Adam Calhoun - Clean Money (Official Music Video)

Adam Calhoun
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Let's Take It Back To Where It All Started. Much Respect To All Of The Hard Working Men & Women In Our Country. PreOrder My New Album "WAR" smarturl.it/gkzy49
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Not sure what y'all doin', I'm puttin' hard work in
And everything I got bet your ass I earned it
Up early, 4:30
You wanna make clean money gotta get dirty
Tie your boots up, look in the driveway
That ain't a new truck that's an old Chevy
Spray can black paint lookin' ready
She gets me where I gotta go, ol' black betty
Diggin' holes, loadin' dirt, drivin' nails
Got a bunch of stickers on this ol' lunch pail
Yeah, hard hat with a flag on the back
And if you don't like that then it's fuck you Jack (Fuck you Jack)
Get it in 'til it's time to go
Clock out, get on down the road
This old truck gets me where I gotta go
But she only plays rock-n-roll
Tough shit, hard work everyday
I ain't got a lot but at least I'm gettin' paid (Gettin' paid)
Hard work (Hard work), dirty hands (Dirty hands)
Clean money, oh Lord yeah
Tough shit, hard work everyday
I ain't got a lot but at least I'm gettin' paid (Gettin' paid)
Hard work (Hard work), dirty hands (Dirty hands)
Clean money, oh Lord yeah
Not sure what y'all doin', I'm a the bar drinkin'
I work my ass off just to make it to the weekend
So pour a long shot of Jack Daniels
Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, I'm an animal
Let's crack a cold one it's been a hot day
I'll buy the first round, I finally got paid
I'm just a simple man, make an honest livin'
Came a long way from bein' locked up in prison, yeah
Get it in 'til it's time to go
Clock out, get on down the road
This old truck gets me where I gotta go
But she only plays rock-n-roll
Tough shit, hard work everyday
I ain't got a lot but at least I'm gettin' paid (Gettin' paid)
Hard work (Hard work), dirty hands (Dirty hands)
Clean money, oh Lord yeah
Tough shit, hard work everyday
I ain't got a lot but at least I'm gettin' paid (Gettin' paid)
Hard work (Hard work), dirty hands (Dirty hands)
Clean money, oh Lord yeah (Lord yeah, Lord yeah)




16 Jul 2019




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Adam Calhoun
Adam Calhoun 6 aylar önce
smarturl.it/gkzy49 I put in a lot of hrs over the years. I thought I’d grow old and die in that plant. For some reason, I ended up here. I’m more than proud to speak for my people. Much Respect. If you want the album, your can go get it here smarturl.it/gkzy49
Chris Hick
Chris Hick Gün önce
You the man adam
Angel Phillips brooks
Beautifully said. Much respect👌❤
William Dupont
William Dupont 18 gün önce
@justin tume who T.F is Justin time 0ct 4th 1980
Nonstoporphan 22 gün önce
Adam Calhoun your the man!!!!!!!!
Joseph Winland
Joseph Winland Aylar önce
MR. Gafolopolos
MR. Gafolopolos 14 saatler önce
You make be proud to wear a blue collar
Full Send Filosophy
Full Send Filosophy 15 saatler önce
Automotive field up north busting our nuckles and keeping our hands dirty honest way of life
Chris Hick
Chris Hick Gün önce
Whoever put a thumbs down on this video sucks balls
Fred Cook
Fred Cook Gün önce
Hey Adam Calhoun what is your everyday job be real son
nicolas brendline
nicolas brendline 2 gün önce
Let's go!!!!!!!
Patriotic Anarchist
Patriotic Anarchist 2 gün önce
Shout out from the w West Texas oilfield...jam this in my dirtymax all day
NanaShurie of 11
NanaShurie of 11 2 gün önce
Love it
Garry Ramsell
Garry Ramsell 2 gün önce
Florida Offroad
Florida Offroad 4 gün önce
My daily anthem #motivation
darkheartkain 5 gün önce
My new anthem
Wes Collins
Wes Collins 8 gün önce
There is no clean money or dirty money only money
lastbhatalive 9 gün önce
Song makes me wanna go to work
Lost In Life
Lost In Life 10 gün önce
Idk how this video has 4.2M views and only 62K likes. Love the honest videos and message you speak.
OpenOnMondays 10 gün önce
Please tell me there’s a 350 under the hood.. only Chevy motor id own 😂
Jaq Michael
Jaq Michael 10 gün önce
This is my shit! I bump this shit every morning on my in to work. Respect my dude!
ryan ulbricht
ryan ulbricht 11 gün önce
Anyone else see the GTR at 1:11?
J Gutta MistaFuckYoFeelings
Do work! construction in the trenches putting in work 💯
M-sha IHOP
M-sha IHOP 13 gün önce
Good song I’m a concrete, rod buster Ironworker carpenter and build mines, plants, refining and houses so much respect
van shaddinger
van shaddinger 14 gün önce
Listen to this before every shift 🔥
Charlie Kilo Lima Delta
One of the best songs i have heared so far
Kelsey Reed
Kelsey Reed 16 gün önce
This song reminds me of my daddy and my husband. Thank you
MisterMalice 18 gün önce
1800 people who disliked this have never had a job.
daniel clifford
daniel clifford 18 gün önce
sell mo weed
daniel clifford
daniel clifford 18 gün önce
Leya Stewart
Leya Stewart 18 gün önce
Thanks for your music Man it's awesome shit and never stop doing what you do . My new favorite country shit!! I'm country to the core just like you. Thanks you telling the truth about life and all the BS in it
Leya Stewart
Leya Stewart 18 gün önce
I love his music I just found him yesterday and I'm telling everyone to listen to all of his shit it's all real shit I can see that for sure gotta love it . Not Leya Stewart this is Emil St.Clair and I would do anything to say thank you for making music that I can relate to . Keep it up Adam I need more people in my life like you real mother Fu**ers that tell it true and how it is and don't hold back how they feel about real life sh*t
Louise Gobble
Louise Gobble 19 gün önce
You don't know how much this song means to my grandson you have been an inspiration thank you and God bless you
Andre Like FineWine
Andre Like FineWine 19 gün önce
Union Iron Workers #103. We speak this language bro.
Gage Wylie
Gage Wylie 17 gün önce
Andre Like FineWine JIW local 321! Little Rock
Coffey's furry friends
yo..we need a war song..a FIGHT song..now is the time.noone else has done it
Mikey G
Mikey G 19 gün önce
I'm from Canada, I work outside at a grocery store pushing carts for 9-10 hours in all type of elements and weather. I don't know if that aligns with making clean money and a '' hard. '' worker.
Jonathan Vanginkel
Jonathan Vanginkel 20 gün önce
Good song , coming at you 16 10-12 hour afternoon shift working on heavy equipment
Mac Daddy
Mac Daddy 20 gün önce
Dope bro.
Ouzo Lou Garage
Ouzo Lou Garage 21 gün önce
Hard work dirty hands 🤙
Adrian Negron
Adrian Negron 22 gün önce
Any clue where I can get that lunch box strap?
McArthur Motors
McArthur Motors 22 gün önce
Industrial millwright for Arcelor mittal, this song screams my job!
Ceirra S
Ceirra S 23 gün önce
Amen brother keep the hard work up an God Bless You🙏☝️👍😎💞
mike Clough
mike Clough 23 gün önce
Hell yeah brother always good to have a cold one after a long day of hard work!🤙🍺
HO LEE FOOK 23 gün önce
I get up at 4:30 every mourning!!!!
texasbred 2000
texasbred 2000 24 gün önce
I work in the oilfield so I love this song
VortexPlays 25 gün önce
how did u get 4m views and only have 725k subs u deserve more! keep doin what your doin love your music!!
Chapters of a Gemini
Chapters of a Gemini 26 gün önce
My dream MAN!!!!
George Chamberlain Jr
George Chamberlain Jr 26 gün önce
Ive already said it once but ill say it again this is my new favorite song. What a kiss ass song. I couldnt say the words better. Hard work dirty hands CLEAN money o hell ya
Lindsey Brown
Lindsey Brown 28 gün önce
Meed more music like this...
George Chamberlain Jr
George Chamberlain Jr 28 gün önce
This is my new favorite song. O hell ya
DitchCreeper 4x4
DitchCreeper 4x4 29 gün önce
To the working class. God bless you
Steven Bergwall
Steven Bergwall Aylar önce
12 years as a chemical plant mechanic and damn proud to be a blue collar hard working American! God bless this country and all the blue collar boys that keep it together!
Seriously Casual
Seriously Casual Aylar önce
That oilfield life!! Been pumping oil out of the ground for 15 years. Love my job my god and my COUNTRY!!
Amy The Predominant Patriot
congratulations for being in the top loser job list in America.
Michael Zane
Michael Zane Aylar önce
Used to be the band. RUSH The working Man. Song not it's this one
Trisha Baum
Trisha Baum Aylar önce
I love doing hardwork sometimes
Ryan Dare
Ryan Dare Aylar önce
Man I just found this song. I thought I’ve listen to all of A-Cals songs but damn this is some real shit. Swear this is my life
Alex Mclean
Alex Mclean Aylar önce
1.7k dislikes never had the feel of hard hat steel toes sore back and hands dirty sleeve rolled up
Juni Cohen
Juni Cohen Aylar önce
Clean money and dirty hands friend
Ben Roy
Ben Roy Aylar önce
Dude you have to do somthing with B.Suriuos
Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth Aylar önce
This is more important to express than any of us probably know
berserkerbdog Aylar önce
25 years on the assembly.Cheers!
Jerid Pickett
Jerid Pickett Aylar önce
#hardwork = clean money. Hats off to you my dude way to stand up for us hard work n American ppl
Jerid Pickett
Jerid Pickett Aylar önce
Ol black Betty lol
Jonathon Lyons
Jonathon Lyons Aylar önce
mason morris
mason morris Aylar önce
Tower hand reppin 🤘 dirty hands clean money
Quit Cryin... Build The Wall
Making fun of ANTIFA
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