All Might vs Might Guy (My Hero Academia VS Naruto) | DEATH BATTLE!

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These mighty heroes are ready to clash and find out who's the most extraordinary of them all! This episode is sponsored by ExpressVPN (Go to expressvpn.com/battle, to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free.)
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18 Dec 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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DEATH BATTLE! 6 aylar önce
Unfortunately a small part of this video was content ID claimed by audio rights holders and had to be trimmed away using TRvid's tools, leaving an awkward cut during a rundown. To experience the episode in full, see it FIRST on Rooster Teeth by clicking this link: roosterteeth.com/watch/death-battle-season-6-all-might-vs-might-guy-my-hero-academia-vs-naruto
JackDManheim 8 gün önce
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JackDManheim 18 gün önce
Hey @DEATH BATTLE! guys, just wanted to let you know that there is a channel blatantly stealing your content: trvid.com/video/video-CmTvmfUCuDk.html
Zechariah Tenny
Zechariah Tenny 26 gün önce
Wait wait wait you cant use naruto from the last because that chakra would be the 6 paths boosted version because six paths chakra is PART of him not something he can activate
Timewarpiaman see if Pompeii had blown up their mountain they would still be here.
Timewarpiaman Aylar önce
@GODOFAWSOMENESS1 I am so sorry, you're right. What is a mountain but a future volcano?
Nogitsune 2 saatler önce
BaSicGANg Tv
BaSicGANg Tv 2 saatler önce
Now lets do there students midorya vs ROCKLEE
Aiden T
Aiden T 3 saatler önce
This fight should not have been close at all
Mark Gamboa
Mark Gamboa 6 saatler önce
Guy didnt even removed his weights
BaSicGANg Tv
BaSicGANg Tv 2 saatler önce
Azura 6 saatler önce
The NS4 art style has me drooling.
AK Smith
AK Smith 9 saatler önce
Bat man vs superman classic
nitras2002 13 saatler önce
i know im late to the party but you nerfed Might Guy... he never took off his weights...
Taylan Tucker
Taylan Tucker 14 saatler önce
I wanna see endeavor vs escanore (7 deadly sins and bnha)
GAMING for days
GAMING for days 15 saatler önce
The only thing is Might guy would die after this so draw?
Zether 17 saatler önce
My only complaint was the lack of destruction these two really pull off
Lui Rivera
Lui Rivera 21 saatler önce
Bruh all might would not be able to move after using United States of smash
Lui Rivera
Lui Rivera 21 saatler önce
Tbh I think Might guy will prob win
George S
George S 21 saatler önce
The arm wrestling was the best part. If you disagree. You're wrong
Gregory Gejoff
Gregory Gejoff 23 saatler önce
I think what i like most about this one is the fact that these 2 knuckle heads (who i love dearly as characters) is that in the entire fight they never had any hate or ill feeling towards the other just admiration, second to that is that they started fighting OVER A FREAKEN ARM WRESTLE!
Lonewise Creatives
Says in the manga. Allmight whent to the states to train one for all so all for one wouldnt find him thus the attack names.
J Jona
J Jona Gün önce
All imma say is all night should’ve died with the 7th gate like wtf death battle that attack from guy wasn’t physical so how tf did all might grab it!?!?! I’m happy guy won like he should but you’re ass at doing research
John Michael Delloza Flores
Sakata Gintoki (Gintama) vs Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)
R3D DR01D Gün önce
Spoiler Might Win
Albert Chyn
Albert Chyn Gün önce
Wouldn't this be a draw? They both died XD
Keyfts Jason
Keyfts Jason Gün önce
If guy used the 8th gate of death doesnt thay means he dying?So doesn't it makes a tie?
Ruben Esparza
Ruben Esparza Gün önce
this was unrealistic might guy could end all might because all might is small town level and might guy continental without the eight gate soooooo... but the fight was cool though...even though it was wrong
Plaque Gün önce
Ive got a new found respect for might guy
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers Gün önce
🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢In a real fight All Might would body guy
Daniel Raven Talay
Try to do Katsuki Bakugo... He is the one who needs a fight
Boomer Boomer
Boomer Boomer Gün önce
Maito Gai💪
Kameron Grayson
Kameron Grayson 2 gün önce
I could imagine Izuku midoriya vs Rock lee
Africa 2 gün önce
pretty sure guy wouldn't even need 8 gates. maybe 7 tho
J Jona
J Jona Gün önce
Raulph Howard
Raulph Howard 2 gün önce
Could you please do rock lee and deku
Alex Animations
Alex Animations 2 gün önce
The only takeaways about this is that All Might’s hair should’ve been more saturated, the black shading should’ve been on him and that his voice should’ve been edited to be deep to sound like Chris Sabat’s All Might voice
Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill 2 gün önce
You know base Naruto at the end of the series is stronger
Frank Carranza
Frank Carranza 2 gün önce
Dont lie. They're gonna make a sequel to this with Deku and Rock Lee
lildamu181 2 gün önce
I mean the fact that it was a close fight and All Might has no transformations just shows that if he did he would be dangerous. 👊
J Jona
J Jona Gün önce
No it shows screw attack doesn’t do their research
Dakota Tarpley
Dakota Tarpley 2 gün önce
the only problem i have with this video is that guy wouldn't have been able to use 8th game with a hole in his chest because all the blood would evaporate in less than two seconds and they didnt show how guy was surprised by the pain the 8th gate caused him, which would have made him hesistate, giving all might a matching hit. i dont agree that guys hit would have been stronger, but thats a different story. if they would have done like they did with madara, hitt matching and one overpowering the other, it would have made much more sense.
Ali Diallo
Ali Diallo 2 gün önce
You should make one with deku and rock Lee against each other
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 2 gün önce
why do people hate all might Guy wouldnt even have to use 8 gates atleast you got it correct second time
Nick brews
Nick brews 2 gün önce
I knew Death Battle wasn't accurate they said All Might was fighting Might Guy but we all know they had a polite and gentlemanly arm wrestle and then it turned into a friendly game of tag and secretly neither died they just used their Anime powers to make it look like they died
J Jona
J Jona Gün önce
You sound dumb and cringe like why’s the point of the cringe ass comment
VeniX ???
VeniX ??? 2 gün önce
When All might “fought” bakugo and Demi he moved insanely fast and while he already weakened himself past /6
Young Truong
Young Truong 2 gün önce
Why is might guy break dancing? 🤣
Michael Weber
Michael Weber 3 gün önce
It's my opinion that if this fight took place in a world other than Death Battle, the fight would have gone... exactly the same. Up until the point that All Might used United States of Smash. Instead of punching through Guy's chest, he would have diverted last second, or been redirected (doesn't really matter which) and both would be thoroughly wore out... And then a winner of the "Arm-Wrestling Contest" would be decided and they'd go get some food, laughing like idiots while the park smolders behind them.
ding dawng
ding dawng 3 gün önce
Let's be honest, it wouldn't take the 8th gate for guy to beat all might, it was just used in the fight because they wanted to show it.
KenyonIsAwesome 3 gün önce
To be honest actully Might guy would smoke all might without the 8th gate
Epsilon 9990
Epsilon 9990 3 gün önce
I just love how they kept complimenting each other and treated it like a friendly competition
clement tamika
clement tamika 3 gün önce
I knew Guy was gonna win. But this was the first time I was routing for both fighters and not just one I like more. I do like All Might too tho
Anju Ravishankar
Anju Ravishankar 3 gün önce
you are an idiot. comics and anime are not made to scale and predicting the TNT force is so irrational. IDIOTS AND STUPID AS USUAL. i used to respect you but not anymore
KTC12490 3 gün önce
Theres no way regular guy can out muscle all might
megacube 3 gün önce
this is kinda stupid, hirudora is a pressure wave wave attack, u can hold it on its teeth like a tiger. guy could match all might at 7th gate from the info they gave, i dont watch MHA.but it was stupid to make all might hold off the afternoon tiger.
L0rD 3adp00
L0rD 3adp00 3 gün önce
Now I kinda want to see Deku vs Rock Lee in
Kryptik 3 gün önce
How dafuq did guy survived with a whole in the torso from all might and with eight gates and just stands up like nothing happened fuk u mean he won when all might was just unconscious for me its a draw 😂
Ceridor 3 gün önce
I loved the tone of the whole fight, friendly and challenging !
tobias 11
tobias 11 3 gün önce
Guy didn't have to use the 8th gate to beat all might they just thought it would look cool
Cahrles 3 gün önce
more than 300 mighty blows A.K.A he was far stronger in his prime. Prime All might is FTL
Cahrles 3 gün önce
All might has been shitted
Justus Starr
Justus Starr 3 gün önce
Guy didn't need all 8 gates for this
ClxverTakesToes 3 gün önce
it was skipped
ClxverTakesToes 3 gün önce
why did guy not use evening elephant
How much TNT do you need to move clouds because that was he did
Deathboy17 4 gün önce
Oh hey, I just realized the animation is similar to My Hero's One Justice.
Olivier Séguin
Olivier Séguin 4 gün önce
Fight was made without all of the information on All might. Later on we learn that All might only unleash his power on very, very short burst of time right before every hit because simply walking in the city would actually create cyclones and tornadoes. Its one of the later lesson Deku learned. I don't think its been shown in the show as of yet. Only in the manga.
Olivier Séguin
Olivier Séguin 4 gün önce
BUT Guy would still win the battle simply because the universe of Naruto was based on "Dragon ball" leveling system. Done with one arc? Put more powerfull foes. In My Hero Academia. Skills is everything. Gentle, the "villain" was one such exemples. Relatively weak guy but with amazing control over his ability. In that regard I personnally consider My Hero Academia to be waaaay more interesting as the underdog CAN win by simply using his brain similarly to Hunter x Hunter
Dabi Todoroki
Dabi Todoroki 4 gün önce
Deku vs Rock Lee [insert here]
kami79x 4 gün önce
Next: izuku midoryah vs rock lee
Some Guy
Some Guy 4 gün önce
wait... when did we determine that might guy was faster? All Might's known speed feat is pretty good (and comparable to a lot of ninjas), and if you multiply it by 60 (due to being from after he was weakened) I feel like he could hang with Might Guy up to a few gates, at least.
Grimmshi 4 gün önce
Death battles always been biased. Guy is no where near strong enough to hurt All Might. Might is much faster and stronger than this fight shows. In his prime. Guy would have been decimated.
NZSKhair Z
NZSKhair Z 4 gün önce
Might guy was bending space idiot
Fart Gg
Fart Gg 4 gün önce
Have you watched naruto might guy would easily destroy all might. might guys faster and stronger. Might guy might even be able to beat every pro hero on my hero academia
G Fallz_
G Fallz_ 5 gün önce
Lol Naruto ain’t there to save him
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper 5 gün önce
It went from a arm wrestling contest to a full on murder fight
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper 5 gün önce
Blane Costa
Blane Costa 5 gün önce
guy sensei would destroy all might sorry i love my hero academia but naruto will always be superior. There is no argument. And also naruto has more than 10x more episodes so... and its a better story and anime in general
Bonkai !
Bonkai ! 5 gün önce
As much as i love All Might since he retired in kind of a stupid way I'm giving this one to Might Guy.
Carlos Joaquin Torres
Now imagine if mirio inherited one for all
Cristian Colonvega
Cristian Colonvega 5 gün önce
Now... deku vs lee
Grilled Butter
Grilled Butter 5 gün önce
Haven't even watched this yet and All might taken the dub even though il Might Guy and Naruto
Absolute Affinity
Absolute Affinity 5 gün önce
Dear comments: who would win? Todoroki vs Zuko?
Tubagus Dzaki
Tubagus Dzaki 5 gün önce
Incredible epic!
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews 5 gün önce
Not to mention 8 gates guy warped space
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews 5 gün önce
Tbh i just want a crossover with these two
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 5 gün önce
I’m pretty sure might guy would need to go 7th gate to beat all might
Dubz 5 gün önce
Doesn't that mean koopa won
Raven Baxter
Raven Baxter 5 gün önce
That was epic
Now let's have their pupils. Small might Vs bushy brow jr.
Mohamad Raj
Mohamad Raj 6 gün önce
Please do a match between Flame of Recca vs. Yusuke Yuramishi. Thanks!
Riot King
Riot King 6 gün önce
Death Battle: Has a ad thats not blue apron Me: Wait thats illegal
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