aesthetic and extremely (!!!) small room makeover 🍃 • a 4sqm bedroom with loft bed + desk decor

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Hello everyone!!! can’t believe I’d get this much support from my first video!🥺Thank you so so so much!❤️

Listing down a few FAQs below:
• Not an architect or an interior designer! just really love designing spaces 🌱
• I used Sketchup for the 3D planning 📐
• I used Adobe Premiere to edit this video.✨
• I shot the videos using Iphone X and Fujifilm XT20. 🤳📷
• Why is my room small... hmm it has always been that wayyy but I really appreciate it because the space feels so cozy and less space means lesser costs!🤙🏼
• My loft bed was customized a few years back. So sorry if it isn't available in the market but you can show mine as peg!
• Desk Decor Haul - trvid.com/video/video-kd1eLuEd9Rw.html
• Dried Flowers Haul - trvid.com/video/video-AWebJHQEthk.html

Here are time stamps for easy viewing!
00:00 Intro
00:23 Before
00:57 Planning & 3D Design
1:50 Shopping
5:23 Renovation
11:17 Unboxing
14:14 Decor
20:19 The Reveal

Comment down below if you want a tutorial on how to create a 3D of your room or how to edit aesthetic videos! If you’re into room decor and makeovers, make sure to subscribe for more!✨ Thanks again for dropping byyyy💖



Almost a year through this pandemic and I'm still stuck at home everyday. I wanted to have an outlet for my ~unreleased~ passion to create anything, just really anything (out of work, of course!). So I decided to create a channel to share snippets of my slow productive weekends and weekdays (if I'm not super busy!)

Starting off this channel with this this extreme small room makeover. It took a while to finish but I'm really happy with the outcome. Hope this video will ✨inspire✨ you to design your own space.

Thank you for dropping by. ☺ ☺ ☺


Product Links:
Organizer with Wood Handle | Shopee (P180)

4-Tier Side Table | Furniture Source Ph (P3990)

Roly Poly Chair | Furniture Source Ph (P6900)

Pendant Lamp | Shopee (P2,799)

MYSM - Soft Cream - thmatc.co/?l=E8BB5437
Hive Riot - Sherlock - thmatc.co/?l=66415206
Hive Riot - Catch That Train - thmatc.co/?l=AB417BFF
Reggie San Miguel - Getaway - thmatc.co/?l=8322E55A
Reggie San Miguel - Houndstooth - thmatc.co/?l=02718B82
Lukrembo - Cafe - soundcloud.com/lukrembo/cafe​
Lukrembo - Daily - soundcloud.com/lukrembo/daily
Paesaggio Italiano - trvid.com/video/video-9PRnPdgNhMI.html
Flying SuperCorgi - trvid.com/video/video-PZlQXsEPJ6M.html

follow me @_cabii
work with me at workwithcabii@gmail.com

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5 Şub 2021




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cabii 9 aylar önce
Hello everyone!!! can’t believe I’d get this much support from my first video!🥺Thank you so so so much!❤️ Listing down a few FAQs below: • I used Sketchup for the 3D planning 📐 • Not an architect or an interior designer! just really love designing spaces 🌱 • Why is my room small... hmm it has always been that wayyy but I really appreciate it because the space feels so cozy and less space means lesser costs!🤙🏼 If you’re into room decor and makeovers, please subscribe for more!✨ Thanks again for dropping byyyy💖
Yeng Soundara
Yeng Soundara 2 aylar önce
I really want to know where'd you get all of the stuff in the video, cause I love it!?
Faith Remsyl Manzano
Faith Remsyl Manzano 4 aylar önce
Cute room makeover Where did you buy the hanging desk please?
DeMe Technical
DeMe Technical 5 aylar önce
Please tell me the name of the SOFTWARE you used for planning the space...🙏🙏🙏
cabii 5 aylar önce
@pncvs x hi!! i posted a video tutorial on this :)
pncvs x
pncvs x 6 aylar önce
Hello ano app po pwede gamitin para makagawa ng floor plan
Sarah Hynes
Sarah Hynes 3 gün önce
Where is that ceiling lampshade from ?!?! 😍
Miss Meowington
Miss Meowington 3 gün önce
𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓽'𝓼 𝓼𝓸 𝓬𝓸𝓸𝓵!
Appreciate the preview
Insanity 8 gün önce
Does anyone else here have a big bedroom personality aka too much stuff or is that just me? I by no means have a big bedroom but geez, I have too much stuff.
J’s Daisies
J’s Daisies 12 gün önce
Omg!!!!! I love this video!! BTW what is the font you used for ur thumbnail it's beautiful
HANNAH Chodkowska
HANNAH Chodkowska 13 gün önce
What app did u use pls tell me
hope 16 gün önce
Hey I know this is really late, but where did you get the fake leaves? The ones at 17:13?
Shinsou Hitoshi
Shinsou Hitoshi 16 gün önce
such a sweet little room it’s pretty
ArisaStudios 19 gün önce
Damn, isnt this rental? You used cement for your desk and just chopped off some parts of the bed. 🤯
♡ Harriet Ilona ♡
♡ Harriet Ilona ♡ 19 gün önce
my rooms the same size but the door is in the middle of one of the walls and its too small to put anything on the sides next to it sadly :( and my room isnt high enought for a loft bed
can i ask . wats d title of your background music . so nice 😍🙂✨
Bergonias Sessou
Bergonias Sessou 20 gün önce
beautiful! Where did you get your projector from?
Johanna Gale Solano
Johanna Gale Solano 21 gün önce
Your room reminds me of those Sims 4 tiny home challenge. I love small rooms it gives me so much comfort for some reason 🥰
Ava Tesauro
Ava Tesauro 22 gün önce
mine is small and it so annoying waching everybody get big desks and stuff like that😊
FiveAMSkateSesh 23 gün önce
The editing for this is super cute, especially paired with the music. Is definitely different than most roommates I've watched.
becchi's corner
becchi's corner 25 gün önce
idk why but i always love rooms with loft beds. they’re so aesthetic to me and has this “child-like” quality i LOVE- a really amazing makeover btw. the fact this took you longer than expected makes me think it will take a year for me to makeover my room completely hah (- -‘)
Ellen Yuliantri
Ellen Yuliantri 25 gün önce
Wow this is actually super impressive! I love your aesthetics and the way you layout and decor the room with such a small space is outstanding, it may be small but actually looks super cozy to live in :) well done
BTS BTS 27 gün önce
I just saw this and there is already bt21
Gbayb 28 gün önce
Where did you get the floating shelves from?
Farjiel 888
Farjiel 888 28 gün önce
Lol, none of the heavy lifting part were done by yourself tho you were just there spending till wait and see the design happen? A lot of those hardware materials are easy to install.. not so much for a DIY, eh?
viseul 6 gün önce
i mean op didnt explicitly state that it was a DIY
eth!! 29 gün önce
i love how careful u are!! alot of people just go out and buy things and later regret it
charmaine johnson
charmaine johnson Aylar önce
So beautiful. You did a great job 😍
Lika Elishkov
Lika Elishkov Aylar önce
I’m so surprised you did that with such a small room good job
Conchita Montederamos
I feel like you went to the Philippines..
Alaaixte Aylar önce
I want to have this styl
Black Gaming
Black Gaming Aylar önce
wow creative
rinnuel janohan
rinnuel janohan Aylar önce
What paint color did you use ? 🥺😍
natty miffy
natty miffy Aylar önce
RJ is so cuteee
Zenzen Aylar önce
in what did you made your 3D room
BlokBirb Aylar önce
19:28 In Germany bedsheets have elastics all around the edge so they stay put. The type of sheets in the vid must constantly get wrinkly o_O
_ashleynotfound Aylar önce
what is the 3d app thing called.
Cyanntific Aylar önce
I thoroughly enjoyed this entire video, and LOVE this decor style
kd Aylar önce
i have a 15x8m room, but honestly i’d prefer this! it looks so cozy
Je No
Je No Aylar önce
are u from PH? i saw the face shields 😅
Racel Aylar önce
I went back to this video. Inspired. Where are the floating shelves from? TIA
Paola Ruiz
Paola Ruiz Aylar önce
What fonts you use for the video? Loveeee them (specially the ones on your thumbnail) 🥰😁
rinarasyada Aylar önce
New subbiee here 🥰🤩
b e a r . owo
b e a r . owo Aylar önce
your room is the definition of my favorite aesthetic.
erich Aylar önce
first you need money
Sana Noor
Sana Noor Aylar önce
Which app you used to see video on wall
Ian Amigable
Ian Amigable Aylar önce
We have the same room area. On a renovation also. I also opted for a white paint for the walls with an accent for my desk area.
Sharvi Trivedi
Sharvi Trivedi Aylar önce
Lovelyyyy 🤌I need the names of the fonts used in this video 😭😭
Missy0606 AJ
Missy0606 AJ Aylar önce
I came here for some inspiration 😌 I have a desk but with my bed and brothers tv I have in here I don’t know how to set it up..
Kristine Joy Arellano
no but i actually got rid of my bed just to have an ample amount of workspace 😌 i currently sleep on my floor
• Ale Gacha •
• Ale Gacha • Aylar önce
I love it It looks like one of those room in ads that you would like to have
• Ale Gacha •
• Ale Gacha • Aylar önce
1:14 What’s the app? Tell me pls
Elaine Anciano
Elaine Anciano Aylar önce
Hi. Ask ko lang po san nyo nabili yung pang hang dun sa shelves? Sa 7:40 na timestamp po. Thankyou.
Ash⁷ Aylar önce
SNbaya Aylar önce
Can you come and decorate my room too 😅 I also use loft bed 😌
jennifer wu
jennifer wu Aylar önce
hey how do u find that bed
Lia Nova
Lia Nova Aylar önce
love your aesthetic
porcupinology Aylar önce
You are really talented! this is such a cool makeover and you had so many creative ideas. it looks like a beautiful and relaxing space
C H E R R Y🍒
C H E R R Y🍒 Aylar önce
My room was designed to be a storage room
Nurul Afiqah Hatta
Nurul Afiqah Hatta Aylar önce
hi cabii !! do u need to pay to use Sketchup for 3D planning ??
Shaira Honey Nessia
I just need a supportive mother, 'cause my mom would tell me the things I would buy will cost millions HAHAHA
Porjai Utama
Porjai Utama Aylar önce
Can I know name app?
Shamelle Nequia
Shamelle Nequia Aylar önce
hi can I ask po saan kayo nagpacustomized ng rattan headboard hihihi thankss in advance
samantha michelle
samantha michelle Aylar önce
God loves you
sulli lvr
sulli lvr Aylar önce
Katelyn Peaches
Katelyn Peaches Aylar önce
why do i suddenly want an egg chair now
Katelyn Peaches
Katelyn Peaches Aylar önce
i cant beleive i watched the whole thing i love your room and ur dog shes so preciois
Atarah Gaddi
Atarah Gaddi Aylar önce
Okay... I'm gonna have my own room tomorrow which is a little longer than yours. Got an idea now 💛
Ari ☀️
Ari ☀️ Aylar önce
Nina Chan
Nina Chan Aylar önce
This video is so perfect
mona ghorpade
mona ghorpade Aylar önce
Your room is same like mine thank I found video to do makeover ☺😇🤩😍
Dazzmi Aylar önce
WAOOOO this is so so cute 😭 i feel so inspired by this 😩✨ thank you for sharing thisss!!
Zauata Afnan
Zauata Afnan 2 aylar önce
U got another subscribe! 😘 I'm gonna decorate my small room like yours...
takpi Dulom
takpi Dulom 2 aylar önce
I also want to learn how to do 3d design for my room
RI CH Vlog
RI CH Vlog 2 aylar önce
What is the floor area of your room? How much is cost?
manimefrances 2 aylar önce
Hello do you have a 2nd light in your mom other than the lamp?
princesa hiru
princesa hiru 2 aylar önce
Small and pretty room, i like it
mikks ko
mikks ko 2 aylar önce
videography was amazing
Demii Watson
Demii Watson 2 aylar önce
Honestly loved the video until decorating time when the music was off. Personally not my favorite style, especially right after playing music but overall great video!
Maranda Bishop
Maranda Bishop 2 aylar önce
What's the name of the song in this video?
jeffret fraise
jeffret fraise 2 aylar önce
Small room are better because the led lights arent expensive :) And.. idk i like small rooms better
Rijja Wasim
Rijja Wasim 2 aylar önce
My bros room is smaller
Adeline Dayangco
Adeline Dayangco 2 aylar önce
Too looooonngg intro ...grrrr
Glariz Febie Laurete
Glariz Febie Laurete 2 aylar önce
I love it! 🖤
kazoo p
kazoo p 2 aylar önce
I love the chair designer wise! But think it will be uncomfortable for working and sitting there for hours because it doesn't give any back support :/ hope it won't give you back problems ♡
IRO 小さなお部屋で暮らす
How beautiful cute!!
T C 2 aylar önce
You are so talented!
itsmebrielle 2 aylar önce
hey!! how did you make a 3D of your room?!
Konstantin 2 aylar önce
this song maches great well its not a song but trvid.com/video/video-zCpWlulIOEs.html its cool its more like music but relaxing yk ya
moonxlight 2 aylar önce
Wow, just wow
Temine _12
Temine _12 2 aylar önce
How much you give for this all?
María García
María García 2 aylar önce
where is the projector??????
Sophie 2 aylar önce
Does anyone have a good Southeast Asian DIY house makeover channels? Because of the language barrier I can’t find it any people….. thxxxx if you have recommendation 🥰💕🧸🌱
why bp and bts haters r even on earth
I don't have a small room like I have a small room but not that small and moreover I share it with my brother so I can't really decorate my room but we will buy a new house (not now we will buy it like in 2-3 months) in which I will have my own room so I am excited to decorate my room
✧i v y✧
✧i v y✧ 2 aylar önce
Wait-how did you do a 3d model thing- 😃
𝙼𝚊𝚐𝚐𝚒𝚎 𝚗𝚘𝚟𝚊𝚔
Ofc not small lol the astetic doe
𝙼𝚊𝚐𝚐𝚒𝚎 𝚗𝚘𝚟𝚊𝚔
My dream room ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺
Hdlon Ldn
Hdlon Ldn 2 aylar önce
Well done 👍
Linda Beasley Brewer
Linda Beasley Brewer 2 aylar önce
Great job.
Arty Wizard
Arty Wizard 2 aylar önce
I love your style and it looks amazing! Also I like your projector instead of a TV! It's a rlly clever cheap alternative, cool video! ;)
Monster Bait
Monster Bait 2 aylar önce
Can China please drop a nuke on every Australian major city so we don't end living like this?
Marianne Rolland
Marianne Rolland 2 aylar önce
Le résultat est très joli mas ces pauvres chiens gens de vivre dans un espace petit c est juste triste
Bella Starr
Bella Starr 2 aylar önce
I love this video! Thank you!
Morgan Hall
Morgan Hall 2 aylar önce
the first day of your renovation (dec 1st) is actually my bday!!
Jacqueline Lino Calderon
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