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You asked for him, and now he's here: Mr. Wonderful in the Hot Ones studio. The host of Viceland's "F**k That's Delicious" smokes and drinks his way through the Scoville onslaught, tackling questions about everything from on-stage body slams to legendary TV chefs along the way. And don't worry: There's a Big Body Bes cameo, just as you knew there would be.

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Season 2
Episode 38

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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10 Kas 2016




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C Thulu
C Thulu 8 gün önce
kinda seems like an asshole
40oz bounce
40oz bounce 11 gün önce
18:40 😂😂😂
Mary Beth White
Mary Beth White 13 gün önce
Who is this guy?!?
Bray Allen
Bray Allen 14 gün önce
In reality this dude should be a bum somewhere in Cali. I wonder if he thinks women actually find his disgusting body attractive? If he wasn't famous his hand would be his best friend.
Emiliano Templos
Emiliano Templos 14 gün önce
I'm from Puebla. Siendo mexicano es imposible no reírse. 🤣🤣🤣
Vampagan 17 gün önce
That one long rogue beard hair won't allow me to focus.
J. Powell Music
J. Powell Music 18 gün önce
F*ck that's delicious is my favorite cooking show ever
Ian Valdez
Ian Valdez 18 gün önce
Dick lol
Daniel Navarrete
Daniel Navarrete 19 gün önce
Who is he? A chef?
IceCapZzZ 20 gün önce
sean im interested in you 4:35
Chimichanga 22 gün önce
u can close his eyes with a dental floss
Kade Watts
Kade Watts 25 gün önce
im only at 4 minutes ive never heard of this guy but rn i dont like him
Mahogany Hollow
Mahogany Hollow 25 gün önce
Pretty sure this guy was the caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland smoking the hookah
T.J. Fuller
T.J. Fuller 25 gün önce
My sister just turned me on to Action Bronson , so what is first thing I do ? See if he has been on Hot Ones ! Because I can find out more about someone in 20 mins from Sean than anyone else on the planet / great episode !!!
Stephen Marseille
Stephen Marseille 27 gün önce
Oh man, I wanted Sean to pull out Julia Child in that.
Alexis Ochoa
Alexis Ochoa 28 gün önce
“It’s mad soothin” lol
Artone Artone
Artone Artone 28 gün önce
Action seems a bit too full of himself
Jimbo Saurusrex
Jimbo Saurusrex 29 gün önce
I’m a glass artist and buck is from my hometown in OR, you know you made it but when Action Bronson is featuring you on hot ones! Haha, not that he didn’t know anyway.
King Swarthy
King Swarthy 29 gün önce
"It's mad soothing"
Dramma12 Aylar önce
"I know Dominique put on too much hot sauce" "Who? Fuckin Dominique Wilkins is here?"
M Mu
M Mu Aylar önce
Body is so ridiculous 😂😂😂😂😂
no clue who this guy is and can't say I'm a fan after this...perhaps seems okay, but hopefully he has money so that he can utilize it to be healthier. He's not going to live long being as obese as he is. To top it off, being a druggie isn't going to help much. 4/10 episode.
MrTookUrSoul Aylar önce
Action is a Legend!!
Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell Aylar önce
He is so aggressive he scares u new episode
Herschelle Benting
Herschelle Benting Aylar önce
The douche in action is really next level.
Robert Harwood Jr
Robert Harwood Jr Aylar önce
Body caught his own body and tapped the fuck out///
Okie Mike Outdoors
Okie Mike Outdoors Aylar önce
HAHAHAHA HE said i m hearing a lot of talk. Hahahahha
I Drink Milk
I Drink Milk Aylar önce
This guy comes across as a dick tbh, don’t care if Sean wants to white knight him.
Rachel Rivera
Rachel Rivera Aylar önce
Bring him back!
re:discovery records
Who is this dude? A complete dolt
Nick Saso
Nick Saso 2 aylar önce
Mark Kingston
Mark Kingston 2 aylar önce
You put me in any arena and I will excel! Fact. I don’t need to boast! You just did. How can people listen these fools. Me me me me.
Mark Kingston
Mark Kingston 2 aylar önce
Why do that always have to act like they are all so tough. Tough people don’t talk about being tough. I smashed the door down.
Christopher Cottrell
Christopher Cottrell 2 aylar önce
Action handled that as well as anybody could.
Gaunjaguy420 2 aylar önce
Bobby fillet is a joke 🤣
John Wardrop
John Wardrop 2 aylar önce
Love the show, but this guy is a moron, really don't like people like him.
michael james hoptry
michael james hoptry 2 aylar önce
action is so trash..... stop letting trash be something people. so many better rappers and cooks. trash trash trash
悲しいmichael 2 aylar önce
imagine talking shit on a 5 year old video lmao. what you got against bronson?
Flyfishingbrowngirl 2 aylar önce
This guy is 💯 real. I love that he watches Greys Anatomy with his girl and dog.
melancholygloom 2 aylar önce
grown bald baby thinks he's hard
blink182 topfan
blink182 topfan 2 aylar önce
Good ep
alex lukaszewski
alex lukaszewski 2 aylar önce
Who is that huge baby?
Ben Hampton
Ben Hampton 2 aylar önce
Well I guess I'm an Action fan now. That was outstanding.
Brian Essency
Brian Essency 2 aylar önce
I agree with Bronson where the f is jaques papine
EstLuma 2 aylar önce
I want to make a bong out of a bottle of Crystal. Thoughts?
Kenneth Akesson
Kenneth Akesson 2 aylar önce
Not a big fan of this one. I admit I don't know Action's character or persona, but it kinda seems like he's a bit of an ass. Vaping during the middle of the show, checking his phone in the middle of a question, constantly interrupting Sean. I dunno. Just didn't do it for me on this one.
Sergio Barrera
Sergio Barrera 3 aylar önce
I’m really like that they changed the hot sauce cuz these back in the day were not hot at all. Not like there is now 2021
Jeffrey K. Realtor
Jeffrey K. Realtor 3 aylar önce
Bone in = respect
tHE STiNGER 3 aylar önce
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall 3 aylar önce
How have I missed this one til now. Damn!!! Loving it
Well Dubs19
Well Dubs19 3 aylar önce
This man is so fuckin genuine
Mr. Heffner
Mr. Heffner 3 aylar önce
I couldn’t do this, I’d fall down like a loose gravel
Isaac Eilers
Isaac Eilers 3 aylar önce
No Bullshit with Bronson! Happy he dropped some lbs and doing shit right.
Symbiote 3 aylar önce
not gonna lie I used to like action a lot but coming back and watching this video, the more I realize he's just an airhead and he uses his weight to project his insecurities. He almost seemed dumbfounded when Sean asked him "how do you do it differently".
Gabe Engel
Gabe Engel Aylar önce
U trippin imo, I’m curious where an example of him using his weight to project his insecurities is in this video
Forehandburrito 3 aylar önce
You should get Johnny scoville on here
03251981aj 3 aylar önce
wow he is such a bullshit artist
Schaden Freude
Schaden Freude 3 aylar önce
Soaking wet. He still has a royal taster.
Joseph R3grET
Joseph R3grET 3 aylar önce
I can now confirm, Action is indeed, "a real fuckin person".
Sekewat Francis
Sekewat Francis 3 aylar önce
Big Body Bess✊🏽
michelle love
michelle love 3 aylar önce
love it i cook i clean i do luandry as if someone else is supposed to do it cheers to his moms and granny he was raised right
C H 3 aylar önce
Don’t see the controversy tbh he just seems like a typical arrogant American
Paul Beecher
Paul Beecher 3 aylar önce
i'm a fan of Action Bronsons' music, and an even bigger fan of this show. I've watched over a 50 episodes of Hot Ones recently and this is the first one I didn't like. Action was an asshole and a scrub
Ben 3 aylar önce
I give all of these lady's and guys credit for even going to this torcher chamber 😂😂It has me in tears, this one not as much as some , but still pretty great. Sean my hats off to you!!!!
Tamela McGhee
Tamela McGhee 3 aylar önce
"I don't know what I'm saying, but you know what I mean"; lol
Kalistoga Refried
Kalistoga Refried 3 aylar önce
Action is the best guest you ever had! It's because he's lived more than any of your other guests apparently...whatever it is, I like it! Hope afterwards he sat you down for a dab or 2
dena k williams
dena k williams 3 aylar önce
Action is wack.
Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley 3 aylar önce
Greg 3 aylar önce
Throwin Dom under the bus lo
Samuele Novelli
Samuele Novelli 3 aylar önce
its all love
Tom M
Tom M 3 aylar önce
This is the best episode by a mile. Two people who on the surface don't seem to have that much in common but as it goes on they clearly bond, find each other funny and comfortable to be around. I have no idea why all celebrity interviews aren't like this. Probably because most celebrities are boring cheddar cheese personalities, too boring to hold a conversation without a script in front of them. Action comes out all guns blazing, there's no facade here, and the host does a great job and just letting it happen
Icarus Rose
Icarus Rose 3 aylar önce
Okay, I know people from different regions have different perspectives on what makes someone disrespectful, but I don't get how anyone can watch this video and not be put off by this dude's massive ego... that "I am.. I am... I AM" at around 18:57 is just undeniably disgusting... Cutting someone off with whom you're having a conversation with, specifically to say "yeah I'm doing better than you. Oh you didn't hear me? I'm doing better than you. Oh, you're not gonna acknowledge that I'm interrupting you to use spicy wings as an excuse to fuel my ego on your show instead of having a good time as my genuine self? I SAID I'M DOING BETTER THAN YOU" is toxic. Pretty much everything about this guy's self-portrayal in this interview screams insecurity. He brags about literally anything, every chance he gets, Including how he doeant need to brag. Including doing the dishes like hes a spoiled brat who asks his parents for 10 bucks if they ask him to clean his room.. Smh
Toaster.jpg 3 aylar önce
“We don’t have to boast” Said after very clearly boasting
fabio edwards
fabio edwards 3 aylar önce
"I played sports my entire life" 😏
Henry Prentice
Henry Prentice 3 aylar önce
Adam Widdop
Adam Widdop 3 aylar önce
9:30 splash by baklava. Man.....woman...... whatever
Louie Alonzo
Louie Alonzo 3 aylar önce
sun rise
Devin Seiger
Devin Seiger 4 aylar önce
Man Sean plays it so cool this whole interview. He does such a great job rolling with unexpected things and makes it look easy.
Sherry Navarro
Sherry Navarro 4 aylar önce
this is the greatest thing ive ever seen
Octo Puliander
Octo Puliander 4 aylar önce
truly a land of dreams when this guy can make it in the business he has no clue about, truly everything is possible
UniversalCypher 4 aylar önce
I like that Action is just like us.
mcnutting ton
mcnutting ton 4 aylar önce
I love how action kinda took control of the interview
lapipa 101
lapipa 101 4 aylar önce
Does anyone know what exactly he is drinking from that bottle?
Carlos Cuenca
Carlos Cuenca 4 aylar önce
Lmfao this is the best one, he’s fucking hilarious
Silverstone L
Silverstone L 4 aylar önce
This asshole's so full of himself, I had to stop the video. I'm hitting COMMENT and moving on to the next guest. I don't got time for his shit!
Dominic 4 aylar önce
its an act
James Nelson
James Nelson 4 aylar önce
This dude is a douche bag!
Blank Slate
Blank Slate 4 aylar önce
Body and Action. Hilarious.
John Merschbach
John Merschbach 4 aylar önce
What I can't understand is, how is it possible that EVERY rap/hip hop personality sounds like the world's smartest person?
caleb schneider
caleb schneider 4 aylar önce
took it like a FUCKING MAN! Proved he's a bigger man than Shaq right here. Heroic, majestic, feral. This is what man looks like.
Nick 4 aylar önce
Sean evans has 99 patience and 99 interviewing skills.
Jack Rothrock
Jack Rothrock 4 aylar önce
The acrid chord statistically laugh because farmer occasionally consist excluding a slow odometer. tasty, successful wrinkle
B12 345
B12 345 4 aylar önce
One of the best episodes I’ve seen even if I am years late 😂 need red man and method man together on an episode that would be funny
Ben in1080p
Ben in1080p 4 aylar önce
the body part was the funniest shit
T I 5 aylar önce
Used to watch Yan Can Cook on PBS, super glad someone else did too
Bob Villasenor
Bob Villasenor 5 aylar önce
Hmm I understood some of those words
Sean Nicolas
Sean Nicolas 5 aylar önce
I know body is his cousin. But that dude is just a average dude. His name should be nobody.
Brendan foster
Brendan foster 5 aylar önce
They were friends by the end
kevin nguyen
kevin nguyen 5 aylar önce
He looked so disappointed he let action down 😆
Trail Runn3r
Trail Runn3r 5 aylar önce
I get it, but this was uninteresting as fuck. Don’t come on this show high or whatever. Changes the whole mood. Just my opinion
Tasty Muffin
Tasty Muffin 5 aylar önce
This guy seemed really cool, I like him.
Bronson curl
Bronson curl 5 aylar önce
Action got the same name as me Bronson
Mandy G
Mandy G 5 aylar önce
Body!!! He cracks me tfu 😂 now we need alchemist and mayhem. 🤣😂 FTD is one of my favorite food shows ever. Never a dull moment with Action
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