All 15 iOS reveals in 15 minutes (including iOS 15)

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Apple introduced its first mobile OS in 2007 when Steve Jobs debuted the original iPhone. Since then, every new OS update has revealed new features to compel users to upgrade their devices. Watch our supercut of the company's many operating systems over the years that have powered its popular iPhone.

00:00 Intro
00:10 Original iOS
01:18 iPhone OS 2
02:06 iPhone OS 3
03:02 iOS 4
03:35 iOS 5
04:57 iOS 6
05:51 iOS 7
07:15 iOS 8
08:33 iOS 9
09:14 iOS 10
09:37 iOS 11
11:00 iOS 12
12:11 iOS 13
12:38 iOS 14
13:14 iOS 15

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7 Haz 2021




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cobaltblue1975 5 aylar önce
15 years of iOS reveals in 15 minutes on a 15 minute and 15 second video. Good job.
MajorasMask07 3 gün önce
Lol nice
Flaming Oreo
Flaming Oreo 13 gün önce
Ford Mustang GT
Ford Mustang GT 16 gün önce
Jaan K. Peterson
Jaan K. Peterson Aylar önce
@Howard that’s why they made the video
Planet Minecraft
Planet Minecraft Aylar önce
IOS 7 brought the modern design that previous versions of it had needed for a couple years at that time
kyang ja
kyang ja 4 gün önce
me looking at OS features that was used in many years before : wait, I CAN DO THAT WITH MY IPHONE ?!
EssamTube 4 gün önce
I hate Apple
Aparna anand ✨
Aparna anand ✨ 4 gün önce
Watching this 15 minute 15 second video @15:15
Shigekiyo Yangu
Shigekiyo Yangu 5 gün önce
3:52 hold on, paul miller?
Mueanfan 5 gün önce
I like ios 15😽💖
Vinciux 6 gün önce
Eu feliz porque já tive todos IOS 😍
Benji CH
Benji CH 7 gün önce
1:59 29 seconds. Some thing sure changed
KALane2013 7 gün önce
iOS 7 was the best update ever Said no one ever!
Exterminator 8 gün önce
6:43 classic apple making fun of NFC
Norie Takahashi
Norie Takahashi 8 gün önce
Send me a book online, chicken nuggets and an IPhone 13
Norie Takahashi
Norie Takahashi 8 gün önce
yacine saridji
yacine saridji 9 gün önce
samsung the best 👊😍
Mr. Canada Gaming
Mr. Canada Gaming 9 gün önce
him in 2007:"I know this is amazing, so I take my finger, and i scroll" people in 2007:"YAYAYAYSAYayeYeYAEYAYEYAYEYAEyehheYAHeYAHYEAHYAHEYAHEYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAEYAHEAYHEaYehayheyheyheyya"
Coco’s world
Coco’s world 9 gün önce
I love how they just randomly start walking around and talking
Michael Cagle
Michael Cagle 9 gün önce
Wow apple made it a long way great job
Ur bad if I
Ur bad if I 11 gün önce
Bruh Seeing everyone amazed by the scrolling is hilarious today
Andrew P
Andrew P 12 gün önce
I remember all of these like it was yesterday I can also remember them like they were 15 years ago
SoftWater 12 gün önce
if they make 16 its 16:16 1:3:000
Astro Internet
Astro Internet 12 gün önce
I have iOS 15.1
MinecraftLoving 11
MinecraftLoving 11 13 gün önce
NnnIiiihgg EE rrr
MinecraftLoving 11
MinecraftLoving 11 13 gün önce
I put the n word with 5 fingers at the same letter place
W. D. Gaster
W. D. Gaster 14 gün önce
It's not like Android had for example swipe-to-type option a long time before
jack 14 gün önce
2:37 zoom copied that logo
200porcupines 14 gün önce
Why did you skip over when Apple introduced MULTITASKING as a groundbreaking feature in iOS 4????
Kostya oDD
Kostya oDD 15 gün önce
👍с 7-го Айфона дизайн не меняли
Emily Lashley
Emily Lashley 15 gün önce
Ford Mustang GT
Ford Mustang GT 16 gün önce
3:01 lol
Codyy 17 gün önce
Ok so oxidized sorority keepsakes Usury Jayco
ScorpsARTZ 18 gün önce
I love how 14, 2020 has no people just him
Eshom 18 gün önce
I am not like this
Janise Hayden
Janise Hayden 20 gün önce
The 710 dislikes are from android users 💀
MinecraftLoving 11
MinecraftLoving 11 13 gün önce
I don't see dislikes it is saying dislike button new update youtube
S1MP0 21 gün önce
I’m confused.. “iOS 15”?
ShipFX 22 gün önce
My favorite is iOS 10
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco 22 gün önce
The Rudy Rodriguez needs the Eddie cue man!!!!!!!
RP0I 22 gün önce
Funny how the guy uses a flip phone at 1:14 instead of an iPhone.
The Weird Channel! Numbers and YTPs!
iOS 15 Already Out
Cody_kevYT 23 gün önce
Encrypted - Aviation and Sightings
After Steve jobs died I don’t think people were as hyped R.I.P. :(
Encrypted - Aviation and Sightings
@MinecraftLoving 11 please stop, like look at yourself right now, what are you trying to be lmaooo
MinecraftLoving 11
MinecraftLoving 11 13 gün önce
@Encrypted - Aviation and Sightings it's funny! Not 69 sjnd jss du 69 is *Not!* It is he fjs ens 57 sja an
Encrypted - Aviation and Sightings
@MinecraftLoving 11 ur not funny
MinecraftLoving 11
MinecraftLoving 11 13 gün önce
@Encrypted - Aviation and Sightings anwk sj cj 57 dj kd
Encrypted - Aviation and Sightings
@MinecraftLoving 11 Um are you ok?
Sandra Perez
Sandra Perez 23 gün önce
Ivan lopezc
Ivan lopezc 24 gün önce
ios 15.1
IamJack Dude
IamJack Dude 24 gün önce
Imagine where will we reach in next 10 years
Ciprian Adrian Ciuhu
Ciprian Adrian Ciuhu 25 gün önce
Dude... They didn't had cut ,copy and paste? 😂😂😂
girlyoputhystanky 25 gün önce
I miss steve jobs
侯本玉 26 gün önce
CR⁸⁰⁰ (ObaLaugh)
Imagine telling people how to scroll in 2021…😂😂
Fard 27 gün önce
It isn’t the same without Steve Jobs tbh it’s so sad that he passed
Snoc06 27 gün önce
They should trick us by saying “this is the all new iOS 16.1
Emanuel Morais
Emanuel Morais 29 gün önce
Amazing how apple constantly announces what is routine for us Androids as if they were great news. Apple users live with an eye to the past.
JAMP0T1 29 gün önce
3D Touch and Touch ID were the two features iOS should never have removed
Latif Ömer Duger
Latif Ömer Duger Aylar önce
IOS hoşuma gitmiyor
Yotkect Aylar önce
Blizzard Gaming
Blizzard Gaming Aylar önce
1min 1second per iOS version
IMC Crusher
IMC Crusher Aylar önce
Apple please bring back scot. He was really good
Reychel De Paz
Reychel De Paz Aylar önce
I find the crowd’s reaction cute when they said “woahhhh” just from a simple scroll on the iphone.
Luis Del Toro
Luis Del Toro Aylar önce
Para mi el más bello y revolucionario de todos fue el IOS 7
Jaells Aylar önce
Back then it was so revolutionary that I almost should feel grateful that we've come so far
A. Swift
A. Swift Aylar önce
it is that easy? i always hear
KV-44 KB-45 KV-46
KV-44 KB-45 KV-46 Aylar önce
Mauro Véliz
Mauro Véliz Aylar önce
For me, iOS from 4 to 6 where the best software on iPhone (and iPod) that I ever had. I remember them with care and love 👌🏻
Brian Laureus
Brian Laureus Aylar önce
I've gotta say the user experience along with the look of the interface is unmatched. I like Android and I'm on Android. Android has a lot to offer and iOS has borrowed a lot from Android. But I feel like the look of the interface, how it runs and the overall user experience is lacking. Apple prioritizes making the users life easier with everything you do while also prioritizing functionality and design. The smoothness of app animations and the overall UI, the ability to take incredible pictures AND video with a click and have it look as good as skilled photographers. Sharing videos and music at high quality with your friends LIVE. An incredible and fun messaging system. Comparing a lot of these things to Android it just makes androids user experience look like something out of the dark ages. And it honestly makes me wonder why no Android developers have taken a similar approach while adding there own flare. Don't be a carbon copy of apple but make your user experience as smooth, stylish, and functional as apples while adding your own personality. Androids got personality in spades but always seems to fall short in the other three areas. Apps sometimes don't load as quick or pictures look great but videos suck, or videos look great but pictures not so much. Apps or scrolling might be fast but not smooth which then makes your a phone look janky while your friends night not go as fast but it it's smooth as butter and looks nice doing it. This reminds me of how Sony and Xbox took there approached to making there consoles this year one went for power the other went for power but also optimizations of the game dev and user experience. Android doesn't prioritize the user experience enough, there aren't enough alternatives to a lot of the things that apple has that works just as well at high qualities, while still enabling you to enjoy yourself and have a little fun. No FaceTime alternatives that are as functional and as nice. Same with iMessage, widgets made there way and look way nicer than androids. It's sad cause I feel like the customization ability of Android is a really good selling point and a great way to draw people in. But because the used experience is so much worse on Android in certain especially functionality. I see why so many iPhone users refuse to switch or even try Android. I feel like Android doesn't even try half the time, the pixel series started off strong in a lot areas but had just fallen short in the last few years and even this year it doesn't even come close. Samsung is cool and a great phone company but the design differences aren't the same as apple. I feel like if these other phone companies really wanna beat apple and draw in more customers to there phone they need to step it up when it comes to a lot of things especially functionality and the look of the UI in a lot of areas. Google's material you is a step in the right direction. But things like the messaging app need and overhall it's ugly looking to me not just Google but a lot of Android pre installed messaging apps look so bland and outdated. Google's Google duo was a great start for an alternative for face time but I feel like it's just been forgotten about instead of charged and optimized and stylized. And again not saying become apple but optimize and offer something just as good and that looks just as nice. But if they don't like it even if it's just as good as FaceTime because they are on Android they still have plenty of other choices while apple is usually more limited Especially in the past. Anyway these are my thoughts
Jaguar Eagle
Jaguar Eagle Aylar önce
IOS 6 was the best
sherlocksfeet Aylar önce
i love how excited they get every time they announce something . especially things that seem so small to us now like notifications or do not disturb mode :,,)
Jolt The Wolf
Jolt The Wolf Aylar önce
I think my humor is broken because I died at 2:33 when the people started cheering
Sought Candyman
Sought Candyman Aylar önce
Compared to the iPhone 13 and 12 no one is that excited compared to this lmao
aimee marie
aimee marie Aylar önce
I can't believe I grew up with all of this. Proud Apple user and proud to be born during the iPhone generation.
ElBigShegun Aylar önce
I miss the old TRvid icon back when videos were random and great
esneider ramirez
esneider ramirez Aylar önce
Qué interfaz de sus App mas chunga iOS 6 empezando por las notas book etc ❤️
esneider ramirez
esneider ramirez Aylar önce
iOS 6 ❤️
bassmachine Aylar önce
I remember exactly when iOS 7 was announced and I was a little shocked. Today I still miss the design that was present until iOS 6. From iOS 7 and later I havent really felt in love with the design again. iOS 6 was simply something different designwise.
chonochka chon
chonochka chon Aylar önce
Until ios 6, every things were new, But after 7, every things were already in android I guess
Tiger Boost
Tiger Boost Aylar önce
iOS 15.1 Teaster Trailer !!
Oh okay👍
Oh okay👍 Aylar önce
Quite upsetting when you stop seeing Steve job by 2009
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Aylar önce
I remember the day iOS 7 crashed my schools wifi because people were so excited. iOS 7 was amazing.
Jagdeep Ramgarhia
Jagdeep Ramgarhia Aylar önce
30fps VGA with audio, right on your iPhone
Cristian Salinas
Cristian Salinas Aylar önce
I will never forget the day iOS 7 released and I was so excited to play with it on my iPhone 5S
Oscar Pineda
Oscar Pineda Aylar önce
iOs14 "So you can still watch your video even if you go to your homescreen" Android users having flashbacks from 2015 👁O👁
Capro 3
Capro 3 Aylar önce
My iPhone 6 is still on IOS 12 :(
임시용 닉네임
I iPhone 12 pro
Sami Emre CİLLİ
Sami Emre CİLLİ Aylar önce
and we're using same icons with iOS 7
PyricDemon Aylar önce
Live text is actually useful
Шерзод Сергазинов
Xdddd slide de contact
Akulas Aylar önce
The old os reveals sound like satire lmao
Mewtwo Aylar önce
It went "Ew" after iOS 6
MrKamOof Aylar önce
iOS 10 should have been iOS X. Would have sounded cool
aolth_exe Aylar önce
the iPhone 5s was the first phone (I think) with the new iOS 7 interface and was supported till iOS 12
Aylar önce
RİP Steve Jobs 😞😞.You are a good man.Everyone proud of you
Mariusz Hope
Mariusz Hope Aylar önce
Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. There is no other intermediary. May Jesus Bless you, trust Him, give your life - and He will take care of it :pray Convert yourself and believe in the gospel**
visitante Aylar önce
Apple building mindless fans over the years.
Daniel Swan
Daniel Swan Aylar önce
In retrospect it makes me feel a little better at my design job knowing it took them generations to figure some things out hahah… even if they were in the lead for most of it
GAMER . IN Aylar önce
Rip Steve jobs he was a great person 😞
Eser çağrı
Eser çağrı Aylar önce
ios 16
captain atlas
captain atlas Aylar önce
Thor Nados
Thor Nados Aylar önce
It's Johny, the face of iphones.
It's so funny to watch those early iOS "innovative features" considering that Nokia been that stuff 10 years before :D
The Legend20STFU
The Legend20STFU Aylar önce
I love how people complain about how new iPhones have a weird naming scheme, when they broke the number scheme at the second iPhone 😅
The Tech Librarian
The Tech Librarian Aylar önce
iOS 10 was super clean
The Tech Librarian
The Tech Librarian Aylar önce
I loved 3d touch
René Hernández zetina
Scott Forstall 😢
Coolguy 777
Coolguy 777 Aylar önce
Android has been able to do all this stuff alot longer than IOS
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