Almost EVERYONE is Wasting Money on Dash Cams.

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It’s been YEARS since dash cams hit the market, but it feels like we’ve been stuck at a standstill. Why is it that camera quality is so lacking? Are there really no good options when shopping for a dash cam to attach to the windshield of your car? (The second half of this video is pretty stunning!)

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0:00 Intro
1:07 The Back-story
2:37 Thinkware F70
3:26 Biuone A20
3:55 Chortau B-T13
5:00 Iiwey T1 and Pruveeo D30H
6:16 Rexing V1-4K
6:57 Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2
7:34 Rove R2-4K
8:05 Viofo A119 V3
9:12 BlackVue DR750X and Thinkware U1000
15:04 tldr;
17:04 outro

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26 Mar 2023




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Aerowind Aylar önce
I think the problem here is that people run Dashcams for liability purposes, not to read things like license plates. People just need to see what happened. Almost every car accident devolves into a he said she said issue, and having video proof to back up that you're not at fault is worth a million words.
RedeemedJustInTIme 2 gün önce
Sadly, in many areas of the USA (especially inner-cities), hit and run accidents are extremely common, in some cities perhaps 50% or higher!
Pre S
Pre S 11 gün önce
I disagree. A lot of accidents are hit and run. I prefer to be able to have a licence plate and street signs readable for insurance purposes so they can't say that its insurance fraud if yo utry to do a claim. This happens mostly in parking lots. I'm not sure if the cameras run when the car is not driving.
EuropeanLegend 12 gün önce
@Magic Knight Same thing happened to me years ago. Unless there is undisputable video evidence. One party always tells the truth, the other is a liar. and when insurance companies don't have evidence it ends up being 50/50. If the vehicles aren't moved right away (like they usually have to be on highways for small fender benders) at the very least ALWAYS take photos. Videos are best. Photos are still good and better than having absolutely nothing to prove you're not at fault.
Illuminate me
Illuminate me 15 gün önce
Every single pixel could be extremely important in certain situations. If someone caused you to have an accident and then they fled the scene; and then YOU were held responsible for it, you WOULD want every bit of detail possible.
4k DRIVE TOUR 17 gün önce
​@Tree green the thinkware u1000 is great at doing that and more.
Engineering Alpha
Engineering Alpha 2 aylar önce
Here in the Philippines,I bought a $150 dashcam and in just 6 months, I avoided paying more than $200 worth of bullshit/fabricated traffic violations by the police/traffic enforcers because I told them I have the incident on record. It has been 4 years since and I stopped counting how much I have saved by not getting extorted by corrupt traffic enforcers and police. Probably much more than $800. Definitely worth my investment.
sippy 1821
sippy 1821 Gün önce
@Jennifer Sierzant well then why are you not buying one? seems counterintuitive
Jennifer Sierzant
Jennifer Sierzant 17 gün önce
This is why I’m not buying one! Just got pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign (which I did) and got a $200 ticket
Imran Hossain
Imran Hossain 23 gün önce
Probably saved 3 times more than that in Bangladesh. Corruption is the norm and way to go in police here, so u have to be more careful about them than being afraid of Hijackers or goons. They are government paid goons
puertoricanboy100 24 gün önce
How are things in the Philippines? Wishing you well and safe travels
Iron Druid
Iron Druid 3 aylar önce
Every once in a while I stumble across videos like this that remind me why traditional journalism is dying. Your team investigated and revealed the truth hidden behind almost all dash cams looking like crap and you did it in an interesting way too. That's more energy and fun than I normally see from them.
Calico Jack
Calico Jack 9 gün önce
@Bonzi Buddy They aren't covering Hunter's laptop because there's nothing to cover. There's nothing there. Get over it. Move on.
Bonzi Buddy
Bonzi Buddy 10 gün önce
@Calico Jack I wish it wasn't like that. When I go to the library, I always check out old newspapers and it is clear things were better then than they are now in regards to journalism. Dated language aside, the articles were far more full of facts and political coverage seemed more reasoned even if there was a hint at taking a side. People want to blame Fox News but Fox News is a direct response to the other news networks being so blatantly biased. There are things they simply won't cover (Hunter Biden's laptop, origins of Covid-19, etc.)
Calico Jack
Calico Jack 10 gün önce
​@Bonzi Buddy I agree with you, mostly. Newspapers also break stories like Epstein. But, yeah. It's mostly political stuff.
Joshua Barham
Joshua Barham 23 gün önce
@Iron Druid You're about to fall down a real rabbit hole lol there's dozens of channels and probably thousands of videos of it. Look up Idiots in Cars
Gerald Brakefield
Gerald Brakefield 23 gün önce
@Iron Druid lots of them. some better edited than others
T Jam
T Jam 27 gün önce
Love it! Finally…someone actually explains WHY we are experiencing what we are experiencing, when we are trying to find the best dashcam, but they all appear to have the same image quality. Why isn’t this type of review more common??!! Bravo Linus!! 👏
zYxMa 8 gün önce
because most of dashcam reviews are sponsered by their manufacturers
BrockGrimes 2 aylar önce
You forgot about the 2 lens types. Standard wide angel lens, and the narrow telephoto type. Wide angle gives you good coverage but you can't read plates. The narrow telephoto types you can clearly read plates even while driving, but you lose the wide angles that show what's going on around you. The best dash camera uses both to capture all that's going on, though few have both in the same unit.
plan je
plan je 16 gün önce
@량지민JL here you go or at last one claim _Dashcam For Recording License Plates: Cansonic UltraDash Z3 Standard Edition_
IUnknown 20 gün önce
@Paweł Skarżyński Why only in eastern Europe? The Netherlands is full of such shit also.
John Q Public
John Q Public 22 gün önce
​@량지민JLi know some cop cars have them, and they do work good. I have several videos in my disclosure. I dont know what they are called but i want one
Stallzy Aylar önce
The Viofo A119 has been a staple for literally ages. I bought one myself back in August 2017 according to my amazon history, and that was the V2 I believe shortly after it came out from the original, which was already good. I looked at more expensive camera systems but was a student at the time and seemed to be the best. Key thing is not to just look at ratings and reviews, but physically watch test footage of all of the cameras you're considering. For that reason, I went Viofo. Might even get another Viofo again as I need to buy another dashcam, hence finding this video, and not sure if I have all the mounting equipment or the desire to use the A119 again, as it was there when my last car was crashed into 3 years ago. Wish I had a second one for the rear. My driving instructor has been using Blackvue units since 2015 from my knowledge and has the 750 model one now. I may get the same but like the convenience of it all being on the sd card and maybe I will get separate front and rear units than a two channel system. GoPros would be good but they're not made for endurance / long recording sessions
And Roid
And Roid 28 gün önce
I'm using an A119C (capacitor) clone. The focus went slightly off a week after installing it but I'm still using it 4-5 years later (and I changed cars twice)?
Aldo Gomez Jr
Aldo Gomez Jr 29 gün önce
I am tempted to get a go pro but tbh i dont know stuff about technology so Im just going to get the one Linus recommended.
pudelz 7 aylar önce
My #1 rule with dashcams: go off the assumption that it didn't capture the license plate so leave the audio recording on and say the license plate.
Danny Ivan
Danny Ivan Gün önce
Yes this!
Sandra Fuller
Sandra Fuller 4 gün önce
@Jason Majere True to an extent,but only if there’s expectations of privacy say a room with doors closed.On the side of the road out in public not so much
Robynhood 21 gün önce
@Steve Rogers Its rare, but oddly, rear facing cams often pick up stupidity like that. I remember a video of a guy getting distracted by a flashy car next to him and rear ended the Dash Cammer.
Nicholas Conundrum
Nicholas Conundrum 24 gün önce
@MiGujack3 this helps me when I’m watching speeders :))
Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz 28 gün önce
Unless the guy cutting you off is driving 90mph
Eagle Scout Josh
Eagle Scout Josh 3 aylar önce
The fact that an old gopro and an arduino makes a better dashcam than most dashcams really seals the deal for me.
Swerving Lemon
Swerving Lemon 14 gün önce
​@Jeff Mayo And that's if the damned thing doesn't glitch out and shut off at the worst time. The open secret with GoPro users is that you need three running if you want to be sure that it captured.
garry singh
garry singh 19 gün önce
Are you still using go pro? Heating issue?
garry singh
garry singh 19 gün önce
​@Mahaniyama won't that get hot?
Mahaniyama 19 gün önce
Use ur old smartphone
RDCST Aylar önce
A feature that's really helpful is the polarized lens, to avoid dash reflections. I think that the main issue is in the compression algorithm that is really aggressive and lots of info is missing, so, you end with a FHD video with the resolution of a 640x480 raw video or worse.
Shubham Dhingra
Shubham Dhingra 29 gün önce
This video was super important and informative. One single 16 minute video is all that you want to know about dash cams, thanks LTT team for this.
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan 2 aylar önce
I have a Rexing V1. When shopping, it was just a sea of mid-tier obviously touched-up videos where the quality was almost identical. What ultimately made me select a V1 was simply that it had the biggest discount at the time, and because of the mentioned Forbes review. The feature that I find most useful on it is that it has built-in WiFi so I can just download the footage straight to my phone via the Rexing app. That said, the wifi is so laughably slow, it takes about 15 minutes to download a single clip. 10 to find the clip you want while waiting through the buffering, and another 5 to get the 2-3 minutes of footage. Solid meh, but at least it's there.
Dylan 26 gün önce
I've experienced the same thing with my Rexing V1P
Kisoithe Aylar önce
This is why its extremely worth it to get a 4k sensor if you do a lot of driving. With a high fov, the quality is stretched over a large area, and the extra quality makes an insane difference
Maes Elder
Maes Elder 7 aylar önce
I spent hours researching dash cams a year or so ago and it’s almost maddening how awful, sparse and misrepresented information on dash cams is. I was totally surprised how under developed they are. This is a video that is really necessary.
Alex Dubois
Alex Dubois 25 gün önce
Has anyone tried an iPhone app?
Rob Rose
Rob Rose 26 gün önce
I am sorry you missed reviewing Garmin Dashcam 55 - I have been complimented by cops when been the only witness to accidents as having best ever video that they have seen - quite taken aback and even asked what camera I have - FYI 1440P lets you zoom in on the video to ID plates and also get a wide angle too.
SupaNIWA 29 gün önce
@SeraphX2 I agree. I'd be worried buying an expensive dashcam that just gets stolen when someone breaks in.
HereWeGoAgain 29 gün önce
Buy tesla
Smoked The F***ed Out
This is the smoked the f***ed out review of the Nokia C100 gaming and emulation! in my video we explain the sexy connection between understanding how the c100 is actually good, and all the profits were wrong, and how touching the button can be exciting, and fun, also in my video we explore how to rub the controller to make it click better enjoy my video now!
Jason Frey
Jason Frey 2 aylar önce
VAVA has expanded their product line to include 1080P and 4K cameras. $120 to $200 respectively. I'd be interested to see how their models measure up against those tested and recommended here.
Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy 2 aylar önce
As a rule, the dusk and night clarity will almost always be limited by lens opening size (aperture) and the integration of it to the sensor; unless you add in the processing power of a cell phone to compensate.
Bad Drivers of Vancouver
Good review. I did come with the same conclusion when I purchased my first Viofo a119 a long time ago and spent a little bit of time choosing the Viofo A119 v3 to upgrade vs all the other highly priced dash cams that had a pretty bad imagine quality. Price was reasonable for the Viofo and quality is great. Their online support is awesome too.
twinturbostang 26 gün önce
There's always a tradeoff between wide angle view (so you catch everything on the recording) and good resolution so you can see detail. It's always a compromise between these. 4k should help in theory, but only slightly.
Lee C.
Lee C. 26 gün önce
Also a tip, just skip the shake to start parking feature all together. And because of that just wire it to the cars ignition source. Every time someone shuts the door it’ll trigger the camera and you’ll have a full memory card sooner than you think.
Grenan 7 aylar önce
So the main takeaway is we need to start a petition for GoPro to start making decent dashcams? 😅
KopaZ 3 gün önce
Pakming C
Pakming C 23 gün önce
Gopro is trash
Darren L
Darren L 24 gün önce
Sounds like you haven't used gopro much ☺️
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert Aylar önce
Now if they made dash cams and made them not crash all the time, they might save their company
nirfz Aylar önce
@Daniel B _Doesn't overwrite in loop mode_ How does that work? The word Loop means that it overwrites with new material. Anyways: my old 3+ used the whole card, and when it was full, it started overwriting the oldest files on the card. Unless i stopped the recording somewhere before the card was full, then the next loop was only for the remaining memory space. I think the overheating issues really started with the GoPro series where you didn't need the outer housing for water and dust protection anymore. 6 or 7 ? I managed to overheat the 3+ behind the windshield in summer because at first i used the housing with the open rear door. That was before i bought the thin frame and used it that way in the car.
Steven Haff
Steven Haff 22 gün önce
Loved your review! Your understanding of the frustrations a non techie purchaser has about tech purchases is spot on and background information makes me feel like I’m really learning something. I guess I’ll have to keep watching your helpful videos to guaranty it, lol! Thank you! I’m subscribing!
LeeODonnell Aylar önce
This is the first dashcam review I've seen that actually goes in depth about the differrent cameras and why they are all basically the same. Great video that goes way beyond other reviews with useless surface commentary.
PK-76 29 gün önce
I think you also have to take into account the vibrations of windshield due the car running and moving, having to record through the glass windshield and also how dirty the windshield is. I wonder how much more image quality would improve if there was a way to mount one outside the car.
noimagination99 3 aylar önce
Good info, and as others said, this is very needed. Shopping for dash cams is a real hassle. I had the Rove R2-4k and really liked it. I upgraded to the Rove Stealth 4K Pro, which actually has a 4K sensor (CMOS) and is a little better than the R2-4K. It looks like the Stealth 4K may be unavailable now though. The main added feature I really wish for is a slightly adjustable field of view, optically, and manually would be fine. If the view was not soooo wide, then more details would easily be recorded, like plate numbers.
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson 24 gün önce
I went with the vantru n4 with gps mount after doing research like this. My findings were identical to yours. The market is drowned with blatant lies. The one i found that lied the least was the vantru models. What i didn't expect was how much it stopped road ragers from doing something stupid once they saw a rear and front camera. Ive had it for two years and im reasonably happy with it.
TC 7 aylar önce
The real question is why are car manufacturers putting so many cameras on cars but don't give people the option to use them as a dashcam
Gold Plated Junk
Gold Plated Junk 23 gün önce
@Invalid Node believe me. I thought about getting a high quality Home security system and mounting the camera all over. Lol. But I want to have all 4 sides if possible. I found out there’s companies that have systems for trucks and offer like a monthly service also. Might be an option.
Invalid Node
Invalid Node 24 gün önce
@Gold Plated Junk just install the most cameras you can lol
Gold Plated Junk
Gold Plated Junk 24 gün önce
@Invalid Node I guess. No idea. Never even been in a Tesla let alone drive one. Lol. I’m just looking to find a high quality camera setup for my new truck that can use multiple cams and a 360 view.
Invalid Node
Invalid Node 24 gün önce
@Gold Plated Junk usb? Lmao
Gold Plated Junk
Gold Plated Junk 24 gün önce
I know the footage from teslas is available. No idea how it’s obtained though.
Chad Ormand
Chad Ormand 3 aylar önce
I want the dashcam to try to keep the other driver honest and to avoid getting scammed by someone trying to force you to rear end them.
julio morales
julio morales 2 aylar önce
Thank you Linus Tech! This information helped me realize the biggest importance on dashcams. I was about to buy something "high end" like the vue dashcam and a thinkware mid price range for my 110k truck. I will keep checking the best device for my dash.
David Something
David Something 2 aylar önce
I rate reliability above the ability to read a number plate as long as the quality is good enough to make out the car, model, colour of car and the lead up before the incident and a bit after, etc. Had a BlackVue for over 4 years now and apart from once it has never failed when reviewing footage. Also dropped it 2 flights of stairs onto concrete over 2 years back and it still works fine, regularly download videos from it jus to make sure everything is still working OK.
Gold Plated Junk
Gold Plated Junk 24 gün önce
I’m glad you touched on the monopoly issue. People thing they have options with any product. Yet 90% is someone else’s product sold in bulk to multiple companies with different names.
T.Tickles FPV
T.Tickles FPV 27 gün önce
Thank you for taking the time to make such an in-depth video. You guys always go above and beyond. Shout out from Vancouver island.
Aaron Van Domelen
Aaron Van Domelen 7 aylar önce
If there was ever a reason for LTT labs it's this kind of in depth content that I think justifies it. It's a damn awesome public service.
skeet25s 6 aylar önce
@John Suckher You hit that nail right on the head.
Clay3613 7 aylar önce
@teemofie Yeah, this video seems kinda mean to him. Dude literally built his channel over 10 years on it actually was in contact with manufacturers to make dashcams better. This video gets 3 million views in a week and Techmoan gets nothing on his old camera videos.
Tomáš Klouda
Tomáš Klouda 7 aylar önce
@Forbidden Era would you please recommend which brand(s) to look for then? Would be nice to hear professional point of view on this. TIA
Basketball Jones
Basketball Jones 7 aylar önce
@Kenneth Porter I always wanted one to help prove I am not at fault for an accident - never bought one, but yeah, this is a no brainer and it's surprising they don't have better image quality.. must not be much money is this market...
MindResonator Aylar önce
Good review and information. One thing I'm taking from this is that North American (including Canada) non-reflective number plates and road signs have terrible visibility. I know this doesn't help people living in these areas, but something for those in other areas to bare in mind I imagine these cams probably perform better in other countries where reflective plates are mandatory. Shame you don't have any reflective plates to try these with.
0scJohnson0 2 aylar önce
Car manufacturers could include the feature to record video on the cameras already installed. Could be tied to the collision prevention sensors and are triggered to record for a set time.
ThxComeAgain 24 gün önce
Always state the license plate number of any vehicle involved for your dash cams audio, never assume the camera caught it. Edit: this is mostly pertaining to hit and runs, as often the other car doesn't stick around long enough to get the plate on camera.
Cat Mate
Cat Mate 2 aylar önce
I used a SJ4000 a relatively inexpensive GoPro clone as dashcam and it worked kinda ok. SJ4000 has a loop recording mode (called car mode in the menu, duh), which allows it to be used as dashcam. The issue was the power cable connection - a simple micro usb port which got lose after a while so the cable started falling out of the socket. I don't know if any GoPro camera has loop recording mode, because GoPro is definitely much superior to any of these dashcams.
RedeemedJustInTIme 2 gün önce
Two important aspects of a dashcam I did not see you mention is HDR (high dynamic range) and FPS (frames per second). I have found a license plate in motion is easier to read with a 720p dashcam recording at 60 FPS than a 1080p dashcam recording a 30 FPS. Also, for dashcams that support it, enabling HDR might help with the overexposure of the license plates at night.
SomeRyeBread 7 aylar önce
We need more vids like this, the lack of reliable info about consumer electronics outside the "tech space" is maddening. Well done LMG and shout-out to the writer that helped do all the research.
AR7271 6 aylar önce
@Sulfen it really is a shame that GoPro did not get involved in the body camera market when they had the chance. Axon cams are such garbage compared to my GoPro Hero7!
Kangal 7 aylar önce
@SEO Brand ROI Associates In theory, these gadgets are supposed to make it LESS likely to have a collision AND to make the impacts softer. So that should reflect in the insurance, by meaning lower prices. The fact that prices didn't go down (or even stay the same), but that they went up... means that the industry is corrupt. And anything that is corrupt needs to be replaced, fixed, or not made mandatory. So, yeah, citizens stop being lazy, band-together and take power back from the 1% and fix your system.
SEO Brand ROI Associates
@Kangal in the US at fault insurance is required in most states. Prices are getting higher now because car repairs and medical bills are skyrocketing. In that sense mandating dash cams may add another automatic cost for insurance to consider the way backup cameras and lane/collision detection added hundreds of dollars to every bumper repair bill
TharzZzDunN 7 aylar önce
We need more vids like this? You mean a commercial, that's all this is, shilling a "trusted" version of the same old garbage everyone else sells.
Kangal 7 aylar önce
The most disappointing thing about Linus' video here, is he recommended "just stick a GoPro on your dash". But he never actually tested that and made a comparison. Even if he was correct, I wanted to see what type of improvement it would lead to, such as it's performance under intense sunlight, regular light, low-light, and night-interrupted with headlights. Almost feels like all first-world nations should make it mandatory that all new cars have to have built-in cameras (360') with an acceptable performance. That at-fault insurance should be mandatory, and all insurance costs/premiums should be slashed by x3 in costs due to these improvements. Knowing the greedy people in insurance, manufacturing, and policy-makers, I really doubt we get pragmatic improvements like this.
Beb 3 aylar önce
Enjoyed your report. Thank you. The blurry number plates could be a result of refraction due to looking through a slanted glass wind screen. Perhaps a comparison test with the cams mounted out side ? If an improvement, this would require making external cameras. (securely fixed to prevent theft).
Neizo Aylar önce
While I really appreciate the review of all these dashcam, I'm left unsatisfied. Surely, there are better option out there? doesnt matter the pricepoint? I would love a second episode, where you try out more stuff, so we can find out which one is the best, and which one we should get
Patrick Almazar
Patrick Almazar 8 gün önce
Super informative review and quite entertaining. I appreciated the deeper dive into performance specs and image quality comparisons. Mostly, it was just a hoot to watch! 😂 Thanks!
Peter Tsoraidis
Peter Tsoraidis 25 gün önce
I’m curious how implementing an insta360 as a dashcam would work. It it was added essentially on the roof of every car then it should be able to capture information everywhere at all times
Steve Rossiter
Steve Rossiter 21 gün önce
My first time watching your videos. I see exactly why you have over 15million subscribers. Your attention to detail,information & research that went into this video. Great job
Torque Test Channel
Torque Test Channel 7 aylar önce
This is the kind of vids the world needs. Amazon reviews and specs are almost useless, something that applies to a growing number of categories of products
J. Morrison
J. Morrison 3 aylar önce
@ALifeOfWine That's one of the best 'pet peeves' of almost every 'review' from a store/retailer. You pick up an item and the next day or two you're supposed to know all the perks and failures as well as the longevity. I tried 'saving' some review requests as 'unread' & flagged for another time closer to MY best time to give a mostly honest review. Doesn't work. After a month or so, you can open the email but it won't accept your sending it back.
Jenn D
Jenn D 7 aylar önce
@oldfrend How will you know if it arrived on time, but the reviewer never actually used the product - five stars?
FinnDerp 7 aylar önce
Amazon is turning into Ebay
row0111 7 aylar önce
Dash cams need to work in extreme heat, if they recorded in 8K at 60fps like a Go Pro people would complain of overheating and a lack of recording time.. you would need like a 512GB SD card to get even a few hours of driving.
Michael Kim
Michael Kim 2 aylar önce
So impressed. You get straight to the point and all these other youtube videos leave you more confused than when starting this research.
Frank Gonzalez
Frank Gonzalez 13 gün önce
Hello Linus Yes I am one of your new subscribers and I am very happy to have found your website. I really enjoyed your analytical review of the topic, thus I have a question for you. I own a car with a very low front spoiler and I am looking to find a front view spoiler camera. I was thinking of installing a rear view camera in the front grill for this purpose even if I had to have it constant on. So, what is your recommendation? Looking forward to your savy Idea. Thanks Frank
Dad stuff n stuff
Dad stuff n stuff Aylar önce
These cameras have saved the careers of many truck drivers. My company has been using them for years, we use close call videos for training purposes, the crash videos saves everyone from lying. Definitely not a waste of money.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 2 aylar önce
The lens, exposure control, AWB, de-bayering, color correction, noise reduction, etc. are all points of potential difference that could explain the difference in image quality with the same sensor.
Wilderhope Adventures
Wilderhope Adventures 26 gün önce
My £40 Apeman dashcam has been great. I haven't installed the rear camera but have reported several dangerous drivers with footage from it...clear plates, high-quality footage, perfect length cords. I know the company also does action cams
Christopher Rice
Christopher Rice 7 aylar önce
THIS is the kind of content that we need. Calling out trash markets and helping people find honest answers, doing the side-by-side comparisons they can't do. Thanks for this! Glad to know the Rove R2-4K I got as a gift is not far from really the peak in the market and is "good enough" if not overpriced a bit.
Firebert79TA 7 aylar önce
I have the rove. Everything is good minus two big flaws. 1 - insufficient battery. The camera, even though not running, will lose power while parked and forget all the time and date settings. So annoying. 2 - suction cup mount falls off the window about once every 4-6 weeks (even in temperate southern California)
MymaJyma 7 aylar önce
It looks like he also only had the 2k 60fps setting in use instead of the 4k 30fps which is way clearer.
Darren New
Darren New 7 aylar önce
@williamshaw3rd I think I remember seeing that. They had a video and Suzuki was saying "he's doing parking lot maneuvers at highway speeds." In any case, whether they were right or wrong here, it doesn't look like they were taking advertising or paid reviews in that case, and from what I'm reading on wikipedia the car rolled often enough to cause thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths. The first new car I ever bought myself was an Isuzu. I never really wondered before why they stopped selling them in the USA, but now I know. :-) I know they can be biased, but I think they are (or at least were) proud of not taking money from manufacturers.
williamshaw3rd 7 aylar önce
@Darren New you should look into their slander campaign for the Suzuki Samurai. Friends of LTT, Donut Media covered it a year or two ago.
Darren New
Darren New 7 aylar önce
@williamshaw3rd I don't think CR does paid endorsement? Or is this new? They used to always buy their own stuff to test and never ran ads. That's why you had to be a member to get their recommendations. Has that changed?
GJRR Parsons
GJRR Parsons Aylar önce
Very entertaining and appreciate the deep dive into the field to only come back to price/quality as acceptable. I can use the info and your “commercials” were short and interesting too. Well done
TwistedFoxblade 13 gün önce
My dashcam was only 100 on newegg and you can easily read license plates. the second camera that it connects to isnt as good but its good enough. I watched tons of reviews before i found one that was really good.
storm024 11 gün önce
Care to say which one you went with?
Matt Murray
Matt Murray 2 aylar önce
I got the VIOFO over the ThinkwareF70 because the VIOFO has a screen that makes it easier to use. Both have excellent reviews.
Glide1992 2 aylar önce
Finally, with way too many dash cams to chose from, I found this video. Thanks for putting it all in perspective. Subbed and liked. Viofo here I come.
Tired old mechanic
Tired old mechanic 24 gün önce
The ability to capture license plates, or the lack of it has been my biggest concern. I realize that the wide angle lens is desireable in many circumstances but maybe someone could make a camera without wide angle to capture plates and a second wide angle camera could be used with it.
Tired old mechanic
Tired old mechanic 20 gün önce
@SILENT FLASH From watching TRvid videos I've learned that Go Pros don't work in heat. In the winter you have to use the defroster to keep the windshield clear and it overheats a GoPro. In the summer the sun overheats a GoPro. Half the time the GoPro doesn't work at all or shuts off randomly.
SILENT FLASH 20 gün önce
Use a go pro as a dashcam
Sander Høyland
Sander Høyland 7 aylar önce
I feel like GoPro should just make a $150 dashcam that would literally crush everything else. That's about what the Hero Session went for in the end, right?
Evan Gay
Evan Gay 6 aylar önce
no, it wouldnt. go ahead and mount your gopro in your windshield and prepared to be disappointed just like these others
Jeff 6 aylar önce
@Messeresser capacitors aren’t batteries, dude. You are either using poor terminology or are a victim of marketing.
AR7271 6 aylar önce
@AME cut the BS. I went from a hero 2 to a hero 7 and the batteries on both lasted about the same on equal settings. That said I do wish that the GoPro hero 7 black came in a silver or white color because it definitely heats up more than the hero 2 used to. For obvious reasons black absorbs sunlight more than lighter colors.
Joe O.
Joe O. 6 aylar önce
Do police dash cams over consumer Amazon grade cams offer a more robust set up, improved optics, better memory, etc?
Chaotik Clover
Chaotik Clover 7 aylar önce
@hubertnnn The normal working range for most capacitors is -30oC to +125oC
Don McCready
Don McCready 2 aylar önce
I’ve experimented with several dashcams and then found the perfect solution for me. I use my iPhone 13 in a holder on my dash and the OsmAnd DVR app. Great image quality, lots of features, and recordings that are backed up. I’ve used it so long that I don’t remember if it was free… but if not, it was probably less than $5. Great way to use an iPhone that you already take with you!
idiotsinc 24 gün önce
After seeing the image quality available I went with the GoPro option. Purchased a second hand 5 model and the image quality is great.
thedaddechannel 25 gün önce
That's a real eye-opener. Thanks for all your work. Great job. This arena is a prime example of how marketing ads separate you from your money. They most likely are using a much different camera so we'll have to be on the lookout for license plate readability in the ads. If it sounds too good to be true...only now it looks!
Lawrence Szabo
Lawrence Szabo 21 gün önce
So I've been investigating this and it's just as frustrating as you say it is. However, I'm hoping (crossing fingers) that my research is coming to an end. It seems that the new line of Element camera's from Vantrue are pretty decent in terms of their image quality. Could you do an update to this video and maybe see what you think?
Birtalan Lorant
Birtalan Lorant 26 gün önce
Bought last year a Xiaomi A500S, same sensor (imx335) with the novatek xxxxx80. Superior image quality to the $100 cams here, not muuuuuch better, but certainly an upgrade, im overall happy with it!
NieR 7 aylar önce
I wish the video explored using alternative methods like the GoPro setup mentioned. How much would it cost? How big is the quality improvement? Is it practical to setup? All of these are left unanswered other than "it should look good"
jessie gomez
jessie gomez 29 gün önce
GoPro would be terrible. It would become very tedious to have to recharge the go pro constantly. And night shots would look terrible on GoPro
István Csige
István Csige 4 aylar önce
Anubizz slayer
Anubizz slayer 4 aylar önce
Please add car window on the budget as well.
Satana Hades
Satana Hades 6 aylar önce
@kvaks3000 that’s very inconvenient and phones get hot fast
Ernie 6 aylar önce
I've used gopro for this. Yeahba few limits but it's also very versatile for other uses. its not a set/forget thing but very easy to start with a single button push. it won't overheat if you remove the batter and use usb power. it's the combined heat of the sun and glass plus battery heat that it cannot dissipate. with usb power it's pretty unlimited. Putting two of them in a car is a bit costly though.
Mike Long
Mike Long 2 aylar önce
Appreciate the video. I do have one question though...let's say I had a higher budget. Is there a camera for 250 or 300 that does improve the quality to the point where you can read things at night, etc?
Explain it to your therapist.
I've owned a Nextbase GW-512 dual dashcam (£200) for around five years now, having replaced it's lithium battery once (£10). It's more than paid for itself in that time by providing accurate footage, convincing third party insurers to cough up on numerous different occasions. It also increases battery life considerably, if you set a dashcam to operate with the screen turned off. Dashcam's generally outlive their batteries, but few people know how to, or can be bothered to replace a battery once depleted.
Kevin Singer
Kevin Singer 2 aylar önce
I have a nextbase and the battery does not last longer than a couple minutes even fully charged.
Baron Nuuke
Baron Nuuke Aylar önce
I use the same Xiaomi dashcam since 2016-2017. It can read the plates and does not have generic sounds, changed the batteries a couple of times. Sadly Xiaomi closed their camera brand ("Yi") that made dash cams, action cameras and mirrorless cameras. They were pretty good for their price and in the beginning they updated regularly the firmwares and stuff like that, but they suddenly stopped everything. A shame
Nesher 27 gün önce
You have 70mai that I think belongs to Xiaomi
Trevor Nelmes
Trevor Nelmes 3 aylar önce
Great video. I have been looking to add some form of dashcam to our 3 cars, and have given up on recording anything in quality enough to see the licence plate. I pulled the trigger on 3 of the base Viofo A119 V3 dashcams from Amazon, using vouchers brought them down to (each) $85 + purchase tax, with Prime delivery. Why pay, more I say? Going to power them from USB powerbanks though.
EV-olution 2 aylar önce
This is a fantastic overview of the very messed up dashcam market. I have used Viofo for almost 4 years now, initially with the A129 Duo in my Kia Niro EV, and now a T130 in my Kia EV6. For the price and features included, they are pretty much the best solution on the market that offer good image quality. From a fellow Canadian, thanks for making this comparison video, it confirms my choice of dashcam 😎
EV-olution Aylar önce
@SS if you are referring to getting a dashcam, then yes. I have had a dashcam in my cars for the last 12 years. My first was a no name camera that I bought on a Chinese site and I loved it for what it offered. I have a review video of my current dashcam (Viofo T130), as well as an installation video, if you are interested.
SS Aylar önce
Would you say it’s worth buying? Thinking of getting it
Girth Brooks
Girth Brooks 7 aylar önce
In a society where even reviews and ratings are fake, we need more videos like this
Clay3613 7 aylar önce
chris232323 7 aylar önce
@tt ww this sounds biased
HackanHackerGames 7 aylar önce
@Chris723 What i didnt say for you to say belive that xD genuinly curious always learning english :P
HackanHackerGames 7 aylar önce
@Chris723 Did you watch the linus video are YOU lost on the wrong vid yourself?
HackanHackerGames 7 aylar önce
If you didnt understood my point then there it is
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 13 gün önce
Great video! This is pretty much what I expected after shopping for one. Still, have a look at the many TRvid channels that feature videos from these cams. There is a huge difference in the quality of the video, especially at night! I think that I might do well with your info and looking at these videos to get the best of them for a decent price.
The Haze
The Haze 2 aylar önce
I went to the auto shop (I live in Japan) picked one out advertised to be able to show the plates and was about $300. It was also pro installed by the shop. I got in an accident about 3 years later (wasn't my fault) the guy ran away, the police found him and made him pay.
dathyr1 Aylar önce
Awesome video review. I was thinking a little bit on possibly getting a dashcam for my car and wondering how good they are. Thank you very much for testing all these different brands and finding out they all have similar old technology far as the quality of the cameras. Question 1: Since the dashcam is trying to shoot out through a very slanted car window that may have additional protective properties in the glass, could that affect the quality of getting a good picture on the license plate numbers. Question 2: Anybody try a GoPro and use it as a dashcam? is it any better than what is used in this video? To use a GoPro inside of a car with no air blowing on the camera, would the GoPro overheat very easily after 20 minutes or so? GoPros are notorious for overheating problems. Question 3: Do any of the dashcams in this video have video stabilization built into them for better video quality? If they are bouncing around inside a car attached to the window the quality is going to suck without it. But anyway thanks again for your great video on the DashCam world.
Irontusk341 Aylar önce
I used the same Viofo for 3 years until it crapped out. I will say, It's definitely durable.
Adrammelech 2 aylar önce
Shame you didn't test any actual bigger dashcam brands like mio or 70mai, tho idk how much improvement would there be. I think the market peaked and became saturated few years ago and sales are not that great nowadays so there's no that much incentive to improve.
Bob Sentell
Bob Sentell 7 aylar önce
GoPro not entering the dashcam market will forever be the most perplexing thing about that company. They already have pretty much everything they need.
Shinkajo 6 aylar önce
@HardManbow well my mirror is just a mirror
HardManbow 6 aylar önce
@Shinkajo I'm guessing whatever powers the lights or other electronics that are attached to your rearview mirror (like OnStar in GM products). Not sure what the voltage or current is for that, but I'm sure you could get that info with a multimeter.
Shinkajo 6 aylar önce
@Vanquished what's rearview mirror power?
Vanquished 7 aylar önce
You're not going to find many people who want to pay for a go pro as a dashcam. Idk what the power requirements for a gopro are but these are all very low power usage. I kinda doubt you could run a go pro off your rearview mirror power like I do with my dashcams (and recommend everyone else do as well lol)
Loki Scarlet
Loki Scarlet 7 aylar önce
@Michael0100 Heat insulation goes both ways. If it’s trapped in a glass oven (car), generating heat of its own as well, insulated from any cooling potential when the car cools down, it’s just gonna keep getting hotter.
prizegotti Aylar önce
This is what happens when you spend too much time looking at 4K Screens with high refresh rates, your eyes are all messed up. Most of those looked perfectly fine and readable to me. I have an IIWEY DC01, which is pretty much the same as the IIWEY you reviewed, and image quality is great, possibly the best you'd find for $35.
CREEPINGIRON 24 gün önce
A redline parked next to my coworker one week at my store, she wanted to check the dashcam footage to match his plate, but "there wasn't enough motion to activate the recording". Hopefully this video will learn me a good option for my MGM! 🦓💚
Javier Seoane
Javier Seoane 8 gün önce
Gracias Linus también me estoy rompiendo la cabeza con este problema y no quiero seguir tirando plata en malos productos
L D 25 gün önce
Awesome video. My cellphone with a dashcam app has been the best thing I used when it comes to image quality. The biggest problem with that is the phone can't withstand the heat build-up in my car and FL weather. And it becomes annoying having to take the phohe in and out and setting it up to be used as a dashcam.
Jacob Drinkard
Jacob Drinkard 29 gün önce
Great video and I really like this category of aggregate product reviews. I really love them, reminds me of the "How Amazon is Allowing Flashlights to Get Out of Hand" video as well. Anyone know of any other cool ones?
paul walther
paul walther 7 aylar önce
I’m a car insurance claim adjuster and I can say that the quality of the camera has never been an issue for me. Even a really grainy low quality video will show me what this person was doing when the impact occurred - stopped or moving, staying in their lane or changing lanes etc. of course if you spend the time to get a camera you might as well protect yourself from the hit and run idiot if you can but it happens less than you think and half the time someone does a hit and run they don’t even have insurance anyway.
Matthew Kazimierczuk
Thanks for clearing that up, Paul! That’s pretty much what I was thinking; that the camera only needs to capture the basics of a situation and the police, insurance agents, etc., can use their own logic to determine what happened, who’s at fault, etc.
David Falls
David Falls 2 aylar önce
@BByou are incorrect. Insurance is NOT mandatory in all states. In VA, and in many other states, you may pay an uninsured motorist fee. Then you may drive with no insurance at all…none.
Margaret Houghton
Margaret Houghton 4 aylar önce
@Dūm Dūm Brown nah. Just make sure that you carry uninsured motorist coverage.
Apocalyptic Gamer+
Apocalyptic Gamer+ 6 aylar önce
@Oni-One happened to me too lol. I was young and dumb and would have been screwed but they drove away and Ive never felt so relieved in my life.
Anfernee Myers
Anfernee Myers 6 aylar önce
While I understand where you’re coming from, Linus does point out at the very beginning that if you’re only concerned about fault, then dashcams do their job just fine (2:29). However, some people (probably like Linus) might be concerned with other things like theft or other occurrences that don’t directly involve another vehicle, and that’s where quality might matter.
B. Nichols
B. Nichols 2 aylar önce
Maybe the cheap plastic lens in front of the sensor could have a big influence on the clarity and sharpness of your images. With a camera this makes a huge difference.
M T 2 aylar önce
Most dashcams video quality are about the same but not many are reliable. After trying multiple cams for over 10 years I now stuck with thinkware since 2016. They never had an issue from day 1. Also they have the best parking mode feature too.
OK, I changed my name if y'all insist.
For me the key feature in a dashcam have been its battery. My last dashcam served its purpose and saved my ass a lot of trouble but then it started dying in the cold. Lithium batteries aren't good in the cold. My current one is 70 mai from Xiaomi, very much like the F70 here, but with an app. And I love it. It's small, inconspicous, nice and it always works. They update the app. What else would I want? I really don't think detail and license plates are all that important. What is important is being able to show you were not at fault for the accident. I once had an accident at a crossroad where a guy ran a red light and suddenly appeared right in front of me just when I started moving on my green. If not for the camera it would have been my word against his on who ran the red light. Also sometimes you may see some freaky shit and record it and then post it on social media.
HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_
Just based on IOS (brightness exposer) they will need to make a self adjusting camera to get something clear. Just like a GoPro we have to adjust IOS depending on if were in our shop, outside in direct sun, etc etc
cybergrail 25 gün önce
Thank you for these reviews. I am most interested in two things: 1) automatic uploading of data in realtime to the cloud so my data can't be stolen and 2) a camera I can focus with sound at my side window in the event of a traffic stop. Can you help?
adrian solis
adrian solis 7 aylar önce
We need more videos like this. There's so much repackaged crap from China with a "brand name" stuck on it that there needs to be more widespread information showing not only what this stuff is, but how it usually isn't worth the cost either. Excellent research on this one.
Xeridea 7 aylar önce
@ThisNoName Then why are even the $200-400 cameras no better picture quality?
The other John Smith
The other John Smith 7 aylar önce
@PCMasterRaceTechGod Shaky, max 30mins, hot phone, HUGE wear on the hattery, wears out the screen and battery, and my car doesn't have a way to mount a phone where it can properly "see" the road (small car).
mb 7 aylar önce
@PCMasterRaceTechGod i think that's a decent idea, and to expand on it it should be an app which records a size or length to ram and loops back, add in sensor use for accident and stop detection which will be automatic triggers to transfer that window of recording to storage
ThisNoName 7 aylar önce
@Xeridea People already did all that, and made a bunch of 4K dashcams. You can get a reasonable quality dual 4K+1080 for around 120-140.
puneet sharma
puneet sharma 2 aylar önce
I am using wolfbox T10 and the video quality is decent enough to pause and read the licence plates. The DVplayer is good enough to track the routes too
Anthony Narvaez
Anthony Narvaez Aylar önce
How have these reviews held up over time? I thought overheating issues were a major factor in higher end unit construction and cost
Tomislav Tom
Tomislav Tom Aylar önce
Hi guys, what are your experiences with Wolfbox G900? Is there anything better in that range? I need a mirror dashcam that records forwards and backwards and has parking mode. Thanks
Salty Soda
Salty Soda 3 aylar önce
my favorite part is when i realized the camera falling over wasnt something he just ignored in the moment, let alone on the first take 😁
Andriy Kopiychuk
Andriy Kopiychuk Gün önce
You forgot to mention the huge benefit of Viofo being a capacitor based camera - means there is no battery - which is number 1 component to fail or possibly even burn your car. I've had Viofos for the last 5 or 6 years - all of them are still running like new - I only change micro SD cards every other year just to be safe, using 32Gb high endurance cards - which is dirt cheap these days.
jk oblivion
jk oblivion 7 aylar önce
This is not only reviews. This is Public service. You guys rock.
joeyf504327 23 gün önce
For the Rexing, turn the exposure to -(1/3) and it really helps out clarity.
Sam 2 aylar önce
Funny, I came to the same conclusion that the Viofio A129 duo is the best option based only on image quality alone. That's literally the only thing I care about. Too bad these companeis don't have any incentive to update their image sensors.
Tom Missouri
Tom Missouri 23 gün önce
Since it seems everyone is using the same stuff and simply charging more or less due to a different case, maybe a good comparison is the Walmart 1080p cheap dash cams from $30 and up to see if there is any reason to pay more. Clearly, most can't buy a half dozen cameras and compare side by side, so that would be extremely helpful. It might shame some of the manufacturers to improve, if their $100 or $200 camera gives no improvement over the $30 special. Walmart has camera at $29 and $59 from Yada and Omm and of course, like most, reviews are "Great and fantastic!" to "Piece of junk, didn't work out of package." reviews like yours with side by side video tell more than a page and a half of specifications that really mean nothing that 90% of the people can't decipher or haven't experienced.
Perhapsian Aylar önce
I have the A119 with its rear camera and it's exactly as it is here. It's alright but it isn't something I can definitively rely on. Under the camera, I have my GoPro mounted under it which I only turn on when I'm going on notable drives and I love that thing.
Jay B
Jay B Aylar önce
Hey, could we revisit to see what new cameras have come in the market and if they make a real difference or not?
Hamachingo 7 aylar önce
Pro tip: get a piece of polarization filter foil and stick it in front of the lens. Removes glare from your own windshield, general reflections (you see the drives behind the windshield) and it helps with contrast.
Gary New
Gary New 29 gün önce
@Chaos Corner clear polarising filter off an slr would be interesting to experiment with.
Ben Jumper
Ben Jumper Aylar önce
@Michal Mečiar Please share a link to the polarizing filter. That sounds like a much better solution!
So Confused
So Confused 7 aylar önce
@Will H. they'd have to prove you tampered with the speed camera first 😉
hazonku 7 aylar önce
Was gonna say, one thing that none of them seem to have is a decent ND filter.
Will S
Will S 7 aylar önce
Shouldn't the camera come with all that crap?
M.A.D.I 3 aylar önce
I found Zenfox 3 channel wifi dashcam rates up in the top tier of dashcams. I got into an incident on the freeway at 4am on the way to work. I was able to capture the incident front/rear and in full high quality night performance. I do have the video for review. Just to share if anyone is looking for a worthwhile dashcam.
vara fouroneone
vara fouroneone 2 aylar önce
**FANASTIC** *VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* I really really want a dashcam but have hesitated to buy ANYTHING based on precisely the issues you bring up. Thank you for uncovering the "repackaging" of basically the same damn camera in many of these products. Hoping more people wise up to this before making their buying decisions! Not only was your video extremely informative but entertaining... I watched from beginning to end (the outro was hilarious)! Thank you and thank you again.
Jacob O'Neill
Jacob O'Neill 16 gün önce
Go Pro Labs has motion detection. Not sure if you could charge or if you still need to enable recording for it to find motion detection but could be an option 🤷🏻‍♂
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