt for Mozart is best summed up with the line "Grazie, Signore..." as he looks up at the crucifix.

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9 Ara 2019




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Elsa Anna Arendelle
The emperor butchered Salieri's piece, but Mozart was able to play it perfectly by only hearing it and then improvising the melody... "the rest is just the same, isn't it?" Mozart so innocent in his behavior he doesn't realize how insulting he is LOL
Bert Veening
Bert Veening 3 gün önce
@wordsculpt Mozart wasn't a good business man, he died and was buried as a pauper, that part of the movie at least is historically correct.
James Hollen
James Hollen 4 gün önce
@Nicholas Hylton what ever the discipline one wishes to pursue, always include on who has very little knowledge on your passion. That way you can secure an "outside" opinion. THAT Might be just the answer you are looking for !
dark14life 4 gün önce
I firmly believe that the man was autistic. A savant.
Robert Scharlow
Robert Scharlow 5 gün önce
@Patrick Turner I've been that person, lol. Who steals the thunder. Kinda makes me feel bad.
lila 5 gün önce
@Harry Murray making at least two grammar errors in one paragraph? Okay. Making at least two errors in psychological analysis? Alright if you say so.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
I really loved Mozart's portrayal of being this jolly and informal dude, who's simply gifted in music
Zulu warrior
Zulu warrior 2 saatler önce
Apparently he was the village idiot that could play music plonky plonk on a plonky plonk piano ha ha
レオのまま 3 gün önce
このシーンはサリエリがモーツァルトの才能に『自分には決して叶わぬものがある』と屈辱を覚えて嫉妬するきっかけになったのでよく覚えています。 この映画は楽しくまた悲しかったけれどたくさんの名曲が流れて何度も見たくなる作品です。 男性が一番おしゃれに着飾っていた時代なので衣装や鬘の多彩な部分も良かったです。
A Bell
A Bell 5 gün önce
@SilverKitty why should he be more humble though really? If he was this gifted and also in a pretentious society, it makes sense.
David Ugarte Chacon
David Ugarte Chacon 11 gün önce
That´s quite not the portrayal in the movie though
K.W. 12 gün önce
in the face of genius a mere mortal only has two options : Befriend and learn or quit. Thats it.
Ashiro 2 aylar önce
Why doesn’t anyone give the Emperor some credit? He played the piece two times and at Mozarts arrival he played almost flawlessly
CarlosMensuckass 4 saatler önce
@Vince K Q: Why don't they give the Emperor credit? A: It's not a difficult piece. You'd think you were insulting their mothers, lol. It's impressive to laymen but to anyone with any actual musical talent they're looking around bored like Mozart was- like a parent at a kid's recital.
bling sing
bling sing 19 saatler önce
He couldn't stand people hearing an inferior version of his music even if it was understandable the idea that mozart would hear this clunky mess and call it his was horrifying to him
carlos oliveira
carlos oliveira 2 gün önce
@Not Flat It's a movie. What nonsense to argue over fiction.
carlos oliveira
carlos oliveira 2 gün önce
No he didn't. You need new speakers.
Sandra Velasquez
Sandra Velasquez 3 gün önce
The emperor had the sheet in front of him.
Michael Rey
Michael Rey 2 aylar önce
The laugh is honestly a stroke of brilliance by the actor who portrayed Mozart. It has been historically documented that Mozart did indeed have somewhat of an obnoxious laugh, but I’m sure this was taken to a whole new level. It really added something to the performance and was just funny as hell at the same time!
D.J. -
D.J. - 2 gün önce
Well, Costner's resemblance to the real Robin Hood is uncanny.
InstaGaming 5 gün önce
don't agree someone might have an obnoxious laugh but it shouldn't be put in here with such frequency lol... it kind of annoys me
Patriot 1776
Patriot 1776 6 gün önce
I read that the actor, had some fun, and actually threw that laugh in there during filming rehearsals. The director really liked it and kept it in as part of Mozart's character ...
1 Gerard
1 Gerard 11 gün önce
In those days,just like now,humour was the day,great.😜
Dave Atwood Sr
Dave Atwood Sr 14 gün önce
It's Pinto from animal house.
Mickey A. Bacination
I feel Salieri's pain. Reminds me of a good friend of mine who's a legit musical prodigy. A graduate of Julliard, he became an assistant professor in the music department of a prominent community college at 22, professor by 24, and head of the entire department by 27. I'm a drummer with over 20 years under my belt and no slouch myself. I broke my leg ten days before a three week long west coast tour and asked him to fill in for me. No problem he said. He listened to each song on the set list maybe three times and played them almost flawlessly at the first rehearsal. By the third rehearsal he was just as tight as I was and adding his own version of the fills I was doing, some of which I stole and still use to this day. Ain't gonna lie, I was jealous.
LL Gün önce
It's best to remember there's always someone better than you, but always someone worse than you as well 😆. We just hope there are far more worse ones than better ones 🤣.
srjsh apthnktl
srjsh apthnktl 2 gün önce
your heart is Gold
Mickey A. Bacination
@Trisha Bray lol
Trisha Bray
Trisha Bray 5 gün önce
@Bob Tornton That is a hard task-to be the nice one
Trisha Bray
Trisha Bray 5 gün önce
Oh hon.
Duncan Urquhart
Duncan Urquhart Aylar önce
Love how Salieri absolutely dominates the room at first. He's charming, witty, gracious, everything that Mozart isn't. It gets to the point where you genuinely pity Amadeus -- and then he sits down at the piano and almost instantly turns the situation around. Amazing movie!
Bob Loza In the Real World
@der sebbl Indeed they did. My brother - who is a professor of music at the university level - brought that up after the movie came out, and suggested that maybe it would help Salieri's recognition level. History aside, a tremendous movie IMO, with the music playing the starring roll.
Bob Loza In the Real World
@itstheheadphonesisntit Whoa. I remember that from my music theory class in community college....and probably the only thing I DO remember.
der sebbl
der sebbl 2 gün önce
@Bob Loza In the Real World That movie was not even close to historical accuracy. Salieri and Mozart for example had respect for each other
Bob Loza In the Real World
Well, that's F. Murray Abraham playing Salieri....that dude was always intense actor. The movie was based on a Broadway smash and though not totally accurate historically, it's a MASTERPIECE and in my top 5 films of all time.
@Buggaton Parallel octaves were only unacceptable when used in the context of harmony. Since he was just playing the melody, there was no voice leading and the rules of common practice didn’t apply. For example, choirs sang in unison at times, but obviously not in the same octave, given that those choirs were comprised of people with a variety of vocal ranges. Essentially, voice leading common practice only applies to voice leading-not unison.
Kaptain Kozmos
Kaptain Kozmos 2 aylar önce
Salieri wasn't a bad composer, he was just very unfortunate to live at the same time and place as Mozart.
M. X.
M. X. 18 saatler önce
The antagonism in the movie between Salieri and Mozart is BS.
Andrey Yeltsov
Andrey Yeltsov 19 saatler önce
He is best known as a music teacher to famous artists like Beethoven, Schubert, List and even Mozart's son, Franz Xaver.
remy paraskovia
remy paraskovia Gün önce
der sebbl
der sebbl 2 gün önce
@Michael Romeo What are you talking about? Salieri never saed that he killed mozart
der sebbl
der sebbl 2 gün önce
@Thomas Perri Salieri also taught Mozart's son for a while
toptenguy1 26 gün önce
Very cool that the Emperor was self aware about his music skills, but he still loved playing and even asked permission to try it. Very humble!
Spasso Grosso
Spasso Grosso 20 saatler önce
Joseph II was indeed a humble or at least modest man.
Nana the Dwarf
Nana the Dwarf 5 gün önce
Salieri isn’t in a position to say no, lol. It’s more social etiquette rather than true humility.
Proto Rhinocerator
Proto Rhinocerator Aylar önce
I absolutely LOVE how socially clueless Mozart was in this movie. Awkward and even offensive in nearly every situation. But then he got within 5 feet of the piano and his social failings dimmed to the point of invisibility. Simply beyond brilliant when it came to music.
LL Gün önce
This is one of my all time favourite movies, superbly acted and bringing Mozart right to our screens 👍🏻. I watched it as a teen, and it has always stayed with me ❤️.
LL Gün önce
Yes, I think he was probably autistic and unaware of how he was making Salieri feel. No filters there lol.
Niscent 10 gün önce
@Voodoo Dudu and mozart was a rock star too, music became his way to enjoy life, he was a party addict.
Mournes Wanderer
Mournes Wanderer Aylar önce
And me
Tamsin Mc Cormick
Tamsin Mc Cormick Aylar önce
@Voodoo Dudu I said that at length in a comment above before I got here !! Hans Asperger applies !!
Darren PursuingTruth
As a music critic once said ‘In Saleri and Mozart we see the difference between the talent which does what it can, and genius which does what it must’.
der sebbl
der sebbl 2 gün önce
That guy was talking about the movie versions of the two right?
Tom Napp
Tom Napp 3 gün önce
Oh damn that's a good quote
Pott Pott
Pott Pott 6 gün önce
Like Ronaldo and Messi.
alice mi
alice mi 6 gün önce
"... which does what it must to be a w...ker". Absolutely!
Olga Zavialova
Olga Zavialova 15 gün önce
Блестяще сказано!!!
Kimberly Pinkney
Kimberly Pinkney Aylar önce
This was by far the best scene in the movie! I was dying at Salieri's expressions as the song became better and better and more jaunty in Mozart's hands. My junior high school chorus teacher made our class watch this over two days. If she hadn't, I may never had watched it and missed falling in love with this movie.
Ariel Orthmann
Ariel Orthmann 3 gün önce
Good scene except it's completely off from reality
Glenn Trigg
Glenn Trigg 8 gün önce
I liked this scene the best - trvid.com/video/video-FwF9pHjZC2E.html which refers back to the scene here.
Mexico XV
Mexico XV Aylar önce
mmmm good escena but for the people are not expert in music was a complete spoiler, was clear then that mozart was mucho better than failure in ability, a rivalry is not possible.
Grigoris Grigoriou
Grigoris Grigoriou 2 aylar önce
The movie "Amadeus" is a masterpiece. But in reality, Mozart and Salieri were colleagues who respected each other's work and helped each other at times. Mozart even sent his son to Salieri for early music lessons.
Jesus Davis
Jesus Davis Gün önce
All three actors were great, still fond of Tom Hulce's character in the inner circle
sergio neto
sergio neto 7 gün önce
this movie is from the point of view of salieri, when he was old and mad. So, the story is told from the perspective when he is senile. tha's why milos forman had the freedom to tell the story the way he is want.
D.J. -
D.J. - 8 gün önce
You better not watch Jesus Christ Super Star then.
Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn 9 gün önce
@Waggish Sagacity my dude!! I know this was a month ago, but some dude tagged me to continue arguing about stupid shit i no longer even care about or remember commenting on. But our boy went so far as to dig into your anthropomorphism of the wolf attitude in life. Some people are getting defensive as any I’ve ever seen, OVER AMADEUS MY DUDE!!! Lolll society today. I am a fkng carnivore and will eat a 32 oz steak RIGHT NOW… right now man.lolol. Hang on. After thought. I complain about the lack of civility and knowledge in modern society. Yet three of the people in this chat would LITERALLY cut me for besmirching the name of Salieri. And for that I salute each and every one of you crazy and wonderful bastards!!!!
John Johnson
John Johnson 9 gün önce
@Kevin Dunn If I were falsely accused of poisoning one of the greatest minds of the time, I'd probably have a mental breakdown too. That doesn't mean he did it.
Barry May
Barry May 2 aylar önce
Mozart was a sheer genius. So sad he died at the young age of 35, but what an incredible legacy he left behind.
ugnius ugnisu
ugnius ugnisu 16 gün önce
@Jack Off the channel told in stone has a video on this where he names a few
Jack Off
Jack Off 16 gün önce
@ugnius ugnisu name them
ugnius ugnisu
ugnius ugnisu 16 gün önce
@Jack Off Nah there were rock stars in ancient Rome and probably even earlier.
Jack Off
Jack Off Aylar önce
The world's first rock star
A Rain
A Rain 2 aylar önce
I love Jeff Jones who plays the emperor of Austria. I don’t know how he could keep a straight face when Tom lets out that laugh in front of him.
Pott Pott
Pott Pott 6 gün önce
After all his struggles with Ferris nothing can shock him anymore.
anguishedcarpet 7 gün önce
@Samm Salvey he is also unfortunately a pedophile, look it up
Samm Salvey
Samm Salvey 20 gün önce
Jeff jones is also Lydia's father in Beetlejuice. The man has talent playing a dry, relatable authority character, who is also kind of oblivious.
Backwoods Films
Backwoods Films Aylar önce
You can see him flinch as the obnoxious laugh caught him off guard, haha!
Kermit Frog
Kermit Frog 2 aylar önce
Oh, the anguish and patience in his voice when he says, “tem-PO!” gets me every time. 🤣
Tsumdere 4 gün önce
Can’t yell at his majesty or tell him he’s playing your song badly, oh no! Gotta chastise him gently in other ways…. 😬
Like a fuckin goosebump! 😄😆👍
Marco Rubiano
Marco Rubiano 21 gün önce
Not quite my tempo
Tacomaholic 14 gün önce
I absolutely LOVE this scene. And the Emperor getting startled at the end when Mozart laughs is a nice bonus.
Tarek Said
Tarek Said 5 aylar önce
For Salieri, the day Mozart improved upon his piece was the gravest insult he ever received. For Mozart, it was Tuesday.
K.W. 12 gün önce
In the face of genius, mere mortals only have two possible options : Befriend and learn or quit. Thats it.
Bob Loza In the Real World
@Michelle Obama OnlyFans yes, but a great movie. which also raised the legacy of salieri.
Michelle Obama OnlyFans
It never really happened! The two got along beautifully. All artistic licence and a complete fabrication!
Vidar Thorsby
Vidar Thorsby 23 gün önce
Raul Julia's shadow stil holds in 2021.
Bob Loza In the Real World
according to the movie, of course.
Caliell 2 aylar önce
Fun fact: Salieri and Mozart was actually really close friends in their life time.
King of the Juice
King of the Juice 7 gün önce
@sergio neto --"They weren't bitter enemies, they were close friends!" --"Details, details!" 😄
sergio neto
sergio neto 7 gün önce
The movie is told by the perspective of salieri when he was senile. Thats why the director took the liberty to tell the history without worrying about too much historical details.
King of the Juice
King of the Juice Aylar önce
Thus the film is an example of history being made to serve art.
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's Aylar önce
Mozart overshadowed everything that is the sad reality
Aira Byuu
Aira Byuu 5 gün önce
Showed (and played) my 4¾ yr old son the score of Mozart's 29th symphony and now it's the only piece he's interested in. So annoying.
Arrow in the knee
Arrow in the knee 15 gün önce
I'm sure he couldn't overshadow your bum
Mark Aylar önce
The stories you hear about the improvisations Mozart, Bach and all the other amazing composers of days past are mind blowing. Such a shame a tape recorder didn’t exist back then. Bach used to apparently compose entire 4-part fugues on a whim. Just trying to learn one of his 4-part fugues is a challenge in itself.
Carlos Mendez
Carlos Mendez 10 gün önce
Yes , also Beethoven was a master of improvisation.
Bernard Lowe
Bernard Lowe 17 gün önce
Improvisation was the stock in trade of many composers and performers back then. Most contemporary classical musicians don't cultivate the art of improvisation any longer. They don't have to. Jazz musicians do it all the time. But Venezulan classical pianist Gabriella Montero - worth finding on TRvid - phenomenal improviser.
MH 15 gün önce
I was surprised by the fact that this was prerecorded by professionals, Tom Hulce moved his fingers according to notes and made it look believeble. Wonderful movie with wonderful music 🎶🌟
Nathaniel Simpson
Nathaniel Simpson 4 aylar önce
The most unbelievable thing about this scene is that when the king unrolls the music sheet to play it, it lays out flat on the stand instead of rolling back up again.
FOR NO REASON 4 gün önce
Actually the paper wasn't that tightly rolled when the court composer handed it to the emperor. When the emperor unrolled it was rather flat and when he placed it on the piano it was totally flat but slightly curved on the sides.
Pinch Me
Pinch Me 23 gün önce
Another person who doesn’t understand the history of paper and yet makes a comment. Also that is not a piano. It’s a harpsichord. It pulls the strings instead of a felt hammer
M. C. B.
M. C. B. Aylar önce
I find your lack of XVIII-century-paper knowledge disturbing.
Thomas Sulyok
Thomas Sulyok 2 aylar önce
@Johan Buret Actually he was Holy Roman Emperor. The first Emperor of Austria was his nephew Francis, from 1804.
J J 2 aylar önce
Movie magic!
Geff Joldblum
Geff Joldblum Aylar önce
He only practiced the sheet music twice before playing it practically perfect… kudos to “his majesty”!
Tom Karais
Tom Karais Aylar önce
this movie will always have a place in my heart. loved every second of it.
TheClassicalSauce Aylar önce
One thing I love about Mozart, at least this ideation, is that he truly enjoyed music. It made him happy. I can't count the times improving music with friends that I've laughed at the end just like Mozart at the end of this video. You think of something silly or funny to play, or it just comes off right and makes you laugh because it works.
Christopher Robin Garrish
Amanda B
Amanda B 2 aylar önce
Mozart was a genius! So sad he died the way he did, but like all amazing artists it happens! 😢! One of my favorites! This movie was amazing!
Scott Cooper
Scott Cooper Aylar önce
Only the good die young....
winter ramos
winter ramos 4 aylar önce
Fun Fact: The Actor who portrayed Mozart Tom Hulce did that laugh as a joke and the director loved it so much, he kept it in the film
winter ramos
winter ramos 9 gün önce
@MrMcsia 😂😂😂😂 7.1k can't be wrong
MrMcsia 9 gün önce
That's a typical movie myth. The irritating laughing was already part of the final screenplay as a reference to a contemporary letter about Mozart's nervous giggling. It wasn't Hulce's idea. The other actor's surprised reaction was also planned.
m. baroni
m. baroni 11 gün önce
so it must be only me who finds that giggle so irritating
Miguel Barahona
Miguel Barahona Aylar önce
That laugh prevented him from winning the Oscar, IMHO.
leodf1 2 aylar önce
@Oliver .Natter It's a movie, calm down.
SolarReannex Aylar önce
This scene is awesome, a real masterpiece!!! They’ll never film one any better these days!
That Man
That Man 22 gün önce
They can't even make a movie that I would go see these days. I miss the days of good movies like this one. Chariots of Fire was my favorite and this a close second. Salute.
Zina 2 aylar önce
I love how this movie portrait Mozart as a genius who purely enjoys and lives on the joy and delightfulness of music . It is the movie that motivates me to pick up my piano again after so many years
Christopher Bridges
Fun fact: Tom Hulce learned to play for this movie
Goosnav 2 aylar önce
@N2 The Mystic LMAOOOO
N2 The Mystic
N2 The Mystic 2 aylar önce
Don't hurt your back.
B9Bot 1
B9Bot 1 2 aylar önce
The man was a musical instrument himself. Just unimaginable talent that died to young.
Henrik Augustsson
Henrik Augustsson 2 aylar önce
So it is with most geniuses. The candle that burns the brightest burns quickest.
AndyDotyHere 2 aylar önce
the absurd look Salieri has when Mozart bows...its one of the many small details that make this movie a masterpiece
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 2 aylar önce
Salieri, the first artist to experience a remix of their music.
Rodrigo Miller
Rodrigo Miller Gün önce
Astro Gün önce
@David Blackman Yes because according to you being popular automatically makes Salieri a teacher to some of the greatest composers ever. Like I said stick Hollywood.
David Blackman
David Blackman Gün önce
@Astro what are you on about? The popularity contest? Bye
Astro Gün önce
@David Blackman If you think Salieri wasn't a good composer you clearly are clueless when it comes to classical music. If he wasn't "good" he wouldn't have thought the likes of Beethoven, Schubert or Liszt. Stick to Hollywood yeah?
J. Lee
J. Lee 6 gün önce
@notahotshot No sheet?
yo_yo_master99 Aylar önce
I remember watching this in music class and it saddens me how much people don’t really care for classical music as much anymore.
The Novice Wanderer
There will be a few of us who hope to keep it alive throughout the ages. People will resonate with it always. Just not the majority. They will be into what the majority is.
barry Telesford
barry Telesford Aylar önce
because its like chemistry, programming, advance calculus. its a complex presentation of the most natural thing. people dont understand the process but the end result.
Lotte Aylar önce
Endlesspath Aylar önce
I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation at the U.K. (University of Kentucky) by the widow (assisted by the youngest daughter) of Frank Zappa. The presentation covered the modern and classical music Zappa was involved in, the thousands of musical compositions he created (released and unreleased), along with his (and his youngest daughters) ability to literally see (visualize) music in colors. The most amazing thing though, was that the crux of Frank Zappa's dedication to music was this: A question was asked of the widow (to the effect of) "Did Frank write/create classical music to subsidize (pay for) his rock music?" His widow responded, "He wrote rock music to subsidize his classical music".... Let that sink in a bit!
Nedra Leggett
Nedra Leggett Aylar önce
I grew up listening to most every kind of music. My parents loved music. Opera. Light opera. Musicals. Older western music. Eddie Arnold type. Then the crooners. You know. Frank Sinatra. Perry Como. Classical music really tells a story. You just use your imagination. I sleep to classical music too.
Cheryl Slatton
Cheryl Slatton 2 aylar önce
Thanks. I just love Mozart. He was a genius who memorized all his concertos and symphonies. Amazing man Blessings to you
Aylar önce
I don't know how many times I've watched this scene...I'm so in love with it. And I would like to call attention to the actors playing the emperor and his court. Each one is a study and their reaction to Mozart and his brilliance/peccadillos expresses their individual characters. Just beautiful, as is Mozart's music. I find it hard to watch the last scenes of this amazing movie.
Evelyn Bennett
Evelyn Bennett Aylar önce
This is one of the most delicious moments in cinematography. Timeless! ❤️
John Dough
John Dough 6 aylar önce
I heard one of Salieri’s operas. It was damned good. He’s underrated. It’s too bad for him that Mozart was his contemporary.
Julian Villella
Julian Villella Aylar önce
@Sassy Dispatch Not really. It's just his older self that perceives him as mediocre. The film clearly shows him having an ear and understanding for music that few others had. Even Mozart notes that, out of all his contemporaries, Salieri is the only one who ever came to see and appreciated his operas
Christopher Robin Garrish
trvid.com/video/video-FniuCg3NvHg.html&ab_channel=ChristopherRobinGarrish Too bad.
Seba Szwarc
Seba Szwarc 2 aylar önce
But you never heard how it sounded in Salieri times. Problem with classical music is 99% of masterpieces was done before sound recording was invented.
Borukh 2 aylar önce
@Daniele Fabbro Salieri NEVER taught Mozart, who was taught by his father. He was, however, Mozart's younger son's teacher following Mozart's death and helped him get his first paying position. Constanza relied on Salieri to help them. The movie is full of junk history. No one in Vienna at the time of Mozart's death seriously thought Salieri murdered Mozart, though there was it seems an unsubstantiated rumour. Beethoven, who knew them both, was also in Vienna at the time studying there with Haydn (Vienna was an incredible place for classical music then) wrote an article for a periodical publication in which he blasted the rumours.
Milou Ohánovits
Milou Ohánovits 2 aylar önce
I reckon they were not enemies in real life
Anne Haight
Anne Haight Aylar önce
I love this movie so much, but it only just occurred to me that Tom Hulce is actually going through the correct motions of playing the piano throughout this film. Of course the actual music is dubbed in, but he's not faking it and then using a hand double.
Ana Celia Gomes Pedroso
Amo a interpretação e atuação dos ingleses. Eles são perfeitos!
Bubba Dumps
Bubba Dumps 26 gün önce
The king does actually improve his play on that piece really well.
Justin V
Justin V Aylar önce
I’ve watched this clip a 100+ times yet that laugh in the end always makes me laugh. 😂
opwave79 5 aylar önce
This entire scene is pure gold. There was more shade thrown in that room than an overcast day in Seattle.
SynergyPhoenix 21 gün önce
@Justa TRvidr @Mike G - Actually, on an overcast day, all there is is shadow.
DMCLANDERS 21 gün önce
Justa Youtuber
Justa Youtuber Aylar önce
if it is overcast, there is no shade - no shadow
Mike G
Mike G 2 aylar önce
Overcast days don't throw shade. Sunny ones do. ;)
SynergyPhoenix 2 aylar önce
….and that’s pretty hard to beat. I freaking hate it here. 😡
Alan Foster
Alan Foster 10 gün önce
So much brilliant acting in this movie. At the beginning of this scene, watch Abraham's face as he conveys his nervousness at how the Emperor will react to the composition. No words, just subtle expression.
John Montalvo
John Montalvo Aylar önce
The feeling you get when you composed a wonderful music but some dude just heard it once then cover it, and its far more superior and perfect compared to what you've done.
C D Aylar önce
Mozart was on a whole other level, a musical genius, a child prodigy.
fw1421 28 gün önce
I haven’t seen this in decades. Tom Hulce was amazing in this film. Truly brilliant performance.
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart 6 aylar önce
Every actor in this scene is brilliant. Even without lines, their faces convey so much as they try to comprehend what is happening. Especially the way they all peak back at Salieri as the improvisations keep coming, just to see his reactions. F Murray Abraham has the look of pure devastation as it slowly creeps in and takes him over, all while to the score of whimsical, charming music. Just an absolute masterclass all around and masterpiece of a movie.
gooble69 10 gün önce
@soakedbearrd So that's a yes to being 12? lol...
soakedbearrd 11 gün önce
@gooble69 I see, thanks for proving my point.
gooble69 11 gün önce
@soakedbearrd " so what if he wrote compositions" Lol are you 12?
soakedbearrd 11 gün önce
@gooble69 so what if he wrote compositions, he wasn’t known for that, by your own words he was playing the high court at age 5. You can’t change the argument once your original argument gets busted. How well known were his compositions supposedly during this scene? And what about the argument I made which you conveniently side stepped about ranking how and they would react to him in person? What about jealousy or this low rank composer/ virtuoso showing them up in their own back yard? You act like you understand the history but yet you know little about the culture, the time or Mozart for that matter if you think at in his early 20s he was some sort of rock star. Even Bach in his position and hundreds of compositions didn’t get the type of recognition until years and maybe even decades after his death. Just stop.
gooble69 11 gün önce
@soakedbearrd "Composition is what mattered, being able to create, not play creations. " Lol Mozart was writing music from 5 years old and regularly composing commissioned operas at 14. People in the know knew who he was. " I don’t even know what argument you are trying to make" So why are you here?
Marc Belisle
Marc Belisle 2 aylar önce
There aren’t enough movies about extremely talented eccentrics.
danzigvssartre Gün önce
Haven't you watched Taxi Driver?
ali baba
ali baba Aylar önce
And yet.. There still aren’t enough. I am still waiting for one about Glenn Gould. And perhaps Rachmaninoff. But especially Gould. m.trvid.com/video/video-IT0ghoOGn78.html
Rudie Andrew
Rudie Andrew 2 aylar önce
Marc I don’t mean to antagonise but…there are… so, so many…like a lot… like a metric fuckton… a whole lot… many many movies Marc
cris Info montalvan
Mozart was a musical genius. He lived just two decades and left more than 500 amazing pieces of music.
M. C. B.
M. C. B. Aylar önce
In fact he lived from 1756 to 1791 and the Köchel catalogue includes 626 musical works actually.
J H Aylar önce
Thomas Hulce was amazing in this film. Absolutely the performance of a lifetime.
Back to the 80s Store & More
F Murray Abraham's performance in this movie was great, I think he won an academy award for his acting in this movie😏
Decimus TV
Decimus TV 2 aylar önce
I have seen this scene dozens of times and I still love it, and, no doubt, one day, I'll be back again watching it. :)
Nathan Cohen
Nathan Cohen 3 aylar önce
That little smirk at 8:57 is so short, but such an incredible piece of acting. He's trying so hard to be annoyed by and dismissive of Mozart, but for a brief second his love of music overpowers that and a bit of joy peaks through. F Murray Abraham absolutely killed it as Salieri.
Mooseboy08 Aylar önce
"That little smirk at 8:57 is so short, but such an incredible piece of acting." Agreed 100%!
Marek Miszczak
Marek Miszczak Aylar önce
He smirked but 3 seconds later he lost his soul
Blackfish Aylar önce
He certainly killed Moe Zart
Nathan Cohen
Nathan Cohen Aylar önce
@Maygan Phynix Tom Hulce is the guy who played Mozart, but... underrated? Bro, it won 8 Academy Awards out of 11 nominations and is widely considered one of the best movies ever made. It isn't extremely well known, but it is far from underrated.
Maygan Phynix
Maygan Phynix Aylar önce
totally agree. he did a fantastic job at the role. I can't remember the name of the actor who played Mozart, but he did fantastic too. this really is an underrated movie.
Alex Pandian
Alex Pandian Aylar önce
When I first watched this movie it took me a while to get used to the characterization, but once you get used to it, it’s just a blistering masterpiece of a film.
msidler84 Aylar önce
I feel like I can relate to Hines' character the most in this film. I love how he doesn't share the hatred of the other composers towards Mozart and treats him as an equal from the get-go.
SAMUEL- BR.man__
SAMUEL- BR.man__ Aylar önce
His laugh at the end shacked his majesty 😂 🤣
Harry E
Harry E 2 aylar önce
Oh blessed times, when a genius like Mozart could grow up in wisely arranged circumstances to unfold his almost god-like gifts and leave behind an everlasting heritage for all of mankind. I just don't believe modern society would allow for another Mozart to rise.
jacktough 6 aylar önce
"Guess you guys aren't ready for that yet... But your kids are going to love it." --Wolfgang McFly
Etop Etim
Etop Etim Aylar önce
From the opera, ‘Forward To The Past’.
Amanda B
Amanda B 2 aylar önce
Kevin Fager
Kevin Fager 3 aylar önce
Great Scott Joplin! We got to go Bach to the future!
Scarlett Sunz
Scarlett Sunz 3 aylar önce
You win the internet today! Hilarious comment, I almost owed my pants laughing lol
Incandescent with Rage
Vona Kenyon
Vona Kenyon 20 gün önce
I had always thought of classical music as elevator music until I took a music appreciation course in college. I heard Mozart for the first time and became an instant fan. When this movie came out I loved it except that I could never really understand the character of Salieri.
gold fing
gold fing 9 gün önce
Not having watched this scene for 30 years or so, I must say that despite of Mozart's genius in this movie, it is not fair to not have Salieri interpret his own work (but only the king, who is a normal player and of course quite cumbersome at first). So it was no fair comparison between Salieri and Mozart in this scene. Moreover, Salieri's composition was meant as a serious march, whereas Mozart's interpretation is much more playful, better suited for an opera, but maybe not so suited to a state event held at the kings palace. It depends on the situation, of course.
Christina Reeves
Christina Reeves Aylar önce
This is absolutely one of my favorite movies. All of the actors were excellent in this and from what I could research it was pretty accurate for a movie depiction, as far as his life story went. Apparently, Salieri really did rant about having killed Mozart and the rumors of this scandal where prominent. He had a really interesting life. I wish there was a way to go back in time and see what it was really like and what truly happened to him. I think he was actually poisoned, or intentionally driven mad and overworked while being ill. I bet they put something in his wine.
OzKiltman Aylar önce
Salieri's face expression change at 8:14 is priceless.
MYSTERIO MUSIC 7 aylar önce
Mozart being the first person to remix a song is the most Mozart thing ever
Snead Hearn
Snead Hearn Aylar önce
No. it was common practive at the time. Music wasn't set in stone but more like jazz today - a lot of improvising.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 2 aylar önce
@Holly Croydon I hope you didn't see my reply (the first reply) as derisive. I tried my best to be sincere and kind about it.
LordZontar 2 aylar önce
It wasn't at all unusual for composers in that time to produce variations of each other's works. Mozart would not have been the first to do so.
LizzieB Kennedy
LizzieB Kennedy 3 aylar önce
Aha, so the whole role of ballads and epic recital poems kinda passed you by?
GH05TM0V3R 3 aylar önce
@Dave Smith I don't have any problem? I know you said it was a funny comment, so what's your problem???
paul Angelo
paul Angelo Aylar önce
Thanks for this great movie, Miloš Forman (rip)! You sparked my love for classical music!
JoseAlberto MoSo
JoseAlberto MoSo Aylar önce
2:17 That face of concentration. Amazing scene with all excelent actors. Funny how they say so much with their expressions.
Elias 12 gün önce
Remember watching this in high school whenever our band teacher was out. I could watch it over again and still a classic
Elias Perez
Elias Perez 9 gün önce
Easily one of the greatest and most inspirational scenes of all times. Next level type stuff if you know you know
sprmint-bkgsoda Aylar önce
I saw this movie or the first time when I was about 10 in the 80’s and even now I love this scene and Tom Hulce’s laugh gets to me.
Arcturian Motives
Arcturian Motives Aylar önce
Imagine being a Mozart in a world of Salieri's.
Myxomatosis 2 aylar önce
This movie gave me fuel for years to continue my music dreams. I think hands down out of them all, violin and harpsichord were the easiest and only two I heard by ear. This movie rocked!
MrRemmington Aylar önce
Pure genius effervescently flowed from the gifted Mozart. Despite the pompous and pretentious rigidity seen in the established men, they could not deny the spectacle of Mozart’s gift.
Slippery Sloper
Slippery Sloper 4 aylar önce
“The rest is just the same, isn’t it??” Fucking. Savage.
David Dean
David Dean 2 aylar önce
How about 'A funny little tune, but it yielded some good things' describing a variation on one of Salieri's works.
Leopold 2 aylar önce
I'd have given up. Taken another profession. Just further adds to the concept, "You're either born lucky or lucky to be born at all."
popnfreshz 2 aylar önce
@elefeH tneK i mean stereotypical classical form is meant to be repetitive (ABA sonata form and all that) so it's not like what Salieri did was bad or unusual. A bit of a disingenuous comment from Mozart when that's how everybody composed back then but yeah I guess it's a movie.
Gábor Kiss
Gábor Kiss 2 aylar önce
Roasted like no other.
elefeH tneK
elefeH tneK 2 aylar önce
Mozart wasn’t even being mean, he was just trying to improve upon Salieri’s work. He just didn’t realize Salieri was so insecure that he took it as an insult.
Th0ughtf0rce Aylar önce
That "Grazie Signore 😑" at the end had me laughing out loud 🤣
FV Karch
FV Karch 2 aylar önce
This BLEW ME AWAY when I saw it in a theater! Then I convince a group of friends to watch it with me on broadcast TV where the BUTCHERED IT! Gad! This film is SOOOO wonderful! But only in the original format and content! BIG SCREEN AND ALL! God I miss this film!
Joe Weisbrod
Joe Weisbrod Aylar önce
One of my all time favorites as a movie and classical music history fan. This little romp and Tom’s (actor) laugh was hilarious. A plus.
Frederick Hargro
Frederick Hargro 13 gün önce
Amazing how Mozart was considered on the fringe and convolute, like he was Heavy Metal Rock star because his music was not gospel or for the church. But today it is classical.
James 2 aylar önce
When he laughs at the end @ 9:23 .... Look at the Emperors hands holding the sheet music ... It actually makes him jump 😂
Ostblock Latina
Ostblock Latina Gün önce
The difference between actors, let's say, 40 years ago and presently is like the one between Mozart and Salieri. The former didn't have to tray hard to be brilliant even without saying a word, and the latter fail to express anything meaningful even if they carp themselves out of exertion. A very good example of the former ones' skills is showed above.
Bread_Pirate Aylar önce
Such absolutely fantastic acting. You can really see him watching the piano in disbelief. Trying to figure out the composition as he played it and just not being able to.
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez Aylar önce
Hey this is great! Loved it. Does anyone have the tabs or tried to out this piece? Thank you.
Nick Curran
Nick Curran 7 aylar önce
In real life, Salieri wrote some very complimentary things about Mozart. The two even collaborated on a work that was discovered in a Czech museum in 2015 or 2016.
Tim Martin
Tim Martin 2 aylar önce
@Constant Reader Yes, but in real life, Darth Vader actually had a good relationship with Obi-Wan Kenobi and even paid his funeral expenses.
Henry Browne
Henry Browne 3 aylar önce
@Constant Reader how'bout Star Bores.
Philip 3 aylar önce
@Henry Browne lets just say... better for you to read a biography of Mozart.
Nocturnal Recluse
Nocturnal Recluse 4 aylar önce
@soli rustomji play *
soli rustomji
soli rustomji 4 aylar önce
Indeed, Salieri had also tutored Mozart’s son Franz Xavier; this ‘rivalry’ was a myth, based on some novel, but intriguing neverthless
wangson Aylar önce
Love the improv at the end! That song sounds fantastic!
Jeremy Pickett
Jeremy Pickett Aylar önce
Amadeus is one of the most profound movies ever. I quote Tom Hulce to this day.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 2 aylar önce
One of my favorite scenes, how he deconstructs then destroys Salieri’s work, it’s a scathing rebuke of his mediocrity.
Jonathan Halloran
Jonathan Halloran Aylar önce
That laugh at 7:08 is so brilliantly fantastic. It deserves to be a meme.
Dra1256 5 aylar önce
In reality, Mozart admired Salieri's talents of a musician and a music teacher. Salieri was very famous at those times and paradoxically, much more appreciated than Mozart.
Aner Kant (German)
Aner Kant (German) 2 aylar önce
@Barney Boyle thanks brother...I loved your first comment in this section. I didn't read afterwards. I was thrilled to write this note of thanks to you. So I hurried to first pen it down before moving ahead. 🙏🌷
LordZontar 2 aylar önce
@sanna karppinen Remember that this story is told from the perspective of a Salieri who went mad and suffered under the delusion that he murdered Mozart both professionally and personally and that he was nothing in comparison, casting himself as the villain in Mozart's story.
sanna karppinen
sanna karppinen 2 aylar önce
@Non Plus i mean financially not romantically.
Non Plus
Non Plus 2 aylar önce
@sanna karppinen He "took care of Mozards widow" - mhmm.
Schoolgirl325 3 aylar önce
@Luke Wilson I mean, it depends on personal taste, in my opinion.
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis 2 aylar önce
Mozart was a profound Genius. I would have loved to have met him.
Evil Twin
Evil Twin Aylar önce
The laugh sells the eccentricity of Mozart. His abilities transcend formality.
armaniusmaximus 2 aylar önce
I'd forgotten how magical this movie and this scene in particular was!
Giacomo Basile
Giacomo Basile Aylar önce
In 10 minutes Forman has created a small masterpiece, which few directors could have matched ... with well-directed first-rate actors ...
Paul Kolodner
Paul Kolodner 4 aylar önce
You may not have noticed that Mozart turned Salieri's march into the Marriage of Figaro. When I saw this in the theater years ago, only a few people in the audience laughed at the recognition.
Downtown Clay Davis
Downtown Clay Davis 2 aylar önce
@Alex Garbarino So far I count at least 5 "no, you" comments. The brain trust is firing on all cylinders lol
Alex Garbarino
Alex Garbarino 2 aylar önce
@Downtown Clay Davis I'm pretty sure people who get butthurt at other people for laughing are the ones not going to any parties.
Fran Danco
Fran Danco 2 aylar önce
@Downtown Clay Davis, Lol you know damn well you don't get invited to parties..
Fran Danco
Fran Danco 2 aylar önce
@Downtown Clay Davis = person who sucks..
notahotshot 2 aylar önce
@Patrick 0101, wow! That's really nice of you to notice, and praise them for thier gifts.
Marco Rubiano
Marco Rubiano 20 gün önce
"¿The rest is just the same, isn't it?".....and Salieri's face 🤣 epic
Victor Elliot
Victor Elliot Aylar önce
What a great time it must have been for composer and audience alike - wish I could have heard him live and I think we would have been friends - me on the guitar and Mozart on keys😁 Merry Christmas everyone ☃️🌲😎
David Watts
David Watts 2 aylar önce
Editing was very nicely done.. bravo! Wasn't that just a great clip from a totally gripping, cinematic masterpiece?? Danke Schoen
Metalicus Deus
Metalicus Deus 2 aylar önce
Haven't seen this movie for 30+ years. I had forgotten what a great story, and brilliant performance by Tom Hulce(?). Think I'll watch it tommorrow
Nicholas Hylton
Nicholas Hylton 7 aylar önce
One of my favourite scenes in the movie. A hard working musician gets bested by a little jerk whose natural abilities effortlessly surpasses him.
Haroldo Payares
Haroldo Payares 5 aylar önce
Wrong, Mozart work very hard too.
Master Neo
Master Neo 5 aylar önce
It even happens in our software company dude who hasn't event completed his degree who got recruited as an intern started shining inadverently undermining older and senior dogs like us. All I can think about is why he got into our company?? Yes I am bit jealious.
AWinterLullaby 5 aylar önce
@Kayoss13212 Mozart literally died of exhaustion working on his music
Stephen Woehr
Stephen Woehr 6 aylar önce
Yes, in this movie, there was more professional jealousy between them than in most working relationships, but I came away from the movie thinking that what Salieri could not accept was not so much that Mozart had more of a tremendous genius for music than he did; but rather, that God should have given such tremendous talent to one who so blatantly disregarded God and even flaunted Him in so many respects.
UkoySaKabo73 6 aylar önce
@Kayoss13212 the usual scapegoat of people who prioritized their ego before their trade.
pamdemic Aylar önce
Love this movie, classic! Thomas Hulce so good.
e1234 Aylar önce
One of my favorite scenes of all time..How do I wish it could have been prolonged?
Ignacio Flores
Ignacio Flores 15 saatler önce
There are no years of perseverance and hard work that can compare to the brutal genius of a gifted guy..
Elkin Martinez
Elkin Martinez Aylar önce
When you think that you are going to eat the same thing as yesterday and you come out with a meal that you did not expect, Mozart was a genius to change the flavor of life.
Dave Voice of NH
Dave Voice of NH 5 aylar önce
Don't forget when earlier in the movie, Salieri was agonizing over every note and chord. Then Wolfie comes in and not only plays it perfectly, but then improves it on the fly. Ouch.
amazin 2 aylar önce
​@The Death Wobble Channel Todays musicians are just as if not more talented. 7 billion people on earth, at least tens of millions are born with the aptitude, and many of them go on to do great.
Victor Manteca
Victor Manteca 3 aylar önce
And to be fair, the movie writers actually comissioned a rather pedestrian piece, extremely simple and silly, to convey the idea of Salieri as a man with limited skills; in fact the piece they used is waaaay below the powers of Salieri's (or any of his top contemporary fellows') talent as a composer. They did it that way, so the typical movie goer, not trained in music, understands the issue. BTW, the piece that Mozart improvises over Salieri's march is not improvised at all, and it's not his. It's an extract from a work by their contemporary composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel.
Lakeside Stories
Lakeside Stories 3 aylar önce
@The Death Wobble Channel So do modern day physicists, but its not a detriment to modern musicians, but instead a testament to how far we've come!
ischaffee 3 aylar önce
Loved that scene
Greg Pickett
Greg Pickett 3 aylar önce
@The Death Wobble Channel 99% of us do, but I have met a few people like Mozart who just get it. I relate to Salieri in that regard, been at it for 20+ and I have met people with a quarter of the time put in who can run circles around me. Edit: for example I knew this one guy for years who never touched a guitar, he decided on a whim to not only learn how but to tackle Django Reinhardt. The dude did it in mere months. I didn't know if I was impressed or insulted, lol.
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