All-Access: NBA Media Day With Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton & The Bucks 

Milwaukee Bucks
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The Champs are here! The 2021 NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks meet with the media ahead of 2021 training camp. Go behind-the-scenes as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday, Jordan Nwora and the team take portrait photos, conduct interviews with media and more.
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4 Eki 2021




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George Kordas - Pantouvakis
Talking about a kid who went from selling cd's on the streets to the greatest role model basketball could ever dreamed of. Thank you Giannis for the everyday motivation!
steve veron
steve veron Yıl önce
He is so different and special.
Gemini91 Yıl önce
Love this, Giannis is hilarious and just enjoying himself, enjoying life.
x x
x x Yıl önce
A championship, finals MVP, 2 x reg MVP’s and DPOY, everything is gravy from here on
Tee Ram
Tee Ram Yıl önce
Giannis really a character 😭
Lorentzen Montoya
Giannis' mood is infectious!
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu Yıl önce
I believe in this Milwaukee Bucks team, there is a long journey ahead of us so let’s go!
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Bucks Yıl önce
Let's goooooooo!!
Phil Jenkins
Phil Jenkins Yıl önce
Bucks in 6!!!!!
Big T
Big T Yıl önce
It was good to see donte walking around again. Good to have him back :)
javier alba
javier alba Yıl önce
Bucks media you are the greatest. Thanks for keepin us close to our team!! Greetings from Mèxico!!
Willie Lopez
Willie Lopez Yıl önce
Giannis feeling himself! And Rightfully so!
dbreiden83080 Yıl önce
He is freed from the pressure of winning that ring.. His best is yet to come..
Jeferson Mateus
Jeferson Mateus Yıl önce
His personality was always like this tho. But yeah you can tell he's feeling himself a little haha.
When giannis is confident, I am confident.
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Bucks Yıl önce
ItzJared Yıl önce
@UCNmlatKvUnwByfHwgzAp0vA kai?
Konstantinos L
Konstantinos L Yıl önce
When Giannis is confident other teams know what is coming is inevitable..
Mike Ehrmantraut
Mike Ehrmantraut Yıl önce
😂 😂 So true
Elijah Logan
Elijah Logan Yıl önce
Kevin Nouxer
Kevin Nouxer Yıl önce
"we know we're the 2021 NBA champion, but right now we're just the milwaukee bucks again" damn, that's what i called humbleness
Sextus The Vampire
Lots of love from Greece. This team deserves everything and more!
ingmar van der hoek
I cannot stop smiling when I see Giannis. He radiates fun all the time.
Keyboard players
Keyboard players Yıl önce
Pat Connaughton is class. Down to earth .Zero ding about him 👏.
Wayne McGinnis
Wayne McGinnis Yıl önce
Giannis is a whole mood by himself...and I love it...#MVP #REPEAT
Cooper Hoover
Cooper Hoover Yıl önce
Giannis needs a day with giannis for charity. What a great day that would be.
Adam Stewart
Adam Stewart Yıl önce
Good vibe around the Bucks for 2021-2022 :) Praying for you Giannis! Stay humble everyone! Bucks are the new Spurs - humble and dominant and play as a team
Junel Rensulat
Junel Rensulat Yıl önce
I believe Giannis is something else since his 2nd year in NBA 💪💪
Alex Schwab
Alex Schwab Yıl önce
Giannis: Champion by day, shoe salesman by night
RAD Yıl önce
This made my day, Giannis for the W
King Dongo
King Dongo Yıl önce
Giannis personality is contagious
Danyell Mcgee
Danyell Mcgee Yıl önce
My Dawgs .. Love Giannis... Love Khris ....Lobe Drew ... Mr. Milwaukee in in the building... Lets get another one ..this our year again
Hunny Laurente
Hunny Laurente Yıl önce
Positive vibes for a good start. Let's go bucks💚
Mike Extra
Mike Extra Yıl önce
Bucks are amazing man what an organisation let’s get that back to back
JassTG Yıl önce
So pumped for the season let’s go get another one
Trinell Duke
Trinell Duke Yıl önce
I cannot wait to come to work and see the Champions
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Bucks Yıl önce
the best way to come to work.
nickpr. Yıl önce
Media day seems like an absolute drag, especially for superstar players. It's refreshing watching a big time player like Giannis have a good ol' time and just messing around with everyone!
Bragging Rights Sports
The road to a 2nd Straight Championship begins NOW!
Elijah Yang
Elijah Yang Yıl önce
Vikram Naik
Vikram Naik Yıl önce
Let’s get it back2back
Cn Lyca Lyca
Cn Lyca Lyca Yıl önce
This made me want to buy his shoes
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Bucks Yıl önce
We want the referral credit, Giannis!
Soge D Kingu
Soge D Kingu Yıl önce
We are going back to back. Let's go bucks 🏆
Trinell Duke
Trinell Duke Yıl önce
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali Yıl önce
He just has so much fun , my favourite player
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Bucks Yıl önce
Restricted Area is back!! Join us every Tuesday at 10am/ct for the latest look behind-the-scenes with the Bucks!
Hfujriinebjr Yıl önce
Andrew Bryl
Andrew Bryl Yıl önce
Wow nice!
Andy - the - Roo
Andy - the - Roo Yıl önce
Yeah!!! How good, thanks Bucks from Australia 🇦🇺!!!!
EzGiannis3466 Yıl önce
Andy - the - Roo I’m from Australia also. Go the bucks
Axceez Yıl önce
i live in london and finish school when it starts but will do my very best to tune in
dbreiden83080 Yıl önce
Just keep being you Giannis.. It is more than enough..
J L Yıl önce
Best team and best media team!
Dead Giveaway
Dead Giveaway Yıl önce
This must be the happiest man alive, well deserved!!
Gineille Felix
Gineille Felix Yıl önce
Giannis is hilarious!
Selena Toland
Selena Toland Yıl önce
Giannis will always be my favorite
Tsukuyomi 👺
Tsukuyomi 👺 Yıl önce
Giannis have a beautful Soul.. God bring to peoole like him a lot of happiness 😁. Hello from Dominican Republic 😎✌🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴
Lucian Martin
Lucian Martin Yıl önce
When giannis puts his mind to things he will work as hard as he can to achieve iit
RUN GOOD Yıl önce
Peack LA
Peack LA Yıl önce
Great to see champion 🏆 Bucks
Christos Tsaggaras
Man... I LOVE this dude man. I LOVE him.
B.P.I Yıl önce
Giannis looks like he's always about to smile.
Nano606606 Yıl önce
Love the Kane Pitman shoutout! Poor bugger is locked down in Melbourne, Australia - Same as me. Giannis is the man.
Mediocre gaming
Mediocre gaming Yıl önce
Can’t wait for their ring ceremony
EzGiannis3466 Yıl önce
Giannis is is my favourite player I’m from Australia and I’m 11 I want to be like giannis when I grow up. I want to see Giannis play. Currently I’m in the middle of a lockdown so that isn’t really possible. Go giannis .
Reid B
Reid B Yıl önce
Nice 👍🏼
Max Jaeger
Max Jaeger Yıl önce
the new owners and herb kohl really bought into this and are soo good at what they do, they will keep this core together and will be successful and make money for years to come
Robbedoezz Yıl önce
I feel like the Bucks can be the new dynasty just like the Spurs were a while ago
Paul Hibbard
Paul Hibbard Yıl önce
You guys should build a Bucks Hall Of Fame where the Bradley Center used to be.
T-man Yıl önce
8:40 Giannis basically describing GD's Factory Clips and stuff 😂
Ray as
Ray as Yıl önce
Its all Giannis world and we love it !
Jungle Boy 414
Jungle Boy 414 Yıl önce
Coolest team in the league
Thus Spake
Thus Spake Yıl önce
Love Giannis !
Pahanin Yıl önce
Giannis: this is not an advertisement Also Giannis to the media: make sure you get your zoom 3
kartveli biji
kartveli biji Yıl önce
That's a great video but it would be nice to see others players like the rookies
Zillian Yıl önce
So happy to see Donte off the scooter
RaNDoM GuY Yıl önce
How can you hate giannis hes a good spirit and has good energy
Queens B
Queens B Yıl önce
Giannis makes me happy
Lu Montal
Lu Montal Yıl önce
Giannis is from another world.
Costa Panayi
Costa Panayi Yıl önce
After watching this im following Giannis on every social media platform and I ordered a pair of Freaks.
Erick H
Erick H Yıl önce
Come on guys bucks media team there has to be a part 2 to this right ?
Simon indra
Simon indra Yıl önce
He looks so happy.
Axceez Yıl önce
Watching from London, i'm thinking this guy is the real deal what a character!
Elijah Logan
Elijah Logan Yıl önce
Baddest man on the planet the freaks come out at night aka Giannis antetokounmpo 😎
Aadithya Kumaran
Aadithya Kumaran Yıl önce
Giannis is a walking meme 🤪😂
Tony Kordysh
Tony Kordysh Yıl önce
Wholesome giannis content :)
Adam Haas
Adam Haas Yıl önce
These guys are great!
Kaustav Majumdar
Kaustav Majumdar Yıl önce
8:55 Pat Being a Real One right here :D
Aleks Yıl önce
Bucks All Access best in the media game!
Truwest™️ Yıl önce
4:57 you can tell Giannis did not understand a word that man was saying😂😂
justfacts Yıl önce
Nwora boutta pop off this year. bobby or him gunna be the sixth man of the year
NoLimit$tepper Yıl önce
The bucks is the best team IN THE NBA
George Bourlos
George Bourlos Yıl önce
we're all expecting a "Nwora" game where he posts up 35 points with8 3-pointers...
BigECarryTheG Yıl önce
Giannis is the goat
Popcorn poppin 🍿
That American black swag is starting to influence Giannis 😂
Jeferson Mateus
Jeferson Mateus Yıl önce
Just a little bit lol
The Question Mark Animator
0:02 I started laughing dude 🤣🤣
S G Yıl önce
Bucks fan for the past 7 years! Hello from Delaware Deer District!!
Abdihamid Mohamed
Giannis needs to be a vloger
Remi Perdriau
Remi Perdriau Yıl önce
The greek freak and the bucks are the best
Dammy Murphy
Dammy Murphy Yıl önce
Thank you for these uploads. I've watched so many videos lol
Georgios Kosmidis
mars8254 Yıl önce
Aye Giannis is not lying tho his shoes are nice and they're cheaper than most Nike basketball shoes.
Mr. Kool
Mr. Kool Yıl önce
What I realize when watching bucks access , the producer or camera person must have a crush on Jordan Nwora. Everytime I watch this he's on a lot of the coverage . With all due respect, I shouldn't see Nwora more than Bobby Portis. Rightfully we see giannis the most. But the next time in a game we see nwora play defense will be his first . His summer league play was abysmal. Look I was his biggest fan last season, but his refusal to pass and play defense is a problem. And not one interview shot of some of the new proven players ? So Less nwora more other bucks please.
KaikyoNoJinbē Yıl önce
Sakichu Gouken
Sakichu Gouken Yıl önce
this shoe colorway is not yet available in Greece!!! Giannis and Nike please bring it soon! (And the Nike by you for Zoom Freak 3 please!!)
Sakichu Gouken
Sakichu Gouken Yıl önce
the shoe came but my size finished in just 2 days!!! Nooooo
Justin Agyemang
Justin Agyemang Yıl önce
giannis so crazy and fun lol
Twiss Yıl önce
Much love from Pacifica!
End Times Thoughts
2 Thessalonians 1:6 “Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you;”
Perry Abbott
Perry Abbott Yıl önce
Well Guess what Milwaukee, if nobody believes in y'all, I believe in you guys, I'm a buck 4 life!🦌🦌
End Times Thoughts
Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Luke 6:45 “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.”
Rhejean Joie Natividad
Guess finally they are back
Kooleea Sylvano
Kooleea Sylvano Yıl önce
Gianis is so funny
SuperCleanRacer Yıl önce
I want one of those Zoom freak and I don't even like sneakers.
meow Yıl önce
Let's go bucks
Okipouros Yıl önce
Bucks is a family, not a team
Remi Perdriau
Remi Perdriau Yıl önce
Back to back champion
tasos0140 Yıl önce
Lets go bucks to bucks champions
Manito Rakos
Manito Rakos Yıl önce
All i hear is Lakers VS Nets But my thoughts are:FEAR THE DEER🦌
Dontrell Banks
Dontrell Banks Yıl önce
Jimmy Pro
Jimmy Pro Yıl önce
Giannis 4 MVP this season
Robbie Brown
Robbie Brown Yıl önce
You can see the weight has been lifted off his shoulders
Jeferson Mateus
Jeferson Mateus Yıl önce
Which does not bode well for the opposition lol. He's about to be even more dangerous.
Skibidi zombie in Truble 3😅
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