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Let the Lavender Sea take you.

Want to find out what happens next? Read "Pinwheel": universe.leagueoflegends.com/...

Video created in collaboration with DIGIC Pictures.

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Bel'Veth - Champion Spotlight

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"Bel'Veth's Promise" Champion Teaser

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19 May 2022




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Yeee Aylar önce
I love how she peels away Kai'sa's void appearance and reveals her own twisted appearance, like one disguises herself as a monster, but is a human, the other disguises herself as a human but is a monster. SO GOOD.
Zac 6 gün önce
@Pablo Escobar Kassadin has nothing to do with how she turns out to be.. Dont spread false 'info'.
RanO RanOvaT
RanO RanOvaT 9 gün önce
Also love how her lips movement is misaligned with what she say. Like a human puppet
Knytewalker 17 gün önce
@Pablo Escobar Kai'sa's suit is actually a void symbiote (I believe they actually refer to it as a parasite, but Kai'sa benefits from it, which actually technically makes it a symbiote), it has nothing to do with Kassadin, especially since Kai'sa and Kassadin don't actually know who the other is as far as them being father and daughter (I think they have met once or twice in the lore after she returned from the void, but not 100% sure)
WARPDremora 19 gün önce
Yeah, Kai'Sa's skintight suit and nice hip to shoulder ratio truly is disguised as a monster.
no u
no u 22 gün önce
@Tech It actually is that deep. Everything, especially in animation, is done for a purpose.
GamingScan Aylar önce
Holy.. Incredible cinematic with so many small details in it. Great!
Sebastien Napoleon
Sebastien Napoleon 21 gün önce
"an Ally Has been Slain"
Angelo Clemente
Angelo Clemente Aylar önce
I always love how Riot has continuity in their trailers. I believe this is a continuation of "The Call", where Kai'sa jumped into the pit.
Diptesh Rai
Diptesh Rai 13 gün önce
@Christian Collini at 1:00 val says, “Just as I have devoured this city, I will devour your world.” This might be after “The Call” since it looks like it’s an underground city. But this also means that this isn’t the void, since the void has no city. This is runtera.
Christian Collini
Christian Collini 27 gün önce
​@Adrian Rump I thought The Call was after Kaisa returns to the surface after the 10 years in the void (she has become friend with Taliyah) while in this trailer she looks much younger so I dont think she's escaped the void yet
Adrian Rump
Adrian Rump 28 gün önce
i had the same thought!
Peach Aylar önce
I just keep coming back to this. Its such a dope way to introduce a new character. On top of that the design, incorporating the fake out and just making Bel'veth FEEL like a predator is great. I really love the way riot is approaching story telling.
SadBoy 25 gün önce
My favorite monster design ever But one of the most disappointing gameplay reveal
JonasAteo Aylar önce
This design slaps so hard, both literally in game as well as metaphorically.
RossBoomsocks Aylar önce
The idea that her "head" is just a decorative piece of her body to lure in prey, only to reveal that she's a predator - and the void fish swarming around the area - meaning Bel'Veth is basically a void Anglerfish is so cool I love her
SanFrancisco Bay
SanFrancisco Bay 20 gün önce
thats a big stretch buddy. but its ok just keep dreaming.
Nunofyer Biddles
Nunofyer Biddles 28 gün önce
Basically your typical woman?
Mere Mortal
Mere Mortal Aylar önce
i think youve taken this too literal, the fact she spoke about being everything the void has consumed im thinking she is more of a shapeshifter of void entities. She just chooses her human form?
Shane Charles
Shane Charles Aylar önce
i wonder how velkoz and her will interact. According to lore, velkoz is the strongest being that exists in the LoL according to Lore. This seems like a natural friend or rival for this title.
Shane Charles
Shane Charles Aylar önce
finally, not another cringe weeb character. An actual cool looking beast of a character, void champs are always cool.
Vitamin Paul
Vitamin Paul 29 gün önce
Feels a bit Lovecraftian, I love all of Riot's work with The Void! Keep giving us more Content & Lore from The Void please!
Deejay 17 gün önce
@Johnny Peterson the Void concepts predate Stranger Things afaik, and even then Stranger Things is heavily influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, H.R. Giger, Stephen King, and others. Cosmic/Existential Horror isn't anything new, it's just really cool when done right.
Johnny Peterson
Johnny Peterson 25 gün önce
Stranger Things bandwagon more like
Tony F.
Tony F. Aylar önce
For a continuation of this scene, check out the short story, "Pinwheel", on the League of Legends website. It was VERY well-written. Kai'Sa offered a fantastic perspective on the Void Empress.
they really do just do amazing cinematics. the absolute fear on Kai'sa's face as Bel'Veth reveals her true form is a masterpiece.
Eternal Nerd
Eternal Nerd Aylar önce
This makes me want a Metroidvania, I'd love to explore the remnants of the city, Kai'sa already has a pretty hard Samus vibe. Serious Riot lets see a Metroidvania come out of the forge!
??? Aylar önce
This is incredible. I especially love how when Bel’Veth speaks, her lips don’t synch correctly with what she’s saying, hinting that her humanoid “face” is merely a disguise for her true nature. I love the direction this is going and it’s so refreshing to see a new Void monster!
Maria Lawal
Maria Lawal 17 gün önce
@christian colasito unless they did and this is a smart cover up lol. But given how well done it is, would make more sense that its part of the character
tenjek Aylar önce
@cockroach munching krabby patty It doenst sync with that language either tho,
Luxiana Clips ∙ 3,1 mi visualizações ∙ há 10 horas
Another champion with reset on his ultimate (my last video)
dynn Aylar önce
yep ! its been a long time getting so powerfull champ and also with amazing design+ jungler...finally another strong and interesting champion!!
Galador Aylar önce
@ExDee why are you saying 0% chance lol. the lips are clearly too slow for any language, this was 100% on purpose
Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein Aylar önce
The void is the coolest thing in the LoL universe. I freaking love every champ that came out of the void.
Marcel Scherf
Marcel Scherf 4 gün önce
Can't wait for Kai'Sa's story to be told in animation. The void seems so cool!
Check my about section link
Im honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, keep it up!
doire aintu
doire aintu 29 gün önce
The amount of enviromental detail in just the first 30 seconds of this video is insane. Cudos to the artists and animators
Xavier Aylar önce
I really hope this would also lead to Kassadin also being a part of a cinematic.
A. Sam
A. Sam 11 gün önce
@MechaData im dead
Athax Designs
Athax Designs 16 gün önce
@tra12048 Swain has been hinting at it for a long time.
Prince Jamal Minhas
Prince Jamal Minhas 18 gün önce
Nah man, they prob pull a yorick on kassadi and malzahar, feelsbadman.
David Bubbles
David Bubbles 20 gün önce
they gonna give a visual update probably then add him
Kael'hazard -
Kael'hazard - 20 gün önce
@insertswear well they added malzahar in previous cinematic. Maybe he will get a bit loves of buff or reworks.
Alessio De Carolis
Alessio De Carolis Aylar önce
These cinematics are really astounding, it's a pity that such worldbuilbing is limited to games
YwY 1234
YwY 1234 Aylar önce
I really recommend people read the story right after this... Cause after reading it, I think I might be in favor of working with her to defeat the watchers...
Pixtlewint 23 gün önce
Sheeeeshh!! This cinematic is so-well made, Riot should definitely make a series
Arcade Aylar önce
I don't know about her abilities, but when it comes to general character design, that's the best design they've come up with in years
Weeb weeb
Weeb weeb Aylar önce
Now that's 200+ collective years of professional animating experience
Rtea Aylar önce
@Aeghul Mora Sadly those would be entirely different departments so in conclusion Cry harder
Aeghul Mora
Aeghul Mora Aylar önce
If they where just as good at designing the gameplay.
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic Aylar önce
For anyone reading this: JESUS loves you so much that HE gave up HIS own life for you on the cross, and if you repent of your sins, and accept HIM as Lord and Savior, you will become a Christian, and you will have everlasting life!
Jonie-_ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me🔞
I don't actually play LoL or know much about it, but man do I love their cinematic content!
distant 29 gün önce
league cinematics are so cool, imagine if they made a series or something..
Abdulla Mattar
Abdulla Mattar Aylar önce
i love this so much! mostly the soundtrack tbh and the reveal
jason11279 16 gün önce
1:30 that change from fearsome to fearful.
Scarfy Aylar önce
I love that Bel'Veth's "human" lips don't sync up with her speech; the whole face is just another piece of a "costume" hiding her real self. And whoever decided to have her head peel open and bloom like a flower needs a standing ovation, it's such an amazing thing to see animated.
Naeon Aylar önce
@Evan Garnier not really "humanoid" tho. Sure the head is made to look like a human and it pretend like a humanoid. But thats an eldritch manta ray.
Evan Garnier
Evan Garnier Aylar önce
They should have keep the horror flower idea. Instead of giving us the 10000th humanoid champ all over again.
sahangbaknei Guite
sahangbaknei Guite Aylar önce
@nãoTemAbacaxi jhin-but his original is “I bloom” and not “she bloom”.
Swoomal Aylar önce
What’s interesting is that she has a third eye, meaning the two human eyes she has isn’t for seeing, it’s just for show.
nãoTemAbacaxi Aylar önce
@Thomas Chin-Kon-Sung who says that?
Kushiva Aylar önce
I miss the times riot did everything so any champion in the animation don't feel more overpowered than others - here we are, new champion is just straight up devouring one of my fav champs 😶😱
I really hope this would also lead to Kassadin also being a part of a cinematic.
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio Aylar önce
I don't actually play LoL or know much about it, but man do I love their cinematic content!
Boiled Cabbage
Boiled Cabbage Aylar önce
Insanely well made, Riot did it again.
Seft Aylar önce
Bel'veth's model in cinematic: *Radiates final boss energy* Bel'veth's model in game: stingray slap
Spy 9 gün önce
When you think of all the cool spells void champions use, they had so many cool options, but they just went a said "meh she got big fins, she can just slap with them" wat??
Astute Anansi
Astute Anansi 15 gün önce
@ASongForTheMostBeautifulWomanInTheWorld She does have blades though. You can see the wings turn into blades at the tip, you can also see them in the icon of her W. She slaps with the wings to stun her prey and then goes for a flurry of stabs with the tips to finish them off
Dániel Veréb
Dániel Veréb 15 gün önce
@B B Haha good one :D
LordNGGamerMT Poppy
LordNGGamerMT Poppy 18 gün önce
@muysli .Y yes sadly
ISleep 2Dream
ISleep 2Dream 19 gün önce
Tbf, thats how she beat her here
Curt S
Curt S Aylar önce
I will spend real money on this champ at release. Riot needs to know we want more monsters, and that we want more void monsters.
John McGuire
John McGuire 22 gün önce
I always get recommended these trailers and every time I think ‘hey maybe I should give league another go’ this is a never ending cycle that I can never escape from
RICHEL- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
The idea that her "head" is just a decorative piece of her body to lure in prey, only to reveal that she's a predator - and the void fish swarming around the area - meaning Bel'Veth is basically a void Anglerfish is so cool I love her
Frigorelse Aylar önce
After reading pinwheel, it feels like Bel'veth showing her true form while forcing Kai'sa to show hers is a strange attempt show honesty- as she "asks" for Kai'sa's help against the watchers shortly after. Like a brief walk in her courtyard with her consort, relaying instruction like a queen would.
bon bon
bon bon Aylar önce
The horror on Kai'sa's eyes when she saw Bel'Veth's true form is just on point. I love it
tenjek Aylar önce
Hope we see her in Arcane some day
Evan Garnier
Evan Garnier Aylar önce
The eye among tentacles is the most scary thing. Should totally replace the humanoid head everytime.
Mohamed Emad
Mohamed Emad Aylar önce
ADC :(
Kailash Nath
Kailash Nath Aylar önce
Ap kaisa before the nerf would’ve just killed her with one w
pls no
pls no Aylar önce
Yes!! When she spent sm time in the void fighting horrible creature,you know its truly terrifying when Kai'sa does that face. So excited about Bel'Veth!!
Lauren-_ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me🔞
Now THAT is a monster champion alright! Well done, Riot!
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Now THAT is a monster champion alright! Well done, Riot!
Jonie- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞
Now THAT is a monster champion alright! Well done, Riot!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Aylar önce
Imagine a Void version of Arcane, would love to see that
Daniel G
Daniel G Aylar önce
The amount of enviromental detail in just the first 30 seconds of this video is insane. Cudos to the artists and animators.
Ericson Javier
Ericson Javier Aylar önce
@Dontron5 00:49-00:52 the sound is so good
Fynrux Aylar önce
yea the details are insane 😍
Dontron5 Aylar önce
and just LISTEN to it man, the sound designers killed it too, every impact is so fat
andrew groves
andrew groves Aylar önce
if the arcane series keeps on going i hope it goes into all this crazy lore
Dean Jean
Dean Jean Aylar önce
Imagine if they could start a series with this type of animation, bro they have come so far, I was really disappointed at the sentinels story tho
ISU Crusador
ISU Crusador 26 gün önce
Yeah, instead of the Marvel cinematic universe, they could make the League of legends cinematic universe.
Le Predator
Le Predator Aylar önce
I think it wouldve been way sicker and more mysterious if they ended it on her saying "I am so much more" and kai'sas scared expression yet very great new champ design
Gustavo silva
Gustavo silva Aylar önce
Top cinematic por que não fazem series sobre cada personagem ia gerar varias temporadas mais fans League of Legends ja e lendario
Verlisify Aylar önce
Once again Riot uses a cinematic to transition to a champion reveal. Neat
Verlisify Aylar önce
@Princess Raven Diamond I literally have LoL videos
Storm3r Aylar önce
dude no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay frfr?
Derpy Efalant
Derpy Efalant Aylar önce
When’s the next “Wolfey Glick Exposed” video coming up? 🤡
Charless :3
Charless :3 Aylar önce
@Princess Raven Diamond you'd be suprise how many ytbrs that arent making league content, are Playing/up to date with league
ISU Crusador
ISU Crusador 25 gün önce
We need a League of Legends Cinematic Universe!
xd ae
xd ae Aylar önce
its as if they timed it perfectly with love death robots. literally the theme of season 3
Lucastle Aylar önce
I feel like this is one of the best champ designs in the game, fight me
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions Aylar önce
I just wish her ingame model was adapted differently
Johan Sugarev
Johan Sugarev Aylar önce
I'll never play this game but gosh, these cinematics are nice!
Gumbino Aylar önce
thank you Belveth for ending the one shot meta.
Duy Anh Bui
Duy Anh Bui Aylar önce
ഡiℤ Aylar önce
@Patorc1 lmaooo thats what Im saying
Phineas sss
Phineas sss Aylar önce
Evelynn says hello.
Diopside Aylar önce
I lold so hard, best comment ever.
Saturn Aylar önce
This is the most intrigued by a champion before they've been released that I've been since Pyke.
MightyMouseFTW 15 gün önce
Listen I loved arcane and everything, but it would be amazing if we could get this kinda style and quality for animation for their shows.
Chris Wade
Chris Wade Aylar önce
What an excellent looking trailer. Just wish it was an extended feature. I'd watch all day. Get Velkoz in there
Ogikay Aylar önce
I wish they would include characters like those in Arcane as well.
Paul Grosu
Paul Grosu Aylar önce
Wow , i actually like bel'vet s design , the idea of her taking on a human apearance as her way of "addapting " in order to lure in prey seams really cool !
A-DrewG Aylar önce
@cockroach munching krabby patty it doesn't change the fact they have never done anything like that in any of their other cinematics and the fact the mouth was moving way to slow to be any actual language. It doesn't even line up with any mandarin dialect.
Luxiana Clips ∙ 3,1 mi visualizações ∙ há 10 horas
Another champion with reset on his ultimate (my last video)
NTraY Aylar önce
@Tox1kEscape how is that form fully humanoid?
Evan Garnier
Evan Garnier Aylar önce
@Tech Force She's a humanoid character visually. So, not the real monster Riot promised. They always do things for chinese market now.
Evan Garnier
Evan Garnier Aylar önce
Everyone being lured by Riot. Thinking they have made a monster champion, while it's still humanoid default form again ingame.
Reix Aylar önce
1:17 I want to be that hand.... But joking aside, this cinematics are becoming more and more realistic. And the story progression is just the best.
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Aylar önce
Love the concept of Bel Veths core shifts from its eye in the head to its mouth when it changes form....its like..."i see you and ill consume you"
Dr. Pikachu Phd
Dr. Pikachu Phd 23 gün önce
This event feels like it’s gonna be like the Rumbling where the void is unleashed into the world and it might pave the way for a possible Darkin event. Either way, I want Kassadin to save Kai’Sa from her and Malzahar.
rizso Aylar önce
amazing, void is so interesting. voidmother is like angler fish, lures preys in then devoure!
IDoNotFeelCreative Aylar önce
The way she rips off kai'sa's "helmet" is just so creepy I'm in love with this cinematic. Especially when you remember that kai'sa's "living suit" is practically a part of her by now - she was actually tearing part of her apart and it's. Horror done right. Just... perfection
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus Aylar önce
@Cuauhtémoc Cabrera Rubio it's gonna be done soon if it hasn't been yet.
tenjek Aylar önce
pulling it open while opening her own "face"
Chaotix Fox
Chaotix Fox Aylar önce
@K E N S H I R O Her void creature isn't sentient because it's not old enough. Coincidentally, that's also why it's not up to the task of dealing with Bel'veth. Voidspawn get stronger and smarter with age.
Chaotix Fox
Chaotix Fox Aylar önce
@Calron Keltaran Futa Bel'veth boutta slide on.
Lucas nada mas
Lucas nada mas Aylar önce
@Shadow X "the most obvious being anime in general" ???????? What? there's like 4 characters vaguely inspired by anime out of 100, what
Walyo Tsonev
Walyo Tsonev Aylar önce
I really hope they make movie with that kind of cinematic. I mean Arcane is pretty good but movie with that kind of animation would be so dope.
Bay's Ocete
Bay's Ocete Aylar önce
I know rightt, Arcane is pretty good with that kind of art like K/DA popstars, but something like this cinematic would be so dope either
Zeikid Aylar önce
This makes me want an MMO so badly
Richard C
Richard C 15 gün önce
By three they come. By three, thy way opens. By the blood of the willing, we call thee home. Hail, Empress of the Void Bel'veth.
Keagan Wallace
Keagan Wallace Aylar önce
when your main finally gets a good cinematic
Levi Klel
Levi Klel Aylar önce
I LOVE the little detail at 1:03 that whenever Bel'veth talks, her mouth is never synced up correctly... as if the creature is trying to copy humans but can't perfectly and ends up looking like a puppet.
PT bro
PT bro 25 gün önce
@Keyas what?
Keyas Aylar önce
@PT bro Cope, lol.
@Carlos Alleyman Their biggest market is China regardless of where they operate, so what's your point exactly?
rizso Aylar önce
she cant even walk. SHe is mimicing walking :D she is like an angler fish.
Balgain Aylar önce
OMG I didnt even notice
BliZzA 13 gün önce
Imagine outta no where you see Mordekaiser when Bel Veth shows her true form. You got a monster but then the nightmare shows up king of destruction.
Reno Oblivion
Reno Oblivion Aylar önce
What's really great is that regardless of Bel's looks, Kai armored up and started blasting the second she made a threat. Fighting for so long down there gave Kai a shoot first attitude and I love it hahaha.
Damin Aylar önce
I'm getting “Love, death and robot” vibes from this.
lostn65 Aylar önce
their CG has vastly improved since the early days
Selz Wergej
Selz Wergej Aylar önce
Love the Lovecraftian vibe she's giving. Also, as people have pointed out, her lips not moving the way they should makes her seem even more inhuman, I love it!
Naeon Aylar önce
@Lucas nada mas this is more eldritch horror than lovecraftian. Buuut tbf not every eldritch beings in lovecraftian mythos are cthulhu level of incomprehensible entity.
burger king 4for4
burger king 4for4 Aylar önce
@zMonday Oh, so the animation team is not part of Riot?
zMonday Aylar önce
@burger king 4for4 there's a difference between the animation team and the balancing team
Reko Aylar önce
Dude you should see the upper comments.its human it's used to make its prey fall for the trap
Lucas nada mas
Lucas nada mas Aylar önce
I'm getting slightly tired of everything with tentacles being called lovecraftian, this is in the exact opposite direction of lovecraftian, she communicates, is a physical being and is clearly pictured, lovecraftian "vibe" is solely based around creatures who's mere existences cannot be comprehended by the human mind, which was kind of the vibe we had with some of the previous imaginings of the void, this is not it
Dan Aylar önce
This feels like a compromise between the east wanting generic hot anime ladies/waifus and the west wanting monster characters and honestly i'm not complaining.
Domo Aylar önce
Wow the animation is so well done
Clyde Montevirgen
Clyde Montevirgen 29 gün önce
I love how she said "i am everything the void has KKONSUMED"
doire aintu
doire aintu 29 gün önce
Just saying.... This champ would have made a better evelyn..... than evelyn....
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Aylar önce
Bel'veth's model in cinematic: Radiates final boss energy Bel'veth's model in game: stingray slap
Nemitora Nemitora
Nemitora Nemitora Aylar önce
i gotta say, the thing i like the most about this, is that unlike a lot of previous cinematics, this one literally picks up where the last one ended and i hope riot finds a way to keep knitting future cinematics (and maybe even champ reveals) together like this
frigo zika
frigo zika Aylar önce
@Filip Sudziński well there is a city consumed by the void in shurima where she was in the call so it very well could be the same
Skelly Aylar önce
@Nemitora Nemitora Although it seems like this, those two cinematics aren’t canonical
Skelly Aylar önce
Although it seems like this, those two cinematics aren’t canonical
Nemitora Nemitora
Nemitora Nemitora Aylar önce
@Luxiana Clips ∙ 3,1 mi visualizações ∙ há 10 horas technically not a reset, correct me if i'm wrong but from what i've seen so far, her ult duration extends on champ kills no? her ult is "just" the form
Luxiana Clips ∙ 3,1 mi visualizações ∙ há 10 horas
Another champion with reset on his ultimate (my last video)
Philip Penkov
Philip Penkov Aylar önce
Doesn't look broken at all. I love it.
it just works
it just works Aylar önce
This animation really reminds me of Iron Man's fight with Thanos in Infinity War but way shorter. I think they might've got inspired by it.
V C Aylar önce
Just imagine if the balance team where half as good as the cinematic and music team. 🔥🔥🔥
Boia Aylar önce
This is the coolest champion in league and nobody will ever change my mind
Saltyfish546 Aylar önce
All bel'veth comments aside, I just love how beautiful that void looks. The ocean mixed with voidiness. So pretty
Oz Aylar önce
@K Za Anime Fan yes that was the word I was looking for
K Za Anime Fan
K Za Anime Fan Aylar önce
@Oz not jealousy but annoyance Because the only reason they want to destroy is that its existance casts a bright light into the void which the watchers did not appreciate
Majestic 12
Majestic 12 Aylar önce
If this truly was the void I would have been disappointed. The void is supposed to be an incredibly dark place not beautiful lol
Oz Aylar önce
That’s not the void. The void is barren pretty much. That’s why they want to consume and destroy runeterra, annoyance
Andrés España
Andrés España Aylar önce
@r12j yup
Klavicus Aylar önce
dear Riotgames: your render, art and design team are amazing and one of the best, but your gameplay and game design team are still even after over a decade quite underwhelming. Bel'Veth has such an interesting, new and dark theme, yet ingame her model looks quite bland and her kit pretty generic and not chamption thematic fitting - why? you have the money and you had lots of time.
Bence Tóth
Bence Tóth Aylar önce
Fransens 26 gün önce
I love LOL character designs and lore. Then I remember that this world-eating cthulhuid monster will be just another victim of a Teemo facerolling over her with shrooms. This is why I only consume LOL Lore and trailer stuff and not play. Playing the game ruins the whole thing for me. XD
Major Lilywhite
Major Lilywhite Aylar önce
I love to see the continuation of this cinematic....
Mefca LoLs
Mefca LoLs Aylar önce
Y'all remember when this would mean a whole event including a PVE game mode where you fight off waves of enemies with your friends? Man I miss that.
Austin Moss
Austin Moss Aylar önce
The Project PVP one was pretty cool. The PVE stuff wasnt for me personally.
Will Brown
Will Brown Aylar önce
(John 3:16) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
alveolate hermeneutist
league peaked with star guardian and odyssey pve modes.
ming lin
ming lin Aylar önce
Maybe achieve 12cs/m first
Sprzecio Aylar önce
I miss nothing as much as the PvE events, tho i really hated the 1st star guardian one as i didn't really like any of these champions included, the odyssey was fire
ElMcChicken01 2 gün önce
How to take down a fed Kai’sa in game: CC chain or burst damage How to take down Kai’sa in lore: backhand from a slap bat
Hendy Yoga
Hendy Yoga Aylar önce
Finally female Guyver gets her own cinematic. I call her Kai'sa the battle angel.
Rhythm Aylar önce
I've watched this video so many times cause i'm so hyped for another Void champ that i've noticed that when Bel'veth speaks, her lips aren't synced to watch she's saying, just slightly moving. This could just be that they didn't bother to do the lip syncing but Imma take as Bel'veth only mimicking human speech from her understanding of how humans communicate. She knows that human lips move when they talk but doesn't understand the significance of how and why they move.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Aylar önce
I like the detail where around her neck/chest area you can see her suit spreading into her veins. It really drives home that the suit is fused to her and is a part of her.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Perfect portrayal of an adc getting destroyed by a fed mid laner.
Ryan Porterhawk
Ryan Porterhawk Aylar önce
@Crimson X I resemble that remark
Luxiana Clips ∙ 3,1 mi visualizações ∙ há 10 horas
Another champion with reset on his ultimate (my last video)
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic Aylar önce
For anyone reading this: JESUS loves you so much that HE gave up HIS own life for you on the cross, and if you repent of your sins, and accept HIM as Lord and Savior, you will become a Christian, and you will have everlasting life!
plebianoverlord Aylar önce
this comment right here
Gül Aylar önce
Man ure all just bad adcs stop crying
Vape Lord Sasuke
Vape Lord Sasuke 28 gün önce
The transitions tho
Christian Hristov
Christian Hristov 29 gün önce
Can we appreciate that the reason why her mouth movement and the sound we hear are not exactly matching is not because the animators could not have made more accurate mouth movements, but because that's not where Bel'Veth speaks from. She is either not trying to or unable to completely mimic an actual person! Very similar to The Thing...
Joseph Benuzzi
Joseph Benuzzi 26 gün önce
But I saw someone else mention that how her face opened up was similar to The Thing, and yeah that's there though. But you implied something that just wasn't true especially as a fan of both the original and the remake
Christian Hristov
Christian Hristov 26 gün önce
@Joseph Benuzzi Except for breath 😉
Joseph Benuzzi
Joseph Benuzzi 26 gün önce
No The Thing does a perfect mimicry including mental and muscle memory until it is exposed/chooses to attack
Bishie4Bara Aylar önce
it's so creepy af LOVE IT MORE MONSTERS RIOT pls!
Zarvanis Aylar önce
I find it amusing to imagine that during all of these big dramatic lore events with potentially world-ending evil threats, Veigar is just wandering around the countryside being a nuisance.
Tara G
Tara G Aylar önce
finally some monster. I love it 🥰
Abiog Resha Jem - SPJ
I don't play the game but holy sweet heavenly iced tea I cannot express enough how good this is:0
Jinsu Aylar önce
Love that this is a continuum of The Call cinematic for Kai'sa
Ivailo Ivanov
Ivailo Ivanov Aylar önce
Doesn't get boring, I can watch it forever.
Мистер Огонёчек
they really do just do amazing cinematics. the absolute fear on Kai'sa's face as Bel'Veth reveals her true form is a masterpiece.
i Baffoni
i Baffoni Aylar önce
@Darius Bostic yes and this jesus can make a pentakill? Don't think so
Balamzen Aylar önce
Tbf this seems heavily inspired by the clown from It.
Leizer Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ aint real shut up
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ I
Bolin_cope Aylar önce
@Darius Bostic who asked
Lol Ruined King Opening Cinematic
thanks for 5 million
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