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All FIFA ballon d'Ors , France Football ballon d'Ors & FIFA Best Player of the Year Awards of Lionel Messi



28 Kas 2021




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High Kicks
Just watch his innocent nature, humbleness, shyness... How can someone hate him... He is too pure...
He genuinely felt bad for Lewandowski and publicly vouched for him to get the 2020 ballon d'or. Pure class.
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Fearless Warrior
I swear that this 7 ballon d'or record can't be broken atleast for a century💯
Ajay Anand
Seeing Iniesta and Xavi smiling so happily after losing out to Messi makes you realise how lucky we are as Barca fans to witness these 3 play together for so long at their absolute peaks and how good their chemistry really was ❤️💙 visca barca
LM 10
This is NOT the last. There is only one G.O.A.T 🐐 Mark my words.
Keneingutuo Sote
My last wish from Messi ...to win world cup next year
Dhroov Singh
Proud to be a Messi Fan, True GOAT🔥💯
Jad Chakra
Every head must bow. Every tongue must Confess. This is the greatest of all time🙌
No one in the history of football can be better than him
george ofori
This is so emotional 😢😢
Gul Zada
Nations with the most ballondor winners- holland,germany-(7)🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
The end of an Era.. The GOAT 🙌 🔥
Walter Zikalala
I can't think of a more deserving, humble and, nicer person to be awarded this prestigious award seven times! Leo, you have earned it!!!
Prakash Aryal
proud of being a Messi fan.. One of the greatest ever lived. Till the time he plays it is a pleasure to watch. Donot criticize or hate anyone. Lets enjoy the moment cauz deep down I realize that its only few years to celebrate each moments.
Agene music
Watching how consistently he has been able walk his way to the top 3 for these years speaks volume. Just watching how the finalists changes but Messi was constant🙌🏾🙌🏾
Lewandowski literally smiled when Messi won,respect. Poor Lewa he deserved the one in 2020 and was very close right now.
Marcuszeus 555
Congratulations to Messi on winning his 7th Ballon d'or
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