Adults React To And Try 5-Minute Crafts (Do They Work?)

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Adults React to and try 5 Minute Crafts! Watch to see their reactions.
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Adults React To And Try 5-Minute Crafts (Do They Work?)




16 May 2019

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raichu odd
raichu odd 17 gün önce
Slazo they react to 5 minutes craft
L M 22 gün önce
FBE what did you do with all those straws afterwards? Long-time subscriber saying, thanks for promoting plastic waste - not! Very disappointed, you have such a huge platform to spread any message you choose - and you choose shitty plastic. Well done you.
Pono Jarnesky
Pono Jarnesky 24 gün önce
tbh when they did the straw flower things they did not make it more like comona setra noma toyana
Harry CL Wong
Harry CL Wong 24 gün önce
FBE idk for you guys but i have a feeling like FBE was trying to make this whole 5min craft thing stupid..... they didn’t give the right materials and give the right instructions...... and now it looks so dumb and ridiculous......
Harry CL Wong
Harry CL Wong 24 gün önce
You did the straw one in the wrong way....thats too many straws and i think there are different kind from the ones in the video
Faje Acckunt
Faje Acckunt 13 gün önce
Idk why i am watching their reaction although my reaction is priceless!!
Malik B
Malik B 13 gün önce
*patiently waiting for 5 minute crafts to comment on this video*
Kareem Almond
Kareem Almond 13 gün önce
7:45 Man this guy acts like he’s watching videos of someone making stuff in 3019 Loves absolutely everything And everyone else is like this is terrible No hate
Mukundan S
Mukundan S 13 gün önce
Even I don’t understand why I’m watching your reactions ?
RaZe 13 gün önce
Some are just so useful some just don’t make sense like it’s just too much
Gacha Juliana
Gacha Juliana 13 gün önce
lol it's like peanut butter cheese instead. 😂 🤣
emma rojas
emma rojas 13 gün önce
The permanent marker erase i learned on my own and i needed it cause i lovevto draw but i learned.
emma rojas
emma rojas 13 gün önce
5 min crafts is a disgrace
D6Cubing 13 gün önce
your a disgrace and you liked your own comment
Frank Velema
Frank Velema 13 gün önce
4:42 that mood change tho😂😂
tu cita
tu cita 13 gün önce
The dude with big hair seemed high for a little bit.
amirul shah
amirul shah 13 gün önce
I really like the dreadlock's guy. Very positive 👍. Keep it up man
Roos Hoogeveen
Roos Hoogeveen 13 gün önce
So much plastic is so bad for the world...... why?
Holo Sav
Holo Sav 13 gün önce
I was reading comments and everyone was talking about wasting straws and whatever but everyone is spelling "waste" as "waist" 😂💀
Bianca Celis
Bianca Celis 13 gün önce
9:42 it doesn't literally mean 5 mins!
derky6 13 gün önce
*_F E E D I T T O Y O U R E N E M I E S_*
Hala A
Hala A 13 gün önce
Please don’t hate on 5-minuets crafts because they try to help you and some things are helpful and one day you will need their hacks
Hatxr12Gaming 13 gün önce
Their crafts are pointless af. I mean who has the time to make a bag of chip whipes, just open the bag then eat it lmao...
Dice2Fly 13 gün önce
Some crafts arent good and some just completely doesnt work
Lucy Penaloza
Lucy Penaloza 13 gün önce
Hala A bruh all the 5 min crafts are stupid . They’re the most dumbest thing . They’re not even helpful lmao
Krish Plays
Krish Plays 13 gün önce
Let's agree to disagree
wither snake
wither snake 13 gün önce
The hacks are pointless and they dont deserve 50 mil subs
cubsterr82 13 gün önce
After watching this there are three five minute crafts vids In my recommendation
Zach Limb
Zach Limb 13 gün önce
1:34 hmm why does my tooth paste taste like FUCKING SOAP!
epic games
epic games 13 gün önce
Hmm I have no idea
T Y P I C A L aliyah
T Y P I C A L aliyah 13 gün önce
Can u react to troom troom next plz
Dice2Fly 13 gün önce
No Troom troom is trash
ArrowSmith95 13 gün önce
High people react to 5 minute crafts
kys 13 gün önce
4:30 he high af
Holo Sav
Holo Sav 13 gün önce
I low-key thought that too 😂😂😂
Idajg 13 gün önce
5:11 save the god damn turtles! We’re in a Klima crisis, don’t use so many straws, it’s stupid and waste of plastic! Don’t just dont
Timotius Johanes
Timotius Johanes 13 gün önce
Now that I think about it.. They do a 5 minutes craft for a 10 to 30 second job..
Stevengabriel Romano
Stevengabriel Romano 13 gün önce
The guy with a big hair is strong and dope
Pro X PepeXD
Pro X PepeXD 13 gün önce
at least there was one positive person
ppy 13 gün önce
Can react to 5 minute Craft for baby
Camille Muylle
Camille Muylle 13 gün önce
What a waist, using all those straws... very suprised that you actually try that, actually no, I'm disappointed
epic games
epic games 13 gün önce
Waste its waste
Unknown 13 gün önce
The permanent marker thingy, I already did that on our white board at our University when our Prof accidentally uses a permanent marker on the white board.
Crazy Martin
Crazy Martin 13 gün önce
And did it work?
Genevieve Keaton
Genevieve Keaton 13 gün önce
Do troom troom
Sanem Edgy
Sanem Edgy 13 gün önce
06:45 that is true
M Rijke
M Rijke 13 gün önce
Yesyoy can but those bubble makers for cheap but then yoh end up with all the plastic waist.... Better to make it yourself
Kirsten Chloe Porta
Kirsten Chloe Porta 14 gün önce
0:22 we always do that trick at school when my classmate accidentally used permanent marker anddd it worked!
Reactacat Cat
Reactacat Cat 13 gün önce
Fab144 Channel
Fab144 Channel 13 gün önce
Jaylin Stanley
Jaylin Stanley 14 gün önce
They complain like little kids bro🤦🏾‍♂️
ASHsix 14 gün önce
This girl in the fucking rainbow
feather heart
feather heart 14 gün önce
We do the first one at school but usually get mad at the person who wrote in the board with permanent marker.
Danika Heinrich
Danika Heinrich 14 gün önce
“Awww that’s so prettyyyy”😂😂
BaSic Coolguy
BaSic Coolguy 14 gün önce
Tf who up
Aries cunanan
Aries cunanan 14 gün önce
The girl with a rainbow sweater was really... uh
TheMrheartless 14 gün önce
#savetheturtles because with out turtles...... we wouldnt have any turtles
TBK Trustzd d
TBK Trustzd d 14 gün önce
Sub to me if you want to save turtles!
Smasherella YT
Smasherella YT 14 gün önce
They should react to Troom Troom
strange Ziga
strange Ziga 13 gün önce
The worst life hack channel
muffy potato oreo cookie galaxy cutie snoopysop Aj
Smasherella YT I agree
Zeur 14 gün önce
cheaper wipes like dolla wipes from dollar tree work a bit better
Pigo man 65
Pigo man 65 14 gün önce
5:25 save the turtles
galaxy Zside
galaxy Zside 14 gün önce
I love tha peanut butter one and making tha straws its like a water and the bubble thing
Ethan Haley
Ethan Haley 14 gün önce
1:35 she makes a goood point
RDJ_DuDe 3
RDJ_DuDe 3 14 gün önce
5 minute crafts is just stupid
Me and little bro Gaming Time
The guy in the red shirt looks like one of the Guys from The Sprouse twins like Cole Sprouse Or how u spell his last name?...
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie 14 gün önce
Whait in the chips one if you have a knife why you do not open the chips with the knife why?
huy le
huy le 13 gün önce
because that would be a 1 second craft
eyozin 14 gün önce
but... you do...
DuckyDude 14 gün önce
I tried to make a phone case using a glue gun today but mine turned out pretty good since my dad helped me with it.
Itzel Castanon
Itzel Castanon 14 gün önce
Malcolm: YeEeEeEe is so pretty
Heriberto Perez
Heriberto Perez 14 gün önce
Kristine is so negative
huntress01 14 gün önce
The chip one is really useful wonder if it keeps them fresh or does it go stale?
Giselle nino
Giselle nino 14 gün önce
Pantie liner that is not what is called
Brendan Lomax
Brendan Lomax 14 gün önce
why the hell is that girl so negative
Haters Say It's Fake
Haters Say It's Fake 14 gün önce
Which one?
Aubrey Lee
Aubrey Lee 14 gün önce
(around 5:30) what happened to saving the turtles
ines bk
ines bk 14 gün önce
All people in the FBE channel are so nice and charismatic.... Love watching them react to literally everything
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 14 gün önce
Dude check out Robby’s channel he does this stuff All the timeee.
Imvu J̤̈c̤̈
Imvu J̤̈c̤̈ 14 gün önce
The first one I do that to the desks at school!😂😂😂😂🤪
Bts Mang
Bts Mang 14 gün önce
6:00 he said “It just looks like a bunch of straws” Me: That is what they are a bunch of straws!😂
Amin Oulkadi
Amin Oulkadi 14 gün önce
I learned the first one with the marker in 5th grade or something
Fathi Abdalgader
Fathi Abdalgader 14 gün önce
The toothpaste one works *the one the uses shoes*
Slightly Rage
Slightly Rage 14 gün önce
4:30 he's baked as fuck,calling it
Irrational Reality
Irrational Reality 13 gün önce
Well I only need to know what he's smoking because that will be the most at peace, tranquil, and calm my ass will ever be in my lifetime
Alicia Rouble
Alicia Rouble 14 gün önce
Slightly Rage and yet it was the purest and cutest thing
jumbo Jambo
jumbo Jambo 14 gün önce
I watch 5 min craft
Stephany Arreguin
Stephany Arreguin 14 gün önce
And feed it to your enemy's 😂😂😂 4:45 I'm dead 😂
Ultimate Eclipse
Ultimate Eclipse 14 gün önce
I’m a kid who got a iPad and don’t watch five minute crafts
Bunny Bunny
Bunny Bunny 14 gün önce
Well at least they tried these “hacks” for us who watch those videos and never do them
Isaiah Austria
Isaiah Austria 14 gün önce
Try Troom Troom 😂
ken! 14 gün önce
If u didn’t know the permanent marker and dry erase one u your weird
Dylan Waeckje
Dylan Waeckje 14 gün önce
Why do you sort your comments by new ?
cy park
cy park 14 gün önce
I hate the rainbow girl
Phemi 14 gün önce
Talking about banning plastic straws
The Evanator
The Evanator 14 gün önce
Elders react to troom troom
Nika Roš
Nika Roš 14 gün önce
5:56 - climate change is a real problem now, the whole world is polluted; from the bottom of the sea to the top of the sky, but yeah, why not make some stupid decoration from StRaWs
gamerlogan 1903
gamerlogan 1903 14 gün önce
They dont
Hater 14 gün önce
I thought everyone know the marker thing wtf where these people living?
Decoy Sheet
Decoy Sheet 14 gün önce
Pumpkin Spike - Brawl Stars
Im Dronn
Im Dronn 14 gün önce
Samuel Bulletproof
Samuel Bulletproof 14 gün önce
Agnes Vianti
Agnes Vianti 14 gün önce
I hate the girl
NSLiCKS 267 14 gün önce
I hate you to :)
Ariel Arcayera
Ariel Arcayera 14 gün önce
sanne van baak
sanne van baak 14 gün önce
woww that girl looks so much like Barrett Wilbert Weed tbh
unknown !
unknown ! 14 gün önce
Which one
brilyman 15 gün önce
'you usually seperate the post its and the tape, nahh put it together' i laughed for 5 mins straight dog what you smoking???
Independent Woman
Independent Woman 15 gün önce
The first one I did all the time when a student in my class did this.
Fovvs PH
Fovvs PH 15 gün önce
these people are so negative. they need to chill the fuck down.
Khadeejah Ryan
Khadeejah Ryan 14 gün önce
Fr!! Why they hating so much for absolutely no reason at all
Vien Genesis Romanban
Vien Genesis Romanban 15 gün önce
Wow the guy with dreadlock hair sounds like Bob ross
Natsuki Subaru
Natsuki Subaru 14 gün önce
Thought the same
Why are all comments are a minute ago?! TH is this?
Hugo Lopez
Hugo Lopez 15 gün önce
The guy with dreads look a lil bit to high
Sniperbeast Ib
Sniperbeast Ib 15 gün önce
It is relaxing and inspirational to watch 5 minute crafts
J H 15 gün önce
1 like 1 reaspect to hard working with nonsense but useful do in 5 minutes craft
Victorthe Mcgamer
Victorthe Mcgamer 15 gün önce
4:19 save the turtles!!!!😂😂😂
Jada Lynn
Jada Lynn 15 gün önce
aw the guy with dreads🤧
anettevanaga 14 gün önce
I wanted to comment the same
Brianna Machuca
Brianna Machuca 15 gün önce
You don’t make it in class you make it at your house
Jay witha Dee
Jay witha Dee 15 gün önce
These adults?
Mochi Studio
Mochi Studio 15 gün önce
Like the loud chips, smh justo use scissors
TheALineFile LTJ
TheALineFile LTJ 15 gün önce
So true. Scissors is the way. Silent snacking
Bekah Janssen
Bekah Janssen 15 gün önce
I pass notes thank u very much
Bekah Janssen
Bekah Janssen 15 gün önce
Tooth paste and tooth brush for your shoes It works!!!!! I doit for my Van's every week
Altheda Thomas
Altheda Thomas 15 gün önce
Ummm some are 123 go..... look it up big crab from moana reference
SapphireGaminYT Galaxia
Altheda Thomas Hi
Perighesade Ednockelwal
I thought every one knew about the marker trick
Diego Gracia
Diego Gracia 15 gün önce
I HitThose25
I HitThose25 15 gün önce
People that put time and effort to do these hacks have way to much me time on their hands
Jacqueline Brown
Jacqueline Brown 15 gün önce
The reason the dry erase marker was ever invented was actually an accident when trying to create the permanent marker. They later changed the formula to create the permanent marker and when combining both it turns the ink back to a dry erase.
Jackson the amazing gamer /the challenger
I have a student in my class and my teacher lets her watch 5 minute crafts
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