A New Deal With The Secret Bosses - Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (DLC)

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It looks like the Devil is back for round 2 with Cuphead.

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Itro - Panda [NCS Release]



8 Ağu 2022




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He really just did the secret boss first try without using the gimmick. Congratulations
So with the reawaken relic equipped, if you defeat 7 bosses the relic will change into something more powerful.
Emerald giss
That hidden boss that you fought had a gimmick that the angels stuff won't hit you but the devil switches with him once you look in that direction.
hey cap if you want to make the cursed relic better, defeat 7 bosses with it. you can make it stronger like that
The fact he instantly turned his head without taking a second or two to question why the screen is not sideways amazes me, and the comentary makes it even better lol
nathan higgins
“I didn’t sign up to get turned upside down and screwed by a furry today” Hands-down, my absolute favorite intro quote to date.
the captain has returened!
Eric 2 Knust
CaptainSauce will always be my favorite channel and the greatest channel ever
Bigmac Cheesy
The cursed relic has to be charged a certain amount with it equipped to turn it into the
Chunky Milk
Captainsauce is like so funny also so fun to watch when your bored!
I remember CaptainSauce’s videos were what I would look forward to everyday the upload schedule is different but the videos are still good
Colby Livingston
Cap, I don't think you're ever gonna see this, but you always make my day, and me and my little brother always watch your videos! You've gotten me through some tough times, and I hope to see more of your content in the future!
BeastLord Gaming
Hey sauce. I was wondering if you could consider doing a grounded series when the game fully releases. I figured it’d be just like your subnautica series ( which is still your best one yet, second only to cuphead) . I think it’d be really entertaining to see you live as a miniature teenager in a backyard, discovering the secrets of the scientists that shrunk you down while fending off acid-spitting beetles, orb weavers, wolf spiders, hundreds of ants, etc. I really enjoyed your subnautica series and I think you’d love this game as well.. Anyways, great vid as always!
nickson George
Your upload still manage to make me die laughing even when Im extremely pissed off 😂
keymacaroon 3662
Bosses actually do have a set amount of health and the amount of health that they have is usually balanced around how easy they are to hit with bosses that are always open having more health than bosses in which you need to wait for an opening to attack. Also Plane bosses have a decent chunk more health than ground bosses if I remember correctly.
goldfish rodent
I literally just looked up "cup head last course" this is such perfect timing
caitlin beswick
I’ve been watching cap for years and I had recently revisited his channel and he never fails to make me laugh my head off
Captain sauce is probably the only TRvidr with common sense
Dawn Hayden
I love captainsauce because of how unbelievably funny he is in any situation
Angry Fish
Nothing beats a new video from Cap on the last day of Summer break.
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