Almost EVERYONE is Wasting Money on Dash Cams. 

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It’s been YEARS since dash cams hit the market, but it feels like we’ve been stuck at a standstill. Why is it that camera quality is so lacking? Are there really no good options when shopping for a dash cam to attach to the windshield of your car? (The second half of this video is pretty stunning!)
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0:00 Intro
1:07 The Back-story
2:37 Thinkware F70
3:26 Biuone A20
3:55 Chortau B-T13
5:00 Iiwey T1 and Pruveeo D30H
6:16 Rexing V1-4K
6:57 Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2
7:34 Rove R2-4K
8:05 Viofo A119 V3
9:12 BlackVue DR750X and Thinkware U1000
15:04 tldr;
17:04 outro

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@pudelz Yıl önce
My #1 rule with dashcams: go off the assumption that it didn't capture the license plate so leave the audio recording on and say the license plate.
@support2587 Yıl önce
Nice tip!
@LeoLeahy Yıl önce
That's actually very good advice 👌🏻
@MiGujack3 Yıl önce
In practice you will fail due to adrenaline.
@@MiGujack3 nope
@poisonblader 7 aylar önce
It’s been about a year since this video came out. I think we’d all appreciate an update on new products that have hit the market and good options since last year.
@poultrypants 7 aylar önce
@thomasbroker69 7 aylar önce
Came here to say the same thing
@johndeerekid167 7 aylar önce
It's all the same players and same games
@poultrypants 7 aylar önce
@@johndeerekid167 Yes, but it might be nice to get new recommendations on which dashcams are the best value and quality now, even if it’s still the same players and the same game.
@eduardoromaguera9707 6 aylar önce
Came here to find the good one and order it 🙃
@alan_wood 7 aylar önce
Thank you for the video. After much procrastination, I went for the VIOFO A119 V3. It was going for a good price on Amazon and was bundled with the optional GPS module which saved some money. I think the GPS mount is the way to go as the power cable plugs into it instead of the dashcam itself, meaning it is easier to remove it from the vehicle. There are lots of support articles on their website and it appears they care about their products.
@liamfoxy 8 aylar önce
I got the Viofo A129+ Duo a couple years back, and it's been pretty good. Have had no issues with recording, saving, or pulling footage. The duo means it's front and back, which I find important as a Canadian who drives stateside often. I did spend a little extra for the UV shield, which I find does assist with night vision and sun glare. I did also go for the hardwire kit, which was an interesting experience, but ultimately quite a doable DIY project.
@WestCoastG100 7 aylar önce
By UV shiled do you mean the CPL filter or do I need to buy something else?
@liamfoxy 7 aylar önce
@@WestCoastG100 The little lens that clips over the camera. Maybe it's called that? Idk
@WestCoastG100 7 aylar önce
@@liamfoxy yuo. It's a Circular Polarized Filter. It reduces glare
@YevgenLasman 3 aylar önce
@@WestCoastG100 the problem with any polarization filters is they affect exposure and removing them every dawn/night does not work well.
@harryb1210 3 aylar önce
It’s a marketing bot. Just go through the comments and notice the trend.
@steverossiter1680 11 aylar önce
My first time watching your videos. I see exactly why you have over 15million subscribers. Your attention to detail,information & research that went into this video. Great job
@TheSevisgreen 4 gün önce
Bro..... i had to take notes. I wanted to learn from what specs to look at. I dont want to just get what you recommend. I want to be as good as you. I could only hope and read... thank you so much. Keep the content coming. I will recommend your video.
@bkrat5144 6 aylar önce
Bought the F70 based off of your advice. Simple, portable and comes with a card. Easy transfer between my car and motorcycle. Thanks for the great review!
@MaesElder Yıl önce
I spent hours researching dash cams a year or so ago and it’s almost maddening how awful, sparse and misrepresented information on dash cams is. I was totally surprised how under developed they are. This is a video that is really necessary.
I feel the same when searching for anything now a days. It's so overwhelming to find something you want and can enjoy.
@seollenda Yıl önce
What did you end up with?
@hybrid9mm Yıl önce
@@seollenda a Tesla 😂
@SeraphX2 Yıl önce
I have a Rexing 1080p. it works just fine and the video is just that: clear, crisp 1080p. Everyone is reacting in the comments like just because LTT called them out a little that they are shit and nothing here is worthy of purchase because they all use the same chip. I don't need to spend 400$ on a camera solution for my car.
@rwiersema Yıl önce
Exactly the same for me. My parents wanted one for their car. And after a lot of research I ended up getting them the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo it has a 4K front camera (IMX317) and a 1080p rear camera. I'm kinda happy this video came to pretty much the same conclusion (even if they used a cheaper camera)
@princepersona 8 aylar önce
I hope Linus does a Hepa filter video. Researching those things is an absolute nightmare. There really needs to be some regulation that makes companies state the grades, qualities, sizes, and what they filter. Also have them list both ratings as Europe and elsewhere have different standards.
@jed2055 8 aylar önce
if a sponsor comes along I'm sure you will see a video. Heck, I'd do one if I was getting paid for it. Wouldn't you?
@williamschaerer 8 aylar önce
I slapped a 20x20 furnace filter on a box fan and taped it so the air had to be pulled through it.
@mannys9130 8 aylar önce
I love my Winix 5300-2 with the PlasmaWave hydroxyl generator. Works wonderfully to keep the bedroom air clean. I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference after getting it. I dusted the TV and then we plugged it in. It's been 6 months and that TV still doesn't have the amount of dust buildup on it that it would have accumulated in 1 month before the air purifier's arrival. The prefilter grows a fur coat after a month. The HEPA filter was brilliant white when I bought the thing new and it's now a dingey brown color with darker black spots at the pleats. I have vacuumed fine white/grey dust off the carbon filter mesh 3 times now. There is some increased dust fallout in the surrounding 2 foot radius of the thing because of that hydroxyl generator (the groups attach to dust particulate and makes it too heavy to stay afloat in the air, so they fall down to the desk and floor nearby to be vacuumed up). I love it. I'm going to buy another as soon as I can comfortably afford to throw that money at Amazon.
@lucashinch 8 aylar önce
I agree, so far the ORECK electrostatic filter and the huge Honeywell are my choices after 20 years of various crap.
@BKDDY 7 aylar önce
Theres already people 1000x more qualified that made those vids. Same with this horrible Dashcam vid linus made.
@Redeemed52597 11 aylar önce
Two important aspects of a dashcam I did not see you mention is HDR (high dynamic range) and FPS (frames per second). I have found a license plate in motion is easier to read with a 720p dashcam recording at 60 FPS than a 1080p dashcam recording a 30 FPS. Also, for dashcams that support it, enabling HDR might help with the overexposure of the license plates at night.
@MrJB8383 8 aylar önce
what cams did you test and which would you recommend?
@syncmonism 8 aylar önce
If that's true, then it sounds likely that there's something fishing going on with the specs of those cameras. When it comes to actually well made, good video cameras where the manufacturers don't outright lie about the specs, a higher resolution will make it easier to read a license plate, all else being equal. There are, of course, many other factors to be considered, such as the actual resolution of the internal sensor, the ability of the sensor to capture frames with minimal motion blur (which can change even on one camera with different settings), the ability of the camera's auto-focus to actually focus on what you want it to focus on (in this case, the rear ends of different vehicles), etc..
@Redeemed52597 8 aylar önce
@@MrJB8383 I use VIOFO brand. I have an A119 V3 (a 4k, 30 FPS camera) that I set to 1080p so I can record at 60FPS for my front facing camera. And I have an A119 V2 (1080p, 30 FPS that I set to 720p at 60 FPS) which used to be me my front camera, but that I have now mounted on my rear window and plugged into an accessory port in the trunk. I make sure I only use microSD cards rated at High Endurance (SanDisk and Samsung brands). Another thing I don't do is get cameras with built-in batteries, which allows cameras to record bumps when the car is off. The reason I avoid models with batteries is because the car gets so hot in the summer and I have heard of some people having their batteries explode as the camera bakes parked in the sun of the windshield.
@Redeemed52597 8 aylar önce
@@syncmonism There is no auto-focus on VIOFO cameras. Actually I have never seen a dashcam with auto focus. They are simply fixed to record at infinity. No need for autofocus.
@JadeNeoma 8 aylar önce
@@syncmonism all else isn't equal though. Their point isn't that FHD isn't better than 720p but that 60 vs 30 is a bigger difference in legibility than 1080 vs 720 for reading text
@dracallis 9 aylar önce
I personally use the 70mai 1S cameras. They are usually always on sale for like $40. Easy App w/ WiFi, voice commanded, there is only 1 single button on the whole camera. With like a $12 SD card, for basically $60 after tax you have easy audio/video coverage.
@shizy6388 10 aylar önce
I have the Vantrue N2 Pro. It was $170, but as an Uber driver it was well worth the expense. Dual 1080p cameras. Infrared night vision. Clarity is pretty great. I like it.
@elgatorado4907 7 aylar önce
Glad I saw this comment. I literally ordered this exact one yesterday. I'm also using it for Uber and also a long road trip coming up and it's jist time to invest in a camera.
@karinadelgado3771 2 aylar önce
@@elgatorado4907 Hi! Have you purchased the camera? If yes, could you please tell me about your experience with it?
@milkshakemaniac Aylar önce
I have the N4, LOVE IT. I catch everything. Saving up for the new N5. In my city it's worth the money to have the extra angles and clarity, I've turned in footage to the police twice, but caught 4+ crazy incidents on the road and in the cabin.
@kpboix99 2 gün önce
@@karinadelgado3771i have used the N2 Vantrue for 5 years now. The only problem with it is that the battery will degrade eventually making the date and time not line up properly. Lately, I have been swapping battery packs and making use of parking mode.
@neilbertram1922 9 aylar önce
What an excellent video. The detailed component research and pragmatic commentary was very useful. Thank you Linus!
@Aerowind Yıl önce
I think the problem here is that people run Dashcams for liability purposes, not to read things like license plates. People just need to see what happened. Almost every car accident devolves into a he said she said issue, and having video proof to back up that you're not at fault is worth a million words.
@robbycheaib1719 Yıl önce
@marcfuchs6938 Yıl önce
True dat, but what about hit and run? Somebody may have hit you and quickly disappears. You think, no biggie, got the camera running. Only then to find out, that the plate was not readable in any frame. Just an example, but one thing is definately true: Even a bad dashcam is better than no dashcam.
@juny1624 Yıl önce
​@@marcfuchs6938 yeah but you can get the description of the vehicle, color, make and model for sure
@ZakGerraty1 Yıl önce
Yep as a motor insurance claims adjuster it’s an invaluable tool. Personally think it should be made a requirement of most insurance policies.
@thegprince93 Yıl önce
It's still a very useful video letting us know that image quality doesn't increase with price. He's saving us $$$
@techjunkie4786 8 aylar önce
I went with the Rove R2-4K Pro version (not the same one he tested). It has the 670 chipset instead of the 660. It also has GPS and a super capacitor instead of a lithium battery. Its parking mode is pretty cool, too. Not to mention it has an IPS display, WiFi, and an F1.5 aperture instead of the non pro's F1.8 aperture. It's been my favorite dashcam so far. Still nowhere near the video quality of a GoPro, but for the money, it's my favorite. I've owned 6 different dashcam over the last 10 years. I use the Rove R2-4K Pro in my commercial vehicle.
@tesladiesel2420 3 aylar önce
Hey, thank you for the suggestion! Just checked their website and reading the specs I think I am going to go with the Rove R3 vs Blackvue. Have had Rexing in the past, a total waste of time there, a complete PO s Status. Thanks again!
@techjunkie4786 3 aylar önce
@@tesladiesel2420 You're welcome. I'm glad my comment helped you.
@noahw5887 5 gün önce
@@tesladiesel2420 WHICH ONE DID YOU GET?
@XT463 11 aylar önce
The problem also attributed from having white background + thin fonts as standardize plate format Take a look at countries with black background + thick white fonts as contrast, any cams can easily capture those plates
@hatem0 9 aylar önce
When it comes to technical review, I like this video. Fair enough. He spent a lot of hours reviewing, researching, and reading manuals to come up with a 17 min video. Thanks a lot.
@longshot7590 Aylar önce
Please do this type of review again! You raised the awareness that most of these suck - I'm hoping some company heard that and realizes there is tons of money to be made by hitting one out of the park!
@donniev8181 Aylar önce
From what I've seen the review just made companies adjust their pricing lol
@DoubleMonoLR 9 aylar önce
Some action cameras(eg: SJCAM) also support loop recording, and likely give better quality, though powering them/battery over-use may be an issue, likewise overheating in some cases.
THIS is the kind of content that we need. Calling out trash markets and helping people find honest answers, doing the side-by-side comparisons they can't do. Thanks for this! Glad to know the Rove R2-4K I got as a gift is not far from really the peak in the market and is "good enough" if not overpriced a bit.
@sjain8853 Yıl önce
@@deadzio in the UK viofo is pretty popular still
@kumasire4430 Yıl önce
@@deadzio 11:03 ??
@HydratedBeans Yıl önce
Yeah more of this please
@anony3615 Yıl önce
Wish they would review the camera quality on tesla''s
@QwadirMoran Yıl önce
is your profile pic from Invent Animate?
@Michael-mw3gh 8 aylar önce
Great video! One of the important aspects for image quality that wasn't mentioned is the optics and the size of the aperture for each camera. Likely the compact optical path, low cost components and small apertures means lots of abberations and a poor strehl ratio, aka bad images.
@MikeC2K10 3 aylar önce
A good lens that can let in more light, plus a sensitive sensor, allows fast shutter speeds which is key to capturing details on moving vehicles. Doesn't matter if it's still or video, the shutter speed is king here.
@619mark1 3 aylar önce
Best video I’ve found. The humor is light, quick, not distracting. The cut away shots are amazingly informative. Love that is Amazon based. Perfect video
@noobkin6995 4 aylar önce
THANK YOU, this is video is really helpful. It's a big headache trying to find a dashcam because of all the confusing options, and this just made it so much easier.
@patrickalmazar5562 11 aylar önce
Super informative review and quite entertaining. I appreciated the deeper dive into performance specs and image quality comparisons. Mostly, it was just a hoot to watch! 😂 Thanks!
@slicedpage 5 aylar önce
After years of budget dash cams, I bit the bullet and bought the A119 V3 six months ago after watching this video. It has not failed me once although I failed it by using the wrong SD card at the beginning. If you plan to buy one of these then SanDisk 256GB Extreme microSDXC card is my recommendation. Thanks, Linus, where would we be without you.
@T.C Yıl önce
The real question is why are car manufacturers putting so many cameras on cars but don't give people the option to use them as a dashcam
@hrmny_ Yıl önce
They want to sell it to you as a subscription in the future
@Hackanhacker Yıl önce
@@hrmny_ ikr lol 😑
@josdebakker6150 Yıl önce
@@hrmny_ they already do sadly enough, welcome to the Future ....
@turkishgod5903 Yıl önce
Tesla and Cadillac does.
@josdebakker6150 Yıl önce
Mercedes as well
@thinker2328 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the in-depth review. This was extremely helpful. I'm glad someone actually bought and went through each one. Very nice video.
@joeyf504327 11 aylar önce
For the Rexing, turn the exposure to -(1/3) and it really helps out clarity.
@ArturK1M 3 gün önce
Thank you for educating us. That is what we need from YT guys like you. It is tiring to see all the products that are all actually the same, some of them (the same product) renging from $80-120 with slight veriations.
@olanmills64 11 aylar önce
The purpose of cloud storage isn't just so that you have a backup in case the camera is destroyed in a crash (in fact, the video wouldn't be uploaded in time). I believe the primary reason is so that you have the video in case of theft or intentional tampering (of either just the camera or the whole car)
@robinlikes2learn 3 aylar önce
Brilliant review - humorous, informative and useful. Many thanks - do keep up to date with later releases though Linus, technology changes so fast these days!
@avdcam Yıl önce
If there was ever a reason for LTT labs it's this kind of in depth content that I think justifies it. It's a damn awesome public service.
@kevs1768 Yıl önce
Damn right it is. I’ve been thinking about getting the blackvue dashcams since a lot of people worship this dashcam but I trust Linus on this one.
@forbiddenera Yıl önce
Seriously, this is one thing that it's better to go to someone in a shop who does this all day everyday..you won't find the good ones on Amazon.. we don't even touch ones people bring from Amazon...all garbage
@JarofMayonaise Yıl önce
LTT is not a public service, it is a business that is the business of making money. They are not PBS seeking donations from the public so they can continue making content.
@teemofie Yıl önce
They cold have saved a fortune by just asking Techmoan!
@johnsuckher3037 Yıl önce
I think this video is totally miss on what is important. It seems main criteria was number plate which is useful for cops and nobody else. So if the labs pick wrong criteria not much use out of them. From the audio talks it seems they will go Sony/Bose headphones best already when it seems it's more mainstream approach than comparing sound.
@stevenhaff3332 11 aylar önce
Loved your review! Your understanding of the frustrations a non techie purchaser has about tech purchases is spot on and background information makes me feel like I’m really learning something. I guess I’ll have to keep watching your helpful videos to guaranty it, lol! Thank you! I’m subscribing!
@tommissouri4871 11 aylar önce
Since it seems everyone is using the same stuff and simply charging more or less due to a different case, maybe a good comparison is the Walmart 1080p cheap dash cams from $30 and up to see if there is any reason to pay more. Clearly, most can't buy a half dozen cameras and compare side by side, so that would be extremely helpful. It might shame some of the manufacturers to improve, if their $100 or $200 camera gives no improvement over the $30 special. Walmart has camera at $29 and $59 from Yada and Omm and of course, like most, reviews are "Great and fantastic!" to "Piece of junk, didn't work out of package." reviews like yours with side by side video tell more than a page and a half of specifications that really mean nothing that 90% of the people can't decipher or haven't experienced.
@cenewton3221 3 aylar önce
I too tried a couple of Amazon dash cams with similarly disappointing results so I wound up trying my old GoPro Hero 7 (wasn't using it anymore) and it works brilliantly. Yeah it's a little big for many vehicles but it's barely noticeable in my Yukon. I also mounted an ancient Hero 5 in the back for a rear camera.
@craigsmith3645 11 aylar önce
Great video! This is pretty much what I expected after shopping for one. Still, have a look at the many TRvid channels that feature videos from these cams. There is a huge difference in the quality of the video, especially at night! I think that I might do well with your info and looking at these videos to get the best of them for a decent price.
@indeedentertainment 3 aylar önce
I bought the Viofo thanks to this review, very pleased with it so far
This is the kind of vids the world needs. Amazon reviews and specs are almost useless, something that applies to a growing number of categories of products
@oldfrend Yıl önce
agree. even the non-paid reviews are often written by idiots who don't know the technical details of why a product is good or bad. it's exhausting reading half a review just to figure out the writer is clueless. then going on and on. i almost always search for professional reviews instead.
@kidShibuya Yıl önce
Your channel is great for those, at least for flashlights. I only wish your reviews covered bicycle lights. But I think bike lights are more legit.. at least I hope.
@CNe7532294 Yıl önce
Sounds like brick and mortar stores aren’t so useless after all lol. Even videos can be faked or reviews can take years to update by a reliable channel (cause you know, other topics to cover). Want quality now? Show up in person.
@SirDragonClaw Yıl önce
@@CNe7532294 Brick and mortar stores are even worse. There you get even worse suggestions by the staff who know nothing, and then you get the privilege of paying more because you have to pay the wages for the unhelpful staff. And most brick and mortar places won't let you return an item unless its broken, unlike amazon where if the video quality is crap you can just return the item, no questions asked.
@anthonytech Yıl önce
Wow didn’t think I’d see TTC comment on an LTT video. Love your channel
@Droneslaught 6 aylar önce
So I found myself looking for a Dashcam, and As I was researching I stumbled onto this year old video confirming my thoughts that most of these has the same chip manufacturers and most were pure trash... Thanks for doing the legwork and the research for us!
@nikostalk5730 Aylar önce
He picked up kinda same in terms of trash - dashcams. Xiaomi did a good A500s cams, DDpai did good stuff, Sho-Me were not bad, AZ-Dome (not sure) nearly ok for that kind of price. He particulary avoided a well-known SJDash +, which, obviously - a solution from distant days, but - still ok to be used even at night!
@jqbuy 24 gün önce
This is so helpful! The underlying research is robust and thorough. Thank you so much for sharing this info. 👍👍👍
@robbym3542 9 aylar önce
I've had my Garmin 47 for 5 years now. Pretty much no issues. I have the parking mode cable which taps off a fuse on the fuse box so it records when it detects motion. I highly recommend this over their constant power cable that plugs into the cars OBD2 port. The only issue I've had with it is the antenna or something broke inside the dashcam so it no longer connects to a satellite and gives me my speed and coordinates. It was a nice feature but at least it still records. The app works pretty well, the SD card needs to be replace about every 2 years because it degrades which it will alert you when. I'm definitely buying another one for my other cars.
@carking0790 10 aylar önce
Idk I can just recommand the Vantrue N4. Run it for about 2 Years and it was good in most situations with easy handling, also front, rear and inside camera. For best results at night you should go for 1080p and 30fps, that is like a rule for every dashcam
@Sp4wnK3lla 6 aylar önce
I definitely would like to see an update to this video. I recently got a Viofo A229 Duo and Viofo A139 Pro and lovin' both of them!
@someryebread Yıl önce
We need more vids like this, the lack of reliable info about consumer electronics outside the "tech space" is maddening. Well done LMG and shout-out to the writer that helped do all the research.
@VanquishedAgain Yıl önce
There is a website that does this in depth. The big problem here is Amazon. They need to stop putting "Amazon's choice" next to obvious garbage.
@manitverma4425 Yıl önce
agreed! Dash cams, drawing tablets, budget phones, headphones, etc. Stuff like this helps us decide, making it something very important for those who are looking to buy that product. These videos are things we can always count on!
@manitverma4425 Yıl önce
@@VanquishedAgain yeah, the problem really is amazon's feedback system that sometimes makes bad reviews 5 stars, lets sellers merge good feedbacks with products that are obviously garbage
@@VanquishedAgain what's the website?
@revsnowfox5798 Yıl önce
Absolutely, if you try to find legitimate technical info or reviews on consumer electronics or home appliances, it's maddening how hard to find anything for products that are not from huge global brands or are not in the high-end price bracket.
@MantraMediaCanada 9 aylar önce
excited to updates for when the SOC or sensors start to see upgrades and actual competition!!
@CaliCropDoc Aylar önce
great video, even a year later, the BEST side by side video in youtube THANKS a BUNCH 🔥🔥🔥
@ImCheddarbeard 8 aylar önce
I paid £30 for one just over a year ago with an SD card. Watching this, I felt like it was pretty comparable to them all in image quality. Then you played the start up sounds and I heard the noise I hear every time I start my car XD
@josephgarcia9905 8 aylar önce
Including the outtakes, THIS IS THE DEFACTO VIDEO ON DASHCAMS, PERIOD! Stupendous just stupendous!
@derikdang8829 9 gün önce
Thanks so much Mr. Linus for the reviews. As always, we can always rely on your point of views. Best.
@M-X39462 Yıl önce
In a society where even reviews and ratings are fake, we need more videos like this
@vaisakhkm783 Yıl önce
and there are a lot of videos that are fake tooo...
@Hackanhacker Yıl önce
@@vaisakhkm783 Heu ... its not the same at all A texte and a known personality talking to us every week is REALLY MUCH different ! How can you base a value of an opinion of a suposed random personne somewhere that most likely doenst even know how to write a review and is just mad or what ever else or its fake. bit or created by the seller ... (a text and a username) what about a youtuber you are following for many years what about a youtuber having an expertise in what he is showing to us etcetc we see there faces behaviour there smiles and there expression and all you can say easely if someone is bullshiying just yhere for youtube money or like here someone with a passion or a good interest huh ... what about that lol !!!
@riothero313 Yıl önce
That's one of the MAJOR reasons I quit buying from amazon. It was one of their best selling points early on. Seeing honest reviews from users and also gaining their knowledge of what to expect and things that might happen with the product. Once they became fake it took away a big reason I even spent money there. Oh and amazon will also remove hundreds or even thousands of real reviews of books for political motivations, so yeah there is that too.
@ddtx4576 Yıl önce
A Cobra SC 200D would have beat any of those cameras in features and image quality at only $140 in 1080p mode. It can do up to 1600p without the optional back camera. I guess that's Canada redtape. I got mine as a gift purchased from the local BestBuy
@tt ww you paid by dashcam companies?
I have the A119 V3. Had it for 3 years. I have the polarizing filter on the lens and the image and video quality is much better than what is being reviewed here!
@johnnywang206 11 aylar önce
I’ve used the Viofo A119 for 4 years now. Rock solid. The best dashcam is the one that is working when you need it to
@frannymcfranfran 9 aylar önce
Best video I’ve seen on TRvid this year. Thanks for the research. Def subscribed for more content. I hope to be educated like this on everything I buy 😂
@cookinitmax 4 aylar önce
This is really encouraging knowing we have a camera market place that does us no good. You'd think with all the tech we have we'd be able to make something that works.
@devinwillis7787 2 aylar önce
Making something that works doesn’t pay the bills
@echt114 Aylar önce
Dumb consumers create dumb market results. Smart, discerning people are at the mercy of impulsive types who won't research or reward/punish companies who make good/bad products.
@seancarson6481 7 aylar önce
Thank you. You gave me the best information needed for looking at dash cams.
I feel like GoPro should just make a $150 dashcam that would literally crush everything else. That's about what the Hero Session went for in the end, right?
@projekt95 Yıl önce
Sadly the Herro Session lineup died a quiet death. In the drone and MTB area cameras like the Session is worth more than gold. I still don't get it why they stopped seling them.
@Uberragen21 Yıl önce
The problem with batteries in dashcams, is they bloat and fail with heat. This usually causes the dashcam to fail or in worst case scenario is to catch fire. A capacitor based dashcam is absolutely necessary. I tried a GoPro and is became insanely hot and shutdown 30 minutes into the first drive. If GoPro made a dashcam specifically with a capacitor, they would own the market hands down. But it would be $300+.
@D3nn1s Yıl önce
@@Uberragen21 first up: bon appetit. i feel like this should be easy for a big brand like gopro. Otherwise hack it together, diy go pro with heatsink coming up? :P And i feel like IF you feel its necessary to buy a dashcam it shouldnt matter too much whether it costs 100 or 300 bucks. I mean filling your gas tank is 100 bucks nowadays.
@hubertnnn Yıl önce
@@Uberragen21 You do know that capacitors also bloat and possibly explode with heat?
@@Uberragen21 Even good action cams don't have a good low light quality, because almost all of them use a small sensor and /or have a small aperture due to the small form factor. My DJI Osmo action can capture the license plates of cars zooming by during the day without problems, but during the night even slow cars are a problem. To counter that, you need to catch as much light as possible, but that means bulkier cams.
@srf2112 3 aylar önce
Awesome detailed reviews and analysis. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.
@boblucas5082 8 aylar önce
My dashcam has paid for itself. Sometimes it's just the story that it tells. The motion detection recording, even why the car is off, instills a better feeling of security when you are in view of the camera. Helps calm down anyway with road rage. I use Vantrue cameras. Although a little pricey, it has held up well. Security for those in my vehicle and those around me is more then worth what I paid.
@dougmwi6716 2 aylar önce
Nice review and comparisons of various dashcams helped a lot .
@raven2192 7 aylar önce
You rock. Thank you for the research, info, and help. 🙏🏻
@mikeheckman4995 4 aylar önce
Kudos. I gave up on image quality. Just looking for a 3 channel that functions properly. I expect that I’ll give up on that soon too. Thanks for the video.
@BobSentell Yıl önce
GoPro not entering the dashcam market will forever be the most perplexing thing about that company. They already have pretty much everything they need.
@randrei001 Yıl önce
Any action camera manufacturers for that matter. Not just gopro. I think it will be easier to market the action cams too if people know they can double as dashcams. They should just add a dashcam mode on their softwares
@Bigdog1787 Yıl önce
It won't matter they went bankrupt so go pro camera's will be a thing of the past once stock runs out.
@aspuzling Yıl önce
@@Bigdog1787 no they haven't. What are you talking about?
@@Bigdog1787 They are selling 2.5M+ cameras per year. They arent bankrupt.
@sm_stormzy1075 Yıl önce
@@Bigdog1787 lol source?
@Nethanel773 7 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing your research on this. Much appreciated!
Like others have already mentioned, it would be nice to get an update. Especially with some other websites as shopping sources as well, such as aliexpress and, more specifically, Xiaomi brand, which is also a phone manufacturer, so their image processing algorithms might be slightly better 😅
@Pianokid272 8 aylar önce
I have the rexing v1 with the hardwire kit running the wire through the ceiling to the fuse panel so that it turns on and starts recording automatically when the car is turned on, and the connected rear camera too. Gives me peace of mind without having to remember to plug and unplug something in and have an annoying wire hanging from the windshield. (Thankfully) haven’t needed to pull a video off of it for anything though…
@JuanCarlosSalasTamez 7 aylar önce
Creo que es un excelente video, sobretodo para no perderte en las miles de opciones qué hay en el mercado. Gracias.
@Mark-jk3cv 5 aylar önce
This is an amazingly informative and helpful video and I found it very relevant even in September 2023. Thank you!
@automata. Yıl önce
I wish the video explored using alternative methods like the GoPro setup mentioned. How much would it cost? How big is the quality improvement? Is it practical to setup? All of these are left unanswered other than "it should look good"
@jasper5945 Yıl önce
@critical_eye1 Yıl önce
I'm not even sure what was so inconvenient about it, I'm not opposed to doing something a little "weird" if the end result is a higher quality. The only feature i need is visual fidelity, license plates, faces, etc. I conceal carry too so it's always a good idea to always prove you're being a legal gud boi in case god-forbid something REALLY bad goes down.
@WarioNumberOne Yıl önce
@@bobbybologna3029 I'd say the inconveniences with a GoPro would be that you have tu turn it on and start recording manually every time you start your car, as well as having to periodically empty it yourself to free up storage
@nickstrands Yıl önce
Alternatively, I wonder if they could have dove into somewhat DIY solutions (raspberry pi with camera module perhaps?) and see if it could work in terms of expenses and real-world usage but that would perhaps be a video in itself (and take a lot of time and research)
@ndsports316 10 aylar önce
Every time I watch videos to see if there is anything better than Viofo I always get confirmation that Viofo offers the best spec and best bang for the buck. They have multiple options to fit your budget and provide constant firmware updates. I gave up on the whole license plate thing, American License plates are very difficult to capture. I typically keep my camera mic on and will yell out the license plate number if ever needed. Thanks for confirming Viofo. I currently run A129 Plus Duo for over 2 years with a fuse tap hardwire kit. I've never had an issue. Park mode works great too by going to motion detection as soon as I turn my car off.
@emilythechef 10 aylar önce
Thank you for such a thorough review!
I’ve been looking for a video like this. Very helpful. Could you please do other one up to date? Thank you!
There are special cameras that specially capture plates plus video. They are mostly used by law enforcement, but you can buy them. 2 cameras in one, 1 looks specifically for plates. Companies such as Axon make them.
@gavinthecrafter 9 aylar önce
I hate this new era of online shopping where no one cares about brands anymore and will take any spec at face value. It's created a market on websites like Amazon which is now riddled with poorly made products and straight up scams.
@Hamachingo Yıl önce
Pro tip: get a piece of polarization filter foil and stick it in front of the lens. Removes glare from your own windshield, general reflections (you see the drives behind the windshield) and it helps with contrast.
@mikelwrnc Yıl önce
Good tip! Going to use this for my diy setup
@EpicBaCkFliPz Yıl önce
Yes, but what type of polarisation? Circular?
@mikelwrnc Yıl önce
@@EpicBaCkFliPz definitely linear. Linearly polarized light is going to be the main source of “noise” (bright light unrelated to what you’re interested in, throwing off auto-exposure) in a driving situation.
@soconfused8031 Yıl önce
I wondered for a while if this sort of speed camera dodge could work: Step 1: Attach some horizontal polarized film to the front of the speed camera. Go when it's dark or wear a mask if you're worried about being caught. Step 2: Attach some vertical polarized film to your car's license plate. Then when you drive past the speed camera, it wouldn't be able to read your license plate? But to any bystanders or police, you'd still appear to have a regular plate. Would this work?
@myscho Yıl önce
Along with the Viofo camera, I bought a polarizing filter that attaches directly to the camera. Great thing.
@paddotk 4 aylar önce
DCMI is a very common name for a folder for such files (usually pictures, but I guess sometimes also video). The fact that the videos use different video formats only would testify of the brands being completely different.
@nickx8411 3 aylar önce
this was a very helpful/much needed honest eval. thank you very much!😀👍🙌
@johnstewart579 8 aylar önce
Thank you for this in depth and honest review
@LordToxygene 11 aylar önce
So I've been investigating this and it's just as frustrating as you say it is. However, I'm hoping (crossing fingers) that my research is coming to an end. It seems that the new line of Element camera's from Vantrue are pretty decent in terms of their image quality. Could you do an update to this video and maybe see what you think?
@peaou 7 aylar önce
thank you so much for this video! I wanted a dashcam, but didn't wanted to break the bank or get an unusable model. thanks for explaining how to choose one. also, I was confused by how many different models of similar product there are. for example, there are also like a thousand projector brands. after this video, I know why.
@Grenan99 Yıl önce
So the main takeaway is we need to start a petition for GoPro to start making decent dashcams? 😅
@IbbySS. Yıl önce
sounds like a good idea
@IbbySS. Yıl önce
@@ljadf is that the loop recording?
@MrNgMichael Yıl önce
Go Pros are $400-500... so I feel like they're technically in a different league
@Wheeljack2k Yıl önce
Sounds like a job for custom firmware.
@Narinjas Yıl önce
I just wish Go-Pro could make the Insurance-PRO likeup that could include up to tesla like alarm system with 4 cameras, 2x normal angle of 90-100 degrees 1440p front and back , and 2x ultra wide 180 degrees cameras for the sides that have ultra ultra wide 1440p that is equivalent to 4k) that have smart compression of 3 decent frames followed by one picture perfect frame that is the equivalent of 6 decent frames for one singular frame , having a total of 60fps with 45fps decent + 15fps of picture perfect images. And also a console screen that acts as the tesla screen with cameras, that you can also press a button to focus on 1 or 2 or 4 cameras at once, while the screen can also have a backup ssd/SD card with the combined image of all the cameras and other usefull information/metadata.
@sheperd6768 6 aylar önce
One gripe I have about this video is your last two choices: why did you pair the blackvue dr750x with the thinkware u1000? They are 1080p vs 4k respectively. At that point, I would have rather seen the Dr900x, which is blackvues 4k version flagship, and still cheaper than Thinkwares flagship. I have heard people praise Blackvue, specifically their 4k models at license plate reading, so I was really hoping to see that on here. Maybe do an update with the most high end dash cams and see if this all still holds true?
@JeffJefferyUK 5 aylar önce
Regarding the picture quality of license plates and road signs, I wonder if American plates and signs are harder for cameras to read compared to our UK plates and signs. For instance, the letters on US plates seem very thin, with very narrow spacing and, at least judging by the one at around 5:55, are blue. UK plates use black text on white (at the front) or yellow (at the back), and just seem much clearer and so would be easier for dash cams to 'pick up'. 2p (or, 2c, for the Americans)
@TakticalTekniq 4 aylar önce
Thank you!!! Still very useful especially for me after moving to a city. 🙏
@urbanhaka8251 2 aylar önce
I find it odd you missed out Nextbase. There's dozens of examples of their footage capabilities on TRvid and last I looked were considered the best. I have a 622GW and will probably pair it up with a rear view now that I'm happy with it. Wired in its a very tidy setup. I would 100% recommend getting an auxiliary battery plumbed in too.
@jessepaige1629 3 aylar önce
Amazing video, explanation and quality. I really appreciate this video.
@adriansolis5362 Yıl önce
We need more videos like this. There's so much repackaged crap from China with a "brand name" stuck on it that there needs to be more widespread information showing not only what this stuff is, but how it usually isn't worth the cost either. Excellent research on this one.
@Ceno420 Yıl önce
But he linked back to cheap Chinese crap he did this for the affiliate links otherwise he would have suggested Vantrue. It's what rideshare drivers use it's what I use after going through all these cheap Chinese cameras.
@@Ceno420This. I never buy through the affiliate link, they will shill whatever shit they think people will buy anyway just to make a buck.
@astroch Yıl önce
@@Ceno420 hey, stop slapping "chinese" to everything you dont like. Vantrue is chinese, and actually all good dashcams are. The Chinese market is the most developed and they have really good gems. Its just hard to get them imported.
@Ceno420 Yıl önce
@@astroch my words were cheap Chinese cams I have nothing against good quality Chinese.
@Djuntas Yıl önce
its so bad now with all these mega factories. All techy products are the same like microwaves etc. Just brands putting make up on a pig. We need to have less growth and cut China off.
@anjaneya3654 Aylar önce
I have a Viofo A119 running without a hitch for the last 4yrs+ now in 40°C+ weather. Reliability with decent image quality is what should make your decision. What good are high resolution sharp video specs if the dashcam wasn't running/recording at the time of the incident or saved corrupt video files on the card. Even with CPL filters and high resolution image sensors, there's no guarantee that the dashcam can capture license plate details. Dashcams should be relied upon only to capture the scene as it happened to support the truth. The A119 is a good balance in my experience.
@throwback19841 3 aylar önce
Viofo is the brand Ashley Neal uses on his channel - he's a british driving instructor who has a youtube channel. Generally pretty good results. The other thing to note - these cameras are built to a price and to a specific use case, and basically, most countries have WAAAAAY more readable plates than North America. If the plates are designed to actually be high-contrast and readable, they are much easier to record... fancy that...
@abodao 2 aylar önce
Anything and everything I needed to know about the dashcam I currently have and and dashcams in general. Meticulous, comprehensive and funny,
@rolandjentsch7665 4 aylar önce
Thanks, this was VERY useful! Good work, guys!
@amatuer2 8 aylar önce
Outstanding ! Thank you for this review
I think the real problem here is that Amazon is almost useless for buying tech now. It's a race to the bottom with unknown direct from china brands and amazon does nothing to police the descriptions or reviews.
@godlover9096 Yıl önce
Doesn't help that some of these sellers will try and bribe users for positive reviews.
@wakomikro Yıl önce
You've hit the nail on the head
@lejuanca Yıl önce
@@godlover9096 not anymore. i work ISS for an amazon warehouse, we make sure you'll get what you pay for and no more. "bribe" flyers are one of the many investigations assigned to us, it should be impossible to find one out in the wild anymore. OP is right tho lmao don't buy tech from Amazon, it's all cheap Chinese crud. + there's the chance someone in shipdock will toss a pristine air fryer into the gaylord immediately after your package, crushing it instantly. maybe try ebay.
@khronin Yıl önce
If your account is in good standing--simply return if they mislead you with junk.they just tested a bunch of flashlights from amazon and not one under 70 bucks put out the lumens it was quoting--in fact some quotes needed a battery pack the size of a hand vaccuum to even make what was claimed.All it is is this mass marketing crud where people get online stores and fill it with junk--I am not saying it is all junk--but there are many products on there that are and are outright lying about what they can do.also be wary of dones and night vision goggle/binoculars--same thin anything under probably 150 is junk--had to return some night vision binoculars cause not only was it junk--but it required like 8 batteries to function.
@@godlover9096 mainland china seller are the worse at accepting bad reviews.. One of them literally call me and shouted at me to change my review. I don't even know that they can access my phone number from the shopping platform. I literally set my seller option to only local sellers to avoid them. But even at that some escape that shit by using local address even though they were literally not even based in my country. I don't even know that was a thing.
@tikibar4me 10 aylar önce
Loved your video! Very informative. Thanks for posting...
@PaulWolfe1 11 aylar önce
And many reviews on amazon are fake. I've been pleased with Lukas. The one in one of our cars, 10 years in, recorded a total loss accident in which the other driver lied. The dashcam saved us -- her insurer was ready to deny liability. Again, 10 years in, it still operated perfectly. The downside is, they are very hard to get. I recently got another for the car I ordered to replace the car that was damaged, had to go on ebay and get one shipped from a Korean vendor. Also got a little confusing identifying their most recent model because their online brochure is outdated. They use top-level Sony lenses. They are also expensive but dashcams can easily pay for themselves and just give you peace of mind.
@kennethsmith2952 3 aylar önce
I am impressed by your very thorough work, and expertise of knowledge. Thank you for sharing all of this with us, and giving us the truth!!!!! Ken- Troutdale OR.
@frankiebpr 11 aylar önce
Hello Linus Yes I am one of your new subscribers and I am very happy to have found your website. I really enjoyed your analytical review of the topic, thus I have a question for you. I own a car with a very low front spoiler and I am looking to find a front view spoiler camera. I was thinking of installing a rear view camera in the front grill for this purpose even if I had to have it constant on. So, what is your recommendation? Looking forward to your savy Idea. Thanks Frank
@ambiguous3886 5 aylar önce
Excellent articulate review!
This might be the best video LTT has made in years. More of this please. Like actually a whole series just on "everything in this category in online retail is garbage, but this one is the least garbage" would be excellent.
@Narinjas Yıl önce
I just wish Go-Pro could make the Insurance-PRO likeup that could include up to tesla like alarm system with 4 cameras, 2x normal angle of 90-100 degrees 1440p front and back , and 2x ultra wide 180 degrees cameras for the sides that have ultra ultra wide 1440p that is equivalent to 4k) that have smart compression of 3 decent frames followed by one picture perfect frame that is the equivalent of 6 decent frames for one singular frame , having a total of 60fps with 45fps decent + 15fps of picture perfect images. And also a console screen that acts as the tesla screen with cameras, that you can also press a button to focus on 1 or 2 or 4 cameras at once, while the screen can also have a backup ssd/SD card with the combined image of all the cameras and other usefull information/metadata.
@benjaminwoodland165 4 aylar önce
I went with the Rexing V1P many years ago (July 6, 2017) -- and it still works (as of Oct. 28, 2023)! The built-in battery is dead, and the rear camera plug is worn out, but I'm still using it today. I purchased it because it had mainly favorable reviews and didn't have a costly, monthly subscription -- to watch your own footage (and yes, some did). I have purchased an upgraded model with the super capacitor, but I haven't installed it yet. I was concerned that the Colorado sun would cook it off and removing the camera at every stop to prevent cook off (or theft) would wear out (at least) the rear camera port.
@thomasjensen6243 2 aylar önce
Colorado has a different sun than everybody else has??? That's amazing....I had no idea.
@Neil.Anblomi 3 aylar önce
I’ve had the Vantrue S1 4K ($155) and the X4S Duo ($225) for nearly 2 years now. They both have very high quality video and audio.
@cunninlinguslover 22 gün önce
Thank you for your time and information.
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