ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz | Ep. 1 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

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Episode one of the the Emmy Award winning series takes viewers into the lives and training camps of two world champions as they prepare to square off in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will meet in the main event of a Halloween thriller on Saturday, October 31 on SHOWTIME PPV.
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16 Oct 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jorge luis Navarrete
Jorge luis Navarrete Saatler önce
Leo santa cruz 100% 😎👊 🇲🇽
karltrell taylor
karltrell taylor Saatler önce
Let’s go 🎶🎶🎶 trvid.com/video/video-mA8bD50A7kc.html
Ruben Blanchet
Ruben Blanchet Saatler önce
Mansa Media
Mansa Media 2 saatler önce
I’ve got Davis by UD.
Keith Lewis
Keith Lewis 2 saatler önce
He better be focused, CRUZ isn't nothing to play around with
B. Williams
B. Williams 3 saatler önce
Gon be a good one!
Cuauhtemoc Correa
Cuauhtemoc Correa 4 saatler önce
Both these guys so terrible... cte?
Cuauhtemoc Correa
Cuauhtemoc Correa 4 saatler önce
werd 4 saatler önce
Love LSC and am rooting for him, but I feel like his come forward style is Taylor made for GD. Also moving up 2 weight classes doesn't help. Carefully selected hand picked opponent. Loma, Lopez, and Haney all beat GD easily. Tank is one of the most protected fighters in boxing.
Aurora Montiel
Aurora Montiel 4 saatler önce
Orion Macias
Orion Macias 5 saatler önce
9:14 song justin morales desde morro
Marcus Thompson
Marcus Thompson 6 saatler önce
Big up to the Cruz family very strong family and Tank Davis a very strong young man been through hell with no food in the refrigerator from foster home to foster home, Most High bless both fighter with their health and strength and my the both man win
Keith Gulbro
Keith Gulbro 6 saatler önce
Davis will never be Floyd. Stop hyping the dude he sucks and is tiny. Leo is gonna lose his damn house dude can’t afford it seriously this is a joke.
COUNTREES 79 7 saatler önce
Not trying to rain on parades here but tank will knock out both of these guys lol
Miguel 8 saatler önce
How tf does Davis not have any airpods
Ishmael Khalid
Ishmael Khalid 9 saatler önce
I love these videos and the voice narrator would love to know his name ? Amazing work !
Mark Posadas
Mark Posadas 10 saatler önce
Leo Sta Cruz style and face reminds me of Antonio Margarito.
Twin HAF
Twin HAF 11 saatler önce
Such amazing stories and perseverance from both i truly admire it I pray peace happiness and success over both of them
Jonathan Aguilar
Jonathan Aguilar 14 saatler önce
what was song for Santa Cruz in 9.15
Billy Crawfoot
Billy Crawfoot 14 saatler önce
Just now I realized, the Gervonte Trainer and Snoopdog are two different people
Elite . TeeVee
Elite . TeeVee 14 saatler önce
Let’s go Leo you got this 💯
Devin 14 saatler önce
That lambo clean ⛽️
Flyguy Moeskei
Flyguy Moeskei 14 saatler önce
dezinetech1000 15 saatler önce
Hard to root against either of them. both good dudes just trying to make it to the next level. Respek!
iviIRISHivi 16 saatler önce
This is the fight of the year. Been a fan of both of these kids for a while. Both have “IT”!! I’ll hate to see one lose, both great fighters. My moneys on Davis..
Chicago's best junkies b
Chicago's best junkies b 16 saatler önce
WOw I got chills just watching the previews
VerdugoCLN 16 saatler önce
Good fight let the best man win 💪🏻
Batmunkh N
Batmunkh N 17 saatler önce
getting praise from floy will boost his confidence and make him a crazy fighter
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix 17 saatler önce
Santa Cruz he a helluva fighter-Mayweather 2020
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 17 saatler önce
Davis is a bum
Rodney Mayers
Rodney Mayers 17 saatler önce
Floyd it seems is in every segment. Let Tank have his shine Floyd damn.
Hernandez Garcia
Hernandez Garcia 17 saatler önce
Floyd is the diddy of boxing 🥊 all in the videos 😂
Hernandez Garcia
Hernandez Garcia 17 saatler önce
If it goes the distance Leo has the edge. Davis is power Leo is a BOXER with a HUGE HEART ❤️
M N 17 saatler önce
The Wire
Shelby Martin
Shelby Martin 17 saatler önce
I've loved Flyod for so many years..... love love love him!!
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez 17 saatler önce
Just seeing Leos dads look @ 13:35 truly inspiring. Proud father
Fat Frog
Fat Frog 18 saatler önce
Santa cruze will win something in tank eyes is the clue he hasn't got heart to beat true grit blood and bones champ like santa cruze who you can't just beat in the ring u got to wound his heart out side ring to win tank doesn't know that unless he read this?
Dälï 18 saatler önce
its nice to watch even though mayweather bought his fights to make him better that way he makes money while just chilling
Hm No
Hm No 18 saatler önce
Floyd mayweather failed his daughter
JOE A 19 saatler önce
I hope you win this one Leo Santa cruz
john John
john John 19 saatler önce
Yeah, Davis doesn't have that "it" factor, even with no defeats either you have it or you don't. This fight should be on ESPN or Showtime, not PPV.
R NICE 20 saatler önce
Tank is a tank.pause
GodFirst 21 saatler önce
He won’t be the Mexican.
frank 22 saatler önce
Teofimo Lopez can take care of these two guys without a problem.
luis tello
luis tello 22 saatler önce
If tank wants to prevail and stay focused he needs to stay clear of Floyd mayweather jr. His ego will derail him from focus and discipline through all this marketing bull shit. Money comes when you prove your Value.
Dr Barnes
Dr Barnes 23 saatler önce
Adrian Broner is sickkkkk......ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS LISTEN TO FLOYD....smh
Carlisimocam 23 saatler önce
This is going only one way, if Davis runs out of gas the Mexican Warrior will wear him down. Mexican boxers are next level hungry and they do not run out of gas. Watching Davis last fight made me realize he doesn’t train very hard and his career will fall apart if he has distractions other than boxing. I got SantaCruz for the win due to fatigue on Davis part!
Ismael Lopez
Ismael Lopez Gün önce
I hate to say it but my boy Leo ain't shit without his pops. That will be his downfall
PR0 N3WS Gün önce
El corridon perro
Sylvester Sanchez
I’m excited for this fight. Regardless of the cristicism, it’s a step up for Gervonta. Like it’s his first step to real stardom BUT my only concern is if his team chose wrong. He could run through Santa Cruz but remember Santa Cruz isn’t going to let it happen, he is a champion. I personally think Davis team might be overlooking Santa Cruz.
VSVP J Gün önce
9:15 what's that jam called
Edward Chiles
Edward Chiles Gün önce
"6:40" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1410 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ
Jorge Chavarria
Jorge Chavarria Gün önce
Damn, gervonta really came from almost nothing 😨 mad respect
Midwest Mall
Midwest Mall Gün önce
Tank KO they want a nigga to lose
Alexx Gonzalez
Alexx Gonzalez Gün önce
Bruh it hit me hard when he said he wanted someone like his coach on his corner like a father basically. Damn 💔😭
Louie Jada
Louie Jada Gün önce
You are the don of this shit Mayweather 🙌🙌🙌
Louie Jada
Louie Jada Gün önce
Getting chills watching Mayweather teach Davis. Couldn't ask for anything better bruh
The Magnetic Scorpio
Coach Calvin got them hands. I wouldn't fuck with og fr. No wonder his whole camp is goons
Brian Bautista
Brian Bautista Gün önce
I want Santa Cruz to win but he is definitely not, he is past his prime and has been REALLY inactive. It's simply a name fight for Davis's record.
werd 4 saatler önce
Same here. Love LSC, but he taylor made and hand picked for Tank.
MaelstromGuy Gün önce
Fighting against a guy 2 divisions below, the next Mayweather aight
Jason A
Jason A Gün önce
Mayweathers prodigy gets KO'd and we move on.
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Gün önce
Kid Wray
Kid Wray Gün önce
He’s protecting his investment
Jc Gün önce
Coach Calvin is a great man
R Anthony
R Anthony Gün önce
I like Leo but he doesn’t have a chance. He’s a pillow punching 126lber fighting a hard hitting 135lber at 130. He’s been hurt and dropped by weaker punchers. He isn’t gonna be volume punching because he’s gonna get caught if he does.
Brandon James
Brandon James 11 saatler önce
I was like, "why is this fight happening?"
Brandon James
Brandon James 11 saatler önce
Finally the comment speaking the facts.
Fsrsa Gün önce
I sure hope Leo wins this one. He seems like such a good dude.
Chittlin Skin Jodeci Boots
Calvin look way bigger than I thought
Meño Tv
Meño Tv Gün önce
Leo vamos a demostrar d q estas hecho el sabado pondrás a Mexico en lo alto otra vez
TheSandman714 xx
TheSandman714 xx Gün önce
Another Adrien Broner in the making
Born 2 Win
Born 2 Win Gün önce
When’s the fight against that Ryan Garcia kid
david edwards
david edwards Gün önce
cruz ovbiously eats alone... for someone that says he draws strength from his father he hasnt lifted him out of poverty obviously. he worked 3 jobs, one of them washing dishes and it looks like he still lives in true poverty while his son lives in a mansion. id be ashamed of myself
Brennan smith
Brennan smith Gün önce
I don't know why people think it's a bad fight I think it will be good
C Money
C Money Gün önce
Floyd always need to make everything about him 😂
Your TubeSucks
Your TubeSucks Gün önce
Is this the guy scared to fight Ryan Garcia
Victor Cervantes
Victor Cervantes Gün önce
God bless you and yours brother 🙏🙏🙏
Francis Odo
Francis Odo Gün önce
Yo dawwggg TRvid bra gib me me dis....but enjoying dem lit moves yo. Came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos the new they drop it called waaasted make me remember last weekend lel. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!
Moctezuma Monteon
I don’t see this dude beating Tank
Jimmy Justright
Jimmy Justright Gün önce
Gervonta doesn't have air pods, so I shouldn't be ashamed that I don't either.
Tony Cerda
Tony Cerda Gün önce
Enjoyed Mayweather vs Santa Cruz All Access. Oh wait, my fault
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Gün önce
"I want him to surpass me" and the way you'll achieve that is by cherry picking his opponent
J Rodriguez
J Rodriguez 2 gün önce
Broner 2.0
Kid Wray
Kid Wray 2 gün önce
Floyd misses the lime light
Nathan Coleman
Nathan Coleman 2 gün önce
Does anyone know what that song called 9:11
C M 2 gün önce
It’s funny how if Teofimo fought Santa Cruz y’all would be talking shit!!! Tank do it and it’s a big deal lmao this nigga taking the easy route. LOPEZ VS Tank 2021 make that happen
Bounmy Chanthalangsy
Alexis Palmer
Alexis Palmer 2 gün önce
Skip to 08:35 if you want to hear Davis speak. Up to then it's just Floyd Mayweather talking about Floyd Mayweather.
Nosrati 2 gün önce
Baltimore Head Banger, BMORE Careful!
Bestgirl Sumi
Bestgirl Sumi 2 gün önce
Mexican food looks good
Gino Chen
Gino Chen 2 gün önce
Respect Santa Cruz. its a hard fight and good luck
Abdullah Dashti
Abdullah Dashti 2 gün önce
If only he could talk like floyd
OG Benny
OG Benny 2 gün önce
Santa Cruz gone fuck him up!! He ain’t none of them other bums he fought!!
2566' 2 gün önce
Mann this doco really hit home. Both fighters really poor at start and ended up living comfortably bc they put in the hard work. I've learnt that when you work hard at something you can achieve it with GOD ❤
Lord Burlap
Lord Burlap 2 gün önce
Look out, Tank....it's always about Floyd....always....
totoy Golem
totoy Golem 2 gün önce
Fraud gayweather jr.
Bryce Akwo
Bryce Akwo 2 gün önce
too many ads
Ville Markkanen
Ville Markkanen 2 gün önce
Good to see a more mature, quiet and focused Tank. Better than the act he was putting on before. That said, I'm rooting for Leo.
Paid In Full Jones
Paid In Full Jones 2 gün önce
Tank is winning this mark my words that's how much confidence I have in him.
Alexis LM
Alexis LM 2 gün önce
Boxing ain't the same no more,but this fight is low-key bring it back to great fights
Bear Maple
Bear Maple 2 gün önce
What's the song that starts 9:20??
T1688 2 gün önce
What about AB?
thirty shorty
thirty shorty 2 gün önce
Both these fighters and their camps are excellent, should be a beautiful bout
Darian Carvajal
Darian Carvajal 2 gün önce
Man I wish I could do this for a living. I don’t even want to be super rich I just want the grind lifestyle and title
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