A NEW KING * Quickest Production car EVER * McLaren 765LT 1/4 Mile Testing

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We take the all new 2021 McLaren 765LT for its first run down the drag strip and set a new world record for the quickest production car down the 1/4 mile, dethroning the Dodge Demon.

765LT Street Testing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJly6...

Gear we USE: goo.gl/4AczKS

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quakecon2009 11 gün önce
Dang those mclarens are near perfection. Its hard to look at that car and go, "well, they could have made that bit look better"...a lot of these hyper cars are just there now in every way. Shame I'll probably never own one, but I think life is more interesting when you don't have everything you want. That's my coping mechanism and I'm sticking to it!
Todd Pruett
Todd Pruett 17 gün önce
Bro got like a million in cars and uses his kids blanket as a coverxD
johnnyohness Aylar önce
WOW. only $382,500 for a car that is as fast as a 130,000 Tesla. What a deal.
Michael Currie
Michael Currie 2 aylar önce
Nothing compare to the Rimac Nevera: trvid.com/video/video-A4orCB71BgY.html
Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart 2 aylar önce
675lt vs plaid!
Christine Ayres
Christine Ayres 3 aylar önce
Sorry mate but Ricky from Living life fast youtube channel in the UK did 1/4 mile in 8.8 secs in a BMW M4 tuned to over 1000bhp
Christine Ayres
Christine Ayres 2 aylar önce
@Massimo Hack Nah the Cat got caught in the Flag LOL
Massimo Hack
Massimo Hack 2 aylar önce
@Christine Ayres u did....its litleary still there Did the cat eat ur brains hu?
Christine Ayres
Christine Ayres 2 aylar önce
@Massimo Hack Nah i didnt
Massimo Hack
Massimo Hack 2 aylar önce
@Christine Ayres lol u clearly said "rimac" and in "croatia". Thats nivera. Know the diffrence LOL
Christine Ayres
Christine Ayres 2 aylar önce
@PC_Screen I was talking about a Gemera not a Nevera LOL know the difference
Awais Rauf
Awais Rauf 3 aylar önce
Rimac did 1/4 mile in 8.6 seconds
Claudio AGMFilho, M.D.
Awesome quarter mile time for a production car 🇧🇷🇧🇷👏🏻👏🏻
Corban Gillen
Corban Gillen 3 aylar önce
I thought dodge demon was 9.14 @ 152mph🤨
Yugansh Dhingra
Yugansh Dhingra 4 aylar önce
Well now it's the Tesla model s plaid
Uraz Kıvaner
Uraz Kıvaner 4 aylar önce
So it's the king of the combustion engine cars I guess because as you have experienced yourself Tesla would beat this car every time if you compare those numbers ;)
Jojo Bailey
Jojo Bailey 4 aylar önce
No body gona talk about her visor falling b4 they left 😂😂
Angus Boy Channel
Angus Boy Channel 4 aylar önce
Ooops, then Tesla plaid says "Hold my beer."
Rimac Nevera in 8.6 seconds on normal road
Alex Z
Alex Z 4 aylar önce
@shree oam problem with facts kid ;)
shree oam
shree oam 4 aylar önce
@Alex Z pls go away
Alex Z
Alex Z 4 aylar önce
Not production car...
hi 5 aylar önce
Superbike killer
rvind92g 5 aylar önce
Crazy to think that the Tesla Model S Plaid does it in 9.23 seconds 😮
Alex Z
Alex Z 5 aylar önce
@F L R S H in terms of price, no doubt. But for perfs...
rvind92g 5 aylar önce
@F L R S H agreed. Just curious to see a race between the Plaid and the 765LT
@F L R S H Rimac Nevera in 8.6 seconds on normal road
F L R S H 5 aylar önce
You cant compare Tesla to a McLaren bro ;d they are not on the same planet not even in the same universe
Kyle Chellino
Kyle Chellino 5 aylar önce
You should be able to run 8's!
Greg Fair
Greg Fair 7 aylar önce
Jaw dropped!!! I’m blown away by the times on the STREET tires in that awesome monster!!! Damn son!!! That car is just straight insane!!! Awesome making a run with the daughter! Hope she continues to carry the torch from her father and run the quarter and race fast cars!
Ангел Твой
Ангел Твой 7 aylar önce
New King sf 90 stradale Ferrari.
Zach G
Zach G 7 aylar önce
Epic man, simply EPIC
Alien 7 aylar önce
Demon owners be pissed. They'll be trading up for the upcoming 426 Charger to reclaim the quickest production car in the world title.. A stock 4-door cracking into the 8's. What is happening??
BUCK1LE 7 aylar önce
Finally 💪🏽🔥🔥 Move over Demon
Veyronp87 7 aylar önce
in my car if i keep my foot in it for 9 seconds im probably doing like 90 ish. this thing is touching 160 wtf lol
dauda baragi
dauda baragi 7 aylar önce
It’s the Tesla roadster
Michel Verm
Michel Verm 8 aylar önce
Amazing car... A bargain compare to any hypercars in the planet !!!
Mike Meyer
Mike Meyer 8 aylar önce
I’m new to the channel.... do you have, or can you do a video on your garage set up and lifts?
Edward Thayer
Edward Thayer 8 aylar önce
First 1/4 mile 9.57! That's something to brag about!👑
John Corbin
John Corbin 8 aylar önce
Yeah go ahead and destroy a 2 million dollar car doing lame donuts like complete idiot
MrJokster666 5 aylar önce
@John Corbin who cares it’s a fkin car?
John Corbin
John Corbin 5 aylar önce
@Kijani Long either way, that can easily blow the motor out
Kijani Long
Kijani Long 5 aylar önce
Bruh it's only 600k
Cory Evans
Cory Evans 8 aylar önce
Watch it with the TRvid predictive captions on. It says hmmmm nice to meet you as the engine is revving and switching gears.
Cory Evans
Cory Evans 8 aylar önce
What do you do for work to afford those cars. I make pretty good money and I still drive a Kia Forte.
sucram oss
sucram oss 8 aylar önce
Great content mate! 👏 One thing though, the person who fitted that skirt badge (rhs) needs to stop drinking before work 😅 funny enough I know the person who's fitted it as well lol
ValladolidArde 8 aylar önce
"your just an owner with a youtube channel" McLame VP.... Superb video Brooks
Florin Jungheatu
Florin Jungheatu 8 aylar önce
You should delete this, it’s just free publicity for ‘ a guy with a car factory ‘ . 😅
tyron hall
tyron hall 8 aylar önce
I wonder what colour green is the McLaren 🤔
Corey Leggett
Corey Leggett 8 aylar önce
What you do for a living?
Kerbodynamic X
Kerbodynamic X 8 aylar önce
I would like to see 765 LT vs T-Roadster (without SpaceX package) Not in a drag race, but on a proper racing track
Jonalius 9 aylar önce
McLaren: We have the fastest 1/4 mile time Tesla: Hold my Beer
Hung Phan
Hung Phan 9 aylar önce
Car is tuned?
N 9 aylar önce
Ahmedaljoaibcars 9 aylar önce
765lt WITH 765K VIEWS WOW !!
Tomoko Kishi
Tomoko Kishi 9 aylar önce
6:00 here we go
M_Alpha77 9 aylar önce
12:20 liar
BoxingWave 9 aylar önce
This man should have 10 million subscribers
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson 9 aylar önce
What kind of magic is under the bonnet.
La Avidity
La Avidity 9 aylar önce
I'm in love with the sound
Arron Lowley
Arron Lowley 9 aylar önce
this thing is fucking ridiculous, wow
Ambavo Acetta
Ambavo Acetta 9 aylar önce
Insane Pinnacle of engineering Supercar with the best gear- 2 seconds Fat Tesla 4 door family Sedan...... 1.99 seconds
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
Tesla 1100+++hp 765LT 8xxhp... 765LT: consistent performance Plaid+: gets slower every run With enough hp, you can make a fortress go fast. Try again
One Truth
One Truth 9 aylar önce
Just got mine today. This thing is a beast. Better than my GT3
Trebron Librando
Trebron Librando 9 aylar önce
Awesome car.. I really like the looks. Is this street-legal???
Some Guy
Some Guy 9 aylar önce
Hell yeah. Run them expensive ass cars. This is what people want to see.
Mac Sixtyfive
Mac Sixtyfive 9 aylar önce
...this youtube video aged well....Shmee150's friends 765LT just did a 8.916 1/4 mile today.........
John Moler
John Moler 9 aylar önce
Can i get some clarification on this? Isn’t the Tesla Plaid the quickest right now? And don’t they have the plaid+ on the way which will be even quicker?
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
The Plaid is not on the road yet, so no.
Alpha 9 aylar önce
You’re an idiot.... Tesla can do 1.9
Jamian Wolfe
Jamian Wolfe 9 aylar önce
888’s are the way to go.
Cameron Liversedge
Cameron Liversedge 9 aylar önce
So it’s obvious that you know what you’re doing, breathe of fresh air on that alone, now can you please get a Koenigsegg and give it hell!
Beach Boy
Beach Boy 9 aylar önce
Ckc dillpickle
Ckc dillpickle 9 aylar önce
Its amazing how a RWD car can achieve so much grip.. and the whine when it takes off
THE DESTRUCTION 9 aylar önce
Plaid + now.
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
Daniel Marcantuno
Daniel Marcantuno 9 aylar önce
Only 765 McLaren 765LT’s were made. That’s hardly a production car. Also it costs over $350K. A Demon will only set you back $90K.
Theo W F
Theo W F 9 aylar önce
Second run 8.97 @ 151.33
Theo W F
Theo W F 9 aylar önce
9.157 @ 159.12
Speedy Pete
Speedy Pete 9 aylar önce
Beautiful car
Andreas Johnsson
Andreas Johnsson 9 aylar önce
Imagine a Koenigsegg Gemeras 1/4 mile time if this runs 9,47 sec stock tires
Callum Burton
Callum Burton 9 aylar önce
Wow that mclaren looks so nice.😃👍
Callum Burton
Callum Burton 9 aylar önce
Wow that mclaren is quick.😃👍
Callum Burton
Callum Burton 9 aylar önce
Good video dude.😃👍
Not Financial Advice
Not Financial Advice 9 aylar önce
Tesla Model S Plaid "Hold my beer"
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
@Not Financial Advice obviously.
Not Financial Advice
Not Financial Advice 9 aylar önce
@Mateo Kovac Pretty sound argument there.
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
@Not Financial Advice imagine caring about 2025. Btw im not against EVs. Teslas are just gay.
Not Financial Advice
Not Financial Advice 9 aylar önce
@Mateo Kovac cool story,,, check back in 2025 and see how ICE is doing.
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
@Not Financial Advice except cars got accepted way quicker. Teslas will remain the weirdo choice lol
Tech Ninjas
Tech Ninjas 9 aylar önce
my dude what do you do for a living other than youtube you collection is worth more than a mill?
Cleve Land
Cleve Land 9 aylar önce
Well built sport car
Travis Ginyard
Travis Ginyard 9 aylar önce
Hennessy Venom fastest in the world
OFFSHOREDOUG 9 aylar önce
Apart from the Ferrari SP
Racer X
Racer X 9 aylar önce
Laughs in EV
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
Laughs in modded ICE cars 🤣
R J 9 aylar önce
full tank.... 2 seconds later "fuel level low"
R J 9 aylar önce
@NABIL KHOSYI RITZANJUE so why are you explaining it to me then? We all know there's very little fuel in the tank to begin with. Lol 🤦🏼‍♂️
R J 9 aylar önce
@NABIL KHOSYI RITZANJUE I think you missed the joke
Outside Duh Box
Outside Duh Box 9 aylar önce
Gonna be crazy when the new tesla plaid plus beats this car by a lot...
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
Lol no Tesla will beat this car 'by a lot'
Performance J
Performance J 9 aylar önce
Tesla plaid + only cost you $100k to get you to 2.1s
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
Tesla plaid is just a Tesla tho. One trick pony.
Sleazy Miguel
Sleazy Miguel 9 aylar önce
Can it get you 9.3?
Tank 9 aylar önce
Aint worth it compared to a tesla LOL
JEFFREY STOUTEN 9 aylar önce
HAHA Just wait for Tesla plaid and the record is destroyed
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
As always, we will have to wait for Tesla to catch up 🤣
Rene Hernandez
Rene Hernandez 9 aylar önce
What’s the purpose of the helmet to save your life if you crash going 150mph. Yah ok.
David Duarte
David Duarte 9 aylar önce
If this was all wheel drive it would be insane
Audi 1
Audi 1 10 aylar önce
I like audis i seen tuned rs7,s run high 9,s and tuned rs3 or tt,s do 7 or 8 secs.
Audi 1
Audi 1 10 aylar önce
Have to say you atleast drive it like its meant. Turbo that puppy im sure someone can get it done.
Audi 1
Audi 1 10 aylar önce
Bagg that hurricane or sell it to me plz
Audi 1
Audi 1 10 aylar önce
Id buy a r8 v10 turbo it they can get insane hp out of the insane . We watched one that had 2100 hp that car was stupid fast 1320 has vids on it its orange. He set records with it. Cool car but for the money get a modded car like a r8 or bag your hurricane .
Hasan Genc
Hasan Genc 9 aylar önce
R8 Biturbos run 7s in the quarter. Wicked fast
Zukiwi1 10 aylar önce
Plaid plus says... hold my battery
Mateo Kovac
Mateo Kovac 9 aylar önce
@Hasan Genc he went silent. Typical Teslafanboy with no clue about cars 🤣
Hasan Genc
Hasan Genc 9 aylar önce
@Zukiwi1 Show me a vid of a Plaid doing sub 9s real quick.
Zukiwi1 9 aylar önce
Plaid will do sub 9s sleaz
Sleazy Miguel
Sleazy Miguel 9 aylar önce
@Zukiwi1 Why is it that, no one talks bout electric and you just keep saying stupid shit. Tesla can never do 9.3 on drag strip stock
Hasan Genc
Hasan Genc 9 aylar önce
@Zukiwi1 lol oldschool is better anyway. Screw the new vegan stuff 😊
High Ridge Handyman
High Ridge Handyman 10 aylar önce
Tight like a tiger bro!!
Michael L.
Michael L. 10 aylar önce
Cool car but he's wrong... Koenigsegg has two cars running quarter miles in the 8s... That was in 2019. The Jesco Absolut is mere fractions over 8 and under two to 60.
Hasan Genc
Hasan Genc 9 aylar önce
@Shorsey he is right tho. Koenigsegg doesn't make prototypes, they are still production cars.
Shorsey 10 aylar önce
@Michael L. trvid.com/video/video-3zxcEDtUi3A.html a 2014 copo ran an 8.91, you dont think they could hit 7s with 6 years newer tech?
Michael L.
Michael L. 10 aylar önce
@Shorsey None of those are going that fast. Lol.
Shorsey 10 aylar önce
but lets assume any car that you can buy OEM from a dealer or car maker counts, koenigsegg still wont be the fastest because then you have the dodge challenger drag pak the chevrolet copo camaro or the ford shelby cobra jet running 7 or 8 second quarters factory stock,
Michael L.
Michael L. 10 aylar önce
@Shorsey Koenigsegg makes production cars. And in the video he says "and I don't think koenigsegg makes a car this fast.". They have several that are faster.
gabb05 10 aylar önce
a ferrari SF90 would be a good competitor...
Crypto Hammer
Crypto Hammer 10 aylar önce
My lord man, first time I’ve seen your video. I love your garage. Beautiful 🤩 💪💪🤘
DragTimes 10 aylar önce
juvee yung
juvee yung 10 aylar önce
daughter as so satisfied with that selfie
Bouland Motors USA
Bouland Motors USA 10 aylar önce
Great video, man that car runs !
epoxeclipse 10 aylar önce
Hol up yall need a v8 to do that? Why not a turbo 4cyl?
Sleazy Miguel
Sleazy Miguel 9 aylar önce
Dude that's a fucking production car, it wasn't built for drag racing. It's a freaking track car you idiot. Whether v8 or not. It doesn't matter.
Dannial Hayes
Dannial Hayes 10 aylar önce
Well this won't last long.
Hasan Genc
Hasan Genc 9 aylar önce
Mclaren will come up with another special edition this year probably that runs 8s all day 🤣
antony 10 aylar önce
Not the quickest production car. Slick tires and track full of rubber would allow a chiron or to get probably 8.9 seconds quarter mile. Even a sf90
Gerhard Hoenecker
Gerhard Hoenecker 10 aylar önce
Good god, these Mclarens are just too fast.
HairyGrub 4 aylar önce
And the Mclaren is a track car... Imagine they are building a drag car with awd and so on
ghaleon128 10 aylar önce
"Money doesn't buy happiness" This video:
David 10 aylar önce
With a tune and downpipe this beast is in the 8 second range 1/4 mile rediculous
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 10 aylar önce
Elon musk is gonna be like “hold my flamethrower.”
River Otter Lures Eric Denson
Yea. Jay leno went 9.2 in the s plaid
Brad Spears
Brad Spears 10 aylar önce
Runs faster on pump 93 than race 100 octane...
Vikhyat singh
Vikhyat singh 10 aylar önce
The Mclern are cheap and faster.
Tiny purple fishes Runlaughingthruyourfingers
Funny but an 85 Yamaha V-max does 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds. An 83 Honda 1100 Sabre does it in 2.0 seconds. Approx 2000 bucks or less used. If raw acceleration is yer bag.
Artan Sadiki
Artan Sadiki 10 aylar önce
Motorcycles are more fun than cars anyway. Not comparablr
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