All Might VS Might Guy (My Hero Academia VS Naruto) | DEATH BATTLE!

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These mighty heroes are ready to clash and find out who's the most extraordinary of them all! This episode is sponsored by ExpressVPN (Go to expressvpn.com/battle , to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free.)

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18 Ara 2019




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Unfortunately a small part of this video was content ID claimed by audio rights holders and had to be trimmed away using TRvid's tools, leaving an awkward cut during a rundown. To experience the episode in full, see it FIRST on Rooster Teeth by clicking this link: roosterteeth.com/watch/death-battle-season-6-all-might-vs-might-guy-my-hero-academia-vs-naruto
Bentley Otto
Bentley Otto Aylar önce
@DDGHB106 Stewie Griffin
Bandit Bro
Bandit Bro Aylar önce
They're salty about the results, that's probably why they claimed it.
Angel Wayne
Angel Wayne Aylar önce
JOHNNY Walker 2 aylar önce
Superman vs Omni man.
JOHNNY Walker 2 aylar önce
Death Battle Team here list for you from me . Tommy oliver vs Liu Kang. Divine Fist vs Kung Lao ( Kakuto Chojin vs Mortal Kombat). Prince purple Rain vs Michael Jackson moon walker. Footlosse vs Grease. Fiery Phoenix Vs Taven ( Tao Feng Vs Mortal Kombat). Halo Spartan Vs Mandalorian. John Connor Vs Guile . The Flood ( Halo ) Vs Xenomorph. halo covenant Vs predator yautja. Captain Kirk Vs Han solo. JD Stone vs Kurtis Stryker ( Kakuto Chojin vs Mortal kombat).
Riley H.
Riley H. 10 saatler önce
All Might needed to find a shining figure of heroism with a smile on his face (cuts to midoriya just bawling his eyes out) yeah he uh, he made a very…interesting choice
That creepy guy In the corner
All might beat thanks.
jaynine Gün önce
If you guys watch anime long enough you would know why guy won without even explanation
Big D
Big D Gün önce
Lmao that's hilarious. Gui would have died instantly with a hole in his chest. Plus he died after opening the 8th gate. All might will eventually get up while Gui is dead.. idk how he could have won when he died while having no proof almight actually died too. Best case scenario for might gui is a draw. Aka they both die.
Patryk Lo
Patryk Lo 19 saatler önce
1. Animation is only for entertainment, it doesn't decide the outcome. 2. All Might died first, therefore Might Guy wins
Jason Cole
Jason Cole Gün önce
So proud of my Boy Guy
brandon hill
brandon hill Gün önce
Might guy was way more versatile then all mite. He was definitely strong enough to take one might guy but not versatile enough rite. Yeah!! Might guy WINS
Nobody 2 gün önce
The battle of the Dads.
A person on the internet
I'm pretty sure might guy isnt died in naruto
Arther fleck
Arther fleck 3 gün önce
😂 nice joke , 5th gate guy > all might
Red Samurai
Red Samurai 3 gün önce
Might Guy my might acutely have the upper hand if he was immediately off the clash going full force but he went with a spar like fight until he was punched through the chest
Red Samurai
Red Samurai 3 gün önce
Also he says he won’t hold back but does
ZoondoX 3 gün önce
please look into Guyver! i want to see his abilities scaled with more modern anime. and i know nobody eben knows who Guyver is but hes sick, they will learn to love him. this will be psoted on mutiple videos lol.
Leo M
Leo M 3 gün önce
Should be rock lee vs Midoriya
Joshua Crow
Joshua Crow 5 gün önce
Was that guy’s English dub voice actor working on this Death Battle?
sagearts 5 gün önce
Kelvin Wong
Kelvin Wong 6 gün önce
Let's just agree this is the most badass fight on death battle
Sim0n playZ
Sim0n playZ 6 gün önce
0:01 Yup I know who won
Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza 6 gün önce
That fight was pretty lit
Al Gadzali
Al Gadzali 7 gün önce
One punch man: you guys having battle without me
Styxx19 7 gün önce
At this point in the manga, All Might would definitely win, he's too fast for Guy even with 8 gates.
sagearts 5 gün önce
hes like a stick now lol
Eh 8 gün önce
I would definitely clap them both
Ed the Unknown
Ed the Unknown 8 gün önce
Why did they destroy Madison Square Garden anyway
GamePixel 8 gün önce
Unrealistic base guy claps, but anyways great animation
Roblox Kids are Screaching
All might should’ve won
sagearts 5 gün önce
u never watched naruto tho so u wouldnt kno
broggy '
broggy ' 5 gün önce
No, no he wouldn't
Far C3ntaur
Far C3ntaur 8 gün önce
Ryan Irving Mayo
Ryan Irving Mayo 9 gün önce
This is easily the best fight of this show.
Josaia Biumaiono
Josaia Biumaiono 11 gün önce
Do onepunchman vs superman
sagearts 5 gün önce
superman blitzes, unrealistic
Rizna Cassim
Rizna Cassim 11 gün önce
Wiz: the winner is might guy.
山ㄖㄥᐯ乇丂 ㄒ乇乇ㄒ卄
Dude wth.. I remember watching this channel many years ago, crazy how big it has become!
SaberofSpades 12 gün önce
Can we just talk about how that picnic table survived the first crater being made? Hard to find that kind of craftsmanship nowadays.
Proneet chowdhury
Proneet chowdhury 12 gün önce
This is the most laughably wrong death battle I have seen 🤣
AuGeeZee 8 gün önce
@Far C3ntaur Yeah, the animation is only for entertainment. They stated in a podcast that Might Guy would win with the third gate.
Far C3ntaur
Far C3ntaur 8 gün önce
@Proneet chowdhury oh I thought u meant All Might should’ve won 😂. Yeah I agree with u. Maybe they just added 8th gate guy for entertainment purposes.
Proneet chowdhury
Proneet chowdhury 8 gün önce
@Far C3ntaur because the outcome is just ....wrong . 3rd gate guy should have been enough to Deafeat all might😩
Far C3ntaur
Far C3ntaur 8 gün önce
Blading 12 gün önce
i didn't know arm wrestling contests mean to punch, kick, slam and even kill your opponent. cool (also it's practically a tie if nobody it's ONLY a 1 on 1 fight, since Might Guy using the 8th Gate is basically a trade.)
Vegeta black
Vegeta black 12 gün önce
The United States of smash is all might's strongest attack they said it in the anime and manga
Far C3ntaur
Far C3ntaur 8 gün önce
Vegeta black
Vegeta black 12 gün önce
In the anime and manga they said that all my trained all of his life
Patryk Lo
Patryk Lo 19 saatler önce
So did might guy
bobby samuel smith
bobby samuel smith 12 gün önce
i was right
bobby samuel smith
bobby samuel smith 12 gün önce
by the time of writing this comment i haven't watched the fight but i feel as if allmights getting clapped
N.Thompson 12 gün önce
Look like a double K.O to me not gonna lie
TerminatorGundam300 14 gün önce
13:42 - 14:10 If only that table was made of Vibranium. Who would've won that arm wrestling contest?
Akumadere!? 14 gün önce
Anyone else want a rematch between Naruto and Ichigo?
Lolmanboss 14 gün önce
Actually Guy/Gai was even stronger than that. He actually generated so much energy that he was bending space. That means he had a much higher energy output than over a Petaton of TNT. Still the fight was amazing. And if Guy/Gai dindt use the 8th Gate id be more satisfied rather than seeing him break his most important rule to activate the 8th gate...
Aidan Grady
Aidan Grady 14 gün önce
All Might meet Might Guy Eraserhead meet Kakashi Deku meet… Deja Vu?
freddie guest
freddie guest 14 gün önce
6th gate guy would’ve punched a whole straight through all might. Just saying from the speed of his punches to literally burn the oxygen in the air it would’ve ripped clean through him like a tissue. Plus at the speed he would be moving around, all might wouldn’t have been able to land or react to might guy. Also in 8 gates you can use the reference in the power of his attack by the fact that he bent space and time.
TheKingofDrip 15 gün önce
Tell me when All Might has survived an Island level attack and was the strongest user when it came to hand-to-hand combat (taijutsu)?
Mal 15 gün önce
by far my favorite animation and i agree guy negs
Giovanni Bramlia
Giovanni Bramlia 15 gün önce
Man all might better get some surgery to get his powers back
Valteran 15 gün önce
the poor animation budget
Kirby of 590 Stars
Kirby of 590 Stars 15 gün önce
I don’t think Might Guy would kill All Might, but I do agree he’s stronger. I personally think All Might and Might Guy would become friends and go eat some ramen.
Klief Andrew
Klief Andrew 16 gün önce
Let just don't go to Might guy even Sakura beat All might easily
Dundun9000 16 gün önce
I like the opm reference
CorruptionBRP 17 gün önce
Sooooo...... they are saying all might is on par with six paths Madara. Yea I smell some cap
Far C3ntaur
Far C3ntaur 8 gün önce
Nobody said that…..
Boostic Graham
Boostic Graham 17 gün önce
Mighty guy easily wins this is inaccurate
AuGeeZee 8 gün önce
@The Ultimate Truth Guy’s speed would be equal to Kakashi’s who is lightning. He would also scale to (yes this is annoying but…) base form naruto who can upscale from light speed attacks etc etc. also there is a huge article on how the naruto verse is now much more dense due to chakra or smth iirc (meaning the moon would be closer to our moon). I don’t have the link to it but I’ll post it when I find it.
AuGeeZee 8 gün önce
@The Ultimate Truth All Might is at most Island level. Might Guy is around Moon.
Kent 18 gün önce
next we will need deku war arc deku vs rock lee
pp 19 gün önce
The animation reminds me so much of guilty gear and I love it.
ReiZ Bltz
ReiZ Bltz 20 gün önce
All might would destroy might guy you dumbasses
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 15 gün önce
@The Ultimate Truth ...Hang on a moment. Are Those not the lasers made explosive blasts upon impact on hitting its targets? This is not the property of a light speed laser.
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 15 gün önce
@The Ultimate Truth Uhhhh, Guy is at least lightning speed, considering Kakashi scaling. Several times faster than sub-relative.
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 20 gün önce
What leads you to believe that, may I ask?
shiny victory
shiny victory 21 gün önce
Me: cool! My brain: battle of goofballs
Manj10 Dot
Manj10 Dot 21 gün önce
I love how they both just... asked to battle... Starting with an arm wrestle... Seems accurate to both characters!!
CJRIDEYE07 22 gün önce
What was used to animate this?, I would like to know
RikuVAnueva 22 gün önce
I always love it in the Death Battles when they fight literally just to show off to each other; like yeah they die by the end _but imagine the level of comradery and peace you’re experiencing having a sparring match to the death with a dude you respect?_
Wingzero83 23 gün önce
This song is so fitting for both of these characters they are both good hearted superheros but a bit dense.
Vik Johnson
Vik Johnson 24 gün önce
Its “RUCKY Chloe” daiyo!!!
Bro Fist
Bro Fist 24 gün önce
The saitama part have me laughing bro hahaa
Emmet 24 gün önce
I don´t really care who lost/won. I enjoyed this episode generally speaking.
Opdragon806 24 gün önce
do pain vs another character
Patryk Lo
Patryk Lo 20 gün önce
How about pain vs darth vader? Both started out as good guys then became bad guys and joined an evil organisation and then helped out the mc before they died.
Maria Vivian
Maria Vivian 25 gün önce
but.... they're both dead
The One
The One 25 gün önce
I almost crying watching them both fighting.
Jbig1430 25 gün önce
Huh how can he activate the final gate without his heart that makes no sense at all lol
Spacegav21 25 gün önce
I think guy would have killed him in the arm resale
Agapé S
Agapé S 25 gün önce
Not tryna be that guy but guy defeats Almight with 7th gate. They are very similar with almight being able to create wind pressure with his attacks but guy hits so hard/fast he ignites the air creating fire. Since they will definitely be in an all out super-brawl, guy would come out on top.
BB tha Kang
BB tha Kang 25 gün önce
Even though I don't agree with the result because they didn't take into account almighty's durability it was a epic battle and badass background music
Marius Manarang
Marius Manarang 17 gün önce
His durability should at the very least compare to his own strength, no durability feat ever came close as most of his feats were performed by Allmight himself with his own punches. And even if they did another estimate, Guy would have won still.
NONO SOUSSA 25 gün önce
To use the eight gates, you need a heart 😶 Guy: screw the rules ☠
Jaxvidstar 25 gün önce
2:58 Which was and still currently crumbling regardless of covid-19's "help".
Hellvan Frost
Hellvan Frost 26 gün önce
next is Deku vs Bushy Brow lmaoo
fakeem bondier
fakeem bondier 26 gün önce
Why cant all death battle fights be like this
Space Ninja
Space Ninja 27 gün önce
16:12 is no one gonna talk about the "OK" meme
YourHeartIsTheKey 28 gün önce
7th Gate would be enough…
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 27 gün önce
It's more fun this way.
Adamester 28 gün önce
Who’s the dinosaur at 16:14?
Aanchal Agarwal
Aanchal Agarwal 29 gün önce
The breakdance from 15:30 was splendid
khalil nevels
khalil nevels 29 gün önce
Would guy even need to go in the 8th gate? maybe like 6th or 7th
khalil nevels
khalil nevels 27 gün önce
@Nicholas Hewitt thanks
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 27 gün önce
No. He doesn't even need gates at all, as Kakashi has described the 8th gate as a 100X multiplier, meaning he'd still be much stronger than All Might in base.
Donovan Crawford
Donovan Crawford 29 gün önce
All might prime would absolutely destroy prime guy
Isaiah Williams 8A
Isaiah Williams 8A 25 gün önce
aLl MiGhT pRiMe WoUlD aBsOlUtElY dEsTrOy PrImE gUy
Nicholas Hewitt
Nicholas Hewitt 27 gün önce
All Might Prime was used here. Guy's just too strong compared to MHA characters.
Dax 29 gün önce
It kinda bugs me that when good guys fight, you have to have them out of character. Like, in character, All Might would have been horrified at what he'd done when it was supposed to be a friendly sparring match, and Guy would have opened the eighth gate (because he's doomed anyway), and the time it bought him would have been used for apologies and forgiveness and feeling terrible about having killed such a cool opponent. And this was one of the more realistic good-versus-good scenarios I've seen so far. It's annoying. Of course you can't have a death battle without them, y'know, actually battling to the death... so...
Elisha Wright
Elisha Wright 29 gün önce
Whitebeard vs Allmight
Jan Jacob Tumbaga
Jan Jacob Tumbaga 27 gün önce
All might would get quake stomped
broggy '
broggy ' 28 gün önce
J.P longmore
J.P longmore 29 gün önce
Wow a death battle without anyone exploding or being ripped in half
Gaud TV
Gaud TV 29 gün önce
This gave me actual chills
Jonathon Mah
Jonathon Mah Aylar önce
Do we know that guy could've done the either gate with a fist through his chest for sure
Cute Clowns
Cute Clowns Aylar önce
love coming back to this one, think it’s my favorite
shiny victory
shiny victory Aylar önce
I like how they were battling hard but they really just having fun....... until they both died
JadedBird Aylar önce
Something to add In one of the MHA movies its shown that after graduating from UA Toshinori actually went to America to further expand in his training and met one of his friends there a quirkless genius who helped develop All Might's suit, it's likely that his attack names were based either before or during his visit to America.
Jonathan Aylar önce
LEGENDARY FIGHT between two legends
DHINESH RAJ Aylar önce
I found this channel randomly, This is a great channel! I only caught sight of you folks in recent times, but it’s now among my favorite channels. Congratulations on such an amazing achievement, can't wait to see your channel grow even bigger.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Aylar önce
This might guy is nerfed so hard
Greigh 14 gün önce
@The Ultimate Truth awesome joke bro
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 15 gün önce
@The Ultimate Truth good joke
Seamour Butts
Seamour Butts Aylar önce
Yeah guy won but I feel like they neglected to mention when guy used night guy, he bent space.
Kendo88 Boi
Kendo88 Boi Aylar önce
Not to diss MHA but might guy could probably defeat allmight in the 6th gate
Kendo88 Boi
Kendo88 Boi 13 gün önce
@The Ultimate Truthif sixth gate guy couldn't do it the seventh gate guy would kill all might easily. he made a blast radius so big that it covered a whole island and he was under water also. when allmight did his United States of smash the radius was only a couple of buildings wide. I know that the pressure went up but it still doesn't compare to guys attack and speed.
Kendo88 Boi
Kendo88 Boi 13 gün önce
@The Ultimate Truth I have though and six gate guy could probably do it.
Kendo88 Boi
Kendo88 Boi Aylar önce
Did anyone else notice that they said guy was 6’6
Naeem Zafar
Naeem Zafar Aylar önce
In real time comparison guy would defeat all might at the 5th gate
Clanky Monkey
Clanky Monkey Aylar önce
I don’t think that guy would need to use the 2nd stance
Mark McDowell
Mark McDowell Aylar önce
Tenten vs momo yaoyorozu
Mark McDowell
Mark McDowell Aylar önce
Shikamaru vs tokoyami
Saruto Uchiha
Saruto Uchiha Aylar önce
Base would win
DogChamp Aylar önce
I was really expecting all might to win
Eric Black
Eric Black Aylar önce
I'd argue that this would be a draw. Neither fighter would walk away from this UNLESS outside forces come into play
Kirby lover
Kirby lover Aylar önce
what about all might in his prime?
Kirby lover
Kirby lover Aylar önce
@Freddy Alvarado oh thought it wasn’t
Freddy Alvarado
Freddy Alvarado Aylar önce
That was his prime
Bunny Cop
Bunny Cop Aylar önce
Most. Wholesome. Death Battle. Ever.
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