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A vehicle flees when an officer attempts to pull it over for speeding and a man with a wounded arm shows up at the police station demanding medical attention in this clip from Season 1, Episode 7, "Last Frontier". #AlaskaPD
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A&E Aylar önce
Watch new episodes of Alaska PD Thursdays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at aetv.com/schedule.
Oh My Mod
Oh My Mod Aylar önce
@A&E can you sell me some weed seized by police for half price? I want a brick for party next week and you can come over too I'll give you an exclusive episode of weed party on your next video. Deal?
Peyton Cody
Peyton Cody Aylar önce
How’d you comment a day ago when this video was posted 1 hour ago? 😂
Tyo xtreme
Tyo xtreme Aylar önce
Nice video 👏👏👏
Lenon Kitchens
Lenon Kitchens 4 gün önce
Yeah, great idea douchebag. Let's put the guy in handcuffs that's bleeding all over the place and trying to get into the PD for help. Great image builder there.
Jeta-Maria Swanepoel
3:06 What a bad police department! 😡 The Sherrif, openly + shameless, sleeping on his job! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Matthew Saxman
Matthew Saxman 7 gün önce
Lose the music. No one wants it.
ronny banga
ronny banga 12 gün önce
People in Alaska really be a different breed
Elso 12 gün önce
Imagine what his CO is going to say now
Jakk Siragusa
Jakk Siragusa 9 gün önce
That's why they let him off with a misdemeanor 😂
Kyle Hill
Kyle Hill 24 gün önce
What PD is this? Anchorage or Fairbanks?
mark watts
mark watts 24 gün önce
Why didnt u stop? "cos im in the Army" ?????
MIK3xp 25 gün önce
She sounds like Lupita Nyongo in "Us"
Invader_415 Aylar önce
I like the way this series shows the car lighting up before the call. Thts one of my favourite things to see 🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓
Matheus Salabert
Matheus Salabert Aylar önce
I mean...he went to the pd for help! Gotta give him some points there...Was he wrong ofr kicking the door? Maybe!
Nitephall Aylar önce
This vid made me ponder my ignorance of cinematography. There's something different about the way this was filmed compared to Live PD vids but I can't pinpoint what it is. Obviously there's more to it than just pointing a camera and filming.
thejanusproject32 Aylar önce
I saw Alaska PD and reminded me of that show Alaska State Troopers
Track n Trail Overland
I wish they would edit this more like the Live PD youtube episodes. There are way too many quick jump cuts and weird effects
nuclearthreat545 Aylar önce
cry more
cry more Aylar önce
This version of pd has too many cut and camera switching, it's not as fluid as live pd
Estarrosa Aylar önce
He said “ his being a douch” then the other one or the same dude saids “ whooosa” lmao wtf
Crow Aylar önce
These kids need to start putting more thought into their actions. Hopefully, a lesson was learned for both events.
Flux Aylar önce
alaska pd is so much better than live pd wtf
Lyon Aylar önce
Probably not in the army anymore 😂
WhyAreYouReadingThis SeriouslyStopReadingThis
Cops dont want to peruse a vehicle they just show up late so they can shoot someone
John Giacoma
John Giacoma Aylar önce
They just make these shows as fake as they can now lol
Larry David
Larry David Aylar önce
What's in her Saliva?? Dude thought their his chain of command 😄
Not Applicable
Not Applicable Aylar önce
These idiots
pudge boyardee
pudge boyardee Aylar önce
Fans: fake sirens! All fake sirens! LivePD: .... lightbar cams? Fans: much better
Gary Winner
Gary Winner Aylar önce
Alaska PD producers and directors, stop with the theatrics and just show the call. Other than the odd camera angles, speeding police cars, and fake grainy video, the show is dope.
Zephyr Aylar önce
alaska pd is the best
Connor Reynolds
Connor Reynolds Aylar önce
At least they didn’t hit him with a felony. A misdemeanor is getting off pretty easy.
nekohvn Aylar önce
bruh what’s with this dramatic filming
douglas schmidt
douglas schmidt Aylar önce
Somebody hold my beer
derek morrison
derek morrison Aylar önce
What’s with all the dumbass camera angles
Veda Poole
Veda Poole Aylar önce
That a big rifle a 1:27 😂 pretty sure thats a shotgun
Chamary stigers
Chamary stigers Aylar önce
Go behind bars bye
Cheems Aylar önce
Who wants to hit the bong
Internet Slumlord
Internet Slumlord Aylar önce
Average Army IQ
Jesse Harrington
Jesse Harrington Aylar önce
Woosah bro! I died! 🤣
Wesley Hempoli
Wesley Hempoli Aylar önce
Alot of fetal alcohol syndrome in the land of the midnight sun
Alan T
Alan T Aylar önce
Stupid should hurt..... oh wait... I guess it does.
Lava Cruncher
Lava Cruncher Aylar önce
I love Alaska PD
TheAwesomeTD Aylar önce
The article 15 for that soldier was maxed out. They definitely processed him out. They don't make soldiers like they used to.
deltafox399j Aylar önce
The soldier tested drugs dont hit tlike they used to
Jazzelynn Gayle
Jazzelynn Gayle Aylar önce
How do y’all figure she swallowed an 8 ball?
Jazzelynn Gayle
Jazzelynn Gayle Aylar önce
Sooo many angle changes lmao
Light_Jak Aylar önce
Why is this so high def?
K P Aylar önce
too much production quality in this. Live PD is way better
Midnightdelite8 Aylar önce
Fake as always
Leif An
Leif An Aylar önce
The fake wind is so bad lmao
Hunter Jordan
Hunter Jordan Aylar önce
I thought this was live pd but I’m not upset
Bryan Gee
Bryan Gee Aylar önce
Ah young and drunk haha
Conor K
Conor K Aylar önce
Double episode? Nice
Vladpryde Aylar önce
Code Red, folks. CODE RED! :O
lampshade Aylar önce
Why tf did that one guy think it would be a good idea to try and kick the window in at the police building
Attack_Helicopter Aylar önce
In fairbanks, the army base legit does kick personnel out for speeding tickets, especially in or around the base, its not tolerated what so ever. I know several of buddies who got discharged for speeding at fort wainwright.
Amstran Jr
Amstran Jr Aylar önce
Ran cuz there were drugs to in the car. Probably got rid of it before they got to him. Speeding is no excuse to run away
Summer Daze Dean
Summer Daze Dean Aylar önce
Soooo did he get kicked out of the army or no?
David Aylar önce
lmao imagine being a criminal... yikes
Vadim Goeke
Vadim Goeke Aylar önce
Nsa Sucks
Nsa Sucks Aylar önce
They should have let him bleed out and let natural selection take its course. Most of the issues we have is because we have removed that important feature from the human species😂😂😂
Symbiotic226 Aylar önce
Code red stands for blood right
Symbiotic226 Aylar önce
Drinking and driving is the best the best drive is with a beer in the hand
Yoo Que
Yoo Que Aylar önce
Standard issue Police Boots.
Bob Keenan
Bob Keenan Aylar önce
Alaska PD...cue the cold wintery noise sound
Garrett Goldsmith
Garrett Goldsmith Aylar önce
Camila Valenzuela
Camila Valenzuela Aylar önce
They don’t get paid enough for this smh
nimbus deloud
nimbus deloud Aylar önce
he really told his friend to "WOOSAH" lmao
Robert Craig
Robert Craig Aylar önce
IF he smoked some bud.. he would have figured out a crafty way to make a lock pick out of some pine needles, a credit card and a shoestring
ProTaco22 Aylar önce
Again, most logical conclusion here is the guy had mental issues from being in the military. He should not be penalized for his actions in this case, you should be required to seek medical attention and be sent on his way. The cop at the end saying he made a stupid decision or the cop shaking his head saying his story doesn't make any sense are complete morons and have no idea what mental illness can cause.
ProTaco22 Aylar önce
@Seygem 👏👏👏🤦‍♂️
Seygem Aylar önce
@ProTaco22 I'm a troll? that's news to me. i simply showed you how idiotic your comment is, seeing how you evaluated someone's mental state off of a 30 second clip on youtube
ProTaco22 Aylar önce
@Seygem Lmao, troll. You have no idea what my personal life consists of. Nice try though...
Seygem Aylar önce
lol. i assume you have a degree in mental health? oh, wait, you certainly don't, or you'd know to not file a diagnosis off of 30 seconds of a youtube video. so basically, you haveno idea what you're talking about
David Ellenbaum
David Ellenbaum Aylar önce
pd should of had a phone out side
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda Aylar önce
i cant stop drinking it! is why im healthy! cause im drinking it good!
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda Aylar önce
i dunno if they were their, i just............................. keep drinking, mountain dew voltage, it's so good!
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda Aylar önce
hi! i planted some myan;s! at your front door! they were their in your textbook or they were not!
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda Aylar önce
@Seygem im healthy. stop playing that!
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda Aylar önce
@Seygem it went east and west both way's!
Seygem Aylar önce
i'm kinda concerned for your mental state, ngl
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda Aylar önce
GMB Money
GMB Money Aylar önce
Worst protection dog you guys have lol
Christine Robinette
I know but he's so cool settling down for his nap.
llFromTheHeartll BiGSM0KE
this guy defines a moron....... jumps out the window, drunk wow how much more of stupidity can this be.
checkthecomment section
Clearly PTSD
Adam Fears
Adam Fears Aylar önce
Can’t fix stupid
Travis Angelo
Travis Angelo Aylar önce
There is nothing real about reality TV lol...its scripted for the ratings
Groo Wanderer
Groo Wanderer Aylar önce
Yeah, dude. These cops are all just paid actors. .. smfh
gerald maine
gerald maine Aylar önce
hot sweaty cute Alaska cops in tight pants blk sweaty socks juicy
gerald maine
gerald maine Aylar önce
hot sweaty cute Alaska cops in tight pants blk sweaty socks juicy
Huncho Escobar
Huncho Escobar Aylar önce
"Alaskans sure sound American." is what went thru my mind... Then I realized this some good weed
demonocus metalocus
So basically he got himself arrested for being stupid
Christine Robinette
Don't you know that happens alot😂
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