A Physics Prof Bet Me $10,000 I'm Wrong

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A UCLA Physics Professor bet me $10,000 that my video about going downwind faster than the wind was wrong. This video is sponsored by Brilliant. The first 200 people to sign up via brilliant.org/veritasium get 20% off a yearly subscription.

For more information about the Veritasium Science Communication Contest check out -- ve42.co/contest

The wager agreement: ve42.co/wager

Prof. Kusenko's slides: ve42.co/Kusenko

My rebuttal: ve42.co/rebuttal
Huge thanks to Xyla Foxlin for building the model cart, and making the instructions so accessible to the public. Check out Xyla's video -- trvid.com/video/video-VUgajGv4Aok.html

A massive thanks to Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Sean Carroll for witnessing the signing of the wager.

A huge thanks to Prof. Alexander Kusenko for being a man of honour -- it's a difficult thing to change your mind, especially in a public forum.

A huge thanks to Prof. Mark Drela for the interview and help making sure we got the physics right.

A massive thanks to Rick Cavallaro for making Blackbird, all your insights, analysis, data, and general help with these videos -- it was so fun to work with you on this crazy project -- check out Rick's channel ve42.co/Rick

M. Drela. Dead-Downwind Faster Than The Wind (DDWFTTW)
Analysis (Jan 2009) -- ve42.co/Drela

2013 AAPT United States Physics Olympiad Semifinal Exam -- ve42.co/AAPT2013

Rick's treadmill footage -- ve42.co/Treadmill

Rick's multiple explanations of how Blackbird works -- ve42.co/DDWFTTW

Blackford, B. L. (1978). The physics of a push‐me pull‐you boat. American Journal of Physics, 46(10), 1004-1006. - ve42.co/Blackford1979

Ruina corrects errors in the above paper: ruina.tam.cornell.edu/research...

Forum discussions -- ve42.co/forum Blog -- ve42.co/blog1 and retraction ve42.co/BlogRetraction

Bauer, A. B. (1969, April). Faster than the Wind. In First AIAA Symposium on Sailing. -- ve42.co/Bauer1969

Bauer's Obituary -- ve42.co/BauerObituary

Gaunaa, M., Øye, S., & Mikkelsen, R. F. (2009). Theory and design of flow driven vehicles using rotors for energy conversion. In EWEC 2009 Proceedings online EWEC

Md. Sadak Ali Khan, Syed Ali Sufiyan, Jibu Thomas George, Md. Nizamuddin Ahmed. Analysis of Down-Wind Propeller Vehicle. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 3, 4. (April 2013) ISSN 2250-3153.

The Manim Community Developers. (2021). Manim - Mathematical Animation Framework (Version v0.13.1) [Computer software]. www.manim.community/

Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Mike Tung, Evgeny Skvortsov, Meekay, Ismail Öncü Usta, Bill Linder, Paul Peijzel, Crated Comments, Anna, Mac Malkawi, Michael Schneider, Oleksii Leonov, Jim Osmun, Tyson McDowell, Ludovic Robillard, Jim Buckmaster, fanime96, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Marinus Kuivenhoven, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Joar Wandborg, Clayton Greenwell, Pindex, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal


Written and Edited by Derek Muller
Animation by Mike Radjabov
Manim equations by Jonny Hyman
Filmed by Emily Zhang and Raquel Nuno
Music from Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com and by Jonny Hyman
Additional video supplied by Getty Images
Produced by Emily Zhang, Petr Lebedev and Derek Muller



29 Haz 2021




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Martijnm71 Yıl önce
the world needs more scientists, disagreeing about something and the only thing that happens is a very civil discussion.
miko19r Gün önce
This only works if there is no money involved (not talking about $10k-ish... obviously).
Nola Bets
Nola Bets 5 gün önce
@Daniel L most scientists need funding and funding comes from corporations, the majority of the time you are getting the company's line and not the truth, we have seen it with corn syrup, cigarettes, milk, scientist is just a person trying to get their bag as well, lol don't be "mesmarised" 🤣
Darvas Levente
Darvas Levente 10 gün önce
Not the only thing that can happen. Also can be deleted by professor Zuckerberg.
Minimal Grammar
Minimal Grammar 11 gün önce
Actually no, this World needs more engineers. Our infrastructure is falling apart people! (Not to mention everything else.)
Lazy Rimuru
Lazy Rimuru 2 aylar önce
I love how he just casually gets world famous people to be a witness between a 10000$ bet between scientists arguing about the speed of wind cars
Lazy Rimuru
Lazy Rimuru 3 gün önce
@The Wind uh, freemasons do t mean famous people, those words are not interchangeable and while similar, they mean different things.
Bonnie Davis
Bonnie Davis 5 gün önce
Haven't you made bets and had your friends witness the agreement? No need to be disagreable.
The Wind
The Wind 11 gün önce
@MrShanester117 truth. Lol. 3/4 of the world is unaware of these people and care less. Famous means Freemasons. They decide who we are to believe is smart and worthy of fame. Hard to believe but it’s true.
Scott Godfrey
Scott Godfrey 11 gün önce
@themusicmastera380 Unfortunately, we still have to manufacture the force to start the vehicle moving before it will move. Wind (An unlimited source of energy) is random enough that we won’t be able to replace a mechanism (A limited source of energy) that starts the car moving.
Dan Bechan
Dan Bechan 3 aylar önce
This was great to see. "If I am wrong, I want to see!" This is how we should be - not letting our ego get in the way of the truth
FallenSully 7 gün önce
And not let ourselves desperately cling to a delusion just because it’s convenient.
Pizack3 Aylar önce
It helps that they all agree on the fundamental principles. The problem with modern (often political) discourse over issues of science is you have people that don’t even agree on the underlying science that should be informing what is determined to be right or wrong.
FOS 2 aylar önce
@James Henry Smith no
dudewithaniphone 20 gün önce
Man if we had this kind of stuff in high school I would definitely have gone into a different field. Experimentation like this can change a person's life at a young age.
Sara Eissa
Sara Eissa 8 gün önce
Agreed. I started relearning middle school math then high school then calculus then grad school level math all because I was interested in optics and physics
Jesse Espinoza
Jesse Espinoza 10 gün önce
Something to consider
Jesse Espinoza
Jesse Espinoza 10 gün önce
I can't speak for everyone, but me as myself, I wonder when my mind decided this type of content was interesting. This would bore me at 14.
Krishna Nanda
Krishna Nanda 13 gün önce
@Daniel Summers i think that actually happen for everyone who casually stumble upon this channel lol
Daniel Summers
Daniel Summers 18 gün önce
Totally agree. I only got interested anything educational once I left school… how backward lol. Maybe it’s just something to do with growing up. Never too late though!
It'sOver9000!!! 2 aylar önce
Never be afraid to be the "learner", no matter how old you are. Hats off to the professor.
I am a man of science
@Rick Cavallaro it's never that hard bro, as long as you want to improve that is
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro 7 gün önce
@I am a man of science D'OH! Now I have to admit I was wrong! ...hey - that wasn't so hard. :)
I am a man of science
@Rick Cavallaro I said "Not hats off". I was agreeing with you
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro 7 gün önce
@I am a man of science The video made him look good because Derek is far more kind than me. I don't know why you'd say "hats off" to a professor that refuses to admit when he's wrong.
I am a man of science
Not hats off bro, the video made professor look good at the end
Night Stick
Night Stick Yıl önce
Wow, I forgot that rational and intelligent people who can have a disagreement, openly listen to arguments against their point of view, and then admit they were wrong and change their minds still exist. It's such a rare thing nowadays.
JJ Aylar önce
@Patriot 03 name an example…
JJ Aylar önce
@JustinL614 that comment doesn’t make any sense. What places? Protests? You’re allowed to say whatever you want anywhere you want. “The mob” can’t prohibit you from doing that lmao. They can tell you to stfu, but that doesn’t prohibit you from doing anything. You can’t just call a group of individuals who have similar opinions a mob, they have the same rights and powers as anyone else. They have the right the voice their opinion and they don’t have any power over you. You’re not being opressed.
AdmiralZhao007 2 aylar önce
maybe you should go less on twitter
Sub sandwich With mayo
Wilfred Darr
Wilfred Darr 8 aylar önce
@Quercus Weblecturing If he had done a single experiment which validated his [erroneous] math, I'd agree with you. But he didn't do any research, all he did was some bar napkin theorizing and then called the people who spent millions of dollars and years of their lives doing actual research “incompetent”: he said of their research “if you're going for the record, you will do many attempts: you'll be sampling the gusty wind over and over until you set the record”. He said “any time you have velocity faster than the wind, the acceleration is negative” 2:17 . I guess he's never heard of sailing, because the day you sail faster than the wind is a defining moment for a sailor (it usually happens around 7 or 8 years old). But what I find most egregious was that he *demanded* it be made public 0:56. This isn't scientific thought, this is arrogance. It's the epitome of “better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. Of course, the moment Bill Nye agrees with you, you should probably start double checking your work.
Bat man
Bat man Aylar önce
I would imagine (having no proof). That this professor might actually gain street cred with his youngest students if he admits to this challenge, that he lost, and that it proves that even he learns new things, can have his mind changed, and encourages them to do the same.
LovethisNation 2 gün önce
@abcxyz well congratulations, i’m happy for you found the need to comment
abcxyz 2 gün önce
@LovethisNation I don't say this often, but this is yet the dumbest internet comment I've come across in a while.
DemonAlchemist 5 gün önce
@Rick Cavallaro This is exactly what I suspected when he wasn't involved in the discussion at the end of the video. I figured at the very least that he wasn't willing to admit that he was wrong on camera.
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro 7 gün önce
@Taylan meriç >> the proof doesnt feel sufficient for him We provided literally exactly the proof he asked for. He refused to meet with Derek to see it when we did. We also provided much better proof than he asked for. And a very simple analysis that any first year physics student could follow. He doesn't find the proof sufficient because he's highly invested on not admitting he got it wrong.
Taylan meriç
Taylan meriç 7 gün önce
@Rick Cavallaro i mean, its not being petty or anything, the proof doesnt feel sufficient for him plus he lost 10k on it, but im sure being wrong is the main thing not sitting right. After all we're just humans, and mathematicians scientists vs are generally very obsessive. He still accepts and concedes because he made a bet and he is wrong on the bet, but he isnt satisfied on the general answer yet
Huracan 2 aylar önce
Videos like these make me feel optimistic about the future. I did not understand a thing btw. I hope these types of debates are done in every major scientific fields. No ego, no bs just a bunch of smart people looking for the truth.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 21 gün önce
@booyah2u 2 sad but true.
jose gonzalez
jose gonzalez 24 gün önce
Props to the proffesor for stating his views in a respectful and professional way.
mrkiky 19 gün önce
The bigwheel-smallwheel cart being pushed by a board and rolling away from the board was both mind blowing to see and a perfect explanation of what's happening with the wind cart as well. Since the you can't see the wind and can't really tell if the propeller is spinning opposite of the wind, it's not immediately evident as in the case of the double wheel size vehicle and the board.
KW Yıl önce
Being wrong is painful, accepting that you’re wrong takes courage. Bet or no bet, I admire the professor and veritasium
EFTHEGOP 16 gün önce
Being wrong CAN be painful but I have had a LOT of practice being wrong so I've gotten very good at it :) Peace
Rhys Latchford
Rhys Latchford 18 gün önce
Wait till we see all the Doctors and professors who got the Clot Shot wrong
Solar❤️‍🔥 2 aylar önce
Na, losing 10k is painful
inevitable48 2 aylar önce
Arrogant professor loses another battle. At least it was on camera thus time.
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad Gün önce
This episode had me at the edge of my seat more than most of the shows on Netflix right now. Amazing stuff, Derek. Major props to the prof as well!
Vicky Arenstig
Vicky Arenstig 19 gün önce
The Professor REALLY made me think he was right. He had everything on point. But somehow you still manage to amaze. GG
JKSSubstandard 3 aylar önce
Btw. You can fix the argument about angular force in the scale model by tethering it in place and using a force meter in the tether. If the car is accelerating, you would expect to see an increasing force on the force meter
Steve Barker
Steve Barker 4 gün önce
Sean Carroll was there for full professional expert witnessing, Tyson was there to appear clever, and Bill Nye was there to provide comic relief, much like the court fool in medieval England
SeanHodgins Yıl önce
The physical little wheel cart and wood board is a perfect "gotcha!" experiment. When you're trying to understand the prop cart example, I think its difficult because there are so many things going on, invisible wind, translated directional forces etc. As soon as you showed that little wheel cart, it was an immediate fundamental understanding, for me.
Babacar Mbodji
Babacar Mbodji 2 aylar önce
@Stephen Turley You re absolutely right, and the only guy I have seen catch that subtlety so far. Kudos to you!
William Peterson
William Peterson 2 aylar önce
@Steven Goodpaster that's a closed system. The motor loses energy from heat, light, friction, and noise. This lower energy is run through the alternators, which will have losses from these same effects, until all energy in the system is dissipated by the cumulative loss. The wind and ground are both not contained to the system. The wind is going to replenish its energy from the ambient heat in its area and the movement of other wind, and expand or contract accordingly to generate more force to use. The ground isn't gonna run out of force because it is backed up by the rest of the Earth's crust so it's like pushing off a wall when skating(the wind acts like this to, although it is less obvious or relatable) . Both you and the wall/ground/air receive the same force from each other (Newton's first law), you just move more because you're lighter. As mentioned previously in other comments and the video, the gear ratios of the vehicle drive train allow it to use the kinetic energy of the tailwinds on the vehicle body to move the wheels, which converts the wheels' work (W=force x distance) into the work of the prop to push against the wind. So if W(wheel)=1N x 3M or 3 joules, then W(prop) could be 3Nx1M, or 1.5Nx2M, or any other values equal to 3 joules. This is why the ground wheels are larger than the wheel in the center of the prop. In short 1 it takes some energy from the wind and moves the car 2 This makes the wheels slowly move a great distance 3 they move a gear chain between these wheels and the prop 4 the distance and force are redistributed while retaining the energy in the system (and leaking a little due to friction, drag, etc. but this is accounted for when determining the gear ratio) 5 the prop uses this energy at the new "high force, small distance" balance to push back (or pull forward, same difference) against the wind and produce thrust. Like how when you use a crowbar, you input force on the long side for the leverage, and it is concentrated into greater force on the short side at the "expense" of distance traveled by that side. Same idea with a dolly, where the handle is far longer than the cargo platform to allow moving and lifting far more than you could without one.
Jared Stenoien
Jared Stenoien 2 aylar önce
@Iván Álvarez Fernández hotwheels treadmill racing requires the treadmill to be tilted so gravity pushes them against the treadmill motion. They showed with the bubble level in the video above that the treadmill did not have a slope.
Clarke Nelson
Clarke Nelson 3 aylar önce
Fc be by
Freydrik 3 aylar önce
There is still a catch somewhere, about how the blackbird can get to a faster speed than wind. I perhaps can agree that it can go faster, but how did it go from 0 to v > w? Does the person have to pedal inside?
Jason Silva
Jason Silva Aylar önce
This is fantastic, the research, the imagination, the Calculation are amazing. Keep it up buddy, god bless you 🙏
Sneak 13 gün önce
I'd love to see this be optimized. I foresee a type of clutch mechanism to disengage the prop during initial acceleration. Or to modify the propeller angle of attack to handle varying winds.
Mike C
Mike C 23 gün önce
Right off the bat he is excited about the possibility of being wrong because it means it's an opportunity to learn. This is the mindset of a true scientist and how progress as a society is made.
Jamie Warren
Jamie Warren 28 gün önce
thank you for making this follow up video. I thought that the explanation in the first one was wrong somehow because of the divide by zero problem. I believed that it worked given that the speed factor was more than 2.5, I just didn't see how the cart would get past the exact wind speed under constant wind. Seeing that there were extra terms in the divide by zero case was very helpful ( although I wish there was a range given for when the simpler equation breaks down vs is correct to ~5%) and the wheel cart and board example was a great analogy.
Neuro Transmissions
Derek, can you just turn Veritasium into a gambling channel where scientists with opposing views put money on the table and face off to try to convince one another of the true answer? I'd watch that.
Beaux R. Benoit
Beaux R. Benoit 25 gün önce
@King Jive Two brains enter, one brain admits defeat and pays up.
TAPriceCTR Aylar önce
That might be the only way to popularize real science again.
BONGONDOR 3 aylar önce
One way to get innovation and progression in the world
Daniel 3 aylar önce
If you had society which drived by science the bet would be honor and if the majority of people would be honest educated seekers money would never be a problem. (but that just fantasy) have a good day or night
ItsTheSussyZack 10 aylar önce
you cant call it a "gambling channel", that really sounds wrong but you could call it debating instead of gambling
aDishTowel 10 gün önce
What really convinced me was the board and wheels demonstration. It was the perfect way to see exactly what was happening
Eric Fox
Eric Fox 2 aylar önce
Like with so many physics problems, going back to energy and power kind of opens the door to understand the theoretical possibility. Stop thinking about something like a sail, where power drops to 0 when the vehicle reaches windspeed, and instead consider that in an idealized scenario with no friction or wind resistance, the Blackbird isn't drawing any power, yet the wind provides a power source, meaning the wind speed determines not velocity, but acceleration. You just need to find a way to harness wind energy while being in motion. Obviously if you had a stationary windmill with a power cord running to an electric car, there's no problem with the car exceeding wind speed. By drawing energy from the ground and transferring it to the fan, an idealized craft would just continue going whatever speed you start it at, no matter how fast. The tailwind then serves to reduce the energy loss from the fan, rather than propel it directly.
Bobby Nate
Bobby Nate 2 aylar önce
I imagine with a variable pitch prop, and effective use of a CVT transmission, such as hydro static drive, you could real find that sweet spot. Thanks guys this is awesome. Thanks for all your hard work.
J Modified
J Modified Aylar önce
@Mr Cool Even the very top-end motors and generators are somewhat inefficient and heavy compared to a chain and sprockets.
Mr Cool
Mr Cool Aylar önce
Or just two electric motors/generators..?
J Modified
J Modified 2 aylar önce
The sweet spot varies with wind and vehicle speed so having one of those is quite useful, and they do have a variable pitch prop. Adding a CVT on top of that would just add weight and complexity. They can change gearing between runs, which might be necessary to adjust for large differences in wind speed.
Jesse C.
Jesse C. 2 aylar önce
Awesome video! I love a good solid debate. You don't see it in the world outside of science these days it seems like. You disagree with someone out in public and someone leaves on a stretcher.
Andrei Jikh
Andrei Jikh Yıl önce
Wow this was awesome! I understood about 1/10th of this video but I feel like I just gained a new wrinkle
kieru88 13 gün önce
oh, so not only my on that boat ;P
Oscar Moreno
Oscar Moreno 9 aylar önce
Smooth brains can learn a lot on this channel
Poongi Hong
Poongi Hong Yıl önce
LMFAO I thought you meant wrinkle on your forehead from thinking at first, not your brain
OneDayA_Martian Yıl önce
I don't think it was as clear as it could have been. The idea is the propeller moves because of Bernoulli's principle, which was shown by a sailboat able to move forward into the wind, but that is not the key point. it is because of the gears from the prop to the wheels that the vehicle can move faster than the the wind pushing the prop. The 10 mph wind can be geared to turn the wheels at 12 mph. and as long as the force moving the propeller is equal to the force to move the vehicle, the 2 mph difference going forward is observed. Simple once that is pointed out.
RoarOfDamnation Yıl önce
Time for part 3 Derek, you got yourself a content mine!
Ian G
Ian G 9 gün önce
What would be interesting would be get it to max speed then dive it into a tunnel and see how long it can sustain its own force from the setup . That would tell you the power the fan generated
GeorgioSubs 6 gün önce
Takes a big man to swallow his pride and admit defeat. Huge respect to the professor.
J 2 aylar önce
I'm not a huge science or math guy but this was an interesting video that a dummy like me could follow along with. Thanks!
Gaminology 3 aylar önce
Derek, this was really amazing. All of your videos are amazing. But a question: I am wondering if the direction of the cart moving under the media is related to the relative size of the big wheel and the smaller wheels. I think if we change their places, the cart may go backward, because the wheel that rolls faster determines the direction of moving. Can you please test it?
Timmy Ärengård
Timmy Ärengård Yıl önce
That Professor was so bad a$$. He really argued his points well. And was skeptic enough to question the topic. In the end we all learned something because of him. So cheers to you!
Ashu Aylar önce
@Mike Dub same here :-)
Jonathan Palmquist
The professor was arrogant, too stuck in his way of thinking to even try to understand the actual mechanics. We need people to be less like this. Derek was super nice because he’s a stand up dude, but he’s given this guy more respect than he deserved.
Tojás Sárgája
Tojás Sárgája Yıl önce
@Wilfred Darr Thats why i dont understand why everyone praising him.
Dr. Jaya Goyal
Dr. Jaya Goyal 3 gün önce
You are actioning “Science advances through falsification, more than verification!” Keep up the great work of questioning all assumptions about reality - that’s how science advances!
blucat4 6 saatler önce
This whole thing has been awesome Derek! You got so many people into it, all discussing science and thinking about the problem, experimenting and being entertained. I'm a fan now. :-) (Very sincere apologies for previous negativity!) I will just say that at 9:34 where the record was set, it *was* just after a wind gust had died down, so wind was 10 and Blackbird was 27. In the previous 10 second period wind speed was about 14 and Blackbird speed was 25, so instead of 2.8x it would be less than 2x. Still, great job of promoting science, thank you. :-)
David Clark
David Clark Gün önce
Great job Professor, and great job Derek! This is science at its best!
Leo EP
Leo EP 2 aylar önce
I think the most counter intuitive stuff I have seen was rotating turbulence and rotating brownian motion. Any plans on tackling these beasts ?
Brendy Yıl önce
Fair play to the professor. Not easy to admit he was wrong publicly. Man of honour
melvin espinal
melvin espinal 8 aylar önce
Unlike dee from it’s always sunny
The Bubba Continuum
The Bubba Continuum 8 aylar önce
Not a lot of choice there.
Damien Rafalowski
@Bob Smith except their views have not been falsified. Big oil wants you to believe otherwise, though.
Caston Young
Caston Young Yıl önce
@skinnymon123 Read the rest of the comments mate, he payed the money to avoid further conflict, but I still haven't seen a concession. Sorry, but in my experience admitting one's self was wrong is a very rare thing regardless of profession. I think we have to agree to disagree here.
Rick Flys
Rick Flys Yıl önce
Well he didn't get a choice , he obviously thought he was that much smarter he would not loose 10k?! These types of scientists prevent so much getting done.
Kerri Aylar önce
I've watched this so many times. It never gets old. Deeply satisfying 😂💖
Steve J
Steve J Aylar önce
this just proves the great difference between physicists and engineers
Mahmoud AbuZamel
Mahmoud AbuZamel 29 gün önce
I love this!!!!!!! This is real science and this is the sprit of scientists in a productive atmosphere of disagreement!!!!! Impressive!!!!!
BoganBattalion 2 aylar önce
Much respect to that Professor!
Zoriox Yıl önce
Honestly that professor is a very respectable person. He made good arguments, and actually payed the money in the end,
Hdh Hxh
Hdh Hxh 17 gün önce
silly goose
silly goose 4 aylar önce
Eamon Smith
Eamon Smith 5 aylar önce
Thanks for the spoil bro didn’t rlly want to watch the vid anyway
Bananas4theSoul 5 aylar önce
Bruh, Didn’t even watch the video yet
Pete Paradis
Pete Paradis 5 aylar önce
Arrogance.. Arrogance
Klaus Schaap
Klaus Schaap 2 gün önce
Just because youre a "professor" doesnt mean you are ALWAYS right. Even Stephen Hawking admits he was wrong
ocadioan 3 aylar önce
Hmm, wouldn't having a wind measurement device set up just in front and just behind the propeller once and for all show exactly how much the downwind behind the craft is being slowed down compared to the downwind in front of the craft? For the model car on the treadmill, this could be accomplished by a small piece of string attached in front and another behind(more as a proof of concept than an actual measurement). The the Blackbird, two proper wind measurement devices shouldn't affect the performance enough to be noticed.
B A 9 saatler önce
I loved this video, simply just because how rare it is to even scientists willing to admit they were wrong in a civilized manner, It just so happens, they are wrong only when debating other scientists... every other time... it's a scientists vs an opinion, and we all know how civilized that end.
Casual Hobbyist
Casual Hobbyist 8 gün önce
Dr Kusenko! I took a class with him years ago. He's a great guy! Also, what a group of witnesses!
Aryan Verma
Aryan Verma 5 aylar önce
Are we not gonna talk about how he can just summon Neil degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye at his will
Tqger Aylar önce
@Ryan Reddell sorry lol, but designing steel framed homes is not even close to equivalent to designing parts for rovers that have to travel over 100 million miles in space! you are right to not call yourself an engineer, but that doesn't mean that bill nye is wrong. Funny how your argument sounds good on paper but completely crumbles once you examine it with any scrutiny
Ryan Reddell
Ryan Reddell Aylar önce
@Tqger lol back in my young years, I designed steel-framed homes on ACAD and built them. Yet, I don't call myself an engineer. I do have my Microsoft MCSE, yet, I still don't tell people I am an engineer. I know it is hard knowing your man crush is not a scientist when facts are the facts. But hey, if you want to believe then heck, you keep doing just that.
Tqger Aylar önce
@Ryan Reddell I would say that designing complicated astrophysical structures such as mars rovers is science, because it requires complex and nuanced understanding of many core scientific concepts such as physics, astrophysics and astronomy. But no, he's not a scientist, because you, (a random internet person who knows next to nothing about science compared to bill nye) said so.
Ryan Reddell
Ryan Reddell Aylar önce
@Tqger cool bruh. Still not a scientist.
Ryan Reddell
Ryan Reddell Aylar önce
@kamododemon not a scientist
Vanessa Ashford
Vanessa Ashford 12 gün önce
whenever there's a controversy, open question, or just something extremely counterintuitive or otherwise unbelievable in a problem of purely classical mechanics, I've noticed a usual common denominator: fluid dynamics. Something about heavily involving any kind of fluid (be it air, water, etc.) in a problem of classical physics seems to have a tendency to always make everything way more confusing and complicated than it would have been otherwise.
Emmily Palmer
Emmily Palmer Aylar önce
@14:48 the joy in her being is tangible. I still don’t understand a damn thing you guys are talking about, but this part…. I get!!!! Well done on your perseverance💪 How awesome it must be to work in an environment where it is nurtured 🙏 Pretty cool. Well done EVERYONE!
John Thompson
John Thompson 24 gün önce
I wonder if adding a shroud around the propeller would increase the efficiency enough to to beat the 2.8 times the wind speed?
WaleraRigid 2 aylar önce
Imagine that you can live in such a way that you are able to put 10 thousand dollars on the line.
Arthur Leitão Barbosa
For all the flat-earthers out there, this is how real science is discussed.
Dr Doom
Dr Doom 7 gün önce
@TheJeremywaterman you'd be surprised
TheJeremywaterman 3 aylar önce
I would bet anyone who thinks covid doesn't exist, or that there is a flat earth $10k. But I don't think they're THAT stupid to agree to such a legally binding bet.
pokerace420 3 aylar önce
Does it apply to covid?
Shivaganga Hosmani
Shivaganga Hosmani 3 aylar önce
Andrew Wolverton
Andrew Wolverton 6 gün önce
Just a tip for UCLA physics students: don't quote Veritasium on your next mid-term or final. Too soon.
Paulo tav
Paulo tav Aylar önce
You"re one of the best reasons to see youtube! Please go on for long! Congrats!
growing your own way
growing your own way 2 aylar önce
I'm an organic farmer and I love physics, especially gears, winches, come alongs, and pulleys. I've dreamt about a regenerative farming style that wouldn't require any fuel, simply surrounding your plots with trees and using their base to pull any cultivation implement with simply the force of your hand, sort of how Alexander the great lifted a boat with one hand and the pulley system... for some reason this video reminded me of that...
MinnJohn 3 aylar önce
Hooray for science, reason and gentlemen!! I missed this video when it came out. As a former educator it pleases me to no end to see reasoned debate in any forum, whether in the application of scientific principles or social policy discussions. Cheers and thank you to all who participated in this discussion.
Marv P
Marv P Yıl önce
He disagreed, he still disagreed and then he realised that he was wrong and conceded his position. If only matters of politics and other public debate would be handled in such professional manner…
matt Reef
matt Reef 29 gün önce
that fact that he disagreed twice shows how big his ego is
Andy Witmyer
Andy Witmyer 7 aylar önce
Kind of ironic that you mention the divisiveness of politics being overcome by science in a video where the two "celeb" scientists are openly partisan leftists (especially Nye).
Ytrearneindre Yıl önce
democracy is flawed in more ways than one, but i think the lack of incentives to do what's right as opposed to what's popular and that changing your mind when faced with new is viewed is a weakness is surely two of the biggest flaws. technocracy is what we need. people who know what they're talking about in charge, not some grease ball in a $10.000 suit.
nathaniel cowan
nathaniel cowan Yıl önce
@Seferdi "real socialism has never been tried"
nathaniel cowan
nathaniel cowan Yıl önce
@Rundvelt and airplanes don't fly the way people have long claimed that they do... "it just works" - Hod Towered
Helvius 2 aylar önce
As cool as it was to see the professor change his mind, it would have been nice to see a video of him admitting defeat. Loved the explanations though! Made me want to design and build my own little model to confuse the hell out of my family
Bocão Aylar önce
Once he changes his mind, he is automatically “accepting defeat”. That’s all one needs.
John Borton
John Borton 2 aylar önce
He put up a slide presentation and then ran like hell.
Andre Cole
Andre Cole Aylar önce
I like Derek, he's real smart. Love watching these videos
Ray S.
Ray S. 22 gün önce
This is the best video I have watched all year. I love the outcome of the bet!
Benji 3 aylar önce
They scienced the s**t out of this! More folks need to be this humble and open to debate, reason and evidence - if more of the population did, we would all get flying cars, and a vacation to Mars much quicker.
Gregory Bronson
Gregory Bronson Yıl önce
As a professor, I must say, it's awfully nice to imagine what it would be like to have $10,000 to throw away on a bet.
Nickolaus Soerjono
Nickolaus Soerjono Aylar önce
@Disgruntled Wookie I like this lol.
Hord 2 aylar önce
@Riaan Smith These two videos have possible become class teaching material. And the fact that know Professors are contributing in information in it, or validating it. kinda sertifies this video more to be used as teaching material. If a dozen Universities uses this as class material, 10K suddenly isn't that big of a money any more.
Rico1_art 3 aylar önce
You teach liberal arts?
Pedro Paulo Wanderley Júnior
@anurag parcha Just record you questioning them and put it on youtube. I'm pretty sure they will behave nicely. Hahaha
Jacob Peters
Jacob Peters 2 aylar önce
I love that, disagreements are not problems, they are an opportunity to learn something!
EFTHEGOP 16 gün önce
That should be our world motto. It seems so simple.
Shack Man
Shack Man 3 aylar önce
Many a back yard mechanic have discovered answers to problems engineers could not. Nothing beats real world experimentation. And especially by some one who doesn't know or hasn't been told it can't be done. Have a great day.
No Mouse
No Mouse 2 aylar önce
it made perfect sense to me when you first explained it not sure why the professor disagreed. seems like the fan would need to be a little bigger but apparently not
Doermand 2 aylar önce
I want to know two things from this. 1. What would happen if you didn't artificially slow it down. I.e. let it run? 2. If you took the model into a big court with still wind, could you push the model up to a speed where it would be self sufficient?
Danica Belmont
Danica Belmont Aylar önce
No that would be perpetual motion. Which does not exist.
The Curious Noob
The Curious Noob Yıl önce
The professor is a true man of science. He was wrong, admitted failure, and learned something new! If only all scientists were so pure.
Machria23 4 saatler önce
@blucat4 in his video….
blucat4 5 saatler önce
@Machria23 Where did Neil deGrasse Tyson admit he was wrong?
Rumpel Stiltskin
Rumpel Stiltskin 3 aylar önce
​@James Henry Smith I mean, they explicitly explain exactly how it works, so you can tell it's NOT a perpetual motion machine. You can also tell it's not a perpetual motion machine by the fact that it works.
Rumpel Stiltskin
Rumpel Stiltskin 3 aylar önce
​@MYOB MYOB It's almost like you did not watch the video series, your stance that it would violate conservation of energy is effectively the same as that of the professor who conceded that he was mistaken, once evidence was provided. If the wind is moving forwards at X speed, the vehicle can be pushed X speed by the wind, at which point the fan is then able to push stationary air backwards, giving itself even further speed, the energy is coming from the wind behind it, which is effectively slowed down in this process. That's why it cannot just keep accelerating forever, it allows it to go slightly faster than the wind, not allowing it to build speed forever through some sort of magic violation of conservation of energy. It's effectively just a fancy gear box, converting a large mass of air moving slowly into a small vehicle moving quickly, accounting for drag, it still comes out on top.
MYOB MYOB 3 aylar önce
@Rumpel Stiltskin PS, if the treadmill was very long, the car would stop moving relative to the treadmill. We are just seeing the short acceleration phase but the third derivative of the displacement relative to the floor would be negative.
mmx00001 mmx00002
mmx00001 mmx00002 25 gün önce
Fair play to him for paying out. I would have preferred if he appeared in film holding his hands up saying......yes i was wrong
Scott Rickhoff
Scott Rickhoff 22 gün önce
I got a bad grade in physics at the U of M, we were supposed to build a perpetual motion machine but mine kept speeding up. 😂
LeaserPL 7 gün önce
Its not perpetuum mobile, car keep getting energy thought wind
Aesign 16 gün önce
@Scott Rickhoff cool
Scott Rickhoff
Scott Rickhoff 19 gün önce
@Aesign Minnesota
Aesign 19 gün önce
what is the "m"?
MRKNKLHEAD 3 aylar önce
Excellent. Showing how the gear attached to the board runs backwards was mind-bending for me. Very interesting!
g0fvt Aylar önce
Excellent, my initial reaction based on the airscrew driving the wheels was of course wrong. Kudos to the professor for his integrity.
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro Aylar önce
@g0fvt Yes, he paid. And he wrote a "concession" in which he explained that he was paying up on a technicality even though he was really mostly right, and we were mostly wrong. He offered a new theory of operation and I offered him another $10K bet against that one. But he apparently learned enough not to take $10K bets based on his hunches.
g0fvt Aylar önce
@Rick Cavallaro , he conceded that there were mistakes in his criticism. ( I know it is unfair to try to condense it that much). This does need more examination. I do understand your point, and you are correct. But nevertheless he did pay up.
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro Aylar önce
@g0fvt Read his "concession". He did not.
g0fvt Aylar önce
@Rick Cavallaro he did
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro Aylar önce
I'll offer kudos to the professor when he admits he was wrong.
Josh Yıl önce
Now THIS is a very good example of a scholar who is really dedicated to learning, not oneself’s pride. I honestly think UCLA is blessed to have such an awesome professor!
NockLaumOK Yıl önce
@bbydykdyl he's not a fool because he lost an argument, he's a fool, because he lost $10000
Stan Yıl önce
@kozodoev What exactly not and why?
kozodoev Yıl önce
@Stan You understood nothing from this video.
Stan Yıl önce
Not really. It is absolutely fine to disagree with a theory, but this professor consistently persisted that this concept is not possible to work. He did no experiments himself whatsoever and he used irrelevant arguments (variable wind speeds, uneven ground, etc.) everytime his mathematical formula didn't gave him a counter-argument. Admitting you were wrong is a good thing, but this professor just wanted to be correct.
The Stream Life
The Stream Life Yıl önce
@Thalanoth no one is claiming perpetual motion exists lol nice try doe
88Nikoli 3 aylar önce
Great video everyone involved is very intelligent ! Amazes me how you pronounced the name of your channel as it has only the one 'S' it would rhyme with gymnasium and not potassium !
Abdulaziz Abutunis
Abdulaziz Abutunis 2 aylar önce
This is amazing work. As you showed in the video, the equation is not valid to describe all the range of speeds of differences between the vehicle and wind. Also, when the wind is faster (W>V), the F_prop is different than when the wind is slower than the vehicle (W
John Borton
John Borton 2 aylar önce
//"Then the rotor will work as a turbine, not a fan"// In downwind operation, the rotor never functions as a turbine -- always a propeller.
James Copeland
James Copeland 4 gün önce
Given the considerably crude construction... I'm amazed at the outcome. The fact this vehicle achieved it's goal in it's first iteration, blows my mind, when you consider all the parasitic energy losses. Not the least of those variables which COULD have been wrong, is the choice of gear ratio. I can only imagine what a properly refined build may be capable of. A more efficient prop, a lighter chassis with a sealed aero body... yeah.... this could be the next big thing in mechanical engineering competitions.
James Copeland
James Copeland 2 gün önce
@J Modified - regardless, there obviously multiple routes of improvement in the design. I'd love to see this takeoff, like the Human Powered Vehicle competition.
J Modified
J Modified 2 gün önce
"Not the least of those variables which COULD have been wrong, is the choice of gear ratio" The prop has adjustable pitch, so that isn't really an issue as long as the gear ratio isn't too far from the ideal for the prop with centered pitch under some specific wind conditions. And if that isn't the case, the gear ratio is adjustable between runs. But for the toy car you are correct, as it has fixed gear ratio and prop pitch. Of course, for the toy car the exact wind speed is known in advance and cube-square law is in your favor.
Joey Cook
Joey Cook 2 gün önce
“What I love about science is that disagreements are not problems…” Tell that to the American government and their state-run media.
Vaisakh K M
Vaisakh K M Yıl önce
I salute the professor, without his courage and a open mind, everyone will be still in doubt.......
Timothy Figgis
Timothy Figgis Yıl önce
What opened mind. He was sure it was wrong. Its the definition of a closed mind...
Sweep Sweep
Sweep Sweep Yıl önce
@Dan Bombar That is precisely what I meant that the word of people with degrees is absolute it doesn't matter how many legit phenomenon they be missing out on like this windcar one
Dan Bombar
Dan Bombar Yıl önce
@Sweep Sweep no, what makes someone a scientist is years of education, training, and experience in a particular scientific field. If someone couldn’t afford the education or training, they wouldn’t be qualified to understand the in-depth details of whatever thing they’re trying to contradict. In this case, Derek has a Ph.D. in Physics, which qualifies him to contradict a skilled Physics Ph.D./Professor.
@kimjongthe49th I wish I could give your post 400 likes. Very impressed you nail it and nail "Them" to the wall in six lines. ~ RESPECT ! :-) . Super interesting about the physics exam - in the context of Derek's video I believe one is lead to assume that the examination question inherently "Poo poos" the Cavallaro "Principal". In terms of Prof. Alexander Kusenko assertion (every problem becomes a nail when armed with a hammer approach) "His" hammer as a mechanism* is VALID - but is not in any sense the prevailing mechanism or countervailing (???) mechanism in this case. Which makes me wonder for the $10,000 video prize maybe "Someone" should make a video about the mechanism and phenomena that Kusenko IS talking about :-) ~ But maybe that doesn't make for good "TV" lol. And frankly illustrates an odd cognitive bias and set of coincidences that defy actual observation. The ability to observe and observe (nature) in a quiet almost "Zen like" way or with the innocence of a child is still the foundation of GOOD science IMO. Rather than jumping up and down going "Ahhh ha !" "got you sucker" (with pointed accusatory finger ) ... !!! Which frankly was Kusenko's approach - seemingly. @Kimjongthe49th will dig up said examination question (pp10-12). Thanks for that. _________________________________________________________________________________ * Need to scratch about and see if the mechanism / phenomenon has a formal name and schema. As truthfully even though there are a few things that need to be ironed out (and in some cases flipped in reverse ) Kusenko's scheme could be adopted to provide a refinement of a future set of observations when carrying out more fully realized infield experimentation of the "Cavallaro" - principal. Even though some would view that as irrelevant in respect of the fully understood means by which Blackbird goes faster down wind than the wind itself.
kimjongthe49th Yıl önce
Derek is being far too kind to the professor, who continues to be in denial about the mechanism and IMO pretty ungracious in defeat. The builder of Blackbird, Rick Cavallaro, has offered the professor another $10K wager that the professor's current explanation is wrong, but has apparently had no response. Follow the links Derek provides to the professor's slides and Derek's rebuttal. Contrary to what the professor continues to claim, the mechanism does not depend on wind gusts, energy storage effects or turbine effects. Most damningly, Derek's rebuttal links to a physics olympiad 2013 exam which specifically confirms that the Blackbird works as Cavallaro claims and which explains the physics involved (pp10-12).
MatterLabz 3 aylar önce
The 2x4 and cart demo sold me. I was happy to see Xyla's cart work too.
David Eggleton
David Eggleton 3 aylar önce
Loved this video -- fantastic! ... It's not all about the outcome of the bet -- more about the truth and what the winner does with the winnings :)
sdepan bogosian
sdepan bogosian Aylar önce
Congratulations for your presentation and for the magnificent scientific and journalistic work, albeit I disagree in minor points which I would like to send you as a paper mathematicaly fundamented. How can I do that?
absence Aylar önce
per mail, although I doubt you'll get further :3
Dustin Young
Dustin Young 3 aylar önce
Settling things, civil decisions, Respect etc. Reminded me of that saying that I just heard recently and thought it would fit in well with these fantastic thought processes.
BaalFridge Yıl önce
"You have a much lower error rate than most youtubers" is probably the highest mark of approval you can get from a uni professor !!!
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller 3 aylar önce
@Haaly You're right, but there's another reason. Helicopter blades don't only push down at the blade. They create a disc of lift the diameter of the rotor. I suspect that's happening here as well. In other words, there is an invisible circle of resistance for the tailwind and thrust to push against each other commensurate with the diameter of the prop.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller 3 aylar önce
@ZafOsophy In fact, knowing how a helicopter's rotor works, The faster that prop spins, the denser the area of resistance for the wind to push against. It's not pushing only on the frame of the car, and the blades of the propeller. It's pushing against an invisible disc the diameter of the prop.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller 3 aylar önce
@ZafOsophy It's almost exactly that simple. And that's the thing that's frustrating me about this whole thing. After a few minutes cogitation on the original video, I came to the same conclusion. And I'm a moron. Everyone congratulating the professor and the celebrities for "humility" is completely missing the boat. It was their arrogance that caused them to stumble over a basically simple problem in the first place. As always. The difference is that I believed my eyes; they did not. Now I know you can't ALWAYS believe your eyes, but in this case, I knew my eyes weren't lying. That model wasn't pushed, and I knew it. So I pondered why, and realized the answer. This is why (although we're grateful for experts) you NEVER subvert your own judgment for a dictum from an expert. If it doesn't comport with what you already know to be true, find out why.
Wm Edmis
Wm Edmis 11 aylar önce
@Kevin Lasher Yes it would be appear that the professor would not be in any position to calculate the error rate he alludes to. Smug is not a pretty word.
AKHIL VASHIST 2 aylar önce
People like the prof. are very necessary for humanity, otherwise, how will we make such easy money. Lessgo 10,000 bucks
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 3 aylar önce
It would be awesome if you could harness the energy from the drive and make electricity from it. Kinda like an old flower mill
TheJeremywaterman 3 aylar önce
I think what really baffles me is that there is an appearance of 'generating work', aka, acceleration of the car. And from that the large leap seems logical enough, to ask, if it's possible to accelerate faster than the wind, then why aren't there more wind powered cars? Amazing channel!
John Borton
John Borton 3 aylar önce
//"why aren't there more wind powered cars?"// Extreme impracticality.
Dirk Vissers
Dirk Vissers 2 aylar önce
Great vid. How can we apply this knowledge in real world situations?
sandesh kolase
sandesh kolase Yıl önce
"Disagreement in science are not problems, but they are opportunities for everyone to learn something" - Derek Muller......Nice one👌👌
Lorenzo H.
Lorenzo H. Yıl önce
@Yeah Right hope we can disolve dysphoria and be free. So Don t discrime the guys realising that church has founded its tradtion. It s ancient. So political systems are more likly to protect trademarks like coca cola than a ancient church tradition called marriage. So politics can free people of all genders allowing them all to be treated equal in terms of law and taxes. And as Bibel starts with Adam and Eve and chinese people have shown how to copy then you see that other gender combinations are free to start their own tradition with out touching the churches over the world and not creating a religion, culture, tradition, history or gender dysphoria. Politics should protect the traditions of their country. So it is the ones who enter the discussion to disturb people unaware of their unbalances in perceiption of history, bibel etc. Adam and Eve weren t perfect so it is not a question of genderes its just which people have started their type of tradition. It is like everywhere: groups build first before a system which sets order is applicated. But political systems have potentially interest yet in disturbing rival political systems. Let the groups alive just as you keep alive the group which you are thinking is more than just treated bad by whatever small individual groups forming spontaniously in a world of yet anxious driven and controled humans. You can support whatever group you are free but don t attack, imply anxiety or words easily like dysphoria on people without beeing the Dalai Lama or compareable in other religion. I am not perfect (balanced) and you are not as well. There are guys beeing paid by political systems to enter their disturbing media supported thinking into social networks. So history has its lessons. And then you want to create somthing that is smarter than just interaction you are just stopping human kind if conquering in peace their galaxy. So in my opinion you can with supporting education and respecting, history and traditions disolve the dysphoria you see in me, give equal possibilitys, better founded respect to be protected by spontaneously formed groups of uneducated and make a world of people less manipulated by 'our perfect lol -that that was rubbish in Germany in 1930s and 40s (when individuals think they are having just their opinion they are normally false in my opinion) is now indisputable' media and other great virtual constructions of influence. An "Er ist wieder da" myTV or facetable app can be used to spread ideologie. So if you put opinions/commentary in bubble categories you have to manage a non final value to it but more individual then you are a minority or lonly with your opinion. And if somthing is aggressive against a political system it can be tought that you are not perfect and any group as well but that you are one part which can contribute with words without the need of (bad) emotions to improve societys possibilitys. In my opinion: Don't see the name of George Orwell but try to improve your perceiption of history of humankind with his ideas or watch demolition man and correct your in my opinion over correcness perfect truth (media supported) which leads in defamation like in the 3rd Reich and use education to all to protect our friends of whatever gender. Lets just prepare (we can t just imply it easily -so time to prepare and educate, drugs are not very well as we have seen in the 70s as you see perhaps a whole but loosing the main goal to prepare for) for a one group one party of all former groups without hate but love.
Matt Yıl önce
Fauci would disagree.
Chris D
Chris D Yıl önce
@Yeah Right it’s always good to question everything, especially if you’re equipped with the faculties to decipher the science and data and know when you’re being manipulated.
Adam Pope
Adam Pope Yıl önce
@Yeah Right lol yeah we know that you don't know what you're talking about.
jonny storms
jonny storms Yıl önce
@Yeah Right what disagreements about crime statistics and gender dysphoria would those be?
Evgeniy Krasko
Evgeniy Krasko Gün önce
Looking at the cart on a treadmill where air is still, it's easy to get convinced that Prof. Kusenko's claim is true - the cart can't go against the applied force, right? But imagine replacing the propeller with a bolt and the air it works against with a statically linked to the ground nut (that is just analogous to some gas of very high viscosity). Then it becomes intuitive that with enough gear ratio the wheels will be able to slowly turn the bolt which in turn will propel the cart forward.
J Modified
J Modified 23 saatler önce
That's basically the same thing as the plank-powered toy except that it is screw-driven on top rather than wheel-driven. I'd like to see one of these built in toy version (with a rack instead of a bolt), since it is closer in structure to the Blackbird. Maybe someone with an appropriate Lego set could make one.
GettingEdu 7 gün önce
Derek awesome video. One question - isn’t this also explained by the wind tunnel concept?
XxAizxX 14 gün önce
its like we are re-watching the argument to perfect the explanation of gravity all over again
Belolth 21 gün önce
science that isn't about political narratives or propaganda, and a good display of the marketplace of ideas. Everything i used to love about science. Take my like sir.
Sharivari Yıl önce
Such a strong video. Hats off!
MehYam2112 Yıl önce
@F "they gave me a pure fart" In that case, I hope you're downwind
Lysergic Brainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal
what hat was it that you took off?...was it by chance a Bethlehem steel baseball cap?
1010xxx33 Yıl önce
@dr1flush bruh it's not about if the blackbird can go faster than windspeed it's the explanation behind it they disagree on.
235papi Yıl önce
No cap
Demon Cloud
Demon Cloud Yıl önce
When you are wrong and realize it, you learn something new !
Tim H
Tim H 14 gün önce
Props to the professor for keeping his deal, I’m sure that 10k was a pretty penny for him
BonClaySenpai Ô
BonClaySenpai Ô 12 gün önce
Nah dude he's a tenured professor at UCLA, I promise his wallet will survive.
TaylorIncarnate 2 aylar önce
Just imagine how rapid the progression of science could become with these professors’ money on the line. That’s proper motivation right there. The amount of scientific discoveries that would come.🤯
Fermion 15 gün önce
I think that would hinder more than help. Many scientific breakthroughs went against the grain of the current science of the day. Having to put your family’s money on the line would make scientists much less willing to try new things, or think outside the box.
debandmike 3 aylar önce
This guy reminds me of a mature Elon Musk. I hope you go on to do even greater things than Elon with great humility.
Timmer 7 gün önce
Wow, Excellent video! Refreshing and intelligent outcome, well done!
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor Yıl önce
It's difficult to admit when you're wrong. I give mad props to professor.
Lucky seven air ammo
@fvmqq8 Exactly why college kids eat tide pods and think the world is going to end next month...
Lorenzo H.
Lorenzo H. Yıl önce
@Divad Ignawm I ve laughed compassionately with you as you are teaching me and I hopefully can teach you somthing aswell and the essence of LOL and winky winky tinky winky for me is: the dictators are dictators (just an as bad valued king of modern times without necessary connection to a religion). The group of bullys is a group of bullys. Dictator and bullys have a feel just for the money in their pockets and their personal interest. The king is the king and the group of angels is the group (of helpful supporters/) angels with a feel for the whole of important things to survive as a collective if you got a wise King and helpful supporters. Jesus could be seen as a wise king (leader) mentioned in the bibel in my and some other opinion around here, too. Seeing politics: -on the base of what I ve heard from the greeks in history: democratic system is the best for me. It depends on wisdom and good intentions and not on well marketed, costly (for that it is an for most people with intelect closed way to this position to be in as votes depend more on the money spend in campaign and not the numbre of people with wisdom behind it) election campaigns. So do we see pure democracy or just a commercialised decapitated, instrumentalised and with out common notion laughed at by common people version of it? I am not bad at yt or anything but I guess the political system around social media needs to be tweaked and checked for its good intentions by the smartest and wisesed (which I am not part of but I want to be part of electing and establishing them) from the dust in offices to the biggest money in my opinion. So there would be less conflict potential with social media and politics with more common sense, knowledge inuition for the good thing of society. Its rare that russia has a smart Putin and USA had a G W Bush, a Trump and still global media control thinks it is smarter and stands for the top of the real government and other countrys have just bad intentions when they don t share the US media opinion. So we are all sinneres when I use a hammer on the heads of other sinneres to show how bad they are. I have to realize that this action doesn t make the one with the hammer (there are some historys of throwing stones in the bibel) a lesser sinner (even with millions of followers or likes). Neutral, perfect media is just a dream. Notion: Followeres can just be like Lemmings in the PC game or fans of an old german dictator which was a president in a democraric system before -so was it correct to follow him while he was not yet dictator? -partialy yes because in sense of pure figures he was rightfully elected -but money spend in advertising (was named propaganda before -it had the just the same meaning no joke) has carried him to this position. The ancient greeks havn t set their democracy on pure figures and comfortable words, they have set it on wisdom aswell. So what learned the US out of old Germanys advertising (balanced LOL) democracy which turned into dictator ship? - Means the guys behind the theatre USA government have a lot of money and no interesst in changing the flow of money. Advertising is good to change an election process into a theatre action process with pre elected actors. So a common search for america got potential presidents and a dynamic support of different partys reffering to their work on different topics with more historical and scientifical support could perhaps be an idea. Hollow slogans should be marked as such by the reader and the listener and spending money on exhibitions of party ideas should be supported. The same for germany stop having advertising based democracy. Push the advertising to a little not crucial for the election bit.
Lorenzo H.
Lorenzo H. Yıl önce
@Divad IgnawmThank you. I guess you are right. I am a fan of dashes indeed. I like to use them a lot to show some thoughts connected which have lead to my opinion. As the dash marks thoughts to me at least. I want to check and shorten my comments. I will give some dashes and parenthesis a try: -hola mundo- '-'hello world'-'.. "-"hallo Welt"-".. Ok checked it: somthing has erased a part now and putting the lower dash horizontal line through two or three words before I can read 'I am sorry for that part..' The original horizontal line was more on the level of the center of the height. But anyways thats not my problem. The wise king and the bad dictator.. When we use nouns with nearly the same meaning but impling an not quoted adjective made by mainstream in our heads. So there is just good and bad; right or wrong in mainstream thoughts? The fact that every group or every single person can be wrong sometimes and at other times be right is overwritten by mainstream personification or creation of the one bad (thing). So a look on this basic history: a guy who was bad to me yesterday could be a group of bad people today or vice versa. The thoughts that created the bad yesterday can be thought by everyone today and even form groups. There is usually an accepted and a not accepted submission to a higher system in the invidiual mind. Some minds differentiate in politics and religious submission: So you can be atheist and submit to the to you obvious existing political system -not just physically but mentally as well. Millitary competition is our endless seeming dynasty of showing power to submit which is connected to our political systems which is connected to sources of money and its intentintons to create more money (which has just a very loose connection to actual wise decision finding in my opinion) nearly regardless to the consequences to planet earth and its future with or without humankind. Money sources and politics are connected to the thoughts of social network creators. These connections all over the world can in my opinion finally be replaced by a more liberal individual one level hierachy of scientific approches letting the wise leaders doing their job and the pure advertising mainstream leaders go finally back to the commercials where their fans can celebrate them (without hurting anyone, as it would be just the more liberal not by advertising campains implyed decision but still not provable 100% perfect decision for planet earth). We have to loose politics from hollow advertising slogans to a more scientifically intended to be good approach. It is important to cooperate even then things are not well. Bad times doesn t change the value of an individual opinion, but higher hierachy force can force to change (even kill) opinions with all tools they have got -so it depends on the higher force in hierachys intention what does the world look like and if he/ she/ it ruins it or not. We can make fun of a (lousy) advertising-show leader in every attempt he is saying somthing but that doesn t mean that we are right on every thing in discussion or our system is perfect to judge like that. You just have to value the mainstream (good, bad) opinion? Social media has proven that they want to be perfect and set a screen around things they suspect to be perfect like around violence, looser, submission and hero TV which seems to suit perfect to control with less (potential) physical violence but with a more dumbing down of the collective. As some scientist have shown: you can have a wrong model for your theory but the correct final conclusion. Social networks should recognise that. So marking others opinions with a your opinion representing opinion color is no problem as you would color perhaps your opinion in another color and you just show how individual or more or less shared an opinion is. If you think that somthing is fake news you can mark it for you, if someone follows you you can allow him/her to see that. Hate and unnecessary violence can have finally get their mark and would be well distinguishable easy to filter by parents for their kids, for youth and secret agencies. The opinion of the social network creators would in everything available and not a godlike implyed thing or putting a screen like in coldwar. So with an easy check prechecked checkbox you can filter quotes of Trump, Hitler, Al Kaida or even hammer on head hitting loony toons as a not virtually be seen opinion source (of potential violence) for you. So we would not have a in some points of view (there: politically correct forced) static internet like in China but a dynamic concious based and politically correct opinion marked but not manipulated to a static one. When you want a perfect world and kill every as imperfect discovered thing you will kill perhaps all people around you and finally yourself -that is not my problem but it is the problem of every political system claiming to be more perfect than the other shutting their eyes and ears and shoot all non perfect down and try to submit. Better show a system which does work without that intervention. It depends on the pure intentions of the leaders and their abillity to create somthing good to society and not as a partially burden to society for an increase in money in some specific pockets somewhere (..of their family, some law supported companys?). So better we become a group of sophistucated imperfects than beeing a self burdening society of selfish motheres in law just acting to look good and gaining just for (it) self advantages (what about just writing a joke when I think that somebody is in serious problems and needs advice -We just need more likes to value in this world -correct?) . Before a leader or a leading group uses the word compassion (true shepherd/s) he or they needs to live, to teach and to show it because the naysayer people (the atheist in religious context) just belives what he sees. -So what does mainstream teach us? -I guess how to submit, dislike, like, follow. So the perceivable top of the chain of submission just gets laughed by spacetime when they fail in their first steps of thinking to establish a possible persistent humankind in the history of our Universe. Thinking of my perceived controlled common media essence sense (good/ bad, LOL/serious): Lets give everybody a nuke to show that they dislike something to shorten the time corona could have fun with yet living people. We want to stop thinking forever and be more individual as we just depend on our need for likes and follower lemmings (you know the game?). lets make some great, great, enourmouly great fun -yeepee: spacetime: LOL humankind, burn well.
Divad Ignawm
Divad Ignawm Yıl önce
@Lorenzo H. maybe it became horizontal because you put some dashes "-" between your sentences. Maybe you were trying to put parentheses and it ended up like -this is my attempted dash- But it's interesting if youtube is editing people's comments trying to humiliate them. *Of course they're not Dictators* wink wink. LOL Anyone who's opposed to the mainstream narrative faces some form of censorship.
Lorenzo H.
Lorenzo H. Yıl önce
sugesstion to youtube how about making bubbles around disliked opinions instead of drawing horizontal lines in the center of the words, to show that someone probably in other point of view can t stand this sh... or great information or has missaranged a sentence, confused a word what ever led into a neutral opinion beeing marked. And no I wasn t formatting my text. bubble( (eg: perfect 100 ever correct yt coded program superior to submitted humans, political perfect system never defied by god submitting humans for fun, hail the monarchy) would be probably just a correct bubble of opinion in his or her weird mind. That would be a non destructive and non submission act to me. Keep in mind dear fu... up system: Demolitian man, Orwell, Snowdn and others warnt me. I am ready to die by your millions of followers, seeing enochs prophecy from heaven fullfilled. )bubble closed. Lets LOL and get yt show full comment generally and commented in bubbles words or other Symbols by whatever person or system. These horizontal line are a great error in this program and a downgrade watched over mankinds history and its chase for freedom.
beastmasterbg 3 gün önce
wait wtf why couldn't we see them both reacting to an experiment. This was anticlimatic
Rene Kalbitz
Rene Kalbitz 5 gün önce
Great example of a civilized dispute with a great infotainment factor. Also a good example how misleading presentations in youtube videos can be and why scientists have to give a proper view on the existing research field. With a thorough introduction and a good mathematical modelling one usually can have a good basis or explanation for experiments.
joshua F
joshua F 3 aylar önce
When you get Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye as witnesses, your probably on to something 😂
J P 19 gün önce
This type of thing would be cool af to have to do in a class. At the end of the day trying to find the right answer is the point.
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