All The Norse Gods After Fighting Kratos

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24 Kas 2022




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God First
God First Aylar önce
I love how even in death EVERYONE still hates Heimdall absolutely hilarious. LMAO
Path Of Light
Path Of Light 2 gün önce
@Sonic the handsome hedgehog! “killed them as fast as possible” buddy, have you seen the cutscenes and game mechanics in God of War 3? 1. Poseidon has the worst death ever, given that he was slammed into multiple walls, punched repeatedly, got his eyes gauged, and lastly, his head got twisted. 2. Hermes got his legs cut off before his death, so that isn’t fast 3. Heracles got his face bashed in repeatedly by Kratos using his weapon 4. Helios pretty much got beaten up before getting his head ripped off and it sure as hell wasn’t a quick one either 5. Zeus literally gets his ass beaten repeatedly and in the final stage before his death, you can literally spam the button to punch him as many times as you want; you can spam it for 10 seconds or for 10 hours if you could.
Sonic the handsome hedgehog!
@R S no not really Greek Kratos killed them as fast as possible while norse Kratos beat them up for 15-20 minutes
R S 14 gün önce
@Sonic the handsome hedgehog! I think you misunderstand me. Kratos could easily wipe out the Norse pantheon without restraint no doubt. I agree. But I'm just saying, for the ish that Heimdall was talking, Greek-era Kratos woulda made him suffer more. Norse-era Kratos focuses more on efficiency. Just a change in strategy is all.
Sonic the handsome hedgehog!
@R S still doesn’t matter old Kratos is stronger than young Kratos dude meaning he didn’t even have to try to get this man to cosplay hurcules so your terribly wrong
R S 14 gün önce
@Sonic the handsome hedgehog! M8 Heimdall got his skull bashed into the ground only like 4 times. Not 40 times. Still too easy.
Just another Guy
Just another Guy Aylar önce
The funny thing is, even though Baldur is able to feel again, now that he's paralyzed from the neck down, he's essentially stuck in the same position as before. Only now is he completely immobilized.
Je’Vaughn 619
Je’Vaughn 619 6 gün önce
Bizzaro Blake
Bizzaro Blake 8 gün önce
@Milk poisoning edibles or drinks.
Bizzaro Blake
Bizzaro Blake 8 gün önce
@Milk guess she didn't want any kind of loophole causing him to die starting the apocalypse.
Bizzaro Blake
Bizzaro Blake 8 gün önce
@Milk yes but would be numb to everything.
Charlie Lawrence
Charlie Lawrence 9 gün önce
Isn’t he dead?
Xavier Breum Deororus
"What about the Blade of Olympus?" "The Blade of What?" *Divine Groans of Anguish*
Xavier Breum Deororus
@Grimm ThrashR Hestia is a sweetheart. Would have been nice if we had an interaction between the two. Kratos hated all the gods but couldn't seem to hate Hestia.
Grimm ThrashR
Grimm ThrashR 9 gün önce
somewhere in the ruins of olympus... Hestia: helloooooo? anybody?? Im so lonely... oo look a wallhanger! *casually picks up blade of olympus*
Phantasm 12 gün önce
@Xavier Breum Deororus And Heracles stole Cratus' title of God of Strength if you think abt it.
Xavier Breum Deororus
Xavier Breum Deororus 14 gün önce
@TheDomoKing You've stumbled upon Kratos's original domain in Greek mythology. He was the God of strength there and was one of the two torturers of Prometheus.
TheDomoKing 14 gün önce
@Xavier Breum Deororus I feel like Kratos's new title should be the "God of Strength", the strength to protect and the strength to hold back
TrueNPC Aylar önce
If you ever make another continuation to this, I wanna see Odin's reaction finding out that the Greek Gods could've also prevented all of this if they just made him forget about what he did.
Vincent Marcellino
Vincent Marcellino 2 gün önce
That's the one thing he wanted. The one thing he kept demanding they do
Justin Chandler
Justin Chandler 10 gün önce
@IUS Productions Lethe’s mercy, forgetting things that you don’t want to remember
IUS Productions
IUS Productions 15 gün önce
Well if you guys didn't know that in Greek Mythology, The River Lethe can actually remove people's memories just from taking a sip from it or just drink it in a cup. I got this from a video of "The Mythology Guy", you'll learn something everyday.
JamesCPotter13 17 gün önce
The worst part is he didn’t even want to forget, he just wanted the constant nightmares to stop. And they didn’t even do that. Granted “killing your family” is worse than “mistreating guests” in Greek mythology so...
Kaimariification Aylar önce
I hope he will add in a part where Poseidon or someone else is looking around for Sigrun only to find out that she got revived from G'na who either sits in or is just passing by the room.
The Motions
The Motions 2 aylar önce
I don’t think people who started playing god of war in 2018 realize just how insanely violent Kratos was when he was young and his pain was still fresh.
Kiing Willis
Kiing Willis Aylar önce
@Welloe Telloe lol idk what made him think that bc kratos was at an all time high Rated R back then😂😂
Welloe Telloe
Welloe Telloe Aylar önce
@Captain Simp let's see Norse gods Magni: axe to the face Modi: knife to the neck Baldur: neck snap Heimdall: arm blown off and strangled Thor: stabbed Odin: soul sucked out Meanwhile in Greece Ares: stabbed Thanatos: stabbed in the heart Athena: impaled by the blade of Olympus Poseidon: beaten, thrown around, eyes gouged out and neck snapped Hades: head cracked open and soul ripped out Helios: head ripped off Hermes: legs chopped off Hercules: face turned to red paste Hera: neck snapped Cronos: Nail ripped off, shoulder smashed open, stomach sliced open, crystal through chin and blade in the head Hephaestus: impaled by his own tool Zeus: punched at full force hundreds of times Get outta here
Gary Abblott
Gary Abblott Aylar önce
@Captain Simp really... you are acting like this... really?
ItsJustVin Aylar önce
@Captain Simp also dude compared to what Kratos does to the Norse pantheon, yes Zeus is brutal. Norse got off tamed and easy
ItsJustVin Aylar önce
@Captain Simp let's see theres Poseidon for obvious reasons, Hades soul sucked out and the river styx eating through his guts and skulls, Heracles got punched by his own cratus til he became mash potatoes with eyes poppin, the princess of Poseidon being used to hold up a lever and got grinded to keep a gate open, threw Midas into a lava waterfall simultaneously burning him and turning into gold (hes still alive btw), ripped off multiple heads that being Medusa Euryale and Helios, moved the labyrinth to the point of ripping Daedalus chest apart, might be missing a few
Mohab Alserafe
Mohab Alserafe Aylar önce
0:48 Thor just sitting there drinking his meed being polite to his father after he killed is so halarious I can't stop laughing 😂😂
driftingwolf0 19 gün önce
@The 24th Colossus Just chilling on a sofa when all you trying to do is chill but everyone around you is aggro 24/7
The 24th Colossus Just chilling on a sofa
Mans tired and just needs a drink. Or 500
Levi ackerman
Levi ackerman Aylar önce
Heimdall being roasted at 3:00 is gold tbh everything is pure gold in this video
Oblivious Aylar önce
“What about the blade of olympus?!” “The blade of what?-“ The entire greek pantheon: *UNIMAGINABLE PAIN*
Phillip Verano
Phillip Verano 6 gün önce
@Sir Smiteful yeah tbh, besides the Leviathan Axe given by his wife, Draupnir’s the only weapon made by someone Kratos would call a friend/ally. I hope maybe all 3 weapons will still exist in the next games.
Dogedogman Ha
Dogedogman Ha 6 gün önce
@Phillip Verano another God of war in Mesoamérica: Anubis to the aztec or Mayan gods :”what happen to the Khopesh of mont-, wait! What happen to the eye of ra?” Mesoamerican gods:“ the eye is useless, So the dog ate it.” All Egyptian gods: ANOTHER EMOTIONAL DAMAGE Norse gods: “yep, it’s painful to lose another weapon like the blade of something.” Greek gods in tears: yep
Xion Flame Cipher x-•
@Sir Smiteful no no no he saw him as a BROTHER
Triple S
Triple S 12 gün önce
Sir Smiteful
Sir Smiteful 15 gün önce
@JohnMasterCheif It’s job is to keep peace, and Kratos still has work to do.
Nicky Ricardo
Nicky Ricardo Aylar önce
I love how everyone is putting their differences aside to bully Heimdall
Demon King AK17
Demon King AK17 2 aylar önce
“Problem is they call you Allfather but you got sonned by a dwarf” had me in tears.
Kuya Mo Cis
Kuya Mo Cis 29 gün önce
best ever🤣
coreyon davis
coreyon davis Aylar önce
@Gabb Policarpio brok was dead before the war
Genocidal Squid
Genocidal Squid Aylar önce
@Gabb Policarpio He was. Permanently.
Gabb Policarpio
Gabb Policarpio Aylar önce
@Genocidal Squid Brok was dead when Odin was defeated. Or was he?
Karan Shah
Karan Shah Aylar önce
That's what comes next
Luke Wennlund
Luke Wennlund Aylar önce
“He sold your J’s for about 150 to some dwarves” hits perfectly because being useless to him, it sounds exactly what Kratos would do
GomGom 19 gün önce
@Alfatazer _ to be fair I doubt the greek gears get destroyed that easily it was downright used to throw hands in war 😂 He definitely sold them J's
Alfatazer _
Alfatazer _ 24 gün önce
Sindri actually asks him about what happened to all the high level gear he and Brok crafted in GOW 2018 and Kratos' response was "I used it."
wooly_z Aylar önce
“Give back my son or else you will meet the god I once *was* ”
Pixelated Perfection
Poseidon's shit eating grin as Odin choked out Ares had me laughing
Hedquarterz Aylar önce
"I OFFER THAT N**GA PEACE AND HE STARTS RAGNAROK!!" this fucking got me. Right at the beginning
Leigh Belk
Leigh Belk 11 gün önce
You can even see the speckles.
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 13 gün önce
Kratos creating Ragnarok in response to peace is the most kratos thing
JamesCPotter13 17 gün önce
The way he says RAGNAROK with his whole chest AND body is what sends it.
Isaac Nikolic
Isaac Nikolic Aylar önce
This channel gives more respect and personality to Poseidon than the game ever did.
Abdega Aylar önce
Ares: So he just stabbed you in the neck? Modi: Actually it was his son Poseidon: THERE’S TWO OF THEM NOW?!
Dominique Norman
Dominique Norman Gün önce
lmao that be the funny shit ever, all the greek god find out Kratos got a son
Abdega 11 gün önce
As in there are now two things out there killing gods
Toni Sadiraj
Toni Sadiraj 13 gün önce
@Genya Tusamaki 1219 sorry my english not so good i thought there was aa 3d
Genya Tusamaki 1219
Genya Tusamaki 1219 13 gün önce
@Toni Sadiraj i think he mean since kratos had a daughter and now he has a son which ares was already dead before atreus was born.
Toni Sadiraj
Toni Sadiraj 20 gün önce
Wait what
DeVanté Dillard
DeVanté Dillard Aylar önce
The rage screams while Odin was choking ares😂knowing Odin he would be hot as hell finding out his entire existence went to shit because of ares terrible decision making😂😂
Lionofash Aylar önce
Odin: Wait, aren't you alive? Weren't you helping him kill us? Sigrun: YUP! PEACE! *Flies away, you can then hear Kratos laughing in the background as Sigrun tells stories about the room.*
CallMeV 2 aylar önce
1:18, The Aesir having the chance to see just how much worse Kratos was for the Olympians and trying to console them is so great. And the Olympians learning that Kratos either lost, ditched or apparently didn’t even need most of the equipment he snatched off of their corpses was even better.
Water Pillar
Water Pillar 29 gün önce
@TRVPMUSIC he would done him more dirty than Hermie's
TRVPMUSIC 29 gün önce
@Water Pillar lmfao especially Heimdall GOW3 Kratos would have did him mad dirty 🤣😂
King Captain Doctor Professor K. Rool
Raymel Leonard
Raymel Leonard 2 aylar önce
@GayPrideTransPride lmao go outside bro
bluhmer1990 2 aylar önce
@Peter White That would be interesting. The leftover Greek Gods acting as gods of other pantheons.
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Everyone: "Oh my god!" Kratos destroyed these people so hard, they started believing in Jesus.
Jared Goldfine
Jared Goldfine Aylar önce
this is actually a great video for how long you can keep it going and it not get boring. people don't create videos this long anymore with this much substance. their own attention spans for creating videos has lowered. great job tho
TheDon Aylar önce
Bro this is fuckin spot on. Great understanding of both mythology and game plot. Perfect. Could not have imagined better myself. I need this animated asap
Active 8
Active 8 Aylar önce
That “who tf is mimir🧐🤨🤔” hit HARD😂😂😂 Edit. And it only took 4 weeks to make GAME OF THE YEAR. If you reading this can I get a PRAISE KRATOS for the vibes??
casartherandom Aylar önce
Love how Thor calls Odin out for being a hater.
ManoftheHour1987 Aylar önce
I was all like "Okay, yeah, Odin would do that, no need to laugh" but then Poseidon came in wearing those glasses and i lost it!
Zane Miracle
Zane Miracle Aylar önce
Heimdall: I'll dodge your every blow Poseidon: I will literally drown you.
Binary Aylar önce
"I want him here when I win Game of The Year." Genshin Impact:
Infinite Content
Infinite Content 2 aylar önce
1) choking Ares out on sight? Priceless 2) Poseidon now becoming the God of Disrespect''? I salute you, sir. 3) The Furies trying to blow up the spot? Comedy gold 4) Elden Ring showing up at the end? Totally unnecessary pettiness... BUT I'LL ALLOW IT!!
parker maisterra
parker maisterra Aylar önce
Congralutation on your 1k like
Treydies Aylar önce
It was 100% warranted
LMR 1996
LMR 1996 Aylar önce
The Elden Ring joke would've aged very poorly if GOWR won GOTY. But the fact it did win GOTY this year makes it even funnier.
cam smith
cam smith Aylar önce
Odin after watching the Game of the year awards. "Not. One. Word."
PickledPiss Aylar önce
This man is a living legend.
Dale Canilao
Dale Canilao Aylar önce
2:56 i cant tell wether they are dissapointed by them not knowing what it is or for kratos not bringing it at god of war 4 and 5
Hokageof Memes
Hokageof Memes Aylar önce
0:20 kills me every time😭
A Dude?
A Dude? 2 aylar önce
I think the best part is seeing the Norse realize “Oh, Kratos could have been SO much worse. Thank god for therapy”
#Arch Human
#Arch Human 4 gün önce
Who is this? @5:14
Jrogers6293 9 gün önce
@Silas Thor had a death wish. Mans knew he was a rabid dog needing to be put down.
Silas 10 gün önce
And at the start thor was trying beat it out of him
Edwin Laus Laus
Edwin Laus Laus 25 gün önce
Lmao the gods saying “thank god” is ironic
Jrogers6293 28 gün önce
@SonDjUchiha the bit about the blades always coming back in the books is mentioned in conversation with Atreus.
Kevin Rebeiro(hear comes kevin)(k)
Some one needs to animate this
Lord Emperor Rex Overman Boss
This was genius You’re a genius.
Shiesty_Sean Aylar önce
Watching this video after playing god of war ragnarok makes this 10x funnier😂
David Cherry
David Cherry Aylar önce
my favorite part about these kind of content creators is that imagine how weird it must look seeing someone just running around his room with like 15 different outfits.
Gabb Policarpio
Gabb Policarpio 2 aylar önce
Kratos briefly being beaten by Sigrun brought Poseidon's gouged eyes back out (from his brain) in sheer amazement! I love this detail, man. Thanks for the GoW skits, I dig 'em! Edit: Poseidon don't really need to see, for the most part cuz he could just use the water within people to feel something. I guess that's how he felt Heracles' hand in the last skit, did y'all know?
Archelon Aylar önce
Theseus always blocking the door😂
agent blakk
agent blakk Aylar önce
​@Brody Ratliff yeah in pretty that was the joke
Brody Ratliff
Brody Ratliff 2 aylar önce
I like to think poesidon just knew Hercules would try to pull that kind of shit
Indalecio Aylar önce
"This fight temporarily cured my blindness, so she got it" Subscribed
Sava Kirilov
Sava Kirilov Aylar önce
6? I'd argue elden ring was THE game for 8 months , ragnarok's a great game and it generated a lot of hype , but elden ring is almost perfect
Face Face
Face Face Aylar önce
That ending 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rob Young
Rob Young Aylar önce
Even though they are all the same person the acting is so amazing that it seems like there all different people! 10/10 amazing video keep it up!👍
Maul 2 aylar önce
I love how Poseidon had it the worst and yet, he's the most chill guy in there! Love both of the videos man, they are both on point :D
Trevör Eßpinal
Trevör Eßpinal Aylar önce
Probably humbled him down lol
Maul Aylar önce
@Thabang Sibanda I know kratos beat zeus to death but that's the only thing he did to him... Poseidon had no beef with Kratos and got his eyes removed and a broken neck. I said that in the sense of Psoeidon had no beef with Kratos, got his eyes and neck removed While Zeus who had done all the craziest shit to Kratos only got his ass beaten.. That's why I think poseidon had it the worst
Thabang Sibanda
Thabang Sibanda Aylar önce
@Maul the second worst death is when Kratos killed his half brother Hercules. While Poseidon was smashed on a rock once or twice, punched a few times and eyes destroyed and neck snapped which is very cruel. I argue that Hercules had it worst than Poseidon. When Kratos was done with Hercules he literally didn't have a face, he was completely unrecognisable, Hercules face was beaten with his own weapons so bad that Kratos destroyed the floor they were fighting on, Hercules literally didn't have a face anymore, Poseidon lost his eyes? Got beat a few times? Hercules lost his entire face and half his of his head😅. That is far worse than what Kratos did Poseidon.
Thabang Sibanda
Thabang Sibanda Aylar önce
@Maul what do you mean Kratos didn't beat Zeus to death when that's exactly what Kratos did to him? Did you really play gow 3?.... Anyway you could beat Zeus as much as you want by spamming O for as long as you want, kratos beat Zeus so bad that the screen turned completely red with blood, meaning that Kratos eyes was completely covered by Zeus's blood from beating him so bad, that is far worse than what he did to Poseidon. Poseidon's death was merciful as compared to what Kratos did to Zeus, in the end Kratos broke Poseidon's neck, making it a quick death, while Zeus was fisted to death which is far more cruel.
Maul Aylar önce
@Thabang Sibanda Kratos only beat Zeus. He didn't beat him to death, took his eyes, or snap his neck all at once.
fah2clean Aylar önce
“i’d spit on ya face if i could see you” had me dawg 💀
That_Hispanic Aylar önce
I offered that fucker peace, AND HE STARTS RAGNOROK!! Sums up the game in 4 seconds
Iskandar Aylar önce
It’s funny Poseidon says it was “racially motivated” because Spartans, despite being under the Greek banner, are not actually Greek. Their whole cultural identity is based around being foreigners occupying Greek land. Heh
Kingkau editZ™
Kingkau editZ™ Aylar önce
I love how Odin says oh my god 😂
Schtinky 2 aylar önce
“I spit on your face if I could see you” Poseidon didn’t have to disrespect Heimdal like that bro ☠️
Pride Guy
Pride Guy Aylar önce
Yes he did
AJ Aylar önce
To be fair, Heimdall's a jackass and definitely deserved that. I mean it's no wonder why kratos killed him so violently, and why all the other gods treated him like crap.
BrishIfOnlyBrish Aylar önce
fr he has so much control over water and he would just spit
Alba Alter
Alba Alter Aylar önce
Kratos: “I don’t practice Racism. I practice Violence.”
Micah Mcdonald
Micah Mcdonald Aylar önce
crazy because they actually won goty
TimewaveZERO Aylar önce
The ending hits so much harder after ER won GOTY xD
Kairos Aylar önce
Now, i'm more hyped for the part 3 of this if they make a part 3 in this arc of God of War. Cory Barlog if you see this, please, i need more MalsWRLD Poseidon bitching out all of those gods.
Michael Barney
Michael Barney 2 aylar önce
I love that Odin does practically every horrible thing he did mostly to find out what the afterlife was like, and in the end, it’s some dude’s office where everyone looks the same.
10x Aylar önce
@T Kurzro you the biggest cornball. Shut yo shitty ass jokes up lame headass.
iLucasZ Aylar önce
Odin fearing death just to break the fourth wall and be shitted by Elden Ring...
iLucasZ Aylar önce
Low budget in a nutshell
Darth Krillin
Darth Krillin Aylar önce
@Vicente Huerta No I doubt that and that was never confirmed
Dutch Van Der Linde
@T Kurz How was that even a running joke, tf?
FearCrier Aylar önce
"Every time you speak you prove that you are a mistake," Sums up my life
luis daniel quimsing
i like how 'who the most disrespected" became a competition to them 🤣
Mysterix Infinity
Mysterix Infinity Aylar önce
Kratos uses Mimir's head Helios: First time? Medusa: I should ask that question
Kevin Kaslana
Kevin Kaslana 25 gün önce
Euryale: I will back you up on that.
ScreamingMidgit Aylar önce
I like how all the gods agree Sigrun is unequivocally a badass Mals must've had some bad PTSD from fighting her.
Master Gibz
Master Gibz 2 aylar önce
No matter how many enter that room, it's nice to see that poseidon is still considered the most disrespected boss.
Vicente Huerta
Vicente Huerta Aylar önce
@Lobomaru02 that's why it was racist
Lobomaru02 Aylar önce
@Vicente Huerta Poseidon's only crime was being in Kratos' way. Kratos' had no beef with his uncle, but the _second_ Poseidon chose to step between Kratos and Zeus, Kratos' decided, "so you have chosen death."
J C 2 aylar önce
@andydandy23 his step mom who literally caused all his pain and grief. But yeah Hercules just got the shit beat out of him so badly it was hilarious. Poseidon was just a "God damn Kratos" moment
Vicente Huerta
Vicente Huerta 2 aylar önce
@Random guy on yt racism is plain unthinking hate and spite it doesn't matter if that person is a saint and cured cancer because he is part of his race you will hate and kill this person no matter what that was the level of hate kratos was on and the beat down he gave Poseidon on
Century :p
Century :p 2 aylar önce
@Random guy on yt it’s mostly a joke but if you want to go into it, Poseidon race is a titan so Poseidon is asking if it’s racist.
Mr Muda
Mr Muda Aylar önce
So glad I watched this after I platinumed the game haha
Ty Boone
Ty Boone Aylar önce
poseidon reaction always god me dead and my god odin must have choked the shit outta hades lol mans was catching his breathe for like 5 minutes
ShujinKirito Aylar önce
That game of the year clip hit different rn😂
An unusual name
An unusual name Aylar önce
I want Kratos to pay these guys a visit, that would be funny (maybe a part 3?)
Cameron Suire
Cameron Suire 2 aylar önce
I personally love how Poseidon is just sitting there smiling like he knew Kratos was gonna go to rack more gods
Zizzy_09DC Aylar önce
Got me dead over here
Joseph Collins
Joseph Collins Aylar önce
I read it more as satisfaction from hearing Ares getting strangled.
rdcarbon K
rdcarbon K Aylar önce
@Karam Yaghi i think its cause in the first episode he is the one thats angry at ares. Seeing Ares being choked brings him a huge amount of satisfaction.
Cameron Suire
Cameron Suire Aylar önce
@Crystal Blade lol
Bizzaro Blake
Bizzaro Blake Aylar önce
@Crystal Blade hellos had his head ripped off
CryoJnik Aylar önce
Man , the end aged like fine wine.
RamRoc Aylar önce
1:23 they realized that the Norse gods got the mellow Kratos......and Heimdall realised that he got a taste of what the Olympians got because he didn't know how to shut up and use his brain
Christian Jude Berbano
Slight taste, he was choked. If he were to taste the olympian treatment, it will be more brutal than what kratos did to the olympians.
Pchongle Show
Pchongle Show Aylar önce
Nemenis Aylar önce
Not really everyone knew Elden ring is gonna win.
James Little
James Little Aylar önce
I beat gowr and can finally appreciate this video 😂😂😂
ShockDragon 2 aylar önce
I love how Poseidon just smiles at Ares getting choked out by Odin. Deserved.
QuadGames 10 gün önce
@Samuel Wells I don't think you're on the right video.
Player_lv430 14 gün önce
I love how he just knows despite being blind
Zero Hero
Zero Hero 16 gün önce
Absolutely deserved. I love how the smirk is just “Ah. This is beautiful to hear.”
Samuel Wells
Samuel Wells 22 gün önce
What song is this
Xanthous Head
Xanthous Head 23 gün önce
I think he just smiles cause he got blinded bye Kratos and thats why he has the glasses
Nerzhull Aylar önce
0:08 Honest to god, this is waaaaay too good, man. I have no idea how you're doing this, but you are amazing!
Does not exist
Does not exist Aylar önce
Zues517 Aylar önce
Damn he called it at the end
RATDA 9000
RATDA 9000 Aylar önce
can't wait to see you in the next couple of years when you do the egyptian gods
Ghoulbandit 2 aylar önce
"Everytime you speak, you prove that you're a mistake" that sounded so much like ingame Odin's voice. Well done.
Kevin Kaslana
Kevin Kaslana Aylar önce
In the manner of principle to Kratos: You talk shit, you get hit. In this case, Hermes got his Js taken and Heimdall got his horn taken. Sucks to suck.
TheLastRunicKnight Aylar önce
What does Hermes And Heimdall had in common? They both cocky, they both hard to hit and both their deaths were extremely satisfying
Intyalle Aylar önce
I was about to comment this! That line was delivered so good! Just like Odin, damn!
Osamah Alghamdi
Osamah Alghamdi Aylar önce
@Infinite Content Lol
Infinite Content
Infinite Content 2 aylar önce
Poseidon just be roasting everyone like he's making a holiday dinner!!!
Felipe Aylar önce
2:18 Geez, I wonder who's fault's that for *stares at Zeus* 👀
Evenezer Michiela
Evenezer Michiela Aylar önce
funniest part ''3:00-3:05'' i'm dying
Shusky_Master Aylar önce
The amount of times I watched the first 15 seconds is crazy lmfao 😂
h k
h k Aylar önce
These game therapies are amazing man i love them
Evil Alvitr
Evil Alvitr 2 aylar önce
One more thing that disrespects Helios, is that you can actually use Mimir as an attack. Kratos holds Mimir's head up so he can shoot a Bifrost laser that actually kills enemies, instead of Helios' flash.
R17 2 aylar önce
Replied 39
chriswihulu 2 aylar önce
@HaloXclusive and a golden tongue, that just doesn't stop!!!
Serenidy X
Serenidy X 2 aylar önce
And he gives you good advice. You can't beat it.
birubluebiru 2 aylar önce
@Gipsy danger, americas monster he will use that silver tongue
Agent Linrov
Agent Linrov 2 aylar önce
@Blood Drawer And also one of Kratos' friends, to add.
Zyliss 9
Zyliss 9 Aylar önce
God I love these type of videos, I loved your ''all of the greek gods after fighting Kratos'' video and this one. Both masterpieces, you deserve way more subsy
TempoBueno Aylar önce
yo i LOVE that every time Heimdall says anything, everyone instantly shits on his day🤣🤣🤣
Reginald Boahene
Reginald Boahene Aylar önce
She’s valid ! Had me in tears
Raven Scorn
Raven Scorn Aylar önce
This is extremely hilarious
Tips of the Tavern
Tips of the Tavern 2 aylar önce
I love how magni says to posiden “i bet yours wasn’t that bad” and he is in complete horror when he is shown the video
TRVPMUSIC 29 gün önce
@nathW00 Heimdall would have got done dirty if he met GOW3 Kratos he got off way to easy 😂😂
Horyzun 2 aylar önce
Poseiden definitely got it the worst of all the gods after the initial defeat. I remember playing GW3 back in the day wondering how much longer I was going to have to pulverize that fool until he was dead.
Gottes God
Gottes God 2 aylar önce
People hate ocean god
Random Fun
Random Fun 2 aylar önce
@nathW00 yeah, it wasn't personal, just business!
Schruboderso Aylar önce
im still gonna say it kratos was way more brutal back then than he is now
Pinogames 2000
Pinogames 2000 Aylar önce
Legend has it that Icarus is still falling as we speak
A.A Aylar önce
2:48 Bruh I felt that plead
PlentyPaper Aylar önce
1:11 was too funny😂😂
Laurentus 2 aylar önce
I love how you can tell how much time passed, too. Poseidon has gotten over the worst of it, and now just laughs at the other Pantheon's misery, and gets to appreciate someone else hating Ares. Also, his blindness temporarily being cured by Kratos getting the ever living fuck beaten out of him by Sigrun is pure genius.
Time Portal
Time Portal 27 gün önce
@DEFC0N ZER0 Ares gonna have a tough time in the afterlife with the dead Gods.
zephiro l
zephiro l Aylar önce
@Stealth Brawler lol your beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with my point my guy. The actual meaning of a god is someone who os omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresence. As the term god, refers specifically to the one of Christian faith. Greek, Norse, and other "gods" are actually called Deities. Which has an entirely different level of context and ability. Right... But turning people to salt/sand/stone pillars is not showcasing omnipotence. Neither is causing a flood etc. And again the very premise of God, is a fallacy, for the points I already mentioned that you seem to somehow think have to do with your own beliefs. Also his own lacky in Lucifer wasn't dusted. He took control of a 3rd of his army, and continues to control the world based on the scriptures. So if someone like Lucifer opposed him in the manner he did and is strill not only living but thriving, what makes you think he can just shit on Kratos who has the power above most deities and certainly Lucifer. It's like you want your cake and eat it too. Either you need to accept that God isn't as almighty as claimed due to the self defeating concepts. Or place him in the realm of deities. Also you may not be aware of this. But Zeus did the whole flood thing too. In which only 2 people survived. In fact many of the biblical tales like this have been done by greek deities and other pantheons. So Kratos has been dealing with people who can pull off Christian gods feats since the beginning.
Stealth Brawler
Stealth Brawler Aylar önce
@zephiro l bro you’re really pulling a 🤓 and acting like I am Christian or believe in god. I don’t care if it’s self defeating because while there’s “something he can’t lift” he’s also turned an entire town to sand/stone, and caused a worldwide flood, and such and so forth. Kratos would get dusted if we took “bible canon” and I don’t believe in the big cheese, if the big G does exist and doesn’t like not being believed in he could prove me wrong later.
zephiro l
zephiro l Aylar önce
@Stealth Brawler Neither is "the G man" His own context is self defeating. Because who created him. If he is all powerful then how would he be able to make something so heavy he can't lift it etc.
merelyanillusion Aylar önce
@DEFC0N ZER0 There's a theory going around that it'll be gnostic next. That what Odin saw in the portal was Ydalbaoth.
Christian Franck
Christian Franck Aylar önce
i love how everyone bullies heimdall everytime he tried to speak
I’llKidnap1000ChildrenBeforeILetThisCompanyDie !
0:22 I actually tried to moved my head to avoid the spit coming at me at Mach 6
That Depressed Dude
That Depressed Dude 10 gün önce
Simple_ _Sigma
Simple_ _Sigma Aylar önce
I never noticed that 🤣
Despacito 2.8
Despacito 2.8 Aylar önce
Can we talk about how he predicted the game of the year💀
Peculiar Demoman
Peculiar Demoman Aylar önce
Ngl I like how everyone just barely tolerate Heimdall xD
Tyler Lafond
Tyler Lafond 2 aylar önce
I love how Heimdall gets the respect he deserves in this video. Edit: also didn't anyone else notice that Odin grew back his left eye and lost his right one.
Communist Skeleton Piss
He was such a prick of a lapdog, i swear, i cannot express the annoyance.
your friend in low places
All the respect he deserves which is none
Senza’s mental issues
@Ovain although it was kinda nice to slowly squeeze the life out of that little shit. Literally saw the light go out
Bankai_Musashi1 Aylar önce
@ModernReapers he was stop tryna be diff
The Alpha and the Omega
@Just a guy with a good photo Just the poseidon? I planned worse deaths for him man, I feel bad letting him die like that. I wished I had the right to choose his death 💀🙏
x AV x
x AV x Aylar önce
Shit had me dying 🤣💀💯
Daniel Zhukovin
Daniel Zhukovin Aylar önce
Man this jump is GENIUS!!!!😂😂😂
Liam Aylar önce
The fight with kratos and posedion felt racailly motivatied
Hdzziin Aylar önce
the fact that elden ring won is funny lol
Cheese Powder
Cheese Powder Aylar önce
Every time Heimdall opens his mouth, everyone just yells at him
Jud Aylar önce
5:34 this aged like fine wine lol
KuRo SaKiii
KuRo SaKiii Aylar önce
Odin: she valid, I lie alot but trust me, she valid... Had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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