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Sorry for the delay on this episode! I got caught up working on a bunch of other ideas, but we finally have the next episode of the Rework Retrospective series: Akali. This one might be a surprise for some of you, as I'm gonna contest the idea that she might actually have been Riot's BEST rework. (No I don't have a gun pointed to my head. Watch the video to find out what I mean!)

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14 Eyl 2021




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Tahmy gun
Tahmy gun Yıl önce
The best rework ever in league history is fiddlesticks,change my mind
Jerry Berry
Jerry Berry 2 aylar önce
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 3 aylar önce
Alright I’ll play, you start with the first point of why?
G6 Liara
G6 Liara 4 aylar önce
Fiddle, Voli and Pantheon are my top 3
leon 6 aylar önce
Cant change your mind if your right
Videos 9 aylar önce
Voli, poppy and sion are great as well imo
mintsandmatcha Yıl önce
I do enjoy Akali. However, my biggest gripe is how shes portrayed in game vs lore. In game, shes really sassy, but not in a fun way. In the Tales of Runeterra and Zed comics, shes portrayed as more laid back, more fun in a scenario where its appropriate. In game, her voices lines are rude, condescending, no ounce of humor or respect to characters that would fit said reactions
H K Aylar önce
well star guardianAkali is sassy
Christopher D'suza
Christopher D'suza 2 aylar önce
@Rou Ya never understood that frankly...whats magical about throwing kunai...
Christopher D'suza
Christopher D'suza 2 aylar önce
I like how she is portrayed in game better. I feel it matches more with her theme being a ninja/assassin.
Jeipad 6 aylar önce
Voice lines and va are THE weak point of League Imo, coming from a long time dota 2 payer
MultiCommissar 9 aylar önce
This is the reason I stopped playing Akali and couldn't even bring myself to play Xayah. They're bratty and obnoxious in the worst possible way. Kind of like Captain Marvel when I think about it.
Belzerger Yıl önce
I still can't believe rework Akali's shroud turret invulnerability made it past testing, that was the most obvious busted mechanics Riot has ever introduced
Putts Aylar önce
As a top main, I still have emotional damage dealing with this.
paint_ninja 6 aylar önce
And her Q deals 2 types of damage simultaneously and heals her
zahando 7 aylar önce
@Fichu 253 well he doesn't have super speed, dashes and can't 1 shot you in the blink of an eye dispit being a death by 1000 cuts champ
Akali xEvelynn
Akali xEvelynn 7 aylar önce
pantheon, fizz are okay to do it lol
Amanda Slough
Amanda Slough 9 aylar önce
@Fichu 253 Voli has the old Ohmwrecker item.
Keep Yourself Safe
I would like to mention that historically ninjas were spies and messengers. They rarely ever did assassinations and avoided combat if at all possible. The whole idea that ninja are master fighters able to take out groups of people with ease was made up for movies and cartoons to make them more appealing
Roee Weiss Lipshitz
Roee Weiss Lipshitz 27 gün önce
So, what's your point?
ThatSimpleTime 4 aylar önce
They did however use hit and run tactics when they did fight so at least that’s somewhat accurate.
G6 Liara
G6 Liara 4 aylar önce
@Ada van Quapa I came to think about the Asian guy in the movie "Ocean's Eleven" when I read this comment. Tiny guy which is super flexible and very nimble. Just like a true ninja.
Dominic Guye
Dominic Guye 6 aylar önce
@necho cat IMO, he represents guerilla warfare, which may or may not have room for ninjas.
Lucas 8 aylar önce
oh look out everyone we got the party shitter over here
PopeNeia :D
PopeNeia :D Yıl önce
From a design perspective, it’s really good. From a gameplay perspective, I would rather stub my toe into a chainsaw
TricksyKitsune 2 aylar önce
@Enerjhun relon Yet, it is almost their only means of survival most the times. Sure the boxes or clone can help, but ultimately after things are used, they have decent cooldown and he can be completely decimated. The wonders of being a glass cannon, so easy to stomp. Only thing saving them is the decision making and elusiveness.
TricksyKitsune 2 aylar önce
@PopeNeia :D It is also her biggest weakness if your not moorons. Predict her position based on what she is likely trying to achieve (fleeing/cutting off routes/chasing) and her last known location each time she reveals. Aoe/cc bomb that spot, she basically funneled herself into one spot for you to FK over. She is squishy and easy to kill if cc'ed too. She is also on a time limit as the fog disappears and thus she is going to have to do what she is trying relatively fast. Just keep all things considered. Really not that hard...
Bora Yıl önce
As said on tv, i would rather swallow a wild cat and crap out a litter of kittens. Thats how i feel about facing her in game.
Enerjhun relon
Enerjhun relon Yıl önce
@PopeNeia :D hahaha shaco and k6 invi is more op than akali's shroud
PopeNeia :D
PopeNeia :D Yıl önce
@Velvet Gorge I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her as an assassin, because they should be able to get in there and absolutely burst a squishy. But her shroud is just an all new level of bullshit that no other assassin has. Sure, Talon, Rengar and Kha’zix also have invisibility but it is mainly to get out/engage onto a target. If they stay around 9/10 times they are going to get clapped. However all Akali has to do is drop the shroud and then she can play around and survive in the thick of the enemy team, kiting and throwing shurikens everywhere, maybe even killing a tank or two before she gets taken down/chased away while the enemy team has no counterplay because not even wards can see in her cloud for some reason.
Lord Mordekaiser
Lord Mordekaiser Yıl önce
She is still a problem, and it all comes down to something you've brought up several times: moments of weakness. If played correctly, Akali never has a moment where she is vulnerable, and that is a problem because a champion that has no weaknesses is a design failure, no ifs, ands, or buts. Any champion who can only be beaten if the person playing them makes a mistake is a mistake of a champion, because it takes away agency from other players through no fault of their own. It tells the playerbase that if you get better and want to climb, you have to abandon champions with fair and balanced weaknesses for those who lack any because no amount of skill and mastery on your champion will matter if the other champion simply cannot be beaten by your own efforts. People might dislike champions whose purpose is to shit on their mains and/or role, but people hate champions who take away their agency just by existing. This is why people hate champions like Yuumi or Yone, who completely ignore the main weakness of their class/subclass (being untargetable/hard to pin down for Yuumi when she is an enchanter/mage, and being able to easily engage/disengage for Yone who is a skirmisher/assassin).
0/0 Glue Gunner
0/0 Glue Gunner Aylar önce
@TricksyKitsune Extremely squishy is just a lie, look OPGG her popular items. All of them give HP or some form of defense like Zhonya. She has better survivability than almost any assassin in the game. Limited by energy often isn't a problem if the player is good and knows how to manage it, unless she's behind and can't easily kill in one rotation. Stuck in her fog also isn't her problem because you really can't do anything to her while she's inside the shroud, unless you're a mage like Xerath. Even if for example your rakan hits his E while she's in shroud nothing happens because your ADC can't follow up on it. Even if like I said you are xerath you would have to hit every ability on an invisible champ with bonus movement speed to win. Missed abilities and getting CCd are issues for every champion in the game, not many champs can miss their abilities and still win 1v1, and also Akali has it better against CC than most assassins: With movement speed and invisibilty from W there's no excuse to get hit by projectiles like morgana bind for example, and that's not considering her 4 dashes. Struggling to push lane and secure objectives is a problem with like every assassin. Yes other champions like bruisers can do it much better because assassins aren't designed to do this. But akali can still build bruiser and perform decently even though it might not be her optimal build.
TricksyKitsune 2 aylar önce
She has plenty of weaknesses and exploitable stuff. First off she is extremely squishy, limited by her energy so she has to use things in bursts, can be stuck in her fog potentially for energy regen waiting or being surrounded, but also being stuck in place with a relatively ez aoe/cc location if you predict properly. Literally funneling herself into a specific location range. Hard to play, and missed abilities can be particularly devastating, and VERY bad against cc. She struggles to push lanes and siege objectives. She can do it, but others do it MUCH better. Really, there are tons of options.
João Oliveira
João Oliveira 5 aylar önce
That's something that I've been saying to my friends for a while now. A champion that can only be killed because they themselves made a stupid mistake and not because they got properly outplayed feels awful to go against because it means that, if the enemy is first timing one of those champions, they won't really know much about how to play them and they can be caught out easily, but if it's someone who's experienced, good fucking luck catching them out.
RockJoe 6 aylar önce
@JaiyDiamond spoken like a true akali main. I've been playing her for years as well and this is incredibly spot on. Whenever I play into an enemy Akali I win my lane at least 75% of the time because I understand very well how her mechanics work. Her design is questionable even to me as a one-trick, but she does have weakness albeit not very clear ones. It's only through experience though that players know they can be exploited, because her weakness are not entirely centered around her kit. A prime example is her ramp up period; the first 10 min of the game imo will 9 times out of 10 drive/determine the rest of the game. Exploiting her very weak early game will punish her more than what the average player thinks, if not completely derail her from ever being a threat.
Ghost Shadow
Ghost Shadow 8 aylar önce
@JaiyDiamond Yes and yes….A good akali player has to understand how and when she can go in. Akali can not just go in and than kill the backline….she needs to know: - do they hav cc skills up. - how man champions hav cc - can they focus me during one AA And most of the time players play dumm agains her….pick the wrong supp agains her…like a Senna or sona. U need cc agains her…the moment the dives the backline….everyone split or stay and cc her ass.
Xalto 49
Xalto 49 Yıl önce
"... She might actually have been Riot's BEST rework. No I don't have a gun pointed to my head." Vars, I know K/DA ALL OUT Akali has some amazing abs and you want her to be your wife, but she's not real bro. You don't have to stan her.
voila voila
voila voila 9 aylar önce
@Galeforce hate on Seraphine instead, unlike Akali, she does not require any skill cause like u should PROBABLY know, the more tools u have to fight, the better at using all of them u need to be ( not Yone )
Robert E. O. Speedwagon
@Pan Lis Shyvana's dragon form best girl
Salvoryrm Yıl önce
@PhoenixFlameGames Seraphine was a boy.
Galeforce Yıl önce
@Random Cat Name low wr all elos is good. Pro play abuses her so she will be gutter wr champ indefinitely
Ihateall Luxplayers
@Random Cat Name it's still only like 48%, she's not unplayable by any means but she's not exactly great rn even in higher
BlackMars ZERO
BlackMars ZERO Yıl önce
The problem with Akali is counter play. She has invisibility so you can not target her, she has movement speed buffs so you can not hit her with skill shots and she has dashes that give her agency while taking it away from other champions. I want you to imagen for a moment if Trundle's W circle also gave him invisibility throughout. It would be broken to have a Trundle just pop out beside your ADC take half there health walk away and become invisible to do it again seconds later. All the while you can not target him or even properly know where he is due to the limitations of Sweeper. All the counter play that you can use against Akali applies to other champions while her kit makes that counter play significantly more difficult to use. I do not mind Akali in isolation you are correct she is great for her theme however creating champions with options that take away other champions options is in my opinion inherently bad design. This is a PvP game not a PvE game if they wish to keep making champions that break the conventions of there own game that they made, enforce and strengthen then I am well within my right to call out this nonsense. Champions are constantly and immediately nerfed the moment that they become viable in something which is not META to stop 'flexi picks' in pro play despite all of the new champions or reworks that you mentioned being viable in multiple rolls. An entire item was deleted and replaced because it gave a dash to champions that do not have it built into there kit for balance. While at the same time a nearly identical item for another class of champions that do not dashes built into there kit for balance were allowed to keep there version. The problem with Akali is the problem with the new design for the game in general you can not have your cake and eat it, if everyone can do everything why dose team play matter? Just get fed, you can do everything anyway so just 1 v 9. This is the core problem, limitations exist to show creativity these new champs are constantly removing limitations inherent to the class leading to a poor experience for players in general. How do you describe enchanters in general to a new player? You have to add on an explanation of all the champions that do not fit within these conventions but are considered part of the group. At which point is there any point to the grouping at all?
Christopher D'suza
Christopher D'suza 2 aylar önce
@TricksyKitsune ^this, so many times I see these same people try these champs after and feed lol. Its quite entertaining to watch.
TricksyKitsune 2 aylar önce
@Lucas Right, lol. So much more difficult to pull off properly than some give it credit for. They just see a good one and call broken. Same thing happens to yasuo, but I usually see 2 types of such players. Yasuo's that hard feed 0/10+, or those with actual skill that get fed and carry the game. Usually a reason for it. lol... Kinda like the inting sion, seems awesome when the challenger sion player does it, but leads to 100's of 1000's of imitators that fail and ruin games for their team trying to imitate it properly. xD Some of my favorite matchups are between high skill cap champs like irelia, yasuo, akali, and yone even. Some others as well, but just the back and forth you can see is really fun.
TricksyKitsune 2 aylar önce
Most champions take agency from others away. It is just the nature of abilities, especially cc. They usually all have methods to counter, but not all champions are capable to do so efficiently as others. Invisibility like akali or teemo? Aoe damage/cc. They also all have pros a cons, hers being a glass cannon. Hits hard and dies fast. Must use tools at her disposal or she just gets shat on. People usually collapse on her, stun, or what ever else and completely shut her down. She has to remain mobile, and take as little damage as possible by dodging, else she will likely lose. That is her strength mobility and damage. Recognize your opponents strengths and address them appropriately, bait out smoke before committing if possible, and esc... She is a assassin, fits perfectly. She is also kinda terrible at pushing/sieging, best at picking targets out and setting team up to do so. There as so many ways to approach all this. She really does need a team for pushing, and team fights in particular. PLus tanks sometimes. For her role she is strong, but for what she is bad at, she is pretty dang bad at. I have carried with a 19 kill spree doing my best to get things pushes, but it really requires your teamates to do the brute work. Imagine getting caught by cc and bursted down. You die nearly instantly to any cc with a couple collapsing on you. I think people are just blaming their lack of knowledge and capability on the champ, when it is just them being bad or ignorant to solutions. I usually never have any issues against her unless she is fed, and I usually am fed and kicking ass when I play her. Knowledge and decision making are the most important. Had a akali vs akali match recently, dominated her by knowing how she works, predicting her likely course of action and last known position when stealth. If your 2v1 her, she will likely run, if she is acting confident, she is probably going to move to cut you off. I would just keep aiming abilities in directions that made sense, and taking advantage of whenever she would attack thus revealing herself again. I really wish they had more champs like her with this back and forth dueling aspect you can pull off thanks to the skill cap and junk. Also, trundle is a tanky beast that auto attacks for a ton of damage. Completely different situation to a assassin that relies heavily on ability and her passive that are very much limited by her energy pull. One of the best methods is to not let her poke you down, or to commit completely to taking her down after baiting her escape skills. Idk, I could go on and on.
Christopher D'suza
Christopher D'suza 2 aylar önce
@Houdie Indeed just bad and don't want to learn how to play against her would be my guess as well. She has plenty of counter play if you are willing to learn and there are many champ with better forms of stealth. Not to mention its on a decent cool down.
Lucas 8 aylar önce
lol go play her then
Santiago Haristoy
The fact that Gwen, Akshan and Samira were released after doesn't make her and Irelia retroactively better. She was the most overloaded champion on release and the literal sole reason I personally stopped playing for a while after that. I think we're just getting used to suffer and to me that's unacceptable from what's literally a game. Legit at this if it wasn't for Lillia existing I wouldn't keep playing League of Legends and this thing started it all. . . Maybe I should just be looking for something else to spend my time on.
Ihateall Luxplayers
Almost every champion has been overloaded or broken on release, both before Akali and after. Zoe, Irelia, Qiyana, Aphelios, Sett, Viego, Gwen, Akshan, Yuumi. It's not like she's the only champ to ever have this problem.
gibarel Yıl önce
I hate the fact that now everyone can burst, there is no more extended fights outside on early game, everyone dies or kills in 1-2 skill rotations, with the exception of skill that make you not die (fizz e, trynda r, Kayle r) you will die or kill in less than 5 seconds.
Jay Yıl önce
Honestly, it doesn’t even extend the fight any more just delays the inevitable
A.C. B.
A.C. B. Yıl önce
I would love to see a tank being buffed to the point at which they can keep up with the damage in modern day league. Just to see what it would do to the meta.
Trelantonis Yıl önce
@Eadbert you don't mind mobility creep and outplay potential because you probably have never been on our point of view seeing everyone dash and one shot you in lew than half a sec. You play a champ that is extremely mobile, it shouldn't deal that much damage and have escapesweakness potential on top of that. It should be like kamikaze. But riot wants you to play flashy cancer designs because it sells and you are the consumer and don't want to see they milk players like you and the rest of us are being forgotten. It's only explosive assassinations and the game is over, no macro no shit. And I am here trying to play fucking sivir, immobile and with 0 dps for the most game unless you play lethality. I also play immobile supports with 370-380 movement speed and see that akali even has higher movement speed because of kit and item options. There are no options for these champs to get on their level of an experienced assasin player. You saying you accept mobility just proves that you really fucking like shitting on hopeless champs. Playing such champs is either you devastate the game or get devastated by the enemy assassin because everything else falls of or has clear fucking weaknesses. It all depends on if you go 1v3 like every akali (clear mistake for normal champs) and working out on early and then late keeps making the same mistake but die and lose the game
Golden Crow
Golden Crow Yıl önce
@fanlou18 _ because stopwatch is always available
fanlou18 _
fanlou18 _ Yıl önce
Forgot stopwatch
Anemon Yıl önce
I have two issues with Akali's rework: her teamfighting and consistent damage. I think it's fine having one of those, but having both just kinda ruins the "assassin" part by making her excel at too many things she shouldn't excel at, both from the gameplay perspective and from the design perspective. In the game, due to her having both aoe and consistent damage it feels like there's not much you can do unless she messes up. She can 100-0 squishies in the matter of seconds, and can shred frontline with the riftmaker + conqueror. It's extremely frustrating to play against, since it doesn't feel like she's got a weak side: 1v1, skirmishes, teamfights, burst, dps -- she has it all. Tanks/bruisers/juggernauts are supposed to counter assassins by surviving their frontloaded damage and then killing them afterwards, yet you can't really do that against akali.
Houdie Yıl önce
She doesn't have consistent damage lmao. She so bursty
Zeinfeim Reldu'ulthaarn
you have no reason to hate akali in her current spot. way too many nerf, eq gone mean no burst which sucks because you cant really be an assassin without burst, no matter how hard she is to catch. So yea then she is a skirmisher now right ? Well yea its now the only way to play her but she provide only damage and need time to put it into place which means 1. she cannot be behind to be effective since she only has damage. BUT akali lane isnt good until level 9 due to energy cost (exception made if ennemy int/you severly outplay in lane OR matchups you can kill at 6, but then again you need time to chase and do your all in which is why she is better toplane rn than mid at higher level which is sad), if you compare it to zoe she is good in skirmish but has an excellent laning phase, so she has the right to become strong for those skirmish, akali doesnt, she rely on ennemy missplay or midgame well farmed to be good in those fight, but midgame well farmed akali only happen in pro play because if you do that in solo q you have no control over the game. Also she is suppose to somehow be a non bursty assassin which again doesnt work, but even with that non burst (yes she has no burst i repeat, when compared to any assassins ig, fizz ekko talon zed qiyana rengar khazix...) she doesnt even outperform skirmishers at their own game. A yone would be 100 times more effective than an akali at what she does now, stick to target and heavy damage but over some times. SO yea, tldr akali sucks now and if your issue is that she can do all. now she cant do anythng x') And eq removal not only means no burst btw but it also prevent the dive combo eqR2 out because you cant eq anymore, so it also indirectly nerf the 'get out' option they seek to get into her kit with the rework
Houdie Yıl önce
shes in a really bad spot now due to all the nerfs. The fact that they removed her eq combo and nerfed the energy restoration made her really bad. They nerfed her a bit too much now and because of this she now has a 46% winrate. A lot of alkali players have been complaining, and I think RIOT is scared to buff her until worlds is over.
Angel Perez
Angel Perez Yıl önce
They fixed it a bit removing her energy restoration, Akali with riftmaker+demonic embrace level 13 will lose against Fiora with goredrinker/stridebraker+ ravenous hydra/ sterak at level 13 same with sett with a similar build but against some juggernouts like Urgot, Darius, Garen at same level Akali probably will win cuz her high movility.
OneManWolfPack Yıl önce
"Akali's Rework - Riot's WORST or BEST Rework?" - Yes. 12:47 "I used her as a prime example of what you shouldn't do when designing a champion. But after reflecting on it a bit a lot of what they did for the rework made sense." But the more important question: Is she fun to play as and against? Imo, she is too frustrating to play against. She was definitely a first of her kind, but their kind has all been frustrating to play against, at least for me. I have not enjoyed my experience of playing against Sylas and I would not recommend league to anyone today as I did back in season 2, 3, and 4. The reason primarily being the modern design philosophy of league that you can so clearly see in the Akali's rework. Don't get me wrong, their designs are done incredibly well and the designers are probably amongst the best of their kind. But as Aphelios has shown: being a capable designer doesn't mean your design is fun to play against. It just means that it is incredibly well designed frustration, but frustration nonetheless and no matter how much they say that frustration is good and engaging, it only is if I at the end of the experience feel better for having had it. I don't.
OneManWolfPack 3 aylar önce
@Eliss Youkilis and most other champion designers seem to have taken advice from him. So, though he used to be the only guy making this nonsense, but now every champion seems to have at least some of it.
Eliss Youkilis
Eliss Youkilis 3 aylar önce
Funny you should mention Aphelios (and other people mentioning Yasuo) because all of these champs (or their reworks) were designed by the same dude. CertainlyT, the spawner of cancer in League of Legends. Visually, yeah, he always knocked it out of the park. But they never should have let him do anything other than make visuals and imagery, because he clearly has no idea what the fuck he was doing when it comes to actually designing abilities or balancing. His shit was outrageously unbalanced even for fucking *Riot*.
Bryan Hickernell
Bryan Hickernell 11 aylar önce
The new designs are all a direct result of how league is played nowadays because they are meant to have an easier time coming back when behind
Tiago Yıl önce
I hate the fact that the champion design nowadays mostly all suffer from Main Protagonist syndrome, making 1 person on the game (the player playing it) enjoy it and the other 9 hate to have it in the game. An example of this is yasuo, nobody likes to have yasuo on their team, nobody likes to see yasuo on the enemy team. Yasuo is only fun for 1/10th of the players in game. A champion like Orianna is fun for the player, provides helpfull utility to the team and so you enjoy playing with her, and she is mostly skillshots and very squishy (besides her lvl1 Q abuse) she is fun to play against. Champions like Akali rework, Irelia rework, Viego, Yone, Sylas are all champs that you never want to see in the game due to their volatile gameplay (10/0 or 0/10). It makes the game worst for everyone playing it except, of course, for special Me (the main character obviously) playing it.
Dystopia Yıl önce
I think you're right to say that she's a good rework if you look solely at design. She fits with her theme and does what an assassin should do. I think the issue is that she can do it too well. Her long invisibility duration and multitude of dashes makes it very hard for any pre-2020 champion to outplay her. Each champion has a max of 4 skills, and invisibility alone invalidates any point and click ability. She then has 2 dashes (not counting W2 and R1 since they're targetted dashes, making them very predictable) and and a bunch of movement speed to avoid any remaining skillshots. In theory, if played perfectly, akali can avoid many champions kits. I think this is where most of the hate towards her comes from. Her shroud effectively nullifies so many abilities that it makes it extra punishing to miss whatever else you have, and even then her mobility makes it hard to do so.
Lucas Gerosa
Lucas Gerosa 2 aylar önce
Not to mention that since she gets range and move speed from her passive, most melee champions can't auto attack her back when she does come out of invisibility to hit you. Imo, reducing the range from her passive or R2, or increasing the time it takes for her to become invisible would allow for more counterplay, because rn, she can hit melee champions without any possibilty of counter attack.
SpiffSpaff Yıl önce
i play a good amount of adc and akali causes me pain because they press the funny shroud button and then i can't do anything to fight back for such a long time, windwall is even worse because it blocks it for their allies too, and it blocks from both sides so if an enemy stands inside it they are completely immune to projectiles until it goes away, and they can still attack while it's happening without putting themselves at risk both of these abilities just invalidate all counterplay for an extended period of time and me no likey
uwu Yıl önce
Exactly. She has very little counterplay cause she can dash in, do a ton of damage all of a sudden, and then go invisible. It's broken as hell. And her dashes are way too long range. If they were shorter range she would be a lot more telegraphed which would make her fairer to fight against.
deriaselposta Yıl önce
Thanks , Btw you forgot to add Her previous W could be revealed by a vision ward not like now that she can be 5 sec invisible just because she leveled up W once XD
Scorched Yıl önce
Honestly, I think her rework was pretty good she just has the 2018-2019 design philosophy flaw and needed time for that to be sorted out. Def not best, that goes to fiddle or urgot imo but I think its good. As for her base rework, I think her passive and q gameplay style is an amazing design. They basically took Akali's point and click q auto playstyle and deconstructed it into having the mark based on her q and passive and around your movement which is a really ingenious design. The problem with her rework comes with two things: the initial overloaded design with low counterplay (signature of 2018-2019 designs) and how she interacts with energy. The first one is not surprise, 2018-2019 had some of the most explosive releases (irelia akali aatrox sylas) all of which dominated the meta and pretty much had no counter play on release. Akali's specific issue isn't really as apparent as aatrox having 2 dashes which gives his combo no counter play. Its a balancing act between her being a skermisher and assassin. On release akali passive had a massive ap ratio (70%) and her e had no ap ratio. Her damage came from almost all of her passive gameplay. Now her passive has a 40% ap ratio and her e has a 120% ap ratio. Second massive problem is also one of the most interesting points of her design. She uses energy as the cooldown of her bread and butter ability. At the time of Akali's release there were no external ways to gain energy in the game aside from blue buff. Then in later patches presence of mind was reworked introducing energy into the rune. This rune was then reworked 3 times changing how it gave energy. When a champion is this reliant on how energy works in the game you will always have to change them. Modern example? Aatrox getting his healing reworked with the introduction of more healing items into the brusier pool. Hes a drain tank whos healing is based on him buying blackcleaver first and not gore. On top of this, with all her balance changes they insist on trying to her for all mmrs which is not something they usually do and it makes it incredibly hard to balance a champ. Overall I think shes in a decent spot now, I just think her e does way too much dmg and that should've been turbo nerfed instead of removing her eq.
Bluefrost 6 aylar önce
The last part really hits me as someone who did main Akali from Seasons 9-11 when I stopped playing ranked and pursuing improvement in League (made it to Plat btw). I had this same sentiment with Zed in Season 5 with the snapback delay removal. If you were a good player, you would CC Zed out of his ult. With S9 Akali (without turret stealth), it really seems Riot really refuses to tell people to "git gud" and often can pander too much to low elos. When they gave Shuriken Flip an AP ratio, they consistently started knocking her down to try and make this faceroll hit E into oneshot play pattern. So many of the Akali nerfs have been just middle fingers to mains and people who pursued champion mastery. I'm sorry I actually try to master a champion instead of just complaining like an idiot when I don't 1v9 as first time whatever. If that sounds a bit toxic, well to be honest thinking about how Riot punished Akali mains/people with champion mastery through things like removing Q during E, energy regen from landing passive autos, making E a oneshot spell, etc really tilts me.
Eadbert Yıl önce
what i think is a big issue is that people complained about her "having no counterplay" while below dia no one actually saw a good akali. i used to be an akali main, but i couldn't play her rework for shit. what i did then was hover her so my allies wouldn't ban her, then let the enemy pick it. this strategy won me so many games, as the enemies had an akali on their team, which was the worst thing at that point. even low elo akali mains, not just people who had just picked her up bc she was OP, couldn't actually carry half their games, even though they destroyed their enemy's mental and started surrender votes. (that's the worst part, she had 47% winrate, but most of her wins were early surrenders because people thought the game was over bc she got fed a double kill after 5 deaths and was still super far behind) now she got more and more simple, lowering her skill ceiling and her skill floor, making her stronger in most elos than she was back in the day, but people don't complain anymore. i am more scared of a person having played her 5 times over the last 30 days nowadays than i was scared of an akali back then who has played her 100 times / 30 days shortly after her rework. the main reason for me against the new akali was that she was completely unplayable below dia at the beginning, basically ruining all old akali mains from before the rework as their main got a lot cooler, but only playable if you want to drop elo first. i really loved the rework, but i hated how i couldn't play her ranked anymore :(
dePresnokoff Yıl önce
Earlier this year with the mini rework, they also took away getting energy back when hitting ur passive. That took alot of skill expression out of her kit in my mind, because it punished bad akali players for only spamming q, and not weaving in auto’s in between abilities. I wouldnt mind having a higher energy cost on q, if they bring back the energy on the passive. The W change is also fucked. With how it used to be, I felt like it kinda balanced her out abit, in the sense that wasting W early in a fight would punish u later, by not having that energy. I feel like taking away skill expression from a champ thats meant to be flashy and dashy, just sucks. Shes felt like shit too play all year, and I dont see that changing soon.
RECMonika Yıl önce
They took away her e-q and refuse to buff her (that thing they did is not a buff sonas bug fix had more impact on akali that whatever they did)
Sanity Yıl önce
Damn bro
Kinja Pleb
Kinja Pleb Yıl önce
As a new Akali main, I personally think they need to nerf e and revert the energy increase with passive hits. Alot of her damage comes from e, so it would be cool to redistribute her damage more.
jesuswept 8
jesuswept 8 Yıl önce
@Jei I was only speaking to your talking about bruises, I think if they want her to have consistent damage they either need to fix the issues with the class that yone yasuo and viego are in (high dmg melee characters that don't die immediately) and throw her in there (lower e dmg by a lot, make it utility + mark application, some changes to her w to make it have more conterplay, make her a apply a slow near her instead of far, stuff like that)
Jei Yıl önce
@jesuswept 8 but her consistent damage was there long ago before she is even reworked when she can use her ult 10 times in a fight so I don't think they will be removing that soon
jesuswept 8
jesuswept 8 Yıl önce
@Jei That would make her a bruiser. A good talon/rengar player kills u in like .3 seconds, what makes akali weird to balance is that she has a spell she's supposed to use multiple times quickly, which is a bruiser/duelist trait. Your change makes her more bruiser, a full assassin akali would be like only 1 q in a fight.
Jei Yıl önce
@Simon E then if they don't want her to be a bruiser, revert her EQ mechanic and reduce her E ap ratio by like 20%-40% ? then atleast add some 10% ap ratio to her passive to compensate the damage lost. I know it will reduce her bursty damage but Akali dealing 180% ap ratio in 0.1 second is just pure cancer
Sweet Illusions
Sweet Illusions Yıl önce
They removed that for a good reason. When used properly she not only had the burst of other assassins but better sustained damage than them too, being able to continuously Q + passive trigger without much resource related issues.
Rik Remmerswaal
Rik Remmerswaal Yıl önce
I think that the visual update was sorely needed, but it is beyond me how anyone could think that being able to become untargetble by turrets was a good idea.
Arthur Sandrino
Arthur Sandrino Yıl önce
Akali's rework is the proof you can have a good idea and fuck up extraordinarily in the practice
TATARI14 Yıl önce
It's a great example of scrapping flawed base instead of fixing it. Same as Aatrox, actually
Jeancarlos R. Pérez
I miss old Akali :( She was my old main and she was so fun in the jungle! I love your content my dude.
dRNA Yıl önce
She deals too much damage considering the amount of mobility that she is given. I think you were the one that addressed power budgets and she feels like she is way over stated in both damage and mobility to be considered good. If there isn't healthy counterplay, I think it's a bad rework regardless of thematic vision success
dRNA 2 aylar önce
@Christopher D'suza I feel that your criticism is just "what about ism". Akali isn't bad if you consider other broken champions. Like, yes. Everything you said about the other champs is true. That doesn't mean akali is healthy. That's causality, not causation. Yasuo's windwall is broken. The 2 adcs with immune are also bull. So, looking at akali as akali - I think she could do with some changes. That being said, league is an over saturated mess that I personally just can't care for anymore. Matches last too long, people want to quit at 15 every game. The matchmaking is designed to force you into a 50-50 so your skill is almost irrelevant when faced against an algorithm. Shit tons of champs with one ban per person that can be repeats. New champs are overloaded to the tits to sell. Not even upset, just bored
Christopher D'suza
Christopher D'suza 2 aylar önce
@Galeforce These champs though also have some of the highest skill caps and are the most interesting to play and watch. I first fell in love with league watching boxbox do his thing. I did not fall in love with league watching a garen run it down. Would make the game boring if there was no variance to the champs. I think skill expression and having the ability to outplay someone adds intrigue/strategy to the game. Of course its important to have basic champs too, but for those that want a little more out of their champs, I don't see the problem as long as the champs are not dominating the rift (I don't want to see just one champ played because clear superiority) and don't have a crazy amount of wins.
Christopher D'suza
Christopher D'suza 2 aylar önce
Never understood why people think she has too much mobility. Can someone explain this? Every champ these days has like +2 dashes. Hell even the latest 2 new champs alone have +2 dashes. Bel'veth has like 10+ dashes...how is akalis 3 dash when she is supposed to be squishy and mobile to survive a problem when everyone and their mom can dash these days. If anything its like she needs more mobility to catch all these mfer who can also dash these days. Assassins kinda losing their ident with all these dashing champs when they need it to survive vs other champs that are not as fragile but still have dashes for some reason just because it fun. Also akali's dashes being her e and r have pretty decent cooldown so its not like it can be spammed. Don't get it, frankly there are worse offenders. Thematically also matches her as a ninja...never had a problem against akali to be honest. There are other champs I would rather ban then her, like some of these bruisers and tanks you legit can do nothing against but have the damage of an assassin and can 1 shot you for some reason.
Akali xEvelynn
Akali xEvelynn 7 aylar önce
akali has tons of counterplay df you talking about, play her against a bunch of champs and main her for a few months you will change that tone really fast. Shroud is op!? shroud has so many counters its gross. Ryze stomps her , fiora q will hit her even if she never came out of stealth, any form of skillshot makes it null. Idk how ppl even have a hard time fighting her whenever I lane against her its easy. I legit will offer to take the lane against her so many things you can do.
Sebastian LaPlume
Sebastian LaPlume 9 aylar önce
@Amanda Slough he summed up why she’s not really one trick spammed like yas and yone, but she’s so incredibly safe and consistent that she doesn’t really fit the mage category well. I mean, mages are notoriously immobile (except like viktor but he’s different) and ahri gets to ignore the weaknesses mages face while still doing the same damage, imagine how annoying veigar would be if instead of a delete button for an ult, veigar got to use flash three times and his abilities went out instantly, more akin to an assassin is it not? I’d be okay if ahri was reworked into a full burst assassin, there aren’t enough ap assassins, but current ahri has to go, she’s a mage or an assassin but this hybrid that’s just mage eve is unhealthy for everyone.
Jian Luizon
Jian Luizon Yıl önce
I think her main problem is that she has two playstyles. Her burst assassin playstyle (which is the one Riot is leading her towards) simply just causes frustration because what can you do if her E and Ult can 1 shot you while she gets away with her 4 dashes and shroud. Her second playstyle, which is like a diver, closer to someone like Irelia, while a little bit fairer, it leaves her pick or ban in proplay because of her safety and team fighting. And no, if you mix the two playstyles that will still leave her broken.
AnaV Yıl önce
I completely agree that it's a great design. For another kind of game. For league, it's a cool but extremely unhealthy design to play against. That's why her numbers must remain so low and STILL she can become a huge threat.
Mia Akalifa
Mia Akalifa Yıl önce
@Fanficologist thats just genji dude chill out.
oniuserjh Yıl önce
@Fanficologist high level extreme mobility looters already play like dizzying acid trips tho, Akali is tame compared to that
Fanficologist Yıl önce
Yeah. Imagine her as a playable character in a top down/third person RPG like Diablo or Genshin Impact. I can just imagine the dizziness from crappy camera control when you dash around omg.
Sortilien Yıl önce
Prior to akali's rework... we already had the seeds to me the turning point was the thresh, kalista, yasuo year. Thresh skill expression, and popularity paved the way to the rest of highskill cielling champs/monster comboing, was here due to riven. Yasuo, New Akali, Azir, new Irelia... are babies of Riven & Thresh
Amanda Slough
Amanda Slough 9 aylar önce
Or you can just blame CertainlyT who created Yasuo. Reworked Akali, and it all started with Darius. The only good thing he actually made on both ends was Warwick's rework and that's only because the design team kept a leash on him to keep the rework beginner friendly, the guy wanted to do even more to his kit.
Kylesico912x Yıl önce
While off topic, the mental image of Riven and Thresh making babies will haunt me for the rest of my days.
Dušan Pavlović
Dušan Pavlović Yıl önce
Honestly, I hated the Akali rework when it came out, and I still hate it to this day. In my opinion Riot butchered Akali. She used to be such a fun and simple champion to play. She felt like a true assassin, both by her visual design and by her gameplay. She was OP, yes, but she was interesting to play! This new Akali is the complete opposite. Not fun and not simple. Her W is probably one of the worst abilities Riot added into the game, she is still OP (but in a bad way) and the situation with her energy management is a joke. This was definitely Riot's worst rework. Riot's best rework, in my opinion, is a tie between Urgot and Swain. Those reworks were absolutely amazing, and they made these 2 champions so much more fun to play. P.S This is just my opinion tho, and I don't judge people who like the new Akali, I can see why they do, but for my taste the new Akali is just utter garbage.
Ravennos Yıl önce
I can actually respect Akali a little bit, I like her character design a lot. Her mobility is mostly gated to being in combat, which sets her apart from a lot of roaming champions who can gap close from screens away, Akali has to get in range to click on you, and if she tries to E and misses it’s over for her getting back in. That said, I can’t exactly forgive the three years it took to get here. Healing, turret untargetability, regen, stuns, and free targeted ult dashes... she had no counterplay. That’s something I think unfortunately is sticking to her kit still as well, is that her losing is almost entirely on HER, not her opponent. She has practically no windows of vulnerability, and you still need to rely on her making mistakes to deal with her. Also I’d be bemoaned if I didn’t mention how gross her lane matchup into melee vs ranged is, her Q, Passive and W are a melee champions nightmare, while ranged matchups she cant hold her own at all. At least in my experience
Sekira 7 aylar önce
@jesuswept 8 well I wouldnt say Heroes of the Storm is simple but it *is* outdated with what with Blizzard discontinuing liveservice for a lot of their games.
jesuswept 8
jesuswept 8 Yıl önce
@Lucas nada mas maybe go play heroes of the storm? I heard there were more simple champs. If even fiora is broken to you, then leagues direction is definitely not for you.
MTOtaku Yıl önce
@Lucas nada mas morgana can Reveal akali in her W, You can still hit AoE dmg on her W You can cancel Her ult or E with a simple Stun or even a taunt, She got no HP so it's easy to kill her, She doesn't recover energy easily with her passive, only her W restores 80, she easly lost ernegy and takes alot to recover all
Emenuss Yıl önce
@Lucas nada mas The way you described her it seems that my point is correct. You won't need anything else. Join the dark side.
Lucas nada mas
Lucas nada mas Yıl önce
@Emenuss I refuse to play that broken anti-cc/fastest character in game/one shot both squishyes and tanks and heal off of the defense items tanks build/ and heal for 3 healthbars as you're one shotting people busted assasin character
WizardofTruth 11 aylar önce
I love akali. I think she has the perfect assassin kit and is so much fun to play
Saver H
Saver H Yıl önce
Akaly is fine now, after they reduced a lot of her arbitrary effects, stun on her R, half a map a way dash( r change), invincibility under tower. Still though playing against her is rage inducing when she is overturned. I ban Yasuo 98% of my games only switching to Akaly when they over buff her for worlds
Gaijin Weeb
Gaijin Weeb Yıl önce
Thematically speaking, akalis is definitely one of riots best ever made. yeah, she was broken and all and adcs hate her. But her kit in theory and visual design is what makes her such a strong contender for ones of the fan bases favorites. Of course, rito had to blew it, but moving around, weaving abilities and landing r executes, as a ninja would, has to be one of my favortie things to do on the rift.
Lightshaver Constellation
I'm mixed because I consider current rework better interms of not being a stat stick, but I perfer playing the old and found it more fun do the diversity of builds and one of the only champions with many dashes that I enjoyed(I don't like her current dashes tbh). I really feel like it a worse katarina rework because I felt like katarina became very skillful while just enhancing what she had with little changes vs akali where they kept the idea but they changed a quite a bit. I don't think it's the best or worst because I see some clear winners on both sides before hers.
ThatSimpleTime 4 aylar önce
I dunno about 8 months ago but Akali is in that funny state now where she’s being built in alternate ways occasionally and it’s seemingly quite fun, Goredrinker AD bruiser Akali has popped up a little more and she seems pretty in-line nowadays.
Lightshaver Constellation
I feel you. I was of 2 different camps pre rework. I loved akali but cat was eh for me. I was excited for the akali rework before playing it for a while and decided I liked pre better and kat I went from. Not wanting to try her to actually liking her right now. Rework champs are just a different beast. Like similar to how you don't play either anymore, I rarely play aatrox irelia or swain anymore because they aren't the champions I love anymore.(Though I kinda still like irelia but I just don't feel incline to play her much.)
Samuel Yıl önce
Its funny because I loved both kata and akali pre-rework, and haven't played them post rework at all. They both become more complex champions, and not the champions I learned when I started league. And I agree old Akali dash was super satisfying imo.
Jorge luis Pisarello
i actually didn't like this rework, i used to play old akali and got my first penta with her, when the rework came i didn't care, though she was overloaded, but no one knew how to play her correctly, nowadays it's really annoying to face against a main akali because against her feels frustating.
EnderPryde Yıl önce
I respect the *intentions* of the rework, and where it eventually landed, but just reworking and releasing with an overloaded kit for the sake of having an overloaded kit? That's a bad rework, even if it eventually *got* to a healthy state after the fact. I would say the same thing for Azir's kit on launch: getting bonus AD/CDR, chunking sand soldiers on towers, effortless shields... it was a bad launch, even if he eventually got to a "healthy" spot later on. Same idea: the rework was necessary to get Akali to a healthy state, but the rework itself was anything but.
zandrom ex
zandrom ex Yıl önce
I dislike most assassins but Akali grinds my gears in a special way. It´s because of her obnoxious trading patterns that she´s designed to win. Unless you are playing very specific champions, there´s nothing you can do against her Q-aa, she´ll just slowly widdle down your hp to like 50% uncontested. Then she´ll get six and she´ll ult. Suddenly she´s behind you, you can´t go to your tower. What do you do then? You can´t fight her because she more than likely has more damage than you. You can´t run away because she´ll dash after you with R2, and, if she needed more, she still has E. What can you honestly do except sit there and die? She´s anxiety made into a champion. With this video you did make me realize that she perfectly encapsulates the fantasy of a ninja... and that is is no game for that fantasy.
Weyland Productions
I think Akali is the prime example of "fun to play, miserable to play against"
Sussurro the SUS
Sussurro the SUS Yıl önce
I want to know more about Swain and his rework since compared from the rest, it feels like he's rework has the "sleepiest" update, don't know why.
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera Yıl önce
I don't know if I agree that she's improved, or that she's more like an assassin. To be honest she plays more like a skirmisher/fighter but can also be an assassin at the same time given the situation and let's be real here, akali can still be a diver too. I liked old akali way more because even though she was very feast or famine it wasn't nearly as impossible as you implied to keep her in check as it is with current akali, and honestly I don't understand how simplicity is a bad thing, I have 1 mil points on old akali and I definitely felt very ninja like. I'm not saying everything was a miss but you can't sit there and tell me akalis rework was one of the best even with the balancing issues aside, she went from a cold blooded, wise, and humorous badass ninja to a edgy teen and honestly that was the nail in the coffin for me. She needs to be reworked again and be more reminiscent to what she was beforehand. :/
Bloom Yıl önce
Terrible take
kom goo
kom goo Yıl önce
She's getting buffed next patch for worlds. Which means she will get 3 nerfs before the end of the season
Ironboy32 Yıl önce
I'm fine with that
Ein normaler Google Nutzer
but the buff is so insane...many akali mains like my self will love this :d she gets.... more healthj :D:D wow riot thx. that is something for high elo but ....i dunno she has at level 18 100moew hp i think... dont see that as a good buff to her
Ihateall Luxplayers
@kom goo logic says it will do nothing but past experience says you may be right XD
kom goo
kom goo Yıl önce
@Ihateall Luxplayers By the time I commented no but now I've seen it. Still, I think she will get 30 changes
Ihateall Luxplayers
@kom goo have you seen the buff though? (If it can even be called that) XD
Captain Roosevelt
A lot of reworks are really great (Gangplank, Poppy, Galio and Fiddle just to name a few), but Akali is one of the worst for me
Twid Yıl önce
Her reworked abilities being based on energy instead of cooldowns is pretty creative, but i'd prefer her skimmier attire
Hey You How's It Going
I've always thought she was one of their best ones. Even if she's required a lot of fixing to get her under control, her design and kit make sense and are perfectly executed from a design/intention standpoint
Theurak Yıl önce
Great video as always, V. Though I do wanna nag a little bit about Gwen's untargettabiliity. The gwen player has to actually be good at using it to get its full value. You've all seen how a Gwen presses W and thinks she's invincible so she charges in only to see the entire team is in her safety bubble. It's worse than Xin's ult, which everyone compares it to.
KryticalHits Yıl önce
I think it was an improvement because Old Akali was just an unhealthy stat checker
Mr.Mc. Doesn'tExist
Now we have an unbalanced assassin who can outplay you 6 different ways (I've mained akali before btw)
M I Yıl önce
All assassins are stat checkers.
A U Yıl önce
This video made me respect the Akali rework a lot more, especially when you showed her old gameplay and I had war flashbacks in 2014 midlane
Call me AndoRu
Call me AndoRu Yıl önce
When I first started playing video games, my perception of the assassin class was that they are fast and slippery, using their superior mobility to dodge attacks survive in battle, meaning more focus on mobility rather than damage. League's assassins kinda shatter that perception, So I'm really glad the rework Akali brings a bit of light to the slippery playstyle.
god I miss old Akali so much, it was by far my favorite char to play and have fun, winning or losing
Wantan Yıl önce
Good video but NO, old Morde had sooo much more options that current Morde who has literally 1 combo
Benjamín Barraza
Im more on the side of Akali rework being a bad thing because that was when Riot put at max capacity the idea of adding ways for champion to counter their counters at a point where if someone is skilled with the champion the enemy can literally just wait under tower and most of the time not even that, so then Riot has to basically rip the guts out of the champion with nerfs until they are really bad in the meta so people can actually play the game. It happened to Akali, to Aphelios, to Aatrox, etc
Galio is cool
Galio is cool Yıl önce
I'm really excited to see your thoughts on the galio rework, it was a bit controversial among his mains but I much prefer the new one
Joshua Carr
Joshua Carr Yıl önce
CertainlyT would be one of the greatest designers of all time if he actually took the time to think about what makes a champion fun to play both with and against, rather than just loading in as many cool ideas as possible.
Erabu kun
Erabu kun Yıl önce
He always hit the mark on the fun to play department... can't say the same about playing against.
Dmitriy Koptik
Dmitriy Koptik Yıl önce
One of the best reworks for my taste. I love having independence from my team with 0 reliance on them do things right since 9 years of MOBA tought me that randoms rarely will play like you want. Akali is great because all agency for everything goes to you and instead of blaming all the team for 99999 time you concentrate on yourself and your progress, understanding that YOU could win that, just made mistakes. It is so less toxic rather than having teammate who is frontlane and thus your ADC gets inevitably killed by assassin not by his fault exactly. I also have no problem against Akali since I am not a great player and I am not facing ideal pro MLG Akalis. Thus she makes mistakes and I just need to find them and abuse until she die. I hate characters who dictates me how to play or condition me by they're stupid inherit mechanic (retarded nasus/veigar stacks) or are just so simple that bad players use them to almost decent extent (mundo/malphite/nasus/trynda, basically statcheckers)
Antonio PR
Antonio PR Yıl önce
Honestly I love people like you. You put so much work and dedication into videos like these and it really shows how passionate you are for league. Keep up the good work man 👍
Milan Ivkovic
Milan Ivkovic Yıl önce
Ninjas dont fight... They were spies, thiefs and messengers not fast killing machines Edit: The reason no one plays monster champions is cus they are made with a nieche that Riot keeps gutting down
Elina Vance :3
Elina Vance :3 Yıl önce
I don`t think the rework is bad, but I think some champions should keep an "easy to master- kit", for beginner players, or people who like simpler champions.
Troy Garcia
Troy Garcia Yıl önce
My favorite thing about this series is seeing everyone in the comments talking about all the different reworks and which are the best and why.
MuteIsland Yıl önce
i think shes 100% poorly designed from some aspects. champion design nowadays focuses on champions that are very fun to play, which she certainly is, but completely ignores how fun they are to play against. a truly good champion is one that feels satisfying to play, and one that you can be certain exploited your major mistake to get their kill. what isn't fun, is walking up one inch too far and having her 100-0 you because you missed 4 creeps of experience
Senhor Bolacha
Senhor Bolacha Yıl önce
i love these videos but specially i love how they come out every single day, how does this man produce such good videos so quick?!?!
lucayaki Yıl önce
As a Heimerdinger main, I'm happy when I see Akali in the other team. Legit one of the easiest matchups in the game
HeartArrowAndKey 9 aylar önce
In my experience, Akali pre rework was a broken assassin that i can manage to use, and now is a broken assassin that im totally unable to use.
Abdullah Elnaas
Abdullah Elnaas Yıl önce
nah, it's not fair to judge a rework after it has had years to fix itself and is now only borderline tilting. If you look at the insane amount of power creep and overloadedness her kit had when she was released then you'd get a better insight into riots design philosophy. They want to make champs with a high skill ceiling but are still gratuitous and easy to play for newcomers- they can't commit to the fundamentals about how the game works and keep trying to break it with new champions releases. I mean it's a good rework in that she is now an powercreeped version of her old self but not really in that it's a well designed, fun to play with and against while still being true to the original rework. You're setting the bar too low for riot man.
Pyronexa Yıl önce
As someone who fell in love with Akali pre-rework, I'm of the opinion that they didn't rework her, but made a new champion entirely just to fit a theme. For me, Akalis identity, was single target damage, Lifesteal/Spellvamp/Omnivamp, and sticking power. With the rework they simply took away the single target part, and slowly patched away her leaching power in favor of Extreme mobility and High AOE damage. I think i champ with that would be fine, and it would fit the theme. However, just like the Aatrox rework, it just felt like her old kit was removed in favor of their new ideas, instead of actually modernising her old kit. I believe they easily could have done Akali the way they did Pantheon. Passive: Healing/Damage Amp for hitting champions with abilities Q: Skillshot that deals damage and marks them. Mark can be popped for bonus damage or healing. W: The rework W is fine, increase her movementspeed significanlty in the shroud, make her deal bonus damage with her next AA/ability on exiting the shroud E: Just remove the clunky cast time, make it interact with her Q or W R: A dash in a straight line that stops on hitting any opponent, hightly reduced cooldown if she hits a champion with it. Reset Cooldown on takedown. Something this simple would have worked perfectly FOR ME, and they could have made rework Akalis kit on a new character. I do realise i sound a bit butthurt and like every main after a major rework, but i do believe they could have kept the INGAME gameplay characteristics without removing her kit entirely.
TATARI14 Yıl önce
Yeah, look how they massacred my girl...
TATARI14 Yıl önce
Yeah, look how they massacred my girl...
Moderocky Yıl önce
Her rework might be good thematically, but it's demonstrably bad in practice. Akali has a sub-50% WR at EVERY rank of play. The flaw is the lack of counterplay - a perfect Akali player literally cannot lose due to the broad range of combat and evasive abilities and insane fight tempo, therefore she needs to be made weak enough to balance this out. This means that those who aren't technically perfect players (the vast majority) are punished significantly. Her design is unhealthy because it relies on the player making a mistake to lose, rather than the opponent exploiting a weakness. Healthy champions have flaws that a competent opponent can exploit, but playing against Akali forces you to exploit the enemy player rather than the enemy champion.
Jace Yıl önce
As a new player (s11 first ranked season) I love these videos Its really cool to see these older versions of heroes and what they were like in old league
Christopher Pfurtscheller
I have been playing akali for nearly 2 years now and never played the old akali. But the last years where really annoying because of all the nerfs and buffs she got in such a short amount of time. I would like to see another mini rework where they combine a bit of the old and the new akali so that she doesn't have to get nerf and buffed every second
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans Yıl önce
12:18 Old Morde's options: > Could build Full AP, AP DoT/Bruiser, AD Bruiser and On-hit > Could be played Bot, Mid and sometimes Top > Kit rewarded intentional ability timing, team play and good Macro > Even when behind, coordinating an ult on their fed adc could swing a game > DRAGON New Morde's options: > Only has various flavours of AP Bruiser - AD and on-hit scalings removed > Near-exclusively played Top (Jungle viable now tho, neat) > right click, walk forward menacingly, if abilities miss it's fine > QSS? hey, at least you can 1v1 Janna > no dragon :c (Yes I'm being extremely hyperbolic here)
Dave van Staden
Dave van Staden Yıl önce
Hey vars! I have been following you since you had 20k subs, and I really love the vids! another amazing video this one tbh. Are you thinking of covering viktor's season6 rework allong the way too? it really changed him quite a bit i think even though it didnt touch his core abilities too much, but it changed all augments as well as his passive a lot. Like idk if its a gameplay adjustment or rework since they also changes his lore, look everything.
Andrés Sacco
Andrés Sacco Yıl önce
Giving more options to a champion is not good design if they are not paired with counterplay. Akali is a champion that can do everything while her opponent can do nothing against her. She's simply uninteractive.
Seth Koffler
Seth Koffler Yıl önce
I think you could do an episode on power budgets. My friend and I got into a conversation thinking about which champion would be the most screwed if they lost they're highest impact spell. I believe it would singed, I don't see how a champ could get more useless than singed with no poison lol
Emil Manchev
Emil Manchev Yıl önce
I would really like to see a video for Irelia, as her rework is also quite controversial
SandroRocchi Yıl önce
Reworked Akali is a decent champion, but I must say the rework is a huge failure because the old Akali was a lot more fun and the reason behind her "needing" a rework in the first place is absurd. Riot justified her need of a rework because her W and ult made her a drag to play against, but then they went and made her W a lot more busted and now the likes of Irelia and Yasuo have a much more OP version of her old ult in their basic skill set.
Executioner Thel
Executioner Thel Yıl önce
Great video wish I had more to say other than despite me playing the champ a lot she will be annoying to play against like every other champ similar to her. got more to say I love the rework because it made the champ feel less clunky but more difficult to play. The rework state was crazy overloaded what they removed q heal obscure stealth were too much even her q being enough energy to 80% someone at lvl 1 was a problem. all that said she is incredibly fun to play and a champ that is versatile sue to the complexity of her kit which is something I enjoy to play.
zidaryn Yıl önce
At first I was really annoyed with new Akali (too many mechanics, me = quick dead.) But looking back on things, I gotta agree with you, her current design (post extra stuff being removed) is way better than it used to be. She's still feast or famine, and annoying. But now it feels more fare.
Vapix D Armana
Vapix D Armana Yıl önce
The major problem with the akali rework is that she was THE go to easy to learn assassin. A low skill floor, manaless champion with a simple build pattern/playstyle. Now we really don't have that. If you want to learn assassins now, you have to pick something like kha or zed, which have a much higher skill floor than old alkali.
Joshua Pineda
Joshua Pineda Yıl önce
While I can’t play her for shit, I do feel that as a character, the rework was a welcome sight. She genuinely does feel like that ninja who kills you with a thousand cuts archetype or feel.
Sean Youngzy
Sean Youngzy Yıl önce
If riot removed all of certainlyT's designed champs I honestly believe the game would instantly be more balanced.
Phyrexian_Dude Yıl önce
Personally, right now even when i consider that its a pain in the ass to deal with her, she is manageable, you have to respect her but you can take her down. However, on the release of her rework, she was impossible to deal with and one thing comes to mind... WHY PERFECT INVISIBILITY!? While the hyper sustain and hyper damage were the first things that was tuned down over time, that stupid true invisibility overstayed its welcome for far too long and for a time most people were complaining that it needed to be removed and when it was finally removed she became a hella more manegable.
Bing Diggus
Bing Diggus Yıl önce
It's pretty bad, and I'd place it pretty close to the Irelia rework. The design of new Akali is incredibly good, don't get me wrong. But she's very overtuned and I am never happy to be seeing an Akali in my games. There are too many things going for her, and her gameplay allows her to play way too safe for the amount of damage she does.
Gantzplayer.N.M Yıl önce
i had started one tricking Akali in the end of season 7 and started steadily climbing the ladder, with 85% winrate, she was perfect for me the rework made me very sad
Tomas Maicas Beltrán
looking forward for the karma one, i miss the old version so much
GalaxyPepega Yıl önce
My personal problems with Akali - High DPS and Burst (Which makes her good into Bruisers and Squishies) - And 0 counterplay when played by good player (This frustrates me most
Matheus Duarte
Matheus Duarte Yıl önce
I can't say it was successful Visually speaking it's one of the best reworks in the game but from a gameplay perspective she'll never be balanced unless riot reworks her again and that's a huge flaw imo.
Shiftygears Yıl önce
Honestly Akali is in a good spot right now. I only wish they didn't took the energy refund from her passive and instead reduce it on her W.
pflaumi Yıl önce
14:02 I think overlooking the balance changes she had to go through is too much to ask for. Even today I can tell you how my first match against Akali went. This was after she was reworked for a few days. I was playing Lux. Akali dove me Lvl 4 under the tower, with me being full life. I hit my Q while the turret didnt even get an attack on her because of the stealth. She took 6 seconds to kill me under tower with literally no counterplay and her beeing full life after killing me. ... I banned her every game until the stealth was gone. Afterwards it is "only" like 50% of the time, because she was and still is a stupid piece of shit to play against. And now you are asking to look at her, ignoring those major flaws ... Maybe Im too mentally scarred, because of the terror this abomination inflicted on me over time. But my switch for her is set as one of the worst things in league history. And I sticked with league since season 1, so I have witnessed all of it first hand.
voila voila
voila voila 9 aylar önce
instead of changing her desing and gamplay to fit her "purpose in the lore" they should have changed that "lore" instead I'm the one who says that, a player that wasn't around until this year and never saw old akali AND as a MAIN of the current Akali, I'am the one saying "bring back old Akali" ( at least, bring back that design, I feel the same with Evelyn's rework, love her previous design )
The Akali rework was definitely broken upon release, literally half her kit was removed. Being untargetable under towers and having a point and click stun was way too much.
PopcornBunni Yıl önce
Please cover Evelynn! I was a massive fan of her old version being able to build any of AD assassin, full AP, or my favorite, on-hit hypershredder, and her new version instead just always builds the same items every game with the same repetitive gameplan.
RedRainz Yıl önce
Honestly I just miss old Akali and Katarina. Both of them were my most played midlaners prior to their reworks, and afterwards I just couldn't get used to it. I only dislike that the champions I grew attached to no longer seem to 'exist' in the game now
Jacob Meilleur
Jacob Meilleur Yıl önce
The ideas being good or bad is irrelevant. The important thing is how they are implemented. Old akali was a way better designed champion than current akali. First, they are many contradictions or arbitrary statements that don't really makes sense. For example, you say "it is good that each champion has a unique playstyle" but also "old akali had a different playstyle than other assassins, which is bad" Second, some arguments lack substance to prove them (for example 7:10). Old akali had a good design because her strength and weaknesses were well defined which means that you can play around them. She can go in and do a lot of damage, be very sticky to her targets and has a little bit of durability with her passive and w, but she can't get out easily because her dashes need a target and you can cc her in various way to counter her. New akali has the same strengths, but none of the weaknesses attached to these strengths. It makes for a fun to play champ but not a well designed one Finally, some things (especially on release) in her rework completely broke the rules of league which is inacceptable. For example, turrets are supposed to be a safe outpost by bringing vision and damage making it harder to kill you. Akali being able to stay invisible while under an enemy tower has no place in the game (and was rightfully removed) but to say that she was one of the better reworks while having that in her kit is ridiculous. A lot of reworks stayed true to the nature of the champion without completely breaking the game (karma, poppy, fiddle, warwick, taric...)
Brandon Yıl önce
Honestly my only issue with it is the smoke donut. Gives her too much in the form of escape and engage imo. After all even if you do have an AOE most aoes aren't big enough for them to matter. And it makes it hard to cc her, the main assassin counter, when you have less clue where she is than an ulting nocturne.
J Gidds
J Gidds Yıl önce
As much as I loved old akali (I played her even before they removed the ability to proc q mark on her spin)... that shit was so unhealthy. Truly a feast or famine champion, and even if you snowballed early she was deadweight once the enemy team started grouping lol
bob manperson
bob manperson Yıl önce
I would like a mini episode on Teemo from when they tried swapping abilities and regret it
Phi-Net Yıl önce
Would love to see a Xerath episode. Old W build +spell vamp was so busted
Diego Grajeda
Diego Grajeda Yıl önce
I personally love this kind of champions, their complexity is really rewarding once you get to use all their mechanics properly, and I also think they are healthy for the game since they diversify the meta. I personally get mad when people say they want simpler champions because must of them (Lillia, Neeko and Seraphine jsjs) are forgotten as soon as they are released or really poorly received.
Ihateall Luxplayers
@Sweet Illusions I'm of the belief that newer champions are only powerful into old champions and that league has a lot of outdated champs. I don't think akali would be as problematic if a lot of champions were updated and built around the idea of countering newer playstyles while being countered by other newer playstyles.
Sweet Illusions
Sweet Illusions Yıl önce
It's good that she's a complex champion but calling her healthy for the game is *very* far from the truth, considering how much she had to get nerfed to be anywhere near balanced. Let alone how she still causes problems today despite all those nerfs just due to her combination of 4 dashes and shroud + huge burst and low windows of vulnerability when played properly.
Wildcat Yıl önce
12:54 Running Q wasn’t superfluous lol. She was already in a bad state when they did that, the only reason they removed it was because she was getting picked in pro play. Most low elo Akalis didn’t use running Q, so that was one of the best ways to nerf her pro. Her winrates dropped substantially after the change and they’re probably going to end up reverting it after worlds, especially given the double standard where they allowed Irelia (who is currently busted as all hell) to cast her E during Q because otherwise it “feels to clunky”
Serafin Zamudio Leal
Akali by herself is really fun, and the way the abilities interact its also fun and interesting to play. But at this point we all know that Riot only focused on this instead on how she would interact with enemy champions and items. In my opinion, warwick rework is by far the best, the fact that you can actually jump very far with movement speed like in his teaser is awesome.
Sspectre Yıl önce
I had an idea for a mini rework for Rengar. If he ults and jumps on an enemy champion he’ll have a small window to kill them and if he does he can recast R to jump to a target location. There, he’s got disengage without a VGU
Fushur7 Yıl önce
I like the Video, and also rewspect your perspective, but while i think Akali is indeed very ninjalike in her playstyle it's just to much. Her Downtime and the window of opportunity to punish her is just to low, with to much stuff in her kit to get out of basicly everything for free. I have no Problem with Assassins having an escape tool like kha'zix, jump in, kill the target hop out, and if he fucks up go stealth. But he can only stealth 3 times for a short amount of time and gets no reset when he fucks up. Akali can just fuck up her whole combo, stay invisible for 2 years fuck all of it up again and still get out with the dash on her ult. In my opinion for all the options and potential she has it's way to hard to punish her if you dont have strong area skills or tons of cc but tons of cc just counters pretty much everyone except Olaf
JD H Yıl önce
Ever since I've thought over akalis design and kats and stuff a couple months ago I came to the same conclusion that they're annoying to play against but not extremely broken but I do have to agree with what someone else said fiddle rework Is best but akalis up there
Spectral Yıl önce
Im really waiting for pantheon. I only play him as a support and it's sad they had to mini rework him just to make him viable in top
Diesel Marcus
Diesel Marcus 3 aylar önce
Hi, Akali main here. I agree with practically every point in this video. I loved old akali, but I ADORE new Akali. I still have so much to learn and skills to home but her outplay and combo potential is just insane. Also her visual update is GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks for the video and understanding Vars
Florian Föger
Florian Föger Yıl önce
I know you started playing league after Karma's rework, so if I could provide you with any insight into her developement, please let me know. I mained her in S2 - S6 (pre and post rework) and have been an aktive part of the Karma community for years now.
walkingtombstone Yıl önce
I still say her rework is a mess, If you're going to remove so many features then why bother putting them in the First place? I love everything that was trying to be but it was too much and the risk is too low for a really big payout, the way she is now is fantastic I just wish she came out the way she is now then maybe I would say yes she is perfect. I just wish they did something to that to pantheon I still want the whole he can block torrent shots if he's facing them With the shield up, it makes sense that he can do it or he'll take reduce damage. but if I can say one thing for Akail is they should've kept the whole if she's maxed out her energy she will heal off of it so you're not spamming other abilities when you really need health you know because they took out gun blade from the game.
Alexandre Géhin
Alexandre Géhin Yıl önce
I've found out about your channel a few days ago. I've been watching 1 or 2 of your videos every day since then. They're good. Very good. I can already see you get more subs if you keep tackling such interesting subjects
Caol Yıl önce
Old akali was my first main in league so she holds a special place in my heart
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