Adele is Back! (and is as hilarious and legendary as ever)

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The force of nature that is Adele is back & she is dropping a brand new album in November! She talks to Radio 1's Greg James about her life in lockdown, writing the album, and crisps!

Listen back to Friday's Radio 1 Breakfast Show on BBC Sounds to hear the first play of Adele's new single 'Easy On Me'



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Comb Filter 6 saatler önce
Common as muck.
Day One Adele Fans
Day One Adele Fans 3 gün önce
Had to watch again just to enjoy that cackle! What a joy it’s been to watch her evolve over all these years. For me, there’s just no one like Adele!🥰
Barbara Canterbury
Barbara Canterbury 4 gün önce
I love how authentic Adele is. Love her voice, and her music. Easy On Me, was written for me, too.
That's Just Life
That's Just Life 4 gün önce
Adele's Most Inspiring Quotes About Life, Music and Herself ▶️ ▶️trvid.com/video/video-IANc0H2G2Lw.html
Lisa Evans
Lisa Evans 4 gün önce
They take french fries put them in a bag and worcestershire sauce and salt and shake then eat? Am i right? Or did i hear it wrong?
Beatrice Lunch
Beatrice Lunch 6 gün önce
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Coral Brune
Coral Brune 8 gün önce
Adele, what a natural woman and human. I found out we have the same birthday! (dif year)Cheers!
Tom Watkins
Tom Watkins 9 gün önce
I love Adele so much
Jody Howells
Jody Howells 9 gün önce
What a gorgeous interviewer so lovely and warm, you can tell Adele enjoyed his style
Jennifer Whitehead
Jennifer Whitehead 10 gün önce
That laugh!! I just love her. She doesn’t seem like fame has taken her soul. She is just Adele. The best🥰🥰🥰🥰
SpiritSlayer 10 gün önce
2,130,873 views, 67k likes, 2.2k comments, 7.74M subscribers. Nice!!
Des Austin The Artist
Des Austin The Artist 11 gün önce
Love this interview and love Adele!!!!! She is just so great and I connect with her music so much!!!!
45ladybugs 13 gün önce
I missed Adele's funny authenticity. Reminiscing their first interview and what it was like when her career went nuclear.
Fadhila Agustina
Fadhila Agustina 14 gün önce
She watches squid game 😭😭😭
cy young
cy young 14 gün önce
Too bad hes taken ,because these two click well. I think its the wit and fun . Hope she choses well for her next partner and doesnt let anyone hurt her. Bona fide National Treasure !
Deanne de Vries
Deanne de Vries 17 gün önce
Love Adele
Real Music Hype
Real Music Hype 17 gün önce
Nice one We would like to add you on our blog
Pablo ruiz
Pablo ruiz 18 gün önce
thanks dr akpamu your herbal meds really saved me and my husband god bless you sir for your and great deeds.
Nakessa Greene
Nakessa Greene 18 gün önce
She has me cackling. Love her. ♥️
Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan 18 gün önce
I live in America and my best friend from Essex always brings me prawn cocktail Walkers crisps! I love them too 😅
Laura Balm
Laura Balm 19 gün önce
15:55 tho 😂😂😂 oi oi!!
adam ant
adam ant 19 gün önce
more's the pity....
K Parm53
K Parm53 19 gün önce
David Fritz
David Fritz 20 gün önce
She's gorgeous fat. She's gorgeous thin. Inside and out. How can anyone NOT love this woman? She is SO the real deal. And a voice that could make a hardened criminal cry, it's so beautiful. And the best laugh on the planet!
Dildra Lax
Dildra Lax 21 gün önce
Adele is such a great writer it often gets shadowed by her great vocals... she should write a screenplay
David Spears
David Spears 21 gün önce
Im so obsessed the way she talk and laugh, like a neighborhood to me lol LOVE HER❤️
Asavela Mswelz
Asavela Mswelz 24 gün önce
her laugh takes the crown for me :D :D
foto21com 24 gün önce
SO she couldn't get thin and hot for her own husband and stay in the marriage and not have to break her son's heart? Yeah, OK. I'm supposed to love this public skeeze? YEAH, SORRY! PASS! Also, write a NEW SONG WITH NEW NOTES SOME LIFETIME!
shd 23 gün önce
U also need get a life. Go watch something that u like.
TempH TempG
TempH TempG 24 gün önce
Wow, there's that terribly overuse cliche about wine improving with age, but oooh boy does it only apply to Adele. Man she is looking a hundred million dollars, and sounding even better.
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes 24 gün önce
She’s awesome!
dh 26 gün önce
her speaking voice and her singing voice are two different people. lol
Bose Ilesanmi
Bose Ilesanmi 27 gün önce
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Coreyman Soulcave Media
If Adele wasn't a singer she'd be a comedian!
Alaina Anderson
Alaina Anderson 27 gün önce
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Rother hamvanman
Rother hamvanman 27 gün önce
I like Adele but R1 has been crap since Mark and Lard and Moyles left.
Bellange 29 gün önce
I love Adele , she inspires me so much ! I love her new song Easy on me ! if you guys are reading my comment : I did an acoustic cover of this song with my ukulele on my channel !!!
MrFlandango 29 gün önce
There's no one out there in her League, her voice is A..mazing 👌 💕 She's Queen ❤👑❤
Amy Frisby
Amy Frisby 29 gün önce
America will never steel our queen
Hologram Dream
Hologram Dream 29 gün önce
best shes ever looked! shes on fire
Dave fulford
Dave fulford 29 gün önce
i love her laugh all the best love u Adelle xx
John Pinegar
John Pinegar Aylar önce
Adele is back and we are all living for it.
Jim Cuddy
Jim Cuddy Aylar önce
she changed
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom Aylar önce
Genuinely surprised he was 😅😅
ummsulayman Aylar önce
She looks like Brooke Shields
Javad Javed
Javad Javed Aylar önce
She's giving me a whole Hyacinth Bucket vibe. Wow!!
evang Patrice
evang Patrice Aylar önce
lovely interview! we love you Adele
S B Aylar önce
OMG if you have time please listen to this cover of Easy on me by Davina Michelle! So so freaking good!!! trvid.com/video/video-HbppIjekhvI.html
bilo Z
bilo Z Aylar önce
She lost wt and I didn’t recognize her at first. Lovely as ever
Adam Garza
Adam Garza Aylar önce
I absolutely love her!!!
J New
J New Aylar önce
I hope Adele Taylor swift and Eminem create music forever. They are my favorites and all so talented! 💛
Thistle DoNicely
Thistle DoNicely Aylar önce
Adele is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Keeping it real and not a hint of an ego. Show them how it’s done girl✊🏼❤️
Maria Pia
Maria Pia Aylar önce
The last reflection was so lovely!!
Monica Phone
Monica Phone Aylar önce
Tell her to quit smoking it will ruin her voice
Rubrew Aylar önce
She is incredible. Absolutely incredible.
Julie Hightower
Julie Hightower Aylar önce
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Alan Haigh
Alan Haigh Aylar önce
Wow so beautiful
Robyn Hope
Robyn Hope Aylar önce
I can’t stand her...totally phoney. I liked her as a heavy girl. Now she looks like any other Hollywood starlet: skinny, heavily made up and surgically transformed. She lost her individuality. I like some of her songs, but I don’t like her.
Angelica Embate
Angelica Embate Aylar önce
😁😄😁 so natural..
Soorya Sankar
Soorya Sankar Aylar önce
Omg i think im the 2 millionth view
Francess Keith
Francess Keith Aylar önce
your product for curing genital warts is really the best thanks for coming to my aids dr akpamu keep saving lives dr.akpamu..
AE_STHE_TIC Aylar önce
I love her laugh 💜
SoupTrek Aylar önce
your positive energy is terrific! Worcester sauce on crisps - going to try that tonight - you're energy is simply the best! 🙂
SoundousX Aylar önce
Honestly.. I don’t even really listen to her music. She sings beautifully, but it’s not my thing. But I’m such a fan of her personality, such goals. She’s so real and down to earth
Jupiter Moon Acres
Jupiter Moon Acres Aylar önce
Adele is hilarious! One of the best concerts ever!
Superdelphinus Aylar önce
So glad she hasn’t become full American yet.
SHIBA INU Aylar önce
Shiba flw so hard boys !!!
SHIBA INU Aylar önce
Is shiba going to get $1 Dollar?🦊🚀 SHIBA IS NOW FLYING !!🚀🚀 SUPPORT EN BUY SHIBA COIN
Jah Ribah Ribah
Jah Ribah Ribah Aylar önce
Would be so Awesome getting to have a Chat with her. She comes across as so Down To Earth and Welcoming.
soulfulfool Aylar önce
shes fabulous
Slashed Beauty
Slashed Beauty Aylar önce
Her bart simpson laugh 😂
Abdul Qaadir
Abdul Qaadir Aylar önce
God bless Adele, love her to death!
Thanasis Aylar önce
*Who's that hottie interviewing Adele?* *Too bad he's married.....*
bethany kounds
bethany kounds Aylar önce
The wicked witch nails are so creepy. But such a voice.
Moe BASH, USA Aylar önce
, simply she's stunning , God bless that voice ❤️
Joyce Aldrich
Joyce Aldrich Aylar önce
Adele is the real deal!!!! Love her!!!
Eli A
Eli A Aylar önce
Cool she lost weight, can we just all get the fcuk over it….heard of sheep
Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis Aylar önce
Adele can marry me as a tax loss if she wants? No pressure We can have cider in Central Park in December and Bovril crisps?
Nayeli Burgos
Nayeli Burgos Aylar önce
Estoy aprendiendo inglés británico y creo que jamás podré aprender con Adele dice dos cosas y no le entiendo nada JAJAJAJAJJAJAJ
Armando Ucles
Armando Ucles Aylar önce
Adele is FINE!!! With or without the weight. She's sexy, funny, smart and confident which is such sexy features in a woman. Also, this is just my opinion, but she kinda looks like Mariah Carey in this clip.
Candice Cooper
Candice Cooper Aylar önce
Her hair is giving me liiiiifffeeeee
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Aylar önce
pouring out this part of you. Can't wait for the whole album!
Playing Serious
Playing Serious Aylar önce
Yo how is there sound like this, obviously he has a radio voice, but what is that mike and how much is it?
Nipulkrad Msinatagras
*Her enthusiasm is just so addictive!* ❤
Ádri Alves - Discípula de INRI CRISTO
Tribute to INRI CRISTO, sidereal version of "Easy on Me": trvid.com/video/video-LbLPp6h2rKU.html (Brazil)
Christi Daniel
Christi Daniel Aylar önce
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Aylar önce
WHERE is her dachshund??????
Christi Daniel
Christi Daniel Aylar önce
Adele your such an original artist! I love how much emotion is in your artistry. Can't help crying during the song, so beautiful. Your a beautiful person inside and out thank you for pouring out this part of you. Can't wait for the whole album!
Sofia Lee
Sofia Lee Aylar önce
3:26 Her response was hilarious, that powerful encouragement about soggy chips and bag juice sent me
Kendra I.
Kendra I. Aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful and yes one of the realest of the reals.
Kel Walsh
Kel Walsh Aylar önce
She is the realest most amazing talented woman ever
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
Hey I love this channel so much like it makes
Scuba Guy
Scuba Guy Aylar önce
it is called have shit loads of money and recording when you want to..............
messam Mark
messam Mark Aylar önce
such a weird kite.....
Mariyah Wright
Mariyah Wright Aylar önce
her accent i amazing
Mariyah Wright
Mariyah Wright Aylar önce
her hair is always on fleekkkkk🤩
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
the song? 5:22 - 5:55 Q- 6: What does Adele hope will happen when people hear the song? 6:30 - 6:40 Q - 7: How did her friends react to the song? 6:40 - 7:27
Toby Edinyang
Toby Edinyang Aylar önce
It's the squid game joke for me😂😂😂😂
Bryce Tyler
Bryce Tyler Aylar önce
I scrolled through the comments for like an hour and EVERYONE loves Adele. For real though, who else is as beloved as Adele?
Darrell Mytopher
Darrell Mytopher Aylar önce
Adele. Your pure voice is a gift to all of us. And we will want it forever. (No pressure 😳😂)
Olaf Hoogstad
Olaf Hoogstad Aylar önce
Adele is just so real, and you hear it through her music. It is also so real. You may like it, or not, there's one thing no one can deny; She is so talented and such an incredible artist!
Marjake Aylar önce
WHERE is her dachshund??????
Manuel Grapain
Manuel Grapain Aylar önce
she is out of this world, so funny, humble, kind, a geniune good woman and artist, love her
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