Alexis Gabe, missing Oakley woman, allegedly murdered by ex-boyfriend 

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The ex-boyfriend of an Oakley woman who has been missing for six months was killed by law enforcement officials in Washington state as they attempted to arrest him for her alleged murder, police said on Thursday.
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1 Haz 2022




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Jessica Palma
Jessica Palma Yıl önce
From the moment I saw this story, I had a sick feeling that it was her ex. He couldn't let her go. If you guys are ever in a situation like this, don't go to see them. If they are threatening to kill themselves, call the police and tell them. They will go and handle it. If you feel the need to go, take someone with you. Don't go inside the house with them. Go to a public place and talk it through.
Paula Tudor
Paula Tudor Yıl önce
Don’t go period you are breaking up with them stay away. They will not lull themselves first. Check history how many times this plays out.
in the name of the father.
Some people don't handle rejection well.
Paula Tudor
Paula Tudor Yıl önce
in the name of the father. You are correct on that but don’t go back to them for anything you left at the house call it a loss. Be happy you got away.
Lilith Rogers
Lilith Rogers Yıl önce
Oh, I'm so sorry for this loving family having lost their dear daughter......sending you much sympathy in this heartbreaking time for you.
Jenesis Yıl önce
No amount of love and acceptance can rehab a mentally damaged person. Not letting a person who broke up with you go is a sure fire sign of abusive personality.
AAA Cars
AAA Cars Yıl önce
Our prayers are with Her and her family. Very sad .
Cher Westcoast
Cher Westcoast Yıl önce
RIP. What a shame. Sending my condolences to her family and friends.
lee olmeda
lee olmeda Yıl önce
May God be with her. 🙏
Black Apples
Black Apples Yıl önce
Their are so many beautiful young women killed. R.I.P. young lady.🌸
Tuajoroka Hijarunguru
U can never be too careful. Some people take rejection too personally. Rip
David Wright
David Wright Yıl önce
Those people do
Tuajoroka Hijarunguru
@David Wright we are all capable of commuting murder wen put in a situation that burns from within our souls. Pain
Tuajoroka Hijarunguru
Tuajoroka Hijarunguru 11 aylar önce
I m all to familiar with the feeling My kids keep me sane
in the name of the father.
The husband/boyfriend is always the #1 suspect when a women is murdered or disappears.
living_dimples Yıl önce
"Someone knows where she is" yeah but no one coming forth, it's a scary thing to be/get implicated. condolence to the family.
louis the lll
louis the lll 11 aylar önce
This is a good family they didn't deserve a monster
Padebro Yıl önce
FINALLY...a perp is dealt with in the manner befitting the crime. THANK YOU
__Denikah__ Yıl önce
His motive is simple, he's a coward and couldn't let her go live her life without him
uzbekistan siberia
yes waited on this case. good work police.
Eli Gunthair
Eli Gunthair Yıl önce
I’m sorry 🙏🏼💐🕊🙏🏼💐
K A 11 aylar önce
In majority of these domestic violence cases I've dealt with the abuser is a bm. No one wants to call this out because it would be seen as racist but, how can you help the victims or the abuser if we aren't willing to point out the problem.
Chloe Charleston
Chloe Charleston Yıl önce
The old... "If I can't have you, no,one else will"...theory,strikes,once,again...
amysharp6 Yıl önce
Choose your mate carefully
Audrey Jenkins
Audrey Jenkins Yıl önce
How can cops say “he’s the only suspect” when they killed the suspect who could have told them where the body was?! Cops denied this family justice! I’m so f’king pissed-off about this! Now, the family have to be re-victimized by having to find help on their own to get this resolved. What do cops actually, do? this is outrageous!
Dirk Bogarde
Dirk Bogarde Yıl önce
he tried to stab the cops with a knife.
Audrey Jenkins
Audrey Jenkins Yıl önce
@Dirk Bogarde OMG-So what! They’re cops! They should have been trained on how to disarm someone with a knife (without killing them & destroying all the evidence.) This sickens me, If their punk-a$$ can’t handle the job, then they shouldn’t have signed-up to do it!
Justin Cavinder
Justin Cavinder Yıl önce
Treestar it wasn’t even the same police department?? He was caught and shot in Seattle, an entirely different state. Antioch police have absolutely zero jurisdiction outside of Antioch..
Nicole Hall
Nicole Hall Yıl önce
in the name of the father.
The coward didn't want to go to prison so he committed suicide by cop.
Dana Sutton
Dana Sutton Yıl önce
Olivia Love
Olivia Love Yıl önce
I knew this would the case. Wow.
Blaze 4 aylar önce
B lack L ives M urder
Nelson Luke
Nelson Luke Yıl önce
The fils always choose chocolate over their own..and this is the ending results.
Thomas Alundago
Thomas Alundago Yıl önce
A bitter chocolate
Turqoise Illinois
That's a horrible thing to say.
Jay Rose
Jay Rose Yıl önce
Most of them that date out choose white lol
Dirk Bogarde
Dirk Bogarde Yıl önce
@Turqoise Illinois horrible because it is true.
louis the lll
louis the lll 11 aylar önce
Why do good women date insane individuals
クールShinji Yıl önce
Seesh, these men stay dragging their lovers straight to the underworld with them... 👀👀Guess thats love? 🤷‍♂
J Manuel
J Manuel Yıl önce
Does it really surprise anyone. Just look at the guy.
in the name of the father.
Can you be more specific please?
Celine 11 aylar önce
Comments section is so fucking toxic
David Ng
David Ng Yıl önce
Spark ⚡️
Spark ⚡️ Yıl önce
😢 he doesn’t look like a good guy
yourtube Yıl önce
Theejoshhall Yıl önce
I knew it was her ex
R Key Co
R Key Co Yıl önce
These choices young Women are making, reduces my pity.
Chelsea 6 aylar önce
Holding women accountable for men's actions
ANGELA C Yıl önce
I wish the police had left him alive to bring closure to this family as to the whereabouts of Alexis. The suspect charging several gun toting police with a knife should be still alive for no other reason.....where is Alexis and why?
He probally dumped her in marina
Johnnydiamondboy Boy
Hah that's funny
Hugo Garcia
Hugo Garcia Yıl önce
P.D. only had one job to do,arrest him. Where is all the training that P.D. is getting? P.D. is guilty. If someone attack you with a knife beat him with a botton, use your patrol car, use taser, trhow rocks at him, last imsatance; shoot the legs, but do not kill him, now is more pain for the victym's family, and another family with a family memner killed by P.D.
David Wright
David Wright Yıl önce
I was going thru that scenario in my head also thinking there are a myriad of things they could done. They may never recover her body. That's the truly sad part
AmF6234 Yıl önce
He has a warrant for his arrest! Having a knife with gesture to kill are reasons for his faith!
Cali Coasting
Cali Coasting 6 aylar önce
she is in the lake
Thembi Ndlela
Thembi Ndlela Yıl önce
A thug at a glance l wonder what she saw in him, despicable
クールShinji Yıl önce
Stop wondering, because it's the same old story.
A N Yıl önce
once you go black...
Johnnydiamondboy Boy
Hah for real. They sure know how to pick their men. I laughed at her death.
Chelsea 6 aylar önce
@Johnnydiamondboy Boy Why? It's good that she's not racist. Bad people exist in every race. Obviously she had no idea that he was a bad person untill she broke up with him.
FJoe Biden
FJoe Biden Yıl önce
Alberto Mendoza
Alberto Mendoza Yıl önce
The. Animals a. Ready. Have a. Buffet. ☝️
JackGeezy 11 aylar önce
Another SImp who couldn't let go
James Bond
James Bond Yıl önce
The BBC must be nice not to resist.
MJFO600 Yıl önce
You a fool bro!
David Wright
David Wright Yıl önce
Mixing of the races again.
Adrian Yıl önce
Chris Watts, Scott Peterson, Barry Morphew...
James Bond
James Bond Yıl önce
Trump 2024
K Young
K Young Yıl önce
Do not date outside of your own race.
Adrian Yıl önce
Tell that to the wives of Chris Watts, Scott Peterson, Barry Morphew, etc. Oh, wait, you cannot tell them...because their husbands killed them.
Celine 11 aylar önce
Are you God to say that
ScalpingYour TP
ScalpingYour TP Yıl önce
Always the same suspects. These girls watch the Kardashians and think it's cool.
Erentxun Lopez
Erentxun Lopez Yıl önce
Why was she dating somebody outside her race specially a black man and she even liked rap music .
Lucky O'Neill
Lucky O'Neill Yıl önce
Have u been goining
Lucky O'Neill
Lucky O'Neill Yıl önce
Nieber complaining
Lucky O'Neill
Lucky O'Neill Yıl önce
About pissing I back yard
James Bond
James Bond Yıl önce
Trump 2024
OnaCnognihc Yıl önce
My dog 2024