Ada Masalı | Island Tale Episode 14 (English Subtitles)

Island Tale - Ada Masalı
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Ada Masalı 14th Episode

The love of Haziran and Poyraz is on the edge of a big test this time. The fact that Zeynep and Aliye don’t approve this love makes things more difficult. Haziran does not want Poyraz's relationship with her grandmother to deteriorate because of this love, and Poyraz does not want to get Haziran away from her mother.

For this reason, Poyraz and Haziran must convince Zeynep and Aliye. İdil is feeling terrible but Batu, on the other hand, seems happy. Until his life falls apart with the arrival of an unexpected guest. Despite all the troubles they have been through, Poyraz and Haziran will find themselves helping an enemy. Biricik, who is still angry about what has happened, is preparing another plan for Melisa. And Alper is slowly making his decision… Melisa, who is carrying the burden of her lie, will be willing to lose everything for the two of them. Will Haziran and Poyraz, who suffer as they try not to build happiness on the unhappiness of others, be able to stay together? Or is there only one solution left for two lovers?


Haziran: Ayça Ayşin Turan
Poyraz: Alp Navruz
Biricik: Özge Demirtel
Alper: Rami Narin
Görkem: Bülent Çolak
Selma: Nihan Büyükağaç
Nehir: Eylül Ersöz
Hakan: Anıl Cem Kenar
İdil: Beril Pozam
Aliye: Bedia Ener
Zeynep: İpek Tenolcay
Doygun: Mesut Özkeçeci
Melisa: Merve Nur Bengi
Sadık: Fatih Yücebağ
Duygu: Bensu Begoviç
Mert: Eren Devrim
Burak: Mustafa Aran



24 Eyl 2021




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Thank you so much for translating and posting, please don't listen to the comments of people complaining about the delay, we are grateful you post and doing this so please don't mind and know that we appreciate all your hard work and look forward every week to these episodes whenever you can post them 💕 THANK YOU!
Teresa Barberot
Brilliant writers and actors. When Haziran’s Mom and Poyraz’s grandmother had said their love was the cause for all the problems I thought how many times I have seen this in real life. The older ones thinking their wisdoms and experience of life are the way it is for everybody and demand obedience! My heart was breaking for them. True love overcomes all differences of lifestyles or backgrounds. Every storyline this week was so good! The last scene with Poyraz and Haziran trying to give each other up and walk away was so emotional and I was crying with them. This show should win awards. Looking forward to next week. Thank you so much.
Irfa Yassir
The pain Haziran and Poyraz have, I actually cried.. like why...
Did anyone tear up hearing Selma's story about her marriage? It's all too common with women to be stuck in loveless marriages because of culture. Ah I hope she finally gets to be happy!
OMG! Finally! I will now understand the best scene yet which is towards the end. But even so, their acting performance was so spotless that I kind of understood the pain each one was portraying. Thank you so much for posting it. I’m obsessed with this series. Lol Xoxo! 😭💔
It was an interesting narrative choice for Poyraz to be the one to formally break things off because it revealed the limitations of each person's willingness to sacrifice for the other. He could in theory run away with Haziran to a place removed from the judgmental eye of his and her family, but that would require him to leave the island and his role as caretaker of Aliye, which he is unwilling to do, at least as of now. In that sense, he has chosen stability/tradition over his newfound love, which suggests he has made less progress than Haziran in setting aside old ways. Haziran, as we know, loves the city, but as already demonstrated, would be ok to give up that life if it would allow her to be with Poyraz. It will be interesting to see what Poyraz is really willing to sacrifice to be with her, because we know he loves her, but keeping her will require sacrifice.
samiya issopjee
Batu acting is soooo damn good. Starting to love him. Hope Idil and Batu get together
Rachael Adeniran
What a great episode. I'm so sad for PoHaz, however, they will find a way. As for Batu, I'm actually starting to love him - I can't believe that 😂😍. I just wish Idil could give up her obsession to give Batu a chance.
Romita Thoudam
I just love n love watching this series over n over again...my day starts with it n ends with it. Love to c both poyraz n harizan forever. So cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
Sumana Singha Ray
The most heartbreaking scene of Batu and Idil.
Hello World
Batu deserves more love for showing his masterpiece acting 🔥🔥🔥
Ramatou Falke
Guys , I am always anxious to wait for the translation , I think whenever they post it we should thank them . It is not an easy job at all. It took me almost an hour to translate a fragment of few minutes😀.
Yolandi Prins
Obsessed with this series, their chemistry is soooo strong😍😍♥️
I love the starting of this show. Everyone does such a do role play it just makes it perfect both side of families and friends
Juna Mae Palen
😭💔emotions overload, the best turkish series i've ever seen ..i love u poyhaz also staff and all the people who gave all effort to give us an outstanding scenes🥰🎉 can't wait for the next episodes 🙏😘 very well done
Marie-luise Schwab
He can't kidnap her somewhere no place to hide it's too difficult for them, no solution Poyraz decided to break up...its a heartbreaking....wow !!!! such an excellent perfomanced both of them are emotionally good in delivering their dialogues I can see the pains in their eyes....it made me cry a lot....so sad
archana bagde
I have never seen such a romantic breakup scene in my life.
krithika Shillu
Wow, Another amazing episode 👍
Sonya Brown
That was so moving! 😭😭😭 amazing acting, it’s so real! I love this series. Wish it was uploaded more than once a week. Wow, they just have to stay together somehow.
Zakia Shefa
Extraordinary performance by Haziran & Poyraz ♥️
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