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The Late Late Show with James Corden
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While home in London for the holidays, James Corden picks up his friend Adele for a drive around the city singing some of her classic songs before Adele raps Nicki Minaj's "Monster."

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12 Oca 2016




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Dippy Daniel
Dippy Daniel 2 yıl önce
It’s impossible to hate Adele. She is everything.
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
@Marianne Tissier How are you doing today?
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
@Carina How are you doing today?
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
@Dippy Daniel How are you doing today?
fast79z28camaro 12 gün önce
@Carina that's lady gaga.....
Caleb Adams
Caleb Adams 14 gün önce
@S G you sent
F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1 4 aylar önce
Imagine having Adele as a friend and she gets drunk during hangouts. Would be priceless. Love her how easy going she is. We want new episode of Carpool Karaoke with her
Silke Neumann
Silke Neumann 7 gün önce
@David Jones ist
Bobbyman Aylar önce
"easy going" nice
David Jones
David Jones 4 aylar önce
Why not Snoop to
David Jones
David Jones 4 aylar önce
New ones of Adele and you need to pick up Niki Omg
BeTheLight 4 aylar önce
Anyone here after Nicki's episode?! They need to make a duet asap!
acrux 28 gün önce
lol absolutely not
HaDi51 2 aylar önce
Golin Lim
Golin Lim 4 aylar önce
*Nicki* Rubbishes ☠️☠️☠️💀😇 *Adele* Goddess 😘😇🥙👍🏻👌🏻🙏🏻
Alextggg 2 aylar önce
I love how Adele is like one of the only people who noticed how good of a singing voice James has no one ever notices his talent
David Plates
David Plates 2 gün önce
Labios de plástico foi foda hahah
sweet ghost girl
sweet ghost girl 16 gün önce
@Songs ur not her fan if u badmouth her
Songs Aylar önce
@Vanessa Mendez come on. I'm her fan. But even you know, she was very naturally beautiful without all what she did with her face in 2022
Vanessa Mendez
Vanessa Mendez Aylar önce
@Songs wtf go awayyy
Sherri and Wayne Johnson
I don’t care what anybody says this is hands-down the best carpool karaoke!!! Adele is amazing and her personality is everything!
Jmichael Isbell
Jmichael Isbell Aylar önce
musical taste, I like the one with McCartney the best, even though I really like this one.
Chryzante 10 aylar önce
Don’t worry you’re not the only one back for this masterpiece
Tony Xu
Tony Xu Gün önce
from 2022.8.15
Jando Mohds125
Jando Mohds125 3 gün önce
I’m not worried
User 2211
User 2211 9 gün önce
Virgil 30ish
Virgil 30ish Aylar önce
Adele is a vibe
Virgil 30ish
Virgil 30ish Aylar önce
Thanks for not shaming me lol
Hannah Aguilar
Hannah Aguilar Aylar önce
No matter how many times I watch this, I always laugh. Definitely a mood booster! Y'all look like you've been friends for years.
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
How are you doing today?
Marty Wittenberg
Marty Wittenberg 4 aylar önce
You never meet a more upclass artist who has literally no clue how to behave as one. And that is a good thing. Her being down to earth is a understatement.
Emma Millar
Emma Millar 10 gün önce
More upclass? I'm English please explain what "upclass"means?🙄
hiitsrudd Aylar önce
Adele Rocks🤘
BMW Jourdan Dunn Goddess!
A lot of Artist are down to earth. So it’s kind of a basic trait.
Joey Narciso
Joey Narciso Aylar önce
I watch this again from time to time. Hearing Adele's voice, belting out All i ask with James live and raw, gives me chills! One of the best Carpool karaoke ever. :)
Jeanette Lester
Jeanette Lester Aylar önce
Me too. Her voice really is stunning.
ECR 4 aylar önce
Hello-1:16 Some one like you-4:16 Wannabe-6:19 All i ask-8:08 Monster-10:31 Rolling in the deep-12:46
Brian Aylar önce
This is void of skyfall The best bond theme of all time
Aryam Al hasn
Aryam Al hasn 2 aylar önce
Thank u
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 3 aylar önce
Thank you.
Alexa Shimek
Alexa Shimek 3 aylar önce
Literally came to contents to see if anyone linked the monster part has thanks
Phillipa Louis-Jean Veillard
Amy 2 yıl önce
Adele downing a cup of tea while James is driving is probably the most British thing I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂
Norris nuts edits
Norris nuts edits 3 gün önce
ACTUALLy fake he doesn’t drive he fakes driving and goes along a trailer
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
How are you doing today?
Cameron Lace
Cameron Lace 2 yıl önce
I agree with that 😂😂😂
Tricia Mamaril
Tricia Mamaril 2 yıl önce
Amy in a john lewis mug too hahaha
Linda Knox
Linda Knox 2 aylar önce
Love how they laugh so easily. They harmonize beautifully. Just two friends singing in the car💕 this one is sooo good.
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
How are you doing today?
Grace Cornelius
Grace Cornelius 3 aylar önce
You can tell how much James loves these. And he’d a really good singer!!! He totally does keep up with the singers.
Curcuma Organica
Curcuma Organica 3 aylar önce
Totally!!! ❤
Ha na
Ha na 2 aylar önce
4:42 I just love Adele let James lead this part and she just does the harmonization. She’s so sweet 😍
Anna G
Anna G 4 aylar önce
This is my FAVORITE carpool karaoke. She’s an authentic delight! I luv, luv their chemistry. 😊😍🥰❤️ I wish they’d do another one together.
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
Hello, how are you doing? Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
Allanah Emily
Allanah Emily Yıl önce
Their English accent are so strong my coffee turn in to tea.
Majo Larumbe
Majo Larumbe 2 gün önce
I love English accent 😍😍😍😍
jose 4 gün önce
Im deddd
Stian Solhaug
Stian Solhaug 6 gün önce
It’s not an accent. It’s English thank you…
that's that
that's that 8 gün önce
That's a good un 🤣🤣
Wassupwiddit 8 gün önce
quan quan
quan quan 5 aylar önce
It's been six years and I still can't get over this. Her voice is truly a gift from God.
Angela Morales
Angela Morales 4 aylar önce
Her voice is absolutely amazing. She gives me the absolute chills and has me missing people I haven't even met...
Anna Stetik
Anna Stetik 28 gün önce
My goodness, her smile. You can't not smile when she does. It's always genuine, infectious, and beautiful.
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
How are you doing today?
1kickboxerdiva 5 aylar önce
Her laugh is so contagious! Can’t wait for these two Brit’s do another duo. Love watching this monthly, makes my day. The beginning gives me goosebumps! ❤️ 🫂 🙏🏻 😘 💯
Alexandra Marrero
Is it just me or is Adele the person that everyone wants as a mom or like a friend
ludovick Messier
ludovick Messier 8 gün önce
@den pan005 lol YESSS ahahahahahah
steven karasik
steven karasik 2 aylar önce
it's all of us
Chris I
Chris I 4 aylar önce
@Ostrich lucky
Bjornar 8 aylar önce
@D. Paine My thoughts exactly. 😊
Anukool Gangwar
Anukool Gangwar 4 aylar önce
Out of all carpool karaoke.. only she can sing exactly like in studio .. so damn talented and that accent is cheery on top
Angela Ormand
Angela Ormand Aylar önce
Watch Sia and Lady Gaga, my three favorite episodes with Adele
iwanka 2 aylar önce
Sia was astonishing as well
Ray 2 aylar önce
Cheery? ISWYDT
Carlota Matos
Carlota Matos 3 aylar önce
Huhhh Jennifer Hudson was amazing
JeFroid 4 aylar önce
I also liked Christina's episode, she sounded very good as well.
John Revere
John Revere 4 aylar önce
SHE IS SOOO NATURALLY FUNNY!!! SO FULL OF LIFE!!! My favorite by far of the karaoke outings... 🤣🤣🤣
Patsy S
Patsy S 2 aylar önce
James please don’t leave the late late show, the fans of your show will be sad. Segments like these are what makes you great, you’re hilarious and unique.😹
Michelle C.
Michelle C. Aylar önce
I love how much fun they had together, lol. ❤️ It was so enjoyable to watch.
the cat mom
the cat mom Yıl önce
even 5 years later, this is still the best carpool karaoke ever
Jack Zeldon
Jack Zeldon 23 gün önce
World Class Vocals, World Class Brows..... this is why Adele runs ish
Brénainn Mac Tomáis
Brénainn Mac Tomáis 3 aylar önce
I love this one and the one with Chris Martin
Ludo 9 aylar önce
No one will ever top this tbh. It's not surprise that all these years later it's still the most viewed carpool karaoke.
Jeremy Cataquiz
Jeremy Cataquiz Yıl önce
Yeah its james corden's most viewed video but second in his most like videos
Kateski30 Yıl önce
Yes! I always come back to this one. They have so much chemistry
VDC 2 -JULIANO MOURA - Corretor de Seguros
Adele é amor da minha vida. E você James é o melhor!
L Mitchell
L Mitchell 2 aylar önce
Smiling! This was great! ..and Adele’s little laugh is contagious lol
Gabriel Barcellos
Gabriel Barcellos 4 aylar önce
I love Adele, she is just wonderful! Brazil here 🇧🇷
omerc28 3 aylar önce
This is such a happy place. I find myself smiling each and every time I go back to watch this
ariana Litchfield
ariana Litchfield 2 yıl önce
I literally have chills. Her voice,her face, her lyrics just stunning.
sannich peenus better
sannich peenus better 4 aylar önce
totally shunned... bismillah bracket buster (march madness... go et me ded)
Jonathan Banner
Jonathan Banner 5 aylar önce
Carl Meehan
Carl Meehan 2 yıl önce
My thought too lol
ariana Litchfield
ariana Litchfield 2 yıl önce
@finn __ I love that abt her to🥰. She's just the best
finn __
finn __ 2 yıl önce
What about her laugh
Kash Aylar önce
Seen this so many times but NEVER too many times. I love these two together.
McGeraet 4 aylar önce
i absolutely love carpool karaoke
Ryan Miguel
Ryan Miguel Aylar önce
É inacreditável a voz dessa mulher 😮❤️
Gisele Gomes
Gisele Gomes 4 aylar önce
Ela é minha cantora internacional predileta!
Elendu Benita
Elendu Benita 2 yıl önce
Adele's face when James hit that note is priceless
A.C. 2 aylar önce
Let’s mention how generous and genuine Adele is with her compliments of James singing voice, which is incredible btw!! Love these 2 ! 💖💖
derammo on Github
@hammockmonk yeah and he looks so proud right after her reaction; it's very nice.
fabrizio fiore
fabrizio fiore Yıl önce
@Cris Adrian Abrea also 9:08
Lucia Cadzow
Lucia Cadzow Yıl önce
Claude Leduc Nherile Gairanod it’s his high note not hers
Joznne Randle
Joznne Randle Yıl önce
she is so lovely 🥰
Crazy_Miner14 2 aylar önce
Adele is amazing, she makes me cry with her voice and laugh with hers. One of the best ever!!!
Anderson Humberto
Anderson Humberto 2 aylar önce
Cara dela quando ele encaixou tom no começo música foi sensacional
Sherri and Wayne Johnson
Hands-down the best carpool karaoke! Adele is hilarious
Cybelle Guimarães
Cybelle Guimarães 4 aylar önce
A Adele é tão maravilhosa! ❤
Kira Maria
Kira Maria 6 yıl önce
James can sing louder then everyone but not louder than Adele
Rita Flatt
Rita Flatt 6 aylar önce
True! 👏👏👏👍👍👍👌🥰
thelandofopie 11 aylar önce
JHUD! My god. Jennifer Hudson shut him down. And I got love and respect for all of them.
Gabriel Rodrigues
And Gaga haha ❤️
brijesh kumar
brijesh kumar Yıl önce
@Ella Engström Christina Aguilera+ Demi Lovato also
Oscar Castro
Oscar Castro 4 aylar önce
Es impresionante lo que se siente al verla y oírla…he visto esto 5 veces esta semana…
Berto 3 aylar önce
This year with James is definitely going to be one for the books. I hope we will see Adele and Nicki together... maybe all three of you. The perfect Trifecta! God bless you James and can’t wait to see what’s on your next adventure. 😊 👏🏼 ❤️
You can't see me kiddos, go F%ck off
If there's any singer that I want to sing a new Bond theme song, it's definitely Adele. Her Skyfall was truly a game changer for the Bond songs
Kelly Wallace
Kelly Wallace 25 gün önce
You ain’t lying, especially the opening lyrics to the song “ This is the end Hold your breath and count to ten, Feel the Earth move and then……
Александр Свид
Perfect voice and accent, and humor, wow, she is a unique girl
Samuel Duguay
Samuel Duguay 2 yıl önce
Adele rapping nicki minaj’s verse is everything
Δημήτρης Λαγανόπουλος
Thanks a lot! Have a great day or night
Samuel Duguay
Samuel Duguay 2 yıl önce
Mr Black and White Monster by kayne west ft jay z rick ross and nicki minaj
Δημήτρης Λαγανόπουλος
What is this song name?
Ross Peterson
Ross Peterson 2 yıl önce
Straight barzzz
Katina Edmonson
Katina Edmonson 2 yıl önce
literally EVERYTHING!!
Shivam Pandey
Shivam Pandey 2 aylar önce
I keep coming back to watch this masterpiece ever since i watched it for the first time......the best episode of the whole series
Cristina Santos
Cristina Santos 4 aylar önce
Muito bom!
Vitória 2 aylar önce
Perfeito ❤️
laysa luciana
laysa luciana 5 aylar önce
Adele perfeita!!!
NO ONE 3 yıl önce
*High respect for James who has to learn every lyric of every celebrity song he takes on his car*
Balram Singh
Balram Singh 2 yıl önce
Huge respect to James who has guts to sing along with THE Adele
Emilio 2 yıl önce
@GeminiStargazer ya! 🤣🐧💕
Sergio Obregón
Sergio Obregón 2 yıl önce
The best Job I think
JJ Z 2 yıl önce
You say that in every video
chris kahn
chris kahn 3 saatler önce
I have watched this half a dozen times and it brings a smile to my face every time! Love Adele, and love James!
24k Chef Kimmy
24k Chef Kimmy 3 aylar önce
I live for the laughs 😂😂😂love this show
Ryan Fairchild
Ryan Fairchild Aylar önce
Her voice is so beautiful, it gives me chills.
Incysuc 3 aylar önce
Imagine what is to have Adele in your car, singing and harmonizing with her!! Oh God I wish
Cyrille 2 yıl önce
i honestly think that adele is easy to get along with. She's so adorable
Eric 2 yıl önce
treent hayyy ...
trenthayesx 2 yıl önce
That's just British people
Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts 2 yıl önce
They know each other anywy
vikkihottie55 2 yıl önce
I absolutely adore everything about her~~James is awesome~~Love him too~~
Tuguldur Baatar
Tuguldur Baatar 2 yıl önce
Typical Londoner i’d say.
Alyssa Hires
Alyssa Hires 5 aylar önce
y'all just don't know how hearing THE Adele rapping Monster word for word has given me a reason to live. you've gotta love that woman.
Dorian Serena
Dorian Serena 4 aylar önce
Anyone here after nicki’s carpool karaoke? Adele really kill that monster verse🔥
Golin Lim
Golin Lim 4 aylar önce
Unlike *Adele* !!!
Gerard McGinnity
Gerard McGinnity 4 aylar önce
Yeah, that hasn't been asked a million times already.
Kouma Genelvie Priscille
Sheron Lyn
Sheron Lyn 4 aylar önce
James and Adele are just such down to earth natural people and such a wonderful match in talent and comedy. 💖
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
Hello, how are you doing? Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
panagiotis soufliotis
panagiotis soufliotis 26 gün önce
I m a metal music fan. But not only...i appreciate and love everything that is a work of art. And Adele is truly amazing
michael_2905 2 yıl önce
Unlike the other singers, Adele is actually singing louder than James
Tara Badger
Tara Badger 7 aylar önce
A queen takes command 👸
Joel 8 aylar önce
Shelly Robinson
Shelly Robinson 8 aylar önce
I don't think she could sing them quietly 😜
BERRYCAN 2 yıl önce
Gaga too
Roman Terry
Roman Terry 4 aylar önce
I had no idea Adele was this fun...so great she has this funny side to her and with James Corden..very entertaining, thanks so much for this!
Kelly Wallace
Kelly Wallace 25 gün önce
Oh you must view some of her other interviews on TRvid, she’s always very real and Fun, Everyone who’s ever met her always says she’s dope in real life too
Noemia Cavalcanti
Noemia Cavalcanti 5 aylar önce
Que legal!! Maravilha!!!
Choong Shirley
Choong Shirley Aylar önce
No matter how many times I watched it..still loving it!! Superb singer
Alan Jose
Alan Jose 3 aylar önce
marvilhosa!!! ela é showww
Kemdiah Daniels
Kemdiah Daniels 2 yıl önce
Adele really is that singer, that our generation will tell our kids about
Ananya Gadade
Ananya Gadade 2 yıl önce
@Moria Dubinsky By 'JB' do you mean Justin Bieber or Jonas Brothers cause if it's Jonas Brothers I'm all about it but if it's not still fine. I like Justin too ☺
Moria Dubinsky
Moria Dubinsky 2 yıl önce
1d, JB and Ariana
Ananya Gadade
Ananya Gadade 2 yıl önce
Even Bruno Mars
Mary Blesz
Mary Blesz 2 yıl önce
Thaks to Elton in the best time
Ken Cruise
Ken Cruise 2 yıl önce
The only singer I'm telling my kids about is The Weeknd, what are you on 😂😂
Walim ECHAIB 3 aylar önce
Her voice looks so natural and amazing one of the real pop artists that we have in our generation
Odejan B
Odejan B 4 aylar önce
Yeah ! She did Nicki’s song 🎶 . Love Adele
Cynthia Esposito
Cynthia Esposito 2 aylar önce
This video is on repeat! I absolutely love it! ❤❤❤
Melissa Warrell
Melissa Warrell 25 gün önce
I absolutely LOVE her voice! She’s so AMAZING! ❤️🎵🎶🇬🇧
Please Enter a Name
Please Enter a Name 8 aylar önce
James definitely need to make another carpool karaoke with Adele now that album 30 is out. This would be amazing!
Max333A 4 aylar önce
M. Byrd
M. Byrd 4 aylar önce
Luke Morgan
Luke Morgan 4 aylar önce
Quarantine Life
Quarantine Life 4 aylar önce
oh please yes yes yes
Harumi C
Harumi C 5 aylar önce
Oh, yes!
AquariusTwinsMH 4 aylar önce
I'm back again! Anytime I need a little pick-me-up, this video never fails to make me smile. James you are amazing!!! So, is Adele!!!
Angelo 19212528
Angelo 19212528 4 aylar önce
We need Nicki Minaj X Adele 🤣🤣 Nicki's carpool is everything
idan 2 aylar önce
Got it
Tuanku Rao
Tuanku Rao Aylar önce
A very multitalented presenter, Adele is a master singer,..whatever song she sings and she leaves a passion in that song,...the show is absolutely amazing
Andrea Ortega
Andrea Ortega 4 aylar önce
I love these clips!! So well done and entertaining!!!
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai Yıl önce
"I got drunk three days in a row recently!" "NO!" "Yeah - 'cause Christmas!" "Right." ALWAYS gets me laughing
James Corden
James Corden 11 aylar önce
Hi, prettyface, i know this is like a dream to you.Thank you for being a fan.. .
Y B Yıl önce
It’s like they’re just in a car normally and it’s not going online to be watched 230 million times, it’s what British people do and I love it
Madi Yıl önce
Cherri Martin
Cherri Martin Yıl önce
She's perfect. I'm done.
Deborah Tapia
Deborah Tapia Aylar önce
I just love this, they should haver her as guest again. This is my favorite episode
Yhera Luna
Yhera Luna Aylar önce
I have to watch this EVERY MORNING or my day just doesn't go right! 🎶
ڡىصل الڡىصل
ڡىصل الڡىصل 3 aylar önce
When I see this episode, I feel that everything is fine after her beautiful laugh
A J 4 aylar önce
watching for 50th time .... just love her and james you are amazing. He should do more of carpool karaoke.
Estephania Lemus
Estephania Lemus 3 yıl önce
Adele doesn’t need autotune , her voice is naturally beautiful 😍
Elena Gallardo
Elena Gallardo 3 yıl önce
Totally agre
Harmoni 3 yıl önce
Ik 🤗
Lê Thị Thanh Loan
No doubt. It isn't even an argument
Stefan Gruic
Stefan Gruic 3 yıl önce
Adele does not sing with autotune😂
i'm an exol forever
i'm an exol forever 3 yıl önce
@Stephany Nunez Just ignore it, I know what you mean sis
Scrappy527 Aylar önce
She seems like the person to go to a pub and just hang out with. A genuine person.
Walim ECHAIB 3 aylar önce
Her voice looks so natural and amazing one of the real pop artists that we have in our generation
Jeff Bryant
Jeff Bryant 28 gün önce
I could listen to her even with a headache!!! Love this woman!!!!!
Deepjyoti Das
Deepjyoti Das 2 aylar önce
7:42 "This is the last album after my age" - Adele Well, that didn't age well 😂 30 is such a great album 🔥
Jaxon Zachary
Jaxon Zachary 8 aylar önce
5 years later and this still makes me smile.
Imrit muhammad juneid
Imrit muhammad juneid 7 aylar önce
@Gemma Ward i always though borris did xd
Gemma Ward
Gemma Ward 7 aylar önce
Adele makes me proud to be British 😎👏😂
Imrit muhammad juneid
Imrit muhammad juneid 7 aylar önce
You are precious
María José Gómez Guerrero
5 years later and I still don't understand her
Ignacio Ariel Lopez
Ignacio Ariel Lopez 7 aylar önce
Going thru a really bad time, very depressed, but just seing this, puts a smile on me. Adele and James are the best duo in carpool karaoke history.
Caroline Monat
Caroline Monat 4 aylar önce
J' adore , il y a un moment que je regarde et re regarde cette vidéo, là, je mets un commentaire, trop trop fort tous les deux, à refaire absolument !!!! En plus une complicité tous les deux et drôles vraiment !Quelle voix Adele fan depuis longtemps !
Hott291ca Aylar önce
I've watched this at least 10x already. it will always be one I rewatch. ❤
TV_BASS 4 aylar önce
Шикарно, позитивно спасибо ребята за хорошее настроение 💋
George Maher Jr
George Maher Jr Aylar önce
This is one of the only videos I’ve ever watched, that when the ads plays, I let them play all the way through. They earned whatever money this video makes them. What an entertaining video. 🙌
Marty Smith
Marty Smith 5 yıl önce
Even without her fame and fortune, I would hang out with this woman and laugh every minute of it....
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
Hello, how are you doing? Hope you’re having a wonderful day!!
natnael eshete
natnael eshete 4 aylar önce
Who’s here after nickis carpool 😂
Dana Tighe
Dana Tighe 2 aylar önce
No but after reading all these comments, I’ll be going there next!
ETHAN LIAM GORODN 3 aylar önce
David Jones
David Jones 4 aylar önce
Me I said why not beep a few times for Snoop Dogg
Rizwana Rafiq
Rizwana Rafiq 4 aylar önce
Certified Tech
Certified Tech 4 aylar önce
Shaye Jivens
Shaye Jivens 5 aylar önce
It's soooo beautiful how Adele's singing voice is different from her speaking voice..😂💙 I lovveeee it and I love her...🔥🤞🏼
Jenna Kemp
Jenna Kemp 3 aylar önce
i love how beautiful adele’s voice is, and they say all singers use auto tune, but adele’s singing voice is so gorgeous without music
Tyler Jakes
Tyler Jakes 4 gün önce
Hello, how are you doing? Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
Alok M
Alok M 2 aylar önce
One of the finest singers to ever exist! Simply superb
Dewi Pamekas
Dewi Pamekas 2 yıl önce
No wonder this episode is carpool's most watched on TRvid. Adele is everything
Evelyn Farrell
Evelyn Farrell 2 yıl önce
Krystin Black so was one direction tho🥴
Krystin Black
Krystin Black 2 yıl önce
She's really genuine and down to earth but I think it has the so many more views than others is bc it's from 4 years ago
ayy papi
ayy papi 2 yıl önce
T Bag lol no, i liked it
Rockayla Marie
Rockayla Marie 2 yıl önce
T Bag ummm? no?
JDR Pan 4 aylar önce
I really enjoyed it a lot. Fun, emotional and artistic skills.
Ave :p
Ave :p 6 aylar önce
Adele is just so pure and such an incredible singer. You just can't hate her. She's amazing and has great songs.
RedBev59 5 aylar önce
I LOVE when James does these car pools. BEST THING EVER. This one with Adele was Fantabulous. James and Adele together sing great. LOL What fun. I really enjoyed this.
Lindasue Manz
Lindasue Manz 4 aylar önce
This is fantastic James really has a fantastic voice
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