Adam Calhoun - Clean Money (Official Music Video)

Adam Calhoun
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Let's Take It Back To Where It All Started. Much Respect To All Of The Hard Working Men & Women In Our Country. PreOrder My New Album "WAR"
Not sure what y'all doin', I'm puttin' hard work in
And everything I got bet your ass I earned it
Up early, 4:30
You wanna make clean money gotta get dirty
Tie your boots up, look in the driveway
That ain't a new truck that's an old Chevy
Spray can black paint lookin' ready
She gets me where I gotta go, ol' black betty
Diggin' holes, loadin' dirt, drivin' nails
Got a bunch of stickers on this ol' lunch pail
Yeah, hard hat with a flag on the back
And if you don't like that then it's fuck you Jack (Fuck you Jack)
Get it in 'til it's time to go
Clock out, get on down the road
This old truck gets me where I gotta go
But she only plays rock-n-roll
Tough shit, hard work everyday
I ain't got a lot but at least I'm gettin' paid (Gettin' paid)
Hard work (Hard work), dirty hands (Dirty hands)
Clean money, oh Lord yeah
Tough shit, hard work everyday
I ain't got a lot but at least I'm gettin' paid (Gettin' paid)
Hard work (Hard work), dirty hands (Dirty hands)
Clean money, oh Lord yeah
Not sure what y'all doin', I'm a the bar drinkin'
I work my ass off just to make it to the weekend
So pour a long shot of Jack Daniels
Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, I'm an animal
Let's crack a cold one it's been a hot day
I'll buy the first round, I finally got paid
I'm just a simple man, make an honest livin'
Came a long way from bein' locked up in prison, yeah
Get it in 'til it's time to go
Clock out, get on down the road
This old truck gets me where I gotta go
But she only plays rock-n-roll
Tough shit, hard work everyday
I ain't got a lot but at least I'm gettin' paid (Gettin' paid)
Hard work (Hard work), dirty hands (Dirty hands)
Clean money, oh Lord yeah
Tough shit, hard work everyday
I ain't got a lot but at least I'm gettin' paid (Gettin' paid)
Hard work (Hard work), dirty hands (Dirty hands)
Clean money, oh Lord yeah (Lord yeah, Lord yeah)




16 Jul 2019




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Adam Calhoun
Adam Calhoun Yıl önce
smarturl.it/gkzy49 I put in a lot of hrs over the years. I thought I’d grow old and die in that plant. For some reason, I ended up here. I’m more than proud to speak for my people. Much Respect. If you want the album, your can go get it here smarturl.it/gkzy49
Jhon cobin free, from chile
Christi Rogers
Christi Rogers 4 gün önce
The story of real fuckin life
Jonathan Cady
Jonathan Cady 8 gün önce
Fresh outta the joint, framing in the AZ sun 6-2, waiting tables 5-10. GRIIIINDING...but it's all legit. Blue collar anthem right here...
Will Hudson
Will Hudson 10 gün önce
Nice chevy btw I just pulled my grandads out the grass and got it running she’s a beast now and something with lots of memories.
Will Hudson
Will Hudson 10 gün önce
True American song. Work your ass off barely get by and earn something better than money. RESPECT!
Tyler Casey
Tyler Casey 8 saatler önce
Mans got soul
Margaret Johnston
Margaret Johnston 10 saatler önce
Luv ur music!!! 😎
Daniel Mccray
Daniel Mccray Gün önce
It would be nice if this song was a little longer. Awesome tune I jam out to everyday.
Jamie Yarbrough The Krazy Kuntreee Guy
The chemical plant and the rail road repair shop, I feel ya brother
Graduated high school, joined the Marines, went to industrial sector, now working in the auto industry. Been blue collar all my life. Just trying to raise my boys, take care of my wife, and keep food on the table. It sucks to struggle, but I'm proud of what I do and I'm proud to be an American. Semper Fi
Michael Rasmussen
Slapping this at 4:30 am on way to work
The Dude
The Dude Gün önce
Real work makes real men
bobcho nikolaev
bobcho nikolaev 2 gün önce
Fuck man that's what I live for! I could get real easy money like 10 years ago when i was 18, but i had the enough balls to say fuck no i dont want get in jail for few grams weed or a fuckin bitch.! YEAH MAN!
The Mechanic
The Mechanic 3 gün önce
I love this its a bit of me. keep it real
Justin Wayne
Justin Wayne 3 gün önce
Concrete finishers stand up!!!!!
Robbie Frentz
Robbie Frentz 3 gün önce
It’s called american pride. Or white privilege. I have both. Love the song keep it up
Michael Rasmussen
LMAO I hear the fuck outta that
Eric Johns
Eric Johns 3 gün önce
Hard workin white boy to the bone! If you don't like that than fuck you jack!
whitetrash superhero
Union ironworker local 404 here...work hard and play even harder...love your shit brother
ALAYAKING 4 gün önce
Believe It or not best money I ever made was working in the coal mines as a 20 year old man after high School in North Alabama did that for 14 years came home to mobile and made a living on art
Michael Voyles
Michael Voyles 4 gün önce
My new fucking anthem!
Diamond Logistics
Diamond Logistics 4 gün önce
Started off in construction when I was 14 yrs old. That was 40 yrs ago. Been working like a dog ever since. Gettin that clean money and sleepin with a clean conscience. ✌🇺🇸
Brandon Shrum
Brandon Shrum 5 gün önce
Thanks for this song, I am a plumber and drive an old black chevy. I've gave up the drinkin now my son hears this and hears someone rappin about the workin man. Keep'em comin. God Bless America Trump 2020
COONHUNTER #1 6 gün önce
Hell yes I can relate, love this song 💪
Justin Gonzalez
Justin Gonzalez 6 gün önce
Love it!
Big Daddy A
Big Daddy A 6 gün önce
You was born with money quit lying
Big Daddy A
Big Daddy A 6 gün önce
Good meaning to the song but you suck for real lol no rhythm yeahhhh
Jamie Hoffman
Jamie Hoffman 6 gün önce
Piss me off I soder now i remember everything I had alot pucks fucking with me and I never done a dam thing to anyone but puck going get beat down for hit my 6 year old girl
Jamie Hoffman
Jamie Hoffman 6 gün önce
Love this song
Zachariah 6 gün önce
And here we have the oil field workers theme song
kill shot
kill shot 6 gün önce
You have a great voice for southern twang man. You have a zakk wylde kinda thing. You can play everything and have that raspy voice and can sing that type of music.
Jim Rustle
Jim Rustle 7 gün önce
Shout out to all the hard working people who are so dirty that they need a shower at the end of the day. Honest money $$$$$
TomTom TomTom
TomTom TomTom 7 gün önce
Yo you should do a video on the black militia
Chris Collins
Chris Collins 7 gün önce
Trump rap
Connor Nailon
Connor Nailon 7 gün önce
300k on my old gmc and she still gets me where I gotta go
Jonathan Cady
Jonathan Cady 8 gün önce
Just got out of prison in March, started framing houses here in the Arizona sun 6-2 then waiting tables 5-10... absolutely love this. Blue Collar Anthem. Mad love and respect
Michael Rasmussen
God bless you bro keep head down and keep pushing god will bless you
loydchristmas23 4 gün önce
Stay in the fight bro and keep your nose clean. Props for gettin right to work. Wish you the best.
Cancel King
Cancel King 8 gün önce
Willow White
Willow White 8 gün önce
Hi Adam!!!!!... Never knew about you until 2 weeks ago!!! And literally just found out you were an artist... I put you on my Pandora... You got some good cleaning music!!!!!... Thanks man
Brad Miller
Brad Miller 8 gün önce
Love your music Adam Calhoun I listen to ya everyday while I'm working on the farm I can relate to every song thank you now that's music
Carl Gula
Carl Gula 8 gün önce
Awsome video, thanks for sharing.
B G 8 gün önce
Been in construction since I graduated high school, it ain’t easy but it’s given me the ability to build a life for myself, my wife and the family were building together.
Alex Torres
Alex Torres 9 gün önce
Im laying in bed right now after a long night. Its Sunday July 5th @ 12:50pm. I'm dreading going to work tomorrow morning. But this song here motivates me... look out work week here I come
Superrandomz 11 gün önce
Cool song!
David Norris
David Norris 11 gün önce
My theme song
MARCO 11 gün önce
This is for all of the people that try to accomplish their goals but fall short most of the time. Watch Earl Nightingale on this TRvid video- trvid.com/video/video-6tbHYvH347A.html I only drink 1 beer a day instead of a fourth of a bottle of whiskey every night. I am 5 days in and I will make it for 30 days. After that I will only drink a beer or two on my days off instead of every day like a normal person. Apply this method to anything you want in life and you can be successful. If you don’t want to click the link search Earl nightingale 30 day test. When the Son sets you free you will be free indeed, God always provides a way. Awesome Music video, thanks for promoting great values Adam.
Bill Carvalho
Bill Carvalho 12 gün önce
Fuckin A!!!! hard work dirty hands clean money... thank you Adam
Misty Elkins aka Hunt
Misty Elkins aka Hunt 12 gün önce
What a strong song! Everyone should be able to take the amazing message out of this song and hopefully better their lives for the better. It takes hard work but can be so rewarding as it goes on 🤘🏻🇺🇸
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee 12 gün önce
Great song
R3dneck 12 gün önce
Launching in the industry. Just wanted to come and let you know my respect & let you know that you have been an inspiration. Instagram @realr3dneck
storm wickham
storm wickham 12 gün önce
Thanks Adam. This song makes me motivated to make money every day. I drive an ol chevy as well.
The Leopard
The Leopard 13 gün önce
I work at home depot outside all day no matter the weather I'm outside collecting the carts and helping load trucks. Gonna be 20 soon. Right now it's all I got but I like it. It's not always easy being outside in the hot sun or cold winds but the dirt and sweat makes me feel like I really earned my check. Listening to this while at work makes me work better and be dam proud to be working hard for this money. God Bless
jvawelding 13 gün önce
Bad ass jam
Darell Williams
Darell Williams 13 gün önce
Never thought I’d see a hip hop song promoting blue collar work, and be decent rap. Props
Tiffany Pringle
Tiffany Pringle 13 gün önce
Hey do you Travis pringle
Sulliivan Terrance
Sulliivan Terrance 14 gün önce
Couldn’t sing it any better ... hard workers you know who u are ?
C J 14 gün önce
Fastly approaching 30 yrs of being a brick mason & still lovin every minute of it💪. America was built by hard working folks & we need to get back to that! Not these whiney ass, soft handed & entitled types!! Much love & respect Adam👍
You Hear Me
You Hear Me 15 gün önce
2 minutes and 47 seconds was the best part of the song
little biffy
little biffy 16 gün önce
Suzette A
Suzette A 16 gün önce
That was sexyyyy
Micha Grobi
Micha Grobi 16 gün önce
One I always recommend! Adam2020
Jennifer spurling
Jennifer spurling 16 gün önce
My boyfriend hear this song ever time he goes to work
phil thoreson
phil thoreson 17 gün önce
American Anthem!
Trenton Tulledge
Trenton Tulledge 17 gün önce
This the song that got me! I am your brother from another mother. I am white and proud of it. Your buddy from the Hoosier state. Keep the utube videos going on sucker!
BIG Z 17 gün önce
18 years old starting as a pipefitter 597, 🤟
Debbie Fedasz
Debbie Fedasz 17 gün önce
I love this man and his wisdom...
Gabe Wilkins
Gabe Wilkins 17 gün önce
Yesterday check out my lil cuz get paid brother 💯 #dont4getaboutus
LIL_JOHNNY489 18 gün önce
Clean money is awesome never wanna touch dirty money again
Ashton Malloy
Ashton Malloy 19 gün önce
Clean money ya god dam right
Daisy Edberg
Daisy Edberg 21 gün önce
Honorable n sexy way to be !
James Huber
James Huber 22 gün önce
That's what's up
Arian Tarantino Tarani
Love it With Full Heart 💯❤💯
Dora Hager
Dora Hager 18 gün önce
Love you babe...🥰🥰
Arian Tarantino Tarani
Love you bunny
Dora Hager
Dora Hager 18 gün önce
Oriana Connell
Oriana Connell 23 gün önce
inspires me this song brother play it daily before work salute
Doh Joe Gringo
Doh Joe Gringo 23 gün önce
I hear Ryan! Woof! So much yes!
Hector Calderon
Hector Calderon 24 gün önce
Love this joint keep doing your thing brother
Big Chubbs
Big Chubbs 25 gün önce
Just got say man you really have helped and this sound is my Moring song
I Workout Till i die
I Workout Till i die 25 gün önce
I work weekends too my dude
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor 25 gün önce
Right now in these times... I cant get enough of this positive message... I believe my country will rebound back..... God bless everyone....
james conrad
james conrad 25 gün önce
You make me proud to be a hard working country boy from West Virginia
Ariel Taverner
Ariel Taverner 25 gün önce
Fuck yeah! This was a bOP!
Zack Stockton
Zack Stockton 26 gün önce
I love this jam
Anthony Collinsworth
Anthony Collinsworth 27 gün önce
Hell yea... making a song for all us hard working Americans that make a honest living...something to jam too at work
Ian Anders
Ian Anders 27 gün önce
I work on a lobster boat and this is currently my anthem. Good tune, great message.
Broken Silence
Broken Silence 28 gün önce
Mike Clark
Mike Clark 29 gün önce
Hey Adam Calhoun what do u think about the general Lee getting the roof repainted with a American flag
JNAPproductions Aylar önce
I work in a steel processing warehouse, thank you mr Calhoun god bless you and your family, thank you for spreading love to all us blue collar workers.
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