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Ada Masalı | Island Tale 11th Episode, Summary

Batu's plan worked. The punch he got from Poyraz succeeded in his goal and caused tension between Haziran and Poyraz. However, what Batu does not yet know is that this event has affected Poyraz in a completely different way. The dark past of Poyraz has just started to come light.

Melisa and Alper's short kiss will get them into trouble they never expected. The lies told to protect Biricik will turn into a bigger game over time.

Another person who plays a game on lies on the island is İdil.

She will begin to see what can cause the lie she told to gain Poyraz's attention.

While trying to find out the reason for the fight between Poyraz and Batu, Haziran also tries to ensure that the bridges between her and Poyraz do not collapse. However, Poyraz does not make it easy at all.

Every time Batu gets away with it and succeeds to show himself innocent, Poyraz gets into an even more difficult situation. However, despite everything, Poyraz and Haziran will try to hold on to their love. But now their love will face with not one but two powerful enemies.

Haziran: Ayça Ayşin Turan
Poyraz: Alp Navruz
Biricik: Özge Demirtel
Alper: Rami Narin
Görkem: Bülent Çolak
Selma: Nihan Büyükağaç
Nehir: Eylül Ersöz
Hakan: Anıl Cem Kenar
İdil: Beril Pozam
Aliye: Bedia Ener
Zeynep: İpek Tenolcay
Doygun: Mesut Özkeçeci
Melisa: Merve Nur Bengi
Sadık: Fatih Yücebağ
Duygu: Bensu Begoviç
Mert: Eren Devrim
Burak: Mustafa Aran



2 Eyl 2021




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L S 4 aylar önce
Apart from everything else, did anyone else feel so happy seeing Zeynep and Selma finally get along!?
gangaraj byrasandra
gangaraj byrasandra 9 gün önce
Sylvia Valdez
Sylvia Valdez Aylar önce
@Kenegnaq1 me too. I Cried.
Jossey Adhiambo
Jossey Adhiambo 3 aylar önce
I was so damn happy
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones 3 aylar önce
Yes, very much😊
Love Aubrey
Love Aubrey 4 aylar önce
I shed a tear when zeynep apologized to selma, it was all she wanted all these years😪
Patricia Michael Jitin
to be honest, this drama series is very interesting to watch because the storyline is not outrageous, does not use the same script for example, handsome and rich guy silently falls in love with an ordinary girl, love affair gets great resistance from family members and love is blocked .. For me, Ada Masali has a very interesting storyline because it is different from other Turkish dramas that use the same characters and plot. In addition, this story is played by very talented actors such as Alp Navruz and Ayca Aysin Turan as the main actors. (hero and heroine) .. This is the 2nd drama series that I am interested in after Erkenci Kus (played by Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir) 3 years ago..Bravo and congratulations to the great Ada Masali team !! .. greetings from loyal fans (Malaysia) ..
Kiki Aylar önce
@Ananya kapoor yeah, can love become money.
Ananya kapoor
Ananya kapoor Aylar önce
@Kiki really? Kiralik ask is remake of k drama ?
study with Ayush tiwari
In spite of love also is a best series...
aBbie rEynolds
aBbie rEynolds Aylar önce
Same, and I love the location as well, the beautiful, Mediterranean-esque island vibes, I wish I was there😍😍
Karolina 2 aylar önce
You should watch KUZGUN; the same media studio - very unusual story line, and beautiful couple
namita kashyap
namita kashyap 4 aylar önce
The actor playing Gorkem is just too good.... Brilliant!
Sylvia Valdez
Sylvia Valdez Aylar önce
I love him in this series. He just makes me laugh. One of my favorite characters.
VIP GAMING 3 aylar önce
Yea thought he was a bad guy
Nurul 3 aylar önce
Agree wit u..
Dgitalchick 4 aylar önce
Yes I agree with you, he is exceptionel
Dilbar Satarova
Dilbar Satarova 4 aylar önce
Loulizable 4 aylar önce
Thanks for doing the subtitles for all these episodes. Really appreciated! So pleased that Poyraz and Haziran are now at least over their initial issues and are slowly learning to trust each other. Really hope we get some more nice scenes between them now. I mean I know there's still going to be drama but a bit more happier scenes would be good. After all growth and character arcs are important in stories. However Batu is way more dangerous than Hakan was. I'm definitely getting a psychotic impression from him. And a crazy narcissistic one too. He's definitely more like the Joker. Not sure yet whether Idil will be more like Regina George from 'Mean Girls' who was mean but eventually after everything that happened she made peace. Or is she Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad whose basically almost as crazy the Joker. But at least the grandmother has finally woken up to who Idil really is. Who knows how she'd be of she ever remembered what Idil said when she was still in the Coma.
Loulizable 4 aylar önce
@cookies from what I've heard them say the ending actually seeing be for quite a while yet. I had got the feeling that it was a Summer Romance series but apparently it's quite a bit more than that, so looks like loads more episodes to come. But yes like you I'm a definite fan of happy endings. For me TV series are like going out for a meal at a restaurant. There are restaurants that I'll write happily sample their dessert menu, i.e. watch clips of their happy scenes, but because I know they end by giving you a really bitter coffee at the end of the meal I would never suit down for the full meal. While if I know it's going to have a happy ending I'll write happily sit down for the full meal even if their are a range of different flavours to the meal, sweet, sour, salty , a bit of spice, different textures, but be able to really enjoy it because I'm not stressing about the ending. I always dreads the thought that any series will end up like British Soap Opera's that I never watch though I live in the UK because they never really give anyone a happy ending. I just find them sad and depressing, but there are apparently loads of people who love them, though I don't understand why at all.
cookies 4 aylar önce
Yes exactly..the audience want a good ending for the show and for Poyraz and Haziran.. I really really hope it will be a good one because bad endings suck!!!!
Loulizable 4 aylar önce
@Cornelia Andersen I think she definitely has the potential to be as dangerous. I think she's grown up to be a narcissist, but no one really ever been serious competition to her before Haziran came to the island. Plus now that she's lost the grandmother's support it will make her more of desperate and Batu will only make her worse by encouraging her to think she should be willing to be to do anything to win Poyraz. However and whenever this series ends I just hope they learn that their main audience wants a happy ending for Poyraz and Haziran.
Cornelia Andersen
Cornelia Andersen 4 aylar önce
I think Idil is at least as dangerous as Batu 🙁
Raameen 4 aylar önce
Ah that fever scene of batu and poyraz was just hilarious 😂 I can't stop laughing 😆 🤣 😂 😄
Sunila Khan
Sunila Khan 4 aylar önce
Not a dull moment in the episode. Love the spontaniety in Alp's acting.
Curly H_K
Curly H_K 4 aylar önce
Nothing made me happier than Grandma coming to her senses about Idil!! The Alp and the 2 girls storyline is getting more and more complicated. I'm not sure who I want together. And GODDAMN Poyraz, I am so proud of his character and his development. He is one FINE man.
Zully 4 aylar önce
argh, butterflies in my stomach when poyraz is giving haziran a small and shy smile😭
shinayza shiraaz
shinayza shiraaz 26 gün önce
Yah,that smile is something else 😍😄☺
shinayza shiraaz
shinayza shiraaz 26 gün önce
badria 4 aylar önce
Magi Emilova
Magi Emilova 4 aylar önce
YES YES YESSS🤩 When poyraz saw that she is wearing the necklace his smile was unbelievably cuteeee😍
Charmaine Ronquillo
Charmaine Ronquillo 3 aylar önce
Are we just going to ignore the fact that they forgot Haziran's birthday? Biricik is slowly drifting away from her best friend and honestly, it hurts more than a breakup.
Leonaza7 4 aylar önce
OMG! Thank you so much! I’m about to have a heart attack. I finally will be able to figure out what they have been saying. lol Love you for translating for us English speaking. I’m obsessed. Lol
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones 3 aylar önce
English/turkish, still watching😊
Oana Diana
Oana Diana 4 aylar önce
Me too 😄😄 it's because Turkish people are so passionate that even when they're happy it looks like they're arguing... at least that's what I understood trying to watch their series without subtitles 😄😄
intan 4 aylar önce
The beach scene is the highlight !! The scenery of sunset are so pretty ♥ . Poor Haziran that nobody remember her birthday, but no worry because her beloved Poyraz do well in suprising her . She repeatedly say that she is dreaming 😂 . Im really happy when they both say 'i love you so much' & 'im in love with you' 🤧😭 (dont worry this is happy tears) . By the way, Haziran's dress really pretty 😍 . Ada Masali is the best !
Teresa Barberot
Teresa Barberot 4 aylar önce
So happy watching Poyraz and Haziran say they love each other. A very touching and romantic scene.The beach decor added to the romance and their hidden notes were so special. Nehir’s storyline will be interesting with all of her rage issues! She is a good actress. Gorkem still has a way of owning whatever scene he is in lol. His party outfit tonight was flaming! He is a diva and drama queen all rolled into one. The writers do his acting justice. Watching the devious plans Batu and Idil come up with will be good. Felt bad for Biricik. What a surprise with the awesome house Sadik has. I could go on and on. This is the best show ever!
Mahmud Islam
Mahmud Islam 4 aylar önce
The slap to Idil was wonderful.
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones 3 aylar önce
What took her so long!😁
Sally Tautai
Sally Tautai 4 aylar önce
Love itttt,
Endah Saraswati
Endah Saraswati 4 aylar önce
Hahhaaa I Agree 👍
Marlies Pereira
Marlies Pereira 4 aylar önce
I would like to thank all the people involved for the translations of the series. It is just so great to watch these tuerkish series in a language we non tuerkish people can read. Thank you, Danke, Merci, Efxaristo, etc etc etc. God bless you
Lucy Rodriguez
Lucy Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
I love Poyraz, can't get enough of him.
Shamna Harris
Shamna Harris 4 aylar önce
We all do 💞
Doctor r
Doctor r 4 aylar önce
Waiting for this series is like waiting for corona virus to go😂😂😂 pls be uploading it everyday the tension is too much for us fans of island tale. love from here xxx
MK Kaashif
MK Kaashif 3 aylar önce
I love Idil and Batu together 😁 they r perfect for each other.
cookies 4 aylar önce
Best part, when the grandmother slapped Idil on the face.. 😝
Annette Crawley
Annette Crawley 4 aylar önce
I just read an article about how a particular series was getting poor ratings. I am here to say that I would subscribe to the series and many more that like, if I knew of a secure website, network and way to do it. I live in Austin, Texas and I know several people that watch Turkish series and movies from India. I love watching these shows! The formats and websites that provide English subtitles are very limited. I received a virus after downloading a website that was supposedly safe. The acting in these dramas are often superior to many of the dramas in the US. I have learned quiet a bit about the different customs, values and celebrations from these country. I think if more people would try to learn more about other countries, there would be less strife in our world!
Carine Renée
Carine Renée 4 aylar önce
Hi Annette, I'm not from Turkey but I'm a fan of this show Ada masali as well, unfortunately we suffer from bad ratings for a few episodes and we fear a early cancelation. But we can turn it around by supporting the show every Tuesdays (the day of the broadcasting) on twitter, by showing our support and love for this dizi, you can join the international fandom on there... You will help a lot, thank you in advance.
M J 4 aylar önce
African American here! 🇺🇸 I am totally addicted to Turkish series! Thank you so much for uploading with English subtitles (I've already finished ❤)! Only bad thing about the series, they always end with you wanting MORE! I rarely have complete closure (getting used to it....4th series in)... I'm still never disappointed! 🙃
Carine Renée
Carine Renée 4 aylar önce
Please support the show as well on twitter in order to save it. Thank you for your appreciation.
Revanth 123
Revanth 123 4 aylar önce
Loved that they made Poyraz to confess the feelings first. My girl Hazeeran,has gone through so much..
Haniya Saba
Haniya Saba 4 aylar önce
Need more romantic scenes of Haziran and Poyraz together 😍😍👌
Eusebia Khardewsaw
Eusebia Khardewsaw 2 aylar önce
Tinibambini 2 aylar önce
It needs more Kisses 🥰
HaniYah 4 aylar önce
I feel like alper doesn’t deserve biricik because she’s so sincere but he can’t even make up his mind. And melisa shouldn’t kiss him when she knows he has a gf even if he confessed.
KATE WAMUYU 4 aylar önce
Literally feels like an early Christmas present. Loooove it
Arin 4 aylar önce
Phoebe Hernaez
Phoebe Hernaez 4 aylar önce
alex thomson
alex thomson 4 aylar önce
I have been to Turkey eleven times and just love everything about it , weather, food , culture , and now their TV Dramas, they are the best...... I'm from Scotland and can honestly say I haven't watched any thing as good as their Dramas, They are 100/% better than anything British or American. Keep up the good work and a massive thankyou to those who upload into English Language, it is very much appreciated, Many thanks from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤗🤗
alex thomson
alex thomson 4 aylar önce
@Rosemary Hi Rosemary , Yes Kara Para Ask is my favourite too, Elif and Omer are the perfect couple!!! And what a great love story it was.... and the perfect ending 🤗
alex thomson
alex thomson 4 aylar önce
@Mima Vasilic Hi mima, they are on my next to watch list, thankyou for recommendations 🤗🤗❤
Nisar Khan
Nisar Khan 4 aylar önce
I started to watch turkish dramas from ask laftan anlamaz
lety santua
lety santua 4 aylar önce
me too i love turkish series since i first watched Dolunay
Rosemary 4 aylar önce
Please don't say that. As much as I love Turkish series, I also love British drama. Some are great, especially the period dramas. Not every Turkish series are good, some are cheesy or bad writing too. My favorit will always be Kara Para Ask, Fatmagul, Kurt Seyit ve Sura (until Seyit left Sura), Cezur ve Guzel, Siyah Beyas Ask, Aglama anne, ah so many!!! Not to mention Sadece Sen. And still there's so many that I have to catch up like Hercai, Vatanim sensin, etc. Anyway thank you for uploading this series. I hope you know how foreign viewers really appeciate it. Teşekkürler
Asiya Kouser
Asiya Kouser 4 aylar önce
Batu wandering everywhere with that luggage is the most funniest thing.... 😅... And why whenever poyraz And Haziran are together on beach, batu is also there always......
cookies 4 aylar önce
Lol I think Batu with his luggage is hilarious as well
Anastasia Ch.
Anastasia Ch. 4 aylar önce
Our favorite day is when you upload the episode with english subtitles😍 Ada Masalı the best💙 Çok sağol🥰❣
Endah Saraswati
Endah Saraswati 4 aylar önce
It’s on Wednesday they would probably appear here in Indonesia... coz the time difference... so now I really love Wednesday 🥰💕💖
Judie Gibson
Judie Gibson 4 aylar önce
@Ellaine Bernadethe Alconera in Australia it’s a week 😥😥😥 but I check every day 😜
Ellaine Bernadethe Alconera
When Will be the next episode
Judie Gibson
Judie Gibson 4 aylar önce
Same here 🥰🇦🇺
saba Begum
saba Begum 4 aylar önce
I just laugh alot the way poyraz and idil treating batu😂😂😂
queen lisa from BLACKPINK!
1:38:32 I love how they're wink at each other!! That's so lovely
Just Gud4Nw
Just Gud4Nw 3 aylar önce
❤️❤️ I was even winking too as the 3rd person😂😂
Justcheetah 3 aylar önce
Too cute! 😍
Sally Tautai
Sally Tautai 4 aylar önce
Yep loved that wink, so romantic 💗💗💗
Christina Brandolini
Christina Brandolini 4 aylar önce
That melted my heart!! So real.
Dilani Pitigala
Dilani Pitigala 4 aylar önce
Loved this episode...Love confessed by Poyraz finally..../Poor Haziran such good soul disserves all the Love in the world for her kindness....🥰😘🥰
Maya Wulandri
Maya Wulandri 4 aylar önce
How glad I am to watch this episode eng sub...love this series so much... Always curious to next episode... Masya Allah great couple, chemistry and story👍👍
Lady in red
Lady in red 4 aylar önce
How can Zeynep forget her only child's birthday, if Poyraz had not remembered June would have felt so bad. This should make June love him even more. I know there are at least 14 episodes.
Noelia Rivas
Noelia Rivas 4 aylar önce
I loved this episode!! My heart is soooo full ❤️
Lost and Found Travellers
oh yay!! thank you so much for the english translation. I've been desperately waiting for episode 11. i'm so obsessed with this show. Big big thank you
Shamna Harris
Shamna Harris 4 aylar önce
Let's support the series by following the official Ada Masali Instagram FB and TRvid page 👍
Marie-luise Schwab
Marie-luise Schwab 4 aylar önce
Poyraz at last revealed his feeling to Harizan they're madly in love...... l love it how Haziran told Zeynep ang Aliye about their situation with Poyraz old enough to decide .....Batu played his charakter as villian very impressived....love the female version of that soundtrack as well as the second one..... reconcillation between to sisters is perfect.....Aliye slapped Zeynep was the very highlight.....Ada Masali l love lt😘❤❤❤
Sue W
Sue W 4 aylar önce
So lovely to see this episode, getting more interesting with time.
LACHELA W 4 aylar önce
didn't Aliye slap Idil? Aliye is finally seeing Idil's true colors.
Paula Kalolo
Paula Kalolo 4 aylar önce
Finally, the love affair between Poyraz and Haziran has happened.👍♥They exchanged their love, hugs and kisses right infront of their Hotel. So emotional. Love you both🙏♥♥ Eat your heart out Batu and Idil, you two deserves each other. Leave Poyraz and Haziran alone. 😁😊
Cafe80’s Arigachu
Cafe80’s Arigachu 4 aylar önce
Love every character they portrayed their role convincingly. Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Una cubana en Hawaii
Una cubana en Hawaii 4 aylar önce
They are absolutely amazing actors Turkish actors are the best That last part,the kiss,the hug,the words the eye contact omg Was just amazing
Sybilla x
Sybilla x 4 aylar önce
Yes it's a beautiful song indeed :-)
Bozena Grymek-Nowinowski
@Sybilla x oh thank you so much the song is so beautiful
Bozena Grymek-Nowinowski
@Wila Va yes!!!! this song is so beautiful I wish I knew the title( Sen???) and who sings it
Una cubana en Hawaii
Una cubana en Hawaii 4 aylar önce
@Sybilla x thank you so much for recommending the song I will definitely check it out My understanding of the Turkish lenguaje is so high now and I am so happy to be able to understand them in their own lenguaje. Turkish actors are mind blowing
Sybilla x
Sybilla x 4 aylar önce
@Una Cubana en Hawaii I totally agree with everything you said. In addition, I loved the sunset background, and Poyraz's beautifully presented surprise birthday for Haziran on the beach. It was so nice Poyraz was able to finally express his feelings and emotions to Haziran. Also because it was Haziran's birthday and everyone from Haziran's side forgot her birthday, this could have potentially been the worst birthday for Haziran but Poyraz really stepped in by a) remembering it this whole time and not telling her before he knew it and b) by putting on something really special and memorable for Haziran. This scene at the beach was all so beautiful, and the song at this beach scene by the way is called ''Yaz Bitmeden'' by the singer Sezen Aksu - check out the song, it is on YT :-)
Sybilla x
Sybilla x 4 aylar önce
Yay thanks for uploading episode 11 with English subtitles :) I would love to see more moments of peace and happiness for Poyraz and Haziran.
Genesis Creations
Genesis Creations 4 aylar önce
Haziran stood her ground am proud of her, sometimes parents should just focus on their lives and leave kids to play with other kids, look what Haziran's mother did 🚮🚮🚮
joe jodhveer mann
joe jodhveer mann 4 aylar önce
Thankyou so much!!!! Wait is over at last!!!! What an amazing episode it was!!! Loved the jealous poyraz!!!! Alp n Ayca are just amazing 💓💕
SOJA AUSTIN 4 aylar önce
It is 1:00 am IST....still watching....hooked to this series...time is not a barrier ...watched the series without subtitles on Tuesday and now with subtitles... from Kerala... India
Roja... 4 aylar önce
Yaa... Malayali... Hi hi... Nammal illatha area undoo!!
MINGLE FF 4 aylar önce
@anu sree mee too
DSashie 4 aylar önce
I know, right?!❣️💯
Sreethu Kb
Sreethu Kb 4 aylar önce
Yeah malayali
Judie Gibson
Judie Gibson 4 aylar önce
Me too…Australia 🇦🇺 waited all night for this 🥰 thank you for translating!
soo 4 aylar önce
idk why i cant help but laughing at Batu 😂
SHEILADAWN 4 aylar önce
Poyras and haziran are great actors,more episodes plz..🙏 cant wait 4 episode 12!
Mimi 4 aylar önce
Why people are justifying alper and Melissa cheating on brizick ,it's not ok to promote any kind of lies and cheating in relationships , it's not cute
Greg On Greglandia
Greg On Greglandia 4 aylar önce
YES! THANK YOU! I hate how suddenly she's trying to make moved on alper when he's DATING biricik. Like no, back off. And now i have a feeling that they're gonna make biricik bad to justify the Melissa and alper relationship which is bullshit!! Not okay at all!!!
Liza Toda
Liza Toda 4 aylar önce
Thank you ,thank you for this english version , i enjoyed it so much ! Hope the 12 edition will be soon !
Janti Nasution-Toth
Janti Nasution-Toth 4 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing the English subs version, I'd love to see Poyraz & Haziran, Alper & Melisa, they're cute couples, beautiful story, entertaining. Looking forward to have the next episode
Ramatou Falke
Ramatou Falke 4 aylar önce
I guess Batu did not learn his lesson from the 1st blow poyraz gave him😀😀.Him and Idyl match they should just marry each other and leave them alone
Sophia Mishil
Sophia Mishil 3 aylar önce
You nail it! They could be a perfect match. They're both fake, liars and annoying😤😤😤
Upendra Narayan
Upendra Narayan 4 aylar önce
Melisa and biricik both are very pretty. But in my opinion I like biricik more. She is very cute 😍😍
Vaibhav chouhan Chouhan
Biricik is mesmerizing sometimes she looks way more beautiful than any other girls in this series
Danny Janet Hidalgo
Danny Janet Hidalgo 4 aylar önce
Episode 10 has so much excitement…Poyraz and Haziran professed their love for each other on her birthday…him the only person to remember Haziran’s bday❤️😍..revelation of Idil to the grandma and got the slap on her face instead😀..Becilik hearing the truth of Melissa’s real feelings…Idil and Batu joined hands😂…looking forward for episode 12…can’t wait for another much better excitement😍
Danica Abboud
Danica Abboud 4 aylar önce
Finally!!! Poyhaz 🔥Batu is actually hilarious though. What a great episode 👌
lady Marianne
lady Marianne 4 aylar önce
Translation greatly appreciated!! Thank you!🥰🥰🥰
Allie Haytham
Allie Haytham 4 aylar önce
Omg when aunt Aliye slapped Idil!! Best part of this episode🤣🤣
Pablio Michelle L
Pablio Michelle L 4 aylar önce
Danica Abboud
Danica Abboud 4 aylar önce
When Poyraz gets Batu out of the bed 😂😂😂
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones 3 aylar önce
So funny😆
ABI 4 aylar önce
1:17:19 I cannot with him😆😆😆
Kaykay Sos
Kaykay Sos 4 aylar önce
lety santua
lety santua 4 aylar önce
and when he checked batu's temperature😂
Anju Morani
Anju Morani 4 aylar önce
I don't want serial to end I love watching poyraz and Haziran and will never get bored watching them 💕love from India 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Rashna Batliwala
Rashna Batliwala 2 aylar önce
1:01:15 this scene between zeynep and selma
Azie Kauring
Azie Kauring 4 aylar önce
So interesting, love the series so much. Can't wait for the next episode. please upload soon
purnima anand
purnima anand 4 aylar önce
A big thanks for English subtitles. Hope we have episode 12 also with English subtitles.
Naapai Arah
Naapai Arah 4 aylar önce
Love this series alot. Sending appreciation for wonderful drama to all the roles players 😍❤️
C Venter
C Venter 3 aylar önce
Gorkem plays his loony part very well... It's convincing... 😂🤣 The sad part is there are truely such crazy people out in the world. Idil and Gorkem would make a lovely couple... Both are crazy, playing on people's feelings! She needed that slap... Well done grandma! You can not have what's not yours! Someone's heart is not your posession if not given... Sad Idil... Strange enough people don't catch it when a couple are truely suited and happy! They want what is not theirs to begin with... People like that are real...
Marijane Peru Fernandez
Please upload the next episode, the story is getting more exciting ❤️❤️❤️
Shamna Harris
Shamna Harris 4 aylar önce
Please support the series Ada Masali by following the official Ada Masali Instagram FB and TRvid page 👍
Anju Morani
Anju Morani 4 aylar önce
I love gorkem he is too good and very entertaining in this show💕💕💕💕love from India💕💕💕
Davey jones Marakalla
Davey jones Marakalla 4 aylar önce
Guys are ordinary turkish people knows how much this dramas are representing them outside of turkey?? Swears lot of people want to learn the language or visit turkey because of this amazing dramas including me😁😁💯💯🤙
Shwetha Menon
Shwetha Menon 4 aylar önce
@Davey jones Marakalla yes me too love from india as well. Turkish culture is nice ❤🤗
Animefan13 4 aylar önce
@Shamna Harris I think they should focus on international viewers more. We love their drama's. Than amazing series wouldn't be canceled as often.
David Otaru
David Otaru 4 aylar önce
Me toooooo
Shamna Harris
Shamna Harris 4 aylar önce
@Rexoline Isabel : The Turkish audience have a different taste. This series caters to an international audience.
Rexoline Isabel
Rexoline Isabel 4 aylar önce
@Cece why didn't they watch such a nice series 😕
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The best episode ever!!!! Literally screaming 😍😍😍🥴
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Loved it.. And pls keep subtitles for all upcoming chapters.. That make me to see this🤗
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Waiting till today 🐱🐱 Love this drama 💘💘 Thanks admin , for your support to international viewers... thanks is not enough for English subtitles 💞💞💞💞💞💞🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
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Love the wait for it! Absolutely worth it!👍❤️
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Reeta Das 4 aylar önce
Literally I was just waiting for this Beautiful Romantic expression between H❤P.. & it done. Feeling great.The song is so beautiful but couldn't understand of course I enjoyed it lot.
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Cheerful Lamare Aylar önce
I love how the two sisters were laughing 😂
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Thanking you for uploading with English subtitles, greatly appreciated.
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@LACHELA W : Ayca is known for portraying strong female characters. Her previous dizi abruptly ended after the tenth episode.
LACHELA W 4 aylar önce
@Something’bout Money smels like Love lighten up, its a form of expression
Something’bout Money smels like Love
@LACHELA W sorry but what has looks to do with it? Nobody cares how good the actors look but about the show in Turkey. And I think baht oyunu does it better just because it is a romantic comedie series.
LACHELA W 4 aylar önce
@Something’bout Money smels like Love this Baht Ayunu doesnt look any better. Must be rigged. Our lead actress/actor Ada Masali are better looking!
Something’bout Money smels like Love
@LACHELA W nothing but this serie is on the same day as baht oyunu wich is not good because baht oyunu is watched more
Kimberly Joseph
Kimberly Joseph 3 aylar önce
My new favorite turkish on screen couple :) : )......... I love this cast and the storyline is not predictive!!!!! i love it!!!! lol came back to add "that slap was epic!"
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Thank you so much for the English subtitles guys👍appreciate your hard work👌👌💕💕
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Sadik house was the biggest reveal of episode hahahaha loved it 😂😂😂
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My best series in the world...i love haziran and poyraz😍😍❤❤
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Best serie difficult but win us the heart...
Amna Zahid
Amna Zahid 4 aylar önce
Now they are ruining Biriçik's character just to make Melissa an angel 😒😒
Mimi 4 aylar önce
They are biased towards Melissa's character and making biricik the bad guy while she is not, she is just ditsy girl in love
Amna Zahid
Amna Zahid 4 aylar önce
@Neus Vila Bustamante people are mad at Melissa but the writer is portraying her as such a nice girl she even had scenes with Haziran in this episode and last, but they weakening Haziran and Biriçik's friendship.
Neus Vila Bustamante
Neus Vila Bustamante 4 aylar önce
Ruining biricik's character? From what I've read on twitter people are mad at Melisa
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Patiently waiting for this. Happy to see the new episode came up👍
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Thanks you for up loading this Turkish series and the english subttle I'm very happy and appreciated all the actor and actress is doing well every lines is so exciting can wait for the more episode...🙏🙏❤❤ I'm watching from Philippines I have many series to be watch of Turkish More power to all the Director the staff, actor and actress is so great many many more blessing to come God always provide you in you're daily lives❤
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Rashna Batliwala 2 aylar önce
The scene between the two sisters was precious , zeynep and Selma
Wilby 4 aylar önce
So beautiful series!!! ♥️
somi khan
somi khan 3 aylar önce
4:38 how he could die only with one punch😂😂😂😂😂😂such a funny line
Revanth 123
Revanth 123 4 aylar önce
My favourite supporting characters in this drama are Selma, Gorkhem, and Fatih.
Sania F
Sania F 4 aylar önce
I really like Sadiq too, he doesn’t have a huge role but regardless it’s fun to see him do a new job everyday
Sybilla x
Sybilla x 4 aylar önce
I think Fatih's character is so sweet. A bit awkward, but sweet. I hope Selma and Faith will somehow get to go on their dinner date.
Zahra’s Beauty
Zahra’s Beauty 4 aylar önce
Omg Batu 😂 😂 first time I see a hilarious villain I actually enjoy him 😂
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keep watching this episode over and over again 🥰🥰❣❣ love love love it 🥰❣ thanks again 🥰❣
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Maria Grace Cuenca 4 aylar önce
More super thank you's, watching todays episode makes me.feel happy until his end with super exciting love of poyraz and haziran. . .i can sleep well right now, now that they both show their love and open other's hearts 💕 ❤️❤️🥰🥰
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white vs dark 4 aylar önce
1:37:55 aww look how happy she is giving herself a birthday present.
Mon Monde
Mon Monde 4 aylar önce
So Batu's dad is a mafioso 😡! That's all we needed 🙄! Batu and Idil became partners in crime 👿, god knows what's going to happen next! Seems Poyraz had a troubled childhood and Nehir tells all to Batu like an idiot 😜! I hope PoyHaz's love is strong enough to overcome every hurdle 🤜🙏 The best part? When grandma slapped Idil: Yesssss🤣
somi khan
somi khan 3 aylar önce
Haziran's mother is more evil than poyraz's grandmother😂😂😂I don't know why parents do everything behind there child and still want to see tham happy even they knows that
Upeka Jay
Upeka Jay 4 aylar önce
yaayyy finallyy!!! ive never been more happy for a fictional couple in love than PoyHaz!!
Revanth 123
Revanth 123 4 aylar önce
Snakes joined together at the end 😂 Idil and Batu 🐍🐍
Shabnam Banoo
Shabnam Banoo 4 aylar önce
Finally they confess their love❤❤
Revanth 123
Revanth 123 4 aylar önce
Finally Zeynep and Selma made up. Good to see them together 😊
Upendra Narayan
Upendra Narayan 4 aylar önce
Woow Melisa is getting new dresses in every scene but i like biricik❤️😘 and harizan😍😍 warbode more. And idil is also pretty. But melisa you are doing bad with biricik don't steal any one else boyfriend.
Isabelle solarski
Isabelle solarski 4 aylar önce
Merci beaucoup pour la mise en ligne avec les sous titres!! thank you so much :)
Manuela Rodriguez
Manuela Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
Gracias por el capitulo 11 ,estaba tardando mucho,en fin s3 agradece la traducion
Apple 4 aylar önce
Love the way Poyraz checked Batu’s temperature 🤒😅😂🤣
Apple 4 aylar önce
@I D 👍😅😂🤣 He almost choked him to death 💀
I D 4 aylar önce
Apple... I think they took that ugly wig off😂😂😂😂
Cafe80’s Arigachu
Cafe80’s Arigachu 4 aylar önce
I want a Friend Like Gorkem, He used to be Haziran’s Mothers Close Friend and He came to The Island to Support Haziran And Mom Follows Them and Now Gorkem is Close To Haziran’s Aunt and Playing He dont like Haziran’s mother anymire( but i know his just pretending he’s still a loyal friends to her) Such a nice script and role for each characters.
Sybilla x
Sybilla x 4 aylar önce
Görkem is quite a colorful and vibrant character, and he is so funny (in a hilarious way). I loved his 'Shakespeare' performance at Melissa's Summer farewell party even though it wasn't part of what Biricik and the other guests were expecting at the party. It's amazing how Harizan turned out to be a good, nice person considering her mum Zeynep for the most part hasn't been the most easiest person to get on well with. I'm glad that Zeynep and Selma have since mended their sisterly relationship. I'm glad that Görkem has become closer to Selma, she is more kinder and mild and pleasant to be around in comparison to Zeynep. But who knows maybe there will be some more positive and happier changes ahead, especially now since the two sisters have now put the past and their long-standing feud (regarding Zeynep stealing Selma's fashion design ideas and passing them off as her own) behind them.
L S 4 aylar önce
Gorkem really is the best character in this series!
MINGLE FF 4 aylar önce
I like the conversation between batu and poyraz when batu says ,i feel butterflys in my stomach when he calls me (arkadash)
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