Aluminum painting technique / How to draw a dancing girl under moonlight

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Drawing a dancer in full moon / Painting Technique for beginners

❖ Hello, this is Jay Lee. My videos are showing how to paint flowers, nature and other techniques on the various tutorials offered, especially how to use ordinary household objects in creative art. Hope you enjoy my painting.

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I do this as my full time job, so your support is very much appreciated.

❖ I don't sell my artwork, because It's one of my dream that I disply all my works at my future studio and let people to visit my space when I become an old artist. So I need to keep them all.

❖ 안녕하세요 제이입니다. 저는 한국사람이고요 제 그림 영상은 미국, 독일을 비롯해 많은 외국사람들이 봐주세요. 그래도 몇몇 한국 분들이 댓글 달아 주시는데 너무너무 감사드립니다.

❖ 哈囉~~大家好,我來自韓國,因為老婆是台灣人,所以住在台灣。我的影片內容是教大家使用水彩畫及介紹不同的畫畫方法,謝謝你們的觀看!

❖ Music
Easy Day by Kevin MacLeod

Mesmerize by Kevin MacLeod

❖ Contacts
IG, FB: @jayartpainting
E-mail : tkstoryman@hotmail.com
( If you have any questions please feel free to contact me )



11 Ağu 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Наталия Каликсон
Как закрепить вырезанный круг ???( Безумно красиво!! Уже повторяю не первый рисунок с Ютуба , это один из самых красивых и подробных
Ирина К
Ирина К 2 gün önce
Мне очень нравиться красиво объемно великолепная техника и арсенал веселый и прищепка для белья и расческа и банковская карта и даже ватные палочки 🤣🤣🤣 Подписалась на ваш канал Привет всем из России Санкт-Петербург🥰
Sketching by Hani🥰
RipassAsia 5 gün önce
per me sarebbe un po difficile ma ci ptrei riuscire
Art Book
Art Book 5 gün önce
Wow beautiful drawing
Mica Lucía Frost Carballo
Tus pinturas son magicas 🌙😁👍🏻
Arturo Arista
Arturo Arista 5 gün önce
Hola. Marinet
Yoyofone's Gaming Station
just how can she draw that girl with paint??!! I tried it once but it came out as a big blotch it was not even a girl!!
Carmen Roman
Carmen Roman 10 gün önce
Beautiful and the music is perfect❤️❤️❤️❤️
Isabella Kegelreiter
Isabella Kegelreiter 11 gün önce
Your art is amazing
真利子 12 gün önce
Sarah Arabnazhad
Sarah Arabnazhad 13 gün önce
Zoya khan
Zoya khan 14 gün önce
Adorable 😍
Art With Harminder
Art With Harminder 15 gün önce
Very nice 👌👌
Riza Kara
Riza Kara 15 gün önce
Gajendral Shankar
Gajendral Shankar 16 gün önce
Very much talented 🙂🙂🙂🙂
alumnos Principe
alumnos Principe 16 gün önce
I am a professional drummer and I love ballet and seeing this painting makes me want to paint it and hang it in my room
Armida Martos
Armida Martos 18 gün önce
What type/form is that paint
Lovepreet Kaur
Lovepreet Kaur 19 gün önce
Beautiful😍😍😍😍 painting🎨🎨
Judith Dinneen
Judith Dinneen 19 gün önce
XPERTARTS 21 gün önce
Greetings from EXPERTARTS .... New Subscriber ... Beautiful Painting :)
AJAY GUPTA 21 gün önce
So pretty and very easy wow
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Very very beautiful ❤️❤️
chayan rajbongshi
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Very nice
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Boyanın türü yağlı boya mı??
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Won hwan Lee
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GAVAMA 24 gün önce
me encanto que materiales usas
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احمد موستانج
Vary Beautiful creative
TV감성팔이 25 gün önce
Wow amazing beautiful 😍 ❤
All Creation With Kp
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Very nice
Santhiya Arumugam
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Kristen Herndon
Kristen Herndon 28 gün önce
마스터좀비 28 gün önce
Miss Marilyn
Miss Marilyn 28 gün önce
The only thing I would have changed was the paint flick effect instead of dotting on the stars to give it more of a starry/firefly/dreamy effect.
Esraa Refaat - Fashion Instructor
I provide content about fashion drawing and design please support me
Hoa Cẩm Tú Cầu
Amazing good job
R YF Aylar önce
Such a relaxing moment. Thank you Jay 💕💕💕💕💕
Nika Hadas Art
Nika Hadas Art Aylar önce
Wow, Its so great! I love really your artworks
HonEy ,s Art GalleRy
Deb R
Deb R Aylar önce
It is so relaxing.
Naz Dar
Naz Dar Aylar önce
Can u please show us your colors and your drawing equipment pls 💙💙
Vaness B
Vaness B Aylar önce
A votre avis quelle est la taille du tableau. Merci
DIY Crafty
DIY Crafty Aylar önce
Waiting for a kind hearted person who actually support me
Asra Nabeel
Asra Nabeel Aylar önce
I can do this to but is that you can draw this with colour pencil
Nagma Khan
Nagma Khan Aylar önce
That's amazing
Samira Karakac
Samira Karakac Aylar önce
Samira Karakac
Samira Karakac Aylar önce
Samira Karakac
Samira Karakac Aylar önce
Samira Karakac
Samira Karakac Aylar önce
So gut ich wünschte ich könnte sowas auch
Suresh L
Suresh L Aylar önce
Patricia Souza
Patricia Souza Aylar önce
Que lindo
minute Aylar önce
I love your paintings hope you will do your best as always! good luck 🤞 keep going 👍👍
Punom Gogoi
Punom Gogoi Aylar önce
Amazing drawing and that was a beautifull and very pretty
art by damith nirmal
you art like beutful
따리네 명화
따리네 명화 Aylar önce
너무 아름다운 영상 입니다. 잠시도 눈을 뗄 수가 없네요 감사합니다
Sahan Liyanage
Sahan Liyanage Aylar önce
Jimmy Alvarado
Jimmy Alvarado Aylar önce
Wow está muy hermoso sigue así tienes un bonito talento
Sevim Işık
Sevim Işık Aylar önce
Boya markaları nedir
달빛정원 Aylar önce
오늘도 넋놓고 보고 있네요 도전해볼까 하다 또 머리만 손은 니가할께 아니다 ㅎㅎ
Humera Khan
Humera Khan Aylar önce
Wow so beautiful 😍😍😍
dame de coeur
dame de coeur Aylar önce
Wow quelle bonne idée !!! Bravo ! Très créatif et talentueux :)
Rafiq Art & Craft
Rafiq Art & Craft Aylar önce
beautiful and very easy my friend. 👍👍 always I support you 👍👍👍 Now always I see your vdo ❤❤ Your painting is so great, my friend. 👍👍 I wish you more success👍👍So talented dear friend🌹🌹 Amazing sharing 🌹🌹 Best wishes to you!
Nur Izyana binti Muhamad Basri
ponnu😄 Aylar önce
Diamond. K
Diamond. K Aylar önce
First of all, such a good artist!! I am absolutely blown away and carried into the story behind all of his paintings. Such a job well done. Second of all, who else was confused at first when he brought out that comb😂
Yasemin Ozlu
Yasemin Ozlu Aylar önce
Harika 😍😍
Ekta Jha
Ekta Jha Aylar önce
U r totally outstanding,wao amazing......👏👏👏👏👏
Camila Trejo
Camila Trejo Aylar önce
La danza de los pequeños cisnes. Te quedo hermoso!
Emandan .......
Phan Hạnh
Phan Hạnh Aylar önce
Phan Hạnh
Phan Hạnh Aylar önce
d Aylar önce
It's so beautiful.
Monica De Villarreal
Ιουrdες🦕 Aylar önce
me estresa la mucha pintura que gasta, aaaaa
♡Anime♡ Aylar önce
واو استمري
Ajessm Aj
Ajessm Aj Aylar önce
I can't paint ( or draw) to save my life, but I love watching this guy creating a beautiful picture with a few dots and lines of paint. Thanks for posting.
tracey dockerty
tracey dockerty Aylar önce
Me three 😊
Mehin Huseynova
Mehin Huseynova Aylar önce
Me too
KiZo TV Aylar önce
Great 🔥🔥🌈
Zinaatje Cute
Zinaatje Cute Aylar önce
zo mooi jij krijgt hier zeker een bak geld mee
KIHAG Aylar önce
It’s very beautiful painting
幻想的で綺麗。 いつまでも見ていられる。
Tuğba Ünver
Tuğba Ünver Aylar önce
이쁜나영 Aylar önce
Maryam Ahmed
Maryam Ahmed Aylar önce
You are inspiring me and I want to be a artist like you when I grow up. Beautiful artwork and it calm the inside of me when I am painting.
Mehmet Burak BOĞAN
Çok renk karmaşası olmuş bu ama güzel
Mehmet Burak BOĞAN
@Tuğba Ünver doğru..
Tuğba Ünver
Tuğba Ünver Aylar önce
Renksiz hayat olur mu ..
Zura Javakhishvili
Zura Javakhishvili Aylar önce
Florxa Aylar önce
Oh wow that truly is amazing 🤩
Cami-Angel Aylar önce
😄 que lindo
Mom And Daughter
Mom And Daughter Aylar önce
Moni Nina
Moni Nina Aylar önce
ارسم لنا اسم الله الله على لوحة فنية بي رمل لبحر خشن
김아무개 Aylar önce
이 세상엔 재능 있는 사람들이 진짜 많구나...
Emily Gayosso
Emily Gayosso 20 gün önce
Pink Sunshine
Pink Sunshine Aylar önce
Heather T. I feel the same. I enjoy his technique and tool creativity. 😀
me encanta
Joana Correa
Joana Correa Aylar önce
Me encanta,😂🤣
Bina Mahato
Bina Mahato Aylar önce
Wow an amazing art🎨
Cema Ashley
Cema Ashley Aylar önce
Amazing painting…just tried this painting in watercolor as my acrylic was all dry. I’m beginner ..I’m trying my hand in painting. Thanks so much for showing your techniques .🙏🏼
INTP Aylar önce
try mixing sanitizer in your dry acrylic and see the magik:)
Bristy & Samia FCM
Bristy & Samia FCM Aylar önce
which color do use for painting?????
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