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6 Eki 2022




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Susanto Tjik
Susanto Tjik 3 aylar önce
As a working human being with a good job, a wife, and 2 kids. I can confirm I am proud to not be this guy.
V 3 aylar önce
عادل الشمري
عادل الشمري 3 aylar önce
Theo Trava zap
Theo Trava zap 2 aylar önce
moral da história dinheiro resolve tudo
Gavin Feng
Gavin Feng Aylar önce
Lankybox then: 😊 Lankybox now: 💀
2010hunter28 3 aylar önce
"Drinks wont affect my child" "The child:"
CH 2 aylar önce
edson.lu7732 2 aylar önce
​@Yolanda Barien
edson.lu7732 2 aylar önce
​@Yolanda Barien
Оксана Чиндина
​@Mostly._.human227 щ
TABASKI 3 aylar önce
@Yolanda Barien mhm
Elaida marina Hernández
brian lok
brian lok Aylar önce
When dreams have meaning my dreams
Toast 3 aylar önce
"just one pill wont affect my child" the child:
Doba Florin
Doba Florin Aylar önce
Kanagu Sabapathi
Kanagu Sabapathi Aylar önce
​@•itsyourgirl• 69ufdgh
Suraj giri
Suraj giri Aylar önce
​@M💕M 💕barwal
Rafael Rosa
Rafael Rosa 2 aylar önce
Manik Rajak
Manik Rajak 2 aylar önce
Par pa Yaw
Par pa Yaw 2 aylar önce
I think Adam wins cause he did all of the hard work.
Levente 2 aylar önce
"Him standing on coins" *procceeds to throw cash in the lava*
Ry-Charms Santiago
Ry-Charms Santiago 3 aylar önce
Phone yeeted TRvid deleted Bleach needed Therapist greeted
Cheeky boba
Cheeky boba 2 aylar önce
Richard and Richard sr
Shadow Survival Inquisitor
Suffering meeted
Joshua Locke
Joshua Locke 2 aylar önce
Youkf dhe
Kaiveon Linhart
Kaiveon Linhart 2 aylar önce
@a random roblox person probably himself
Serge’n’Sam 2 aylar önce
honestly, justin (purple hair) deserves to not have adam, and be in debt with no video ideas.
Roman Games Roblox
Roman Games Roblox 2 aylar önce
It's really sad that as of now this has more likes than the original Alphabet Lore
Reign Hansen
Reign Hansen 3 aylar önce
The equivalent of “Pay to Win”
idk 3 aylar önce
I like the animation tbh I don’t think this deserves any hate it’s just the fact that the other characters are added
kewl person
kewl person 3 aylar önce
lanky box is going insane and now I think they’ve completely lost it
Hector Israel
Hector Israel 3 aylar önce
Watching the video I realized that he wants us to understand that money solves life and that all effort will be in vain since the money ended up winning of the other who made an effort but in any case powerful the cringe 🌚
RedDragon 2 aylar önce
"A drink of wine and a few vapes wont hurt my child" 10 years LATER "HELP ME DAD I TOOK THE WRONG STEP HELPP!!!!"
Dean Fradin
Dean Fradin 3 aylar önce
When u want a relaxing time on TRvid 💀
kambyo-moto. tv
kambyo-moto. tv 3 aylar önce
Justin: -dancing while waiting the top and throwing his money-
Jhonelle Angelo Diones
Everything here denies to do the thing called ✨logic✨ And I think he forgot to take his pills
MentoS_HaT 3 aylar önce
Remind me why people subscribe to this guy and like his videos
"I think that's enough TRvid for today."
Damirthesniper 3 aylar önce
Alright! Time to watch some Lankyb- WHAT HAS THIS CHANNEL BECOME!?!
Ahmed Musa
Ahmed Musa 3 aylar önce
Never knew that Adam can fight 😂
Kuromi's World
Kuromi's World 3 aylar önce
El es de hello Kitty
Jonathan Camins
Jonathan Camins 3 aylar önce
"Just one drug won't affect my child" "The child:"
Kentucky Cultist
Kentucky Cultist 2 aylar önce
Bro hasnt got his milk for the nutritious cereal to gain braincells💀
Figure 3 aylar önce
Jimmy:He could just escape Gigachad*Adiós* Timmy:I think I enter the wrong reality Masteroogay:This is worst than my pickle getting chop for food Baller:I would rather get no girls Joe:I delete fornite after watching this Quiet kid:this is very cringe that I can't not shoot
Ree Exe
Ree Exe 3 aylar önce
This is definitely a lanky box moment
יונתן פרסיניץ
I love how lanky box throws so much money into the lava to go up but honestly the money hes using is just from his daily income from his 3k vids a day
Figure Gaming
Figure Gaming 3 aylar önce
How did he mine a ladder and break through a rock with his head 💀
XD Shygo
XD Shygo 2 aylar önce
"dont recommend this channel" looks good
Toca Phoebe Boca
Toca Phoebe Boca 3 aylar önce
I love these mini movies lol
Mary Elswick
Mary Elswick 2 aylar önce
I love this one but i love all of them
Carwaun Goynes
Carwaun Goynes 3 aylar önce
I never knew Adam was so short LOL
TBC! 3 aylar önce
Bro this is sooo relatable. It happens everyday I get home
Somewhat Not
Somewhat Not 2 aylar önce
Da Wizard Birb
Da Wizard Birb 3 aylar önce
Karen Mom: My Child Watches The Smartest Stuff! The Stuff The Child Is Watching:
Emu 3 aylar önce
That don’t recommend this channel button is looking pretty nice today
Huggy wuggy
Huggy wuggy Aylar önce
TRvid in 2010 be like
George DS
George DS Aylar önce
Вода должен Превратите лаву в воду
chameleonist 3 aylar önce
The first one he needed a ladder but the second one there was a stone there so he just jumped through it why didn't he just jump on the first one
Zenobe Aphrodite Mendoza
my braincells: by my owner i need to buy some milk in the store
Mata Faio
Mata Faio 3 aylar önce
why is it always adem whos the strong one justin proved that hes stronger in the table punch video
Toca Boca Animation
Toca Boca Animation 3 aylar önce
Let's pray for Adam For his wasted time😌
Bl4zing_fire73 2 aylar önce
POV: Your checking in on your child that got dropped on his head when they were born.
Hi Aylar önce
Why is lanky box beating up people
Ke Zhu
Ke Zhu 2 aylar önce
great animation
kindagoodatftf 2 aylar önce
Doctor: all dreams have meaning My dreams:
Logan Bathauer
Logan Bathauer 3 aylar önce
Him: casually wall jumps 7 times as if it was normal
Marcio Matos
Marcio Matos 3 aylar önce
The dinos!
The dinos! 3 aylar önce
I like how money makes them stronger
CLYrandoms 3 aylar önce
Sometimes trying so hard is enough
Javier Ocegueda
Javier Ocegueda 3 aylar önce
my mom: my son does not need vaccines is fine, the videos of his son:
Red_Head20 😁
Red_Head20 😁 3 aylar önce
Adam: *flys to the next floor* Me: FLY TO THE TOP
Tears In These Ratios
Tears In These Ratios 3 aylar önce
This is a certified -100 iq classic
Hypermask 3 aylar önce
the letter f would fold this man even if he had a raygun
Bakon_baconYT 2 aylar önce
"Drugs and TRvid wont affect my child" The child:
yipeee 3 aylar önce
"Drugs won't effect my child" The child:
🌍WorldFan🌍 3 aylar önce
Doctor: Dreams have meanings My dreams:
Kaiveon Linhart
Kaiveon Linhart 2 aylar önce
KopFee MatE
KopFee MatE 3 aylar önce
KopFee MatE
KopFee MatE 3 aylar önce
Jvhhhbbbbhj*mmnjhgdงงงฝฝฝใใฝฝฝ ดเทมมะฟพส่อรมะีกึม
Galaxy Fighter
Galaxy Fighter 3 aylar önce
Meaning of stupidity
Amruta. Yadav.
Amruta. Yadav. 3 aylar önce
@Екатерина Кононенко 1
Regina Alonzo
Regina Alonzo 3 aylar önce
"Drugs won't effect my child" The child:
random 3 aylar önce
4 years old kid drinks wine, this is what happened to him at 3:AM.
Sneaker 2 aylar önce
"""I have now fully lost my faith in humanity, and found; my 13th reason."""
Nina karina Santayana
Nina karina Santayana 3 aylar önce
my mind after the teacher says a question me:
IPS_ShadowYT 3 aylar önce
Mom “smoking won’t affect my child” The child
Dianne Tanael
Dianne Tanael 3 aylar önce
@Dark_FighterX ! no hes not toxic its true they were better on 2018 their content didnt look like this awful cringe
Dark_FighterX !
Dark_FighterX ! 3 aylar önce
Unknown 3 aylar önce
Man I knew them best buy edibles were strong effects
Camilly e Cauã
Camilly e Cauã 3 aylar önce
O cara se esforçou pô ele quase morreu e nem conseguiu ganhar injustiça isso
Mushroom 2 aylar önce
"dreams have meanings" *My fever dreams: ...*
David 3 aylar önce
This is actually good
loahmehj123 3 aylar önce
“What’s 9 + 10 class?” The kid with Gen Z Humor:
XD12_BG 3 aylar önce
J P 2 aylar önce
i love alphabet lore and lankybox
Smartfrito 3 aylar önce
"No mom, I'm not drunk"
Giga-sam 3 aylar önce
Justin: *proceeds to throw the money in the lava*
bunnyanx 2 aylar önce
The way they are dancing 💀
Kit 2 aylar önce
"Drugs won't affect my kids. " The kids: The dragon/bird thing: MY GIRAFFE NOW
I_I 3 aylar önce
Fatmaelzahraa Abdullah
I am crying now my favorite toy is a huggywuggy My bestie gave it to me And she moved to another place 50 months ago I really miss her I would never replace her i still remember her 😔
🍄amira🍄 2 aylar önce
Doctor:dreams have meanings My dreams:
polish cow
polish cow 3 aylar önce
mom: honey go play with timmy outside timmy:
Terry Heflin
Terry Heflin 3 aylar önce
Arkansas Gaming Inc.
Arkansas Gaming Inc. 3 aylar önce
I don't know what's sadder -The fact this is a thing or - That I watched the whole damn thing
Renee Payne
Renee Payne Aylar önce
Drugs wont do mutch .what the drugs did.
Poland 3 aylar önce
Man I must of really drunk last night to watch this and the funny part is I don’t even drink
a random roblox person
"Go play with the kid nextdoor!" The kid nextdoor:
Лия 2 aylar önce
​@Jude Adkins 😅👍
Fhyt 2 aylar önce
Elisa Lima
Elisa Lima 2 aylar önce
Omar Omar
Omar Omar 2 aylar önce
Jude Adkins
Jude Adkins 3 aylar önce
So tru
When lankybox finds out alphabet lore:
Roblox Suck
Roblox Suck 3 aylar önce
MEOW MEOW NIGG- 3 aylar önce
"Drugs won't affect my child" The child:
Jeremiah Goddard
Jeremiah Goddard 2 aylar önce
"cocane wont affect my child" the child.
guill_pip08 3 aylar önce
Los comentarios: este video es muy raro no tiene sentido El video con 1 millon de likes
Ethan Gabriel Maltez
Ethan Gabriel Maltez 2 aylar önce
Adam went beast mode
Hasbulla’s slave🇩🇪
Them goofy ahh sound effects tho ☠️
WeirdWorthogBoy 3 aylar önce
“Didn’t have to cut me off”
lesley martinez
lesley martinez 3 aylar önce
Hi lanky box i am a big fan my cousin too ❤️❤️‍🔥💖
alex setubal
alex setubal 2 aylar önce
lankybox 2022: *stealing thumbnails and using musics to get alot of subs and likes*
BloxyCola3D 3 aylar önce
a 2 years old kid eats sugar, him at 3 am:
Mostly._.human227 3 aylar önce
Luke 9:23
Lucasisgaming13 3 aylar önce
He could’ve just flew all the way up hill-
insarin 3 aylar önce
Danielle O'Wade
Danielle O'Wade 3 aylar önce
Yeah 😂😂
Veshremy But You Can't See His Face
My TRvid shorts recommendations are on drugs 💀
XD Shygo
XD Shygo 2 aylar önce
This is a definition of drug's effects
Supertoad804 3 aylar önce
Google: "dreams have meanings." My dreams:
Kenny Stewart
Kenny Stewart Aylar önce
Hard work does not pay off but sometimes it does
꧁𝖀𝖗 𝕷𝖔𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝕱𝖚𝖓𝖐𝖞꧂
*the deradactyl crashes and dies, and Adam finds himself in a HUGE pile of money*
PhantonDoesStuff 3 aylar önce
This pill won't affect your child at all mam. The child 5 years later :
ℍ𝕖𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕤𝕖𝕜𝕒 𓆚𒀱
the dreams i had when I was 6 years old
James Rae
James Rae 2 aylar önce
Andrew Amaral
Andrew Amaral 3 aylar önce
the logic here is indescribable
Tinnitus (돌멩이가 되고 싶어)
Cool cat edit.
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